Screening test for hematopoietic stem cells in umbilical cord blood with the SE-9000 automated hematology analyzer

Sasaki, H.; Watanabe, S.; Itakura, N.; Ichizono, N.; Mimuro, M.; Higashi, M.; Ikuta, K.

Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 40(11): 1144-1151


ISSN/ISBN: 0485-1439
PMID: 10624124
Accession: 047316491

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The immature information IMI channel on an SE-9000 automated hematology analyzer was used for detection of stem cells in cord blood and the results were compared with other standard methods, including flow cytometry analysis and progenitor assays. After the removal of red blood cells, the IMI count in cord blood samples significantly correlated with the number of CD34+ cells (r = 0.810), CFU-GM (r = 0.606) and BFU-E (r = 0.961). The cell count in hematopoietic progenitor cell (HPC) area also showed a correlation with CD34+ cell number (r = 0.722), but to a lesser extent than the IMI count; no significant correlations were observed with the numbers of progenitor cells. Cord blood contained higher fractions of CD34+/CD38- and CD34+/CD117+ cells representative of immature subclasses of progenitor cells. This might explain the difference in the HPC module results for the cord blood and peripheral blood stem cell samples. A higher coefficient of correlation was obtained with leukocyte suspensions than with whole blood samples. These results demonstrated the usefulness of IMI-positive cell measurement as a stem cell screening test for cord blood banking.