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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47372

Chapter 47372 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zakrzewski; Zyczkowski, 1987:
Simple model for strong-laser-field ionization

Majewski; Vogl, 1987:
Simple model for structural properties and crystal stability of sp-bonded solids

Brand; Deissler; Ahlers, 1991:
Simple model for the Bénard instability with horizontal flow near threshold

Causo, M.S.; Coluzzi, B.; Grassberger, P., 2000:
Simple model for the DNA denaturation transition

Markiewicz, 1988:
Simple model for the Hall effect in YBa2Cu

Uprety; Domínguez, 1995:
Simple model for the dc flux transformer in layered superconductors with Josephson coupling

Touzani; Wortis, 1987:
Simple model for the equilibrium shape of 4He crystals

Mazenko, 1986:
Simple model for the inflationary expansion of the early Universe

Rubio O; Hernández A; Murrieta S; Ramos B, 1986:
Simple model for the influence of impurity aggregates on the F-center production of alkali halides

Santo, K.P.; Sebastian, K.L., 2002:
Simple model for the kinetics of packaging of DNA into a capsid against an external force

Weber; Ford, 1989:
Simple model for the linewidth of the two-magnon Raman feature observed in high-Tc superconductors

Infeld; Rowlands, 1988:
Simple model for the nonlinear evolution of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability

Tarazona; Chacón; Hernandez, 1995:
Simple model for the phase coexistence and electrical conductivity of alkali fluids

Dahl; Lagerwall; Skarp, 1987:
Simple model for the polarization reversal current in a ferroelectric liquid crystal

Wadehra; Drallos, 1987:
Simple model for the resonant vibrational excitation of molecules and its application to Li2 and N2

Berrones, A.; Larralde, H., 2001:
Simple model of a random walk with arbitrarily long memory

Szybisz, L.; Urrutia, I., 2003:
Simple model of capillary condensation in cylindrical pores

Gatica, S.M.; Calbi, M.M.; Cole, M.W., 2002:
Simple model of capillary condensation in porous media

Strogatz; Marcus; Westervelt; Mirollo, 1988:
Simple model of collective transport with phase slippage

Cini, 1991:
Simple model of electric-dipole second-harmonic generation from interfaces

Girvan, M.; Callaway, D.S.; Newman, M.E.J.; Strogatz, S.H., 2002:
Simple model of epidemics with pathogen mutation

Ito, 1993:
Simple model of excitable media with dispersion and curvature

Cheng; Li, 1986:
Simple model of fourth-generation fermions

Dattoli; Cabrini; Giannessi, 1991:
Simple model of gain saturation in free-electron lasers

Kalda, 2000:
Simple model of intermittent passive scalar turbulence

Toner, 1991:
Simple model of kinetic roughening of quasicrystalline surfaces

Schaefer; Shafi, 1994:
Simple model of large scale structure formation

Sherr, 1996:
Simple model of neutron "halo nuclei"

Schaich; Mendoza, 1992:
Simple model of second-harmonic generation

de Boer J; Derrida; Flyvbjerg; Jackson; Wettig, 1994:
Simple model of self-organized biological evolution

Stokbro; Jacobsen, 1993:
Simple model of stacking-fault energies

Ruebenbauer; Mullen; Nienhaus; Schupp, 1994:
Simple model of the diffusive scattering law in glass-forming liquids

Desruisseaux; Slater, 1994:
Simple model of trapping electrophoresis with complicated transient dynamics

Salvietti; Moroni; Ferro; Canepa; Mattera, 1996:
Simple model to calculate surface magnetization from spin-polarized metastable deexcitation spectroscopy: Fe/Ag(100)

Bonaccini, R.; Seno, F., 2002:
Simple model to study insertion of a protein into a membrane

Brey, J.J.; Prados, A.; Sánchez-Rey, B., 2002:
Simple model with facilitated dynamics for granular compaction

Meziane; Ladjouze, 1992:
Simple modeling of single-mode inhomogeneously broadened laser dynamics

Shankle, W.R.; Mania, S.; Dick, M.B.; Pazzani, M.J., 1999:
Simple models for estimating dementia severity using machine learning

Lindsey, J.K.; Jones, B.; Ebbutt, A.F., 1998:
Simple models for repeated ordinal responses with an application to a seasonal rhinitis clinical trial

Holzer; Pumir, 1993:
Simple models of non-Gaussian statistics for a turbulently advected passive scalar

Ramezanpour, A.; Karimipour, V., 2002:
Simple models of small-world networks with directed links

Langer, R.A., 1996:
Simple modification of a medium concentration (Hudson type) oxygen mask improves patient comfort and respiratory monitoring with capnography

Johanson, J.F.; Schmalz, M.J.; Geenen, J.E., 1993:
Simple modification of a pancreatic duct stent to prevent proximal migration

Aoyama, K.; Seto, A.; Takenaka, I., 1999:
Simple modification of the Ovassapian fiberoptic intubating airway

Ferrarini; Moro; Nordio, 1996:
Simple molecular model for induced cholesteric phases

Gardner, T.; Cecchi, G.; Magnasco, M.; Laje, R.; Mindlin, G.B., 2001:
Simple motor gestures for birdsongs

Petrov, S.M., 1993:
Simple motor reaction time and peripheral neurosensory hypoacusis

Barresi, G.; Vitarelli, E.; Giuffrè, G.; Grosso, M.; Tuccari, G., 1999:
Simple mucin-type carbohydrate antigens in Helicobacter pylori-positive chronic active gastritis

Meneveau; Sreenivasan, 1987:
Simple multifractal cascade model for fully developed turbulence

Graham, D.; Mallinder, B.J.; Whitcombe, D.; Watson, N.D.; Smith, W.Ewen., 2002:
Simple multiplex genotyping by surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering

Stifelman, M.; Andrade, A.; Sosa, R.E.; Shichman, S., 2001:
Simple nephrectomy: hand-assisted technique

Anderson, K.R., 2001:
Simple nephrectomy: managing the difficult case: xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis and autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Gaur, D.D., 2001:
Simple nephrectomy: retroperitoneal approach

Kumar, U.; Albala, D.M., 2001:
Simple nephrectomy: transperitoneal approach

Hyvärinen, A.; Oja, E., 1996:
Simple neuron models for independent component analysis

Geraghty, J.G.; Grace, P.A.; Quereshi, A.; Bouchier-Hayes, D.; Osborne, D.H., 1994:
Simple new technique for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair

Myles, L.M.; Aitken, R.J.; Griffiths, J.M., 1994:
Simple non-adherent dressing versus gelatin foam sponge plug after haemorrhoidectomy: a prospective randomized trial

Surguchov, A.P.; Liu, S.B.; Patsch, W., 1995:
Simple non-radioactive methods of analysis of polymorphic markers flanking human apolipoprotein C-III gene

Achahbar; Alonso; Muñoz, 1996:
Simple nonequilibrium extension of the Ising model

Sorrels, W.F., 2002:
Simple noninvasive effective method for removal of nasal foreign bodies in infants and children

Vuillaume, I.; Schraen, S.; Rousseaux, J.; Sablonnière, B., 1998:
Simple nonisotopic assays for detection of (CAG)n repeats expansions associated with seven neurodegenerative disorders

Mansour, A.M., 2000:
Simple nucleus cracking technique

Chang; Chen, 1991:
Simple numerical approach for determining the optical response of a nonlinear dielectric film for both TE and TM waves

Gagliano; Bacci, 1987:
Simple numerical approach to quantum lattice models

Nandy, A.; Basak, S.C., 2000:
Simple numerical descriptor for quantifying effect of toxic substances on DNA sequences

Loumeau, H.; Powers, C., 1997:
Simple nursing interventions facilitate managing hepatic surgery

Leavey, S.F.; Strawderman, R.L.; Jones, C.A.; Port, F.K.; Held, P.J., 1998:
Simple nutritional indicators as independent predictors of mortality in hemodialysis patients

Sun, Q.; Xu, Y., 1993:
Simple obesity and obesity hyperlipemia treated with otoacupoint pellet pressure and body acupuncture

Chambers, M.A.; Jahans, K.; Whelan, A.; Hughes, C.; Sayers, R.; Perkins, A.; Glyn Hewinson, R., 2002:
Simple objective measurement of the cutaneous delayed-type hypersensitivity reaction to tuberculin using spectrophotometry

Socolar, 1989:
Simple octagonal and dodecagonal quasicrystals

Petty, T.L., 2002:
Simple office spirometry

Garrido, P.L.; Hurtado, P.I.; Nadrowski, B., 2001:
Simple one-dimensional model of heat conduction which obeys Fourier's law

Kurata, H.; Aoki, Y.; Tanaka, K., 2002:
Simple one-step catheter placement for the treatment of infected lymphocele

Xiong, Z., 1998:
Simple one-step procedure for the separation of apolipoproteins A1 and A2 by high-performance liquid chromatography

Chuck, R.S.; Behrens, A.; Wellik, S.R.; Liaw, L.H.; Sweet, P.M.; Osann, K.E.; McDonnell, P.J.; Berns, M.W., 2001:
Simple organ cornea culture model for re-epithelialization after in vitro excimer laser ablation

Uhley, H., 2002:
Simple out-of-hospital check on pacemaker activity

Bergin, D.; Ho, L.M.; Jowell, P.S.; Pappas, T.N.; Paulson, E.K., 2002:
Simple pancreatic cysts: CT and endosonographic appearances

Sørensen, T.I., 2001:
Simple paradigms of obesity

Cottle; Kemper, 1987:
Simple parametrization for low energy octupole modes of s-d shell nuclei

Cottle; Bromley, 1987:
Simple parametrization for octupole states in spherical and weakly deformed heavy nuclei

Tripathi, R.K.; Townsend, L.W.; Townsend, L.W., 1994:
Simple parametrization of fragment reduced widths in heavy ion collisions

McLeod; Afnan, 1985:
Simple parametrization of the pi -N amplitude

Thomas, P.; Mottin, Y., 1997:
Simple partial frontal nonconvulsive status epilepticus

Takahashi, N.; Kawamura, M., 1996:
Simple partial seizure consisting of complex visual hallucinations due to left temporo-occipital lesion

Guillon, B.; de Ferron, E.; Feve, J.R.; Honnorat, J.; Caudie, C.; Nogues, B.; Moreau, P., 1997:
Simple partial status epilepticus and antiglycolipid IgM antibodies: possible epilepsy of autoimmune origin

Fukugita; Kawasaki; Yanagida, 1989:
Simple particle-physics model for the reheating of the Universe

Meakin; Jossang; Feder, 1993:
Simple passivation and depassivation model for pitting corrosion

Cronberg, S., 1993:
Simple payment by results in hospital care

Elsharkawi, N.G., 1999:
Simple pediatric analog sedation score (PASS)

Sottiurai, V.S.; Gonzales, J.; McNeil, J., 1996:
Simple percutaneous arteriovenous graft ligation

Kostourkov, I., 1999:
Simple phantom for gamma camera spatial resolution objective measurement

Hainovsky; Maier, 1995:
Simple phenomenological approach to premelting and sublattice melting in Frenkel disordered ionic crystals

Sarkar; Sen, 1994:
Simple phenomenology for the ground-state bands of even-even nuclei

Goisman, R.M.; Allsworth, J.; Rogers, M.P.; Warshaw, M.G.; Goldenberg, I.; Vasile, R.G.; Rodriguez-Villa, F.; Mallya, G.; Keller, M.B., 1998:
Simple phobia as a comorbid anxiety disorder

Weber, A.A.; Neuhaus, T.; Sorger, M.; Vetter, H., 1995:
Simple photometric test of pupillary dysfunction

Mahajan, A.; Dua, S.; Bhardwaj, S., 2002:
Simple physical treatment as an effective tool to improve the functional properties or rapeseed (Brassica campestris var. toria) and sesame seed (Sesamum indicum) meals

