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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47173

Chapter 47173 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Linfert, D.R.; Rezuke, W.N.; Tsongalis, G.J., 1998:
Rapid multiplex analysis for the factor V Leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutations associated with hereditary thrombophilia

Ostroff, R.; Ettinger, A.; La, H.; Rihanek, M.; Zalman, L.; Meador, J.; Patick, A.K.; Worland, S.; Polisky, B., 2001:
Rapid multiserotype detection of human rhinoviruses on optically coated silicon surfaces

Semrud-Clikeman, M.; Guy, K.; Griffin, J.D.; Hynd, G.W., 2000:
Rapid naming deficits in children and adolescents with reading disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Noishiki, Y.; Yamane, Y.; Tomizawa, Y.; Okoshi, T.; Satoh, S.; Takahashi, K.; Yamamoto, K.; Ichikawa, Y.; Imoto, K.; Tobe, M., 1994:
Rapid neointima formation with elastic laminae similar to the natural arterial wall on an adipose tissue fragmented vascular prosthesis

Straumann, D., 2001:
Rapid neuro-otologic tests in general practice and their interpretation

Lower, J., 1993:
Rapid neurological assessment

McCarron, M.O.; McDonnell, G.V.; Gibson, J.M., 1997:
Rapid neurological deterioration in a 22-year-old man

Kinkel, R.P.; Rudick, R.A.; Ransohoff, R.M., 1997:
Rapid neurological deterioration in a patient with multiple sclerosis treated with systemic interleukin-2 and interferon-alpha 2b for metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Eppler, W.; Stotzka, R.; Neiber, H.J., 1998:
Rapid neuronal filters in mammography

Cole, J.M.; McIntyre, G.J.; Lehmann, M.S.; Myles, D.A.; Wilkinson, C.; Howard, J.A., 2001:
Rapid neutron-diffraction data collection for hydrogen-bonding studies: application of the Laue diffractometer (LADI) to the case study zinc (tris)thiourea sulfate

Huff, B., 2002:
Rapid new world

Shriwastwa, B.B.; Kumar, A.; Raghunath, B.; Nair, M.R.; Abani, M.C.; Ramachandran, R.; Majumdar, S.; Ghosh, J.K., 2001:
Rapid non-destructive quantitative estimation of urania/thoria in mixed thorium uranium di-oxide pellets by high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry

Hinz, B.; Hirschelmann, R., 2001:
Rapid non-genomic feedback effects of glucocorticoids on CRF-induced ACTH secretion in rats

Hander, T.A.; Lancaster, J.L.; Kopp, D.T.; Lasher, J.C.; Blumhardt, R.; Fox, P.T., 1997:
Rapid objective measurement of gamma camera resolution using statistical moments

Fedoruk, J.C.; Paterson, D.; Hlynka, M.; Fung, K.Y.; Gobet, M.; Currie, W., 2002:
Rapid on-site defibrillation versus community program

Khaira, H.S.; Jewkes, A., 2000:
Rapid on-table colonic lavage with minimal mess

Webb, D.W.; Broderick, A.; Brashear, A.; Dobyns, W.B., 1999:
Rapid onset dystonia-parkinsonism in a 14-year-old girl

Benes, H.; Kurella, B.; Kummer, J.; Kazenwadel, J.; Selzer, R.; Kohnen, R., 2000:
Rapid onset of action of levodopa in restless legs syndrome: a double-blind, randomized, multicenter, crossover trial

Benhamou, D.; Cuvelier, A.; Muir, J.F.; Leclerc, V.; Le Gros, V.; Kottakis, J.; Bourdeix, I., 2001:
Rapid onset of bronchodilation in COPD: a placebo-controlled study comparing formoterol (Foradil Aerolizer) with salbutamol (Ventodisk)

Kemp, J.; Wanderer, A.A.; Ramsdell, J.; Southern, D.L.; Weiss, S.; Aaronson, D.; Grossman, J., 1999:
Rapid onset of control with budesonide Turbuhaler in patients with mild-to-moderate asthma

