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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47469

Chapter 47469 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hamulati; Abuduaini; Abudureyimu, 2001:
Study on the pathogenesis of free radical in nocturnal asthma

Liang, Y.; Yiao, T.; Zhang, W., 2001:
Study on the pathological features of airway inflammation in asthma and chronic bronchitis

Shen, L.; Wu, S.; Liu, G., 1995:
Study on the perinatal infection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis

Du, C.; Wan, Q.; Chao, Y., 2001:
Study on the permeability of the infiltration glass of GI- I slip casting aluminous ceramic core

Xie, Z.; Liu, X.; Cao, L., 2003:
Study on the pharmacognosy of traditional Chinese medicine tubeimu

Wang, H.; Peng, Y.; Xiao, G., 2002:
Study on the pharmacokinetics of Imipenem cilastatin in burn patients during the acute phase

Xu, C.; Liao, G.; Wang, S.; Zhang, Z., 2002:
Study on the pharmacokinetics of the liver targeted mitoxantrone polylactic acid extended-release nanoparticles in rabbits

Luan, J.; Wang, N.; Tian, L., 2003:
Study on the pharmacologic effect of propolis

Wu, R.; Si, H., 2003:
Study on the physicochemical properties of Campylobacter jejuni enterotoxin

Zhang, Q.; Cai, Q.; Luo, K., 2003:
Study on the physiological activities of the metabolites from Paecilomyces arovirens

Song, Y.; Xu, J.; Ma, X., 2002:
Study on the pitting corrosion-resistant of Ti-75 alloys with different from oxidize temperatures in vacuum in oral cavity

Jiao, P.; Ma, C.; Wang, S., 2003:
Study on the plasmid instability of Bdellovibrio BDG-9

Pan, X.; Qin, Y.; Chen, R.; Yu, D., 2002:
Study on the polyoxygenated cyclohexenes from Uvaria boniana

Ahrari Khafi, M.Saeed.; Mogheiseh, A.; Salavati, S.; Karimi, S., 2018:
Angiography of ovarian and uterine vessels of the dog

Salem, S.A.; el-Kowrany, S.I.; Ismail, H.I.; el-Sheikh, T.F., 2003:
Study on the possible role of heat shock proteins in host resistance to Trichinella spiralis infection in experimental animals

Ye, J.; Zhou, C.; Du, H.; Jiang, R.; Min, H., 2003:
Study on the posterior vitreous detachment in patients with high myopia

Wu, Y.; Chen, F.; Kang, C.; Yang, S., 2000:
Study on the power of O/E method

Wu, J.M.; Chen, D.W.; Liu, Y.L., 2003:
Study on the preparation of baicalin complex with phospholipid

Zhang, G.; Feng, Z.; Yang, R.; Li, D., 2003:
Study on the preparation of recombinant human HSP70 and its presenting-antigen function

Herbes, R.G.; Verbeek-De Kruif, N.; Rijpkema, S.G.; Schellekens, J.F., 1995:
Study on the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi in deer and ticks in 3 areas of The Netherlands

Shuyu, L., 2002:
Study on the prestressed sandwich piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer of torsional-flexural composite vibrational mode

Li, N.; Ou, P.; Zhu, H., 2002:
Study on the prevalence rate of primary osteopenia in the middle-aged and the elderly population in some parts of China

Charmasson, C.; Georgieff, A.; Veil, C., 1995:
Study on the prevention of HIV transmission between patients in the psychiatric hospital milieu

Yang, Z.; Wu, H.; Zhou, Z.; Liao, E.Y.; Yang, W., 2002:
Study on the prevention of insulitis and diabetes by complete Freund's adjuvant in NOD female mice

Li, N.; Sun, Z.; Liu, Z.; Han, C., 2000:
Study on the preventive effect of tea on DNA damage of the buccal mucosa cells in oral leukoplakias induce by cigarette smoking

Soponsathien, S., 2002:
Study on the production of acetyl esterase and side-group cleaving glycosidases of ammonia fungi

Chen, Y.; Long, J.; Liao, L.; Zhang, Y.; Yang, J., 2003:
Study on the production of beta-mannanase by Bacillus M50

Yan, Y.; Wang, X.; Wu, A.; Sun, Y., 1996:
Study on the production of human interferon alpha-2b expressed in Escherichia coli

Rong, S-feng.; Zhang, H-ping.; Duan, Z-ying.; Yang, J.; Mao, Z-gui.; Dai, J., 2003:
Study on the production of trehalose by bacterium D-97 endocellular enzymes using HPLC/RI and HPLC/ESI-MS

Saito, H.; Asakura, K.; Kataura, A., 1994:
Study on the profiles of infiltrating T lymphocytes and ICAM-1 expression in allergic nasal mucosa

Li, S.; Zhong, J.; Sun, F., 2002:
Study on the protective effect of grape procyanidins on DNA damage induced by irradiation

He, X.; Cui, J.; Li, Y., 2002:
Study on the protective effect of xinkang oral liquid on the isoproterenol-induced ischemic myocardial damage in rats

Liu, W.; Xiao, K.; Zhou, J.; He, M.; Sun, H.; Tang, J., 1997:
Study on the protective effects of compound blood-activating soup on bone marrow hematopoietic cells in acute radiation injured mice

