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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 46963

Chapter 46963 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Galán; Vergés, 1991:
Perturbation theory of the Hubbard Hamiltonian on a 4 x 4 cluster of the square lattice

Steiner; Albers; Scalapino; Sham, 1991:
Perturbation theory of the electronic properties in strongly correlated solids

Uchinami, 1990:
Perturbation theory of the t-J model for t/J << 1

Macek; Botero, 1992:
Perturbation theory with arbitrary boundary conditions for charged-particle scattering: Application to (e,2e) experiments in helium

Fernández, 1992:
Perturbation theory with canonical transformations

Bishop; Flynn; Znojil, 1989:
Perturbation theory without unperturbed solutions

Fernandez; Morales, 1992:
Perturbation theory without wave functions for the Zeeman effect in hydrogen

Shigemori, K.; Azechi, H.; Nakai, M.; Endo, T.; Nagaya, T.; Yamanaka, T., 2002:
Perturbation transfer from the front to rear surface of laser-irradiated targets

Olsen; Pedersen; Samuelsen; Svensmark; Welner, 1986:
Perturbation treatment of boundary conditions for fluxon motion in long Josephson junctions

Yao; Ting, 1989:
Perturbation treatment of the reverse ac Josephson effect

Mederos; Navascués; Tarazona; Chacón, 1993:
Perturbation weighted-density approximation: The phase diagram of a Lennard-Jones system

Lee, S.R.; Modine, N.A., 2002:
Perturbation-induced compositional instability in epitaxial binary-alloy films

Kivshar; Yang, 1994:
Perturbation-induced dynamics of dark solitons

Sokoloff, 1987:
Perturbation-theoretic studies of the anomalous electronic structure and transport properties of quasicrystals

Goalwin; Kunz, 1986:
Perturbation-theory method of calculating the energies and excitation energies of atomic, molecular, and solid-state systems

Solf; Klein, 1992:
Perturbational approach to glasslike low-energy excitations in interacting tunneling dipoles and quadrupoles

Bulk; Jelitto, 1990:
Perturbational treatment of correlation effects in the Hubbard model

Stillinger; Head-Gordon, 1993:
Perturbational view of inherent structures in water

Maki; Klee, 1999:
Perturbations Involving nu1 of NCCN

Albrecht; Stebbins, 1992:
Perturbations from cosmic strings in cold dark matter

Gopinath, R.; Hanna, L.E.; Kumaraswami, V.; Perumal, V.; Kavitha, V.; Vijayasekaran, V.; Nutman, T.B., 1999:
Perturbations in eosinophil homeostasis following treatment of lymphatic filariasis

Graham, D.Y.; Dore, M.P., 1997:
Perturbations in gastric physiology in Helicobacter pylori duodenal ulcer: are they all epiphenomena?

Craciunescu, O.I.; Samulski, T.V.; MacFall, J.R.; Clegg, S.T., 2000:
Perturbations in hyperthermia temperature distributions associated with counter-current flow: numerical simulations and empirical verification

Mawji, I.A.; Marsden, P.A., 2002:
Perturbations in paracrine control of the circulation: role of the endothelial-derived vasomediators, endothelin-1 and nitric oxide

Krishna, M.; Pasupathy, K.; Satav, J.G.; Bhattacharya, R.K., 2000:
Perturbations in phosphoinositide metabolism and protein kinase C activity in mouse liver following whole body irradiation

Anstey; Brookes; McKellar, 1999:
Perturbations in the Infrared Spectrum of the HCCH-CO Complex: The CO Stretching Region

Bjerre; Andersen; Kaivola; Poulsen, 1985:
Perturbations in the b 4 Sigma g- state of O2 + immediately below the predissociation limit, studied by high-resolution optical-optical double-resonance photofragment spectroscopy

Dörner, T.; Kaschner, S.; Hansen, A.; Pruss, A.; Lipsky, P.E., 2001:
Perturbations in the impact of mutational activity on Vlambda genes in systemic lupus erythematosus

Guven, 1993:
Perturbations of a topological defect as a theory of coupled scalar fields in curved space interacting with an external vector potential

Derouesné, C.; Thibault, S.; Lozeron, P.; Baudouin-Madec, V.; Piquard, A.; Lacomblez, L., 2002:
Perturbations of activities of daily living in Alzheimer's disease. A study of 172 patients with the using a questionnaire completed by caregivers

Noh, 1996:
Perturbations of an anisotropic spacetime: Dust filled medium

Noh; Hwang, 1995:
Perturbations of an anisotropic spacetime: Formulation

Noh; Hwang, 1995:
Perturbations of an anisotropic spacetime: Ideal fluid

Noh, 1996:
Perturbations of an anisotropic spacetime: Radiation filled medium

Chikanza, I.C.; Petrou, P.; Chrousos, G., 2001:
Perturbations of arginine vasopressin secretion during inflammatory stress. Pathophysiologic implications

Newton, C.R.; Marsh, K.; Peshu, N.; Kirkham, F.J., 1996:
Perturbations of cerebral hemodynamics in Kenyans with cerebral malaria