Smith, K.J.; Skelton, H.G., 2001:
Rapid onset of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in patients with rheumatoid arthritis after starting tumor necrosis factor alpha receptor IgG1-Fc fusion complex therapy

Watanabe, H.; Asai, O.; Tada, N.; Yano, S.; Katoh, A.; Katori, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Kuraishi, Y.; Hoshi, Y.; Itoh, K.; Aizawa, S., 1997:
Rapid onset of hemolytic anemia after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated ABO major mismatched donor

Stadelmaier, U.; Schmidt, O.; Lang, W., 2002:
Rapid onset of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT II)

Hotchkiss, R.S.; Schmieg, R.E.; Swanson, P.E.; Freeman, B.D.; Tinsley, K.W.; Cobb, J.P.; Karl, I.E.; Buchman, T.G., 2000:
Rapid onset of intestinal epithelial and lymphocyte apoptotic cell death in patients with trauma and shock

Ofoe, V.D.; Pratap, U.; Slavik, Z., 2001:
Rapid onset of intrapulmonary arteriovenous shunting after surgical repair of tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia

Weinstein, P.J.; Noyer, C.M., 2000:
Rapid onset of massive ascites as the initial presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus

Breen, R.B.; Zimmerman, M., 2002:
Rapid onset of pathological gambling in machine gamblers

Eaton, H.J.; Phillips, P.J.; Hanieh, A.; Cooper, J.; Bolt, J.; Torpy, D.J., 2001:
Rapid onset of pituitary apoplexy after goserelin implant for prostate cancer: need for heightened awareness

Phillips, E.J.; Liu, B.A.; Knowles, S.R., 1998:
Rapid onset of risperidone-induced hepatotoxicity

Nikkels, P.G.J.; van Gemert, M.J.C.; Sollie-Szarynska, K.M.; Molendijk, H.; Timmer, B.; Machin, G.A., 2002:
Rapid onset of severe twin-twin transfusion syndrome caused by placental venous thrombosis

Brough, A.S.; Stewart, F.; Zackowski, S., 2000:
Rapid onset of stupor

Friedman, J.H., 1998:
Rapid onset tardive dyskinesia ("fly catcher tongue") in a neuroleptically naive patient induced by risperidone

Proost, J.H.; Schiere, S.; Beaufort, T.M.; Wierda, J.M., 1999:
Rapid onset/offset of rapacuronium bromide explained?

Scupi, B.S.; Benson, B.E.; Brown, L.B.; Uhde, T.W., 1997:
Rapid onset: a valid panic disorder criterion?

Brewer, C., 1999:
Rapid opiate detoxification under anaesthesia

Laban, M.M.; Laishley, R.S.; Schmulian, C.M., 1997:
Rapid opiate detoxification. Acute withdrawal of opiates is indication for anaesthesia

Rumball, D.; Williams, J., 1997:
Rapid opiate detoxification. Assessment is needed to exclude certain patients before detoxification

Gevirtz, C.; Subhedar, D.V.; Choi, C.S., 1998:
Rapid opioid detoxification

Reece, S., 2002:
Rapid opioid detoxification in Australia

Warmus, J.S.; Ryder, T.R.; Hodges, J.C.; Kennedy, R.M.; Brady, K.D., 1999:
Rapid optimization of an ICE inhibitor synthesis using multiple reaction conditions in a parallel array

Peacock, W.Frank., 2002:
Rapid optimization: strategies for optimal care of decompensated congestive heart-failure patients in the emergency department

Liou, E.J.; Figueroa, A.A.; Polley, J.W., 2000:
Rapid orthodontic tooth movement into newly distracted bone after mandibular distraction osteogenesis in a canine model

Wilcko, W.M.; Wilcko, T.; Bouquot, J.E.; Ferguson, D.J., 2002:
Rapid orthodontics with alveolar reshaping: two case reports of decrowding

Altuna, G.; Walker, D.A.; Freeman, E., 1995:
Rapid orthopedic lengthening of the mandible in primates by sagittal split osteotomy and distraction osteogenesis: a pilot study

Uji; Terashima; Aoki; Brooks; Tokumoto; Takasaki; Yamada; Anzai, 1996:
Rapid oscillations in the organic conductor (TMTSF)2ClO4

