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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47081

Chapter 47081 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhang; Chi; Cooke; Hu, 1999:
Probing the morphological developmental path of plant embryos by image tracking

Lee, K.N.; Park, S.D.; Yu, M.H., 1996:
Probing the native strain iin alpha1-antitrypsin

Todd, R.D., 2001:
Probing the nature of child psychopathology

Chung, E.W.; Henriques, D.A.; Renzoni, D.; Morton, C.J.; Mulhern, T.D.; Pitkeathly, M.C.; Ladbury, J.E.; Robinson, C.V., 1999:
Probing the nature of interactions in SH2 binding interfaces--evidence from electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Raghavan; Pakvasa, 1988:
Probing the nature of the neutrino: The boron solar-neutrino experiment

Smith, D.L.; Deng, Y.; Zhang, Z., 1997:
Probing the non-covalent structure of proteins by amide hydrogen exchange and mass spectrometry

Banerjee, S.; Shigematsu, N.; Pannell, L.K.; Ruvinov, S.; Orban, J.; Schwarz, F.; Herzberg, O., 1997:
Probing the non-proline cis peptide bond in beta-lactamase from Staphylococcus aureus PC1 by the replacement Asn136 --> Ala

Fuchs, C.; Faessler, A.; Zabrodin, E.; Zheng, Y.M., 2001:
Probing the nuclear equation of state by K+ production in heavy-ion collisions

Pochodzalla; Möhlenkamp; Rubehn; Schüttauf; Wörner; Zude; Begemann-Blaich; Blaich; Emling; Ferrero; Gross; Immé; Iori; Kunde; Kunze; Lindenstruth; Lynen; Moroni; Müller; Ocker; Raciti; Sann; Schwarz; Seidel; Serfling; Stroth; Trautmann; Trzcinski; Tucholski; Verde; Zwieglinski, 1995:
Probing the nuclear liquid-gas phase transition

Das, M.; Dasgupta, D., 2001:
Probing the nucleotide binding sites in T7 RNA polymerase using cibacron blue

Pujari; Datta; Madangopal; Singh, 1993:
Probing the ordering transformation in the alloy Cu69Zn14Al17 with positrons

Zheng, J., 1996:
Probing the origin of Chinese medical kings and temples of medical kings of successive ages

Padmanabhan; Seshadri, 1986:
Probing the origin of large inhomogeneities in inflation using a toy quantum-mechanical model

Kong, F., 2001:
Probing the origin of plastic surgery and its early development in China

Liu, Z., 1994:
Probing the origin of technique on artificial pace-maker

Massi, F.; Straub, J.E., 2001:
Probing the origins of increased activity of the E22Q "Dutch" mutant Alzheimer's beta-amyloid peptide

Dawson, R.; Spross, J.A.; Jablonski, E.S.; Hoyer, D.R.; Sellers, D.E.; Solomon, M.Z., 2002:
Probing the paradox of patients' satisfaction with inadequate pain management

Feigelman, W.; Lee, J., 1995:
Probing the paradoxical pattern of cigarette smoking among African-Americans: low teenage consumption and high adult use

Fontana, A.; Polverino de Laureto, P.; De Filippis, V.; Scaramella, E.; Zambonin, M., 1997:
Probing the partly folded states of proteins by limited proteolysis

Glück; Reya; Stratmann, 1996:
Probing the parton densities of virtual photons at ep colliders

Grangier; Potasek; Yurke, 1988:
Probing the phase coherence of parametrically generated photon pairs: A new test of Bell's inequalities

van Schaijk RT; de Visser A; Olsthoorn; Wei; Pruisken, 2000:
Probing the plateau-insulator quantum phase transition in the quantum hall regime

Close; Milner, 1991:
Probing the polarized sea by inclusive leptoproduction of hadrons

Lombardi, S.J.; Truong, A.; Spence, P.; Rhodes, K.J.; Jones, P.G., 1999:
Probing the potassium channel Kv beta 1/Kv1.1 interaction using a random peptide display library

Koonen; Buhmann; Molenkamp, 2000:
Probing the potential landscape inside a two-dimensional electron Gas