Vasudevan, S.; Laconi, E.; Rao, P.M.; Rajalakshmi, S.; Sarma, D.S., 1994:
Perturbations of endogenous levels of orotic acid and carcinogenesis: effect of an arginine-deficient diet and carbamyl aspartate on hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat and the mouse

Deruelle; Gundlach; Langlois, 1992:
Perturbations of extended inflation

Torre, 1990:
Perturbations of gravitational instantons

Masi, A.T.; D.S.lva, J.A.; Cutolo, M., 1996:
Perturbations of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis and adrenal androgen (AA) functions in rheumatoid arthritis

Elgin, 1993:
Perturbations of optical solitons

Buydens-Branchey, L.; Branchey, M.; Hudson, J.; Dorota Majewska, M., 2001:
Perturbations of plasma cortisol and DHEA-S following discontinuation of cocaine use in cocaine addicts

Garriga; Vilenkin, 1991:
Perturbations on domain walls and strings: A covariant theory

Kim; Nemes; de Toledo Piza AF.B.rges, 1996:
Perturbative Expansion for Coherence Loss

Li; Yu, 1996:
Perturbative QCD analysis of B meson decays

Ji; Sill, 1986:
Perturbative QCD analysis of exclusive pair production of higher-generation nucleons

Liuti, S.; Ent, R.; Keppel, C.E.; Niculescu, I., 2002:
Perturbative QCD analysis of local duality in a fixed w2 framework

Ji; Amiri, 1990:
Perturbative QCD analysis of pion and kaon form factors and pair production in photon-photon collisions using a frozen coupling constant

Nakkagawa; Niégawa; Yokota, 1986:
Perturbative QCD analysis of the photon structure function

Carlson; Gross, 1987:
Perturbative QCD and electromagnetic form factors

Farrar; Zhang, 1990:
Perturbative QCD calculation of real and virtual Compton scattering

Barger; Han; Ohnemus; Zeppenfeld, 1989:
Perturbative QCD calculations of weak-boson production in association with jets at hadron colliders

Braaten; Tse, 1987:
Perturbative QCD correction to the hard-scattering amplitude for the meson form factor

Braaten, 1989:
Perturbative QCD corrections to the ratio R for tau decay

Adams; Aïd; Anthony; Baker; Bartlett; Bhatti; Braun; Busza; Conrad; Coutrakon; Davisson; Derado; Dhawan; Dougherty; Dreyer; Dziunikowska; Eckardt; Ecker; Erdmann; Eskreys; Figiel; Gebauer; Geesaman; Gilman; Green; Haas; Halliwell; Hanlon; Hantke; Hughes; Jackson; Jaffe; Jancso; Jansen; Kaufman; Kennedy; Kirk; Kobrak; Krzywdzinski; Kunori; Lord; Lubatti; McLeod; Magill; Malecki; Manz; Melanson; Michael; Mohr; Montgomery; Morfin; Nickerson; O'Day; Olkiewicz; Osborne; Papavassiliou; Pawlik; P, 1993:
Perturbative QCD effects observed in 490 GeV deep-inelastic muon scattering

Anselmino; Genovese; Kharzeev, 1994:
Perturbative QCD forbidden charmonium decays and gluonia

Braaten; Cheung; Fleming; Tzu Chiang Yuan, 1995:
Perturbative QCD fragmentation functions as a model for heavy-quark fragmentation

Yuan, 1994 :
Perturbative QCD fragmentation functions for production of P-wave charm and bottom mesons

Samuel; Surguladze, 1991:
Perturbative QCD prediction for the ratio R tau in tau -lepton decays

Ji; Amiri, 1987:
Perturbative QCD predictions for inclusive production of heavy mesons in e+e- annihilation

Chen, 1993:
Perturbative QCD predictions for the fragmentation functions of the P- wave mesons with two heavy quarks

Carlson; Mukhopadhyay, 1991:
Perturbative QCD signatures of hybrid hadrons in electroproduction at high Q2

Wu; Yeh; Li, 1996:
Perturbative QCD study of B-->D(*) decays

Fulcher, 1991:
Perturbative QCD, a universal QCD scale, long-range spin-orbit potential, and the properties of heavy quarkonia

Adhikari; Frederico; Goldman, 1995:
Perturbative Renormalization in Quantum Few-Body Problems

Sudupe, 1986:
Perturbative Ward identities for Yang-Mills field theory stochastically quantized

Kaneko, 1995:
Perturbative Ward identity in finite-temperature quantum electrodynamics

Aoki; Hirose, 1994:
Perturbative analysis for Kaplan's lattice chiral fermions

Aoki, 1990:
Perturbative analysis of anomalous chiral QED

Petras; Nordman, 1989:
Perturbative analysis of long Josephson junctions having uniform bias and spatially varying penetration depth

Bak; Bergman, 1995:
Perturbative analysis of non-Abelian Aharonov-Bohm scattering