Yarows, S.A.; Patel, K.; Brook, R., 2001:
Rapid oscillometric blood pressure measurement compared to conventional oscillometric measurement

Lambiase, R.E.; Levine, S.M.; Froehlich, J.A., 1999:
Rapid osteolysis of the femoral neck after fracture

Hunkeler, M.; Gerster, J.C., 1996:
Rapid osteolysis of the hip and chondrocalcinosis

Schoonderwoerd, B.A.; Van Gelder, I.C.; Tieleman, R.G.; Bel, K.J.; Crijns, H.J.G.M., 2002:
Rapid pacing results in changes in atrial but not in ventricular refractoriness

Cozza, P.; Giancotti, A.; Petrosino, A., 2001:
Rapid palatal expansion in mixed dentition using a modified expander: a cephalometric investigation

Giancotti, A.; Maselli, A.; Di Girolamo, R., 1999:
Rapid palatal expansion in treatment of Class II malocclusions

Vardimon, A.D.; Brosh, T.; Spiegler, A.; Lieberman, M.; Pitaru, S., 1998:
Rapid palatal expansion. Part 2: Dentoskeletal changes in cats with patent versus synostosed midpalatal suture

Brosh, T.; Vardimon, A.D.; Ergatudes, C.; Spiegler, A.; Lieberman, M., 1998:
Rapid palatal expansion. Part 3: strains developed during active and retention phases

Vardimon, A.D.; Brosh, T.; Spiegler, A.; Lieberman, M.; Pitaru, S., 1998:
Rapid palatal expansion: Part 1. Mineralization pattern of the midpalatal suture in cats

Behrensdorf, H.A.; Pignot, M.; Windhab, N.; Kappel, A., 2002:
Rapid parallel mutation scanning of gene fragments using a microelectronic protein-DNA chip format

Niazi, S.B.; Littlejohn, D.; Halls, D.J., 1993:
Rapid partial digestion of biological tissues with nitric acid for the determination of trace elements by atomic spectrometry

Ramalingam, S.; Kannangai, R.; Raj A, A.; Jesudason, M.V.; Sridharan, G., 2002:
Rapid particle agglutination test for human immunodeficiency virus: hospital-based evaluation

Hirano, T.; Sawai, S.; Sawada, Y.; Maeda, Y., 2001:
Rapid patterning in 2-D cultures of Dictyostelium cells and its relationship to zonal differentiation

Ojito, J.W.; McConaghey, T.; Jacobs, J.P.; Burke, R.P., 1997:
Rapid pediatric cardiopulmonary support system

Banks, J.F.; Gulcicek, E.E., 1997:
Rapid peptide mapping by reversed-phase liquid chromatography on nonporous silica with on-line electrospray time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Peix, J.L.; Charrie, A.; Alborgi, M.; Claeys, K.; Fleury, M.C., 1995:
Rapid peroperative assay of intact parathormone in primary hyperparathyroidism. Evaluation and comparison with the long method

Van Caeseele, P.; Macaulay, A.; Orr, P.; Aoki, F.; Martin, B., 2002:
Rapid pharmacotherapeutic intervention for an influenza A outbreak in the Canadian Arctic: lessons from the Sanikiluaq experience

Newton, M.A.; Dent, A.J.; Diaz-Moreno, S.; Fiddy, S.G.; Evans, J., 2002:
Rapid phase fluxionality as the determining factor in activity and selectivity of highly dispersed, Rh/Al2O3 in deNOx catalysis

Gerstner, 1996:
Rapid phase locking in systems of pulse-coupled oscillators with delays

Widmer, H.R.; Kaplan, D.R.; Rabin, S.J.; Beck, K.D.; Hefti, F.; Knüsel, B., 1993:
Rapid phosphorylation of phospholipase C gamma 1 by brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neurotrophin-3 in cultures of embryonic rat cortical neurons

Schultz, B.E.; Hansen, K.C.; Lin, C.C.; Chan, S.I., 2000:
Rapid photochemical generation of ubiquinol through a radical pathway: an avenue for probing submillisecond enzyme kinetics