Wang, W.; Li, C.; Zhan, C.; Long, Y., 2000:
Study on the psychological status of video display terminal operator

Wang, S.; Li, L.; Li, J., 2002:
Study on the quality of life among the elderly in the rural and pastoral districts in Baotou city

Du, S.F.; Shi, L.Y.; Zhang, H.J., 1997:
Study on the quality of life in patients with prostate cancer

Zhou, G-Hua.; Luo, G-An.; Cao, Y-Cheng.; Zhu, M-Sheng., 2002:
Study on the quality of recombinant proteins using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time of flight mass spectrometry

Fu, Q.; Yang, Q.; Si, J.; Chen, H.; Chang, C.; Lu, J.; Wei, X. , 1997:
Study on the quality standard of Hippophae rhamnoides oil for pharmaceutical uses

Wan, S.; Shan, J.; Zhang, X., 2003:
Study on the quality standard of changan oral solution

Deng, Y.; Yang, L.; Qiu, X.; Dong, Y., 2002:
Study on the quality standards for xianghe suppository

Luo, Y.; Xu, X., 2001:
Study on the quantitative structure toxicity relations of chlorophenols in some aquatic species

Xiang, P.; Chen, M.; Tan, T.; Shi, Y., 2002:
Study on the radioligand binding assay of cholecystokinin receptor in rat cerebral cortex

Lu; Yue; Cao; Xiong; Xiao, 1996:
Study on the rare radiative decay Bc-->Ds* gamma in the standard model and multiscale walking technicolor model

Xiong, M.; Xu, H.; Che, D., 2002:
Study on the rat airway epithelial cell injury induced by bacterial infection and its pathogenesis

Jordan, R.W.; Tam, W., 2001:
Study on the reactivity of the alkene component in ruthenium-catalyzed [2 + 2] cycloadditions between an alkene and an alkyne. Part 1

Zhang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, Z., 2003:
Study on the reclassification of two deposited strains AS4.1186 and AS4.1187 of Nocardia

Ying, B.; Li, X.; Cong, Z., 2003:
Study on the regeneration methods of the synthetic hydroxyapatite as a material for defluoridation of drinking water

Li, J.; Yuan, S.; Zhao, J., 2002:
Study on the regulatory effect of Chinese herbal medicine on peritoneal lymphatic stomata and in enhancing drainage of ascites in mice with liver fibrosis

Ren, J.; Wang, X.; Zhu, Q., 1997:
Study on the relation between HPV and tumors of the throat and larynx

Guo, H.; Lu, D.; Wang, J.; He, H.; Zhou, B.; Jiang, C., 2002:
Study on the relation between hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy in very old people with neurohormonal factors and ventricular arrhythmias

Zhou, R.; Tao, Y.; Dong, X.; Liu, Q.; Liang, Z.; Du, Y.; Zhang, X.; Jia, Y.; Xin, Y.; Zhao, R.; Ji, Y., 2002:
Study on the relation between iodine nutrition of pregnant women in different occasions and thyroid function of their neonates

Huang, Y.; Liao, B.; Sun, X., 2002:
Study on the relation between the angiotensin converting enzyme gene and pregnancy induced hypertension

Wang, J.; Lou, W.; Dong, M., 2003:
Study on the relation between the cell cycle regulators and laryngeal carcinogenesis

Hashimoto, E.; Kageoka, T., 1993:
Study on the relation of human red cell membrane protein band 4.2 to red cell aging--in cases of obstructive jaundice

Gao, C.; Li, Z.; Ding, J.; Wang, J.; Hu, X.; Liu, T.; Xu, T.; Li, H., 2002:
Study on the relations between HLA-DRB 1 alleles and Helicobacter pylori infection

Wang, H.; Shen, B.; Yan, W.; Hou, M.; Zhu, N.; Qi, H.; Hou, H., 2002:
Study on the relations between HLA-DRB1 alleles and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura in children

Sun, Y.; Shen, Z.; Ji, X., 2002:
Study on the relationship between CD44v6, p53 gene mutation and ovarian carcinoma metastasis

Zheng, W.; Xie, Z.; Tang, G., 2001:
Study on the relationship between DNA topoisomerase II activity and multidrug resistance in leukemic cells

Meng, W.; Yang, Y.; Deng, C.; Liu, T.; Jia, Y., 2002:
Study on the relationship between NB4 cell apoptosis induced by tanshinone IIA and the cell mitochondrial transmembrane potential

Gong, Z.Q.; Xu, X.M.; Zeng, X.B.; Sun, Y.G.; Wang, D.W., 2003:
Study on the relationship between PMI and the concentration of zincum and nickel in the vitreous humor of rabbit after death

Cheng, J.; Lin, H.; Liang, X., 1999:
Study on the relationship between PS2 protein expression and prognosis in invasive breast carcinoma

Mao, W.; Yu, L.; Chen, Y., 2002:
Study on the relationship between a polymorphism of tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene and the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome

Morcaldi, L.; Caggiano, G.; Forte, A.; Buono, G.; D'Alvano, L.; Garofalo, V.; Mangione, A.; Ruggiero, G.; Tepedino, G.; Vecchio, E., 2001:
Study on the relationship between adolescents and the media in the Salerno province

