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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46973

Chapter 46973 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Alsop, D.C., 1997:
Phase insensitive preparation of single-shot RARE: application to diffusion imaging in humans

San Miguel M, 1995:
Phase instabilities in the laser vector complex Ginzburg-Landau equation

Hoyle, 1994:
Phase instabilities of oscillatory standing squares and alternating rolls

Ghazali; Misbah, 1992:
Phase instability and local dynamics in directional solidification

Ranno; Martínez-García; Perrière; Barboux, 1993:
Phase intergrowth in Bi2Sr2Can-1CunOy thin films

Rosenthal, S.J.; Jones, P.H.; Wetzel, L.H., 2001:
Phase inversion tissue harmonic sonographic imaging: a clinical utility study

Kanayama, M.; Abumi, K.; Kaneda, K.; Tadano, S.; Ukai, T., 1996:
Phase lag of the intersegmental motion in flexion-extension of the lumbar and lumbosacral spine. An in vivo study

Reinisch; Fernandez; Flytzanis; Taki; Pnevmatikos, 1988:
Phase lock of a weakly biased inhomogeneous long Josephson junction to an external microwave source

Gronbech-Jensen; Blackburn; Samuelsen, 1996 :
Phase locking between Fiske and flux-flow modes in coupled sine-Gordon systems

Holst; Hansen; Grnbech-Jensen; Blackburn, 1990:
Phase locking between Josephson soliton oscillators

Barbi; Salerno, 2000:
Phase locking effect and current reversals in deterministic underdamped ratchets

Trees, B.R.; Murgescu, R.A., 2001:
Phase locking in Josephson ladders and the discrete sine-Gordon equation: the effects of boundary conditions and current-induced magnetic fields

Saitoh; Nishino, 1991:
Phase locking in a double junction of Josephson weak links

Gornostyrev; Katsnelson; Platonov; Trefilov, 1995:
Phase locking in a thermostat: Fermi resonance in metals

Thorne; Tucker; Bardeen; Brown; Grüner, 1986:
Phase locking in charge-density-wave transport

Zhan, M.; Hu, G.; He, D.H.; Ma, W.Q., 2001:
Phase locking in on-off intermittency

Gronbech-Jensen; Cirillo, 1994:
Phase locking of Fiske modes in sine-Gordon systems

Lachenmann; Doderer; Huebener, 1996:
Phase locking of Josephson junctions in a two-dimensional array

Hadley; Beasley; Wiesenfeld, 1988:
Phase locking of Josephson-junction series arrays

Pedersen; Davidson, 1990:
Phase locking of long Josephson junctions

Benford; Sze; Woo; Smith; Harteneck, 1989:
Phase locking of relativistic magnetrons

Fischer; Fliflet; Manheimer; Levush; Antonsen; Granatstein, 1994:
Phase locking, amplification, and mode selection in an 85 GHz quasioptical gyroklystron

Feingold; Gonzalez; Piro; Viturro, 1988:
Phase locking, period doubling, and chaotic phenomena in externally driven excitable systems

Aranovich, G.L.; Donohue, M.D., 2002:
Phase loops in density-functional-theory calculations of adsorption in nanoscale pores

Hooper, S.L., 1997:
Phase maintenance in the pyloric pattern of the lobster (Panulirus interruptus) stomatogastric ganglion

Leonhardt; Paul, 1993:
Phase measurement and Q function

Barnett; Pegg, 1996:
Phase measurement by projection synthesis

Kaufmann, G.H.; Galizzi, G.E., 2002:
Phase measurement in temporal speckle pattern interferometry: comparison between the phase-shifting and the Fourier transform methods

Barnett; Pegg, 1993:
Phase measurements

Petrashov; Antonov; Delsing; Claeson, 1993:
Phase memory effects in mesoscopic rings with superconducting "mirrors"

Carlitz, 1988:
Phase memory of a driven state

Böhne; Sure; Ulbrich; Schäfer, 1990:
Phase memory of the electronic polarization in transient nonlinear optical spectra of gallium arsenide at 2 eV