Schönleber, R.O.; Bendig, Jürgen.; Hagen, V.; Giese, B., 2001:
Rapid photolytic release of cytidine 5'-diphosphate from a coumarin derivative: a new tool for the investigation of ribonucleotide reductases

Porkka-Heiskanen, T.; Khoshaba, N.; Scarbrough, K.; Urban, J.H.; Vitaterna, M.H.; Levine, J.E.; Turek, F.W.; Horton, T.H., 1998:
Rapid photoperiod-induced increase in detectable GnRH mRNA-containing cells in Siberian hamster

Kaza, C.S.; Rigas, B., 2002:
Rapid placement of the Sengstaken-Blakemore tube using a guidewire

Segal, M., 2000:
Rapid plasticity of dendritic spine: hints to possible functions?

McGovern, T.F.; Ammeen, D.J.; Collier, J.P.; Currier, B.H.; Engh, G.A., 2002:
Rapid polyethylene failure of unicondylar tibial components sterilized with gamma irradiation in air and implanted after a long shelf life

Yang, Y.H.; Song, K.S.; Kim, I.K.; Cha, D.H., 1997:
Rapid polymerase chain reaction analysis of St14 (DXS52) VNTR: carrier detection of hemophilia A

Ge, Z.; Taylor, D.E., 1998:
Rapid polymerase chain reaction screening of Helicobacter pylori chromosomal point mutations

Cavusoglu, I.; Minbay, F.Z.; Temel, S.G.; Noyan, S., 2002:
Rapid polymerisation with microwave irradiation for transmission electron microscopy

Anonymous, 1972:
Rapid population growth

Zhang, T., 1991:
Rapid population growth is unfavorable to prosperity of minority areas

Hussein, M., 1978:
Rapid population growth versus education: efforts of the Ministry of Education geared to population targets

Anonymous, 1992:
Rapid population growth: drastic action needed to curb numbers

Javaheri, D.S., 2001:
Rapid porcelain veneers: smile design, preparation, and cementation

Mosleh-Shirazi, M.A.; Evans, P.M.; Swindell, W.; Symonds-Tayler, J.R.; Webb, S.; Partridge, M., 1999:
Rapid portal imaging with a high-efficiency, large field-of-view detector

Bryndorf, T.E.; Børch, K.; Christensen, B., 1994:
Rapid postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome

Grey, J.E.; Flanagan, P.G., 1998:
Rapid postoperative onset of neurological dysfunction

Ramesh, A.; Balasubramanian, M., 1999:
Rapid preconcentration method for the determination of azadirachtin-A and -B, nimbin and salannin in neem oil samples by using graphitised carbon solid phase extraction

Ramesh, A.; Balasubramanian, M., 1999:
Rapid preconcentration method for the determination of pyrethroid insecticides in vegetable oils and butter fat and simultaneous determination by gas chromatography-electron capture detection and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Rinder, H., 1998:
Rapid prediction of rifampin susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Tóth, T.; Papp, Z.; Findlay, I., 1998:
Rapid prenatal detection of aneuploidies by fluorescent polymerase chain reaction

Liao, C.; Xu, X.; Huang, Y., 1996:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of 60 cases with beta-thalassemia by reverse dot blot analysis

Xiang, Y.; Sun, N.; Wang, F., 1998:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of Down's syndrome in the first trimester of pregnancy by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Roberts, S.H.; Little, E.; Vaughan, M.; Creasy, M.R.; Jones, A.; Powell, T.G.; Dawson, A.J., 1993:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of Patau's syndrome in a fetus with an abdominal wall defect by 72 hour culture of cells from amniotic fluid

Cirigliano, V.; Ejarque, M.; Cañadas Cingliam, P.; Fuster, C., 2002:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies

Eiben, B.; Trawicki, W.; Hammans, W.; Goebel, R.; Pruggmayer, M.; Epplen, J.T., 1999:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies in uncultured amniocytes by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Evaluation of >3,000 cases

