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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47441

Chapter 47441 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gambassi, G.; Landi, F.; Bernabei, R., 1997:
Steroid therapy in AD

OBrien, A.; Ward, N.S., 2002:
Steroid therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Viruet, E.J.; Torres, E.A., 1999:
Steroid therapy in fulminant hepatic failure secondary to autoimmune hepatitis

Zainudin, B., 1997:
Steroid therapy in obstructive airway diseases

Anonymous, 2002:
Steroid therapy of acute ENT infections: rarely indicated

Schiavon, G.; Fusaro, F.; Carmignola, G.; Zoppellaro, F.; Marzaro, M.; Bastasin, F.; Perrino, G., 1998:
Steroid therapy of hemangioma in children

López-Gómez, M.; Hernández Burruezo, J.J.; Castaño, J.; Gea, I.; Mateas Ruiz, F., 1993:
Steroid therapy of non-specific aphthous ulcers in patients with HIV infection

Inoue, M.; Kimura, K.; Hasegawa, K.; Fujiwara, K.; Nakagawa, K.; Yasumitsu, T., 2002:
Steroid therapy without primary dose escalation for postthymectomy crisis in 2 thymomatous myasthenia gravis patients

Song, W.C.; Melner, M.H., 2000:
Steroid transformation enzymes as critical regulators of steroid action in vivo

Saghiri, M.Ali.; Asatourian, A.; Sheibani, N., 2018:
Angiogenesis and the prevention of alveolar osteitis: a review study

Zeppetella, G., 1998:
Steroid treatment cards

Rivner, M.H., 2001:
Steroid treatment for myasthenia gravis: steroids are overutilized

Bedlack, R.S.; Sanders, D.B., 2001:
Steroid treatment for myasthenia gravis: steroids have an important role

Iñiguez, C.; Campos, R.; Larrodé, P.; Mauri, J.A.; Morales, F., 2000:
Steroid treatment of acute psychosis associated with multiple sclerosis]

Fitzsimmons, T.D.; Fagerholm, P.; Tengroth, B., 1993:
Steroid treatment of myopic regression: acute refractive and topographic changes in excimer photorefractive keratectomy patients

Oritsu, M., 1994:
Steroid treatment of neurosarcoidosis

Laby, D.M.; Leavitt, J.A.; King, L.M., 1993:
Steroid treatment of radiation-induced choroidopathy

Gundersen, Y.; Vaagenes, P., 2001:
Steroid treatment of shock lung--tune for re-evaluation?

Barnes, K.M.; Dickstein, B.; Cutler, G.B.; Fojo, T.; Bates, S.E., 1996:
Steroid treatment, accumulation, and antagonism of P-glycoprotein in multidrug-resistant cells

García García, S.; Alvarez Alvarez, C., 1998:
Steroid treatment: risk factor for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

Yarnold, B.M., 1998:
Steroid use among Miami's public school students, 1992: alternative subcultures: religion and music versus peers and the "body cult"

Irving, L.M.; Wall, M.; Neumark-Sztainer, D.; Story, M., 2002:
Steroid use among adolescents: findings from Project EAT

Pärssinen, M.; Seppälä, T., 2002:
Steroid use and long-term health risks in former athletes

McGee, D.Cooper., 2002:
Steroid use during pregnancy

Berinstein, T.H.; Bane, S.M.; Cupp, C.L.; DeMarco, J.K.; Hunsaker, D.H., 1998:
Steroid use in rhinoplasty: an objective assessment of postoperative edema

Robinson, J.H., 1996:
Steroid versus placebo injection for trigger finger

Dmitrewski, J.; Ayres, S.; Gunson, B.K.; Buist, L.J.; Buckels, J.A.; McMaster, P.; Mayer, A.D., 1994:
Steroid withdrawal 3 months after liver transplantation--does FK 506 confer any advantage over cyclosporin?

Schulak, J.A.; Hricik, D.E., 1994:
Steroid withdrawal after renal transplantation

Nowacka-Cieciura, E.; Durlik, M.; Cieciura, T.; Lewandowska, D.; Baczkowska, T.; Kukuła, K.; Lao, M.; Szmidt, J.; Rowinski, W., 2002:
Steroid withdrawal after renal transplantation--risks and benefits

Strand, V., 1999:
Steroid withdrawal favours joint erosion in rheumatoid arthritis

Sanfey, H.; Haussman, G.; Isaacs, I.; Ishitani, M.; Lobo, P.; McCullough, C.; Pruett, T., 1997:
Steroid withdrawal in kidney transplant recipients: is it a safe option?