Huber, M.; Lindgren, M.; Hammarström, P.; Mårtensson, L.G.; Carlsson, U.; Eaton, G.R.; Eaton, S.S., 2002:
Phase memory relaxation times of spin labels in human carbonic anhydrase II: pulsed EPR to determine spin label location

Grasso, D.; Califano, F.; Pegoraro, F.; Porcelli, F., 2001:
Phase mixing and island saturation in Hamiltonian reconnection

Bulatov, A.; Vugmeister, B.E.; Rabitz, H., 2001:
Phase mixing, induced relaxation, and chaos in one-dimensional dynamical systems

Chen; Sheih; Scott, 1991:
Phase modulation and far-field spatial patterns due to the transformational thermal-lens effect

Bakker; Planken; Kuipers; Lagendijk, 1990:
Phase modulation in second-order nonlinear-optical processes

Wu; Andereck, 1991:
Phase modulation of Taylor vortex flow

Steane; Szriftgiser; Desbiolles; Dalibard, 1995:
Phase modulation of atomic de Broglie waves

Kingham, R.J.; Gibbon, P.; Theobald, W.; Veisz, L.; Sauerbrey, R., 2001:
Phase modulation of intense ultrashort laser pulses reflected from steep, dense plasmas

Bartels, R.A.; Weinacht, T.C.; Wagner, N.; Baertschy, M.; Greene, C.H.; Murnane, M.M.; Kapteyn, H.C., 2002:
Phase modulation of ultrashort light pulses using molecular rotational wave packets

Sosnovtseva, O.V.; Postnov, D.E.; Nekrasov, A.M.; Mosekilde, E.; Holstein-Rathlou, N-H., 2002:
Phase multistability of self-modulated oscillations

Chell; Olsson, 1993:
Phase of direct CP violation from threshold pion production

Johnson, E., 2002:
Phase of matter. The elusive liquid-solid interface

Putilov, A.A.; Russkikh, G.S.; Danilenko, K.V., 2000:
Phase of melatonin rhythm in winter depression

Kowalski, 1995:
Phase of neutrons propagating through an accelerating interferometer: A test of the equivalence principle

Resh; Jamison; Strozier; Bensaoula; Ignatiev, 1989:
Phase of reflection high-energy electron-diffraction intensity oscillations during molecular-beam-epitaxy growth of GaAs(100)

Bhaduri; Khare; Law, 1995:
Phase of the Riemann zeta function and the inverted harmonic oscillator

Kiskis, 1995:
Phase of the Wilson line

Korthals Altes CP; Lee; Pisarski, 1994:
Phase of the Wilson line at high temperature in the standard model

Lewenstein; Salières; L'Huillier, 1995:
Phase of the atomic polarization in high-order harmonic generation

McBride, G., 1994:
Phase one trials can exploit terminally ill patients

Fujikawa, 1995:
Phase operator for the photon field and an index theorem

Gerry, 1988:
Phase operators for SU(1,1): Application to the squeezed vacuum

Sukumar, 1989:
Phase operators of the harmonic oscillator and suppression of a number state

Vaccaro, 1995:
Phase operators on Hilbert space

Wang; Liu; Hu, 2000:
Phase order in chaotic maps and in coupled map lattices

Drossel, B.; Kardar, M., 2000:
Phase ordering and roughening on growing films

Filipe; Bray, 1994:
Phase ordering dynamics of cosmological models

Angelini, L.; Pellicoro, M.; Stramaglia, S., 2002:
Phase ordering in chaotic map lattices with conserved dynamics

Denniston, C.; Orlandini, E.; Yeomans, J.M., 2001:
Phase ordering in nematic liquid crystals

Lee; Cardy, 1993:
Phase ordering in one-dimensional systems with long-range interactions