Pertl, B.; Pieber, D.; Lercher-Hartlieb, A.; Orescovic, I.; Haeusler, M.; Winter, R.; Kroisel, P.; Adinolfi, M., 1999:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidy by quantitative fluorescent PCR on fetal samples from mothers at high risk for chromosome disorders

Tan, S.Y.; Chan, W.B.; Cheng, W.C.; Hagarty, A.; Lim, K.T.; Quaife, R., 2001:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities

Belvini, D.; Salviato, R.; Are, A.; Radossi, P.; Tagariello, G., 2002:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of haemophilia

Day, N.S.; Tadin, M.; Christiano, A.M.; Lanzano, P.; Piomelli, S.; Brown, S., 2002:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of sickle cell diseases using oligonucleotide ligation assay coupled with laser-induced capillary fluorescence detection

Li, S.; Stanley, J.R.; Draper, M.L.; Mirabile, C.P.; Coleman, F.H.; Mulvihill, J.J., 2002:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of trisomies 13, 18, 21 and sex chromosome anomalies by fluorescence in situ hybridization: a year's experience

Yang, Y.H.; Kim, I.K.; Oh, S.H.; Kim, C.K.; Kim, J.Y., 1999:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 by polymerase chain reaction- associated analysis of small tandem repeats and S100B in chromosome 21

Witters, I.; Devriendt, K.; Legius, E.; Matthijs, G.; Van Schoubroeck, D.; Van Assche, F.A.; Fryns, J-Pierre., 2002:
Rapid prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 in 5049 consecutive uncultured amniotic fluid samples by fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH)

Jiang, Z.L.; Tan, L.; Hua, J., 1998:
Rapid preparation method and care in transesophageal atrial pacing

Hung, J.C.; Chowdhury, S.; Redfern, M.G.; Mahoney, D.W., 1997:
Rapid preparation method for technetium-99m bicisate

Harrell, R.A.; Hart, R.P., 1994:
Rapid preparation of Thermus flavus DNA polymerase

Kosman, D.; Small, S.; Reinitz, J., 1998:
Rapid preparation of a panel of polyclonal antibodies to Drosophila segmentation proteins

Neilan, B.A.; Gurvitz, A.; Leigh, D.A.; Lai, L.Y.; McDonald, B., 1993:
Rapid preparation of limited biological samples for small-volume PCR

Ma, D.; McDevitt, M.R.; Finn, R.D.; Scheinberg, D.A., 2001:
Rapid preparation of short-lived alpha particle emitting radioimmunopharmaceuticals

Gammon, R.R.; Prum, B.E.; Avery, N.; Mintz, P.D., 1998:
Rapid preparation of small-volume autologous fibrinogen concentrate and its same day use in bleb leaks after glaucoma filtration surgery

Dowell, J.S.; Snadden, D.; Dunbar, J.A., 1996:
Rapid prescribing change, how do patients respond?

Moriarty, A.; Ridley, S.A., 1993:
Rapid presentation of the Guillain-Barre syndrome

Mangels, J.; Edvalson, I.; Cox, M., 1993:
Rapid presumptive identification of Bacteroides fragilis group organisms with use of 4-methylumbelliferone-derivative substrates

Bartz, J.C.; Kincaid, A.E.; Bessen, R.A., 2002:
Rapid prion neuroinvasion following tongue infection

Spaite, D.W.; Bartholomeaux, F.; Guisto, J.; Lindberg, E.; Hull, B.; Eyherabide, A.; Lanyon, S.; Criss, E.A.; Valenzuela, T.D.; Conroy, C., 2002:
Rapid process redesign in a university-based emergency department: decreasing waiting time intervals and improving patient satisfaction

Compston, C.A.; Condon, C.; Hanna, H.R.; Mazid, M.A. , 1993:
Rapid production of a panel of blood group A-active oligosaccharides using chemically synthesized di- and tri-saccharide primers and an easily prepared porcine (1-->3)-alpha-N-acetyl-D-galactosaminyltransferase

Mori, H.; Saida, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Irie, T.; Itai, Y., 2001:
Rapid production of gelatin sponge particles for transcatheter arterial embolization: pumping method

