Section 48
Chapter 47,356

Sexual stimulation and the female orgasm

Kratochvíl, S.

Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie 89(4): 191-199


ISSN/ISBN: 0069-2336
PMID: 8403032
Accession: 047355466

Questionnaire data regarding mode of sexual stimulation were collected in 200 women treated for neurotic disorders and 100 female health professionals and counselors. Clitoral stimulation was the source of female orgasm in 90% of subjects, while three quarters achieved orgasm also by means of vaginal stimulation. The anterior wall of the vagina seemed to be slightly more important than the posterior one. One third of the respondents reported effective stimulation in the depth of the vagina with cervical tapping. Stimulation in the area corresponding to the alleged G spot was acknowledged as effective by 10 to 20%. The sexual responsiveness of neurotic patients was generally somewhat lower than responsiveness of health professionals and counselors.

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