Dermer; Weisheit, 1989:
Perturbative analysis of simultaneous Stark and Zeeman effects on n=1 n=2 radiative transitions in positronium

Hansen; Chao, 1988:
Perturbative analysis of the Gauss-law anomaly in chiral gauge theories

Dussel; Perazzo; Sofia, 1991:
Perturbative analysis of the energy-weighted sum rule of bilinear fermion operators

Dai; Hughes; Liu, 1995:
Perturbative analysis of the massless Schwinger model

Kimel; Elias, 1988:
Perturbative analytical study of long-pulse free-electron lasers: Mode competition for a high-gain Compton regime

Wang, 2000:
Perturbative and nonperturbative parts of eigenstates and local spectral density of states: the wigner-band random-matrix model

Coppersmith; Littlewood, 1990:
Perturbative and variational calculations of charge fluctuations of an extended Hubbard model

Felici, M.; Caldarelli, G.; Gabrielli, A.; Pietronero, L., 2001:
Perturbative approach to the Bak-Sneppen model

Petri; Ruocco, 1995:
Perturbative approach to the dynamics of a linear chain with hierarchical coupling

Gan; Andrei; Coleman, 1993:
Perturbative approach to the non-Fermi-liquid fixed point of the overscreened Kondo problem

Kim; Kye; Cho; Park, 1990:
Perturbative aspects of an anomalous gauge theory

Pan; Taylor; Clark, 1991:
Perturbative calculation of the ac Stark effect by the complex rotation method

Doron; Fishman, 1988:
Perturbative calculation of the diffusion coefficient for a multidimensional kicked rotor

Liaw, 1993:
Perturbative calculation of transition amplitudes for cesium

Bernard; Soni; Draper, 1987:
Perturbative corrections to four-fermion operators on the lattice

Kmetic; Meath, 1990:
Perturbative corrections to the rotating-wave approximation for two-level molecules and the effects of permanent dipoles on single-photon and multiphoton spectra

Lawrie, 1989:
Perturbative description of dissipation in nonequilibrium field theory

da Providência J.Y.mamura; Kuriyama, 1994:
Perturbative description of the temperature dependence of the resonance width

Haxton, W.C.; Luu, T., 2002:
Perturbative effective theory in an oscillator basis?

Nandy, M.K., 2002:
Perturbative evaluation of Kolmogorov constant in a self-consistent model of fluid turbulence

McKeon; Tsoupros, 1992:
Perturbative evaluation of renormalization-group functions in massive three-dimensional phi6 theory

Béal-Monod; Montambaux, 1992:
Perturbative evaluation of the thermodynamic potential of disordered conductors in the presence of electron interactions

Keyser, 1993:
Perturbative forces in the proposed satellite energy exchange experiment

Mena Marugán GA, 1992:
Perturbative formalism of Lovelock gravity

Dubov; Rabitz, 1996:
Perturbative formulation of optimal control for two-photon transitions: Reduction to an eigenvalue problem

Eskola; Qiu; Wang, 1994:
Perturbative gluon shadowing in heavy nuclei

Aharonov; Ben-Reuven; Popescu; Rohrlich, 1990:
Perturbative induction of vector potentials

Kane, 1986:
Perturbative interpretation of the heterojunction band-offset problem

Rothe; Rothe, 1989:
Perturbative method for extracting the algebra of constraints in an anomalous chiral gauge theory

Koide, J., 2002:
Perturbative method for the derivation of quantum kinetic theory based on closed-time-path formalism

Campanelli; Lousto; Audretsch, 1994:
Perturbative method to solve fourth-order gravity field equations

Campanelli; Lousto; Audretsch, 1995:
Perturbative metric of charged black holes in quadratic gravity

Weisberger, 1986:
Perturbative origin of an essential singularity in dimensional renormalization of quadratic divergences

Cao; Huang; Ma, 1996:
Perturbative pion-photon transition form factors with transverse momentum corrections

Demarco; Trinchero, 1988:
Perturbative quantization of the chiral Schwinger model

Peleg, 1993:
Perturbative quantum cosmology around the scrMscrS(Td) minisuperspace

Ishizuka; Shizawa, 1994:
Perturbative renormalization factors for bilinear and four-quark operators for Kogut-Susskind fermions on the lattice

Sugihara; Yahiro, 1996:
Perturbative renormalization group approach to the light-front Hamiltonian

Glazek; Wilson, 1994:
Perturbative renormalization group for Hamiltonians

Butera; Comi, 1996:
Perturbative renormalization group, exact results, and high-temperature series to order 21 for the N-vector spin models on the square lattice

Mustaki; Pinsky; Shigemitsu; Wilson, 1991:
Perturbative renormalization of null-plane QED

Amelino-Camelia, 1995:
Perturbative renormalizations of anyon quantum mechanics

Fishman, 1988:
Perturbative results for the short-range order parameter, specific heat, and resistivity of granular superconductors

Berger; Contopanagos, 1996:
Perturbative resummed series for top quark production in hadron reactions