Baker, M.S., 1999:
Simple physics replace battery power

Knahr, K., 2001:
Simple placement and removal instrument for full ceramic acetabulum inlay

Colling, K.Byrne.; Buettner, L.L., 2002:
Simple pleasures. Interventions from the need-driven Dementia-Compromised Behavior model

Díaz Morant, V.; Cabello Rueda, F.; Lara Fernández, A.; Lasso Vázquez, J.M.; Díaz Serrato, J., 1996:
Simple pneumomediastinum and upper digestive endoscopy

Bravata, D.M.; Olkin, I., 2001:
Simple pooling versus combining in meta-analysis

Buchanan; Chun, 1987:
Simple predictive model for flavor production in hadronization

Medow, M.A.; Weed, H.G.; Schuller, D.E., 2002:
Simple predictors of survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Huang, X-jia.; Wang, J-de.; Liu, X-liang.; Cong, R-zi., 2003:
Simple preparation and evaluations of amide-octyl-bonded phase

Høgdall, E.; Boye, K.; Vuust, J., 2000:
Simple preparation method of PCR fragments for automated DNA sequencing

Feely, J.; Kavanagh, P.V.; McNamara, S.M.; O'Brien, J.E., 1999:
Simple preparation of the major urinary metabolites of flunitrazepam and nitrazepam

Trail; Morrison; Isaacs; Saha, 1990:
Simple procedure for including vibrational effects in the calculation of electron-molecule cross sections

Reeson, M.G.; Jepson, N.J., 2000:
Simple procedure for mouth guard identification for school-aged children

Kim, G.H.; Kim, H.S.; Kum, D.W., 1996:
Simple procedure for phase identification using convergent beam electron diffraction patterns

Yagi, K., 1999:
Simple procedure for specific assay of lipid hydroperoxides in serum or plasma

Britt, M., 1979:
Simple program best for small hospitals

Marty, W.; Sigrist, T., 1993:
Simple projectile localization in the cadaver using a new metal detector

Sánchez-Ruiz, 1995:
Simple proof of Page's conjecture on the average entropy of a subsystem

Bruzzo; Landi, 1989:
Simple proof of Weil triviality in supersymmetric gauge theories

Shor; Preskill, 2000:
Simple proof of security of the BB84 quantum key distribution protocol

Kalil, R.A.K.; Lima, G.G., 2002:
Simple pulmonary vein isolation for atrial fibrillation

Piriou, P.; Garreau de Loubresse, C.; Wattincourt, L.; Judet, T., 1999:
Simple puncture versus trocar puncture biopsy for the bacterial diagnostic evaluation of osteoarticular infections. A prospective study of 54 cases

Hosomi, O.; Takeya, A.; Yasuda, T.; Yazawa, S.; Nakajima, T.; Kogure, T.; Iwai, H.; Kishi, K., 1997:
Simple purification method of the antiphospholipid antibody from normal human plasma

Sherman, P.S., 1986:
Simple quality assurance measures

Rong, L.; Kojima, Y.; Koda, S.; Nomura, H., 2000:
Simple quantification of ultrasonic intensity using aqueous solution of phenolphthalein

Matsumura, M.; Ijichi, M.; Shiratori, Y.; Togo, G.; Hikiba, Y.; Inoued, K.; Kohara, M.; Omata, M., 2001:
Simple quantitative assay of alpha-fetoprotein mRNA in liver tissue using the real-time detection polymerase chain reaction assay - its application for clinical use

Chuang; Yamamoto, 1995:
Simple quantum computer

Steane, 1996:
Simple quantum error-correcting codes

Politzer, 1992:
Simple quantum systems in spacetimes with closed timelike curves

Wang; Teter, 1992:
Simple quantum-mechanical model of covalent bonding using a tight-binding basis

Boesten; Verhaar, 1994:
Simple quantum-mechanical picture of cold optical collisions

Ma, 1995:
Simple radiative neutrino mass matrix for solar and atmospheric oscillations

Schmidt, C.M.; Horton, K.M.; Sitzmann, J.V.; Jones, B.; Bayless, T., 1996:
Simple radiographic evaluation of ileoanal pouch volume

Papavasiliou, C., 1993:
Simple radiotherapy techniques

Sano, M.; Rosen, W.; Stern, Y.; Rosen, J.; Mayeux, R., 1995:
Simple reaction time as a measure of global attention in Alzheimer's disease

Chau; Wilczek, 1995:
Simple realization of the Fredkin gate using a series of two-body operators

Mazenko, 1985:
Simple realization of the inflationary expansion of the universe

Kimata, Y.; Uchiyama, K.; Sakuraba, M.; Ebihara, S.; Nakatsuka, T.; Harii, K., 2000:
Simple reconstruction of large pharyngeal defects with free jejunal transfer

Rodriguez, P., 2001:
Simple recurrent networks learn context-free and context-sensitive languages by counting

Ovhed, I., 2002:
Simple reference values and individual feedback are effective for quality work

Huten, D.; Bouabdallah, N.; Bassaine, M.; Wodecki, P., 2000:
Simple refixation: how far to go?

Cos, M.C.; Ladines, R.; Gil, J.L.; Muñoz, J.A., 1996:
Simple refractory anemia in remission after 15 years' evolution

Kuswandi, B.; Vaughan, A.A.; Narayanaswamy, R., 2002:
Simple regression model using an optode for the simultaneous determination of zinc and cadmium mixtures in aqueous samples

Grove, W.M.; Meehl, P.E., 1993:
Simple regression-based procedures for taxometric investigations

Plata Rueda, E., 1960:
Simple rehydration method for acute dehydration in infants

Brown, 1992:
Simple relation for alpha decay half-lives

Gupta, 1989:
Simple relationships in the eikonal model of the energy flow in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions

Mankiewicz, 1989:
Simple relativistic model for the b1 structure function of the rho meson

Ji; Cotanch, 1990:
Simple relativistic quark-model analysis of flavored pseudoscalar mesons

Mytko, J.J., 1999:
Simple relaxation techniques for patients with cancer and staff

van Dullemen, H.; Stuifbergen, W.N.; Juttmann, J.R.; van der Werken, C., 1993:
Simple release of an impacted Dormia basket during endoscopic bile duct stone extraction

Cort, J.; Parsloe, M., 1999:
Simple remifentanil infusions

Anonymous, 1998:
Simple reminder can boost pneumococcal vaccination rates, say researchers

Puentes, W.J., 2002:
Simple reminiscence: a stress-adaptation model of the phenomenon

Pal, D.K.; Kundu, A.K.; Das, S., 1998:
Simple renal cyst: an observation

Pedersen, J.F.; Emamian, S.A.; Nielsen, M.B., 1993 :
Simple renal cyst: relations to age and arterial blood pressure

Perdzyński, W.; Klewar, M.; Rutka, J.; Stembrowicz, Z.; Sakson, B., 2000:
Simple renal cysts in children: treatment with ethyl alcohol injection into their lumen

Zheng, 1986:
Simple renormalization procedure for quasiperiodic maps

Tsallis; Coniglio; Schwachheim, 1985:
Simple renormalization-group method for calculating geometrical equations of state

Hoefflin, S.M., 2001:
Simple repair of a pixie earlobe

Naraynsingh, V.; Maharaj, D.; Kuruvilla, T.; Ramsewak, R., 1998:
Simple repair of fractured penis

Pisarchik, A.V.; Kartel', N.A., 2000:
Simple repeating sequences and gene expression

Siedlaczck, I.; Epplen, C.; Riess, O.; Epplen, J.T., 1993:
Simple repetitive (GAA)n loci in the human genome

Bertin, S.; Chauvaud, D., 2001:
Simple retinal detachment: computer reconstruction of visual perception during the first month after surgery

Sueda, T.; Imai, K.; Okada, K.; Hirai, S.; Sueshiro, M.; Morita, S.; Orihashi, K.; Shikata, H.; Matsuura, Y., 1998:
Simple right atrial procedure for chronic atrial fibrillation with atrial septal defect and aortic valvular regurgitation in an elderly patient

Akulin, 1993 :
Simple rule for complex quantum systems

Li, J.; Liu, H.; Downing, J.R.; Yeoh, A.Eng-Juh.; Wong, L., 2002:
Simple rules underlying gene expression profiles of more than six subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients

O'Halloran, L., 1993:
Simple scalpel blade holder

Wershing, S., 1985:
Simple schedule boards to track equipment

de St Georges, J., 1996:
Simple scheduling techniques for better production and stress reduction

Tanaka, T.; Kitamura, H., 2002:
Simple scheme for harmonic suppression by undulator segmentation

Wing, Y.K.; Chan, K.P.; Lee, S., 1993:
Simple schizophrenia--a forgotten diagnosis

González Calvo, J.M.; Rodríguez Cano, E.; San Molina, L., 2001:
Simple schizophrenia: personality development or a condition?

Nakajima, K.; Kinuya, K.; Mizutani, Y.; Hwang, E.H.; Michigishi, T.; Tonami, N.; Kobayashi, K., 1999:
Simple scintigraphic parameters with Tc-99m galactosyl human serum albumin for clinical staging of chronic hepatocellular dysfunction

Assmann, G.; Cullen, P.; Schulte, H., 2002:
Simple scoring scheme for calculating the risk of acute coronary events based on the 10-year follow-up of the prospective cardiovascular Münster (PROCAM) study

Anonymous, 2001 :
Simple screen proves highly accurate in identifying children with special needs

Fonda, D.; Brimage, P.J.; D'Astoli, M., 1993:
Simple screening for urinary incontinence in the elderly: comparison of simple and multichannel cystometry

Köntgen, F.; Stewart, C.L., 1993:
Simple screening procedure to detect gene targeting events in embryonic stem cells

Kawamoto, R., 2000:
Simple screening test for dementia in elderly persons the time and charge test

Perkins, B.A.; Olaleye, D.; Zinman, B.; Bril, V., 2001:
Simple screening tests for peripheral neuropathy in the diabetes clinic

Chaminade, B.; Zographos, S.; Uthéza, G., 2000:
Simple screw fixation for calcaneal fractures: 60 cases with preoperative computed tomography analysis

Stanec, Z.; Delimar, D.; Stanec, S., 1997:
Simple securing of subcuticular running suture

Guazzi, M.D., 1997:
Simple semeiotics for a complex symptom: dyspnea

Fujimori, M.; White, P.S.; Marshall, H.N.; Brodeur, G.M., 1993:
Simple sequence repeat polymorphism in the cartilage matrix protein (CRTM) gene at 1p35

Kashi, Y.; King, D.; Soller, M., 1997:
Simple sequence repeats as a source of quantitative genetic variation

Jarret, R.L.; Merrick, L.C.; Holms, T.; Evans, J.; Aradhya, M.K., 1997 :
Simple sequence repeats in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai)

Gardiner, J.C.; Weiss, J.A., 2001:
Simple shear testing of parallel-fibered planar soft tissues

Oldenburg, K.E.; Xi, X.; Sweedler, J.V., 1998:
Simple sheath flow reactor for post-column fluorescence derivatization in capillary electrophoresis

Privitera, S.; Cusimano, R.J., 2001:
Simple shunting of thoracoabdominal aneurysms with visceral perfusion

Hayashino, Y.; Isobe, T.; Matsuda, Y., 2001:
Simple simultaneous encapsulation of both single H atoms and single D atoms in octasilsesquioxane, double four-ring cages using a deuterated organic solvent

Budoff, M.J.; Mao, S.; Wang, S.; Bakhsheshi, H.; Brundage, B.H., 1999:
Simple single-section method for measurement of left and right atrial volumes with electron-beam CT

Assier-Bonnet, H.; Revuz, J., 1999:
Simple skin tests in the initial evaluation of the tolerance of a topical medication or cosmetic

