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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46972

Chapter 46972 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Carr, B.I.; Zajko, A.; Bron, K.; Orons, P.; Sammon, J.; Baron, R., 1997:
Phase II study of Spherex (degradable starch microspheres) injected into the hepatic artery in conjunction with doxorubicin and cisplatin in the treatment of advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinoma: interim analysis

Itoh, K.; Tsukamoto, E.; Kakizaki, H.; Nonomura, K.; Koyanagi, T.; Furudate, M.; Torizuka, K., 1993:
Phase II study of Tc-99m MAG3 in patients with nephrourologic diseases

Twelves, C.; Campone, M.; Coudert, B.; Van den Bent, M.; de Jonge, M.; Dittrich, C.; Rampling, R.; Sorio, R.; Lacombe, D.; de Balincourt, C.; Fumoleau, P., 2002:
Phase II study of XR5000 (DACA) administered as a 120-h infusion in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme

Meropol, N.J.; Pazdur, R.; Vincent, M.; Willson, J.K.; Kelsen, D.P.; Douglass, H.O., 1996:
Phase II study of ZD1694 in patients with advanced gastric cancer

Planting, A.S.; de Wit, R.; van der Burg, M.E.; Stoter, G.; Verweij, J., 1996:
Phase II study of a closely spaced ifosfamide--cisplatin schedule with the addition of G-CSF in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer and malignant melanoma

Wagenaar, H.C.; Pecorelli, S.; Vergote, I.; Curran, D.; Wagener, D.J.; Kobierska, A.; Bolis, G.; Bokkel-Huinink, W.T.; Lacave, A.J.; Madronal, C.; Forn, M.; de Oliveira, C.F.; Mangioni, C.; Nooij, M.A.; Goupil, A.; Kerbrat, P.; Marth, C.H.; Tumolo, S.; Herben, M.G.; Zanaboni, F.; Vermorken, J.B., 2001:
Phase II study of a combination of cyclophosphamide, adriamycin and cisplatin in advanced fallopian tube carcinoma. An EORTC gynecological cancer group study. European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer

Sugita, T.; Matsunaga, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Horikawa, S.; Suzuki, Y.; Nishiyama, H.; Maekawa, N.; Matsumoto, H.; Okazaki, M.; Katagami, N. , 1994:
Phase II study of a continuous five-day intravenous infusion of cisplatin and etoposide with concurrent chest radiation therapy in limited stage small cell lung cancer

Feliu, J.; Mel, R.; Borrega, P.; López Gómez, L.; Escudero, P.; Dorta, J.; Castro, J.; Vázquez-Estévez, S.E.; Bolaños, M.; Espinosa, E.; González Barón, M., 2002:
Phase II study of a fixed dose-rate infusion of gemcitabine associated with uracil/tegafur in advanced carcinoma of the pancreas

Shaughnessy, P.J.; Ornstein, D.; Ririe, D.; Callander, N.; Anderson, J.E.; Pollack, M.S.; Freytes, C.O.; Cruz, J.; Rodriquez, T.; Bachier, C.; LeMaistre, C.F., 2002:
Phase II study of a moderate-intensity preparative regimen with allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for hematologic diseases: the Texas Transplant Consortium experience

Sakurai, M.; Ichiki, M.; Ohashi, Y.; Hayashi, I., 1993:
Phase II study of a novel combination regimen composed of cisplatin, carboplatin and etoposide against unresectable non-small cell lung cancer

Evans, W.K.; Earle, C.C.; Stewart, D.J.; Dahrouge, S.; Tomiak, E.; Goss, G.; Logan, D.; Goel, R.; Gertler, S.Z.; Dulude, H., 1997:
Phase II study of a one hour paclitaxel infusion in combination with carboplatin for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Planting, A.S.; van der Burg, M.E.; Goey, S.H.; Schellens, J.H.; van den Bent, M.J.; de Boer-Dennert, M.; Stoter, G.; Verweij, J., 1995:
Phase II study of a short course of weekly high-dose cisplatin combined with long-term oral etoposide in pleural mesothelioma

Hartung, G.; Hofheinz, R.D.; Wein, A.; Riedel, C.; Rost, A.; Fritze, D.; Kreuser, E.D.; Drees, M.; Kühnel, J.; Hehlmann, R.; Queisser, W., 2001:
Phase II study of a weekly 24-hour infusion with 5-fluorouracil and simultaneous sodium-folinic acid in the first-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

Yang, T.S.; Hsu, K.C.; Wang, H.M.; Lin, Y.C., 2002:
Phase II study of a weekly 8-hour 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin infusion for patients with advanced colorectal cancer: dose adjusted according to its toxicity

Athanasiadis, I.; Kies, M.S.; Miller, M.; Ganzenko, N.; Joob, A.; Marymont, M.; Rademaker, A.; Gradishar, W.J., 1995:
Phase II study of all-trans-retinoic acid and alpha-interferon in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Westeel, V.; Jacoulet, P.; Breton, J.L.; Garnier, G.; Mercier, M.; Depierre, A., 1996:
Phase II study of alternating doses of vinorelbine in combination with cisplatin for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): a disappointing experience

