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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46872

Chapter 46872 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Combescot; Dolgov; Rainer; Shulga, 1996:
Optical absorption in the strong-coupling limit of Eliashberg theory

Terada; Haga; Miyata; Moriki; Fujisawa; Morita; Ohmi; Hattori, 1992:
Optical absorption in ultrathin silicon oxide films near the SiO2/Si interface

Hanfland; Hemley; Mao, 1991:
Optical absorption measurements of hydrogen at megabar pressures

Manasreh, 1996:
Optical absorption near the band edge in GaN grown by metalorganic chemical-vapor deposition

Ghezzi; Magnanini; Parisini; Rotelli; Tarricone; Bosacchi; Franchi, 1995:
Optical absorption near the fundamental absorption edge in GaSb

Anno, 1996:
Optical absorption of 4d fcc transition-metal particles: Study of the contribution of the conduction-electron density to the correlation interaction

Kim; Su, 1994:
Optical absorption of C60: Singlet single-excitation calculations

Bassi; Camagni; Rolli; Samoggia; Parmigiani; Dhalenne; Revcolevschi, 1996:
Optical absorption of CuGeO3

Brada; Roth, 1989:
Optical absorption of KTa1-xNbxO3 single crystals

Kim; Kim, 1990:
Optical absorption of ZnGa2S4 and ZnGa2S4:Co2+ crystals

Kim; Chung; Kim; Jin; Kim, 1988:
Optical absorption of ZnGa2Se

Jeyadev; Conwell, 1986:
Optical absorption of a soliton lattice and applications to trans-polyacetylene

Anno, 1994:
Optical absorption of fcc Co particles: Properties of conduction electrons of fcc Co

He, 1995:
Optical absorption of free small polarons at high temperatures

Tanino; Syassen; Takahashi, 1989:
Optical absorption of linear-chain gold complexes under pressure: AuX2 dibenzylsulfide (X2=Cl2,Br2,ClBr)

Polatoglou; Theodorou; Tserbak, 1994:
Optical absorption of pseudomorphic Si/Ge superlattices

Gammel, 1988:
Optical absorption of the soliton lattice in polyacetylene reexamined

Forshaw; Whittaker, 1996:
Optical absorption of wide quantum wires

Martinos, 1989:
Optical absorption spectra for silver spherical particles

Tsuboi, 1985 :
Optical absorption spectra of the one-dimensional antiferromagnets: Exciton-magnon transition and double excitation in CsNiBr3

Tsuboi; Chiba; Ajiro, 1985:
Optical absorption spectra of the one-dimensional ferromagnet CsFeCl3

Pearsall; Polatoglou; Presting; Kasper, 1996:
Optical absorption spectroscopy of Si-Ge alloys and superlattices

Snow; Campbell; Katzer, 1993:
Optical absorption spectroscopy of single defects in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs tunnel structures

Snoke; Syassen; Mittelbach, 1993:
Optical absorption spectrum of C60 at high pressure

Morales; Becker; Debska, 1985:
Optical absorption studies in Cd1-xMnxSe

Ksendzov; Pollak; Espinosa; Phillips, 1987:
Optical absorption tails and structural disorder in SnxGe1-xSe2.5 and other chalcogenide alloy glasses and liquids

Arizmendi; Cabrera, 1985:
Optical absorption, excitation, and emission spectra of Eu3+ in LiNbO3

Martinelli; Passaro; Pastori Parravicini G, 1991:
Optical absorption, magnetic circular dichroism, and reduction factors in the Jahn-Teller system E

Haberl, R.L., 1993:
Optical access to the brain: how artificial are cranial window techniques?

Coffa; Priolo; Franzò; Bellani; Carnera; Spinella, 1993:
Optical activation and excitation mechanisms of Er implanted in Si

Kobayashi; Saito; Takahashi; Kamiya, 1994:
Optical activity and birefringence of the incommensurate phase of Rb2ZnBr4

Kobayashi; Saito; Takahashi; Kamiya; Utsumi, 1994:
Optical activity and birefringence of the incommensurate phase of Rb2ZnCl4

Kremers; Dijkstra; Meekes, 1996:
Optical activity in the incommensurate phase of ((CH3)4N)2ZnCl4

Meekes; Janner, 1988:
Optical activity in the incommensurate structure Rb2ZnBr

Rosenzweig; Collings, 1993:
Optical activity in the smectic-A phase of a highly chiral liquid crystal