Hayakawa, 1993:
Phase ordering in random media

Marko; Barkema, 1995:
Phase ordering in the Ising model with conserved spin

Ouchi; Fujisaka, 1996:
Phase ordering kinetics in the Swift-Hohenberg equation

Damle; Majumdar; Sachdev, 1996:
Phase ordering kinetics of the Bose gas

Rutenberg; Bray, 1995:
Phase ordering of two-dimensional XY systems below the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition temperature

Hong, H.; Choi, M.Y.; Kim, B.Jun., 2002:
Phase ordering on small-world networks with nearest-neighbor edges

Conti, M.; Meerson, B.; Peleg, A.; Sasorov, P.V., 2002:
Phase ordering with a global conservation law: Ostwald ripening and coalescence

Tang; Wiesenfeld; Bak; Coppersmith; Littlewood, 1987:
Phase organization

Anonymous, 1981 :
Phase out health planning by 1983, OMB recommends

Riley, P.O.; Benda, B.J.; Gill-Body, K.M.; Krebs, D.E., 1995:
Phase plane analysis of stability in quiet standing

Priesmeyer, H.R.; Sharp, L.F., 1996:
Phase plane analysis: applying chaos theory in health care

Hoyer, D.; Wagner, H.; Zwiener, U., 1995:
Phase portraits of transfer systems--detection of nonlinear transmission properties between respiratory movements and heart rate fluctuations

Hesslinger, B.; Riedel, H.; Hellwig, B.; Walden, J.; Berger, M., 1996:
Phase prevention in bipolar affective disorder with nimodipine. A case report

Lai; Sievers, 1995:
Phase problem associated with the determination of the longitudinal shape of a charged particle bunch from its coherent far-ir spectrum

Peng; Li; Zhou, 1992:
Phase properties and atomic coherent trapping in the system of a three-level atom interacting with a bimodal field

Jex; Drobn, 1993:
Phase properties and entanglement of the field modes in a two-mode coupler with intensity-dependent coupling

Vaccaro; Orlowski, 1995:
Phase properties of Kerr media via variance and entropy as measures of uncertainty

Gantsog; Tanas, 1991:
Phase properties of a damped anharmonic oscillator

Drobn; Gantsog; Jex, 1994 :
Phase properties of a field mode interacting with N two-level atoms

Tanas; Gantsog, 1992:
Phase properties of fields generated in a multiphoton down-converter

Luis; Sánchez-Soto; Tanas, 1995:
Phase properties of light propagating in a Kerr medium: Stokes parameters versus Pegg-Barnett predictions

Vaccaro; Pegg, 1994:
Phase properties of optical linear amplifiers

Burak; Wódkiewicz, 1992:
Phase properties of quantum states of light

Gantsog; Miranowicz; Tanas, 1992:
Phase properties of real field states: The Garrison-Wong versus Pegg-Barnett predictions

Pegg; Barnett, 1989:
Phase properties of the quantized single-mode electromagnetic field

Kilin, 1993:
Phase quasi-integral for stimulated Raman scattering initiated by quantum fluctuations and statistics of solitonlike random pulses in a depleted pump

Paez, G.; Strojnik, M., 2000:
Phase reconstruction from undersampled intensity patterns

Rao; Liang; Zhang; Cheng; Tang; Dong, 1995:
Phase relation, crystal structure, and magnetic properties of La-Co-Si alloys

Ebert, D.; Hefter, H., 2001:
Phase relations between rhythmical forearm movements and breathing in cerebellar impaired patients

Ebert, D.; Rassler, B.; Waurick, S., 1999:
Phase relations between rhythmical forearm movements and breathing under normacapnic and hypercapnic conditions

Kocsis, B.; Vertes, R.P., 1997:
Phase relations of rhythmic neuronal firing in the supramammillary nucleus and mammillary body to the hippocampal theta activity in urethane anesthetized rats

Kalosha; Herrmann, 2000:
Phase relations, quasicontinuous spectra and subfemtosecond pulses in high-order stimulated raman scattering with short-pulse excitation

Joshi, S.; Young, W.L., 1996:
Phase relationship between cerebral blood flow velocity and blood pressure