Adams, R.W.; Chapman, R.L.; Smallwood, G.A., 2002:
Steroid withdrawal in liver transplant recipients

Budde, K.; Fritsche, L.; Geissler, S.; Hallebach, G.; Diekmann, F.; Mai, I.; Böhler, T.; Waiser, J.; Neumayer, H.H., 2001:
Steroid withdrawal in long-term cyclosporine A treated patients using mycophenolate mofetil: a prospective randomized pilot study

Sterneck, M.; Fischer, L.; Weise, C.; Broering, D.; Rogiers, X., 2001:
Steroid withdrawal in long-term liver transplant recipients

Sánchez, V.; Delgado, J.E.; Gómez, M.A.; Escribano, P.; Dalmau, R.; Pombo, M.; Gil, L.; Sotelo, T.; Rodríguez, E.; Sáenz de la Calzada, C., 2002:
Steroid withdrawal in nonimmunologically selected heart transplant recipients

Walker, R.G.; Jones, C.L.; Powell, H.R.; Becker, G.J.; Francis, D.M., 1993:
Steroid withdrawal in paediatric renal transplant patients receiving cyclosporine and azathioprine

Humar, A.; Parr, E.; Drangstveit, M.B.; Kandaswamy, R.; Gruessner, A.C.; Sutherland, D.E., 2000:
Steroid withdrawal in pancreas transplant recipients

Hricik, D.E., 2001:
Steroid withdrawal in renal transplantation

Gómez, E.; Laurés, A.; Pobes, A.; Baltar, J.; Portal, C.G.; Navascúes, R., 2001:
Steroid withdrawal in renal transplantation treated with cyclosporine a: long-term evolution

McKee, M.; Mattei, P.; Schwarz, K.; Wise, B.; Colombani, P., 1997:
Steroid withdrawal in tacrolimus (FK506)-treated pediatric liver transplant recipients

Low, K.; Mont, M.A.; Hungerford, D.S., 2001:
Steroid-associated osteonecrosis of the knee: a comprehensive review

Zachmann, M., 1995:
Steroid-converting enzymes on the move

Sandborn, W.J., 2000:
Steroid-dependent Crohn's disease

Stevens, M.H., 2001:
Steroid-dependent anosmia

Arjona, A.; Castellanos, F.; Graus, F.; Sanchez, P.; Escamilla, C.; Pascual, M.L., 1998:
Steroid-dependent anti-Hu negative paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis and small cell lung carcinoma

Cornacchia, D.; Fabbri, M.; Maresta, A.; Puglisi, A.; Ricci, R.; Azzolini, P.; Nigro, P.; Sorrentino, F.; Sestu, P.; Sanna, A.; Villani, G.Q.; Dieci, G.; Cappucci, A.; De Seta, F., 1997:
Steroid-eluting electrodes prevent chronic pacing threshold rise in the atrial chamber after oral propafenone administration

Cutler, N.G.; Karpawich, P.P.; Cavitt, D.; Hakimi, M.; Walters, H.L., 1998:
Steroid-eluting epicardial pacing electrodes: six year experience of pacing thresholds in a growing pediatric population

Cheng, A.L., 1996:
Steroid-free chemotherapy decreases the risk of hepatitis flare-up in hepatitis B virus carriers with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Bolman, R.M., 1993:
Steroid-free heart transplantation: an analysis

Ponticelli, C., 2001:
Steroid-free immunosuppression

Hu, J.; Frömel, T.; Fleming, I., 2018:
Angiogenesis and vascular stability in eicosanoids and cancer

Birkeland, S.Arvid.; Beck-Nielsen, H.; Rohr, N.; Bertuzzi, F.; Secchi, A., 2002:
Steroid-free immunosuppression in kidney-islet transplantation: a long-term follow-up

Birkeland, S.A., 1996:
Steroid-free immunosuppression in renal transplantation

Kneteman, N.M., 2001:
Steroid-free immunosuppression: balancing efficacy and toxicity

Eason, J.D.; Loss, G.E.; Blazek, J.; Nair, S.; Mason, A.L., 2001:
Steroid-free liver transplantation using rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction: results of a prospective randomized trial

