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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 46986

Chapter 46986 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Reeder, L., 2001:
Physician group improvement in hospital settings around the country

Weissenstein, E., 1993:
Physician group mulls shift to become a negotiating group

Taravella, S., 1992:
Physician group offering to buy Nu-Med hospital, office building

Sokolow, D.S., 2000:
Physician group practice implications under the proposed Stark II regulations

Keck, K., 2001:
Physician group practice turnaround. Focus on physician behavior

Breines, M., 1981:
Physician group practice: long-term care financial management and patient care

Natinsky, P., 2002:
Physician group practices are steadily becoming standard fare

Anonymous, 2001:
Physician group precertifies physical therapy to cut utilization

Peyser, N.; Guzzetta, D., 1996:
Physician group sizing: a strategic framework

Russell, C., 1984:
Physician group supports President on fetus pain

Fink, S.L., 2000:
Physician groups and the war in Kosovo: ethics, neutrality, and interventionism

Weissenstein, E.; Gardner, J., 1995:
Physician groups back top doc pick

Weissenstein, E., 1993:
Physician groups criticize proposals

Politser, P., 1993:
Physician groups define positions on health care reform

Ringel, M., 1999:
Physician groups give disease management the thumbs-up

Sandrick, K., 2000:
Physician groups in conflict over vascular centers

Nemes, J., 1993:
Physician groups selling old receivables to funding companies to raise cash

Weissenstein, E., 1993:
Physician groups set to oppose two provisions in reform plan

Anonymous, 1994:
Physician guidelines on choosing appropriate home care for patients. The Home Care Association of Louisiana

Ward, J.L., 2002:
Physician habit evidence in informed consent cases

Agrest, A., 1999:
Physician harassment

Horty, J., 1986:
Physician has responsibility to tell patient the results of hospital tests

Draper, P., 1997:
Physician heal thyself: a response to Dr Gaba

Richardson, J.P., 1998:
Physician heal thyself: are antibiotics the cure or the disease?

Cohen, M., 1999:
Physician heal thyself: lifestyle education for medical students

Anonymous, 1998:
Physician health and well-being

Puddester, D.G., 2001:
Physician health and well-being: Canada's national approach

Mansky, P.A., 1996:
Physician health programs and the potentially impaired physician with a substance use disorder

Jonas, W.B., 1997:
Physician health promotion training activities in primary care: a survey of the military residencies

Evrard, E., 1992:
Physician historians and the pathology of leaders

Alger, S.J., 1987:
Physician home health programs examined

Vogenberg, F.R., 1995:
Physician hospital organization

Kern, S.I.; Augustine, A.K.; Sanders, D.L., 1993:
Physician hospital organizations: through lawyers' eyes

Anonymous, 2002:
Physician house calls a smart choice for 'frequent fliers'

Shepherd, R.W., 1996:
Physician identifies new syndrome: vaccinator's thumbnail

Roberts, J.; Charles, C.; Cockerill, R.; Goldsmith, L.J., 1997:
Physician impact analysis predictions in Ontario hospitals: does the emperor have clothes?

Carlow, D.R.; Rea, P.A., 1988:
Physician impact analysis: an imperative for the modern hospital

Krakauer, H.; Jacoby, I.; Millman, M.; Lukomnik, J.E., 1996:
Physician impact on hospital admission and on mortality rates in the Medicare population

Taheri, P.A.; Butz, D.; Griffes, L.C.; Morlock, D.R.; Greenfield, L.J., 2000:
Physician impact on the total cost of care

Goldman, L.S., 1997:
Physician impairment and health: a brief overview

Summer, G.L., 1994:
Physician impairment: current concepts

Fleming, M.F., 1994:
Physician impairment: options for intervention

Schlund, G.H., 2000:
Physician in clinical clerkship. What he can do, what should he do, what may he do?