Maiorino, M.; Aumann, K.D.; Brigelius-Flohé, R.; Doria, D.; van den Heuvel, J.; McCarthy, J.; Roveri, A.; Ursini, F.; Flohé, L., 1998:
Probing the presumed catalytic triad of a selenium-containing peroxidase by mutational analysis

Vaisar, T.; Urban, J., 1996:
Probing the proline effect in CID of protonated peptides

Watts, J., 1988:
Probing the property

Krishnamurthi; Nagesha; Marathe; Mathur, 1991:
Probing the quantal identity of low-lying electronic states of CO2+ by quantum-chemical calculations and ion-translational-energy spectrometry

Bordini, E.; Hamdan, M.; Righetti, P.G., 1999:
Probing the reactivity of S-S bridges to acrylamide in some proteins under high pH conditions by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ ionisation

Feichtinger, D.; Plattner, D.A., 2001:
Probing the reactivity of oxomanganese-salen complexes: an electrospray tandem mass spectrometric study of highly reactive intermediates

Colley, C.S.; Grills, D.C.; Besley, N.A.; Jockusch, S.; Matousek, P.; Parker, A.W.; Towrie, M.; Turro, N.J.; Gill, P.M.W.; George, M.W., 2002:
Probing the reactivity of photoinitiators for free radical polymerization: time-resolved infrared spectroscopic study of benzoyl radicals

Evans, E., 2001:
Probing the relation between force--lifetime--and chemistry in single molecular bonds

Dudler, T.; Gelb, M.H., 1999:
Probing the role of H-Ras lipidation for signaling functions in Xenopus laevis oocytes

Pompeo, F.; van Heijenoort, J.; Mengin-Lecreulx, D., 1998:
Probing the role of cysteine residues in glucosamine-1-phosphate acetyltransferase activity of the bifunctional GlmU protein from Escherichia coli: site-directed mutagenesis and characterization of the mutant enzymes

Murray, E.W., 1993:
Probing the safety of central venous catheters

Rong, Y.; Arbabian, M.; Thiriot, D.S.; Seibold, A.; Clark, R.B.; Ruoho, A.E., 1999:
Probing the salmeterol binding site on the beta 2-adrenergic receptor using a novel photoaffinity ligand, [(125)I]iodoazidosalmeterol

Ushida, C.; Sasamura, S.; Muto, A., 1998:
Probing the secondary structure of MCS4 RNA of Mycoplasma capricolum

Santagada, V.; Caliendo, G.; Severino, B.; Perissutti, E.; Ceccarelli, F.; Giusti, L.; Mazzoni, M.R.; Salvadori, S.; Temussi, P.A., 2001:
Probing the shape of a hydrophobic pocket in the active site of delta-opioid antagonists

Geiger, 1994:
Probing the space-time structure of quark and gluon transport in proton-nucleus collisions at collider energies

Midgley, P.A.; Weyland, M.; Thomas, J.Meurig.; Gai, P.L.; Boyes, E.D., 2002:
Probing the spatial distribution and morphology of supported nanoparticles using rutherford-scattered electron imaging

Scheuermann; Chi, 1985:
Probing the spatial distribution of the energy gap in Josephson tunnel junctions

Jault, J.M.; Kaibara, C.; Yoshida, M.; Garrod, S.; Allison, W.S., 1994:
Probing the specificity of nucleotide binding to the F1-ATPase from thermophilic Bacillus PS3 and its isolated alpha and beta subunits with 2-N3-[beta, gamma-32P]ATP

Aghajanian, S.; Hovsepyan, M.; Geoghegan, K.F.; Chrunyk, B.A.; Engel, P.C., 2000:
Probing the stability of the tertiary structure of glutamate dehydrogenase by limited proteolysis

Sundaram, A.K.; Woodard, R.W., 2000:
Probing the stereochemistry of E. coli 3-deoxy-D-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate synthase (phenylalanine-sensitive)-catalyzed synthesis of KDO 8-P analogues