Oaks, T.E.; Wannenberg, T.; Close, S.A.; Tuttle, L.E.; Kon, N.D., 2001:
Steroid-free maintenance immunosuppression after heart transplantation

Bydal, P.; Sam, K.M.; Poirier, D., 1996:
Steroid-hindered 17 beta-tertiary alcohol: characterization of dehydrated compounds

Cui, Q.; Wang, G.J.; Balian, G., 1997:
Steroid-induced adipogenesis in a pluripotential cell line from bone marrow

Dickerson, J.E.; Dotzel, E.; Clark, A.F., 1998:
Steroid-induced cataract: new perspective from in vitro and lens culture studies

Vinokurov, M.G.; Ivkova, M.N.; Ivkov, V.G.; Pechatnikov, V.A., 2001:
Steroid-induced conformational changes of FITC-labelled sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-ATPase

Sutor, B.; Wells, L.A.; Rummans, T.A., 1996:
Steroid-induced depressive psychosis responsive to electroconvulsive therapy

Wax, M., 1998:
Steroid-induced glaucoma in a young woman

Couturier, J.; Steele, M.; Hussey, L.; Pawliuk, G., 2001:
Steroid-induced mania in an adolescent: risk factors and management

Franco, K.; Chughtai, H., 2000:
Steroid-induced mania in poststroke patient involving the right basal ganglion and right frontal region

Hsu, Y.M.; Yao, N.S.; Liu, J.M., 2000:
Steroid-induced mediastinal lipomatosis with radiographic features of pericardial effusion

Caesar, I.; Gross, V.; Roth, M.; Andus, T.; Hohenberger, W.; Schölmerich, J., 1997:
Steroid-induced myopathy in left-sided ulcerative colitis. Successful treatment and continued therapy with the topical steroid budesonide

Bruder, A.; Dittmer, H., 2002:
Steroid-induced osteonecrosis of femoral condyles and bilateral Freyberg's disease

Sakai, H.; Okuda, H.; Yajima, H.; Tamai, K.; Saotome, K., 2002:
Steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral condyle in a pediatric patient with nephrotic syndrome

Usher, B.W.; Friedman, R.J., 1995:
Steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the humeral head

Niewoehner, C.B.; Niewoehner, D.E., 1999:
Steroid-induced osteoporosis. Are your asthmatic patients at risk?

Johnson, I., 1996:
Steroid-induced prepartum psychosis

Ahmad, M.; Rasul, F.M., 1999:
Steroid-induced psychosis treated with haloperidol in a patient with active chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

DeSilva, C.C.; Nurse, M.C.; Vokey, K., 2002:
Steroid-induced psychosis treated with risperidone

Litt, J.Z., 1993:
Steroid-induced rosacea

Karrer, S.; Szeimies, R.M.; Wlotzke, U.; Stolz, W.; Hohenleutner, U.; Landthaler, M., 1997:
Steroid-induced scabies norvegica

Banerjee, P.K.; Liu, C.C.; Snead, O.C., 1998:
Steroid-inhibition of [3H]gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) binding in thalamic relay nuclei increases during absence seizures

Shan, J.D.; Porvari, K.; Ruokonen, M.; Karhu, A.; Launonen, V.; Hedberg, P.; Oikarinen, J.; Vihko, P., 1997:
Steroid-involved transcriptional regulation of human genes encoding prostatic acid phosphatase, prostate-specific antigen, and prostate-specific glandular kallikrein

Hebestreit, H.; Huppertz, H.I.; Sold, J.E.; Dämmrich, J., 1997:
Steroid-pulse therapy may suppress inflammation in severe sympathetic ophthalmia

Mogul, M.J.; Forte, K.J.; Holland, H.K.; Turner, C.W.; Benyunes, M.C.; Yeager, A.M., 1997:
Steroid-refractory cutaneous graft-versus-host disease after transplantation of haploidentical parental CD34+ cells in children with Down's syndrome and recurrent acute leukemia

Fryer, J.P.; Granger, D.K.; Leventhal, J.R.; Gillingham, K.; Najarian, J.S.; Matas, A.J., 1994:
Steroid-related complications in the cyclosporine era

Nuttall, I., 1980:
Steroid-releasing vaginal rings

Miyasaka, N., 1999:
Steroid-resistant Weber-Christian Disease

Sun, Y.; Luo, W.; Zhao, R.; Gao, T., 2001:
Steroid-resistant asthma: effects of glucocorticoids on interleukin-4 and interleukin-5 gene expression

Nimmagadda, S.R.; Spahn, J.D.; Leung, D.Y.; Szefler, S.J., 1996:
Steroid-resistant asthma: evaluation and management

Harigai, M., 2001:
Steroid-resistant myositis

Olausson, M.; Mjörnstedt, L.; Brynger, H.; Blohmé, I., 1996:
Steroid-resistant rejection in kidney-transplanted patients: is ATG treatment for three or ten days preferable?