Skjørshammer, M.; Hofoss, D., 2002:
Physician in conflict: a survey study of individual and work-related characteristics

Lyngtveit, E.O., 1994:
Physician in court--roles, obligations and tasks

Holmquist, C., 1996:
Physician in the cyberspace. Internet is cheap and convenient for communication as well as training

Weihrauch, T.R., 2000:
Physician in the pharmaceutical industry

Situm, M., 2001:
Physician in war. Dove's Rock

Spaite, D.W.; Valenzuela, T.D.; Meislin, H.W., 1993:
Physician in-field observation of prehospital advanced life support personnel: a statewide evaluation

Murray, L., 1985:
Physician incentive compensation programs

Bryant, M., 1987:
Physician incentive payments. Congress rethinks its position

Puterbaugh, J.B., 1997:
Physician incentive plan regulations may frustrate efforts to expand Medicare and Medicaid managed care programs

Liebers, E., 1998:
Physician incentive plan rules--application to IPAs and intermediate organizations

Richman, D., 1985:
Physician incentive plan study may give guidance

Anonymous, 1997:
Physician incentive plan yields resource savings

Chenen, A.R., 1988:
Physician incentive plans--organized medicine shoots itself in the foot

Dechene, J.C., 1986:
Physician incentive programs: are they legal?

Kao, A.C.; Zaslavsky, A.M.; Green, D.C.; Koplan, J.P.; Cleary, P.D., 2001:
Physician incentives and disclosure of payment methods to patients

Spetz, J.; Smith, M.W.; Ennis, S.F., 2001:
Physician incentives and the timing of cesarean sections: evidence from California

Zismer, D.K.; Collins, J.J., 1994:
Physician incentives in a managed care world

Boyd, D.; Whinery, F., 1998:
Physician incentives. How one IPA gives its physicians feedback on performance measures

Thomas, D.F., 1990:
Physician income distribution

Roeder, K.H.; Herron, S., 2002:
Physician income guarantees: time to review?

Perry, L., 1990:
Physician income increases drop significantly--AMA

Anonymous, 2001:
Physician income trends vary by specialty

Langenbrunner, J.C.; Williams, D.K.; Terrell, S.A., 1988:
Physician incomes and work patterns across specialties: 1975 and 1983-84

Hogan, C., 1993:
Physician incomes under an all-payer fee schedule

Caulford, P.G.; Lamb, S.B.; Kaigas, T.B.; Hanna, E.; Norman, G.R.; Davis, D.A., 1994:
Physician incompetence: specific problems and predictors

Lantos, G., 1993:
Physician infection and its consequences

Sicotte, C.; Kane, N.M., 1993:
Physician influence in interorganizational relationships between academic medical centers and community hospitals

Lynk, W., 1978:
Physician influence on Blue Shield plans: a reexamination of the findings

Thimke, M.A., 1978:
Physician influence: applying Noerr-Pennington to the medical profession

Beltramini, R.F.; Sirsi, A.K., 1992 :
Physician information acquisition and believability. A field experiment on source and type of information

Tierney, W.M.; Miller, M.E.; Overhage, J.M.; McDonald, C.J., 1993:
Physician inpatient order writing on microcomputer workstations. Effects on resource utilization

Meyers, D., 1982:
Physician input crucial to successful generic screening

Sneid, D.S., 1981:
Physician input in technology acquisition proves invaluable

Ankrum, A.D., 1978:
Physician input vital to effective focusing

Rovinsky, M., 2002:
Physician input: a critical strategic-planning tool

Lakin, J.D., 2001:
Physician integration and retention in a large IDS: economic implications

Reich, P., 1994:
Physician integration and the IPA-model HMO

Richards, S., 1994:
Physician integration in the CQI process: a beginning

Boyle, M.F.; De Lorenzo, R.A.; Garrison, R., 1993:
Physician integration into mass gathering medical care. The United States Air Show

Cawley, K.J.; Wolff, T.M., 1998:
Physician integration options. You're not cats, they're not ranchers

Bennett, T.; Clark, R., 1996:
Physician integration revisited: organizational design and development under managed care. Decision-making in group practices

Stockho, A., 1997:
Physician integration strategies

Martin, A.J.; Wei, Y.; Scholze, A., 2017:
Analyzing the channel dopant profile in next-generation FinFETs via atom probe tomography

Hamberger, L.K.; Ambuel, B.; Marbella, A.; Donze, J., 1998:
Physician interaction with battered women: the women's perspective

Ellison, N.M.; Ptacek, J.T., 2002:
Physician interactions with families and caregivers after a patient's death: current practices and proposed changes