Rezlescu; Agop; Buzea; Buzea, 1996:
Perturbative solutions of the Ginzburg-Landau equation and the superconducting parameters

Pisarski, 1987:
Perturbative stability of smooth strings

Aoki; Hirose, 1996:
Perturbative study for domain-wall fermions in 4+1 dimensions

Kundu, K., 2000 :
Perturbative study of classical Ablowitz-Ladik type soliton dynamics in relation to energy transport in alpha-helical proteins

Sen, 1990:
Perturbative study of the lattice mechanics of simple metals with ab initio pseudopotentials

Bodwin; Kovacs, 1988:
Perturbative tests of a lattice fermion proposal of Quinn and Weinstein

Khan; Beres, 1988:
Perturbative treatment of imaginary potential in 12C

Carlson; Hussein, 1993:
Perturbative treatment of parity nonconservation in neutron-nucleus scattering within the optical model

Diambra; Plastino, 1996:
Perturbative treatments and learning techniques

Germán; Kleinert, 1989:
Perturbative two-loop quark potential of stiff strings in any dimension

Durand; Johnson; Lopez, 1992:
Perturbative unitarity and high-energy WL+/-,ZL,H scattering. One-loop corrections and the Higgs-boson coupling

Müller-Plathe; Diercksen, 1989:
Perturbative-polarization-propagator study of the photoionization cross section of the water molecule

Arias de Saavedra, F.B.enda, 1990:
Perturbative-variational calculations in two-well anharmonic oscillators

Jain; Mandal; Wadia, 1987:
Perturbatively renormalized vertex operator, highest-weight representations of Virasoro algebra, and string dynamics in curved space

Dai, 1995:
Perturbed 5snd 1,3D2 Rydberg series of Sr

Wintgen; Friedrich, 1987:
Perturbed Rydberg series of autoionizing resonances

Mullins; Omar; Persson; Prévost; Waddington; Andrews; Ball; Galindo-Uribarri; Janzen; Radford; Ward; Drake; Fossan; LaFosse; Vaska; Waring; Wadsworth, 1993:
Perturbed alignments within an i13/2 neutron intruder band in 141Gd

Uhrmacher; Attili; Lieb; Winzer; Mekata, 1996:
Perturbed angular correlation measurements in 2D spin-frustrated CuFeO2

Warnes; Gardner, 1989:
Perturbed angular correlation study of impurity interactions in a cubic host metal: Hf in Nb

Hieronymus; Kohl; Neukammer; König; Rinneberg; Spinger-Bolk, 1990:
Perturbed angular distribution of electrons following photoionization of 6sns 1S0 barium Rydberg states

Bolse; Uhrmacher; Lieb, 1987:
Perturbed angular-correlation experiments on 111In in oxidized fcc metals and their oxides

Spathis; Soerensen; Lazarides, 1992:
Perturbed bifurcations in the BCS gap equation

Alverdy, J.C.; Hendrickson, B.; Guandalini, S.S.; Laughlin, R.J.; Kent, K.; Banerjee, R., 1999:
Perturbed bioelectrical properties of the mouse cecum following hepatectomy and starvation: the role of bacterial adherence

Mattson, M.P.; Gary, D.S.; Chan, S.L.; Duan, W., 2001:
Perturbed endoplasmic reticulum function, synaptic apoptosis and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

Bessis; Bessis, 1996:
Perturbed energies and eigenfunctions of the curved- and flat-space isotropic oscillator via the Riccati equation

Bessis; Bessis, 1992:
Perturbed factorization of the symmetric-anharmonic-oscillator eigenequation

Richter, H.T.; Needleman, R.; Lanyi, J.K., 1996:
Perturbed interaction between residues 85 and 204 in Tyr-185-->Phe and Asp-85-->Glu bacteriorhodopsins

Bessis; Bessis, 1990:
Perturbed ladder operator method: An algebraic recursive solution of perturbed wave equations

Bessis; Bessis, 1991:
Perturbed ladder-operator method: An algebraic recursive solution of the perturbed Coulomb eigenequation

Bessis; Bessis, 1994:
Perturbed ladder-operator method: An algebraic recursive solution of the perturbed Morse-oscillator eigenequation

Chakravarthy; Madhav Rao, L.P.ranjpe; Kulshreshtha; Roy, 1991:
Perturbed magnetic ordering in the disordered spinel ZnxCo1-xFeCrO4

Marthaler, D.; Armbruster, D.; Lai, Y.C.; Kostelich, E.J., 2001:
Perturbed on-off intermittency

Svensmark; Samuelsen, 1990:
Perturbed period-doubling bifurcation. I. Theory

Eriksen; Hansen, 1990:
Perturbed period-doubling bifurcation. II. Experiments on Josephson junctions

Wakabayashi; Nicklow, 1995:
Perturbed phonons in pyrolytic graphite studied by neutron-scattering techniques

Thien, C.B.; Bowtell, D.D.; Langdon, W.Y., 1999:
Perturbed regulation of ZAP-70 and sustained tyrosine phosphorylation of LAT and SLP-76 in c-Cbl-deficient thymocytes

