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Patterns of indoor admissions of leprosy patients in pre-MDT and post-MDT era and a role for leprosy referral hospital in leprosy integration programme

Prabhavalkar, A.B.; Ansari, K.

Indian Journal of Leprosy 69(2): 159-167


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-9395
PMID: 9290967
Accession: 046936154

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Analysis of the admission patterns in a leprosy referral hospital during the last 27 years (1966 through 1993) shows a decrease in the number of annual admissions since 1987. While there were 1550 admissions during 1981-1983, only 842 patients were admitted during 1991-1993. There was no great change in the reasons for admission, about 46% for reactions, 37% for ulcers, 5% for neuritis and about 12% for other problems. However, compared to the pre-MDT days, admissions for neuritis have increased. A case is made for the continuation of special leprosy referral hospital even beyond the year 2000 AD, i.e., even after elimination of leprosy as a public health problem.

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