Lightfoot, C.B.; Sorensen, T.J.; Garfinkel, M.D.; Sherman, L.D.; Callaway, C.W.; Menegazzi, J.J., 2001:
Physician interpretation and quantitative measures of electrocardiographic ventricular fibrillation waveform

Vosk, A., 1988:
Physician intervention at the scene. Another point of view

Anonymous, 1988:
Physician interviews improve competitive edge

Bria, W.F., 1989:
Physician involvement in PCIS (patient care information system) creates enthusiasm

Nys, H., 2002:
Physician involvement in a patient's death: a continental European perspective

Frieswick, G.; Bach, D., 1993:
Physician involvement in clinical efficiency efforts produces long-term gains at University of Massachusetts Teaching Hospital

White, G., 1994:
Physician involvement in coalitions is key

Berger, J.D., 1983:
Physician involvement in hospital cost control

Rosenal, T.; Patterson, R.; Wakefield, S.; Zuege, D.; Lloyd-Smith, G., 1995:
Physician involvement in hospital information system selection: a success story

Clarke, R., 1988:
Physician involvement in hospital marketing

Preston, T.A., 1995:
Physician involvement in life-ending practices

Succi, M.J.; Alexander, J.A., 1999:
Physician involvement in management and governance: the moderating effects of staff structure and composition

Manger, M.; Mitchell, L., 1993:
Physician involvement in marketing imaging services

Bader, B.S., 1994:
Physician involvement in the governance of integrated systems

Spencer, R.D., 1983:
Physician involvement, careful scrutiny, changes in game's rules needed for cost containment

Gunter, M.J.; Ricci, E.M.; Silverman, M.; Rawson, I.G.; Esposito, G., 1979:
Physician involvement: a critical factor in the development of community emergency medical services

Olsson, A., 1998:
Physician is chief of nursing education

Pathman, D.E.; Konrad, T.R.; Williams, E.S.; Scheckler, W.E.; Linzer, M.; Douglas, J., 2002:
Physician job satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and turnover

Suchman, A.L., 1996:
Physician job satisfaction: reversing the decline

Berg, R.N., 1993:
Physician joint ventures take yet another direct hit

Zeleznik, J., 1998:
Physician judgment

Tait, R.C.; Chibnall, J.T., 1997:
Physician judgments of chronic pain patients

Elliott, T.E.; Murray, D.M.; Elliott, B.A.; Braun, B.; Oken, M.M.; Johnson, K.M.; Post-White, J.; Lichtblau, L., 1995:
Physician knowledge and attitudes about cancer pain management: a survey from the Minnesota cancer pain project

Wong, T.; Foote, E.F.; Lefavour, G.S.; Cody, R.P.; Brown, C.J.; Sherman, R.A., 1999:
Physician knowledge and practice patterns relating to diabetic nephropathy

Ward, M.M.; Vaughn, T.E.; Uden-Holman, T.; Doebbeling, B.N.; Clarke, W.R.; Woolson, R.F., 2002:
Physician knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding a widely implemented guideline

Sturm, R.; Wells, K.B.., 2002:
Physician knowledge, financial incentives and treatment decisions for depression

Hardy, M.F.; Gemmill, C., 2002:
Physician knowledge, practice and confidence in treating tobacco use and dependency: Tulsa county physician tobacco survey

Mechei, M., 1994:
Physician knows she chose the right profession

Williams, B., 2000:
Physician labor organizations: desperate doctors seek relief through negotiation

Rizzo, J.A.; Blumenthal, D., 1994:
Physician labor supply: do income effects matter?