Ma, R.Q.; Qu, B.S.; Liu, R.L.; Li, Y.W., 2003:
Study on the relationship between allergic rhinitis and airway hyperresponsiveness

Cai, L.; Gao, S.; Yang, Y.; Zheng, D.; Wang, W.; Zhang, G.; Fuyong, Q., 2002:
Study on the relationship between apoptosis and reactive oxygen species of cancer cell lines induced by anticarcinogens

Wang, Z.; Zhai, F.; Ge, K., 2003:
Study on the relationship between body index and blood pressure in Chinese adult

Zhang, X.; Li, D.; Dong, S.; Zhang, J., 2003:
Study on the relationship between cadmium immunotoxicity and corticotropin-releasing factor

Shintaku, Y.; Yanagisawa, E.; Uehara, S.; Takabayashi, T.; Yajima, A., 1996:
Study on the relationship between clinical phenotypes and X chromosome abnormalities

Watanabe, K.; Igarashi, T.; Suzuki, M.; Hayashi, T.; Yoshida, K.; Hanyu, F., 1994:
Study on the relationship between concentrations of 5-FU and PyNPase activity in tumor tissue during oral 5'-DFUR treatment in patients with advanced colorectal cancer

Hu, X.; Zhu, B.; Lin, H.; Shu, D.; Tao, D.; Wang, M., 1996:
Study on the relationship between cytogenetics and phenotypic effect in Turner's syndrome

Lei, H.; Li, Z.; Xie, D.; Liu, B., 2000:
Study on the relationship between deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dNTP) pools and cell transformation

Dong, M.; He, J.; Wang, Z., 2001:
Study on the relationship between epidermal growth factor and fetal growth retardation

Xu, Z.; Qiu, Y.; Li, S., 2001:
Study on the relationship between first ovulation and infant feeding in lactating postpartum women

Yu, Z.; Wang, T.; Luan, X., 1997:
Study on the relationship between intratumor microvessel density and neck metastasis of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas

Liu, T.; Shang, T.; Rui, G., 2002:
Study on the relationship between leptin and neonatal weight and the expression of leptin in placenta

Kawabata, K.; Imaki, M.; Ohguri, M.; Kondo, H.; Hayashi, Y.; Tanada, S., 1997:
Study on the relationship between lifestyles and maximal oxygen uptake in healthy adults

Fan, R.L.; Zheng, S.H.; Wu, Z.S., 1998:
Study on the relationship between lung cancer at preclinic stage and psycho-social factor. A case-control study

Wang, X.; Gu, D.; Sun, F.; Wu, X.; Yu, Q.; Jia, X.; Zhao, J.; Chen, Y., 2001:
Study on the relationship between methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene C677T mutation and coronary heart disease

Li, K.; Sun, Y.; Chen, L., 2002:
Study on the relationship between methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene polymorphism and plasma homocysteine level in pregnancy induced hypertension patients

Lu, Y.Y.; Shen, P.; Ding, W., 2003:
Study on the relationship between microvascular density and prognosis in laryngeal cancer

Ruan, Y.B.; Wu, Z.B., 1993:
Study on the relationship between most cells and tumor growth speed during hepatocarcinogenesis in the rats

Cheng, L.L.; Zhang, S.F.; Huang, D.N.; He, S.H.; Chen, X.Y., 2003:
Study on the relationship between nitric oxide and allergic rhinitis

Wang, Z.; Lan, Y.; Wang, M.; Zhan, C.; Juhani, I.; Matti, K.; Kaija, T.; Ningyan, S., 2000:
Study on the relationship between occupational factors and work ability of middle aged workers

Hu, D.; Gu, H.; Hong, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, C.; Cao, L.; Li, P., 2002:
Study on the relationship between opioid receptors and fetal distress

Xu, L.; Liu, P.; Yan, D., 2001:
Study on the relationship between perinatal hypoxia and concentration of endothelin-1 in amniotic fluid

Zhou, Q.; Sun, M.; Zhou, H., 2002:
Study on the relationship between plasma endothelin nitric oxide concentration and renal hypertension and renal function

Gong, Z.Q.; Xu, X.M.; Sun, Y.G.; Wang, D.W.; Zhou, X.M.; Xu, F.Y.; Zhou, J.L., 2003:
Study on the relationship between postmortem interval and the change of absorbance in vitreous humor of rabbit after death

Wang, J.; Jiang, M.; Qiu, C., 1997:
Study on the relationship between primary Sjögren syndrome and HLA-DRbeta gene

Si, J.; Pan, X.; Tong, Z.; Zeng, Y., 2003:
Study on the relationship between provenance, leaf type and quality in Magnolia officinalis

Yue, B.; Chen, Y.; Yu, D.; Xiang, Z., 2000:
Study on the relationship between the Bcl-2/Bax ratio and the growth types of leukemic cells and drug resistance in acute myelogenous leukemia

Chen, J.; Chen, Z.; Zhang, L., 2002:
Study on the relationship between the bond absorption of chronic periapical periodontitis and PGE2 and TXB2

Ma, Y-Fang.; Wang, Y-Lan.; Bai, H-Ling.; Zhao, Y-Ping.; Zhang, J.; Xu, G-Qiang.; Li, X-Min., 2002:
Study on the relationship between the functional integrity of sperm membrane and seminal parameters related to CASA