Alberto, P., 1993:
Phase II study of an oral combination of doxifluridine, prednimustine and idarubicin (FUPRIDA) for first line treatment of advanced breast cancer

Brett, B.T.; Smith, S.C.; Bouvier, C.V.; Michaeli, D.; Hochhauser, D.; Davidson, B.R.; Kurzawinski, T.R.; Watkinson, A.F.; Van Someren, N.; Pounder, R.E.; Caplin, M.E., 2002:
Phase II study of anti-gastrin-17 antibodies, raised to G17DT, in advanced pancreatic cancer

Borner, M.M.; Dietrich, D.; Stupp, R.; Morant, R.; Honegger, H.; Wernli, M.; Herrmann, R.; Pestalozzi, B.C.; Saletti, P.; Hanselmann, S.; Müller, S.; Brauchli, P.; Castiglione-Gertsch, M.; Goldhirsch, A.; Roth, A.D., 2002:
Phase II study of capecitabine and oxaliplatin in first- and second-line treatment of advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer

Kim, T.W.; Kang, Y.K.; Ahn, J.H.; Chang, H.M.; Yook, J.H.; Oh, S.T.; Kim, B.S.; Lee, J.S., 2002:
Phase II study of capecitabine plus cisplatin as first-line chemotherapy in advanced gastric cancer

Vieitez, J.M.; Valladares, M.; Gracia, M.; Gonzalez-Barón, M.; Martín, G.; Mel, J.R.; Rodríguez, R.; Constenla, M.; Gómez Aldavarí, J.L.; Domínguez, S.; Dorta, J.; García-Girón, C.; López, R.; Sevilla, I.; Esteban, E.; Antón, L.M.; Peláez, I.; López, E.; Lacave, A.J., 2002:
Phase II study of carboplatin and 1-h intravenous etoposide and paclitaxel in a novel sequence as first-line treatment of patients with small-cell lung cancer

Falk, S.J.; Maughan, T.S.; Laurence, V.M.; Lamont, A.; Boote, D.; Ford, J.M.; Osborne, R.J.; Bleehen, N.M., 1993:
Phase II study of carboplatin and adriamycin as second line chemotherapy in small cell lung cancer

Gururangan, S.; Cavazos, C.M.; Ashley, D.; Herndon, J.E.; Bruggers, C.S.; Moghrabi, A.; Scarcella, D.L.; Watral, M.; Tourt-Uhlig, S.; Reardon, D.; Friedman, H.S., 2002:
Phase II study of carboplatin in children with progressive low-grade gliomas

Rougier, P.; Zarba, J.J.; Ducreux, M.; Basile, M.; Pignon, J.P.; Mahjoubi, M.; Benahmed, M.; Droz, J.P.; Cvitkovic, E.; Armand, J.P., 1993:
Phase II study of cisplatin and 120-hour continuous infusion of 5-fluorouracil in patients with advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Feliu, J.; González Barón, M.; García Girón, C.; Espinosa, E.; Vicent, J.M.; Gómez Navarro, J.; Berrocal, A.; Ordóñez, A.; Vilches, Y.; de Castro, J.; Díaz, J., 1996:
Phase II study of cisplatin, 5-fluorouracil, and leucovorin in inoperable squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus. ONCOPAZ Cooperative Group, Spain

Sakurai, M.; Ichiki, M.; Hayashi, I., 1997:
Phase II study of combination chemotherapy with cisplatin, carboplatin and etoposide (CPVP) in unresectable non-small cell lung cancer: analysis of survival time and prognostic factors

Rosenthal, M.A.; Gruber, M.L.; Glass, J.; Nirenberg, A.; Finlay, J.; Hochster, H.; Muggia, F.M., 2000:
Phase II study of combination taxol and estramustine phosphate in the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme

Nakata, Y.; Yamada, T.; Itoh, R.; Koishi, K.; Hiraoka, K.; Yamagami, K.; Itani, Y.; Toyoda, S.; Itoh, K.; Kimura, T.; Hosokawa, K.; Honjo, H.; Fujita, H.; Koshiba, H.; Hara, Y.; Tsuchiya, H.; Adachi, S., 2002:
Phase II study of combination therapy with paclitaxel and carboplatin against postoperative small residual disease in patients with stage I c-IV ovarian cancer--KCOG 989 trial

Hauns, B.; Häring, B.; Köhler, S.; Mross, K.; Unger, C., 2001:
Phase II study of combined 5-fluorouracil/ Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE 761 ONC) therapy in 5-fluorouracil pretreated patients with advanced colorectal cancer

Mori, K.; Kamiyama, Y.; Kondoh, T.; Tominaga, K., 2002 :
Phase II study of combined Vinorelbine (Navelbine) plus cisplatin for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (an interim report)

Kubota, K.; Tamura, T.; Fukuoka, M.; Furuse, K.; Ikegami, H.; Ariyoshi, Y.; Kurita, Y.; Saijo, N., 2000:
Phase II study of concurrent chemotherapy and radiotherapy for unresectable stage III non-small-cell lung cancer: long-term follow-up results. Japan Clinical Oncology Group Protocol 8902

Hartmann, J.T.; Kanz, L.; Bokemeyer, C., 2000:
Phase II study of continuous 120-hour-infusion of mitomycin C as salvage chemotherapy in patients with progressive or rapidly recurrent gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma

Lopez, M.; Carpano, S.; Cancrini, A.; Marcellini, M.; Del Medico, P.; Rinaldi, M.; Vici, P.; Paoletti, G.; Di Lauro, L., 1993:
Phase II study of continuous intravenous infusion of recombinant interleukin-2 in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma

Palumbo, R.; Palmeri, S.; Antimi, M.; Gatti, C.; Raffo, P.; Villani, G.; Toma, S., 1998:
Phase II study of continuous-infusion high-dose ifosfamide in advanced and/or metastatic pretreated soft tissue sarcomas

Warner, E.; Hedley, D.; Andrulis, I.; Myers, R.; Trudeau, M.; Warr, D.; Pritchard, K.I.; Blackstein, M.; Goss, P.E.; Franssen, E.; Roche, K.; Knight, S.; Webster, S.; Fraser, R.A.; Oldfield, S.; Hill, W.; Kates, R., 1998:
Phase II study of dexverapamil plus anthracycline in patients with metastatic breast cancer who have progressed on the same anthracycline regimen

Stopeck, A.T.; Jones, A.; Hersh, E.M.; Thompson, J.A.; Finucane, D.M.; Gutheil, J.C.; Gonzalez, R., 2001:
Phase II study of direct intralesional gene transfer of allovectin-7, an HLA-B7/beta2-microglobulin DNA-liposome complex, in patients with metastatic melanoma

Latreille, J.; Cormier, Y.; Martins, H.; Goss, G.; Fisher, B.; Eisenhauer, E.A., 1996:
Phase II study of docetaxel (taxotere) in patients with previously untreated extensive small cell lung cancer

Niho, S.; Ohe, Y.; Kakinuma, R.; Kubota, K.; Matsumoto, T.; Ohmatsu, H.; Goto, K.; Nishiwaki, Y., 2002:
Phase II study of docetaxel and cisplatin administered as three consecutive weekly infusions for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Kim, Y.H.; Kim, J.S.; Choi, Y.H.; In, K.H.; Park, H.S.; Hong, D.S.; Jeong, T.J.; Lee, Y.Y.; Nam, E.; Lee, S.N.; Lee, K.S.; Kim, H.K., 2002:
Phase II study of docetaxel and cisplatin combination chemotherapy in metastatic or unresectable localized non-small-cell lung cancer

Specht, L.; Larsen, S.K.; Hansen, H.S., 2000:
Phase II study of docetaxel and cisplatin in patients with recurrent or disseminated squamous-cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Amodio, A.; Carpano, S.; Paoletti, G.; Gionfra, T.; Rinaldi, M.; Manfredi, C.; Foggi, P.; Lopez, M., 1998:
Phase II study of docetaxel in patients with advanced stage soft tissue sarcoma

Kavanagh, J.J.; Kudelka, A.P.; de Leon, C.G.; Tresukosol, D.; Hord, M.; Finnegan, M.B.; Kim, E.E.; Varma, D.; Forman, A.; Cohen, P.; Edwards, C.L.; Freedman, R.S.; Verschraegen, C.F., 1996:
Phase II study of docetaxel in patients with epithelial ovarian carcinoma refractory to platinum

Coleman, R.E.; Howell, A.; Eggleton, S.P.; Maling, S.J.; Miles, D.W., 2000:
Phase II study of docetaxel in patients with liver metastases from breast cancer. UK study group

Mattson, K.; Bosquee, L.; Dabouis, G.; Le Groumellec, A.; Pujol, J.L.; Marien, S.; Stupp, R.; Douillard, J.Y.; Brägas, B.; Berille, J.; Olivares, R.; Le Chevalier, T., 2000:
Phase II study of docetaxel in the treatment of patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer in routine daily practice

Savarese, D.M.; Halabi, S.; Hars, V.; Akerley, W.L.; Taplin, M.E.; Godley, P.A.; Hussain, A.; Small, E.J.; Vogelzang, N.J., 2001:
Phase II study of docetaxel, estramustine, and low-dose hydrocortisone in men with hormone-refractory prostate cancer: a final report of CALGB 9780. Cancer and Leukemia Group B

Krug, L.M.; Miller, V.A.; Kalemkerian, G.P.; Kraut, M.J.; Ng, K.K.; Heelan, R.T.; Pizzo, B.A.; Perez, W.; McClean, N.; Kris, M.G., 2000:
Phase II study of dolastatin-10 in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Vaishampayan, U.; Glode, M.; Du, W.; Kraft, A.; Hudes, G.; Wright, J.; Hussain, M., 2000:
Phase II study of dolastatin-10 in patients with hormone-refractory metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma

Meredith, R.F.; Khazaeli, M.B.; Plott, W.E.; Grizzle, W.E.; Liu, T.; Schlom, J.; Russell, C.D.; Wheeler, R.H.; LoBuglio, A.F., 1996:
Phase II study of dual 131I-labeled monoclonal antibody therapy with interferon in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

Kobayashi, H.; Kawai, S.; Sakayori, S.; Kaneko, M.; Ito, Y.; Ujike, Y.; Kobayashi, K.; Imaizumi, H.; Hoshi, S.; Endo, S., 1994:
Phase II study of edobacomab (E5) in the treatment of gram-negative sepsis

