Section 48
Chapter 47,460

Structures of two new diterpenoid dimers from bulbs of Fritillaria ebeiensis

Wu, J.Z.; Ruan, H.L.; Zeng, C.L.; Cheng, H.A.; Zhang, F.; Zhao, Q.S.; Sun, H.D.; Fujita, T.

Journal of Asian Natural Products Research 1(4): 251-257


ISSN/ISBN: 1028-6020
PMID: 11523545
DOI: 10.1080/10286029908039873
Accession: 047459945

Two new ent-kauranoid diterpenoid dimers, fritillebin C (1) and fritillebin D (2), were isolated from the bulbs of Fritillaria ebeiensis G.D. Yu and G.Q. Ji. Their structures were determined to be ent-16beta-hydroxy-kauran-17-yl ent-16beta3-kauran-17-oate (1); ent-16alpha-hydroxy-kauran-17-yl ent-16beta-kauran-17-oate (2) by means of spectral analysis and chemical evidence.

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