Xu; Shu; Lin, 1987:
Perturbed solitons in nematic liquid crystals under time-dependent shear

Gunning; Chan, 1993:
Perturbed spectra of glasslike chains

McCormack; Eyler, 1991:
Perturbed structure of molecular hydrogen near the second dissociation limit

Bartos; Uhrmacher, 1993:
Perturbed-angular-correlation experiments with 111In in MBa2Cu3O7- delta (M=Y,Yb): The Cu(1)-site puzzle

Austin; Swanson; Hughes; Kao; Slifkin; Hofsäss; Frey, 1990:
Perturbed-angular-correlation measurements of trivalent indium defects in silver chloride

Achtziger; Witthuhn, 1993:
Perturbed-angular-correlation spectroscopy of the fluctuating hyperfine interaction at Cd-donor pairs in silicon: An approach to electronic transitions at impurities in semiconductors

Catchen; Blaszkiewicz; Menke; Jamil; McKinstry; Agrawal; Huebner, 1988:
Perturbed-angular-correlation spectroscopy: Structural anomalies in (Sr,Ca)(Zr3.95Hf0.05)P6O24 ceramics

Forker; Hütten, 1996:
Perturbed-angular-correlation study of 111Cd and 181Ta nuclear-quadrupole relaxations in the rare-earth dihydride DyH2+/- delta

Forker; Herz; Simon; Bedi, 1995:
Perturbed-angular-correlation study of static and dynamic quadrupole interactions in the Laves-phase hydrides HfV2Hx

Müller; Bertschat; Biedermann; Kowallik; Lahmer-Naim; Mahnke; Seeger; Zeitz; Fiechter; Tributsch, 1990:
Perturbed-angular-distribution measurements of the chemical shift of iron in the disulfides FeS2 (pyrite) and RuS2 (laurite)

Zhao; Casademunt; Yeung; Maher, 1992:
Perturbing Hele-Shaw flow with a small gap gradient

Gewirtz, A.M., 1996:
Perturbing gene expression with oligodeoxynucleotides: research and potential therapeutic applications

Smentek-Mielczarek; Andes Hess Jr, 1989:
Perturbing influence of doubly excited configurations upon the electric-dipole transition amplitudes of rare-earth ions in crystals

Nilsson, L.; Grüber, C.; Granström, M.; Björkstén, B.; Kjellman, N.I., 1999:
Pertussis IgE and atopic disease

van Der Ark, A.; von Straaten-Van, D.K.ppelle, I.; Hendriksen, C.F.M., 2001:
Pertussis Serological Potency Test as an Alternative to the Intracerebral Mouse Protection Test: Development, Evaluation and Validation

Herwaldt, L.A., 1993:
Pertussis and pertussis vaccines in adults

Roznowski, J., 1999:
Pertussis cases in vaccinated children in Chełmno, Torun Province

Christie, C.D.; Marx, M.L.; Daniels, J.A.; Adcock, M.P., 1997:
Pertussis containment in schools and day care centers during the Cincinnati epidemic of 1993

Reid, S.; Lennon, D.; Thomas, M.; O'Connor, P.; Baker, M.; Mansoor, O., 1994:
Pertussis control in New Zealand

Rea, M.D.; Dalton, C.B.; Ebeling, P.W.; Ferguson, J.K., 2001:
Pertussis death in the Hunter region of New South Wales

Anonymous, 2002:
Pertussis deaths--United States, 2000

Jan, M.M.; Halperin, S., 1998:
Pertussis epidemic and sudden infant death syndrome

Rietschel, E., 1993:
Pertussis illnesses increase the reactivity of the bronchial system

Ramsay, M.; Begg, N.; Holland, B.; Dalphinis, J., 1993:
Pertussis immunisation in children with a family or personal history of convulsions: a review of children referred for specialist advice

Sepkowitz, S., 1994:
Pertussis immunization and neurological illness

Sundaresan, C.R., 2000:
Pertussis immunization in children with neurological illnesses

Tozzi, A.E.; Greco, D.; Salmaso, S.; Wassilak, S.G., 1997:
Pertussis immunization: results of new trials

Tomaszunas-Błaszczyk, J., 1999:
Pertussis in 1997

Zieliński, A., 2000:
Pertussis in 1998

Lu, E.; Kirby, R.S.; Schutze, G.E., 1996:
Pertussis in Arkansas

Zieliński, A., 2001:
Pertussis in Poland in 1999

Scheil, W.; Cameron, S.; Roberts, C.; Hall, R., 1998:
Pertussis in South Australia 1893 to 1996

Christopher, F.L.; Hepburn, M.J.; Frolichstein, R.A., 2002:
Pertussis in a military and military beneficiary population: case series and review of the literature

Schabas, R., 2000:
Pertussis in adolescents and adults

Anonymous, 2002:
Pertussis in an infant adopted from Russia--May 2002

Gold, R.; Déry, P.; Halperin, S.; Law, B.; MacDonald, N.; Scheifele, D.; Marchessault, V.; Duclos, P., 1994:
Pertussis in children hospitalized at five Canadian pediatric tertiary care centres