Trapp, O.; Trapp, G.; Kong, J.; Hahn, U.; Vögtle, F.; Schurig, V., 2002:
Probing the stereointegrity of Tröger's base--a dynamic electrokinetic chromatographic study

Johnson, K.A.; Verhagen, M.F.; Brereton, P.S.; Adams, M.W.; Amster, I.J., 2000:
Probing the stoichiometry and oxidation states of metal centers in iron-sulfur proteins using electrospray FTICR mass spectrometry

Emig, T.; Hanke, A.; Golestanian, R.; Kardar, M., 2002:
Probing the strong boundary shape dependence of the Casimir force

Akabas, M.H.; Cheung, M.; Guinamard, R., 1998:
Probing the structural and functional domains of the CFTR chloride channel

Johansson, J.S., 1999:
Probing the structural features of volatile anesthetic binding sites with synthetic peptides

Betton, J.M.; Boscus, D.; Missiakas, D.; Raina, S.; Hofnung, M., 1996:
Probing the structural role of an alpha beta loop of maltose-binding protein by mutagenesis: heat-shock induction by loop variants of the maltose-binding protein that form periplasmic inclusion bodies

Hiratake, J., 2002:
Probing the structure and function of enzymes by using transition-state analogues

Carver, J.A., 1999:
Probing the structure and interactions of crystallin proteins by NMR spectroscopy

Wilson, M.A.; Pohorille, A.; Jenniskens, P.; Blake, D.F.; Pohorille, A.; Blake, D.F., 1995:
Probing the structure of cometary ice

Hsiung; Shen, 1986 :
Probing the structure of freely suspended smectic-A films by optical second-harmonic generation

Sen, P.N.; Schwartz, L.M.; Mitra, P.P., 1994:
Probing the structure of porous media using NMR spin echoes

Hollewand, M.P.; Gladden, L.F., 1994:
Probing the structure of porous pellets: an NMR study of drying

Chen; Koshland, 1998:
Probing the structure of the cytoplasmic domain of the aspartate receptor by targeted disulfide cross-linking

Turner, 1986:
Probing the structure of the galactic halo with gamma rays produced by annihilations of weakly interacting massive particles

Fritz, G.; Heizmann, C.W.; Kroneck, P.M., 1999:
Probing the structure of the human Ca2+- and Zn2+-binding protein S100A3: spectroscopic investigations of its transition metal ion complexes, and three-dimensional structural model

Dolinnaia, N.G.; Kuchumov, A.R.; Shabarova, Z.A., 1998:
Probing the structure of triplex and parallel DNA using chemical ligation

Jo; Garcia; Abkemeier; Santos; Shayegan, 1993:
Probing the subband structure of a wide electron system in a parabolic quantum well via capacitance-voltage measurements

Kramarenko, V.Y.; Ezquerra, T.A.; Privalko, V.P., 2001:
Probing the subglass relaxation behavior in model heterocyclic polymer networks by dielectric spectroscopy

Bateman, K.P.; Thibault, P.; Yang, K.; White, R.L.; Vining, L.C., 1997:
Probing the substrate specificity of an enzyme catalyzing inactivation of streptogramin B antibiotics using LC-MS and LC-MS/MS

Burnham; Dominguez; Mowery; Colton, 1990:
Probing the surface forces of monolayer films with an atomic-force microscope

Golowich; Robinett, 1986:
Probing the three-Higgs-boson coupling in heavy-quarkonium decays

Zeppenfeld; Willenbrock, 1988:
Probing the three-vector-boson vertex at hadron colliders

Chertova, E.N.; Kane, B.P.; McGrath, C.; Johnson, D.G.; Sowder, R.C.; Arthur, L.O.; Henderson, L.E., 1999:
Probing the topography of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein with the alkylating agent N-ethylmaleimide

Anand, R., 2000:
Probing the topology of the glutamate receptor GluR1 subunit using epitope-Tag insertions

Bréchignac; Broyer; Cahuzac; Delacretaz; Labastie; Wolf; Wöste, 1988:
Probing the transition from van der Waals to metallic mercury clusters

