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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46932

Chapter 46932 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Corrigan, P.W.; Holmes, E.P., 1994:
Patient identification of street skills for a psychosocial training module

Cohen, E., 1986:
Patient identification: a look at triage tags

Gabler, J., 1996:
Patient identification: the Achilles heel of computerized health information

Parisi, L.L., 2003:
Patient identification: the foundation for a culture of patient safety

Fitzmaurice, J.M.; Murphy, G.; Wear, P.; Korpman, R.; Weber, G.; Whiteman, J., 1993:
Patient identifiers: stumbling blocks or cornerstones for CPRs (computer-based patient records)?

Chapman, E., 2002:
Patient impact of negative representations of HIV

Anonymous, 1999:
Patient imports from the Third World: African children are supposed to finance German pediatric facilities

Tabas, A.M., 1977:
Patient in a third party action

Bluestone, N., 1994:
Patient in desiree

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient in formation. 6. Summer skin care

Hellsing, A.L., 1997:
Patient in the IT-age

Kjaergaard, J., 1998:
Patient in the communication gap between primary and secondary health sectors

Benumof, J.L., 2000:
Patient in "sniffing position"

Schneider, P., 1997:
Patient informatics in growing

Casebeer, L.; Roesener, G.H., 1995:
Patient informatics: using a computerized system to monitor patient compliance in the treatment of hypertension

Grosskopf, V., 1997:
Patient information about risks before surgical or diagnostic interventions. When and how far should the patient be informed?

Blomgren, J.; Hogevik, H., 1994:
Patient information and anamnesis are important in dental treatment

Brinch, L., 1995:
Patient information and conditioning for allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Galbraith, R.A.; Sobel, B.E., 1997:
Patient information and confidentiality: a compelling conundrum

Thorpe, A.C.; Neal, D.E., 2000:
Patient information and consent in trials for the treatment of benign prostatic obstruction

Laurent, M.; Benoît, P.O.; Boulmier, D.; Bedossa, M.; L.B.eton, H.; Leclercq, C.; Almange, C.; Daubert, J.C., 2001:
Patient information and coronary angiography: experience of the Rennes group

Fohrer, A., 1997:
Patient information and education ... a remarkable therapeutic trump

Selmer, A.W., 1997:
Patient information and education--a challenge for nurses

Jullian, H.; Fuentes, A.M.; Colavolpe, J.C.; Gentille, S., 1999:
Patient information and follow-up of transfusions: "a checked report"?

Hazebroucq, V., 1999:
Patient information and informed consent

Debray, M.P.; Messin, B.; Bonneville, F.; Laissy, J.P.; Cinqualbre, A.; Schouman-Claeys, E., 1999:
Patient information and iodized contrast media

Chartier, Y., 1998:
Patient information and medical responsibility

Rougé, C.; Tuesch, J.J.; Casa, C.; Ludes, B.; Arnaud, J.P., 1998:
Patient information and obtaining informed consent in laparoscopic surgery

Wu, D., 2016:
Analysis on the Common Problems of Second Type of Passive Medical Device Registration in Jiangxi Province under the New Laws and Regulations

Guérot, C., 2001:
Patient information and quality of the medical act

Grahn, G., 1996:
Patient information as a necessary therapeutic intervention

Matter, P., 1993:
Patient information at the Davos hospital

Luccone, M.T.; Sansoni, J., 1996:
Patient information at the moment of admission to the hospital. Its use as shown in an investigation using questionnaires

Anonymous, 1999:
Patient information before coronarography

Porte, B., 1981:
Patient information brochures

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information collection. Choosing healthy, low-fat foods

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information collection. Stress: helping your family cope with life's challenges

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information collection. Understanding your teenager's emotional health

Andersen, D., 1999:
Patient information concerning trials

Kimura, M.; Ohe, K.; Yoshihara, H.; Ando, Y.; Kawamata, F.; Hishiki, T.; Ohashi, K.; Sakusabe, T.; Tani, S.; Akiyama, M., 1999:
Patient information exchange guideline MERIT-9 using medical markup language MML