Farrington, A.M.; Jagota, N.; Slater, J.M., 1994:
Simple solid wire microdisc electrodes for the determination of vitamin C in fruit juices

Anonymous, 2002:
Simple solution: clinical training for entire staff

Clark, G.D., 1995:
Simple solutions

Anonymous, 1998 :
Simple solutions cut admission wait time

Scheerer, E.W., 2002:
Simple solutions to difficult problems

Anonymous, 2002:
Simple solutions: clinical training for the whole staff

Anonymous, 2001:
Simple solutions: creating an educational movement

Ovchinnikov; Labanowski, 1996:
Simple spin correction of unrestricted density-functional calculation

Chen, Y.; Wang, G.; Zhang, W.; Freedman, D., 1996:
Simple spinner bottle with rotating basket packed with carriers for hybridoma cell culture

Ballard, C.G.; Ayre, G.; O'Brien, J.; Sahgal, A.; McKeith, I.G.; Ince, P.G.; Perry, R.H., 1999:
Simple standardised neuropsychological assessments aid in the differential diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies from Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia

Humble, C.G., 1994:
Simple statistical measures for analyzing categorical data

Obuchowski, N.A.; Zepp, R.C., 1996:
Simple steps for improving multiple-reader studies in radiology

Durkin, N.; Wilson, C., 1999:
Simple steps to keep yourself safe

Anonymous, 2001:
Simple steps to prevent bad breath

Hughes, G., 2002:
Simple steps to tracking disclosures

Osaka, S.; Ohsawa, H.; Miyazawa, A.; Honda, J., 2001:
Simple sternal metal stent for delayed sternal closure

Ranfagni, A.; Ruggeri, R.; Sandri, P.; Agresti, A., 2002:
Simple stochastic model for optical tunneling

Van den Broeck C, 1993:
Simple stochastic model for resonant activation

Blumenthal, J.E., 1999:
Simple strategies for beating stress

Reed, A., 1998:
Simple strategies that improve compliance

Welch, H.G.; Schoenbaum, S.C., 1999:
Simple strategies, complex issues

Kim; Tian; Montesano; Jona; Marcus, 1996:
Simple structure and soft elastic behavior of Mn on Fe{001}

Smereka, C.M., 1987:
Simple study keeps community program one step ahead of hospital cost-cutters

Cullen, D., 2000:
Simple subgingival impressions

Burm, J.S., 2000:
Simple suction device for autologous epidermal grafting

Poulsen, M.; Mølck, A.M.; Thorup, I.; Breinholt, V.; Meyer, O., 2002:
Simple sugars modulate the development of aberrant crypt foci in rat colon during post-initiation

Mohapatra; Rasin, 1996:
Simple supersymmetric solution to the strong CP problem

Fajfer; Tadic, 1988:
Simple supersymmetric strongly coupled preon model

Kojima, C.; Kainosho, M., 2000:
Simple suppression of spurious peaks in TROSY experiments

Sim, A.J.; Chandran, V.P., 1994:
Simple surgical audit: an aid to undergraduate curriculum development

Kalil, R.A.K.; Lima, G.G.; Leiria, T.L.L.; Abrahão, Rério.; Pires, L.M.; Prates, P.R.; Nesralla, I.A., 2002:
Simple surgical isolation of pulmonary veins for treating secondary atrial fibrillation in mitral valve disease

Demaria, R.G.; Borie, F.; Albat, B.; Frapier, J.M.; Millat, B.; Chaptal, P.A., 2002:
Simple surgical technique to prevent direct secondary aortoenteric fistulas

Markel, D.C.; Stubbs, B.T., 1993:
Simple surgical techniques to protect the soft tissues during total knee arthroplasty

Roll, F.G., 1994:
Simple survey saves the day

Tzarnas, C.D., 1999:
Simple sutureless skin graft fixation

Deacon, G.B.; Gitlits, A.; Roesky, P.W.; Bürgstein, M.R.; Lim, K.C.; Skelton, B.W.; White, A.H., 2001:
Simple syntheses, structural diversity, and Tishchenko reaction catalysis of neutral homoleptic rare earth(II or III) 3,5-di-tert-butylpyrazolates--the structures of

Takeuchi, Y.; Konishi, M.; Hori, H.; Takahashi, T.; Kirk, K.L., 1999:
Simple synthesis of alpha-cyano-alpha-fluoro-p-tolylacetic acid (CFTA), a new efficient chiral derivatizing agent

Momiyama, N.; Yamamoto, H., 2002:
Simple synthesis of alpha-hydroxyamino carbonyl compounds: new scope of the nitroso aldol reaction

Mishriky, N.; Girgis, A.S.; Asaad, F.M.; Ibrahim, Y.A.; Sobieh, U.I.; Fawzy, N.G., 2001:
Simple synthesis of condensed pyran containing compounds and their antimicrobial properties

Kayser, C.; Kickelbick, G.; Marschner, C., 2002:
Simple synthesis of oligosilyl-alpha,omega-dipotassium compounds

Server Pastor, G.; Rigabert Montiel, M.; Nicolás Torralba, J.A.; Bañón Pérez, V.; Valdelvira Nadal, P.; Pérez Albacete, M., 2001:
Simple syringocele of Cowper's glands

Hoag, R.W., 1979:
Simple system features physical counts for prime vendors

Zemanek, P., 1978:
Simple system helps cut inventory by 23% and reduces other costs

Miller, W.H.; Greschner, P.W., 1994:
Simple system upgrades for outmoded health physics instrumentation

Sutherland, 1986 :
Simple system with quasiperiodic dynamics: A spin in a magnetic field

Alhassid; Manoyan; Levit, 1989:
Simple systematics of the shape transitions in hot rare-earth nuclei

Pascual, J.; Ortuño, J., 2002:
Simple tacrolimus-based immunosuppressive regimens following renal transplantation: a large multicenter comparison between double and triple therapy

Aubriot, F.X., 1999:
Simple technic for embryo transfer when the transfer is difficult

Dobriner, M.W.; Hoexter, B.; Labow, S.B.; Moseson, M.D., 1993:
Simple technique for anvil insertion in stapled circular colorectal anastomoses

Shaw, R.B., 1994:
Simple technique for assuring completeness of a pyloromyotomy

Lein, B.C.; Vinocur, C.D.; Reyes, C.; Geissler, G.; Billmire, D.F.; Weintraub, W.H.; Dunn, S.P., 1993:
Simple technique for determination of the correct length of percutaneous tunnelled catheters in neonates and children

Kok, K.Y.; Goh, P.; Tan, W.T., 1997:
Simple technique for endoscopic subfascial dissection of perforating veins

Wong, C.S., 2000:
Simple technique for immobilization of axilla for grafting

Voitk, A., 2000:
Simple technique for laparoscopic paracolostomy hernia repair

Leknius, C.; Henderson, R., 2000 :
Simple technique for making custom impression trays

Morris-Stiff, G.; Balaji, V.; Lord, R.H., 1998:
Simple technique for non-operative removal of ureteric stents after renal transplantation

Yamamoto, J.; Shimamura, Y.; Nakahara, H.; Koishi, Y.; Kougo, M.; Ohtani, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ishii, M.; Ohmura, M., 1997:
Simple technique for pancreatogastrostomy and the histological findings of pancreatogastric anastomosis

Reissman, P.; Cohen, S.M.; Weiss, E.G.; Wexner, S.D., 1994:
Simple technique for pelvic drain placement in laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection

Rastogi, V.; Dy, V., 2001:
Simple technique for proper approximation and closure of peritoneal and rectus sheath defects at port site after laparoscopic surgery

Chatzipapas, I.K.; Hart, R.J.; Magos, A., 1999:
Simple technique for rectus sheath closure after laparoscopic surgery using straight needles, with review of the literature

Hayashi, S.; Masuda, H.; Hayashi, I.; Sato, H.; Takayama, T., 2002:
Simple technique for repair of complete rectal prolapse using a circular stapler with Thiersch procedure

Olak, J.; Rosenberg, S., 2000:
Simple technique for sizing and positioning tracheal stents

García-Granero, E.; Esclápez, P.; García-Armengol, J.; Espí, A.; Planelles, J.; Millán, M.; Lledó, S., 2000:
Simple technique for the intraoperative detection of Crohn's strictures with a calibration sphere

Bossi, B.; Comino, A.; Dalmasso, M., 2003:
Simple technique of codenaturation and fluorescence in situ hybridization with probes in a microcamera

Khatri, V.P.; Hurd, T.; Edge, S.B., 2001:
Simple technique of early identification of the thoracodorsal nerve during axillary dissection

Mimata, H.; Satoh, F.; Li, W.; Kasagi, Y.; Sumino, Y.; Sakamoto, S.; Nomura, Y., 1999:
Simple technique of ligation and division of dorsal vein complex during radical retropubic prostatectomy

Gürünlüoğlu, R.; Doğan, T.; Numanoğlu, A., 1998:
Simple technique of skin grafting with a single-use safety razor

Celis, J.; Berrospi, F., 2002:
Simple technique to approach bleeding of the pancreatic stump after pancreaticoduodenectomy

Gruber, R.; Lesavoy, M., 1998:
Simple technique to correct the bony septum

Sneed, W.D.; Knight, J.S., 2001:
Simple technique to fabricate provisional restorations for porcelain veneers

Kapoor; Saksena, 1988:
Simple technique to measure relative transition probabilities: Application to UI transitions

Breen, P.H., 1996:
Simple technique to remove laryngeal mask airway "guide" after endotracheal intubation

Wakabayashi, Y.; Kataoka, A.; Johnin, K.; Yoshiki, T.; Okada, Y., 2002:
Simple techniques for atraumatic peritoneal dissection from the abdominal wall and for preventing peritoneal injury during trocar placement under retroperitoneoscopy

Bernasconi, C.; Grundmann, S.; Montavon, P.M., 2001 :
Simple techniques for the internal stabilization of fractures and luxations in the sacrococcygeal region of cats and dogs

Yoshida, S., 2002:
Simple techniques suitable for student use to record action potentials from the frog heart

Lancioni, G.E.; Brouwer, J.A.; Bouter, H.P.; Coninx, F., 1993:
Simple technology to promote independent activity engagement in institutionalized people with mental handicap

Redmond, S.; Short, M., 2000:
Simple technology use in patient care at a distance

Birnberg, C.H.; Kurzrok, R.; Laufer, A., 1958:
Simple test for determining ovulation time

Yamayoshi, T., 1998:
Simple testing methods for environmental pollutants

Dell'Aquila; Nelson, 1986:
Simple tests for CP or P violation by sequential decays: V1V2 modes with decays into l-barAlB and/or q-barAqB

Homhual, S.; Jindal, V.K., 2002:
Simple tests for rapid assessment of the quality of raw milk

Lembcke, B., 1994:
Simple tests for small intestinal function

Anonymous, 2000:
Simple tests help identify systolic dysfunction in primary care

Takubo, T.; Tatsumi, N., 1998:
Simple tests in the field of clinical chemistry

Mannel; Roberts; Ryzak, 1991:
Simple tests of the factorization assumption

Hübner; Bennemann, 1996:
Simple theory for spin-lattice relaxation in metallic rare-earth ferromagnets

Gould; Burke; Hansma, 1989:
Simple theory for the atomic-force microscope with a comparison of theoretical and experimental images of graphite

Henderson, 1985:
Simple theory for the critical adsorption of a fluid

Lau, Y.Y., 2002:
Simple theory for the two-dimensional Child-Langmuir law

Sasaki; Maeda, 1996:
Simple theory for volume phase transition of hydrated gels

Maniv; Cohen, 1986:
Simple theory of atom-surface scattering

Liu; Press; Khanna; Jena, 1988:
Simple theory of electronic structure: Clusters to crystals

Kakehashi; Tanaka; Yu, 1993:
Simple theory of electronic-structure calculations for amorphous transition-metal alloys

Deaven; Rokhsar; Johnson, 1991:
Simple theory of exchange coupling in transition-metal magnetic multilayers

Li; Pu; Yang; Li, 1995 :
Simple theory of giant magnetoresistance in a magnetic trilayer

Wells; Cook, 1990:
Simple theory of sideband cooling

Chang, 1988:
Simple theory of the reverse ac Josephson effect

Bouteiller, 1992:
Simple thermodynamic model for the specific heat of the fluorite crystals PbF2, CaF2, and SrCl2

Tresserras, R., 2001:
Simple things can also be important

Hervás Benito, I.; Rivas Sánchez, A.; Prieto Rodríguez, M.; Vera Sempere, F.J.; Saura Quiles, A.; Bello Arques, P.; Pérez Ebrí, M.L.; Mateo Navarro, A., 2001:
Simple thyroid cyst

Elisé, S.; Maynou, C.; Mestdagh, H.; Forgeois, P.; Labourdette, P., 1998:
Simple tibiotalar luxation. Apropos of 16 cases

Choudhary, S.; Lam, D.G., 1999:
Simple tie-over: the herniotomy approach

Zeger; Trebin, 1996:
Simple tiling model and phason kinetics for decagonal Al-Cu-Co

Reid, R.A., 1986:
Simple tool improves policy development in materiel management

Krchnák, V.; Burritt, A., 2002:
Simple tools for manual parallel solid phase synthesis

Lusk, P.; Maule, H.L., 1977:
Simple traffic jam, or monopoly?