Koashi; Kono; Matsuoka; Hirano, 1994:
Probing the two-photon phase coherence of parametrically down-converted photons by a local oscillator

Sharp, R.E.; Palmitessa, A.; Gibney, B.R.; Moser, C.C.; Dutton, P.L., 2000:
Probing the ubihydroquinone primary energy conversion site in the Rhodobacter capsulatus cytochrome bc1 complex

Sabirov, R.Z.; Morishima, S.; Okada, Y., 1998:
Probing the water permeability of ROMK1 and amphotericin B channels using Xenopus oocytes

Hsieh; Miller; Chiang, 1985:
Probing the wave function of a surface state in Ag(111): A new approach

Sakai; Fromhold; Beton; Eaves; Henini; Main; Sheard; Hill, 1993:
Probing the wave function of quantum confined states by resonant magnetotunneling

Baur; Berger, 1993:
Probing the weak-boson sector in Z gamma production at hadron colliders

High, A.; Prior, T.; Bell, R.A.; Rangachari, P.K., 1999:
Probing the "active site" of diamine oxidase: structure-activity relations for histamine potentiation by O-alkylhydroxylamines on colonic epithelium

Rice; McCauley; Baronavski; Horwitz; Chrisey, 1993:
Probing thin-film YBa2Cu3O7- delta superconductors by second-harmonic generation with the use of femtosecond laser pulses

White; Sheng; Postel; Papanicolaou, 1989:
Probing through cloudiness: Theory of statistical inversion for multiply scattered data

Bondorf; Dasso; Massari; Pollarolo, 1992:
Probing time scales in projectile fragmentation processes at intermediate energies

Handzy; Gaff; Bauer; Daffin; Gelbke; Kunde, 1995:
Probing toroidal density distributions with two-proton correlation functions?

Liu, Z.; Liu, B.; Kong, J.; Deng, J., 2000:
Probing trace phenols based on mediator-free alumina sol--gel-derived tyrosinase biosensor

Dawson, E.D.; Wallen, S.L., 2002:
Probing transport and microheterogeneous solvent structure in acetonitrile-water mixtures and reversed-phase chromatographic media by NMR quadrupole relaxation

Parker, G.J.; Suckling, J.; Tanner, S.F.; Padhani, A.R.; Revell, P.B.; Husband, J.E.; Leach, M.O., 1997:
Probing tumor microvascularity by measurement, analysis and display of contrast agent uptake kinetics

Chanowitz, 1992:
Probing ultraheavy quanta with photon-photon or gluon-gluon scattering

Humphrey, G.K.; Goodale, M.A., 1998:
Probing unconscious visual processing with the McCollough effect

Takatsuka; Arasaki; Wang; McKoy, 2000:
Probing wavepacket dynamics with femtosecond energy- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy

Friedman, H.J., 1988:
Probing: get your customers to want what you have

Verschuere, L.; Rombaut, G.; Sorgeloos, P.; Verstraete, W., 2000:
Probiotic bacteria as biological control agents in aquaculture

Saarela, M.; Mogensen, G.; Fondén, R.; Mättö, J.; Mattila-Sandholm, T., 2001:
Probiotic bacteria: safety, functional and technological properties

Studd, C., 2000:
Probiotic containing fermented milk supplement may improve the institution of early enteral nutrition

Harada, H.; Ishikawa, H., 2002:
Probiotic effect of Lactobacillus sp. DS-12 in flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)

Yazourh, A.; Mullié, C.; Leroux, B.; Romond, C.; Romond, M.B., 2000:
Probiotic effect on reproduction of intestinal flora of the infant

Kennedy, R.J.; Hoper, M.; Deodhar, K.; Kirk, S.J.; Gardiner, K.R., 2001:
Probiotic therapy fails to improve gut permeability in a hapten model of colitis

Faubion, W.A.; Sandborn, W.J., 2000:
Probiotic therapy with E. coli for ulcerative colitis: take the good with the bad

Kennedy, R.J.; Kirk, S.J.; Gardiner, K.R., 2001:
Probiotics (Br J Surg 2001; 88: 161-2)