Burton, B.J.; Leff, A.P.; Plant, G.T., 1998:
Steroid-responsive HIV optic neuropathy

Blunt, S.B.; Brooks, D.J.; Kennard, C., 1994:
Steroid-responsive chorea in childhood following cardiac transplantation

Kinrys, G.; Bostwick, J.M., 2002:
Steroid-responsive confusion associated with thyroiditis

al-Tawil, Y.S.; Abramson, S.L.; Gilger, M.A.; Paul, M.E., 1996:
Steroid-responsive esophageal obstruction in a child with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)

Gupta, V.K., 1996:
Steroid-responsive hypercalcaemic nephropathy in diabetes mellitus probably due to occult sarcoidosis

Levin, M.; Aziz, M.; Opitz, L., 1997:
Steroid-responsive interstitial pneumonitis after fludarabine therapy

Redman, J., 2002:
Steroid-responsive meningitis-arteritis in the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

Yamamoto, S.; Yano, H.; Kamiyama, M.; Yamada, T.; Hayasaka, S., 1996:
Steroid-responsive optic neuropathy in a patient with Tolosa-Hunt syndrome: electrophysiologic findings

Singh, S.; Tai, C.; Ganz, G.; Yeung, C.K.; Magil, A.; Rosenberg, F.; Applegarth, D.; Levin, A., 1999:
Steroid-responsive pleuropericarditis and livedo reticularis in an unusual case of adult-onset primary hyperoxaluria

Baughman, R.P.; Lower, E.E., 1997:
Steroid-sparing alternative treatments for sarcoidosis

Nardini, S., 1998:
Steroid-sparing drugs in steroid-dependent asthma: 1-cyclosporin-A

Igarashi, Y.; Moro, Y.; Kondo, Y.; Inoue, C.N., 1994:
Steroid-sparing effect of mizoribine in long-term nephrotic syndrome of children

Guslandi, M.; Tittobello, A., 1994:
Steroid-sparing effect of transdermal nicotine in ulcerative colitis

Busse, W.; Koenig, S.M.; Oppenheimer, J.; Sahn, S.A.; Yancey, S.W.; Reilly, D.; Edwards, L.D.; Dorinsky, P.M., 2003:
Steroid-sparing effects of fluticasone propionate 100 microg and salmeterol 50 microg administered twice daily in a single product in patients previously controlled with fluticasone propionate 250 microg administered twice daily

Fellermann, K.; Ludwig, D.; Stahl, M.; David-Walek, T.; Stange, E.F., 1998:
Steroid-unresponsive acute attacks of inflammatory bowel disease: immunomodulation by tacrolimus (FK506)

Li, S.H.; Li, T.S., 1998:
Steroidal 5-en-3-ones, intermediates of the transformation of steroidal 5-en-3 beta-ols to steroidal 4-en-3,6-diones oxidized by pyridinium dichromate and pyridinium chlorochromate

Lobaccaro, C.; Pons, J.F.; Duchesne, M.J.; Auzou, G.; Pons, M.; Nique, F.; Teutsch, G.; Borgna, J.L., 1997:
Steroidal affinity labels of the estrogen receptor. 3. Estradiol 11 beta-n-alkyl derivatives bearing a terminal electrophilic group: antiestrogenic and cytotoxic properties

Ripperger, H.; Porzel, A., 1998:
Steroidal alkaloid glycosides from Solanum suaveolens

Marwah, P.; Thoden, J.B.; Powell, D.R.; Lardy, H.A., 1996:
Steroidal allylic fluorination using diethylaminosulfur trifluoride: a convenient method for the synthesis of 3 beta-acetoxy-7 alpha- and 7 beta-fluoroandrost-5-en-17-one

Tiemann, U.; Hansen, P.J., 1995:
Steroidal and growth factor regulation of [3H]thymidine incorporation by cultured endosalpingeal cells of the bovine oviduct