Sundqwist, M.; Trollfors, B.; Taranger, J., 1999:
Pertussis in infancy does not increase the risk of asthma

Edwards, K.M., 1997:
Pertussis in older children and adults

Waggoner-Fountain, L.; Hayden, G.F., 1996:
Pertussis in primary care practice. Recent advances in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

Pasternack, M.S., 1997:
Pertussis in the 1990s: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

Josephs, J.E., 2002:
Pertussis in the adolescent and adult: a primary care concern

Garavelli, P.L., 1998:
Pertussis in the adult

Zieliński, A., 2002:
Pertussis in year 2000

Vegelin, A.L.; van Vught, A.J.; Wolfs, T.F.; Kimpen, J.L.; Geelen, S.P., 1999:
Pertussis in young infants

Wjst, M.; Dold, S.; Reitmeir, P.; Fritzsch, C.; von Mutius, E.; Thiemann, H.H., 1994:
Pertussis infection and allergic sensitization

Brady, M.T.; Mahon, B.P.; Mills, K.H., 1998:
Pertussis infection and vaccination induces Th1 cells

Ranganathan, S.; Tasker, R.; Booy, R.; Habibi, P.; Nadel, S.; Britto, J., 1999:
Pertussis is increasing in unimmunized infants: is a change in policy needed?

Andrews, R.; Herceg, A.; Roberts, C., 1997:
Pertussis notifications in Australia, 1991 to 1997

von König, C.H.Wirsing.; Halperin, S.; Riffelmann, M.; Guiso, N., 2002:
Pertussis of adults and infants

Katoh, T., 1994:
Pertussis or whooping cough

Anonymous, 2003:
Pertussis outbreak among adults at an oil refinery--Illinois, August-October 2002

Segura del Pozo, J.; Sanz Moreno, J.Carlos.; Gascón Sancho, Mía.Jesús.; Ramos Lledó, E.; de Ory Manchón, F.; Fernández Díaz, M., 2002:
Pertussis outbreak in a poorly immunized community

Gehanno, J.F.; Pestel-Caron, M.; Marguet, C.; Nouvellon, M.; Gueit, I., 1999:
Pertussis outbreak in an outpatient hospital staff

Anonymous, 1993:
Pertussis outbreaks--Massachusetts and Maryland, 1992

Anonymous, 1996:
Pertussis overlooked as cause of cough in adults

Burgess, M.A.; McIntyre, P.B.; Heath, T.C., 1998:
Pertussis re-emerging: who is responsible?

van der Ark, A.; van Straaten-van de Kappelle, I.; Hendriksen, C.; van de Donk, H., 1996:
Pertussis serological potency test as an alternatively to the intracerebral mouse protection test

Butta, N.; Urcelay, E.; González-Manchón, C.; Parrilla, R.; Ayuso, M.S., 1993:
Pertussis toxin inhibition of alpha 1-adrenergic or vasopressin-induced Ca2+ fluxes in rat liver. Selective inhibition of the alpha 1-adrenergic receptor-coupled metabolic activation

Shepard, P.D.; Connelly, S.T., 1999:
Pertussis toxin lesions of the rat substantia nigra block the inhibitory effects of the gamma-hydroxybutyrate agent, S(-)HA-966 without affecting the basal firing properties of dopamine neurons

Chen, F.; Wagner, P.D., 1998:
Pertussis toxin modification of PC12 cells lowers cytoskeletal F-actin and enhances norepinephrine secretion: involvement of protein kinase C and protein phosphatases

Cunha, R.A.; Malva, J.O.; Ribeiro, J.A., 2000:
Pertussis toxin prevents presynaptic inhibition by kainate receptors of rat hippocampal [(3)H]GABA release

Oostendorp, J.; Kaumann, A.J., 2000:
Pertussis toxin suppresses carbachol-evoked cardiodepression but does not modify cardiostimulation mediated through beta1- and putative beta4-adrenoceptors in mouse left atria: no evidence for beta2- and beta3-adrenoreceptor function

Schenkel, A.R.; Pauza, C.D., 2000:
Pertussis toxin treatment in vivo reduces surface expression of the adhesion integrin leukocyte function antigen-1 (LFA-1)

Chan, J.S.; Yung, L.Y.; Lee, J.W.; Wu, Y.L.; Pei, G.; Wong, Y.H., 1998:
Pertussis toxin-insensitive signaling of the ORL1 receptor: coupling to Gz and G16 proteins

Cascalheira, Jé.F.; Sebastião, A.M.; Ribeiro, J.Alexandre., 2003:
Pertussis toxin-sensitive G proteins mediate the inhibition of basal phosphoinositide metabolism caused by adenosine A1 receptors in rat hippocampal slices

Rapuano, B.E.; Bockman, R.S., 1994:
Pertussis toxin-sensitive and insensitive G proteins mediate ALFL4- stimulated release of inositol phosphates, diglycerides and arachidonic acid in MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts

el Bayâ, A.; Linnermann, R.; von Olleschik-Elbheim, L.; Schmidt, M.A., 1997:
Pertussis toxin. Entry into cells and enzymatic activity

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Analytical Note

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Pet projects

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Pet therapy: initiating a program

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PetPEP defended

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PetPEP questions

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Petal and stamen development

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Petal pushers

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Petalia websites--not for me!