Sorokulova; Kirik; Pinchuk, 1998:
Probiotics against Campylobacter Pathogens

Floch, M.H..; Hong-Curtiss, J., 2002:
Probiotics and Functional Foods in Gastrointestinal Disorders

Battle, M.; Teare, L.; Law, S.; Fulton, J., 2002:
Probiotics and antibiotic associated diarrhoea. Lactulose is effective

Beckly, J.; Lewis, S., 2002:
Probiotics and antibiotic associated diarrhoea. The case for probiotics remains unproved

Floch, M.H.; Moussa, K., 1998:
Probiotics and dietary fiber: the clinical coming of age of intestinal microecology

Kochhar, K.P., 2000:
Probiotics and gastrointestinal function in health and disease

Galea, S.; Annas, G., 2018:
An argument for a common-sense global public health agenda

Gershwin, M.Eric.; Schiffrin, E., 2002:
Probiotics and immunity. Introduction

Ebrahim, G.J., 2001:
Probiotics and infant and child nutrition

Borruel, N.; Casellas, F.; Guarner, F., 2002:
Probiotics and inflammatory bowel disease

Shanahan, F., 2000:
Probiotics and inflammatory bowel disease: is there a scientific rationale?

Torrens, J.K.; McWhinney, P.H., 2000:
Probiotics and life-threatening infection

Zoppi, G., 1997:
Probiotics and prebiotics in the treatment of infections due to vancomycin-dependent Enterococcus faecalis and of imbalance of the intestinal ecosystem (dysbiosis)

Hoffmann, R.M.; Kruis, W., 2003:
Probiotics and prebiotics--a renaissance?

Chow, J., 2002:
Probiotics and prebiotics: A brief overview

Ochmański, W.; Barabasz, W., 1999:
Probiotics and their therapeutic properties

Rafter, J., 2002:
Probiotics as dietary supplements can have a cancer-preventive effect. But the epidemiological studies are contradictory

Miller, M.A., 2002 :
Probiotics as medical therapies

Salminen, S.; Arvilommi, H., 2001:
Probiotics demonstrating efficacy in clinical settings

Koga, Y., 2002:
Probiotics for H. pylori infection

Thompson, W.G., 2001:
Probiotics for irritable bowel syndrome: a light in the darkness?

Folwaczny, C., 2000:
Probiotics for prevention of ulcerative colitis recurrence: alternative medicine added to standard treatment?

De Santis, A.; Famularo, G.; De Simone, C., 2000:
Probiotics for the hemodynamic alterations of patients with liver cirrhosis

Reid, G., 2002:
Probiotics for urogenital health

Kennedy, R.J.; Kirk, S.J.; Gardiner, K.R., 2002:
Probiotics in IBD

Bansal, S.; Jain, S.K., 2001:
Probiotics in health and diseases

Campieri, M.; Gionchetti, P., 1999:
Probiotics in inflammatory bowel disease: new insight to pathogenesis or a possible therapeutic alternative?

Szajewska, H.; Mrukowicz, J.Z., 2003:
Probiotics in prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: meta-analysis

Füessl, H.S., 2003:
Probiotics in the era of evidence-based medicine. Humbug or significant therapy?

Isolauri, E., 2001:
Probiotics in the prevention and treatment of allergic disease

Cedgård, L.; Widell, A., 2002:
Probiotics restore the intestinal microflora. Modern life style has eradicated also the "good" bacteria

Hamilton-Miller, J., 2000:
Probiotics strain for credibility

Hamilton-Miller, J.M., 1999:
Probiotics used in trials should be independently checked microbiologically

Schrezenmeir, J.; de Vrese, M., 2001:
Probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics--approaching a definition

Dan, M., 2002:
Probiotics--a therapy in search of a disease

Lebenthal, E.; Lebenthal, Y., 2002:
Probiotics--an important therapeutic concept awaiting validation

de Vrese, M.; Stegelmann, A.; Richter, B.; Fenselau, S.; Laue, C.; Schrezenmeir, J., 2001:
Probiotics--compensation for lactase insufficiency

Shibolet, O.; Eliakim, R.; Rachmilewitz, D., 2000:
Probiotics--myth or benefit?