O'Keefe, J.; Recce, M.L., 1993:
Phase relationship between hippocampal place units and the EEG theta rhythm

Vorob'ev, N.A.; Bakharev, B.V.; Pavlik, V.D.; Zhadin, M.N., 1996:
Phase relationships between the rhythmic activity of cortical structures of the rabbit at different midbrain reticular formation stimulation frequencies

Janson, N.B.; Balanov, A.G.; Anishchenko, V.S.; McClintock, P.V.E., 2002:
Phase relationships between two or more interacting processes from one-dimensional time series. I. Basic theory

Janson, N.B.; Balanov, A.G.; Anishchenko, V.S.; McClintock, P.V.E., 2002:
Phase relationships between two or more interacting processes from one-dimensional time series. II. Application to heart-rate-variability data

Kityk, A.V.; Wagner, C.; Knorr, K.; Müller, H.W., 2002:
Phase relaxation of Faraday surface waves

Hu; Ding, 1994:
Phase representation and its application in the analytical treatment of the theoretical sandpile

Canavier, C.C.; Butera, R.J.; Dror, R.O.; Baxter, D.A.; Clark, J.W.; Byrne, J.H., 1998:
Phase response characteristics of model neurons determine which patterns are expressed in a ring circuit model of gait generation

Abramovich-Sivan, S.; Akselrod, S., 2000:
Phase response curve based model of the SA node: simulation by two-dimensional array of pacemaker cells with randomly distributed cycle lengths

Francis, A.J.; Coleman, G.J., 1998:
Phase response curves to ambient temperature pulses in rats

Elser, V., 2003:
Phase retrieval by iterated projections

Nakajima, N.; Watanabe, M., 2002:
Phase retrieval from experimental far-field intensities by use of a Gaussian beam

Allen, L.J.; Faulkner, H.M.; Nugent, K.A.; Oxley, M.P.; Paganin, D., 2001:
Phase retrieval from images in the presence of first-order vortices

Vincent, R., 2002:
Phase retrieval in TEM using Fresnel images

Orlowski; Paul, 1994:
Phase retrieval in quantum mechanics

Coene; Janssen; Op de Beeck M; Van Dyck D, 1992:
Phase retrieval through focus variation for ultra-resolution in field-emission transmission electron microscopy

Bauschke, H.H.; Combettes, P.L.; Luke, D.Russell., 2002:
Phase retrieval, error reduction algorithm, and Fienup variants: a view from convex optimization

Yacoby; Schuster; Heiblum, 1996:
Phase rigidity and h/2e oscillations in a single-ring Aharonov-Bohm experiment

Kim; Lee, 1994:
Phase roughening transition in Josephson-junction ladders in random magnetic fields

Chizhevsky, V.N.; Corbalán, R., 2002:
Phase scaling properties of perturbation-induced multistability in a driven nonlinear system

Christensen; Elder; Fogedby, 1996:
Phase segregation dynamics of a chemically reactive binary mixture

Gránásy; Pekker; Chauvet; Forró, 1996:
Phase selection and transformation kinetics in KC60

Herlach; Gillessen; Volkmann; Wollgarten; Urban, 1992:
Phase selection in undercooled quasicrystal-forming Al-Mn alloy melts

Fisher, W.G.; Piston, D.W.; Wachter, E.A., 2003:
Phase sensitive demodulation in multiphoton microscopy

Boender; Vega, 1998:
Phase sensitive detection of 2D homonuclear correlation spectra in MAS NMR

Hu, Z.W.; Lai, B.; Chu, Y.S.; Cai, Z.; Mancini, D.C.; Thomas, B.R.; Chernov, A.A., 2001:
Phase sensitive x-ray diffraction imaging of defects in biological macromolecular crystals

Zaheer; Zubairy, 1989:
Phase sensitivity in atom-field interaction via coherent superposition