Roberts, B.J.; Salaman, N.E., 1995:
Simple transfer of cryoprecipitate

Nouchi; Partanen; Hellwarth, 1993:
Simple transient solutions for photoconduction and the space-charge field in a photorefractive material with shallow traps

David, N., 1998:
Simple transposition of great vessels. Physiopathology, current management

Davidson, J.S.; Brown, D.J.; Barnes, S.N.; Bruce, C.E., 2002:
Simple treatment for torus fractures of the distal radius

Anonymous, 1999:
Simple treatment of migraine pain

Chu; Wang, 1985:
Simple treatment of the enhancement of Raman scattering due to a two-dimensional array of metallic spheroids

Betancur; Mikhailov, 1995:
Simple trial function for shallow donor D0 states in GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs quantum-well structures

Kane, J.; Dzik, S., 1998:
Simple trick to improve blood flow during apheresis

Bedford, R.B.; Cazin, C.S.J.; Hazelwood, S.L., 2003:
Simple tricyclohexylphosphine-palladium complexes as efficient catalysts for the Stille coupling of deactivated aryl chlorides

Wellman, J., 2002:
Simple truths about staff retention

Dzuba; Borovykh; Hoff, 1998:
Simple two-pulse detection scheme in pulsed EPR for studying low-frequency nuclear coherences

Bonfils, S., 1993:
Simple ulcer of the duodenum. From 1894 to the present

Mermin, 1990:
Simple unified form for the major no-hidden-variables theorems

Howse, M.; Main, J., 1998:
Simple urine testing could avoid delay in the diagnosis of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis

Kilic, A.; Kilic, A., 2000:
Simple vacuum drainage of hematoma or seroma

Anonymous, 1996:
Simple variance tracking programs yield better data and MD relations

Taviaux, S.; Brunel, V.; Dupont, M.; Fernandez, F.; Ferraz, C.; Carbuccia, N.; Sainty, D.; Demaille, J.; Birg, F.; Lafage-Pochitaloff, M., 1999:
Simple variant t(8;21) acute myeloid leukemias harbor insertions of the AML1 or ETO genes

Ho, C.L.; Chou, C.I., 2001:
Simple variational approach to the quantum Frenkel-Kontorova model

Huse; Elser, 1988:
Simple variational wave functions for two-dimensional Heisenberg spin-(1/2 antiferromagnets

Colosimo, A.; Xu, Z.; Novelli, G.; Dallapiccola, B.; Gruenert, D.C., 1999:
Simple version of "megaprimer" PCR for site-directed mutagenesis

Ahlburg, D.A., 1995:
Simple versus complex models: evaluation, accuracy, and combining

Gioffre' Florio, M.A.; Bartolotta, M.; Miceli, J.C.; Giacobbe, G.; Saitta, F.P.; Paparo, M.T.; Micali, B., 2000:
Simple versus double jejunal pouch for reconstruction after total gastrectomy

Tremblay; Socol; Lacelle, 2000:
Simple views on critical binary liquid mixtures in porous glass

Dieler, C.; Fröhlich, E.; Bourquain, H.; Holle, R.; von Kummer, R., 1999:
Simple volumetry of ischemic cerebral infarction using computerized tomography. Interobserver and method comparison

Szostek, M.; Krepski, K.; Małek, A.K.; Pogorzelski, R.; Brzeziński, T.; Leszczyński, J.; Ostrowski, T.; Kuśmierczyk, M., 2000:
Simple vs bifurcated graft operations in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm

Müller, 1990:
Simple waves and shocks in the shallow two-layer fluid

Roszkowski, 1994:
Simple way of calculating the cosmological relic density

Susskind, 1986:
Simple way of determining the dependence of the Hamiltonian on the action variable for certain one-dimensional potentials

Marubini, E.; Boracchi, P.; Biganzoli, E., 2001:
Simple way to estimate the median time and compare survival distributions in analgesic trials under informative censoring [letter

Duda, A.M.; Goldman, S.M.; Sutter, F.P., 1993:
Simple way to improve right ventricular flow distribution during continuous retrograde cardioplegia

Miller, V.B., 1986:
Simple ways to improve employee productivity

Forbes, A.E., 2001:
Simple ways to reduce patient anxiety

Patra, C.N.; Ghosh, S.K., 2002:
Simple weighted density functional approach to the structure of polymers at interfaces

Anonymous, 1978:
Simple work sheet helps improve vendor delivery performance

Woodruff; Seymour; McConville; Riley; Crapper; Prince; Jones, 1987:
Simple x-ray standing-wave technique and its application to the investigation of the Cu(111) ( sqrt 3 sqrt 3 )R30 degrees -Cl structure

Patterson, M.M., 1996:
Simple yet complex research yields answers--and questions

Ginzburg, V.V.; Gendelman, O.V.; Manevitch, L.I., 2001:
Simple "kink" model of melt intercalation in polymer-clay nanocomposites

Giordano, A.; D'Aloia, N., 1993:
Simple, complete, and comminuted fractures of the sternum. Analysis of 14 cases with osteosynthesis

de Bittencourt, P.R.; Sandmann, M.C.; Moro, M.S.; de Araújo, J.C., 2000:
Simple, cost-effective technique for portable digital eletrocorticography

Charlton, G.S., 1998:
Simple, cost-effective, cosmetic periodontal stabilization

Callihan, D.; West, J.; Kumar, S.; Schweitzer, B.I.; Logan, T.M., 1996:
Simple, distortion-free homonuclear spectra of peptides and nucleic acids in water using excitation sculpting

Weiskopf, R.B., 1999:
Simple, easy, safe, and inexpensive. But is it efficacious?

Huerta, M.; Konings, A.; Piper, P.; Taylor, S., 2002:
Simple, effective ear syringing

Bubon, M.S., 2001:
Simple, effective early treatment: bone remodeling revisited

Bubon, M.S., 2002:
Simple, effective early treatment: bone remodeling revisited--Part II

Wolfe, J.P.; Tomori, H.; Sadighi, J.P.; Yin, J.; Buchwald, S.L., 2000:
Simple, efficient catalyst system for the palladium-catalyzed amination of aryl chlorides, bromides, and triflates

Kalkote, U.R.; Ghorpade, S.R.; Chavan, S.P.; Ravindranathan, T., 2001:
Simple, efficient chemoenzymatic synthesis of (S)-5-(tert-butyldimethylsilyloxy)-2-cyclohexenone and enantiomeric ketone intermediates of 19-nor-1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3)

Masse, J.E.; Bortmann, P.; Dieckmann, T.; Feigon, J., 1998:
Simple, efficient protocol for enzymatic synthesis of uniformly 13C, 15N-labeled DNA for heteronuclear NMR studies

Ward, W.G.; Olin, M.D. , 2002:
Simple, hybrid deep venous thrombosis/pulmonary embolus prophylaxis after total hip arthroplasty

Beens, J.; Adahchour, M.; Vreuls, R.J.; van Altena, K.; Brinkman, U.A., 2001:
Simple, non-moving modulation interface for comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography

Anonymous, 1998:
Simple, novel diets produce more weight loss than conventional diets

Wildey, W.L.; Senia, E.Steve., 2002:
Simple, precise, and predictable root canal obturation

Brooks, L.E., 2002:
Simple, predictable, and stress-free elective anterior dentistry. Build a successful outcome into every case

Corbin, P.J., 1998:
Simple, quick, and inexpensive maxillary molar anchorage

Butler, N.N., 1979:
Simple, quiet, dependable, cost effective--RTSS

Westermann, Jürgen.; Hubl, W.; Kaiser, N.; Salewski, L., 2002:
Simple, rapid and sensitive determination of epinephrine and norepinephrine in urine and plasma by non-competitive enzyme immunoassay, compared with HPLC method

Sowell, A.L., 1994:
Simple, rapid method for assessment of serum vitamin A concentration

Vadodaria, S.; Page, R.E., 2000:
Simple, safe and effective dressing immobilisation of the hand in children

Waltzer, K.B., 1998:
Simple, sensible preventive measures for managed care settings

Handy, S.T.; Czopp, M., 2001:
Simple, tunable aziridination catalysts based on poly(pyrazolyl)borate-copper complexes

Canavan, F., 1977:
Simple-minded separationism

LaViolette, S., 1981:
Simpler JCAH standards on drawing board

Charpin, D.; Vervloet, D., 1994:
Simpler is not always better

Hu, X., 1994:
Simpler locally focused tomography in MR imaging

Signoretto, C.; Canepari, P., 1996:
Simpler peptidoglycan chemical composition in the highly transformant Escherichia coli DH5 alpha strain

Wahlström, J., 1998:
Simpler prenatal diagnosis results in new ethical problems. Blood tests of pregnant women may detect Down syndrome

Bhatia, V.N., 1994:
Simpler procedures solve difficult problems

Anonymous, 2001:
Simpler regimens for preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission

Maggiolo, F.; Ripamonti, D.; Arici, C.; Gregis, G.; Quinzan, G.; Camacho, G.Antezana.; Ravasio, L.; Suter, F., 2002:
Simpler regimens may enhance adherence to antiretrovirals in HIV-infected patients

Anonymous, 2002:
Simpler solutions for incontinence

Tidy, N., 2002:
Simpler than you think

Marwick, C., 1993:
Simpler vaccine schedules target more tykes

Katsuyuki, M.; Yasuyuki, S., 2002:
Simpler version of a videolaryngoscope

Brophy, D.; Haskal, Z.J., 1998:
Simpler ways to deliver the stenotic stent for reducing TIPS flow

Kline, J., 2001:
Simpler, more productive meetings

He; Joshi; Lew; Volkas, 1991:
Simplest Z' model

Robicheaux; Wood; Greene, 1994:
Simplest doubly charged negative ion: Nonexistence of H2- resonances

Schein, M., 1995:
Simplest method of tightening cutting setons

Flyvbjerg, 1996:
Simplest possible self-organized critical system

Ricci-Tersenghi, F.; Weigt, M.; Zecchina, R., 2001:
Simplest random K-satisfiability problem

Anonymous, 1982:
Simplest solution to an ancient problem

Lopez; Nanopoulos; Zichichi, 1994:
Simplest, string-derivable, supergravity model and its experimental predictions