Akakura, K.; Furuya, Y.; Ito, H., 1998:
Steroidal and nonsteroidal antiandrogens: chemical structures, mechanisms of action and clinical applications

D'Armas, H.T.; Mootoo, B.S.; Reynolds, W.F., 2001:
Steroidal compounds from the Caribbean octocoral Eunicea laciniata

Gan; Kuo; Lin, 1998:
Steroidal constituents of ganoderma applanatum and ganodermaneo-japonicum

Sarkar, N.N., 2001:
Steroidal contraception for men

Peng, H.; Xie, W.; Kim, D.I.; Zalkow, L.H.; Powis, G.; Otterness, D.M.; Abraham, R.T., 2000:
Steroidal derived acids as inhibitors of human Cdc25A protein phosphatase

Zimowski, J., 1999:
Steroidal glycoalkaloids from the Solanaceae family

Wu, G.; Jiang, S.; Jiang, F.; Zhu, D.; Wu, H.; Jiang, S., 1996:
Steroidal glycosides from Tribulus terrestris

Leng, G., 2000:
Steroidal influences on oxytocin neurones

Chang, Y.M.; Kelliher, K.R.; Baum, M.J., 2001:
Steroidal modulation of scent investigation and marking behaviors in male and female ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)

Nelson, R., 2002:
Steroidal oestrogens added to list of known human carcinogens

Minale, L.; Riccio, R.; Zollo, F., 1993:
Steroidal oligoglycosides and polyhydroxysteroids from echinoderms

Mimaki, Y.; Kanmoto, T.; Kuroda, M.; Sashida, Y.; Satomi, Y.; Nishino, A.; Nishino, H., 1996:
Steroidal saponins from Hosta longipes and their inhibitory activity on tumour promoter-induced phospholipid metabolism of HeLa cells

Mimaki, Y.; Takaashi, Y.; Kuroda, M.; Sashida, Y.; Nikaido, T., 1996:
Steroidal saponins from Nolina recurvata stems and their inhibitory activity on cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase

Bernardo, R.R.; Pinto, A.V.; Parente, J.P., 1996:
Steroidal saponins from Smilax officinalis

Yan, W.; Ohtani, K.; Kasai, R.; Yamasaki, K., 1996:
Steroidal saponins from fruits of Tribulus terrestris

Haraguchi, M.; Mimaki, Y.; Motidome, M.; Morita, H.; Takeya, K.; Itokawa, H.; Yokosuka, A.; Sashida, Y., 2001:
Steroidal saponins from the leaves of Cestrum sendtenerianum

Mimaki, Y.; Kuroda, M.; Kameyama, A.; Yokosuka, A.; Sashida, Y., 1998:
Steroidal saponins from the underground parts of Ruscus aculeatus and their cytostatic activity on HL-60 cells

Stárka, L.; Hampl, R., 1995:
Steroidal sex hormones and insensitivity syndromes

Nabholtz, J.M., 2001:
Steroidal side effects of exemestane

Siracusa, L.; Hurley, F.M.; Dresen, S.; Lawless, L.J.; Pérez-Payán, M.Nieves.; Davis, A.P., 2002 :
Steroidal ureas as enantioselective receptors for an N-acetyl alpha-amino carboxylate

Pisarevskiĭ, I.L.; Khyshiktuev, B.S.; Belokrinitskaia, T.E.; Semeniuk, V.M.; Kholmogorov, V.S., 2001:
Steroidogenesis disorders in women with temporomandibular dysfunction

Petrino, T.R.; Lin, Y.W.; Netherton, J.C.; Powell, D.H.; Wallace, R.A., 1993:
Steroidogenesis in Fundulus heteroclitus V.: purification, characterization, and metabolism of 17 alpha,20 beta-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one by intact follicles and its role in oocyte maturation

Wiszniewska, B., 1999:
Steroidogenesis in epithelial cells of rat epididymis

Kashko, M.F.; Khokha, A.M., 1996:
Steroidogenesis in rat testes in chronic alcoholic intoxication and addition of ethanol in vitro

Waterman, M.R., 1998:
Steroidogenesis, StAR and PBR: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Yoshinaga-Hirabayashi, T.; Osawa, Y., 1995:
Steroidogenic activity and ultrastructural observation of atretic follicles in the cycling hamster ovary

Stocco, D.M., 1999:
Steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein: what's new?