Nisticò, C.; Garufi, C.; Barni, S.; Frontini, L.; Gallà, D.A.; Giannarelli, D.; Vaccaro, A.; D'Ottavio, A.M.; Terzoli, E., 1999:
Phase II study of epirubicin and vinorelbine with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor: a high-activity, dose-dense weekly regimen for advanced breast cancer

Parnis, F.X.; Olver, I.N.; Kotasek, D.; Norman, J.; Taylor, A.; Russell, J.; Patterson, K.; Keefe, D.; Marafioti, T., 2000:
Phase II study of epirubicin, cisplatin and continuous infusion 5-fluorouracil (ECF) for carcinoma of unknown primary site

Cripps, C.; Burnell, M.; Jolivet, J.; Batist, G.; Lofters, W.; Dancey, J.; Iglesias, J.; Fisher, B.; Eisenhauer, E.A., 1999:
Phase II study of first-line LY231514 (multi-targeted antifolate) in patients with locally advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer: an NCIC Clinical Trials Group study

Tsimberidou, A.M.; O'Brien, S.M.; Cortes, J.E.; Faderl, S.; Andreeff, M.; Kantarjian, H.M.; Keating, M.J.; Giles, F.J., 2002:
Phase II study of fludarabine, cytarabine (Ara-C), cyclophosphamide, cisplatin and GM-CSF (FACPGM) in patients with Richter's syndrome or refractory lymphoproliferative disorders

Epelbaum, R.; Rosenblatt, E.; Nasrallah, S.; Faraggi, D.; Gaitini, D.; Mizrahi, S.; Kuten, A., 2002:
Phase II study of gemcitabine combined with radiation therapy in patients with localized, unresectable pancreatic cancer

von Minckwitz, G.; Bauknecht, T.; Visseren-Grul, C.M.; Neijt, J.P., 1999:
Phase II study of gemcitabine in ovarian cancer

Sekine, I.; Nishiwaki, Y.; Kakinuma, R.; Kubota, K.; Hojo, F.; Matsumoto, T.; Ohmatsu, H.; Yokozaki, M.; Goto, K.; Miyamoto, T.; Takafuji, J.; Kodama, T., 1997:
Phase II study of high-dose dexamethasone-based association in acute and delayed high-dose cisplatin-induced emesis--JCOG study 9413

Novello, S.; Galli, L.; Antonuzzo, A.; Crinó, L.; Pozzi, E.; Selvaggi, G.; Ricci, S.; Marrocolo, F.; Darwish, S.; Sorbolini, S.; Tonato, M.; Scagliotti, G.V., 2001:
Phase II study of high-dose paclitaxel and carboplatin in previously untreated, unresectable non-small cell lung cancer

Wilailak, S.; Tresukosol, D.; Linasmita, V.; Termrungruanglert, W., 2001:
Phase II study of high-dose paclitaxel in platinum-refractory epithelial ovarian cancer

Marschke, R.F.; Grill, J.P.; Sloan, J.A.; Wender, D.B.; Levitt, R.; Mailliard, J.A.; Gerstner, J.B.; Ghosh, C.; Morton, R.F.; Jett, J.R., 1999:
Phase II study of high-dose somatostatin analogue in patients either previously treated or untreated who have extensive-stage small cell lung cancer

Ali, M.A.; Kraut, M.J.; Valdivieso, M.; Herskovic, A.M.; Du, W.; Kalemkerian, G.P., 1998:
Phase II study of hyperfractionated radiotherapy and concurrent weekly alternating chemotherapy in limited-stage small cell lung cancer

Thongprasert, S., 2000:
Phase II study of ifosfamide, carboplatin, etoposide and GM-CSF in small cell lung cancer

Lichtman, S.M.; Niedzwiecki, D.; Barcos, M.; Carlisle, T.L.; Cooper, M.R.; Johnson, J.L.; Peterson, B.A., 2000:
Phase II study of infusional chemotherapy with doxorubicin, vincristine and etoposide plus cyclophosphamide and prednisone (I-CHOPE) in resistant diffuse aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: CALGB 9255. Cancer and Leukemia Group B

Gridelli, C.; Perrone, F.; D'Aprile, M.; Rossi, A.; Palmeri, S.; Curcio, C.; Veltri, E.; Ianniello, G.; Lorusso, V.; Palmieri, G., 1995:
Phase II study of intensive CEV (carboplatin, epirubicin and VP-16) plus G-CSF (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) in extensive small cell lung cancer

Meredith, R.F.; Khazaeli, M.B.; Macey, D.J.; Grizzle, W.E.; Mayo, M.; Schlom, J.; Russell, C.D.; LoBuglio, A.F., 1999:
Phase II study of interferon-enhanced 131I-labeled high affinity CC49 monoclonal antibody therapy in patients with metastatic prostate cancer

Baars, J.W.; Wagstaff, J.; Van Groeningen, C.J.; Vermorken, J.B.; Bijvank, E.M.; Pinedo, H.M.; Nauta, J.J., 1993:
Phase II study of interferon-gamma and interleukin-2: tachyphylaxis of toxicity to the liver during increasing immune enhancement