Zhong; Levine; Allan; Wilkins, 1992:
Optical activity of selenium: A nearly first-principles calculation

Oldano; Rajteri, 1996:
Optical activity of small-pitch helical-shaped dielectric media

Baj; Dreszer, 1989:
Optical activity of the EL2 metastable state under hydrostatic pressure

Weeber; Dereux; Girard; Colas Des Francs G; Krenn; Goudonnet, 2000:
Optical addressing at the subwavelength scale

Escudero, C.; Santos, M.; Buján, J.; Fuente, M.; Honduvilla, N.G.; Bañas, E.; San Román, J.; Tendillo, F.J., 2001:
Optical aggregometry versus the PFA-100: experimental studies in pigs treated with propofol

Reyher; Faust; Käding; Hesse; Ruza; Wöhlecke, 1995:
Optical alignment of axial Fe centers in KTaO3

Khoo, 1990:
Optical amplification and polarization switching in a birefringent nonlinear optical medium: An analysis

Krug, 1987:
Optical analog of a kicked quantum oscillator

De; Zabel; Stroud; Nelson, 1992:
Optical analog of the permeability of sandstones

Colas Des Francs, G.; Girard, C.; Weeber, J.C.; Chicane, C.; David, T.; Dereux, A.; Peyrade, D., 2001:
Optical analogy to electronic quantum corrals

He; Jiang; Mo, 1990:
Optical analyses of radiation effects in ion-implanted Si: Fractional-derivative-spectrum methods

Marcellier, H.; Vescovo, P.; Varchon, D.; Vacher, P.; Humbert, P., 2001:
Optical analysis of displacement and strain fields on human skin

Poirot; Kot; Shalimoff; Edelstein; Abraham; Finch; Boatner, 1988:
Optical and EPR investigations of Np4+ in single crystals of ZrSiO4

Walker, W.H..; Ehrenberg, A., 1969:
Optical and ESR spectra of flavin neutral and cation radicals in unpolar solvents

Milori; Moraes; Hernandes; de Souza RR; Li; Terrile; Barberis, 1995:
Optical and ESR study of Er3+ in LiNbO3

Hess, A.; Scheich, H., 1996:
Optical and FDG mapping of frequency-specific activity in auditory cortex

Weissbart, B.; Toronto, D.V..; Balch, A.L..; Tinti, D.S.., 1996:
Optical and ODMR Studies of Luminescent Halo(dimethylphenylphosphine)gold(I) Crystals

Degiorgi; Teraoka; Compagnini; Wachter, 1993:
Optical and Raman investigation of Yb pnictide compounds

Faller, P.; Ctortecka, B.; Tröger, W.; Butz, T.; Vasák, M., 2000:
Optical and TDPAC spectroscopy of Hg(II)-rubredoxin: model for a mononuclear tetrahedral [Hg(CysS)4]2- center. ISOLDE Collaboration

Wendler; Grigoryan, 1994:
Optical and acoustic plasmons in cylindrical quantum-well wires

Shikin; Demel; Heitmann, 1992:
Optical and acoustic plasmons in two-layered quantum wires

Patel, D.; Dayton, P.; Gut, J.; Wisner, E.; Ferrara, K.W., 2003:
Optical and acoustical interrogation of submicron contrast agents

Ballesteros; González; Pennycook; Chen, 1988:
Optical and analytical transmission-electron-microscopy studies of thermochemically reduced MgO crystals

Dogru, M.; Tetsumoto, K.; Tagami, Y.; Kato, K.; Nakamae, K., 2000:
Optical and atomic force microscopy of an explanted AcrySof intraocular lens with glistenings

Vilupuru, A.S.; Glasser, A., 2001:
Optical and biometric relationships of the isolated pig crystalline lens

Nicorovici; McPhedran; Milton, 1994:
Optical and dielectric properties of partially resonant composites

Fitzpatrick, J.J.; Shook, D.R.; Kaufman, B.L.; Wu, S.J.; Kirschner, R.J.; MacMahon, H.; Levine, L.J.; Maples, W.; Charletta, D., 1996:
Optical and digital techniques for enhancing radiographic anatomy for identification of human remains

Schiff; Parker, 1988:
Optical and electrical detection of photocarrier time of flight