Cao, Y.; Qiu, L.; Zhang, Q., 2001:
Study on the relationship between the history of abnormal pregnancy and TORCH infection in pregnant woman

Luo, Y.; Xu, X., 2002:
Study on the relationship between the structure of chlorobenzenes and their toxicity to guppy

Onishi, T.; Ohishi, Y.; Goto, H.; Asano, K.; Makino, H.; Hatano, T.; Tomita, M.; Abe, K.; Imagawa, K.; Kinoshita, M.; Fukui, T., 1998:
Study on the relationship between tumour necrosis factor gene polymorphism and prognosis in the patients with renal cell carcinoma

Peng, J.; Liang, Y.Y.; Fang, J.C.; Shi, Y.J.; Wang, D.S., 1993:
Study on the relationship between two second-messenger pathways on the regulation of proliferation and differentiation in MGc 80-3 cells

Onishi, T.; Ohishi, Y.; Goto, H.; Suzuki, H.; Asano, K.; Hatano, T.; Tomita, M.; Madarame, J.; Abe, H., 1998:
Study on the relationship between vascular invasion and prognosis in patients with locally confined renal cell carcinoma

Zhou, J.; Yang, D.; Zhang, L.; Wang, J.; Yao, Q.; Su, Z.; Fan, Y., 2000:
Study on the relationship of alteration and expression of p16 gene to pancreatic carcinoma

Zhou, Z-Min.; Liu, J-Yin.; Xu, M.; Sha, J-Hao.; Lin, M.; Zhou, Y-Dong.; Wang, L-Rong.; Li, J-Min., 2002:
Study on the relationship of balanced translocation t(1;12) with spermatogenesis

Lu, Y.; Hao, X.; Weng, X., 2001:
Study on the relationships between leptin levels and weights of mothers and infants and the relationships of cord serum leptin to C-peptide, insulin and insulin like growth factor-II

Huang, C.; Zeng, G.; Xia, F.; Xiao, Y., 2000:
Study on the relative absorption of food carbohydrate in healthy adults

Yuan, T.; Zeng, X.; Luo, Q., 2002:
Study on the removal of arsenic from drinking water by coagulants

Yuan, T.; Luo, Q., 2001:
Study on the removal of arsenite from dispersed drinking water

Chen, W.; Ou, Q.; Xiao, M., 2001:
Study on the replacement of the portal vein of pig with autogeneous-peritoneal tube

Yao, Y.; Tang, N.; Huang, A., 2002:
Study on the replication of hepatitis B virus compared with that of duck hepatitis B virus in primary duck hepatocytes

Lu, Z.B.; Wang, Y.; Yu, P.; Liu, Y.L.; Xu, W., 2003:
Study on the residual dynamics of flumioxazin in soybean and soil

Ding, M.; Chen, P., 2001:
Study on the retention behaviour and mechanism of organic acids on an anion exchanger

Shi, Z.H.; Wang, Y.H.; Fu, C.G., 2003:
Study on the retention behaviour of metal-tetraphenyl porphine chelates in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography

Xia, Y.; Xia, J.; Liu, Y., 1995:
Study on the retrofascial space of the dorsum nasi and its clinical significance

Zhang, X.; Bai, S.; Qu, Y.; Tang, X.; Liu, S.; Zhang, T.; Xie, C.; Liu, B., 2001:
Study on the reversal of cancer multidrug resistance by Chinese medicine Fw13-te41 in nude mice

Chen, H.; Chen, H.; Wu, X., 2002:
Study on the reversion of drug resistance in human cervical cancer cell lines

Wang, S.; Huang, W.; Han, L.; Lin, M., 2003:
Study on the revision of hygiene standard for fresh-cream cake

Zhang, W.; Jiang, X.; Zhu, C.; Hu, J., 2002:
Study on the rifampicin polylactic acid microspheres for lung targeting

Jin, X.; Yin, S.; Li, G.; Ye, Z., 2002:
Study on the risk factors influencing the epidemicity of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis

Jiang, B-Jian.; Sun, R-Xun.; Lin, H.; Gao, Y-Fu., 2002:
Study on the risk factors of lymphatic metastasis and the indications of less in vasive operations in early gastric cancer

Wang, H.; Zhang, X.; Yang, S., 2002:
Study on the risk factors of psoriasis

Zong, Y.S., 1993:
Study on the role of EB virus in carcinogenesis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by use of in situ hybridization

Hao, H-Ying.; Teng, Z-Ping.; Lu, D-Pei., 2003:
Study on the role of PML-RARalpha and RARalpha fusion proteins in NB4 cell apoptosis induced by arsenic trisulfide

Lu, L-Gen.; Zeng, M-De.; Li, J-Qiang.; Hua, J.; Fan, J-Gao.; Qiu, D-Kai., 2002:
Study on the role of free fatty acids in proliferation of rat hepatic stellate cells (II)

Bu, J.; Pang, J.; Bu, R., 2002:
Study on the role of human papillomavirus in carcinogenesis of oral papillomas by in situ hybridization