Lümmen, G.; Goepel, M.; Möllhoff, S.; Hinke, A.; Otto, T.; Rübben, H., 1996:
Phase II study of interferon-gamma versus interleukin-2 and interferon-alpha 2b in metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Vlasveld, L.T.; Horenblas, S.; Hekman, A.; Hilton, A.M.; Dubbelman, A.C.; Melief, C.J.; Rankin, E.M., 1994:
Phase II study of intermittent continuous infusion of low-dose recombinant interleukin-2 in advanced melanoma and renal cell cancer

Dropcho, E.J.; Rosenfeld, S.S.; Vitek, J.; Guthrie, B.L.; Morawetz, R.B., 1998:
Phase II study of intracarotid or selective intracerebral infusion of cisplatin for treatment of recurrent anaplastic gliomas

Hoff, P.M.; Ellerton, J.A.; Dakhil, S.R.; Winn, R.J.; Abbruzzese, J.L.; Pazdur, R., 2001:
Phase II study of intravenous CI-958 in metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma

Verschraegen, C.F.; Levenback, C.; Vincent, M.; Wolf, J.; Bevers, M.; Loyer, E.; Kudelka, A.P.; Kavanagh, J.J., 2001:
Phase II study of intravenous DX-8951f in patients with advanced ovarian, tubal, or peritoneal cancer refractory to platinum, taxane, and topotecan

Oh, Y.; Perez-Soler, R.; Fossella, F.V.; Glisson, B.S.; Kurie, J.; Walsh, G.L.; Truong, M.; Shin, D.M., 2000:
Phase II study of intravenous Doxil in malignant pleural mesothelioma

Case, D.C.; Gerber, M.C.; Gams, R.A.; Crawford, J.; Votaw, M.L.; Higano, C.S.; Pruitt, B.T.; Gould, J., 1993:
Phase II study of intravenous idarubicin in unfavorable non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Watanabe, N.; Miyagawa, I.; Higasibori, Y.; Nakahara, T.; Sumi, F.; Ishida, G.; Abe, B.; Inoue, A.; Hanamoto, N., 1994:
Phase II study of intravesical chemoprophylaxis of epirubicin after transurethral resection of bladder tumors. Tottori University Oncology Group

Turner, C.D.; Gururangan, S.; Eastwood, J.; Bottom, K.; Watral, M.; Beason, R.; McLendon, R.E.; Friedman, A.H.; Tourt-Uhlig, S.; Miller, L.L.; Friedman, H.S., 2002:
Phase II study of irinotecan (CPT-11) in children with high-risk malignant brain tumors: the Duke experience

Takeda, K.; Takifuji, N.; Uejima, H.; Yoshimura, N.; Terakawa, K.; Negoro, S., 2002:
Phase II study of irinotecan and carboplatin for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Kudoh, S.; Fujiwara, Y.; Takada, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Kinoshita, A.; Ariyoshi, Y.; Furuse, K.; Fukuoka, M., 1998:
Phase II study of irinotecan combined with cisplatin in patients with previously untreated small-cell lung cancer. West Japan Lung Cancer Group

Furukawa, H.; Hiratsuka, M.; Imaoka, S.; Ishikawa, O.; Kabuto, T.; Sasaki, Y.; Kameyama, M.; Ohigashi, H.; Nakano, H.; Yasuda, T.; Murata, K., 1999:
Phase II study of limited surgery for early gastric cancer: segmental gastric resection

Verweij, J.; Judson, I.; Steward, W.; Coleman, R.; Woll, P.; van Pottelsberghe, C.; van Glabbeke, M.; Mouridsen, H., 1994 :
Phase II study of liposomal muramyl tripeptide phosphatidylethanolamine (MTP/PE) in advanced soft tissue sarcomas of the adult. An EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group study

Stewart, D.J.; Eapen, L.; Girard, A.; Verma, S.; Genest, P.; Evans, W.K., 1993:
Phase II study of lonidamine plus radiotherapy in the treatment of brain metastases

Smorenburg, C.H.; Seynaeve, C.; Bontenbal, M.; Planting, A.S.; Sindermann, H.; Verweij, J., 2001:
Phase II study of miltefosine 6% solution as topical treatment of skin metastases in breast cancer patients

Wiernik, P.H.; Moore, D.F.; Bennett, J.M.; Vogl, S.E.; Harris, J.E.; Luger, S.; Oken, M.M.; Glick, J.H., 1998:
Phase II study of mitoguazone, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone for patients with diffuse histologic subtypes of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Study (PE481)

Kikuyama, S.; Inada, T.; Oyama, R.; Ogata, Y., 2003:
Phase II study of mitomycin C, cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil for advanced and recurrent gastric cancer

Pusztai, L.; Holmes, F.A.; Fraschini, G.; Hortobagyi, G.N., 1999:
Phase II study of mitoxantrone by 14-day continuous infusion with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (GCSF) support in patients with metastatic breast cancer and limited prior therapy

Mammoliti, S.; Merlini, L.; Caroti, C.; Gallo, L., 1996:
Phase II study of mitoxantrone, 5-fluorouracil, and levo-leucovorin (MLF) in elderly advanced breast cancer patients