Zeldov; Amer; Koren; Gupta; Gambino; McElfresh, 1989:
Optical and electrical enhancement of flux creep in YBa2Cu3O7- delta epitaxial films

Ugawa; Ojima; Yakushi; Kuroda, 1988:
Optical and electrical properties of an organic superconductor di

Dutta; Sangunni; Bhat; Kumar, 1995:
Optical and electrical properties of hydrogen-passivated gallium antimonide

Allison; Modine; French, 1987:
Optical and electrical properties of niobium carbide

Modine; Haywood; Allison, 1985:
Optical and electrical properties of single-crystalline zirconium carbide

Köhler; Queisser; Hönle; von Schnering HG; Böhm, 1985:
Optical and electrical properties of the silver cluster compound (Ag6Ge4P12)Ge6

Zhang; Stroud, 1995:
Optical and electrical properties of thin films

Parmigiani; Kay; Huang; Perrin; Jurich; Swalen, 1986:
Optical and electrical properties of thin silver films grown under ion bombardment

Grimmeiss; Buchwald; Poindexter; Caplan; Harmatz; Gerardi; Keeble; Johnson, 1989:
Optical and electrical studies of interface traps in the Si/SiO2 system by modified junction space-charge techniques

Julien; Samaras; Gorochov; Ghorayeb, 1992:
Optical and electrical-transport studies on lithium-intercalated TiS2

Stotter, J.; Zak, J.; Behler, Z.; Show, Y.; Swain, G.M., 2002:
Optical and electrochemical properties of optically transparent, boron-doped diamond thin films deposited on quartz

Maddalon, G.; Botta, C.; Cavallo, D.; Clerici, C.; Patroni, M.; Peruzzo, G.F.; Trimarchi, R., 1997:
Optical and electron microscopic methods for counting respirable fibers of asbestos: considerations on relative standards

Chen; Pogatshnik; Chen; Kokta, 1988:
Optical and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of Fe impurities in yttrium aluminum garnet crystals

Kordyum, E.L.; Nedukha, E.M.; Stynik, K.M.; Mashinsky, A.L., 1981:
Optical and electron-microscopic studies of the Funaria hygrometrica protonema after cultivation for 96 days in space

Petalas; Logothetidis; Boultadakis; Alouani; Wills, 1995:
Optical and electronic-structure study of cubic and hexagonal GaN thin films

Okamoto; Toriumi; Mitani; Yamashita, 1990:
Optical and magnetic properties of the halogen-bridged metal complexes modified by hydrogen bondings: {M(1R,2R-cyclohexanediamine)2Br}Br2 (M=Pt, Pd, and Ni)

Su; Epstein, 1993:
Optical and magnetic signatures of localized excitations in pernigraniline: Role of neutral solitons

Donegan; Anderson; Bergin; Glynn; Imbusch, 1992:
Optical and magnetic-circular-dichroism-optically-detected-magnetic-resonance study of the Co2+ ion in LiGa5O8

Brey; Johnson; Halperin, 1989:
Optical and magneto-optical absorption in parabolic quantum wells

Dagys; Babonas; Pukinskas, 1995:
Optical and magneto-optical properties of (La1-xCex)2S3 crystals

Uba; Uba; Yaresko; Perlov; Antonov; Gontarz, 1996:
Optical and magneto-optical properties of Co/Pt multilayers

Di; Uchiyama, 1996:
Optical and magneto-optical properties of MnBi film

Monachesi; Domanski; Brooks, 1994:
Optical and magneto-optical properties of PrSb

Foest; Olthoff; Van Brunt RJ; Benck; Roberts, 1996:
Optical and mass spectrometric investigations of ions and neutral species in SF6 radio-frequency discharges

Maeda; Matsuo; Takami, 1993:
Optical and microwave study of a very weak perturbation in high Rydberg states of lutetium

Basun; Danger; Kaplyanskii; McClure; Petermann; Wong, 1996:
Optical and photoelectrical studies of charge-transfer processes in YAlO3:Ti crystals

Nagovitsyn, I.A.; Chudinova, G.K.; Rumiantseva, V.D.; Ilatovskiĭ, V.A.; Komissarov, G.G., 2002:
Optical and photoelectrochemical properties of Langmuir films of a Zn-complex of ethioporphyrin II

Melinger, J.S.; Pan, Y.; Kleiman, V.D.; Peng, Z.; Davis, B.L.; McMorrow, D.; Lu, M., 2002:
Optical and photophysical properties of light-harvesting phenylacetylene monodendrons based on unsymmetrical branching