Stocco, D.M., 1999:
Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein

Arakane, F.; Sugawara, T.; Nishino, H.; Liu, Z.; Holt, J.A.; Pain, D.; Stocco, D.M.; Miller, W.L.; Strauss, J.F., 1996:
Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) retains activity in the absence of its mitochondrial import sequence: implications for the mechanism of StAR action

Christenson, L.K.; Strauss, J.F., 2001:
Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein: an update on its regulation and mechanism of action

Mani, U.; Islam, F.; Prasad, A.K.; Kumar, P.; Suresh Kumar, V.; Maji, B.K.; Dutta, K.K., 2003:
Steroidogenic alterations in testes and sera of rats exposed to formulated Fenvalerate by inhalation

Laskey, J.W.; Berman, E., 1993:
Steroidogenic assessment using ovary culture in cycling rats: effects of bis(2-diethylhexyl)phthalate on ovarian steroid production

Duncan, W.C.; Cowen, G.M.; Illingworth, P.J., 1999:
Steroidogenic enzyme expression in human corpora lutea in the presence and absence of exogenous human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG)

Goto, M.; Brickwood, S.; Wilson, D.I.; Wood, P.J.; Mason, J.I.; Hanley, N.A., 2003:
Steroidogenic enzyme expression within the adrenal cortex during early human gestation

Andersson, S., 2001:
Steroidogenic enzymes in skin

Zhao, L.; Bakke, M.; Krimkevich, Y.; Cushman, L.J.; Parlow, A.F.; Camper, S.A.; Parker, K.L., 2000:
Steroidogenic factor 1 (SF1) is essential for pituitary gonadotrope function

Ou, Q.; Mouillet, J.F.; Yan, X.; Dorn, C.; Crawford, P.A.; Sadovsky, Y., 2001:
Steroidogenic factor 1 is a monomeric orphan, but does not work alone

Wong, M.; Ikeda, Y.; Luo, X.; Caron, K.M.; Weber, T.J.; Swain, A.; Schimmer, B.P.; Parker, K.L., 1997:
Steroidogenic factor 1 plays multiple roles in endocrine development and function

Parker, K.L., 2000:
Steroidogenic factor 1: a key mediator of endocrine development and function

Sadovsky, Y., 1999:
Steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1), a specific transcriptional factor of differentiation and function of steroidogenic cells

Romano, P.E., 2000:
Steroidophobia II: an unsubstantiated paper/opinion proposing frequent measurement of intraocular pressure after strabismus surgery managed postoperatively with topical steroids. Misplaced or excessive concern about IOP after strabismus surgery

Lökös, M.; Bakos, T.; Vincze, I., 1993:
Steroids 48. Synthesis of 16 alpha-ethyl-21-hydroxy-19-norpregn-4-ene-3, 20-dione from 17-substituted 3-methoxyestradiols

Bakos, T.; Lökös, M.; Vincze, I.; Volford, J., 1993:
Steroids 51. An improved synthesis of ORG 2058 and the synthesis of [3H]ORG 2058

Aly, A., 1997:
Steroids and NSAID: combination increases risk for stomach ulcer

Kapiteijn, K.; Koolwijk, P.; Van Der Weiden, R.; Helmerhorst, F.; Kooistra, T.; Van Hinsbergh, V.W., 2002:
Steroids and cytokines in endometrial angiogenesis

Ochs, H.D., 1994:
Steroids and immunizations

Ling, Y.; Wan, F.; Zheng, J., 2003:
Steroids and lipids from Spirodela polyrrhiza

Shulman, S., 1996:
Steroids and male immunological infertility

Fischer, A.H.; Blaakman, H., 1994:
Steroids and necrobiotic palisading granulomas

Miura, Y., 1999:
Steroids and non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs

Torgov, I.V., 2002:
Steroids and other low molecular weight bioregulators

Gøtzsche, P.C., 1994:
Steroids and peptic ulcer: an end to the controversy?