Grossi, F.; Pennucci, M.C.; Serrano, J.; Frola, C.; Mereu, C.; Scolaro, T.; Ratto, G.B.; Tixi, L.; Ardizzoni, A., 2003:
Phase II study of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with surgically-proven, unresectable stage III non-small cell lung cancer

Buzaid, A.C.; Colome, M.; Bedikian, A.; Eton, O.; Legha, S.S.; Papadopoulos, N.; Plager, C.; Ross, M.; Lee, J.E.; Mansfield, P.; Rice, J.; Ring, S.; Lee, J.J.; Strom, E.; Benjamin, R., 1999:
Phase II study of neoadjuvant concurrent biochemotherapy in melanoma patients with local-regional metastases

Pujol, J.L.; Monnier, A.; Berille, J.; Cerrina, M.L.; Douillard, J.Y.; Rivière, A.; Grandgirard, A.; Gouva, S.; Bizzari, J.P.; Le Chevalier, T., 1994:
Phase II study of nitrosourea fotemustine as single-drug chemotherapy in poor-prognosis non-small-cell lung cancer

van der Gaast, A.; Henzen-Logmans, S.C.; Planting, A.S.; Stoter, G.; Verweij, J., 1993:
Phase II study of oral administration of etoposide for patients with well- and moderately-differentiated adenocarcinomas of unknown primary site

Cartwright, T.H.; Cohn, A.; Varkey, J.A.; Chen, Y-Miao.; Szatrowski, T.P.; Cox, J.V.; Schulz, J.J., 2002:
Phase II study of oral capecitabine in patients with advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer

Lin, J.K.; Wang, W.S.; Hsieh, R.K.; Hsu, T.C.; Chiou, T.J.; Liu, J.H.; Fan, F.S.; Yen, C.C.; Lin, T.C.; Jiang, J.K.; Yang, S.H.; Wang, H.S.; Chen, P.M., 2001:
Phase II study of oral tegafur-uracil and folinic acid as first-line therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer: Taiwan experience

White, S.C.; Cheeseman, S.; Thatcher, N.; Anderson, H.; Carrington, B.; Hearn, S.; Ross, G.; Ranson, M., 2000:
Phase II study of oral topotecan in advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Freyer, G.; Delozier, T.; Lichinister, M.; Gedouin, D.; Bougnoux, P.; His, P.; Imadalou, K.; Trillet-Lenoir, V., 2002:
Phase II study of oral vinorelbine in first-line advanced breast cancer chemotherapy

Zelek, L.; Cottu, P.; Tubiana-Hulin, M.; Vannetzel, J-M.; Chollet, P.; Misset, J-L.; Chouaki, N.; Marty, M.; Gamelin, E.; Culine, S.; Dieras, V.; Mackenzie, S.; Spielmann, M., 2002:
Phase II study of oxaliplatin and fluorouracil in taxane- and anthracycline-pretreated breast cancer patients

Monnet, I.; Brienza, S.; Hugret, F.; Voisin, S.; Gastiaburu, J.; Saltiel, J.C.; Soulié, P.; Armand, J.P.; Cvitkovic, E.; de Cremoux, H., 1998:
Phase II study of oxaliplatin in poor-prognosis non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). ATTIT. Association pour le Traitement des Tumeurs Intra Thoraciques

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Phase II study of weekly docetaxel in patients with metastatic breast cancer

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Phase II temporomandibular joint disorder treatment

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Phase II trial assessing the combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

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Phase II trial evaluating the effect of megestrol acetate-prednisolone combination in the treatment of anorexia during the palliative-care phase of lung cancer

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Phase II trial in China of a new, rapidly-acting and effective oral antimalarial, CGP 56697, for the treatment of Plasmodium falciparum malaria

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Phase II trial of Remitogen (humanized 1D10) monoclonal antibody targeting class II in patients with relapsed low-grade or follicular lymphoma

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Phase II trial of bimonthly leucovorin, 5-fluorouracil and gemcitabine for advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma (FOLFUGEM)

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Phase II trial of biweekly administration of vinorelbine and gemcitabine in pretreated advanced breast cancer

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Phase II trial of branched peginterferon-alpha 2a (40 kDa) for patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma

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Phase II trial of carmustine plus O(6)-benzylguanine for patients with nitrosourea-resistant recurrent or progressive malignant glioma

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Phase II trial of paclitaxel by 96-hour continuous infusion in combination with cisplatin for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

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Phase II trial of paclitaxel by three-hour infusion for advanced gastric cancer with short premedication for prophylaxis against paclitaxel-associated hypersensitivity reactions

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Phase II trial of paclitaxel, carboplatin, and concurrent radiation therapy for locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

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Phase II trial of pegylated-liposomal doxorubicin (Doxil) in mesothelioma

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Phase II trial of pegylated-liposomal doxorubicin (Doxil) in renal cell cancer

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Phase II trial of preoperative 3D conformal radiotherapy, protracted venous infusion 5-fluorouracil, and weekly CPT-11, followed by surgery for ultrasound-staged T3 rectal cancer

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Phase II trial of radical surgery for locally advanced pelvic neoplasia

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Phase II trial of recombinant interferon-alpha-2a and eflornithine in patients with recurrent glioma