Sun; Lin; Chen, 1991:
Phase sensitivity in two-photon optical bistability

Petersen, G.R.; Seshan, P.K.; Dunlop, E.H.; Petersen, G.R.; Seshan, P.K., 1989:
Phase separated membrane bioreactor: results from model system studies

Aranson, I.S.; Meerson, B.; Sasorov, P.V.; Vinokur, V.M., 2002:
Phase separation and coarsening in electrostatically driven granular media

MacKintosh; Safran, 1993:
Phase separation and curvature of bilayer membranes

Delville; Lalaude; Freysz; Ducasse, 1994:
Phase separation and droplet nucleation induced by an optical piston

Craievich; Sanchez; Williams, 1986:
Phase separation and dynamical scaling in borate glasses

Chou; Johnston, 1996:
Phase separation and oxygen diffusion in electrochemically oxidized La2CuO4+ delta : A static magnetic susceptibility study

Chen; Liang; Min; Li; Rao, 1994:
Phase separation and oxygen variation in Pr-doped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ delta

Riera, 1994:
Phase separation and pairing in coupled chains and planes

Kälber; Zimmer; Mehring, 1995:
Phase separation and phase transitions in KC60: A 13C NMR study

Deschamps, A.A.; Grijpma, D.W.; Feijen, J., 2003:
Phase separation and physical properties of PEO-containing poly(ether ester amide)s

Jiang; Lookman; Saxena, 2000:
Phase separation and shape deformation of two-phase membranes

Poulakis; Palles; Liarokapis; Conder; Kaldis; Müller, 1996:
Phase separation and softening of the O2,3 in-phase mode in the YBa2Cu3Ox superconductors

Held; Goodstein; Brock, 1995:
Phase separation and step roughening of vicinal Si(111): An x-ray-scattering study

Sandvik; Sudbo, 1996:
Phase separation and the existence of superconductivity in a one-dimensional copper-oxygen model

Simón; Aligia, 1996:
Phase separation and valence instabilities in cuprate superconductors: Effective one-band-model approach

Deutscher; Lereah, 1988:
Phase separation by coupled single-crystal growth and polycrystalline fingering in Al-Ge: Experiment

Alexander; Bruinsma; Hilfer; Deutscher; Lereah, 1988:
Phase separation by coupled single-crystal growth and polycrystalline fingering in Al-Ge: Theory

Freericks, J.K.; Lieb, E.H.; Ueltschi, D., 2002:
Phase separation due to quantum mechanical correlations

Vaksman; McMullen, 1994:
Phase separation dynamics of model thin films

Markowitz, P.D.; Zach, M.P.; Gibbons, P.C.; Penner, R.M.; Buhro, W.E., 2001:
Phase separation in AlxGa1-xAs nanowhiskers grown by the solution-liquid-solid mechanism

Pichler; Matus; Kürti; Kuzmany, 1992:
Phase separation in KxC60 (0 <= x <= 6) as obtained from in situ Raman spectroscopy

Wübbeler; Schirmer; Köhne, 1996:
Phase separation in La2CuO4+ delta as probed by a paramagnetic surface defect

Berthier, L.; Barrat, J.L.; Kurchan, J., 2001:
Phase separation in a chaotic flow

Sato; Kuwahara; Kubota, 1994:
Phase separation in a dilute polymer solution in a metastable region

Marko; Witten, 1991:
Phase separation in a grafted polymer layer

Hundley; Thompson; Cheong; Fisk; Schirber, 1990:
Phase separation in a high-pressure-oxygenated La2CuO4+ delta crystal: Evidence from anisotropic electronic transport and magnetic susceptibility

Berthier, L., 2001:
Phase separation in a homogeneous shear flow: morphology, growth laws, and dynamic scaling

Marder; Papanicolaou; Psaltakis, 1990:
Phase separation in a t-J model

Krebs; Webb; Marshall, 1987:
Phase separation in amorphous Fe-Zr: Comparison of sputtered and solid-state-reacted films