Doherty, R.B., 1988:
Physician laboratories come under scrutiny

Hagland, M.M., 1993:
Physician leader rallies support for information network

Koska, M.T., 1991:
Physician leaders give management a report card

Thompson, C.A., 2001:
Physician leaders hear details on pharmacist collaborative drug therapy management

Coddington, D.C.; Moore, K.D.; Fischer, E.A., 1997:
Physician leaders in integrated delivery

Gerbarg, Z., 2002:
Physician leaders of medical groups face increasing challenges

Cummings, K.C.; Curry, W., 1991:
Physician leaders see eye-to-eye

Anonymous, 2003:
Physician leaders speak out

Gianakos, D., 1999:
Physician leaders take aim: a sketch of an ideal medical culture

Rhoads, J.E., 1996:
Physician leaders testify on tort reform

Merry, M.D., 1994:
Physician leadership for the 21st century

O'Connor, G.T., 2000:
Physician leadership in cardiac outcomes reporting

Kovner, A.R.; Chin, M.J., 1985:
Physician leadership in hospital strategic decision making

Berger, W.E., 1999:
Physician leadership in the new millennium

Schwartz, R.W.; Pogge, C., 2000:
Physician leadership is essential to the survival of teaching hospitals

Marwick, C., 1998:
Physician leadership on National Drug Policy finds addiction treatment works

Longshore, G.F., 1996:
Physician leadership. An emerging leadership position

Lyons, M.F.; Ford, D.; Singer, G.R., 1996:
Physician leadership. How do physician executives view themselves?

Tibbitts, G.M., 1996:
Physician leadership. Leadership education for medical students

Zaher, C.A., 1996:
Physician leadership. Learning to be a leader

Kirschman, D., 1996:
Physician leadership. Physician executives share insights

Merry, M.D., 1996:
Physician leadership. The time is now

Schwartz, R.W., 1998:
Physician leadership: a new imperative for surgical educators

Barrett, D.M., 2002:
Physician leadership: an interview with David M. Barrett, MD. Interview by Ronald B. Goodspeed and Zach Gerbarg

Bennett, T., 1994:
Physician leadership: developing a community based model of care

Schwartz, R.W.; Pogge, C., 2000:
Physician leadership: essential skills in a changing environment

McSteen, T.; Maister, B., 2001:
Physician liability and complementary health care

Johnson, L.J., 2001:
Physician liability and drug recalls

Bock, R.W., 1999:
Physician liability and patient information related to blood and plasma product safety

Bruns, W.; Andreas, M.; Debong, B., 1999:
Physician liability for defective implants. Judgements of the higher regional court at Zweibrücken from May 12, 1988-5 U 35/96. Judgements of the regional court at Saarbrücken from July 15, 1998- 1 U 859/97-169

Thrasher, J.E., 1996:
Physician liability for health-care fraud

Newman, R.L., 1998:
Physician liability for suicide of noncustodial patient

Manuel, B.M., 1996:
Physician liability under managed care

Weber, R.D., 1998:
Physician liability under the Michigan Consumer Protection Law

Manuel, B.M., 1995:
Physician liability: new areas of concern under managed care

Regan, W.A., 1982:
Physician liable for procedural error

Wilson, V.; Hammer, J.; Washburn, D., 1999:
Physician liaison program brings improvement

Jensen, J., 1988:
Physician liaison programs: what's working?

Barzoloski-O'Connor, B., 1999:
Physician liaison: bringing medical staff into the loop

D'Elia, V.L., 1988:
Physician liaisons increase admissions

Yamahara, J.; Hagio, K.; Saka, H.; Kushimoto, K.; Inaba, M.; Tazaki, N.; Taniguchi, Y.; Saito, M., 2018:
Analyzing the characteristics of rising from the bed in patients having undergone total hip arthroplasty immediately after surgery

Svorny, S.V., 1987:
Physician licensure: a new approach to examining the role of professional interests

Lin, G.E.; Rosenthal, T.C.; Horwitz, M., 1997:
Physician location survey: self-reported and census-defined rural/urban locations

Cromwell, J.; Burstein, P., 1986:
Physician losses from Medicare and Medicaid discounts: how real are they?

Taragin, M.I.; Martin, K.; Shapiro, S.; Trout, R.; Carson, J.L., 1995:
Physician malpractice: does the past predict the future?

Becker, S.; Callahan, J., 1997:
Physician managed care compensation: methodologies and contract terms

Rovner, J., 1995:
Physician management companies: are they a good choice for doctors?