Wu, H-Huang.P., 2002:
Patient information extraction in digitized radiography

Blekeli, R.D., 1980:
Patient information flow

Selbmann, H.K., 2000:
Patient information for and about the hospital

Crawford, H., 1997:
Patient information for pain control in palliative care

Whitman-Obert, H.H., 1996:
Patient information handouts: taking care of yourself--a self-help guide for patients with cancer

Widmer, M.K.; Holzach, P.; Matter, P., 1993:
Patient information in surgery

Mehdorn, H.M., 2002:
Patient information in the light of quality assurance

Grassi, M., 1999:
Patient information is often misleading

Paoloni, C.C.; Arrowsmith, J.E., 2000:
Patient information leaflets for anaesthetic drugs

Dickinson, D.; Raynor, D.K.; Duman, M., 2001:
Patient information leaflets for medicines: using consumer testing to determine the most effective design

Anonymous, 1984:
Patient information literature. A new twist to an old theme

Matsumoto, Y., 2000:
Patient information maintained electronically: a new regulatory action in Japan

Thomas, R.; Thornton, H.; Mackay, J., 1999:
Patient information materials in oncology: are they needed and do they work?

Gillies, M., 2000:
Patient information on cancer. Access to the information should be made easier

Gatherer, L., 2000:
Patient information on cancer. Newspaper read is good predictor of information needs

Mortimer, C.M.; Steedman, W.M.; McMillan, I.R.; Martin, D.J.; Ravey, J., 2002:
Patient information on phantom limb pain: a focus group study of patient experiences, perceptions and opinions

Jolley, S., 2002:
Patient information on post-operative sickness

Rønning, E.J.; Haerem, J.W.; Leidal, R., 2000:
Patient information on tape

Chestnutt, I.G., 2002:
Patient information on the Internet--what are the issues?

Bahan, I., 1996:
Patient information on the internet

Kaplan, R.M.; Hammel, B.; Schimmel, L.E., 1985:
Patient information processing and the decision to accept treatment

Bolton, V.; Brittain, M., 1994:
Patient information provision: its effect on patient anxiety and the role of health information services and libraries

Tiller, J.W., 1993:
Patient information service pamphlet--depression

Anonymous, 1990:
Patient information services helped by computerisation

Schwarze, H.P.; Loche, F.; Kuchta, J.; Bazex, J., 2000:
Patient information sheet used at St John's Institute of Dermatology. HYDROXYUREA (Hydrea) Information Leaflet

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information sheet: anthrax

Anonymous, 1979:
Patient information sheet: coping with arthritis

Murphy, G., 1992:
Patient information standards development: a progress report from ASTM

Smith, D.; Timoney, A., 1998:
Patient information systems

Jones, R.; Craig, N., 2000:
Patient information systems are not more expensive than leaflets

Bental, D.S.; Cawsey, A.; Jones, R., 1999:
Patient information systems that tailor to the individual

Bayne, C.G., 1997:
Patient information systems: unbiased information is key

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information, recommendations, guide for the physician. Text of recommendations. March 2000

Sørensen, L., 1997:
Patient information--ageism or care?

Hunt, P., 2002:
Patient information. 3. Healthy eating for a healthy heart

Plaut, T.F., 1999:
Patient information. Basic facts about childhood asthma

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Before you become pregnant

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Caring for ankle sprains

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Childhood immunization recommendations

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information. Cholesterol: what you need to know

Murphy, D., 1985:
Patient information. Combining pertinent info with art

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Coping with breast milk leakage

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information. Date rape drugs: what parents should know

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Dental concerns for people with diabetes

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Endometriosis: what it is and how it is treated

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Everybody gets the blues--even kids

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient information. Feeling SAD?

Baker, D.; Tucker, C.; Tremellan, J., 1996:
Patient information. Finding local heroes

Charniot, J.C.; Barthélémy, B.; Zerhouni, K.; Sachs, R.N.; Guérot, C.; Artigou, J.Y., 2001:
Patient information. First evaluation

Bail, P.; Bizel, P.; Bonnard, J.; Compagnon, C.; Dosquet, S.; Dupuis, G.; Fabre, H.; Glorion, B.; Lienhart, A.; Nicolas, F.; Noël, A.; Pazart, L.; Pinell, P.; Pellerin, D.; Sargos, P.; Serin, D.; Thouvenin, D.; Thurin, J., 2001:
Patient information. Guidelines for practitioners - March 2000

Shick, R.; Breton, J.H., 2000:
Patient information. Handwashing guide

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Hormone replacement therapy: frequently asked questions

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Human papillomavirus and you

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Identifying and treating hypothermia

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient information. If your tuberculosis skin test is positive

Beenstock, J.; Broadbent, J.; Castro-Fraser, J., 1998:
Patient information. In the clear

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Infant feeding: points to consider

Klein, R., 1984:
Patient information. Is ignorance bliss?