Liu, Z.; Liu, D.; Liu, H.; Huang, C.; Wu, Y.; Li, J., 2001 :
Study on the role of interleukin-4 in experimental murine systemic candidiasis

Sakagawa, E., 1998:
Study on the role of mucoid strain in chronic airway infections

Sugawara, I., 2002:
Study on the roles of cytokines involved in mycobacterial infection

Fu, H.T., 2003:
Study on the rule of retention value in weak acid anion chromatography

Zhang, W.P.; Guo, H.; Gao, J.; Geng, X.D., 2003:
Study on the rule of solvent strength in reversed-phase liquid chromatography

Tong, C.; Su, Z.; Zhuang, L., 2001:
Study on the safety after cesarean section

Oura, S.; Sakurai, T.; Yoshimura, G.; Tamaki, T.; Umemura, T.; Kokawa, Y.; Naito, Y., 1999:
Study on the safety of rapid infusion and the efficacy of incadronate against bone metastasis of breast cancer

Zhao, W.C., 1993:
Study on the salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma with the flow cytometric analysis

Akiyama, H.; Ichikawa, T.; Nagai, A.; Tsugawa, M.; Tsushima, T.; Kumon, H.; Ohmori, H., 1996:
Study on the sclerosing agent for the treatment of simple renal cysts

Dai, H.; Yan, Y.; Cao, X.; Li, S.; Jia, L.; Dong, W., 2003:
Study on the sealing capability of a calcium phosphate root canal filling material

Chen, Y.J.; Hsieh, Y.W.; Cheng, Y.D.; Liao, C.C., 2001 :
Study on the secondary structure of protein in amide I band from human colon cancer tissue by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Ono, I.; Zhou, L.J.; Matsui, T.; Kuboki, Y., 2001:
Study on the secretion of cytokines from osteoblasts stimulated with prostaglandin E1

Wang, J.; Wang, Q.; Chen, X., 2001:
Study on the sensitization of acute myeloid leukemia cell to daunorubicin by recombinant human interleukin-3

Wang, Y.; Zhou, C.; Xiong, X.; Chen, J., 2003:
Study on the separation of Co2+ from Cu2+, Cd2+, Mn2+, Zn2+ and Fe3+ by extraction chromatography

Wang, H.; Liu, Z.H.; Ma, L.R.; Gu, J.L.; Fu, R.N., 2003:
Study on the separation of optical chromatography

Li, K.; Yuan, Y.S.; Zhao, F.L., 2003:
Study on the separation of proteins in human serum by high performance capillary zone electrophoresis

Lü, H.T.; Mou, S.F., 2003:
Study on the separation of trace oxoanions by ion chromatography

Gai, L.; Yang, D-Tong.; Sun, H-Qing.; Xu, G-Zhao.; Qiu, Y.; Zhang, L-Feng.; Ren, Z-Da., 2002:
Study on the sexual development of adolescent male

Maas, C.; Brück, W.; Haffner, H.T.; Schweinsberg, F., 1996:
Study on the significance of mercury accumulation in the brain from dental amalgam fillings through direct mouth-nose-brain transport

Liu, B., 2002:
Study on the situation of female employment in the Guangxi Zhuangzhu autonomous region

Yasue, M., 1988:
Study on the situation of the introduction of the modern pharmacy into Japan] (Jpn)

Hu, B.J.; Zhang, Y.C.; Zhu, J.Z.; Bi, Q.M.; Li, J.; Zeng, J.L.; Li, J., 2003:
Study on the specificity of complement C5 for the postmortem diagnosis of myocardial infarction

Hu, B-Jie.; Chen, Y-Chuan.; Zhu, J-Zhen., 2002:
Study on the specificity of fibronectin for post-mortem diagnosis of early myocardial infarction

Wang, X.; Deng, Z.; Jin, B.; Tian, Y.; Lin, X., 2003:
Study on the spectroelectrochemical properties of S-benzyl-N-(ferrocenyl-1-methyl-metylidene)-dithio-carbazate nickel (II) complex

Xie, Z.; Lian, G., 2003:
Study on the spectrophotometric determination of microamounts of iron with 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-naphthol-6-sulphonic acid

Sood, D.K.; Aggarwal, R.K.; Sharma, S.B.; Sokhey, J.; Singh, H., 1993:
Study on the stability of 17D-204 yellow fever vaccine before and after stabilization

Jou, R.; Kan, S.; Yang, W.J.; Huang, C.; Chang, M.K.; Liau, M.Y., 1996:
Study on the stability of Japanese encephalitis vaccine--development of freeze-dry dosage form

Li, H.; Lu, S.; Fong, L., 2000:
Study on the status of methylation of Rb gene promoter in human esophageal cancer and effect of NMBzA on Rb gene promoter in monkey esophageal epithelium

Lai, G.; Zhang, H.; Ye, L.; Huang, L.; Lin, M.; Cao, H.; Chen, X., 2002:
Study on the status of oral pharyngeal carriage of Haemophilus influenzae in healthy preschool children in Fuzhou city

Xu, X.; Guan, Z.; Zeng, L.; Su, J., 2003:
Study on the steroid constituents of soft coral Lobophytum microspiculatum

Han, B.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, Z., 2002:
Study on the stroma of patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hematoglobinuria