Newns; Pattnaik, 1996:
Simplex method for calculating two-particle spectral densities in two-dimensional interacting electron systems

Drigert; Cizewski, 1986:
Simplex splitting in the light actinides

Mäkelä, 1993:
Simplicial Wheeler-DeWitt equation in 2+1 spacetime dimensions

Rossi; Tan, 1995:
Simplicial chiral models

Pertermann; Ranft, 1986:
Simplicial pseudorandom lattice study of a three-dimensional Abelian gauge model, the regular lattice as an extremum of the action

Godfrey; Gross, 1991:
Simplicial quantum gravity in more than two dimensions

Hamber; Williams, 1993:
Simplicial quantum gravity in three dimensions: Analytical and numerical results

Koshland, D.E., 1993:
Simplicity and complexity in conflict of interest

Wojtkiewicz, R.A., 1993:
Simplicity and complexity in the effects of parental structure on high school graduation

Claoué, C., 1998:
Simplicity and complexity in topical anesthesia for cataract surgery

Andersson, C., 1993:
Simplicity contra essentials as a problem in psychiatry

Fernandes, A., 1998:
Simplicity is always best

Place, M.E.; Roth, W., 1998:
Simplicity is best: the learning experience of Good Shepherd Home

Burnard, P., 1999:
Simplicity is genius

Katz, L.William.; Osborne, H., 2002:
Simplicity is the best medicine for compliance information. Eight basic steps help improve employee comprehension

Mathias, J.M., 1997:
Simplicity makes St Luke's the best performer in CABG

Bauer, G., 2001:
Simplicity through complexity: immunoblot with recombinant antigens as the new gold standard in Epstein-Barr virus serology

van der Helm, P.A., 2000:
Simplicity versus likelihood in visual perception: from surprisals to precisals

White, C.W., 1996:
Simplicity's virtue scorned. Precision comes to TIMI flow grading and the results are ...surprising

Rubin, R.J., 1993:
Simplicity, who will pay, still unanswered questions in health care reform plan

Chater, N.; Vitányi, P., 2003:
Simplicity: a unifying principle in cognitive science?

Grauwin, M.Y.; Hirzel, C.; Mane, I.; Cartel, J.L.; Lepers, J.P., 1997:
Simplification and codification of treatment for leprous plantar ulcers

Zahedi, C.S.; Cassin, D.; Brunel, G.; Bernard, J.P., 2001:
Simplification and rationalization of oral implantology

Marcoli, F.; Adenis, J.P.; Ferrara, V.; Ghisolfi, A., 1997:
Simplification in locating and dissecting the levator muscle of the upper eyelid in surgery for ptosis

Lesot; Emsley; Ouvrard; Curzon, 1998:
Simplification of 19F NMR spectra of liquid crystalline samples by multiple-pulse COSY experiments

Okino, M.S..; Mavrovouniotis, M.L.., 2002:
Simplification of Mathematical Models of Chemical Reaction Systems

Barreiro, P.; García-Benayas, T.; Soriano, V.; Gallant, J., 2003:
Simplification of antiretroviral treatment--how to sustain success, reduce toxicity and ensure adherence avoiding PI use

Wang, Y.; Fedorcsák, P.; Dale, P.O.; Storeng, R.; Abyholm, T.; Tanbo, T., 2001:
Simplification of continuous infusion of glucose with model assessment in the evaluation of insulin resistance in women with PCOS

Neue, G., 1996:
Simplification of dynamic NMR spectroscopy by wavelet transforms

Lebedev, V.V., 1996:
Simplification of electrocardiographic methods testing resistance to the effects of defibrillator impulses

Shenep, J.L., 1993:
Simplification of empiric therapy for the febrile, neutropenic oncology patient

Gillespie, J.D., 1990:
Simplification of mortality case review

Kataoka, H.; Sasaki, M.; Kageoka, T.; Imamura, J.; Nishida, M.; Ichihara, K., 1997:
Simplification of on-line connection of analyzers and standardization problems

Helm; Dyer; Bissantz, 1991:
Simplification of photoelectron spectra of H2 in intense laser fields

Stephenson, J.L.; McLuckey, S.A., 1998:
Simplification of product ion spectra derived from multiply charged parent ions via ion/ion chemistry

de Mas, C., 1993:
Simplification of pyloric passage with the side-viewing endoscope in cases of gastric anomalies

Tomatsu, T.; Imai, N.; Hanada, T.; Nakamura, Y., 1996:
Simplification of the Elmslie-Trillat procedure for patellofemoral malalignment. Is medial capsulorraphy necessary?

Feremans, W.W.; Bastin, G.; Moine, F.L.; Ravoet, C.; Delville, J.P.; Pradier, O.; Wallef, G.; Dupont, E.; Capel, P.; Lambermont, M., 1996:
Simplification of the blood stem cell transplantation (BSCT) procedure: large volume apheresis and uncontrolled rate cryopreservation at -80 degrees C

Vlaisavljević, V.; Kovacic, B.; Gavrić-Lovrec, V.; Reljic, M., 2000:
Simplification of the clinical phase of IVF and ICSI treatment in programmed cycles

Wilson, S.M.; Nava, E.; Morales, A.; Godfrey-Faussett, P.; Gillespie, S.; Andersson, N., 1993:
Simplification of the polymerase chain reaction for detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the tropics

Cha, H.J.; Gotoh, T.; Bentley, W.E., 1998:
Simplification of titer determination for recombinant baculovirus by green fluorescent protein marker

Amatayakul, M.; Blair, J.S., 2001:
Simplification provisions prompt NCVHS report

Ruiz-Argüelles, G.J.., 2001:
Simplification, not Demystification Nor Trivialization of Stem Cell Transplantation

Cartledge, J.D., 2001:
Simplification: is it sufficient?

Swartz, D., 2000:
Simplification: standards for privacy of health information. The implications for telemedicine systems

Biesheuvel, P..Maarten., 2001:
Simplifications of the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation for the Electrostatic Interaction of Close Hydrophilic Surfaces in Water

Lerang, F.; Moum, B.; Ragnhildstveit, E.; Sandvei, P.K.; Tolås, P.; Whist, J.E.; Henriksen, M.; Haug, J.B.; Berge, T., 1998:
Simplified 10-day bismuth triple therapy for cure of Helicobacter pylori infection: experience from clinical practice in a population with a high frequency of metronidazole resistance

Wang, W.M.; Lee, S.C.; Wu, D.C.; Chen, L.T.; Liu, C.S.; Peng, C.F.; Ding, H.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Jan, C.M., 2001:
Simplified 13C-urea breath test for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection--the availability of without fasting and without test meal

Dutoit, M.; Zambelli, P.Y., 1999:
Simplified 3D-evaluation of periacetabular osteotomy

Reineke, A.; Karlovsky, P., 2000:
Simplified AFLP protocol: replacement of primer labeling by the incorporation of alpha-labeled nucleotides during PCR

Guarner, J.; Sánchez-Mejorada-Fernández, G.; del Río-Chiriboga, C.; Mohar, A., 1996:
Simplified CD4+ T-lymphocyte count in patients with HIV/AIDS in Mexico

Tsai; Chang; Ho; Chen, 1999:
Simplified Description of Adsorption Breakthrough Curves of 1,1-Dichloro-1-fluoroethane (HCFC-141b) on Activated Carbon with Temperature Effect

Casida; Chong, 1991:
Simplified Green-function approximations: Further assessment of a polarization model for second-order calculation of outer-valence ionization potentials in molecules

Reiko, U.; Okamura, J., 2001:
Simplified Japanese Self-Perception Scale for Young Adults (SJS-PSYA) to identify risk cases

Jadhav, R.S.; Macdonald, M.; Bjune, G.; Oskam, L., 2002:
Simplified PCR detection method for nasal Mycobacterium leprae

Ott, R.A.; Gutfinger, D.E.; Alimadadian, H.; Steedman, R.; Miller, M.; Ott, W.L.; Tanner, T., 2001:
Simplified Parsonnet risk scale identifies limits to early patient discharge

Costello, M.J., 1993:
Simplified Quad Helix construction

Ramírez Fernández, J.C.; Fuertes, M.E.; Salinas Casado, J.; Resel Estévez, L.; Sánchez Chapado, M.; Guil Cid, M.; Rodríguez De Bethancourt Codes, F.; Prieto Chaparro, L.; Shahrour, G.; Ocete Ocete, R.; Escribano Patiño, G.; González Chamorro, F.; Hernández Fernández, C.; Diego García, A.; Martín Rodríguez, L.; Rodríguez García, J.A.; Sánchez Blasco, E.; Rodríguez Torres, A.; Rapariz González, M.; Martínez de la Riva, S.I., 1997:
Simplified Ramírez urethropexy in the treatment of genuine stress urinary incontinence in women. Multicenter study of clinical and urodynamic results

Albitar; Wu; Feltz; Jin; Hirsch-Ginsberg; Kantarjian; Beran, 1999:
Simplified Reverse Dot Blot Analyses for Detecting of ras Oncogene Mutations

Strackee, S.D.; Bos, K.E., 1998:
Simplified Sauvé-Kapandji procedure

Miranda, D.R.; de Rijk, A.; Schaufeli, W., 1996:
Simplified Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System: the TISS-28 items--results from a multicenter study

Ko, B.A.; Frederic, R.; DiTirro, P.A.; Glatleider, P.A.; Applebaum, H., 2000:
Simplified access for division of the low cervical/high thoracic H-type tracheoesophageal fistula

Thirion, B.; Darmoni, S.J., 1999:
Simplified access to MeSH tree structures on CISMeF

Gupta, S.C.; Mehl, D.C.; Verdi, M.G.; Barker, J.H.; Klein, S.A., 1995:
Simplified access to medical resources on the Internet. How to get clinicians on the Web

Cureton, S.L.; Storie, D., 1998:
Simplified activation of closing loops

Auriant, I.; Vinatier, I.; Thaler, F.; Tourneur, M.; Loirat, P., 1998:
Simplified acute physiology score II for measuring severity of illness in intermediate care units

Croll, T.P.; Berg, J., 2001:
Simplified adhesion of compomers in pediatric dentistry

Meek, K.; Toosie, K.; Stabile, B.E.; Elbassir, M.; Murrell, Z.; Lewis, R.J.; Chang, L.; de Virgilio, C., 2000:
Simplified admission criterion for predicting severe complications of gallstone pancreatitis

Zhukov; Korsheninnikov; Smedberg, 1994:
Simplified alpha +4n model for the 8He nucleus

Liu, X.; Liu, D.; Qi, J.; Zheng, W-Mou., 2002:
Simplified amino acid alphabets based on deviation of conditional probability from random background

Di Rienzo, G.; Go, T.; Macchiarini, P., 2002:
Simplified anastomotic technique for end-to-side bronchial reimplantation onto the trachea or contralateral main bronchus after complex tracheobronchial resections

Lee, J.S.; Park, W.J.; Shin, M.S.; Song, I.C., 1997:
Simplified anatomic method of double-eyelid operation: septodermal fixation technique

John, T., 1998:
Simplified anesthesia technique for scleral tunnel phacoemulsification

Croll, T.P.; Helpin, M.L., 2002:
Simplified anterior crossbite correction using a bonded compomer biteplane

Walley, J.; Witter, S.; Nicoll, A., 2001:
Simplified antiviral prophylaxis with or and without artificial feeding to reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV in low and middle income countries: modelling positive and negative impact on child survival

Houben, F.; Willmen, H.R., 1998:
Simplified appendectomy without stump embedding. Experiences of 20 years conventional and 5 years laparoscopic application

Sapra, R.; Kaul, U.; Singh, B.; Sudan, D.; Yadav, R.D.; Ghose, T., 1998:
Simplified approach of cannulating anomalously arising right coronary artery from left sinus of Valsalva