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Keeping feet healthy when you have diabetes

Reams, S., 2003:
Patient information. List of foods low in phosphorus and potassium. 1988

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information. Living with fibromyalgia

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Making Lyme disease take a hike

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information. Managing prostatitis

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient information. Migraine treatments--what you can expect

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Nighttime bruxism

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Planning for pregnancy

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information. Preventing adverse drug reactions

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Preventing heat-related illness

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Preventing repetitive strain injuries

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Protecting yourself against malaria

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Soybeans: good for your heart

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Staying healthy during flu season

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Taking care of your feet

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Taking the tension out of tension-type headaches

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. The aftereffects of trauma

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information. Treating and removing head lice

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Understanding diabetes

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Understanding menopause

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Understanding migraines

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Understanding premenstrual dsyphoric disorder

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Understanding urinary incontinence

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information. Understanding vaginal infections

Whishaw, M., 1999:
Patient information. Urinary incontinence

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. Using antibiotics wisely

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient information. What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient information. What is hemochromatosis?

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient information. What you should know about low-carbohydrate diets

Malavaud, B., 1998:
Patient information: advancements in jurisprudence. The example of silicone

Mazza, D., 1999:
Patient information: colposcopy

Juergens, J.P.; Basara, L.R., 1994:
Patient information: community pharmacy needs and perspectives

Schelll, W., 2000:
Patient information: does the patient always have the right to the complete truth?

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient information: guidelines for physicians. ANAES - March 2000. Agence Nationale d'Accréditation et d'Evaluation en Santé

Paul, F.; Cumming, P.; Fleck, E., 2002:
Patient information: involving the user group

Rougé-Maillart, C.; Tuech, J.J.; Pessaux, P.; Riche, P.; Penneau, M., 2001:
Patient information: management in the beginning of the XXIth century

Bloem, J.J.; Maas, S.M., 1993:
Patient information: observations, adjusted procedure, assessment

Pierre, F.; Carbonne, B., 2000:
Patient information: responsibility of all physicians to provide proof (hospital as well as private)

Stolte, M., 1999:
Patient information: "Physicians in pathology: dedicated to life"

Brown, L.; Payne, S.; Royle, G., 2002:
Patient initiated follow up of breast cancer

Thies-Zajonc, S.; Szecsenyi, J.; Kochen, M.M.; Köhle, M., 1998:
Patient initiative and referral decision of the primary care physician

Latvala, E.; Janhonen, S.; Wahlberg, K.E., 1999:
Patient initiatives during the assessment and planning of psychiatric nursing in a hospital environment

Vuokila-Oikkonen, P.; Janhonen, S.; Nikkonen, M., 2002:
Patient initiatives in psychiatric care concerning shame in the discussion in co-operative team meetings

Coldiron, B., 2001:
Patient injuries from surgical procedures performed in medical offices

Brushwood, D.B., 1993:
Patient injury and attempted link with pharmacist's negligence

Furrow, B.R., 2002:
Patient injury and liability: why worry?

Fintor, L., 1994:
Patient input blossoms from seeds of SPORE grants. Specialized Programs of Research Excellence

Anonymous, 1978:
Patient input sought for audit criteria

Grammer, I., 1999:
Patient instructions--a contribution to the formation of the last phase of life? Considerations on the ethical aspects of the patients' autonomy

Grünfeld, A., 1993:
Patient insurance--a plaster on the wound. Interview by Kirsten Bjørnsson

Nerving, D., 1997:
Patient insurance--number of cases increases

Nathan, R.G.; Bont, G.M.; Minz, R.B., 1994:
Patient interest in receiving audiotapes of information presented by their physicians. A survey of patients awaiting treatment in university and private practice settings