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Petalloid phacoemulsification

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Petasites hybridus: a tool for interdisciplinary research in phytotherapy

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Peteosthor - a medical disaster due to Radium-224A personal recollection

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Peter Cardy--MacMillan Cancer Relief

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Peter Rarai v. Susan Collins, 14 March 1986

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Peter Smith talks to Mike Grace

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Peter Somani, First Asian American state health officer in the continental United States

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Peter Stein's Pricing for Profit Workbook

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Peter Thorogood (1947-1998)

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Peter and his doctor

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Analytical Note: Allisatin-Femergin

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Peter of Spain, Albert the Great and the Quaestiones de animalibus

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Peter thomas fallon

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Peter's Medicine--lessons from the 13th century

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Peterborough hospital has tissue bank on not for profit basis

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Peterborough thinks electric

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Peterhouse, the Royal Society and molecular biology

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Peters'-Plus syndrome with agenesis of the corpus callosum: report of a case and confirmation of autosomal recessive inheritance

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Peterson replies

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Pethidine in labour

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Pethidine reverses morphine-induced delirium

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Pethidine to women in labor

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Pethidine, difficult births and breastfeeding. Are these babies 'at risk'?

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Petit's inferior lumbar hernia. A case report

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Petit-mal epilepsy in laboratory rats, issues that an experimenter should be remember

Anonymous, 2001:
Petition also filed in Title I case

Anonymous, 2001:
Petition drive

Anonymous, 2018:
Analytical Notes

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Petition launched

Anonymous, 1980:
Petition of Ackerman

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Petitions for union elections at hospitals post five-year increase, NLRB says

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Petitions, public opinion and hospital restructuring in Kitchener-Waterloo

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Petiveria alliacea L. extract protects mice against Listeria monocytogenes infection--effects on bone marrow progenitor cells

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Petline working well

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Petr Aleksandrovich Dubovitskiĭ (1815-1868)

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Petr Andreevich Kupriianov (on the centenary of his birth)

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Petr Andreevich Kupriianov--outstanding Soviet surgeon (on the centenary of his birth)

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Petr Grigor'evich Sergiev--statesman, scientist and human being (on the centenary of his birth)

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Petr Kuz'mich Anokhin: a biographic assay (on the 100-th birthday)

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Petr Lazarevich Sel'tsovskiĭ (on the centenary of his birth)

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Petr Petrovich and Vsevolod Petrovich Kashchenko

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Petr Skrabanek and the Lancet

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Petra will look after association's students' issues. Interview by Jan Thomasson

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Petrarch and the Black Death: from fear to monuments

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Petrashov et al. reply

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Petrified ears

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Petrillo and its progeny: the Illinois judicial ban on ex parte communications in medical malpractice cases comes under fire

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Petroclival and foramen magnum meningiomas: surgical approaches and pitfalls

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Petroclival meningioma

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Petroclival tumors: a synthesis

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Petrol pollution worries royal commission

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Petrol sniffer's encephalopathy

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Petrol sniffing down the track

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Petrol sniffing in Aboriginal communities: a review of interventions

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Petrol sniffing in a pregnant Aboriginal population: a review of maternal and neonatal outcomes

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Petrol--something nasty in the woodshed? A review of gasoline-related burns in a British burns unit

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Petrol-related burns

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Petrolatum versus Resurfix ointment in the treatment of pressure ulcers

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Petroleum and coal

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Petroleum biodegradation in marine environments

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Petroleum chemical plant of Porto Marghera: epidemiology and prevention

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Petroleum hydrocarbon bioremediation: sampling and analytical techniques, in situ treatments and commercial microorganisms currently used

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Petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations in Arabian Gulf fish tissues

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Petroleum in Talmudic sources

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Petroleum jelly lipogranuloma of the penis treated with excision and native skin coverage

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Petroleum poisoning in two rural families

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Petroleum: possibilities in the pipeline

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Petrologic evidence for low-temperature, possibly flood evaporitic origin of carbonates in the ALH84001 meteorite

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Petronasal fistula caused by the epidermal cyst of the cerebellopontine angle region

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Petrosal approach for a large right posterior cerebral artery (P2) aneurysm

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Petrosal presigmoid approach to the petro-clival and anterior cerebellopontine region (extended retrolabyrinthine, transtentorial approach)

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Petrosal versus cavernous sinus sampling

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Petrous anatomy for middle fossa approach

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Petrous apex cephaloceles

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Petrous apex lesions: cholesterol granuloma

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Petrous apex region. Surgical anatomy, lesions, and operative techniques