Berthet, Gël.; Renard, J-Baptiste.; Brogniez, C.; Robert, C.; Chartier, M.; Pirre, M., 2003:
Optical and physical properties of stratospheric aerosols from balloon measurements in the visible and near-infrared domains. 1. Analysis of aerosol extinction spectra from the AMON and SALOMON balloonborne spectrometers

Renard, J-Baptiste.; Berthet, Gël.; Robert, C.; Chartier, M.; Pirre, M.; Brogniez, C.; Herman, M.; Verwaerde, C.; Balois, J-Yves.; Ovarlez, Jëlle.; Ovarlez, H.; Crespin, J.; Deshler, T., 2003:
Optical and physical properties of stratospheric aerosols from balloon measurements in the visible and near-infrared domains. II. Comparison of extinction, reflectance, polarization, and counting measurements

Apperloo, J.J.; Groenendaal, L.Bert.; Verheyen, H.; Jayakannan, M.; Janssen, Ré.A.J.; Dkhissi, A.; Beljonne, D.; Lazzaroni, R.; Brédas, J-Luc., 2002:
Optical and redox properties of a series of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene oligomers

Mehrotra; Lombardo; Thompson; Giannelis, 1991:
Optical and structural effects of aniline intercalation in PbI2

Camelio, S.; Babonneau, D.; Girardeau, T.; Toudert, J.; Lignou, F.; Denanot, M-Françoise.; Maître, N.; Barranco, A.; Guérin, P., 2003:
Optical and structural properties of Ag-Si3N4 nanocermets prepared by means of ion-beam sputtering in alternate and codeposition modes

Christensen; Gorczyca, 1994:
Optical and structural properties of III-V nitrides under pressure

Leonelli; Tran; Brebner; Graham; Tabti; Masut; Charbonneau, 1993:
Optical and structural properties of metalorganic-vapor-phase-epitaxy-grown InAs quantum wells and quantum dots in InP

Kanemitsu; Shimizu; Suzuki; Shiraishi; Kuroda, 1996:
Optical and structural properties of oligothiophene crystalline films

Vitkin, I.A.; Woolsey, J.; Wilson, B.C.; Anderson, R.R., 1994:
Optical and thermal characterization of natural (Sepia officinalis) melanin

Youn, J.I.; Telenkov, S.A.; Kim, E.; Bhavaraju, N.C.; Wong, B.J.; Valvano, J.W.; Milner, T.E., 2000:
Optical and thermal properties of nasal septal cartilage

Atkinson, W.A.; Hirschfeld, P.J., 2002:
Optical and thermal-transport properties of an inhomogeneous d-wave superconductor

Ballesteros; González; Chen, 1988:
Optical and transmission-electron-microscopy characterization of metal precipitates in doped thermochemically reduced magnesium oxide

Wong; Martin; Lakrimi; Nicholas; Seong; Mason; Walker, 1993:
Optical and transport properties of piezoelectric

Liu; Tanner; Pullen; Abboud; Reynolds, 1996:
Optical and transport studies of Ni(dmit)2-based organic conductors

Németh, János.; Fekete, O.; Pesztenlehrer, N., 2003:
Optical and ultrasound measurement of axial length and anterior chamber depth for intraocular lens power calculation

Lagerwall, J.P.F.; Giesselmann, F.; Radcliffe, M.D., 2002 :
Optical and x-ray evidence of the "de Vries" Sm-A*-Sm-C* transition in a non-layer-shrinkage ferroelectric liquid crystal with very weak interlayer tilt correlation

Kobayashi; Uesu; Ogawa; Nishihara, 1985:
Optical and x-ray studies on incommensurate phase transitions of ferroelectric ammonium fluoroberyllate (NH4)2BeF4

Friese; Enger; Rubinsztein-Dunlop; Heckenberg, 1996:
Optical angular-momentum transfer to trapped absorbing particles

Fritzsche, 1995:
Optical anisotropies in chalcogenide glasses induced by band-gap light

Danno; Kürti; Kuzmany, 1991:
Optical anisotropy and Raman scattering from highly oriented poly(octylthiophene) films

Luo; Olson; Kurtz; Arent; Bertness; Raikh; Tsiper, 1995:
Optical anisotropy and spontaneous ordering in Ga0.5In0.5P: An investigation using reflectance-difference spectroscopy