Reuter, G., 2002 :
Probiotics--possibilities and limitations of their application in food, animal feed, and in pharmaceutical preparations for men and animals

Chermesh, I.; Eliakim, R., 2002:
Probiotics--scope and promise in inflammatory bowel disease

Atlas, R.M., 2001:
Probiotics--snake oil for the new millennium?

Görke, B.; Liebler-Tenorio, E., 2001:
Probiotics: Is there a scientific basis for their effects?

Barbara, G.; Corinaldesi, R., 2001:
Probiotics: could they turn out to be ineffective in irritable bowel syndrome?

von Wright, A.; Salminen, S., 1999:
Probiotics: established effects and open questions

Montalto, M.; Arancio, F.; Izzi, D.; Cuoco, L.; Curigliano, V.; Manna, R.; Gasbarrini, G., 2002:
Probiotics: history, definition, requirements and possible therapeutic applications

Reid, G., 1996:
Probiotics: how microorganisms compete

Neschisliaev, V.A., 1998:
Probiotics: retrospective view, problems and achievements of the scientific-industrial practice at the Scientific-Industrial Complex "Biomed"

Anonymous, 2002:
Probiotics: using bacteria to improve health

Elmer, G.W., 2001:
Probiotics: "living drugs"

Zoppi, G., 1998:
Probioticss, prebiotics,synbiotics and eubiotics

An, S-Li.; Mo, Y-Xin.; Ou, C-Quan., 2002:
Probit analysis with SPSS 10.0 software

Hjorth, P.S., 1997:
Problem Falck--11,600 ambulances arrive only after 15 minutes

Heinemann, T., 1997:
Problem Falck--false security

McGowan, J.J.; Winstead-Fry, P., 1999:
Problem Knowledge Couplers: reengineering evidence-based medicine through interdisciplinary development, decision support, and research

Martin, J., 1988:
Problem analysis: application in the development of market strategies for health care organizations

Meier, E.; Berthold, H.; Zbinden, A., 1994:
Problem and at-risk patients. The dental surgical treatment of problem and at-risk patients in collaboration with an anesthetic team

Mizuno, H., 2002:
Problem and development of medical care for aged people in 21st century

Blansfield, H.N., 2002:
Problem and pathological gambling

Wardman, D.; el-Guebaly, N.; Hodgins, D., 2001:
Problem and pathological gambling in North American Aboriginal populations: a review of the empirical literature

Cox, B.J.; Kwong, J.; Michaud, V.; Enns, M.W., 2000:
Problem and probable pathological gambling: considerations from a community survey

Agho, A.O.; Cyphert, S.T., 1992:
Problem areas faced by hospital administrators

Cleland, M.J.; Maloney, J.P., 1999:
Problem automated external defibrillator electrodes: are yours any better?

Anonymous, 1978:
Problem avoidance beats problem-solving

Luthra, K.; Das, N., 1999:
Problem based learning as a curricular strategy for medical undergraduates: a tutor's experience

Holmberg-Marttila, D.; Virjo, I.; Kosunen, E.; Virtanen, P., 2001:
Problem based learning assessed by medical students

O'Neill, P.A., 1995:
Problem based learning at medical school ... and has been introduced successfully in Manchester

Morgan, W.K., 1995:
Problem based learning at medical school ... but not all do

Savage, R.; Savage, S., 1995:
Problem based learning at medical school. Problem based learning has been used for years in general practice in London..

Farrow, R., 1995:
Problem based learning at medical school. Some people think it's thrilling..