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Petrous bone approach for the surgery of petroclival meningiomas

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Petrous bone cholesteatoma: surgical strategy

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Petrous bone extension of middle-ear acquired cholesteatoma

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Petrous bone meningioma originating from the jugular foramen--case report

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Petrous carotid stenosis documented by catheter angiography

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Petrous high jugular bulb: a histological study

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Petrunic and Anor. v. Barnes, 1 February 1988

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Petrus Camper on the origin and color of blacks

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Petrus Kirstenius--a remarkable professor of medicine in seventeenth-century Uppsala

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Petrus Severinus, Francis Bacon and the observation of nature

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Pets and animal-assisted therapy

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Pets and health

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Pets and passive smoking

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Pets and patients. Duty and the beasts

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Pets and their humans. Domesticated animals have evolved to make their desires known

Anonymous, 2001:
Pets are good for you, say doctors

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Pets as permanent excretors of zoonoses pathogens

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Pets as therapy: effects on social interaction in long-stay psychiatry

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Pets as transitional objects: their role in children's emotional development

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Pets bring therapeutic benefits to nursing homes

Anonymous, 1996:
Pets for patients

Propsner, N., 1997:
Pets helping to heal the elderly

Adams, K., 2000:
Pets in practice

Boyce, N., 2002:
Pets of the future

Cook, R., 1998:
Pets win prizes

Deleu, S.; Ubbink, S., 1997:
Pets; a spiritual and physical blessing

Anonymous, 1996:
Petsavers Malassezia project nears completion

Szállási, A.; Pettenkofer, M., 2002:
Pettenkofer, the (not unerring) pope of public health

Masin, S.C., 2000:
Petter's effect in patterns formed by outlined surfaces

Pettifor; Podloucky, 1985:
Pettifor and Podloucky respond

Anonymous, 2002:
Petting zoo rules: have fun but wash your hands!

Saphir, A., 2000:
Petty cash?

Blasszauer, B., 1997:
Petty corruption in health care

Anonymous, 1984 :
Petty v. United States

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Petunia Flowering Revisited

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Petunia Flowering Revisited II

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Peusoxanthoma elasticum with multiple calcinosis and hyperphosphoremia

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Peutz-Jegher syndrome: the guilty speak

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Peutz-Jegher's syndrome with polydactyly

Anonymous, 1998:
Peutz-Jeghers culprit is revealed

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Peutz-Jeghers polyps, dysplasia, and K-ras codon 12 mutations

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome and the hamartomatous polyposis syndromes: radiologic-pathologic correlation

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome associated with adenocarcinoma and protein-losing enteropathy

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome associated with multiple epithelial tumors

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome in a child. Prolapse of a large colonic polyp through the anus

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome managed with a complete intraoperative endoscopy and extensive polypectomy

Anonymous, 1926:
Analytical Note: Vitalia Meat Juice

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome with malignization of hamartomatous polyp

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome--a case report

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. A case in an adolescent

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Apropos a familial case at Hospital Arzobispo Loayza

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome. Report of a family

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: 5 cases with review of the literature

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: case report

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: case report and update on diagnosis and treatment

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Peutz-Jeghers syndrome: is family screening needed?

SoRelle, R., 2001:
Pew Commission advocates tracking chronic disease and environmental factors to protect US health

Anonymous, 1998:
Pew Commission calls for ongoing competency assessment of health professionals, greater say for public on regulatory boards

Leskovsek, N., 1999:
Pew Commission recommends CE and credentialing reform

Habgood, C., 1995:
Pew Commission releases recommendations

Moore, N.G., 1996 :
Pew Commission report: focusing care on the community for the 21st century

Anonymous, 2002:
Pew Commission update

Lasseter, F., 1997:
Pew Commission's State Initiatives Program to Reform Health Care Workforce Regulation grant activity update

Heuser, J.; Hoefener, S., 2018:
Analytical nuclear excited-state gradients for the second-order approximate coupled-cluster singles and doubles (CC2) method employing uncoupled frozen-density embedding

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Analytical nuclear gradients for the range-separated many-body dispersion model of noncovalent interactions

Cohen, J.J., 1997:
Pew catalyzes education partnerships with managed care organizations

Keepnews, D., 1995:
Pew recommendations: what they mean for nursing

Prina, L.L., 1994:
Pew refines health program for more impact

Anonymous, 2002:
Pew report: HIPAA privacy regulation leaves many unprotected

Anonymous, 1999:
Pew seeks ongoing competence review. Pew Commission recommendations

Meskin, L.H., 1999:

Starling, P.H., 2002:
Pewter syringe

Whiss, P.A., 2002:
Pexelizumab Alexion

Lamb, H.M.; Wiseman, L.R., 1999:
Pexiganan acetate

Zide, M.F., 1994:
Pexing and presuturing for closure of traumatic soft tissue injuries

Kamata, S.; Usui, N.; Sawai, T.; Nose, K.; Kitayama, Y.; Okuyama, H.; Okada, A., 2000:
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