Akiyama; Someya; Sakaki, 1996:
Optical anisotropy in 5-nm-scale T-shaped quantum wires fabricated by the cleaved-edge overgrowth method

Schmid; Christensen; Cardona; Luke; Ploog, 1992:
Optical anisotropy in GaAs/AlAs (110) superlattices

Shen; Wraback; Pamulapati; Newman; Dutta; Lu; Kuo, 1993:
Optical anisotropy in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs multiple quantum wells under thermally induced uniaxial strain

Santos; Etchegoin; Cardona; Brar; Kroemer, 1994:
Optical anisotropy in InAs/AlSb superlattices

Tsuchiya; Gaines; Yan; Simes; Holtz; Coldren; Petroff, 1989:
Optical anisotropy in a quantum-well-wire array with two-dimensional quantum confinement

Armelles; Castrillo; Dominguez; González; Ruiz; Contreras-Solorio; Velasco; García-Moliner, 1994:
Optical anisotropy of (113)-oriented GaAs/AlAs superlattices

Jouanin; Hallaoui; Bertho, 1994:
Optical anisotropy of (311) superlattices

Kim; Bozovic; Mitzi; Kapitulnik; Harris, 1990:
Optical anisotropy of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8

Bozovic; Char; Yoo; Kapitulnik; Beasley; Geballe; Wang; Hagen; Ong; Aspnes; Kelly, 1988:
Optical anisotropy of YBa2Cu3O7-x

Yasuda, T.; Yamasaki, S.; Nishizawa, M.; Miyata, N.; Shklyaev, A.; Ichikawa, M.; Matsudo, T.; Ohta, T., 2001:
Optical anisotropy of oxidized Si(001) surfaces and its oscillation in the layer-by-layer oxidation process

Lu; Schmidt; Briggs; Bernholc, 2000:
Optical anisotropy of the SiC((001))- (3x2) surface: evidence for the two-adlayer asymmetric-dimer model

Foreman, 2000:
Optical anisotropy of zinc-blende semiconductors in an electric field

Heiman; Goldberg; Pinczuk; Tu; Gossard; English, 1988:
Optical anomalies of the two-dimensional electron gas in the extreme magnetic quantum limit

Momose-Sato, Y.; Sato, K.; Kamino, K., 2000:
Optical approaches to embryonic development of neural functions in the brainstem

Thomas, R.; Churchill, C., 1994:
Optical archiving conversion

Ha, Y.; Rolland, J., 2002:
Optical assessment of head-mounted displays in visual space

Kuriyama; Kato; Takahashi, 1992:
Optical band gap and blue-band emission of a LiInS2 single crystal

Kuriyama; Takahashi; Sunohara, 1993:
Optical band gap of Zn3N2 films

Kuriyama; Kato; Kawada, 1994:
Optical band gap of the filled tetrahedral semiconductor LiZnAs

Kuriyama; Kato; Tanaka, 1994:
Optical band gap of the filled tetrahedral semiconductor LiZnN

Kuriyama; Katoh, 1988:
Optical band gap of the filled tetrahedral semiconductor LiZnP

Camarillo; Tocho; Vergara; Dieguez; Garcia Solé J; Jaque, 1992:
Optical bands of C3+ induced by Mg2+ ions in LiNbO3:Cr,Mg

Battersby, B.J.; Lawrie, G.A.; Johnston, A.P.R.; Trau, M., 2002:
Optical barcoding of colloidal suspensions: applications in genomics, proteomics and drug discovery

Karlsson, 1992:
Optical beams in saturable self-focusing media

Chen; Mills, 1988:
Optical behavior of a nonlinear thin film with oblique S-polarized incident wave

Milner, V.; Hanssen, J.L.; Campbell, W.C.; Raizen, M.G., 2001:
Optical billiards for atoms

Burns; Fournier; Golovchenko, 1989:
Optical binding

Findl, O.; Drexler, W.; Menapace, R.; Kiss, B.; Hitzenberger, C.K.; Fercher, A.F., 2003:
Optical biometry in cataract surgery

Pasricha, P.Jay.; Motamedi, M., 2002:
Optical biopsies, "bioendoscopy," and why the sky is blue: the coming revolution in gastrointestinal imaging