Audebert, A.J.; Emperaire, J.C.; Ruffie, A., 1984:
Steroids and the prediction of ovulation

Anonymous, 1976:
Steroids and the secretion of fluid by the uterus

Reiches, N.A.; Jones, J.F., 1993:
Steroids and varicella

Paget, S., 2002:
Steroids cause osteoporosis

Zheng, J.; Ali, A.; Ramirez, V.D., 1996:
Steroids conjugated to bovine serum albumin as tools to demonstrate specific steroid neuronal membrane binding sites

Matsukado, K.; Nakano, S.; Bartus, R.T.; Black, K.L., 1997:
Steroids decrease uptake of carboplatin in rat gliomas--uptake improved by intracarotid infusion of bradykinin analog, RMP-7

Korelitz, B.I., 2002:
Steroids for Crohn's disease--an appreciation and a vote of confidence

Stanbrook, M.B.; Goldstein, R.S., 2001:
Steroids for acute exacerbations of COPD : how long is enough?

Shemie, S., 1996:
Steroids for anything that swells: dexamethasone and postextubation airway obstruction

Weissberg, D., 1998:
Steroids for pulmonary metastases of thymoma

Kong, D.F., 1999:
Steroids for restenosis: strike three!

Prasad, K.; Garner, P., 2000:
Steroids for treating cerebral malaria

Prasad, K.; Volmink, J.; Menon, G.R., 2000:
Steroids for treating tuberculous meningitis

Matchaba, P.T.; Volmink, J., 2000:
Steroids for treating tuberculous pleurisy

Anthonisen, N.R., 1999:
Steroids in COPD: the nearly eternal question

Kardos, P., 2000:
Steroids in COPD? Trial administration and subsequent discontinuing if not effective!

Anonymous, 2001:
Steroids in Crohn disease. Side-effects can be minimized

Muntoni, F.; Fisher, I.; Morgan, J.E.; Abraham, D., 2002:
Steroids in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: from clinical trials to genomic research

Sansome, A.; Royston, P.; Dubowitz, V., 1993:
Steroids in Duchenne muscular dystrophy; pilot study of a new low-dosage schedule

Wallimann, P.; Marti, T.; Fürer, A.; Diederich, Fçois., 1997:
Steroids in Molecular Recognition

Singhi, S., 1996:
Steroids in acute asthma: oral or nebulized?

Marik, P.E.; Varon, J., 1999:
Steroids in acute exacerbation of asthma: how do we grade the evidence?

Citerio, G.; Cormio, M.; Sganzerla, E.P., 2002:
Steroids in acute spinal cord injury. An unproven standard of care

Venes, D.J., 1993:
Steroids in alcoholic hepatitis: are the data reliable?

Rasmussen, N., 2002:
Steroids in arms: science, government, industry, and the hormones of the adrenal cortex in the United States, 1930-1950

Santhoshkumar, A., 1995:
Steroids in bacterial meningitis

Nirgudkar, S.; Bhukhanwala, F.; Mehta, P.J., 1996:
Steroids in bacterial meningitis--the continuing controversy

Vincent, J.L.; Wan, S.; Yim, A.P., 2000:
Steroids in cardiopulmonary bypass

Nguyen, T.; Frank, E.; Trunkey, D., 1996:
Steroids in central nervous system injury

Homer, J.J.; England, R.J.; Ell, S.R., 1998:
Steroids in facial palsy due to herpes zoster. Corticosteroids are accepted treatment

Fielder, C.P.; Raza, S.A., 1998:
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Sticking to preventive measures

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Sticking to savings

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Sticking to the basics while exploring new directions

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Stifled by the cash squeeze

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Stigma & discrimination

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Stigma & discrimination greatest barriers to preventing more infections

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Stiles and Kahn reply

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Still Having an Impact

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Still a long way to go in the war against tobacco

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Still a no when it comes to active euthanasia

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Still a puzzle: why is haem covalently attached in c-type cytochromes?

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Still a small problem with the mad cow disease? Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other prion diseases: current status

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Still alight

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Still alone after all these years. Despite integration fever, many independent hospitals remain, and some are even profitable

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Still an awesome duty

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Still and Palmer: the impact of the first osteopath and the first chiropractor

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Still anonymous sperm donors

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Still around and still dangerous: Giardia lamblia and Entamoeba histolytica

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Still attractive after all these years? Magnet hospitals in a changing health care environment

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Still birth

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Still births in a Hausa community

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Still blowdrying your bellows? Read on

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Still caring for patients

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Still climbing. MedPAC: despite freeze, Medicare margins to hit record

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Still crazy after all these years

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Still debating sentinel lymph node biopsy?