Liu, C.; Asherie, N.; Lomakin, A.; Pande, J.; Ogun, O.; Benedek, G.B., 1996:
Phase separation in aqueous solutions of lens gamma-crystallins: special role of gamma s

Frenkel; Louis, 1992:
Phase separation in binary hard-core mixtures: An exact result

Bhattacharya; Rao; Chakrabarti, 1994:
Phase separation in binary mixtures confined in a strip geometry

Hoheisel, 1990:
Phase separation in binary nonadditive soft-sphere mixtures

Kurten; Ristig, 1988:
Phase separation in isotopic helium mixtures

Sear, R.P., 2001:
Phase separation in mixtures of colloids and long ideal polymer coils

Boninsegni, M., 2001:
Phase separation in mixtures of hard core bosons

Regan; Bienenstock, 1995:
Phase separation in sputtered amorphous metal-germanium alloys

Dzubiella, J.; Jusufi, A.; Likos, C.N.; von Ferber, C.; Löwen, H.; Stellbrink, J.; Allgaier, J.; Richter, D.; Schofield, A.B.; Smith, P.A.; Poon, W.C.; Pusey, P.N., 2001:
Phase separation in star-polymer-colloid mixtures

Batrouni; Scalettar, 2000:
Phase separation in supersolids

Moreo; Scalapino; Dagotto, 1991:
Phase separation in the Hubbard model

Freericks; Gruber; Macris, 1996:
Phase separation in the binary-alloy problem: The one-dimensional spinless Falicov-Kimball model

Grilli; Castellani; Kotliar, 1992:
Phase separation in the large-N limit of the t-J model

Angelucci; Sorella, 1993:
Phase separation in the large-spin t-J model

Dimashko; Alistratov, 1994:
Phase separation in the s-f model

Ivanov, 1991:
Phase separation in the slave-fermion mean-field theory of the t-J model

Emery; Kivelson; Lin, 1990:
Phase separation in the t-J model

Su, 1996:
Phase separation in the two-dimensional Hubbard model

Tang, Y-Li.; Ma, Y-Qiang., 2002:
Phase separation in two-dimensional binary fluid mixtures: spontaneous pinning effect

San Miguel M; Grant; Gunton, 1985:
Phase separation in two-dimensional binary fluids

Pan; Toxvaerd, 1996:
Phase separation in two-dimensional binary fluids of different-sized molecules: A molecular-dynamics study

Velasco; Toxvaerd, 1996:
Phase separation in two-dimensional binary fluids: A molecular dynamics study

Leptoukh; Strickland; Roland, 1995:
Phase separation in two-dimensional fluid mixtures

Gonnella, G.; Orlandini, E.; Yeomans, J.M., 2002:
Phase separation in two-dimensional fluids: the role of noise

Clark, J.I.; Livesey, J.C.; Steele, J.E., 1993:
Phase separation inhibitors and lens transparency

Majumdar; Sire, 1993:
Phase separation model with conserved order parameter on the Bethe lattice

Cynthia Goh M; Goldburg; Knobler, 1987:
Phase separation of a binary liquid mixture in a porous medium

Biben; Hansen, 1991:
Phase separation of asymmetric binary hard-sphere fluids

Rosenfeld, 1994:
Phase separation of asymmetric binary hard-sphere fluids: Self-consistent density functional theory

Zhang; Chakrabarti, 1994:
Phase separation of binary fluids confined in a cylindrical pore: A molecular dynamics study

Zhang; Chakrabarti, 1995:
Phase separation of binary fluids in porous media: Asymmetries in pore geometry and fluid composition

Corberi; Gonnella; Lamura, 2001:
Phase separation of binary mixtures in shear flow: A numerical study

Beysens; Guenoun; Perrot, 1988:
Phase separation of critical binary fluids under microgravity: Comparison with matched-density conditions

Shore; Bukman, 1995:
Phase separation of crystal surfaces: A lattice gas approach

Brey; Palacios; Tejedor, 1993:
Phase separation of edge states in the integer quantum Hall regime

