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Study on replicase (subunit) gene of papaya ringspot virus cloning, sequencing and construction of higher plant expression vector

Liu, J.; Peng, X.; Mang, K.

Chinese Journal of Biotechnology 10(3): 219-224


ISSN/ISBN: 1042-749X
PMID: 7893943
Accession: 047467490

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The ds-cDNA was synthesized using genomic RNA of papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) as template. The blunt-ended cDNA was cloned into the EcoRV site of vector pBluescript SK. From the recombinants, the NIb gene of PRSV was obtained, and its complete sequence was also determined. After the NIb gene was modified through PCR, a binary vector of PRSV-NIb gene was constructed for its expression in higher plants.

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