Jaklevic, M.C., 1995:
Physician management firm in Fla. makes IPO

Kenkel, P.J., 1992:
Physician management firms the newest threat to hospitals' efforts to tap flow of patients

Foytack, J.; West, D.J., 1994:
Physician management guidelines for advance directives with patients

Fleg, J.L.; Kitzman, D.W.; Aronow, W.S.; Rich, M.W.; Gardin, J.M.; Slone, S.A., 1998:
Physician management of patients with heart failure and normal versus decreased left ventricular systolic function. Council on Geriatric Cardiology

Rost, K.; Humphrey, J.; Kelleher, K., 1994:
Physician management preferences and barriers to care for rural patients with depression

Trentalance, A.E., 1989:
Physician managers can play key financial management role

Carruthers, C.C., 2001:
Physician managers in the Canadian context

Anonymous, 1981:
Physician managers sharpen skills to meet future challenges

Porter, R.E.; Royer, T.C., 1987:
Physician managers--a challenge for training and teamwork

Betson, C.; Pedroja, A.T., 1990:
Physician managers: a description of their job in hospitals

Wynia, M.K.; Cummins, D.S.; VanGeest, J.B.; Wilson, I.B., 2000:
Physician manipulation of reimbursement rules for patients: between a rock and a hard place

Brown, M.M.; Brown, G.C.; Sharma, S.; Hollands, H.; Smith, A.F., 2001:
Physician manpower and health care expenditures in the United States: a thirty-year perspective

Smith, D.; Prahl, H., 1985:
Physician manpower development: how, when and where to grow your medical staff

Weil, T.P., 1997:
Physician manpower needs under managed care. How to determine the need for MDs by specialty

Gunning-Schepers, L., 1983:
Physician manpower planning: at what point do we intervene?

Mirvis, D.M., 1999:
Physician manpower planning: from the general to the special

Calltorp, J., 1990:
Physician manpower politics in Sweden

Wellmann, R.; Borden, B.A.; Danahey, K.; Nanda, R.; Polite, B.N.; Stadler, W.M.; Ratain, M.J.; O'Donnell, P.H., 2018:
Analyzing the clinical actionability of germline pharmacogenomic findings in oncology

Anonymous, 1997:
Physician manpower. A tougher job market for newcomers to primary care?

Van Doren, D.C.; Smith, L.W., 1987:
Physician marketing in the restructured medical services field

Davis, K.M.; Clark, D.; Koch, K.E., 1998:
Physician marketing of nutritional supplements

Parsons, R.J.; Tonkinson, R.E., 1988:
Physician marketing the quick and easy way--almost

Campbell, L.V., 1994:
Physician marketing--an ethical strategy

Ogle, M.; Jessen, B., 1989:
Physician marketing--keeping the gatekeepers successful

Early, P., 1991:
Physician marketing. Setting up an infertility practice

Zupko, K.A., 1988:
Physician marketing: a progress report

Steiber, S.R., 1986:
Physician marketing: new doctors are prime targets

West, J.C., 2000:
Physician may be liable for failing to disclose financial conflict of interest. Neade v. Portes

West, J.C., 1999:
Physician may be liable for failing to report child abuse. Stecker v. First Commercial Trust Co

West, J.C., 2000:
Physician may be liable to bystanders who observe infliction of injury. Trahan v. McManus

Tortella, B.J.; Lavery, R.F.; Cody, R.P.; Doran, J., 1995:
Physician medical direction and advanced life support in the United States

Alonso-Serra, H.; Blanton, D.; O'Connor, R.E., 1998 :
Physician medical direction in EMS. National Association of EMS Physicians

Storer, D.L.; Dickinson, E.T., 1998:
Physician medical direction of EMS education programs: policy resource and education paper. American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee, and the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) Standards and Clinical Practice Committee

Anonymous, 1999:
Physician medical direction of emergency medical services dispatch programs. American College of Emergency Physicians

Anonymous, 1998:
Physician medical direction of emergency medical services education programs. American College of Emergency Physicians

LeMasurier, J., 1986:
Physician medical malpractice

Sansone, R.A.; Wiederman, M.W.; Sansone, L.A., 1999:
Physician mental health and substance abuse. What are state medical licensure applications asking?