Albenque, J.P.; Donzeau, J.P.; Goutner, C.; Dechandol, A.M.; Berthoumieu-Bolinelli, H.; Charrancon, M., 1999:
Simplified approach to ablation in atrial flutter using a single catheter electrode. Based on 70 cases

Kogan, M.; Smith, J., 2001:
Simplified approach to idiopathic toe-walking

Holloway, K.L.; Zerbe, K.J., 2000:
Simplified approach to somatization disorder. When less may prove to be more

Jackson, J.M., 1996:
Simplified approaches to calculate Kt/V

Ciccone, W.J., 2002:
Simplified arthroscopic suture passing using a suture loop

Lewin, A.; Pisov, G.; Turgeman, R.; Fatum, M.; Shufaro, Y.; Simon, A.; Laufer, N.; Revel, A.; Reubinoff, B.; Safran, A., 2002:
Simplified artificial endometrial preparation, using oral estradiol and novel vaginal progesterone tablets: a prospective randomized study

Daniel, V.C.; Minton, T.A.; Brown, N.J.; Nadeau, J.H.; Morrow, J.D., 1994:
Simplified assay for the quantification of 2,3-dinor-6-keto-prostaglandin F1 alpha by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Simplified avidity assay of rubella IgG antibody in rubella virus infection

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Simplified bedside thoracentesis

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Simplified blockout material for custom tray fabrication

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Simplified boson mappings of symplectic shell model algebras

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Simplified calculation of MRglc using PET

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Simplified calculation of folding energies and residue coordination numbers in random heteropolymers

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Simplified calibration of single-plunge bipolar electrode array for field measurement during defibrillation

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Simplified cephalometric lines for the estimation of muscular lines of action

Hassanein, M.; Lari, Z.; El-Sheimy, N., 2018:
A New Vegetation Segmentation Approach for Cropped Fields Based on Threshold Detection from Hue Histograms

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Simplified cesarean section: a strategic surgical approach to minimize postoperative infectious morbidity

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Simplified citrate anticoagulation for high-flux hemodialysis

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Simplified clinical procedure for fitting and removing inlays/onlays prior to cementation

Ansari, I.H., 1996:
Simplified clinical remount for complete dentures

Sharma, A.K.; Harjai, M.M., 1997:
Simplified colorrhaphy and posterior sagittal anorectoplasty for the management of congenital short colon with imperforate anus

Huan, Y.; Mou, S.F.; Liu, K.N.; Rivielo, J.M., 2000:
Simplified column-switching technology for the determination of traces of anions in the presence of high concentrations of other anions

Santalucia, C.A.; Rosselli, V.A., 1999:
Simplified complaint tracking

Plies, E., 2002:
Simplified computation of third-rank image aberrations of electron-optical systems with curved axis

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Simplified continuity equation: absence of predictive value in assessing severity of mitral valve stenosis

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Simplified data processing and interpretation of pulmonary function and blood-gas data

Grzybowski, D., 2000:
Simplified deficiency processing brings hospital-wide benefits

Zemánek, P.; Jonás, A.; Liska, M., 2002:
Simplified description of optical forces acting on a nanoparticle in the Gaussian standing wave

Isomi, T., 1993:
Simplified detection of RB gene mutation by PCR-SSCP method in human osteosarcoma

Suna, S.; Jitsunari, F.; Asakawa, F.; Kitamado, T.; Ohnishi, S.; Hirao, T.; Fukunaga, I., 2001:
Simplified determination of di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and mono- (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (MEHP) in blood and organs of the rat administered DEHP

Kabasakal, L.; Onsel, C., 1996:
Simplified determination of technetium-99m ethylenedicysteine clearance from a single plasma sample: what is the upper normal range?

Machado, R.L.; Garret, D.O.; Adagu, I.S.; Warhurst, D.C.; Póvoa, M.M., 1999:
Simplified diagnosis of malaria infection: GFM/PCR/ELISA a simplified nucleic acid amplification technique by PCR/ELISA

Phuapradit, W.; Panburana, P.; Buamuenvai, J., 2000:
Simplified disposable abdominal and vulvar drapes for cesarean section in maternal HIV-1 infection

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Simplified distorted-wave treatment for asymmetric electron-capture processes

Mekayarajjananonth, T.; Huband, M.L., 2000:
Simplified duplicating procedure for dental casts

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Simplified echocardiography in the diagnosis of heart failure

Willenheimer, R.; Erhardt, L.; Dahlöf, B., 1999:
Simplified echocardiography: an accurate and inexpensive method for the assessment of left ventricular hypertrophy

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Simplified electronic-structure model for hydrogen-bonded systems: Water

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Simplified electroretinography protocol and diagnosis of retinal dystrophies in children

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Simplified electrostatic model for band-gap underestimates in the local-density approximation

Miyamoto, S.; Hadama, T.; Anai, H.; Sako, H.; Wada, T.; Eriko, I.; Hamamoto, H., 2003:
Simplified elephant trunk graft technique for aortic arch replacement

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Simplified equations for monitoring Kt/V, PCRn, eKt/V, and ePCRn

Truveller, K.A.; Nazarova, A.V., 1996:
Simplified estimate of taxon genetic differentiation by the electrophoretic spectra of tissue proteins exemplified by bats (suborder Microchiroptera)

Barbour, A.D., 2001:
Simplified estimation of Widmark "r" values by the method of Forrest

Wright, E.M.; Royston, P., 1998:
Simplified estimation of age-specific reference intervals for skewed data

Hosoya, N., 2002:
Simplified estimation of energy metabolism by a new portable indirect calorimeter: its validity and clinical epidemiological application

Gainant, A.; Bouillet, P., 1999:
Simplified exploration of jaundice: cholangiography with magnetic resonance imaging

Hammer, R.R.; Rööser, B.; Lidman, D.; Smeds, S., 1996:
Simplified external fixation for primary management of severe musculoskeletal injuries under war and peace time conditions

Shifman, A., 1993:
Simplified fabrication of orbital prostheses using posterior attachment for the artificial eye

McBride, D.W.; Hamill, O.P., 1999:
Simplified fast pressure-clamp technique for studying mechanically gated channels

van Schilfgaarde M; Herman, 1993:
Simplified first principles approach to exchange coupling in magnetic multilayers

Pozner, J.N., 1999:
Simplified fixation for endoscopic brow lifts: self-tapping, drill-free posts

Mundee, Y.; Bigelow, N.C.; Davis, B.H.; Porter, J.B., 2001:
Simplified flow cytometric method for fetal hemoglobin containing red blood cells

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Simplified fluorescent inhibition microtest for the titration of rabies neutralizing antibodies

Pei, S.C.; Ding, J.J., 2001:
Simplified fractional Fourier transforms

Slater, R.R.; Bynum, D.K., 1997:
Simplified functional splinting after extensor tenorrhaphy

Angrand, P.O.; Daigle, N.; van der Hoeven, F.; Schöler, H.R.; Stewart, A.F., 1999:
Simplified generation of targeting constructs using ET recombination

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Simplified guide for precise implant placement: a technical note

Rapp, J.T.; Miltenberger, R.G.; Long, E.S.; Elliott, A.J.; Lumley, V.A., 1998:
Simplified habit reversal treatment for chronic hair pulling in three adolescents: a clinical replication with direct observation

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Simplified handling of aminoglycosides. Daily dosage established on basis of serum creatinine levels

Suzuki, M.; Fukuhara, K.; Unno, M.; Rikiyama, T.; Takeuchi, H.; Uchiyama, T.; Matsuno, S., 1999:
Simplified hepatic resection utilizing absorbable polyglycolic acid-based tape and other ligature apparatus

Yusuf, A.; Al-Rawithi, S.; Raines, D.; Frayha, H.; Toonsi, T.A.; Al-Mohsen, I.; E1-Yazigi, A., 1999:
Simplified high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of gentamicin sulfate in a microsample of plasma: comparison with fluorescence polarization immunoassay

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Simplified hormonal treatment of amenorrhea

Geurst; van Beelen H, 1996:
Simplified hydrodynamic analysis of superfluid turbulence in He II: Internal dynamics of inhomogeneous vortex tangle

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Simplified implant dentistry for the restorative dentist: integrating the team approach

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Simplified implantation of defibrillators

Gottlieb, M., 1996:
Simplified impression-taking technique

Yanaga, K.; Nishizaki, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Taketomi, A.; Matsumata, T.; Takenaka, K.; Sugimachi, K., 1996:
Simplified inflow control using stapling devices for major hepatic resection

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Simplified infusion method for 10% hemiacidrin irrigation of renal pelvis

Teitelbaum, D.H.; Cox, C.S., 1997:
Simplified insertion of a transpyloric feeding tube

Holmes, D.; Kern, M.J., 2002:
Simplified intracardiac electrocardiography for Ebstein's anomaly

Kalappanavar, N.K.; Kesaree, N.; Banapurmath, C.R., 2001:
Simplified intraosseous needle

Fernandes, P.T.; De Souza, E.A., 1999:
Simplified inventory of quality of life in childhood epilepsy: initial results

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Simplified isolation and spheroidal aggregate culture of rat hepatocytes

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Simplified laparoscopic approach to "second-look" laparotomy: a review

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Simplified laparoscopic surgery in reflux disease by a modified polyglactin scarf

Anonymous, 1979:
Simplified life tables for 1977

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Simplified management of an in vitro fertilization program

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Simplified manual systems for clinical management: the internal management report

Owens, R.; Hirschhorn, N., 1980:
Simplified manual systems for clinical management: tracking systems

Danquechin Dorval, E.; Barbieux, J.P.; Picon, L.; Alison, D.; Codjovi, P.; Rouleau, P., 1994:
Simplified measurement of colonic transit time by one radiography of the abdomen and a single type of marker. Normal values in 82 volunteers related to the sexes

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Simplified measurement of intra-access pressure

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Simplified method for backloading of guidewire during endourology

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Simplified method for calculating aortic valve resistance: correlation with valve area and standard formula

Harris, 1985:
Simplified method for calculating the energy of weakly interacting fragments

Small, B.W., 1995:
Simplified method for direct resin composite veneers placement

Tsai, T.P.; Shen, Y.F., 1999:
Simplified method for fabrication of a claspless removable partial denture using extracoronal resilient attachment

Cortona, 1989:
Simplified method for fully relativistic spin-polarized density-functional calculations

Maruyama, Y.; Nagao, T.; Kurose, H., 2001:
Simplified method for gene transfer and expression by recombinant adenoviruses

Chaimattayompol, N., 2000:
Simplified method for making a soft tissue mask for a working cast

Goil, S.; Barnes, C.; Thibeault, D.; Truog, W.E., 1998:
Simplified method for purification of colostrum to obtain secretory component of immunoglobulin A, using secretory component as a reference protein in tracheal aspirate fluid

Meisel, T.; Moser, J.; Fellner, N.; Wegscheider, W.; Schoenberg, R., 2001:
Simplified method for the determination of Ru, Pd, Re, Os, Ir and Pt in chromitites and other geological materials by isotope dilution ICP-MS and acid digestion

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Simplified method for the interpretation of immunoblots for Lyme borreliosis

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Simplified method for the processing of sputum in the diagnosis of tuberculosis

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Simplified method for the telomeric repeat amplification protocol (TRAP)

Marsh, L.H.; Robertson, J.M.; McShan, D.L., 1994 :
Simplified method for three-dimensional evaluation of interstitial brachytherapy applications

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Simplified method for vitamin E determination in rat adipose tissue and mammary glands by high-performance liquid chromatography

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Simplified method of cultured brain microcapillary endothelial cells

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Simplified method of estimating masticatory performance

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Simplified method of evaluating dysfunction in St. Jude medical prosthetic heart valves

Early, G.L.; Ballenger, M.; Hannah, H.; Roberts, S.R., 2001:
Simplified method of left ventricular thrombectomy