Tung, C.; Federoff, H.J.; Brownlee, M.; Karpoff, H.; Weigel, T.; Brennan, M.F.; Fong, Y., 1996:
Rapid production of interleukin-2-secreting tumor cells by herpes simplex virus-mediated gene transfer: implications for autologous vaccine production

Hendy, S.; Chen, Z.C.; Barker, H.; Santa Cruz, S.; Chapman, S.; Torrance, L.; Cockburn, W.; Whitelam, G.C., 2000:
Rapid production of single-chain Fv fragments in plants using a potato virus X episomal vector

Wall, D.B.; Lubman, D.M.; Flynn, S.J., 1999:
Rapid profiling of induced proteins in bacteria using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric detection of nonporous RP HPLC-separated whole cell lysates

Lucidarme, D.; Dumas, F.; Arpurt, J.P.; Pariente, E.A.; Naudin, G.; Forzy, G.; Defer, C.; Maniez, M.; Couzigou, P.; Filoche, B., 1998:
Rapid progress of cirrhosis in hepatitis C: the role of age at the time of viral contamination

Clark, J.A.; Kotyra, L.G.; Brocious, T., 2000:
Rapid progression following cardiac surgery

Hernández, G.; Arriba, L.; Jiménez, C.; Bagán, Jé.Vicente.; Rivera, Bña.; Lucas, M.; Moreno, E., 2002:
Rapid progression from oral leukoplakia to carcinoma in an immunosuppressed liver transplant recipient

Hsu, C.W.; Krevsky, B.; Sigman, L.M.; Thomas, R.M., 1998:
Rapid progression of Barrett's esophagus to metastatic esophageal carcinoma in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Michals, J.; Rocks, D., 2002:
Rapid progression of acute sciatica to cauda equina syndrome

Tomizawa, Y.; Kuroiwa, H.; Suda, T.; Muroda, N.; Ezawa, K.; Minato, K.; Dobashi, K.; Tsuchiya, S.; Saito, R.; Mori, M., 1996:
Rapid progression of adenocarcinoma of the lung in a patient with high levels of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor

Spoelstra-de Man, A.M.; Brouwer, C.B.; Stehouwer, C.D.; Smulders, Y.M., 2001:
Rapid progression of albumin excretion is an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria

Alfvén, G., 1996:
Rapid progression of allergy must be prevented

Wein, M.; Bartel, T.; Kabatnik, M.; Sadony, V.; Dirsch, O.; Erbel, R., 2001:
Rapid progression of bacterial aortitis to an ascending aortic mycotic aneurysm documented by transesophageal echocardiography

Klaassen-Broekema, N.; Van Bijsterveld, O.P., 1994:
Rapid progression of band-shaped keratopathy with early central localisation in a patient on chronic dialytic treatment

Wilson, L.D., 1998:
Rapid progression of coronary artery disease in the setting of chronic cocaine abuse

Yao, F.; Ahuja, J.; Savides, T.; Behling, C.; Li, S.; Hart, M., 1997:
Rapid progression of gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma after liver transplantation

Seki, T.; Tamai, T.; Ikeda, K.; Imamura, M.; Nishimura, A.; Yamashiki, N.; Nakagawa, T.; Inoue, K., 2001:
Rapid progression of hepatocellular carcinoma after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization and percutaneous radiofrequency ablation in the primary tumour region

Riedel, J.; Neudorf, U.; Schmaltz, A.A., 1997:
Rapid progression of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy into a dilated form--unusual course in a young patient. A case report

Kaneko, T.; Nakao, A.; Oshima, K.; Iizuka, A., 2000:
Rapid progression of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma after drainage of large cystic lesions: report of a case

Engel'gardt, N.V.; Kudriavtseva, E.I.; Morozova, O.V.; Rudinskaia, T.D.; Turusov, V.S., 2000:
Rapid progression of passaged mouse hepatocarcinoma associated with the loss of cell polarity

Trotter, J.F.; Brazer, S.R., 1999:
Rapid progression to high-grade dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus after liver transplantation

Davis, M.T.; Lee, T.D., 1999:
Rapid protein identification using a microscale electrospray LC/MS system on an ion trap mass spectrometer