Wu, J.; Li, R.; Li, E., 1997:
Study on the stunted culture of trees of Scaphium lychnophorum

Wu, T.; Wang, S.L.; Xiang, Y.Z., 1996:
Study on the subclinical infection of the recipients of measles vaccine

Lin, X.; Liang, B.; Tan, X.; Shi, Q.; Ge, F.; Wu, H., 2003:
Study on the supercritical-CO2 fluid extraction of Prunus mandshurica oils

Wang, X.P.; Pan, J.H.; Shuang, S.M., 2002:
Study on the supramolecular system of meso-tetrakis (4-sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin and cyclodextrins by spectroscopy

Wang, R.; Huang, C.; Li, B.; Jin, D.; Zhang, J., 2002:
Study on the surface EMG pattern classification with BP neural networks

Krane, M.; Patyk, A.; Kobes, L.W., 1998:
Study on the surface of resins that burn without residues in the lost-wax procedure

Hoshi, S.; Orikasa, S.; Yoshikawa, K.; Suzuki, K.; Ishidoya, S.; Itoh, A.; Kondou, T.; Imai, Y.; Kisaki, N.; Suzuki, Y.; Katoh, M., 1997:
Study on the surgical treatment for pulmonary metastasis from renal cell carcinoma

Liu, J.Y.; Zhang, C.S., 1996:
Study on the synaptonemal complexes in spermatocytes of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus caraco). II. Study on the behavior and morphology of the sex chromosomes pairing

Gu, S.X.; Yao, K.L.; Gu, Y.H., 1997:
Study on the synthesis and antibacterial activity of Mannich bases containing alpha, beta-unsaturated ketone

Wei, M.; Zhu, L.; Huang, Q.; Xu, W.; Li, B., 1993:
Study on the therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese drugs in experimental glomerulonephritis

Zhou, L., 2001:
Study on the timing of cerebral hemorrhage attacks

Xiao, S.; He, H.; Xu, H., 2001:
Study on the tissue culture and plant regeneration of Pogostemon cablin

Yang, Z.Y.; Kuang, D.R., 1996:
Study on the transferring of YACs to new host by means of KAR cross

Shi, J.; Shao, Z.; Liu, H.; Li, K.; Song, L.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, G.; Chu, Y.; He, H.; Zhao, M.; He, G.; Feng, B.; Hao, Y.; Yang, T.; Yang, C., 2002:
Study on the transformation from myelodysplastic syndromes into acute leukemias

Tan, M.; Xu, J.; Li, Z.; Wang, Y., 2000:
Study on the transformation of mammal cells induced by glycidyl methacrylate in vitro

Seo, H.G.; Hwang, S.I.; Chae, J.I., 1992:
Study on the transition of intestinal parasites in Korea from 1913 to 1989

Shi, Z.J., 1994:
Study on the transmission threshold of filariasis. Collaborating Research Group on the Transmission Threshold of Filariasis

Wang, P.; Wang, F.; Sun, Y.; Wang, J.; Kou, J.; Huang, Y.; Kang, X.; Wan, G.; Liang, Y.; Wang, Q., 1999:
Study on the transmission threshold value of bancroftian filariasis

Chen, F.Q., 1989:
Study on the transperitoneal sterilization of the fallopian tube with silicon rubber plug and its reversibility

Liu, S.; Yao, L.; Chen, Y.; Liu, Z.; Sun, M., 2002:
Study on the trend of changes in fetal macrosomia in Yantai during the past 30 years

Marqués, F.; Duch, M.; Ponsoda, A.; Ribera, S.; Villalbí, J.R., 1994:
Study on the use of safety measures for children in automobiles

Fu, K.; Ma, X.; Zhang, Z.; Tian, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2002:
Study on the use of temporomandibular joint dysfunction index in temporomandibular disorders

Kawamura, S.; Ishibashi, M.; Fukushima, S.; Kurata, S.; Umezaki, N.; Morita, S.; Hayabuchi, N., 2002:
Study on the usefulness of whole body SPECT coronal image, MIP image in 67Ga scintigraphy

Ling, J.; Fan, M., 2001:
Study on the vaccine against dental caries of recombinant Streptococcus lactis and artificial active immunization. V. Extraction, purification and dot blot analysis of RNA in the recombinant S. lactis

Yang, S.; Cui, J., 2002:
Study on the value of exogenous bFGF in the treatment of brain injury

Moral, P.; Memmi, M.; Varesi, L.; Mameli, G.E.; Succa, V.; Gutierrez, B.; Lutken, N.; Vona, G., 1996:
Study on the variability of seven genetic serum protein markers in Corsica (France)

Jia, Y.H.; Hu, Q.M.; Lu, Z.P., 1996:
Study on the variation and mechanism of diameter of nailfold capillary and its blood flow speed in patient with chronic pain syndrome

Idrish Miah, M., 2001:
Study on the variation of indoor gamma radiation in the Dhaka district

Muti, M.; Aprile, I.; Principi, M.; Italiani, M.; Guiducci, A.; Giulianelli, G.; Ottaviano, P., 2002:
Study on the variations of the apparent diffusion coefficient in areas of solid tumor in high grade gliomas

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Study on the vascular reactivity and alpha 1-adrenoceptors of portal hypertensive rats