Stötzner, K., 2000:
Patient interests--patients' rights

Mazur, D.J.; Hickam, D.H., 1993:
Patient interpretations of terms connoting low probabilities when communicating about surgical risk

Brown, W.E.; Schnuth, R., 1980:
Patient interviewing

Anonymous, 1980:
Patient interviews aid quality control

Batten, J.H., 1996:
Patient interviews: the heart of the exam

Culp, W.; Cowan, T.C.; Hummel, M.M., 1999:
Patient intolerance of CO2 angiography

L.Var, R.M.H., 2002 :
Patient involvement in education for enhanced quality of care

Allsop, J.; Jones, K., 2002:
Patient involvement. Hearing voices

Williams, C., 2002:
Patient involvement. It's good to talk

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient is always tired and unconcentrated. Liver damage can be the cause

Kertesz, L., 1996:
Patient is king. Studies define customers' satisfaction and the means to improve it

Rosenthal, B.; Haug, H.J.; Hoffmann-Richter, U.; Finzen, A., 1994:
Patient isolation in a psychiatric clinic

Rose, K.E., 1994:
Patient isolation in chronic benign pain

MettingVanRijn, A.C.; Kuiper, A.P.; Linnenbank, A.C.; Grimbergen, C.A., 1993:
Patient isolation in multichannel bioelectric recordings by digital transmission through a single optical fiber

Imanaka, Y.; Araki, S.; Murata, K.; Nobutomo, K.; Iwasaki, S., 1995:
Patient judgment of the quality of ambulatory care in a Japanese setting

Connelly, M.T.; Rusinak, D.; Livingston, W.; Raeke, L.; Inui, T.S., 2000:
Patient knowledge about hormone replacement therapy: implications for treatment

Stanhope, R.; Moyle, L.; MacSwiney, M., 1993:
Patient knowledge and compliance with growth hormone treatment

O'Sullivan, M.A.; Mahmud, N.; Kelleher, D.P.; Lovett, E.; O'Morain, C.A., 2000:
Patient knowledge and educational needs in irritable bowel syndrome

Holloway, A., 1996:
Patient knowledge and information concerning medication on discharge from hospital

Pollock, G.R.; Morgan, C.L., 2001:
Patient knowledge concerning their referral to a restorative dental unit in a community clinic: a pilot study

O'Sullivan, M.; O'Morain, C., 2000:
Patient knowledge in inflammatory bowel disease

Hume, M.A.; Kennedy, B.; Asbury, A.J., 1994:
Patient knowledge of anaesthesia and peri-operative care

Pacheco, Y.; Zureik, M.; Dussopt, C.; Thiriet, C., 2000:
Patient knowledge of asthma: results of a national survey in pneumology

Williams, O.A., 1993:
Patient knowledge of operative care

Gilbert, J.A.; Clancy, M., 2003:
Patient knowledge of thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction

Mainous, A.G.; Zoorob, R.J.; Oler, M.J.; Haynes, D.M., 1997:
Patient knowledge of upper respiratory infections: implications for antibiotic expectations and unnecessary utilization

Millar, B., 1993:
Patient knows best

Pruitt, N.L., 1980:
Patient labeling regulations

Lefton, D., 1983:
Patient liaison group formed. British MDs' group seeks counsel from laymen

Golembesky, H.E., 1989:
Patient liaison program. SHARP Rees-Stealy Medical Group

Feinman, J., 1985:
Patient liaison. Square pegs into round holes

Older, P., 1991:
Patient libraries in hospitals for the insane in the United States, 1810-1861

Hansebo, G.; Kihlgren, M., 2001:
Patient life stories and current situation as told by carers in nursing home wards

Dildine, D., 1982:
Patient lifting aids essential to hygiene

Anonymous, 1990:
Patient lifting can be eliminated

Anonymous, 1997:
Patient lifts: proper use and inspection

Cooley, M.E.; Moriarty, H.; Berger, M.S.; Selm-Orr, D.; Coyle, B.; Short, T., 1995:
Patient literacy and the readability of written cancer educational materials

Wilson, F.L.; McLemore, R., 1998:
Patient literacy levels: a consideration when designing patient education programs

Roter, D.L.; Rudd, R.E.; Comings, J., 1998:
Patient literacy. A barrier to quality of care

