Section 48
Chapter 47,143

Quality mammography standards; correcting amendment--FDA. Final rule; correcting amendment

Federal Register 63(204): 56555-56559


ISSN/ISBN: 0097-6326
PMID: 10187116
Accession: 047142571

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is correcting its regulations governing mammography, published in a document entitled "Quality Mammography Standards" that appeared in the Federal Register of October 28, 1997. The regulations are effective April 28, 1999; except section 900.12(b)(8)(i), (e)(4)(iii)(B), and (e)(5)(i)(B), which become effective October 28, 2002. The October 28, 1997, document was published with some inadvertent typographical errors. Some of those errors were corrected in a document entitled "Quality Mammography Standards; Correction" that appeared in the Federal Register of November 10, 1997, but additional typographical errors occurred in the publication of this document. In addition, since November 10, 1997, certain other problems with the text of the regulations have been identified that, if uncorrected, would lead to unforeseen and undesirable consequences. This document corrects those errors.

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