Suhr, M.A.; Hopper, C.; Jones, L.; George, J.G.; Bown, S.G.; MacRobert, A.J., 2001:
Optical biopsy systems for the diagnosis and monitoring of superficial cancer and precancer

Blyth, D.J.; Aylott, J.W.; Moir, J.W.; Richardson, D.J.; Russell, D.A., 1999:
Optical biosensing of nitric oxide using the metalloprotein cytochrome c'

Ferretti, S.; Lee, S.K.; MacCraith, B.D.; Oliva, A.G.; Richardson, D.J.; Russell, D.A.; Sapsford, K.E.; Vidal, M., 2001:
Optical biosensing of nitrite ions using cytochrome cd1 nitrite reductase encapsulated in a sol-gel matrix

Archakov, A.I.; Ivanov, Y.D., 2002:
Optical biosensor and scanning probe microscopy studies of cytochrome P450 interactions with redox partners and phospholipid layers

Rosa, C.C.; Cruz, H.J.; Vidal, M.; Oliva, A.G., 2001:
Optical biosensor based on nitrite reductase immobilised in controlled pore glass

Kovács, B.; Nagy, Géza.; Dombi, R.; Tóth, Kára., 2002:
Optical biosensor for urea with improved response time

Fernig, D.G., 2001:
Optical biosensor techniques to analyze protein-polysaccharide interactions

Koncki, R.; Lenarczuk, T.; Radomska, A.; Głab, S., 2001:
Optical biosensors based on Prussian Blue films

Fraser, D., 1995:
Optical biosensors. A bright future

Tünnemann, R.; Mehlmann, M.; Süssmuth, R.D.; Bühler, B.; Pelzer, S.; Wohlleben, W.; Fiedler, H.P.; Wiesmüller, K.H.; Gauglitz, G.; Jung, G., 2001:
Optical biosensors. Monitoring studies of glycopeptide antibiotic fermentation using white light interference

Ge; Wu; Luo; Li, 1995:
Optical bistability and lasing without inversion in a system of driven two-level atoms with incoherent injection

John; Quang, 1996:
Optical bistability and phase transitions in a doped photonic band-gap material

Rempe; Thompson; Brecha; Lee; Kimble, 1991:
Optical bistability and photon statistics in cavity quantum electrodynamics

Haus; Bowden; Sung, 1985:
Optical bistability and switching dynamics in an exciton-biexciton model for CuCl

Inoue, 1987:
Optical bistability by surface resonance modes

Gong; Pan; Yang, 1992:
Optical bistability in a dye-ring cavity

Bava; Castelli; Debernardi; Lugiato, 1992:
Optical bistability in a multiple-quantum-well structure with Fabry-Pérot and distributed-feedback resonators

Xu; Ming, 1993:
Optical bistability in a two-dimensional nonlinear superlattice

Orenstein; Katriel; Speiser, 1987:
Optical bistability in molecular systems exhibiting nonlinear absorption

Orozco; Rosenberger; Kimble, 1987:
Optical bistability in the mixed absorptive-dispersive regime with two-state atoms

Leung, 1986:
Optical bistability in the scattering and absorption of light from nonlinear microparticles

Tredicucci; Chen; Pellegrini; Börger; Bassani, 1996:
Optical bistability of semiconductor microcavities in the strong-coupling regime

Bernard; Zunger, 1986:
Optical bowing in zinc chalcogenide semiconductor alloys

Falko, 1994:
Optical branch of magnetophonons in a double-layer Wigner crystal

Galt, S.; Sjöberg, M.; Lopez Quiroga-Teixeiro, M.; Hård, S., 2003:
Optical breakdown in fused silica and argon gas: application to Nd:YAG laser limiter

Firth; Scroggie, 1996:
Optical bullet holes: Robust controllable localized states of a nonlinear cavity

Matsuo, K.; Sakai, K.; Matsushima, Y.; Fukuyama, T.; Gekko, K., 2003:
Optical cell with a temperature-control unit for a vacuum-ultraviolet circular dichroism spectrophotometer

Koyama, S.; Miwa, T.; Sato, T.; Aizawa, M., 2002:
Optical chamber system designed for microscopic observation of living cells under extremely high hydrostatic pressure

Tasaki, I.; Byrne, P.M., 1994:
Optical changes during nerve excitation: interpretation on the basis of rapid structural changes in the superficial gel layer of nerve fibers