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Study on the verotoxin-producing Escherichia coli--isolation of the bacteria from deer dung

Han, Y.; Xiao, D.; Xiang, Y.; Ye, L.; Cheng, C., 2003:
Study on the volatile oil of Nardostachys chinensis

Zou, L.; Zheng, H.; Yang, C., 2003:
Study on the volatile oils of Murraya microphylla

Wang, H.; Jiang, Z.; Duan, C.; Wang, Z.; Jiang, Z.; Feng, B.; Zhang, S., 2003:
Study on the working noise in BYPC and the effects caused by working noise on the workers' vestibular and auditory function

Bu, H.; Chen, Y.; Li, Y.; Cheng, J.; Li, T., 2002:
Study on the xenoantigens of pancreatic tissues of Chinese Neijiang pig

Hashimoto, A.; Nishi, H.; Kokusenya, Y.; Sato, T., 1998:
Study on the "signal" constituents for the evaluation of animal crude drugs. V. The "signal" constituents for the identification of Lumbricus in cold medicines

Hashimoto, A.; Nishimura, N.; Nishi, H.; Kokusenya, Y., 1999:
Study on the "signal" constituents for the evaluation of animal crude drugs. VI. The identification method of cervi parvum cornu in medicines using DNA analysis

Cheng, X.D.; Guo, F.; Liu, J.X., 1997:
Study on therapeutic effect and immunological mechanism of fuzhengfang herbs in mice with Lewis lung cancer

Liang, L.; Luo, S.; Zheng, J.; Huang, J., 2002:
Study on therapeutic effect of carnitine on hepatic steatosis caused by total parenteral nutrition in rats

Qian, R.; Zhang, C.; Fu, H., 2002:
Study on therapeutic mechanism of anti-rheumatism action of herba siegesbeckiae

Hu, W.; Yang, R., 2001:
Study on therapeutical effect of treating hepatolenticular degeneration by the HLD-Tablet I

Zhang, Y.; Feng, L.; Fan, Z., 2003:
Study on thermodynamic interactions between polyoctene-1 and solvents using gas chromatography

Kiya, K.; Uozumi, T.; Kurisu, K.; Mikami, T.; Sugiyama, K.; Monden, S.; Maeda, H.; Matsuoka, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Harada, K., 1993:
Study on three patients with malignant glioma showing tumor reduction during maintenance therapy with MCNU

Ma, S.; Bai, C.; Bian, X., 2001:
Study on thrombomodulin and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 in patients of pregnancy induced hypertension

Yu, J.S.; Qin, K.L.; Guan, K.H.; Li, S.Z., 2003 :
Study on time limit of ACP and sperm positive-detected in mixed spot

Fian, A.; Leisch, M., 2003:
Study on tip-substrate interactions by STM and APFIM

Du, Q.; Fu, H.; Zhan, R.; Yao, Y.; Li, X., 2003:
Study on tissue culture of Poligonum multiflorum

Yang, Z.; Xie, H.; Xiang, Z., 2001:
Study on tissue engineering of muscular skeletal system

Yin, X.; Qin, Y.; Guo, Y.; Zhang, L., 2002:
Study on toxicity of P-Dichlorobenzene

Tang, Z.G.; Xu, X.P.; Shen, Z.H., 2002:
Study on trace elements in epithelial cells during oral carcinogenesis prevented by garlic

Cao, S.; Shao, Y.; Jiang, Y., 2003:
Study on transient infection of T cell lines by M tropic HIV-1 strains

Luo, L.S.; Zhang, L.X.; Hu, Z.Q., 2001:
Study on transplantation of anterolateral femoral skin flap with high site direct cutaneous artery

Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y., 2001:
Study on treatment of blood stasis syndrome of chronic prostatitis using prostatitis decoction and its extract capsule

Lin, X.; Tu, C.; Yang, C., 2002:
Study on treatment of eczema by Chinese herbal medicine with anti-type IV allergic activity

Hou, J.; Yu, J.; Wei, M., 2002:
Study on treatment of hyperandrogenism and hyperinsulinism in polycystic ovary syndrome with Chinese herbal formula "tiangui fang"

Jin, M.W.; Zhou, Z.Y.; Zhang, S.W., 1995:
Study on treatment of infectious shock with recipe of liqi huoxue and kaibi gutuo

Liu, D-quan.; Lin, S-gan.; Feng, X-ping.; Chen, W-jiang.; Chen, P-lin.; Wu, H-min.; Chen, C.; Liu, J., 2003:
Study on treatment of multi-drug resistant falciparum malaria by using a combination of dihydroartemisinin and pyronaridine

Wu, X.W.; Tang, Y.Z., 1996:
Study on treatment of retinitis pigmentosa with traditional Chinese medicine by Flicker electroretinogram

Hashimoto, S.; Fukutomi, K.; Ichikawa, S.; Morio, S.; Niimura, K.; Soda, K., 1995:
Study on trends of reported numbers of HIV infected and AIDS cases based on the AIDS surveillance data until 1994

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Study on tumor necrosis factor and pathogenesis of pregnancy induced hypertension

Xu, X.; Lu, S.; Ju, X.; Chen, L.; Wang, J., 2002:
Study on tumorigenic mechanism of human leukemia cell line in nude mice