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Still defining terms

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Still disease

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Still edentulous

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Still fumbling along? A comparative study of the newly qualified nurse's perception of the transition from student to qualified nurse

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Still getting community service right

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Still governing

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Still havens for coral reefs

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Still having ENs on C grade

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Still here, still flawed, still wrong: the case against the case for taxing the sick

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Still image consultations via e-mail in surgical pathology. A study of diagnostic accuracy

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Still in print

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Still in search of excellence, 20 years later

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Still innovative after all these years. Bon Secours Health System has new sponsorship structure. Interview by Gordon Burnside

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Still insufficient light on harmfulness of alternative medical procedures

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Still lethal after all these years

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Still life and the rounding of consciousness

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Still life in oxidation hypothesis of atherogenesis

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Still life in oxidation hypothesis of atherogenesis

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Still life: cerebellar neurons in early apoptosis

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Still listening

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Still little news on the BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) front

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Still lives

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Still making its mark

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Still many uncertainties in stroke management. New guidelines should change this

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Still missing the boat with fatal pulmonary embolism

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Still mixed up

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Still more OSHA standards?

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Still more about counting mitoses

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Still more benefits of statins: initial observations in aortic stenosis

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Still more corrections to the topological mass

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Still more on bovine somatotropin

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Still more on feral cats

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Still more questions on pertussis vaccines

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Still more questions than answers: report on the 5th International Symposium on Insulin-like Growth Factors, Brighton, UK, 31 October-4 November 1999

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Still moving toward environmental justice

Casey, A., 2000:
Still much to be done about pain

Horal, P., 2001:
Still no Swedish cases of mad cow disease and vCJD. Continuous watchfulness is justified, especially of diffuse psychiatric symptoms

Kuhse, H.; Singer, P.; Hoerster, N., 2001:
Still no academic freedom in Germany

Moskowitz, D.B., 2002:
Still no answer for the uninsured

Cohen, G.M., 1989:
Still no court consensus on cutting life-support measures

Anonymous, 1999:
Still no final decision on best immunosuppressant after kidney transplantation

Saphir, A., 2000:
Still not enough

Gorman, C., 2001:
Still not out of the woods

Anonymous, 2001:
Still on the run

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Still on track. Artificial-heart patient's death not a failure, Jewish says

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Still only in small steps.. Interview by Klaus Reinhardt

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Still participating after all these years: a study of life task participation in later life

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Still photography versus videotaping for documentation of cecal intubation: a prospective study

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Still practicing after all these years

Ashton, 2000:
Still publishing after all these years

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Still rewarding after 24 years

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Still searching for a blueprint. Berlin Conference: struggling to save 9.5 million lives

Cohen, J.J., 1999:
Still seeking gender equity in health care

McDonald, D., 1998:
Still sending statements? Why?

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Still set to serve the needy

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Still sons of the shaking earth: Mexicans and Guatemalans in the East Coast migrant labor stream

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Still spending dollars, still searching for sense: advanced practice nursing in an era of regulatory and economic turmoil

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Still struggling. Not-for-profit hospitals post small increase in margins, new study shows

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Still the great mimicker: abdominal tuberculosis

Hasegawa, G.R., 2001:
Still the handmaiden

Anonymous, 1982:
Still the weakest link: understanding and acceptance of responsibility by medical staff leaders

Gemignani, J., 1997:
Still time for 24-hour coverage

Anonymous, 1999:
Still time for rational debate about vitamin B6

Gerloff, B., 2002:
Still time on the account? Work schedule models and work time accounts to promote flexible working conditions

Kahl, U., 2003:
Still to early to tell which "speech genes" direct speech ability of human beings

Guslandi, M., 1993:
Still too early for the gold rush

Clark, M.; Witherspoon, D., 1984:
Still too many cesareans?

Anonymous, 1989:
Still too much hospitalization, government says

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Still troubled. In re Martin

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Angiogenesis in adenosquamous cancer of pancreas

Widdecombe, A., 1999:
Still waiting

Thomas, L., 1997:
Still waiting for a bed

Kenny, C., 2002:
Still waiting for an improvement in A&E services

Klitsch, M., 1995:
Still waiting for the contraceptive revolution

Balomenos, D.; Carvalho-Pinto, C.; Martinez-A, C., 2002:
Still waiting for the end. The promise of genomics and proteomics for autoimmune diseases

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Still waiting. Alice Mahon MP wants to put a stop to the life and death lottery of breast cancer care provision

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Still waiting. Political bickering a hurdle to provider payment relief

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