Olejniczak; Zaleski; Shengelaya; Klamut, 1995:
Phase separation of hydrogenated La2-xSrxCu(Fe)O4

Pricaupenko; Treiner, 1995:
Phase separation of liquid 3He-4He mixtures: Effect of confinement

Yu; Lee; Heeger; Herron; McCarron; Cong; Spalding; Nordman; Goldman, 1992:
Phase separation of photogenerated carriers and photoinduced superconductivity in high-Tc materials

Olmsted, P.D.; Lu, C.Y., 2002:
Phase separation of rigid-rod suspensions in shear flow

Demuth; Koehler; Hamers; Kaplan, 1989:
Phase separation on an atomic scale: The formation of a novel quasiperiodic 2D structure

Vaknin; Zarestky; Johnston; Schirber; Fisk, 1994:
Phase separation to antiferromagnetic and superconducting domains in oxygen-rich single-crystal La2CuO4+x: Magnetic and structural neutron-diffraction studies

Jayalakshmi; Khalil; Beysens, 1992:
Phase separation under a weak concentration gradient

Kiwata, H., 2001:
Phase separation under two-dimensional Poiseuille flow

Furukawa, 1989:
Phase separation with interfacial sliding in polymer systems

Tran-Cong, Q.; Kawai, J.; Nishikawa, Y.; Jinnai, H., 2002:
Phase separation with multiple length scales in polymer mixtures induced by autocatalytic reactions

Tranquada; Buttrey; Rice, 1993:
Phase separation, charge-density waves, and magnetism in La2NiO4+ delta with delta =0.105

Bang; Kotliar; Castellani; Grilli; Raimondi, 1991:
Phase separation, charge-transfer instability, and superconductivity in the three-band extended Hubbard model: Weak-coupling theory

Sen; Stebbins, 1994:
Phase separation, clustering, and fractal characteristics in glass: A magic-angle-spinning NMR spin-lattice relaxation study

Wong; Kim; Goldburg; Chan, 1993:
Phase separation, density fluctuation, and critical dynamics of N2 in aerogel

Kyômen; Oguni; Kitayama; Itoh, 1995:
Phase separation, oxygen composition, and a glass transition due to freezing-in of the oxygen rearrangement in La2NiO4.094 single crystals

Lajzerowicz-Bonneteau; Lajzerowicz; Bordeaux, 1986:
Phase separation: Statics and dynamics in a racemic molecular solid solution

Bergervoet; van Campen PC; van der Sanden WA; de Swart JJ, 1988:
Phase shift analysis of 0-30 MeV pp scattering data

Mermaz; Bonin; Buenerd; Hostachy, 1986:
Phase shift analysis of 12C ion elastic scattering measured at very high energy

Bergervoet; van Campen PC; Klomp; de Kok J; Rijken; Stoks; de Swart JJ, 1990:
Phase shift analysis of all proton-proton scattering data below Tlab=350 MeV

Brinkmöller; Schaile, 1993:
Phase shift analysis of pi +/--4He elastic scattering

Cao, Z.; Liu, Q.; Jiang, Y.; Shen, Q.; Dou, X.; Ozaki, Y., 2001:
Phase shift at a turning point in a planar optical waveguide

Dembowski, C.; Dietz, B.; Gräf, H-D.; Heine, A.; Leyvraz, F.; Miski-Oglu, M.; Richter, A.; Seligman, T.H., 2003:
Phase shift experiments identifying Kramers doublets in a chaotic superconducting microwave billiard of threefold symmetry

Tsuboi, 1989:
Phase shift in the collision of two solitons propagating in a nonlinear transmission line

Morinaga; Nakamura; Kurosu; Ito, 1996:
Phase shift induced from the dc Stark effect in an atom interferometer comprised of four copropagating laser beams

Brown; Arthur; Baron; Brown; Shastri, 1992:
Phase shift of a rotated quantum state observed in an x-ray scattering experiment