Zaman, V., 2001:
Problem based learning in the 3rd world context

Fasce, E.; Calderón, M.; Braga, L.; De Orúe, M.; Mayer, H.; Wagemann, H.; Cid, S., 2001:
Problem based learning in the teaching of physics to medical students. Comparison with traditional teaching

Keswani, K., 2001:
Problem based learning: a student's perspective

Tanner, J., 2000:
Problem based learning: an opportunity for theatre nurse education

Zeitz, H.J., 1999:
Problem based learning: development of a new strategy for effective continuing medical education

Das, N.; Sinha, S., 1997:
Problem based module for the learning of biochemistry and molecular biology of hepatitis

Percac, S.; Goodenough, D.A., 1998:
Problem based teaching and learning as a bridge from basic anatomy to clinical clerkships

Rotheram-Borus, M.J.; Stein, J.A., 1999:
Problem behavior of adolescents whose parents are living with AIDS

Olson, J., 2000:
Problem behavior or pain? Untreated pain can lead residents with dementia to strike out

Siegel, A.W.; Scovill, L.C., 2001:
Problem behavior: the double symptom of adolescence

van Lieshout, C.F.; de Meyer, R.E.; Curfs, L.M.; Koot, H.M.; Fryns, J.P., 1998:
Problem behaviors and personality of children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome

Clarke, D.J.; Marston, G., 2000:
Problem behaviors associated with 15q- Angelman syndrome

Clarke, D.J.; Boer, H., 1998:
Problem behaviors associated with deletion Prader-Willi, Smith-Magenis, and cri du chat syndromes

Robinson, K.M.; Adkisson, P.; Weinrich, S., 2001:
Problem behaviour, caregiver reactions, and impact among caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease

Müller, K.M., 1996:
Problem cases in lung pathology

Meister, P.; Dembek, E.; Chaussy, C., 1997:
Problem cases in routine diagnosis by the pathologist--indications and accuracy of rapid section diagnosis. Uropathology

Cox, G.B.; Osborne, P.S., 1979:
Problem characteristics, decision processes and evaluation activity: a preliminary study of mental health center directors

Kilmann, R.; Mitroff, I., 1980:
Problem defining and the consulting/intervention process

Middleton, J.D., 1994:
Problem doctors

Brandon, S., 1994:
Problem doctors. Three wise men procedure is effective

Watson, H., 2002:
Problem drinkers among acute care inpatients

Lockhart, T., 1997:
Problem drinkers in accident and emergency: health promotion initiatives

Watson, H.E., 1999:
Problem drinkers in acute care settings: validation of an assessment instrument

Breslin, F.C.; Sobell, M.B.; Sobell, L.C.; Cunningham, J.A.; Sdao-Jarvie, K.; Borsoi, D., 2000:
Problem drinkers: evaluation of a stepped-care approach

Enoch, M-Anne.; Goldman, D., 2002:
Problem drinking and alcoholism: diagnosis and treatment

Yu, J.; Williford, W.R., 1993:
Problem drinking and high-risk driving: an analysis of official and self-reported drinking-driving in New York State

Pitkänen, T., 1999:
Problem drinking and psychological well-being: a five-year follow-up study from adolescence to young adulthood

Anderson, B.K.; Larimer, M.E., 2002:
Problem drinking and the workplace: an individualized approach to prevention

Bonin, M.F.; McCreary, D.R.; Sadava, S.W., 2000:
Problem drinking behavior in two community-based samples of adults: influence of gender, coping, loneliness, and depression

Micklewright, S., 1996:
Problem drinking in the Naval Service: a study of personnel identified as alcohol abusers

Fernquist, R.M., 2000:
Problem drinking in the family and youth suicide

Alexandre, P.K.; Roebuck, M.C.; French, M.T.; Chitwood, D.D.; McCoy, C.B., 2001:
Problem drinking, health services utilization, and the cost of medical care

Byrne, A., 1996:
Problem drug users

Cohen, J., 1994:
Problem drug users: a problem for the GP?