Ahlström, M.; Lamberg-Allardt, C., 1997:
Rapid protein kinase A--mediated activation of cyclic AMP-phosphodiesterase by parathyroid hormone in UMR-106 osteoblast-like cells

Lai, A.C.; Chambers, T.M., 1995:
Rapid protocol for sequencing RNA virus using delta Taq version 2.0 DNA polymerase

Besserer, J.; de Boer, J.; Dellert, M.; Gahn, C.; Moosburger, M.; Pedroni, E.; Pemler, P.; Schneider, U.; Stäuble, H., 1997:
Rapid proton radiography with the proton-gantry of the Paul Scherrer Institute

Kacl, G.M.; Zanetti, M.; Amgwerd, M.; Trentz, O.; Seifert, B.; Stucki, H.; Hodler, J., 1997:
Rapid prototyping (stereolithography) in the management of intra-articular calcaneal fractures

Chassagne, J.F.; Corbel, S.; Gimenez, F.; Chassagne, S.; Gerard, H., 1999:
Rapid prototyping and bone reconstruction

Weinberger, G.; Tenenbaum, A., 1984:
Rapid prototyping and the art of program maintenance

Madison, D.E., 1989:
Rapid prototyping for healthcare applications

Potamianos, P.; Amis, A.A.; Forester, A.J.; McGurk, M.; Bircher, M., 1998:
Rapid prototyping for orthopaedic surgery

Guger, C.; Schlögl, A.; Neuper, C.; Walterspacher, D.; Strein, T.; Pfurtscheller, G., 2001:
Rapid prototyping of an EEG-based brain-computer interface (BCI)

McGurk, M.; Amis, A.A.; Potamianos, P.; Goodger, N.M., 1997:
Rapid prototyping techniques for anatomical modelling in medicine

Mittelmeier, W.; Peters, P.; Ascherl, R.; Gradinger, R., 1997:
Rapid prototyping. Construction of a model in the preoperative planning of reconstructive pelvic interventions

Petzold, R.; Zeilhofer, H.F.; Kalender, W.A., 2000:
Rapid protyping technology in medicine--basics and applications

Curtis, B.; Simpson, D.D.; Cole, S.G., 1976:
Rapid puffing as a treatment component of a community smoking program

Kim, S.Y.; Chang, K.H.; Doh, H.J.; Jung, J.A.; Kim, E.; Sim, C.J.; Lee, K.J., 1997:
Rapid purification and characterization of nucleoside diphosphate kinase isoforms using ATP-sepharose affinity column chromatography

Pala, A.; Padula, F.; Barteri, M.; Benagiano, M.; Gaudiano, M.C.; Moro, M.; Benagiano, G., 1998:
Rapid purification and properties of human glycodelin (endometrial alpha2-globulin)

Oh, Y.; Benos, D.J., 1993:
Rapid purification of an amiloride-sensitive Na+ channel from bovine kidney and its functional reconstitution

Di Croce, L.; Koop, R.; Beato, M., 1999:
Rapid purification of intact minichromosomes over a glycerol cushion

Medina, D.; Moskowitz, N.; Khan, S.; Christopher, S.; Germino, J., 2000:
Rapid purification of protein complexes from mammalian cells

Deschamps, J.R.; Miller, C.E.; Ward, K.B., 1995:
Rapid purification of recombinant green fluorescent protein using the hydrophobic properties of an HPLC size-exclusion column

Blanton, J.R.; Robinson, J.P.; Gerrard, D.E.; Bidwell, C.A.; Grant, A.L., 2001:
Rapid purification of transfected porcine muscle cells

Elegado, F.B.; Kim, W.J.; Kwon, D.Y., 1997:
Rapid purification, partial characterization, and antimicrobial spectrum of the bacteriocin, Pediocin AcM, from Pediococcus acidilactici M

Hsieh, M.S.; Jap, T.S.; Chiang, H., 1993:
Rapid quantification of adenosine cyclic 3',5'-monophosphate by competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Andrzejewski, D.; Weisz, A., 1999:
Rapid quantification of hexachlorobenzene in the color additives D&C Red Nos. 27 and 28 (phloxine B) using solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Kühl, H.P.; Franke, A.; Merx, M.; Hoffmann, R.; Puschmann, D.; Hanrath, P., 2002:
Rapid quantification of left ventricular function and mass using transoesophageal three-dimensional echocardiography: validation of a method that uses long-axis cutplanes