Wright, W.Robert.; Dirsa, A.E.; Martin, S.S., 2003:
Physician mentoring: a process to maximize the success of new physicians and enhance synchronization of the group

Sherman, R.B., 1990:
Physician misconduct: warning other hospitals and resulting corrective action

Brouillette, 1996:
Physician moaning syndrome

Smith, J.J., 2002:
Physician modification of legally marketed medical devices: regulatory implications under the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

Zimberg, S.E.; Clement, D.G., 1997:
Physician motivation, satisfaction and survival

Minkowski, W.L.; de Almania, J.F., 1994:
Physician motives in banning medieval traditional healers

Regan, W.A., 1983:
Physician must disclose procedure's risks to assist patient's decision making

Milne, D., 1980:
Physician must get involved to help make the law comfortable

Ronai, S.E.; Hudner, H.K., 1994:
Physician negotiations with managed care plans: an antitrust primer

Burda, D., 1994:
Physician net income rises at twice the rate of inflation in 1992

Hardy, C.T.; Kasmarcak, S.J., 1998:
Physician network audits can improve financial performance

Anonymous, 1995:
Physician network uses capitation, withholds to earn FTC okay

Cowart, R.G., 1989:
Physician networking--a competitive alternative

Anonymous, 1988:
Physician networks

Haas-Wilson, D.; Gaynor, M., 1998:
Physician networks and their implications for competition in health care markets

Roeder, K.H., 1995:
Physician networks prompt antitrust enforcement

Kurland, R.J., 1995:
Physician noncompete agreements must be carefully tailored

Winter, R., 1983:
Physician notes effects of music on patients' health

Ferguson, B.S., 1985:
Physician objectives and resource allocation

Stuart, S., 1997:
Physician objectivity

Nisker, J.A., 2002:
Physician obligation in oocyte procurement

Barton, N.; Hall, J.; Shakespeare, W., 2001:
Physician of Stratford. Dr. John Hall: his life, times and patients

Alden, R.C., 1993:
Physician office laboratories and federal regulation with special attention to allergy testing

Lee, R., 1994:
Physician office laboratory regulation: proven strategies to meet the demands of the CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)

Doherty, R.B., 1988:
Physician office labs get favorable regulatory news during 100th Congress' last days

Anonymous, 1991 :
Physician office managers hold keys to business; Baltimore hospital attempts to unlock doors to patients

McCarthy, E.L., 2002:
Physician office productivity improvement through operations analysis and process redesign

Runnells, R.R.; Stewart, D.J., 1981:
Physician office sterilization: the next dealer opportunity?

Hermayer, K.L.; Jenkins, C.; Gunter, D.N.; Little, J.; Mayfield, R.; Sargent, R.; King, L.; Price, W.; McCutcheon, E., 1998:
Physician office-based diabetes care: comparison to guidelines for care

Shalowitz, J., 1994:
Physician office-based information systems for managed care plans

Anonymous, 1998:
Physician office-based quality improvement projects. Florida Medical Quality Assurance, Inc

Henderson, J.A., 1989:
Physician office-based surgery: significant growth opportunity

Aller, R.; Carey, K., 2002:
Physician office-lab links. Latest and greatest or a flash of the past?

Augestad, K.M., 1998:
Physician on vacation

Wright, S.M.; Tseng, W.T.; Kolodner, K., 2001:
Physician opinion about electronic publications

Ardern-Holmes, S.L.; Raman, R.; Anderson, N.E.; Charleston, A.J.; Bennett, P., 2000:
Physician opinion on the secondary prevention of stroke: results of a survey in New Zealand

Gardner, M.O.; Bronstein, J.; Goldenberg, R.L.; Haywood, J.L.; Cliver, S.P.; Nelson, K.G., 1996:
Physician opinions of preterm infant outcome and their effect on antenatal corticosteroid use

Brown, M., 1994:
Physician opportunities in management: signs and portents

Hahn, D.L., 2000:
Physician opportunity costs for performing practice-based research

Escarce, J.J.; Pauly, M.V., 1998:
Physician opportunity costs in physician practice cost functions

Ollivier, A.M., 2000:
Physician or seer? Very early diagnosis and prognosis. The example of William's syndrome

Achord, J.L., 1995:
Physician or technician?