Lee, J.H.; Kim, J., 2002:
Simplified method to solve sound transmission through structures lined with elastic porous material

Barthez, P.Y.; Chew, D.J.; DiBartola, S.P., 2001:
Simplified methods for estimation of 99mTc-pentetate and 131I-orthoiodohippurate plasma clearance in dogs and cats

Kiat-amnuay, S.; Mekayarajjananonth, T.; Cron, C.C.; Khan, Z.; Gettleman, L., 1999:
Simplified methods for fabricating tissue-supported implant-retained overdentures with retention from a resilient liner

Warwicker, J., 1999:
Simplified methods for pKa and acid pH-dependent stability estimation in proteins: removing dielectric and counterion boundaries

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Simplified methods of implant treatment in the edentulous lower jaw. A controlled prospective study. Part I: one-stage versus two-stage surgery

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Simplified microscopic model for electron-optical-phonon interactions in quantum wells

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Simplified model of electron scattering using R-matrix methods

Rodin, V.B.; Panikov, N.S.; Kobelev, V.S.; Akimova, N.A.; Kholodenko, V.P., 1998:
Simplified model of increase in colony diameter during growth of unicellular microorganisms and its use in evaluating the effect of biocides on microbial cells

Phelps; Jelenkovic; Pitchford, 1987:
Simplified models of electron excitation and ionization at very high E/n

Smith, S.L.; Unsworth, A., 2000:
Simplified motion and loading compared to physiological motion and loading in a hip joint simulator

Koźmiński, W., 1999:
Simplified multiplet pattern HSQC-TOCSY experiment for accurate determination of long-range heteronuclear coupling constants

Banks, P., 2002:
Simplified multistranded retainers

Hallock, G.G., 2000:
Simplified nomenclature for compound flaps

Nag, S.; Martinez-Monge, R.; Zhang, H.; Gupta, N., 1999:
Simplified non-looping functional loop technique for HDR brachytherapy

Mejia, M.A.; Itoh, M.; Watabe, H.; Fujiwara, T.; Nakamura, T., 1994:
Simplified nonlinearity correction of oxygen-15-water regional cerebral blood flow images without blood sampling

Anonymous, 1993:
Simplified nursing procedures in clean room for orthopedic patients

Musikant, B.L.; Cohen, B.I.; Deutsch, A.S., 1999:
Simplified obturation of tapered canal preparations

Wilson, L.W., 1997:
Simplified percent body fat predictor

Cwikiel, W.; Walther, B., 1996:
Simplified percutaneous gastrostomy

Roueff, Séphane.; Pagniez, D.; Moranne, O.; Roumilhac, D.; Talaszka, A.; Le Monies De Sagazan, Hé.; Dequiedt, P.; Boulanger, E., 2002:
Simplified percutaneous placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters: comparison with surgical placement

Rosell, F.L.; Montandon-Pompeu, A.A.; Valsecki Júnior, A., 1999:
Simplified periodontal record for pregnant women

Burbige, K.A., 1994:
Simplified postoperative management of hypospadias repair

Palfrey, D.; Cook, P.J.; Smythe, J.A.; Lip, G.Y.; Hine, A.V., 2000:
Simplified preparation of human arterial sections for PCR analysis of Chlamydia pneumoniae and human DNA

Horton, M.D.; Florence, M.G., 1993:
Simplified preperitoneal Marlex hernia repair

Satoh, K.; Nakatsuka, K., 1996:
Simplified procedure for aesthetic improvement of facial contour by maxillary augmentation using a porous hydroxyapatite graft for maxillofacial deformity

Biller, M.; Bolmstedt, A.; Hemming, A.; Olofsson, S., 1999:
Simplified procedure for fractionation and structural characterisation of complex mixtures of N-linked glycans, released from HIV-1 gp120 and other highly glycosylated viral proteins

Hammad, I.A.; Nourallah, H., 1996:
Simplified procedure for making fixed partial dentures with a functionally generated path

Hansen, C.A.; Clear, K.; Wright, P., 1994:
Simplified procedure for making gold occlusal surfaces on denture teeth

Thornton, L.J., 2001:
Simplified procedure for preparing removable dies

Thornton, L.J., 2002:
Simplified procedure for provisional fabrication

Welsh, G.; Bissell, V., 2000:
Simplified procedure for replacement of retentive clips in a bar-retained implant overdenture

Arya, S.C., 1998:
Simplified procedures for enumeration of CD4+ T lymphocytes and quantification of HIV RNA

Meneses, P.I.; Abrey, L.E.; Hajjar, K.A.; Gultekin, S.H.; Duvoisin, R.M.; Berns, K.I.; Rosenfeld, M.R., 1999:
Simplified production of a recombinant human angiostatin derivative that suppresses intracerebral glial tumor growth

Gemelli, F.; Magon, R., 2002:
Simplified prognostic test in the early detection of acute pancreatitis

Lu; Carlsson, 1989:
Simplified pseudopotential expansion theory for Al-Li alloys

Acton, P.D.; Meyer, P.T.; Mozley, P.D.; Plössl, K.; Kung, H.F., 2000:
Simplified quantification of dopamine transporters in humans using [99mTc]TRODAT-1 and single-photon emission tomography

Yonekura, Y.; Ishizu, K.; Okazawa, H.; Tanaka, F.; Hattori, N.; Sadato, N.; Tsuchida, T.; Nishizawa, S.; Tamaki, N.; Nagamine, T.; Konishi, J.; Shibasaki, H., 1996:
Simplified quantification of regional cerebral blood flow with 99mTc-ECD SPECT and continuous arterial blood sampling

Arigoni, M.; Kneifel, S.; Fandino, J.; Khan, N.; Burger, C.; Buck, A., 2000:
Simplified quantitative determination of cerebral perfusion reserve with H2(15)O PET and acetazolamide

Hiromura, T., 1996:
Simplified radiographic slide production utilizing a laser imager and personal computer

Solow, R.A., 2001:
Simplified radiographic-surgical template for placement of multiple, parallel implants

Yamashita, K.; Tatebayashi, T.; Shinoda, H.; Okayasu, I., 1996:
Simplified rapid non-radioactive PCR-SSCP method applied to K-ras mutation analysis

Kingston, F., 2002:
Simplified recordkeeping: recordkeeping in an approved provider status unit

Craft, I.; Tsirigotis, M., 1995:
Simplified recovery, preparation and cryopreservation of testicular spermatozoa

Acton, P.D.; Kushner, S.A.; Kung, M.P.; Mozley, P.D.; Plössl, K.; Kung, H.F., 1999:
Simplified reference region model for the kinetic analysis of [99mTc]TRODAT-1 binding to dopamine transporters in nonhuman primates using single-photon emission tomography

Lammertsma, A.A.; Hume, S.P., 1996:
Simplified reference tissue model for PET receptor studies

Markman, M.; Kennedy, A.; Webster, K.; Peterson, G.; Kulp, B.; Belinson, J., 1997:
Simplified regimen for the prevention of paclitaxel-associated hypersensitivity reactions

Ali, I.M.; Sanalla, A.A., 1996:
Simplified reinforced sternal closure

Diener, G.; Brusch, L., 2002:
Simplified replica treatment of various random-energy and random-field models with confinement potential

Brady, T.A.; Pelle, J.P., 1996:
Simplified repositioning splint construction

Croll, T.P., 2000:
Simplified resin-based composite sealant

Sung, S.C.; Jun, H.J.; Woo, J.S., 2001:
Simplified retrograde systemic perfusion for removal of air from the aorta in an infant

Lau-Cam, C.A.; Piemontese, D., 1998:
Simplified reversed-phase HPLC method with spectrophotometric detection for the assay of verapamil in rat plasma

Vangani, S.; Udwadia, B.P.; Dash, M.; Ravikumar, K.; Shivprakash, R., 2000 :
Simplified reversed-phase LC method with spectrophotometric detection for estimation of sparfloxacin in human plasma

Buckey, J.C.; Beattie, J.M.; Gaffney, F.A.; Nixon, J.V.; Blomqvist, C.G., 1984:
Simplified right ventricular volume algorithm using one digitized view and transducer tilt angle

Gabre, P.; Martinsson, T.; Gahnberg, L., 1999:
Simplified sampling methods for estimating levels of lactobacilli in saliva in dental clinical practice

Resnick, B.; Parker, R., 2002:
Simplified scoring and psychometrics of the revised 12-item Short-Form Health Survey

Pegoraro, A.; Singh, A.; Bakir, A.A.; Arruda, J.A.; Dunea, G., 1998:
Simplified screening for microalbuminuria

Hiltunen, K.M.; Matikainen, M., 1994:
Simplified solid sphere test to investigate anal sphincter strength in patients with anorectal diseases

Su, 1985:
Simplified solutions of the Dirac-Coulomb equation

Zorer, W.; Deasy, K., 1982:
Simplified specimen photography: standardized technique yields high-quality photos while saving time

Bergqvist, 1993:
Simplified spinorial proof of the positive energy theorem

Vauthey, J-Nicolas.; Lauwers, G.Y.; Esnaola, N.F.; Do, K-Anh.; Belghiti, J.; Mirza, N.; Curley, S.A.; Ellis, L.M.; Regimbeau, J-Marc.; Rashid, A.; Cleary, K.R.; Nagorney, D.M., 2002:
Simplified staging for hepatocellular carcinoma

Khochikar, M.; Waterfall, N., 1998:
Simplified stapling technique for securing the dorsal vein complex

Heyndrickx, L.; Janssens, W.; Zekeng, L.; Musonda, R.; Anagonou, S.; Van der Auwera, G.; Coppens, S.; Vereecken, K.; De Witte, K.; Van Rampelbergh, R.; Kahindo, M.; Morison, L.; McCutchan, F.E.; Carr, J.K.; Albert, J.; Essex, M.; Goudsmit, J.; Asjö, B.; Salminen, M.; Buvé, A.; van Der Groen, G., 1999:
Simplified strategy for detection of recombinant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 group M isolates by gag/env heteroduplex mobility assay. Study Group on Heterogeneity of HIV Epidemics in African Cities

Rous, S.M., 1999:
Simplified sub-Tenon's anesthesia: miniblock with maxiblock effect

Luximon, A.; Goonetilleke, R.S., 2001:
Simplified subjective workload assessment technique

Clauser, C.; Zuccati, G.; Barone, R.; Villano, A., 1994:
Simplified surgical-orthodontic treatment of a dentigerous cyst

Yokoe, D.S.; Anderson, J.; Chambers, R.; Connor, M.; Finberg, R.; Hopkins, C.; Lichtenberg, D.; Marino, S.; McLaughlin, D.; O'Rourke, E.; Samore, M.; Sands, K.; Strymish, J.; Tamplin, E.; Vallonde, N.; Platt, R., 1998:
Simplified surveillance for nosocomial bloodstream infections

Kamal, N.G.; Condie, R., 2003:
Simplified suturing technique for sacrospinous vaginal fixation

Newalkar, B.L.; Komarneni, S., 2002:
Simplified synthesis of micropore-free mesoporous silica, SBA-15, under microwave-hydrothermal conditions

Eger, K.; Klünder, E.; Beck, R.A.; Schloz, U., 1993:
Simplified synthesis of mono(4-aminophenyl)-3'-thymidilic acid ester used as thymidine kinase specific ligand for affinity chromatography

Geggel, H.S., 2000:
Simplified technique for acrylic intraocular lens explantation

Scorsin, M.; Bel, A.; Menasché, P., 1997:
Simplified technique for antegrade cerebral perfusion

Fonkalsrud, E.W.; Dunn, J.C.; Kawaguchi, A.I., 1998:
Simplified technique for antegrade continence enemas for fecal retention and incontinence