Hyuga, M.; Kawasaki, N.; Hyuga, S.; Ohta, M.; Itoh, S.; Hayakawa, T., 2002:
Rapid quantitation of follistatin by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) immunoassay

Nelson, M.; Popp, H.; Forsyth, C.; Gibson, J., 1996:
Rapid quantitation of mixed red cell populations using flow cytometry

Quinn, T.P.; Trevor, K.T., 1998:
Rapid quantitation of recombinant retrovirus produced by packaging cell clones

Namera, A.; Yashiki, M.; Okada, K.; Iwasaki, Y.; Kojima, T., 1997:
Rapid quantitative analysis of oleandrin in human blood by high-performance liquid chromatography

Pels, E.; Nuyts, R.M.; Breebaart, A.C.; Hartmann, C., 1993:
Rapid quantitative assays for corneal endothelial cell viability in vitro

Bae, R.Y.; Belohlavek, M.; Greenleaf, J.F.; Seward, J.B., 2002:
Rapid quantitative assessment of myocardial perfusion: spectral analysis of myocardial contrast echocardiographic images

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Rapid recovery in the elderly

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Rapid reduction of a variety of organic functionalities including a new selective reduction with samarium diiodide

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Rapid referral in the electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation

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Rapid report: the reliability of excitatory synaptic transmission in slices of rat visual cortex in vitro is temperature dependent

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Rapid rescreening

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Rapid rescreening of cervical smears as a quality control method

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Rapid research growth engineered out West

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Rapid resolution of tuberculous pericardial effusions with high dose prednisone and anti-tuberculous drugs

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Rapid respiratory testing: finding the cause of viral infections

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Rapid response and strict control measures can contain a hospital outbreak of Norwalk-like virus

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Rapid responses

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An Engineered Distant Homolog of Pseudomonas syringae TTSS Effector From Physcomitrella patens Can Act as a Bacterial Virulence Factor

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Rapid review

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Rapid review of cervical cytology

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Rapid rural appraisal

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Rapid sand filtration for best practical treatment of domestic wastewater stabilization pond effluent

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Rapid screening procedures for the hydrolysis products of chemical warfare agents using positive and negative ion liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation

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Rapid screening: a comparative study

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Rapid search and quantitative analysis of gunshot residue particles in the SEM

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Rapid selection that rectifies a diagnosis of arteritis!

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Rapid strep testing

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Rapid testing stalled

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Rapid tests could 'revolutionize' screening

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Rapid tests will save lives

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Rapid treatment in emergency department makes a difference

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Rapid treatment of scabies with a single ivermectin administration. Routine topical treatment takes several days

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Rapid update

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Rapid urease test

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Rapid urinary iodide test

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Rapid validation of the overall structure of an internal domain-swapped mutant of the anti-HIV protein cyanovirin-N using residual dipolar couplings

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Rapid vasomotor effects of estrogen: men are part of the club

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Rapid visual-motion integration deficit in autism

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Rapid weight gain, at least in some women, is an expression of a neuroendocrine state characterized by reduced hypothalamic dopaminergic tone

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Rapid whole blood test for the diagnosis of H. pylori infection. Can it be recommended for the diagnosis of the infection in clinical practice?

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Rapid word identification in pure alexia is lexical but not semantic

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Rapid word learning by fifteen-month-olds under tightly controlled conditions

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Rapid wound healing: a multidimensional perspective

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Rapid, Cost-Effective Diagnosis of Spinal Cord Compression Due to Cancer

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Rapid, clean, and mild O-acetylation of alcohols and carbohydrates in an ionic liquid

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Rapid, competent, and inexpensive developmental-behavioral screening is possible

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Rapid, corticosterone-induced disruption of medullary sensorimotor integration related to suppression of amplectic clasping in behaving roughskin newts (Taricha granulosa)

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