Decker, D.A., 1994:
Physician order entry

Ash, J.S.; Gorman, P.N.; Hersh, W.R., 1999:
Physician order entry in U.S. hospitals

Anonymous, 1997:
Physician order entry system cuts error rate, improves path compliance, tracks data

Scalise, D., 2002:
Physician order entry. IMKI to success. Institute for Medical Knowledge Implementation

Cohen, M.R.; Davis, N.M., 1990:
Physician order form with lines that will not FAX

Lee, M.A.; Brummel-Smith, K.; Meyer, J.; Drew, N.; London, M.R., 2000:
Physician orders for life-sustaining treatment (POLST): outcomes in a PACE program. Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Carbone, W.J., 1994:
Physician organization and management services. The Michigan advantage

Robinson, J.C., 2001:
Physician organization in California: crisis and opportunity

Chenven, N., 1998:
Physician organization is key to responding to managed care

Coulter, C.H., 1997:
Physician organizations

Gorey, T.M., 1993:
Physician organizations and physician-hospital organizations: models for managing change

Barnes, C.E.; Hastings, D.A., 1987:
Physician organizations as payment negotiators: antitrust issues

Foote, S.M.; Sprague, L., 1999:
Physician organizations assuming risk: market and policy implications

Barnes, C.E., 1988:
Physician organizations begin making inroads in the health care marketplace

Droste, T.M., 1995 :
Physician organizations positioned to take on managed care

Gallup, E.; Slayton, C., 1997:
Physician organizations. Part 1: A report from the trenches of a start-up PO

Townsend, W.L., 1997:
Physician organizations: historical fact vs. current reality

Enders, R.J., 1995:
Physician organizations: two years under the FTC/DOJ guidelines

Erf, S.D., 1999:
Physician organizing: a convergence of interests

Hollander, E.C., 1979:
Physician orientation: private hospital perspective

Spellman, D.T., 1995:
Physician outcome data dissemination: how nurse executives can impact methodology design

Siha, S., 1999:
Physician outcome measurement: review and proposed model

Ward, R.; Fidler, H.; Lockyer, J.; Toews, J., 1999:
Physician outcomes and implications for planning an intensive educational experience on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Sperling, R.L., 2000:
Physician oversight of care plan

Holden, S.C., 1992:
Physician ownership after the Stark Bill and the Safe Harbors

Teplitzky, S., 1989:
Physician ownership and patient interests: where are the boundaries?

Pricco, C., 2002:
Physician ownership directs DM efforts at Renaissance Health Care

Perry, L., 1989:
Physician ownership may give hospitals a shot in the arm

Mitchell, J.M.; Sass, T.R., 1995:
Physician ownership of ancillary services: indirect demand inducement or quality assurance?

Valiant, C.; Robey, P.E., 1988:
Physician ownership of health care ventures. A federal update

Diekema, D.S.; Del Beccaro, M.A.; Cummings, P.; Quan, L., 1996:
Physician parents and utilization of a pediatric emergency department

Xu, G.; Veloski, J.J., 1998:
Physician parents' influence over their children's choices of careers in generalist specialties

Sloan, F.A.; Conover, C.J.; Rankin, P.J., 1999:
Physician participation and nonparticipation in Medicaid managed care: the TennCare experience

Miller, D.K.; Coe, R.M., 2000:
Physician participation in TQM in geriatric medicine

Ubokudom, S.E., 1997:
Physician participation in a Medicaid managed care program, the Kansas Primary Care Network

Powell, D.G.; Douglas, N.M.; Westlake, P.H., 1994:
Physician participation in a medical information system

Rosenbach, M.L.; Harrow, B.S.; Hurdle, S., 1989:
Physician participation in alternative health plans

Anonymous, 1993:
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Physician referral

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Physician referral network for hospitals can widen the net for new patients

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Physician referral programs

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Physician referral service benefits patients, doctors

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Physician referral service campaign

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Physician referral service profits from caller satisfaction

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Physician referral service touts quality, not quantity

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Physician referral service. The billboard blitz

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Physician referral service: who else but a hospital would know its doctors?

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Physician referral services: picking the best for you

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Physician referral. Ad blitz for a new service

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Physician referral. Advice for the desperate and the docless

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Physician referrals

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Physician referrals for nutrition services

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Physician reforms to jostle hospitals

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Physician reimbursement rises more from HCFA than plans

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Physician reluctance hampers multidisciplinary review

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Physician report cards

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