Bergeron, B.P., 1998:
Optical character recognition. Let a scanner spare you those inputting ordeals

Sugawara; Fujii; Yamazaki; Nakajima, 1991:
Optical characteristics of excitons in In1-xGaxAsyP1-y/InP quantum wells

Shahzad; Olego; Van de Walle CG, 1988:
Optical characterization and band offsets in ZnSe-ZnSxSe

Uzan; Mariette; Muranevich, 1986:
Optical characterization and thermal dissociation of bound excitons in CdSexTe1-x

Chen; Monemar; Godlewski, 1989:
Optical characterization of a deep (Cu-C)-related complex defect in GaP

Cavagnari, B.M.; Milikowski, D.; Haller, J.F.; Zanek, Mía.C.; Santomé, Jé.A.; Ermácora, M.R., 2003:
Optical characterization of armadillo acyl-CoA binding protein

Federici; Greene; Hartford; Hellman, 1990:
Optical characterization of excited states in BaBiO3

Sardar, D.K.; Mayo, M.L.; Glickman, R.D., 2001:
Optical characterization of melanin

Liang, R.; Peng, C.; Nagata, K.; Daly-Flynn, K.; Mansuripur, M., 2002:
Optical characterization of multilayer stacks used as phase-change media of optical disk data storage

Vohnsen, B.; Bozhevolnyi, S.I., 2001:
Optical characterization of probes for photon scanning tunnelling microscopy

Tabacco, M.B.; DiGiuseppe, T.G., 1996:
Optical chemical sensors for environmental control and system management

Schneider, B.H.; Dickinson, E.L.; Vach, M.D.; Hoijer, J.V.; Howard, L.V., 2001:
Optical chip immunoassay for hCG in human whole blood

Zhang, W.; Rozniecka, E.; Malinowska, E.; Parzuchowski, P.; Meyerhoff, M.E., 2002:
Optical chloride sensor based on dimer-monomer equilibrium of indium(III) octaethylporphyrin in polymeric film

Molloy, J.E., 1997:
Optical chopsticks: digital synthesis of multiple optical traps

Shiina, T.; Minami, E.; Ito, M.; Okamura, Y., 2002:
Optical circulator for an in-line-type compact lidar

Wilpers, G.; Binnewies, T.; Degenhardt, C.; Sterr, U.; Helmcke, J.; Riehle, F., 2002:
Optical clock with ultracold neutral atoms

Yang, J.M.; Horng, J.T.; Lin, C.J.; Kao, C.Y., 2001:
Optical coating designs using the family competition evolutionary algorithm

Duparré, A.; Flemming, M.; Steinert, Jörg.; Reihs, K., 2002:
Optical coatings with enhanced roughness for ultrahydrophobic, low-scatter applications

Haigis, W., 2003:
Optical coherence biometry

Otsuji, T.; Takahashi, K.; Fukushima, I.; Uyama, M., 2000:
Optical coherence tomographic findings of idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Huang, Y.; Cideciyan, A.V.; Alemán, T.S.; Banin, E.; Huang, J.; Syed, N.A.; Petters, R.M.; Wong, F.; Milam, A.H.; Jacobson, S.G., 2000:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) abnormalities in rhodopsin mutant transgenic swine with retinal degeneration

Giovannini, A.; Amato, G.P.; D'Altobrando, E.; Giuliani, M., 2000:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) in idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (IPCV)

Brancato, R., 2000:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) in macular edema

Stanga, P.E.; Bird, A.C., 2002:
Optical coherence tomography (OCT): principles of operation, technology, indications in vitreoretinal imaging and interpretation of results

Rivellese, M.; George, A.; Sulkes, D.; Reichel, E.; Puliafito, C., 2000:
Optical coherence tomography after laser photocoagulation for clinically significant macular edema

Liu, X.; Ling, Y.; Luo, R.; Ge, J.; Zhou, W.; Zheng, X., 2002:
Optical coherence tomography applied for measurement of nerve fiber layer thickness in normal eyes

Maldonado, M.J.; Ruiz-Oblitas, L.; Munuera, J.M.; Aliseda, D.; García-Layana, A.; Moreno-Montañés, J., 2000:
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Optical imaging: when one record is needed at multiple sites right now

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Optical implementation of continuous-variable quantum cloning machines

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Optical in-plane strain field sensor

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Optical laboratory tomograph for education and research

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