Anonymous, 1983:
Patient literature

Bainum, R., 1976:
Patient living system

Anonymous, 1997:
Patient loses bid for hospital infection rates

Peltier, J.W.; Schibrowsky, J.A.; Cochran, C.R., 2002:
Patient loyalty that lasts a lifetime

MacStravic, S., 1994:
Patient loyalty to physicians

Eisenberg, H., 1990:
Patient loyalty. You're doing something right

Grosskopf, V.; Becker, U., 2002:
Patient malpractice petition: deficient substantiation by expert instruction is ground for filing petition

Favretti, F.; O'Brien, P.E.; Dixon, J.B., 2003:
Patient management after LAP-BAND placement

Hamdy, R.C., 1999:
Patient management algorithm

Lindquist, T.J.; Ettinger, R.L., 1999:
Patient management and decision making in complete denture fabrication using a duplicate denture procedure: a clinical report

Anonymous, 1995:
Patient management and information technology: hand in hand

Leibovici, M.M., 1997:
Patient management and use of medication in long-term care

Katte, R., 1994:
Patient management categories (PMC)--experiences in the surgical field

Green, S.A., 1997:
Patient management during limb lengthening

Vernon, P., 1997:
Patient management exchange. The heartbreak of psoriasis: no laughing matter

Swinger, G.L., 1997:
Patient management following possible rabies exposure

Peate, I., 1997:
Patient management following suprapubic catheterization

Tucker, T.C.; Moorhead, E.L.; Borst, J.R.; Bowman, H.E.; Pool, L.; VanOstenberg, D., 1981:
Patient management guidelines: a rational approach to improving community cancer care

Crews, K.M.; Johnson, L.; Nichols, M., 1994:
Patient management in a tobacco-cessation program in the dental practice

Klostermann, M.; Steinkamp, G.; Tropberger, F.; Werner, B., 1999:
Patient management in geriatric psychiatry by ambulatory care services. Results of an empirical analysis

Hall, C.A., 1998:
Patient management in head injury care: a nursing perspective

Kohler, A.; Friedl, H.P.; Käch, K.; Stocker, R.; Trentz, O., 1994:
Patient management in polytrauma with injuries of the cervical spine

Bucklitsch, M.; Lichte, T., 2000:
Patient management in the nursing home: are you fit for patient management? Considerations for the practice team

Campbell, I.; Case, C., 1999:
Patient management in the subacute unit

Rawlins, P., 1998:
Patient management of cerebral origin spasticity with intrathecal baclofen

Brown, R.L., 1995:
Patient management or patient care?

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient management questions asked by primary care doctors fall into 64 generic types

Donnelly, S., 1998:
Patient management strategies for interferon alfa-2b as adjuvant therapy of high-risk melanoma

Anonymous, 1993:
Patient management system for Nelson/Marlborough

Bowen, T.L., 2002:
Patient management throughout the production cycle

Gibbons, K.J.; Livingston, K., 1994 :
Patient management, complications, and intensive care

Drummond, P., 1986:
Patient management. When half the truth won't do

White, J.G.; Slabber, J.; Schreuder, A., 2001:
Patient management: measuring patients' expectations and perceptions of service quality in a dental training hospital

Bruce, G., 1989:
Patient master cards mean total control

Hall, W., 2000:
Patient matching in treatment for alcohol dependence: is the null hypothesis still alive and well?

Anonymous, 1991:
Patient may not be moved to state with more liberal withdrawal of treatment laws unless best interest established

Warren, D.G., 1982:
Patient medical information and records in the United States: disclosure and access

Riordan, M.J., 1977:
Patient medical record system and EEG printout storage in microform

Paxton, A., 1997:
Patient medical records off the chart

Protsenko, V.V.; Tolstopiatov, B.A., 2000:
Patient medical rehabilitation following osteoplastic operations using hydroxylapatite-based porous ceramic

Sampson, C.B., 1999:
Patient medication and nuclear medicine tests: a pharmacist's viewpoint

Strobach, D.; Vetter-Kerkhoff, C.; Bogner, J.; Breugst, W.; Schlöndorff, D., 2000:
Patient medication counseling--patient counseling about discharge medication