Nakao, M.; Yamamoto, K.; Katayama, N.; Yamamoto, M., 2002:
Phase shift of coupled oscillator model with feedbacks in response to multiple bright light exposure

Schneider; de la Torre Juárez M; Zimmermann; Rehberg, 1992:
Phase shift of dielectric rolls in electroconvection

Matsuno, 1994:
Phase shift of interacting algebraic solitary waves in a two-layer fluid system

Weng, 1994:
Phase shift, the Marshall sign, and the Luttinger-liquid behavior in one dimension

Sung, D.; Cosman JSJP; Mills, R.; McCulloch, A.D., 2002:
Phase shifting prior to spatial filtering enhances optical recordings of cardiac action potential propagation

Oza, 1986:
Phase shifts and resonances for electron scattering by He+ below the N=2 threshold

Morillo; Gómez-Ordóñez, 1993:
Phase shifts in driven stochastic nonlinear systems

Gammaitoni; Marchesoni, 1993:
Phase shifts in periodically modulated bistable potentials

Dykman; Mannella; McClintock; Stocks, 1992:
Phase shifts in stochastic resonance

Johnson; van de Vorst MT; Bloemen; Coehoorn; Reinders; aan de Stegge J; Jungblut, 1995:
Phase shifts in the oscillatory interlayer exchange coupling across Cu layers

Sil'kis, I.G.; Bogdanova, O.G., 1998:
Phase shifts of gamma-oscillations and reciprocal inhibition in transcallosal interactions

Mistlberger, R.E.; Sinclair, S.V.; Marchant, E.G.; Neil, L., 1997:
Phase shifts to refeeding in the Syrian hamster mediated by running activity

Ortuo; Echenique, 1986:
Phase shifts, image planes, and surface states at metal surfaces

Chen, J.Y.; Wong, K.W.; Zheng, H.Y.; Shuai, J.W., 2001:
Phase signal coupling induced n:m phase synchronization in drive-response oscillators

Riess, 1988:
Phase singularities and quantum dynamics

Ramakrishna, 1993:
Phase slip and current flow in finite samples of charge-density-wave materials

Schwarz, 1993:
Phase slip and phase-slip cascades in 4He superflow through a small orifice

Adelman; de Lind van Wijngaarden MC; Zaitsev-Zotov; DiCarlo; Thorne, 1995:
Phase slip and the spatiotemporal response of charge-density waves in NbSe3

Schwarz, 1990:
Phase slip and turbulence in superfluid 4He: A vortex mill that works

Ramakrishna; Maher; Ambegaokar; Eckern, 1992:
Phase slip in charge-density-wave systems

Nad'; Monceau, 1992:
Phase slippage and narrow-band noise in TaS3 at low temperatures

Kaplan; Steinberg, 1993:
Phase slippage, nonadiabatic effect, and dynamics of a source of traveling waves

Inui; Hall; Doniach; Zettl, 1988:
Phase slips and switching in charge-density-wave transport

Coppersmith, 1990:
Phase slips and the instability of the Fukuyama-Lee-Rice model of charge-density waves

Fattal; Baer; Kosloff, 1996:
Phase space approach for optimizing grid representations: The mapped Fourier method

Mäkelä, 1994:
Phase space coordinates and the Hamiltonian constraint of Regge calculus

Cargo, M.C.; Littlejohn, R.G., 2002:
Phase space deformation and basis set optimization

Mirbach; Korsch, 1995:
Phase space entropy and global phase space structures of (chaotic) quantum systems

Korevaar, E.W.; Dabrowski, R.; Janssen, J.J.; Storchi, P.R.; Huizenga, H., 1996:
Phase space evolution distribution functions for high energy electron beams

Cerruti-Sola; Pettini; Cohen, 2000:
Phase space geometry and stochasticity thresholds in hamiltonian dynamics

Mehlig, B.; Müller, K.; Eckhardt, B., 2002:
Phase space localization and matrix element distributions in systems with mixed classical phase space

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Phase-in period permitted for HMOs seeking to qualify for mandatory dual choice clause

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