Dolmans, D.H.; Gijselaers, W.H.; Schmidt, H.G.; van der Meer, S.B., 1993:
Problem effectiveness in a course using problem-based learning

Stern, P.; D'Amico, F.J., 2001:
Problem effectiveness in an occupational therapy problem-based learning course

Sponseller, P.D., 1994:
Problem elbow fractures in children

McConnell, C.R., 2000:
Problem employees and employee problems

Fixsen, J.A., 1998:
Problem feet in children

Meyers, K.C.; Miller, H.J.; Naeymi-Rad, F., 1999:
Problem focused knowledge navigation: implementing the problem focused medical record and the O-HEAP note

Arslan, Hüseyin.; Subasi, M.; Kesemenli, C.; Kapukaya, A.; Necmioğlu, S.; Kayikçi, C., 2002 :
Problem fractures associated with gunshot wounds in children

Feigelman, W.; Wallisch, L.S.; Lesieur, H.R., 1998:
Problem gamblers, problem substance users, and dual-problem individuals: an epidemiological study

Burke, J.D., 1996:
Problem gambling hits home

Muelleman, R.L.; DenOtter, T.; Wadman, M.C.; Tran, T.Paul.; Anderson, J., 2002:
Problem gambling in the partner of the emergency department patient as a risk factor for intimate partner violence

Tavares, W., 2002:
Problem gram-positive bacteria: resistance in staphylococci, enterococci and pneumococci to antimicrobial drugs

Pollner, F., 1989:
Problem hospitals to lose privacy

Jackson, G.L.; Kennedy, K.A.; Sendelbach, D.M.; Talley, D.H.; Aldridge, C.L.; Vedro, D.A.; Laptook, A.R., 2000:
Problem identification in apparently well neonates: implications for early discharge

Dubowitz, D.J., 1997:
Problem in diagnostic imaging

Pilcher, J.M.; Padhani, A.R., 2001:
Problem in diagnostic imaging: Mediastinal venous anomalies

Rankine, J.J.; Hutchinson, C.E.; Adams, J.E., 1998:
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Problem pathogens (Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter)

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Problem patient? Use the three Ps

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Problem patients with atopic eczema consulting the physician

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Problem patients--irritated personnel

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Problem peanuts

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Problem power

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Problem prison pill policy

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Problem situations the same in Scandinavia

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Problem solving is an effective treatment for depression in primary care

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Problem solving treatment for depression. Cost effectiveness is not clear

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Problem solving treatment for depression. Study should have included placebo group

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Problem takeoff. Calif. program for low-income kids hits some snags

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Problem teeth

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Problem that cuts both ways

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Problem type and referral to HMO mental health treatment

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Problem we have experienced involves the oral mouth gag retractor geometry

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Problem with ECG electrode nipples

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Problem with Norvir capsules

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Problem with a staff member? Try these tools

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Problem with fluoride containing and releasing cement

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Problem with nebulized medications in a home health care patient

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Problem with restenosis in connection to balloon angioplasty near to be solved

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Problematic standards

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Problems and promise of philanthropy

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Problems and promises of the protocol

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Problems and proposals from neurosurgical practice, no. 4 in series of articles: controversy and reform proposals concerning insured medical care in neurosurgery

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Problems and recommendations for prescribing and supplying oxygen

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Problems and reformation of the board of medical specialties in Japan

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Problems and satisfactions in managing physicians

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Problems and solutions for artificial kidney

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Problems and solutions for patients with hypertension

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Problems and solutions for the Stop TB partnership

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Problems and solutions in forecasting geographical populations

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Problems and solutions in myoblast transfer therapy

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Problems and solutions in quality assurance

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Problems and solutions in the interpretation of diagnostic tests

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Problems and solutions in the use of RAPD to the identification of the Chinese drugs "xi-xin" (Herba asari) and its substitutes

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Problems and solutions spotted in medical records evaluation

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Problems and specific features of antituberculous work among pediatric population

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Problems and strategies in the treatment of mental disorders in elderly patients with physical illness

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Problems and strategies of qualitative psychotherapy research in clinical institutions

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Problems and tendencies in monitoring

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Problems and their counter measures in clinical studies on apoplexy

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Problems and their transition of long-term hospitalized patients with tuberculosis

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Problems and therapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children

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Problems and trends in improving medical support for the troops under current conditions

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Problems associated with FES-standing in paraplegia

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Problems associated with antiprotozoan and anthelmintic chemoprophylaxis/chemotherapy during pregnancy

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