Davidhizar, E.; Powell, M.J., 1986:
Patient medication education groups

Reinders, T.P., 1978:
Patient medication: a program for compliance

Chandler, D.; Palmer, M., 2002:
Patient meds ... more important than you think

Anonymous, 1982:
Patient memos

Anonymous, 1984:
Patient mix 'aging'. Uninsured veterans turning to VA

Hand, R.; Garg, M.; Dajani, K.F., 1993:
Patient mix in the primary ambulatory care clinics of an academic medical center

Thomson, W.M.; Stewart, J.F.; Carter, K.D.; Spencer, A.J., 1996:
Patient mobility in Australian dentistry

Hornung, W.P.; Buchkremer, G.; Redbrake, M.; Klingberg, S., 1993:
Patient modified medication: how do schizophrenic patients manage their neuroleptics?

Baker, S.; Valenta, H., 2001:
Patient monitor for small creatures

Biskup, K.; Bolz, A.; Gerboth, A.; Muhr, G.; Clasbrummel, B., 2002:
Patient monitoring after discharge by teleconsultation

von Smekal, A.; Seelos, K.C.; Küper, C.R.; Reiser, M.; Biersack, H.J., 1994:
Patient monitoring and safety aspects in magnetic resonance imaging examinations

Poulton, T.J., 1985:
Patient monitoring during helicopter transport

Gómez-Sáinz, J.J., 1993:
Patient monitoring in neurosurgery

Collins, J.C.; Higgins, S.B.; Harris, T.R.; Arnold, T.G., 1981:
Patient monitoring systems: criteria for evaluation & selection

Jovanov, E.; Raskovic, D.; Price, J.; Chapman, J.; Moore, A.; Krishnamurthy, A., 2001:
Patient monitoring using personal area networks of wireless intelligent sensors

Anonymous, 1987:
Patient monitors

Nathanson, M., 1983:
Patient monitors getting 'smarter'

Jones, A.L.; Charlesworth, J.F.; Hendra, T.J., 2000:
Patient mood and carer strain during stroke rehabilitation in the community following early hospital discharge

Anonymous, 1997:
Patient mortality and survival. USRDS. United State Renal Data System

Anonymous, 1998:
Patient mortality and survival. United States Renal Data System

Berkoben, M., 2000:
Patient mortality in chronic dialysis: comparisons between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

Neuber, M.; Joist, A.; Probst, A., 1998:
Patient motivation--an essential therapeutic tool

Roudebush, J.G.; Carlton, P.K., 2001:
Patient movement in the Pacific

Olsen, J.C., 2001:
Patient movement in the Pacific theater: changing the strategic focus from airplane to patient

Sutherland, R.W., 1978:
Patient movement within the health care system

Cowan, T., 1997:
Patient moving and handling equipment

Hogue, T., 2002:
Patient musings

Sullivan, M., 2000:
Patient narratives

Anonymous, 1983:
Patient needs first concern

Hostutler, J.J.; Taft, S.H.; Snyder, C., 1999:
Patient needs in the emergency department: nurses' and patients' perceptions

Manji, I., 1993:
Patient newsletters: the debate continues

Gore, M.J., 2000:
Patient no longer?--Consumers want to move into health care driver's seat

Wildes, K.W., 2003:
Patient no more: why did the golden age of medicine collapse?

Kardas, P., 2001:
Patient non-compliance as a cause of treatment failure

Finnerty, F.A., 1977:
Patient non-compliance in private practice

Gurwitz, J.H.; Yeomans, S.M.; Glynn, R.J.; Lewis, B.E.; Levin, R.; Avorn, J., 1998:
Patient noncompliance in the managed care setting. The case of medical therapy for glaucoma

Faulkner, D.L.; Young, C.; Hutchins, D.; McCollam, J.S., 1999:
Patient noncompliance with hormone replacement therapy: a nationwide estimate using a large prescription claims database

Thomas, E.J.; Burstin, H.R.; O'Neil, A.C.; Orav, E.J.; Brennan, T.A., 1996:
Patient noncompliance with medical advice after the emergency department visit

Gaeta, T.J.; Magarelli, M.L.; Flores, F.; Balentine, J.R., 1997:
Patient noncompliance with rabies immunoprophylaxis