Bortolotti, U., 1996:
Simplified technique for aortic annular enlargement during aortic valve replacement

Keys, L.G.; Alarcon, E.Karina., 2002:
Simplified technique for blocking out undercuts during direct overdenture matrix attachment

Lee, M.J.; Mustoe, T.A., 2002:
Simplified technique for creating a youthful umbilicus in abdominoplasty

Mirbod, S.M., 1997:
Simplified technique for custom tray fabrication

Sarsam, M.A.I., 2002:
Simplified technique for determining the length of artificial chordae in mitral valve repair

Thouas, G..A..; Korfiatis, N..A..; French, A..J..; Jones, G..M..; Trounson, A..O.., 2003:
Simplified technique for differential staining of inner cell mass and trophectoderm cells of mouse and bovine blastocysts

Devoto, M.H.; Kersten, R.C.; Teske, S.A.; Kulwin, D.R., 1997:
Simplified technique for eyelid margin repair

Fugazzotto, P.A., 2002:
Simplified technique for immediate implant insertion into extraction sockets: report of technique and preliminary results

Miller, J.I.; Larson, T.R., 1994:
Simplified technique for improving exposure of the apical prostate during radical retropubic prostatectomy

Motson, R.W.; Kelly, M.D., 2002:
Simplified technique for laparoscopic appendectomy

Taylor, R.S.; Loh, A., 1994:
Simplified technique for peritoneal dissection during laparoscopic hernia repair

Sabbak, S.A., 2000:
Simplified technique for refabrication of cast posts and cores

Doerr, J., 2002:
Simplified technique for retrieving cemented implant restorations

Choudhary, S.Kumar.; Joshi, R.; Bhan, A.; Venugopal, P., 2002:
Simplified technique for retrograde cerebral perfusion during repair of distal aortic arch and proximal descending thoracic aorta

Smith, R.J.; Bhavsar, A.R., 1998:
Simplified technique for suturing a temporary keratoprosthesis for pars plana vitrectomy

Ruzic, J.C.; Moreno, A.; Morin, C., 1998:
Simplified technique for thoracic drainage in anterior surgery of scoliosis in the child

Gersin, K.S.; Ponsky, J.L.; Heniford, B.T., 1998:
Simplified technique for unrolling prosthetic mesh during laparoscopic ventral hernia repair

Piskun, G.; Shaftan, G.; Fogler, R., 1999:
Simplified technique of mesh fixation during laparoscopic repair of abdominal ventral hernia

Matsumoto, N.; Kawano, F., 1993:
Simplified technique of recording edentulous jaw relationship

Rivera-Morales, W.C.; Goldman, B.M.; Jackson, R.S., 1996:
Simplified technique to measure mandibular range of motion

Brykov, A.; Rikenglaz, L., 2000:
Simplified theory of microwave drying of alkali metal silicate solutions with arbitrary values of SiO2/M2O mole ratio

Harihara, Y.; Sanjo, K.; Otsubo, O.; Idezuki, Y., 1994:
Simplified three-cuff method in concordant hamster-to-rat liver xenotransplantation

Kastening, B., 2003:
Simplified transfer matrix approach in the two-dimensional Ising model with various boundary conditions

Sexton, J.; O'Hare, D., 1993:
Simplified treatment of vascular lesions using the argon laser

Olsrud, J.; Wirestam, R.; Persson, B.R.; Tranberg, K.G., 1999:
Simplified treatment planning for interstitial laser thermotherapy by disregarding light transport: a numerical study

Nghiem Toan, N., 1993:
Simplified urethrocystovaginal suspension as treatment for stress urinary incontinence

Jung, J.L.; Abouelfadel, Z., 1995:
Simplified urinary diversion in colostomized patients

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Simplified use of mixed propofol and alfentanil for anesthesia in remote locations

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Simplified vaginal hysterectomy

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Simplified videonystagmoscopy

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Simplified visual preperitoneal access to the space of Retzius for laparoscopic urethrocolpopexy

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Simplified vs complex adjuvant chemotherapy schedule for osteosarcoma

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Simplified way of counselling parents about outcome of extremely premature babies

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Simplified "push" technique for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children

Anonymous, 1998:
Simplified, one-on-one asthma education cuts Medicaid utilization up to 71%

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Simplifies case record in emergency surgery

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Simplify and energize policy development

Anonymous, 1996:
Simplify credentialing, organizing medical staff with the right steps

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Simplify humdrum PC tasks with batch files

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Simplifying 5'RACE in the hunt for full-length cDNAs

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Simplifying HIV therapeutics, and the global treatment of AIDS

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Simplifying Kaufman's solution of the two-dimensional Ising model

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Simplifying MORT for supervisors

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Simplifying a prognostic model: a simulation study based on clinical data

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Simplifying abutment selection

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Simplifying amniocentesis in paraplegic women-the wheelchair tilting manoeuvre

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Simplifying and improving process validation

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Simplifying care plans

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Simplifying charge forms

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Simplifying cleaning chemicals

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Simplifying compliance activities

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Simplifying cosmetic surgery: improving safety or refinement?

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Simplifying data queries

Anonymous, 2001:
Simplifying drug regimens

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Simplifying dual-arch impressions

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Simplifying extractions

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Simplifying health care delivery

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Simplifying implant prosthetics

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Simplifying in-vitro fertilization therapy

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Simplifying likelihood ratios

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Simplifying liposuction preparation

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Simplifying management of the posterior maxilla using short, porous-surfaced dental implants and simultaneous indirect sinus elevation

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Simplifying microvascular head and neck reconstruction: a rational approach to donor site selection

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Simplifying modern wound management for nonprofessional caregivers

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Simplifying orthodontic analysis

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Simplifying physicians' response to domestic violence

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Simplifying prognostication and decision making using exercise testing

Anonymous, 1999:
Simplifying referrals communication

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Simplifying restorative options using angled hollow-cylinder implants

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Simplifying single anterior crown aesthetics

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Simplifying the Waterston's stratification of infants with tracheoesophageal fistula

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Simplifying the assessment of rural emergency medical service trauma transport

Ohsfeldt, R.L.; Morrisey, M.A.; Johnson, V.; Treat, R., 1996:
Simplifying the assessment of rural emergency medical services trauma transport

Anonymous, 2000:
Simplifying the balanced scorecard for a better picture of performance

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Simplifying the bead-brush technique

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Simplifying the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

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Simplifying the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea

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Simplifying the exoglycosidase digestion/MALDI-MS procedures for sequencing N-linked carbohydrate side chains

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A New Venous Entry Detection Method Based on Electrical Bio-impedance Sensing

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Simplifying the internal iliac artery aneurysm

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Simplifying the management of the environment of care

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Simplifying the molecular mechanisms of human papillomavirus

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Simplifying the mosaic description of DNA sequences

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Simplifying the purchase procedure

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Simplifying the sampling method for evaluating the larval density of Aedes aegypti in São Paulo State, Brazil

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Simplifying the treatment of edentulism: a new type of implant

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Simplifying the writing process for the novice writer

Anonymous, 1996:
Simplifying your menu reduces costs

Harris, S., 1987:
Simplistic solutions won't solve access to care dilemma

Roberts, P.H., 1993:
Simply a case of good practice. Avoiding catheter-related sepsis in total parenteral nutrition

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Simply add oxygen: why isn't oxygen administration taught in all resuscitation training?

van der Vyver, P.J.; Marais, J.T., 1995:
Simply aesthetic dentistry: treatment of tooth discolouration caused by amalgam: two case reports

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Simply assembled and recyclable polymer-supported olefin metathesis catalysts

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Simply breathtaking

Alberts, J.R., 2002:
Simply complex: essentialism trumps reductionism

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Simply efficient. This central production system combines cook-chill with the latest rethermalization technology

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Simply marking dentures in the SAF. Singapore Armed Forces

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Simply modeling B-bar-->K-bar* gamma

Holdom; Sutherland, 1993:
Simply modeling meson heavy-quark effective theory

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Simply not simple

Rocca, B.; FitzGerald, G.A., 1997:
Simply read: erythrocytes modulate platelet function. Should we rethink the way we give aspirin?

Shickle, D.; Verrall, C.; Donnelly, P., 1993:
Simply sausages?

Anonymous, 2001:
Simply stated.... Project Inform

Anonymous, 2001:
Simply stated...absorbing reading

Anonymous, 2001:
Simply stated...are people still wasting?

Anonymous, 2001:
Simply stated...on your mark, get set, go

Anonymous, 2001:
Simply stated: feelings, whoa-oh-oh feelings...

Carlin, M.; Gordon, J.H.; Gormly, D.W., 2003:
Simply strategy. It can be a real problem insuring long term care facilities--but not if you use some practical solutions

Williams, R., 2001:
Simply the best. Managers who get your vote

Cates, C.J., 2002:
Simpson's paradox and calculation of number needed to treat from meta-analysis

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Simpson's paradox in meta-analysis

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Simpson's paradox: an example from hospital epidemiology

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Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome (SGBS) in a female with an X-autosome translocation

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Simpson-Golabi-Behmel syndrome. A new overgrowth syndrome with increased risk of tumor development

Anonymous, 1987:
Sims polls colleagues; the typical trustee; hospitals eye testing as moneymaker

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Sims: planning for the association's next quarter-century in nephrology nursing

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Simulants of malignant melanoma: a rogue's gallery of melanocytic and nonmelanocytic imposters

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Simulants, stimulants and diseases: the evolution of the United States biological warfare programme, 1945-60

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Simulated Bennett fracture treated with closed reduction and percutaneous pinning. A biomechanical analysis of residual incongruity of the joint

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Simulated Bose-Einstein correlations in multiplicity distributions from relativistic heavy-ion collisions

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Simulated Contact Angle Hysteresis of a Three-Dimensional Drop on a Chemically Heterogeneous Surface: A Numerical Example

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Simulated Zenker's endoscopic staple-assisted esophagodiverticulostomy (ESED) surgery

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Simulated anaesthetic emergencies

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Simulated and NMR-derived backbone dynamics of a protein with significant flexibility: a comparison of spectral densities for the betaARK1 PH domain

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Simulated annealing for topological solitons

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Simulated annealing of carbon clusters

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Simulated annealing of silicon atom clusters in Langevin molecular dynamics

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Simulated annealing structure solution of a new phase of dicalcium silicate Ca(2)SiO(4) and the mechanism of structural changes from alpha-dicalcium silicate hydrate to alpha(L)'-dicalcium silicate via the new phase

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Simulated annealing with floating Gaussians: Hellmann-Feynman forces without corrections

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Simulated bleeding--a forgotten disease in a land of plenty

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Simulated bone metastases: a case study of two patients with breast cancer

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Simulated car crashes at intersections in drivers with Alzheimer disease

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Simulated casualties and medics for emergency training

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Simulated coevolution in a mutating ecology

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Simulated cometary matter as a test for enantiomer separating chromatography for use on comet 46P/Wirtanen

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Simulated conditions of microgravity suppress progesterone production by luteal cells of the pregnant rat

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Simulated consultation with actors for teaching clinical interviews

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Simulated craniotomy

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Simulated crystalline structures of aromatic polyimides

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Simulated difficult intubation. Comparison of the gum elastic bougie and the stylet

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Simulated disability exercises and their impact on attitudes toward persons with disabilities

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Simulated ecology-driven sympatric speciation

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Simulated equilibrium and nonequilibrium interfaces in a lattice model

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Simulated experiment of hemodynamics changes in aorta during high energetic trauma through abdomen

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Simulated feedforward neural network coordination of hand grasp and wrist angle in a neuroprosthesis

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Simulated field experience in the use of the Sam splint for pressure immobilization of snakebite

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Simulated flow pattern in massive pulmonary embolism: significance for selective intrapulmonary thrombolysis

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Simulated flux-lattice melting and magnetic-field distributions in high-Tc superconductors