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Phase II trial of recombinant interferon-alpha2b in patients with advanced intractable multidrug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis: long-term follow-up

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Phase II trial of sequential radiation and interleukin 2 in the treatment of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma

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Phase II trial of thalidomide in renal-cell carcinoma

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Phase II trial of the pegylated liposomal doxorubicin in previously treated metastatic endometrial cancer: a Gynecologic Oncology Group study

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Phase II trial of two-weekly gemcitabine in patients with advanced biliary tract cancer

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Phase II trial of weekly paclitaxel and concurrent radiation therapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

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Phase II trial of weekly paclitaxel in patients with previously treated advanced urothelial cancer

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Phase II trial of weekly single-agent paclitaxel in platinum/paclitaxel-refractory ovarian cancer

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Phase II trial of weekly vinorelbine and trastuzumab as first-line therapy in patients with HER2(+) metastatic breast cancer

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Phase II trial of yttrium-90-DOTA-biotin pretargeted by NR-LU-10 antibody/streptavidin in patients with metastatic colon cancer

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Phase II trial of zeniplatin (CL 286,558), a new patinum compound, in patients with advanced ovarian cancer previously treated with organoplatinum-based therapy

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Phase II trial with cystemustine (60 mg/m2) in advanced or metastatic pretreated lung carcinoma

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Phase II trial with ifosfamide in pancreatic cancer

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Phase II trial with navelbine + cisplatin + etoposide in the treatment of inoperable non-small cell lung carcinoma

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Phase II trial with neoadjuvant chemotherapy

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Phase II trials in drug development

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Phase II trials of pentostatin (Nipent) in hairy cell leukemia

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Phase II window studies: 10 years of experience and counting

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Phase II, placebo-controlled trial of MRX115 (Aerosomes) for left heart and myocardial perfusion imaging

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Phase II, randomized trial comparing bevacizumab plus fluorouracil (FU)/leucovorin (LV) with FU/LV alone in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

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Phase II, randomized, open-label, community-based trial to compare the safety and activity of combination therapy with recombinant interferon-alpha2b and zidovudine versus zidovudine alone in patients with asymptomatic to mildly symptomatic HIV infection. HIV Protocol C91-253 Study Team

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Phase II, two-arm RTOG trial (94-11) of bischloroethyl-nitrosourea plus accelerated hyperfractionated radiotherapy (64.0 or 70.4 Gy) based on tumor volume (> 20 or < or = 20 cm(2), respectively) in the treatment of newly-diagnosed radiosurgery-ineligible glioblastoma multiforme patients

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Phase II: trial of twice weekly amifostine in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy

Anonymous, 1999:
Phase III CCRE option

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Phase III clinical studies with ondansetron (Qilu) in the prophylaxis of nausea and vomiting induced by cisplatin

Zhou, J.; Xu, B.; Zhou, A., 2000:
Phase III clinical studies with ondansetron (Qilu) in the prophylaxis of nausea and vomiting induced by non-cisplatin chemotherapy

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Phase III clinical study of a new anticancer drug atofluding

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Phase III clinical trial comparing iodixanol and iohexol in cerebral angiography

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Phase III clinical trial of KRN8601 (rhG-CSF) for neutropenia in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection

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Phase III clinical trial results with the Vibrant Soundbridge implantable middle ear hearing device: a prospective controlled multicenter study

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Phase III clinical trials concerning non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) presented at the ASCO 2001

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Phase III comparative trial using CHOP vs CIOP in the treatment of advanced intermediate-grade non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

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Phase III contraction inhibition and gastric acidification in Pavlov and Heidenhain pouch in dogs

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Phase III data on Caelyx in ovarian cancer

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Phase III detoxification system

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Phase III elimination: another two-edge sword

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Phase III evaluation of fluoxetine for treatment of hot flashes

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Anonymous, 2001:
Phase III hepatitis C program begins

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Phase III interlaboratory study of FETAX, Part 2: interlaboratory validation of an exogenous metabolic activation system for frog embryo teratogenesis assay--Xenopus (FETAX)

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Phase III multicenter trial comparing the efficacy of 2% dodecafluoropentane emulsion (EchoGen) and sonicated 5% human albumin (Albunex) as ultrasound contrast agents in patients with suboptimal echocardiograms

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Phase III of the migrating motor complex: associated with endogenous xenin plasma peaks and induced by exogenous xenin

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Phase III randomised trial comparing paclitaxel/carboplatin with paclitaxel/cisplatin in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a cooperative multinational trial

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Phase III randomized study comparing 5 or 10 microg per kg per day of filgrastim for mobilization of peripheral blood progenitor cells with chemotherapy, followed by intensification and autologous transplantation in patients with nonmyeloid malignancies

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Phase III randomized study of postradiotherapy chemotherapy with alpha-difluoromethylornithine-procarbazine, N-(2-chloroethyl)-N'-cyclohexyl-N-nitrosurea, vincristine (DFMO-PCV) versus PCV for glioblastoma multiforme

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Phase III randomized trial comparing cisplatin and carboplatin with or without ifosfamide in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. European Lung Cancer Working Party

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Phase III randomized trial comparing three platinum-based doublets in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

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Phase III randomized trial of amifostine as a radioprotector in head and neck cancer

