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Should right-sided fibroelastomas be operated upon?

Scalia, D.; Basso, C.; Rizzoli, G.; Lupia, M.; Budano, S.; Thiene, G.; Venturini, A.

Journal of Heart Valve Disease 6(6): 647-650


ISSN/ISBN: 0966-8519
PMID: 9427136
Accession: 047362784

There is general agreement that left-sided elastomas must be removed to avoid systemic complications. Right-sided localization is less risky and surgical treatment is not agreed upon. We report a case of surgical resected fibroelastoma of the tricuspid valve and discuss the indications to surgery by reviewing the literature on the few reported cases. We feel that, if surgery is timely, the tumor can be resected, thus preserving the native valve. This provides an opportunity to prevent possible right-sided complications due to increasing tumor size and embolization.

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