Smith, S.K., 1996:
Patient noncompliance with wearing and replacement schedules of disposable contact lenses

Gross, A.M.; Anderson, J.E., 1983:
Patient noncompliance: a model with implications for treatment

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient nontransport. National Association of EMS Physicians/American College of Emergency Physicians Joint Position Paper

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient note: benign prostatic hyperplasia

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient notes. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: Tick-borne illness

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient notes: Urinary incontinence

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: acne

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: antibiotic resistance

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient notes: avoiding giardiasis

Setness, P.A.; Mettner, J., 2002:
Patient notes: chronic fatigue syndrome

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient notes: chronic heart failure

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: diarrhea

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: febrile seizures

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient notes: hair loss

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient notes: living with diabetes

Anonymous, 2003:
Patient notes: pancreatitis

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: peripheral artery disease

Landow, K., 2002:
Patient notes: psoriasis

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: sleep deprivation

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: sun safety

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient notes: transient ischemic attacks

Anonymous, 1996:
Patient nurse dependency

Klein, R.A.; Pick, L.I., 1981:
Patient occupancy levels: inappropriate basis to limit Medicaid payment

Wing, P.C., 1997 :
Patient of client? If in doubt, ask

Crawfurd, A.R., 2001:
Patient of gynaecologist who was struck off has been denied justice

Anonymous, 1988:
Patient opinion survey

Ohmura, J., 1985:
Patient opinion survey for 58 hospitals

Anonymous, 1989:
Patient opinion survey. Majority believe physicians should periodically be reassessed

Anonymous, 1983:
Patient opinion surveys. Effective marketing tool--or ego tripping?

Anonymous, 1979:
Patient opinion surveys: costly showpieces or valuable commodities

Moores, B.; Thompson, A., 1986:
Patient opinion. An all consuming view

Morfoisse, J.J.; Grasset, D.; Seigneuric, C., 2000:
Patient opinions after colonoscopy. Results of a cross sectional, multicenter ANGH study (2)

Ball, D.R.; Abdel-Rhaman, W., 2002:
Patient or PAC?

Bergstad, B., 1993:
Patient or customer?

Grady, D., 2001 :
Patient or guinea pig? Dilemma of clinical trials

Heckerling, P.S.; Verp, M.S.; Albert, N., 1999:
Patient or physician preferences for decision analysis: the prenatal genetic testing decision

Kaimowitz, G., 1975:
Patient or victim?

Kjeldsen, S.B., 1998:
Patient organizations--struggle about patient's voice

Anonymous, 2000:
Patient orientation and efficiency in nursing. Foundation prize for exemplary projects

Theisinger, J., 1998:
Patient orientation in nursing. 1. Quality means, fulfilling requirements

Pronk, M.C.M.; Blom, L.Th.G.; Jonkers, R.; Rogers, E.M.; Bakker, A.; de Blaey, K.J., 2002:
Patient oriented activities in Dutch community pharmacy: diffusion of innovations

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Patient registry provides benchmarks for treatment of myocardial infarction

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Patient safety act. Picks up momentum, but more support is needed from nurses, public

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Patient safety agency admits problems with its pilot scheme

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Patient safety alert. Closer link made between nursing shortage, safety

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Patient safety alert. Construction brings opportunity to boost patient safety

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Patient safety alert. ER demand still rising, endangering patients

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Patient safety alert. Early results of leapfrog hospital survey promising

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient safety alert. Hundreds of hospitals part of safety survey

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient safety alert. IOM author notes (differences in judgment)

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient safety alert. Injury prevention model broadens safety scope

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient safety alert. Joint Commission issues patient safety goals

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient safety alert. New report confirms quality problems are extensive

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient safety alert. Patient safety tool focuses on best practices

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient safety alert. Poor supervision can contribute to a higher rate of errors

Anonymous, 2001:
Patient safety alert. Risk management eliminated in wide-ranging program

Anonymous, 2002:
Patient safety alert. Safety tool stresses education and action

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Patient safety alert. Test interventions for improving safety

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Patient safety and I.T.--it's everyone's concern!

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Patient safety bill updates

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Patient safety curriculum

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Patient safety leadership fellowship

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