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Phase III randomized trial of surgery with or without intraoperative photodynamic therapy and postoperative immunochemotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma

Anonymous, 1998:
Phase III results of second-generation HIV protease inhibitor reported

Anonymous, 2001:
Phase III results presented on amprenavir triple combination

Anonymous, 1995:
Phase III saquinavir clinical trials

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Phase III study comparing chemotherapy and radiotherapy with preoperative chemotherapy and surgical resection in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer with spread to mediastinal lymph nodes (N2); final report of RTOG 89-01. Radiation Therapy Oncology Group

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Phase III study of concurrent versus sequential thoracic radiotherapy in combination with mitomycin, vindesin and cisplatin in unresectable stage III non small-cell lung cancer

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Phase III study of gynecologic cancer in Japan

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Phase III study of intensive weekly chemotherapy with recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor versus standard chemotherapy in extensive-disease small-cell lung cancer. The Japan Clinical Oncology Group

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Phase III trial comparing a defined duration of therapy versus continuous therapy followed by second-line therapy in advanced-stage IIIB/IV non-small-cell lung cancer

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Phase III trial comparing granulocyte colony-stimulating factor to leridistim in the prevention of neutropenic complications in breast cancer patients treated with docetaxel/doxorubicin/cyclophosphamide: results of the BCIRG 004 trial

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Phase III trial comparing radical radiotherapy with and without cisplatin chemotherapy in patients with advanced squamous cell cancer of the cervix

Anonymous, 2000:
Phase III trial of IL-2

Gibson, A.D., 2002:
Phase III trial of a humanized anti-CD33 antibody (HuM195) in patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia

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Analytical solution of the PELDOR inverse problem using the integral Mellin transform

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Phase III trial of dacarbazine versus dacarbazine with interferon alpha-2b versus dacarbazine with tamoxifen versus dacarbazine with interferon alpha-2b and tamoxifen in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma: an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group study

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Phase III trial of fluorouracil, interferon alpha-2b, and cisplatin versus methotrexate, vinblastine, doxorubicin, and cisplatin in metastatic or unresectable urothelial cancer

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Phase III trial of modulation of cisplatin/fluorouracil chemotherapy by interferon alfa-2b in patients with recurrent or metastatic head and neck cancer. Head and Neck Interferon Cooperative Study Group

Anonymous, 1999:
Phase III trial of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with invasive bladder cancer treated with selective bladder preservation by combined radiation therapy and chemotherapy: initial results of radiation therapy oncology group 89-03

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Phase III trial of oral magnetic particles in MRI of abdomen and pelvis

Anonymous, 2001:
Phase III trials for new PI

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Phase III trials for whole inactivated HIV

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Phase III trials of toremifene vs tamoxifen

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Phase III vehicle-controlled, multi-centered study of topical alitretinoin gel 0.1% in cutaneous AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma

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Phase III, large-scale chemoprevention trials. Approach to chemoprevention clinical trials and phase III clinical trial of tamoxifen as a chemopreventive for breast cancer--the US National Cancer Institute experience

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Phase IV of epidemiological studies: conceptual and methodological criticisms

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Phase IV study (postmarketing surveillance) of Tarivid (ofloxacin) in China

Anonymous, 1996:
Phase Ia trial of a polynucleotide anti-tumor immunization to human carcinoembryonic antigen in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama

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Phase diagrams of self-organizing maps

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Phase diagrams of systems exhibiting incommensurate structures

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Phase diagrams of the Blume-Emery-Griffiths model for semiconducting alloy systems (ABD2)1-x(CD)2x or

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Phase difference of vestibulo-ocular reflex in head autorotation test

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Phase diffusion in chaotic laser dynamics

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Phase discrimination by automated BKD

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Phase dynamics for spiraling Taylor vortices

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Phase dynamics in directional solidification

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Phase dynamics near a parity-breaking instability

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Phase dynamics of coherent light in the M-photon Jaynes-Cummings model

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Phase dynamics of nearly stationary patterns in activator-inhibitor systems

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Phase dynamics of patterns: The effect of boundary-induced amplitude variations

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Phase dynamics of wavy vortex flow

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Phase dynamics with a material derivative due to a flow field

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Phase effect in taming nonautonomous chaos by weak harmonic perturbations

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Phase effect in the energy loss of H projectiles in Zn targets: Experimental evidence and theoretical explanation

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Phase effect in the energy loss of hydrogen projectiles in zinc targets

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Phase effects at fifth-harmonic generation

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Phase effects in bichromatic field interactions with a two-level atom

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Phase effects on the middle and late auditory evoked potentials

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Phase equilibration in bubble collisions

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Phase equilibria and transformations in adiabatic systems

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Phase equilibria in an athermal solution of platelike particles

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Phase equilibria in solutions of disklike particles

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Phase equilibria in systems of hard disks with thickness polydispersity

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Phase equilibria in water-defatted milk proteins-carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt systems

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Phase equilibria of Lennard-Jones dipolar plus quadrupolar fluids by Gibbs-ensemble Monte Carlo simulation

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Phase equilibria of a polymer-smectic-liquid-crystal mixture

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Phase equilibria of absorbed liquids and the structure of porous media

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