Xu, S.; Guan, B.; Bao, W., 2001:
Study on type I and type III procollagen mRNA and in situ collagen proteins expressions in hypertrophic scars after intralesional Kenalog treatment

Kong, X.; Shou, H.; Liu, C., 2001:
Study on typing of respiratory syncytial viruses

Wang, D.N.; Chen, B.T.; Zhou, Y.L., 1995:
Study on ultrastructure of platelets in migraine patients with blood stasis type

Lin, T.; Jiang, Q.; Zhang, S., 2001:
Study on unsupervised classification in marshland of endemic area of Schistosomiasis Japonica using satellite TM image data

Zhong, L.; Feng, P.; Xia, P.; Lei, B.; Fan, X.; Lü, X., 2002:
Study on uptake of fluoroquinolones by Staphylococcus aureus

Pan, T.C.; Horng, C.J.; Lin, S.R., 1993:
Study on urinary arsenic, lead and cadmium concentrations in a steel production workers

Shi, B.; Nakazawa, H.; Ryoji, O.; Goya, N.; Ito, F.; Koga, S.; Okuda, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Toma, H., 1998:
Study on urinary levels of interleukin-1 beta, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in patients with renal cell carcinoma

Kumazawa, J., 1994:
Study on urinary tract infection by using molecular biological technique

Wei, J.; Yang, S.; Xu, Z.; Cheng, H.; Zhai, Z.; Li, B.; Yang, X.; Jiang, X., 2002:
Study on variation and interrelations of characteristics at ginseng germplasms

Yokoyama, K., 1993:
Study on vascular calcification in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD): special reference to active vitamin D (VD) treatment

Wu, S.; Shen, L.; Liu, G., 2001:
Study on vertical transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis using PCR and DNA sequencing

Liu, B.; Wu, K.; Zhao, D., 2003:
Study on vitamin E succinate inducing apoptosis of human gastric carcinoma cell

Hu, J.; Li, Q.; Yin, D.; Miao, H.; Lu, Y., 2002 :
Study on voltammetric behaviour of clozapine and its single-sweep oscillopolarography

Cheng, J.; Weng, L.; Han, X., 2001:
Study on weekly low doses of mifepristone for contraception

Nie, L.; Tan, H., 2003:
Study on whi-genes related to differentiation of Streptomyces spp

Mukai, M.; Uchimura, N.; Takeuchi, N.; Kuwahara, H.; Hashizume, Y.; Nose, I.; Satomura, T.; Tanaka, J.; Maeda, H., 2001:
Study on withdrawal of hypnotics: questionnaire on hypnotic use and its withdrawal

Zhang, X.; Lin, J.; Xu, K., 2001:
Study on women with abnormal uterine bleeding treated by hysteroscopic electric resection

Dezelee, S.; Sentenac, A.; Fromageot, P., 1970:
Study on yeast RNA polymerase. Effect of alpha-amanitan and rifampicin

Muramatsu, H.; Sawanishi, H.; Iwasaki, N.; Kakiuchi, M.; Ohashi, T.; Kato, H.; Ito, Y., 1993:
Study on zwitter-ionization of drugs. II. Synthesis and pharmacological activity of some N-[3-(5H-dibenzo[a, d]cyclohepten-5-ylidene) propyl]-N-methylamino- and N-[3-(6H-dibenz[b, e]oxepin-11-ylidene) propyl]-N-methylamino-alkanoic acid derivatives and related compounds

Matranga, B.; Weinstein, S., 1994:
Study options on respiratory protection before permitting confined space entry

Hilts, P.J., 2001:
Study or human experiment? Face-lift project stirs ethical concerns

McDowell, I.; Helliwell, B.; Sykes, E.; Hill, G.; Lindsay, J., 2002:
Study organization in the Canadian Study of Health and Aging

Rollins, G., 2002:
Study outlines key factors in successful beta-blocker use

Schulman, S., 2001:
Study patients and routine practice patients

Villringer, A., 2001:
Study patients recover better from stroke. L-dopa: doping for the apolpexy brain? (interview by Waldtraud Paukstadt

Anonymous, 1980:
Study pegs rates for hospital room around country

Levey, S., 1981:
Study pinpoints consequences of poor discharge planning

Anonymous, 1998:
Study pinpoints savings areas for redesign

Bias, R., 2001:
Study planning II--What follows the myth of the treatment refractory patient!

Quintero, S., 2001:
Study points to K.S. cause

Page, D., 1997:
Study points to latex glove permeability

Pagnani, E.; Shaw, F., 1991:
Study points to promising approaches for managing costs and reducing excess utilization

Brown, M.J.; Castaigne, A.; de Leeuw, P.W.; Mancia, G.; Rosenthal, T.; Ruilope, L.M., 1999:
Study population and treatment titration in the International Nifedipine GITS Study: Intervention as a Goal in Hypertension Treatment (INSIGHT)

Treiman, D.M., 1993:
Study population selection

Wu, F., 1980:
Study population theories and control population growth

Isbister, W.H., 2000:
Study populations and casemix: influence on analysis of postoperative outcomes

Jeffers, E.R., 1998:
Study poses new questions about calcium-channel blockers

Slade, J.M., 1997:
Study power inadequate to reject ondansetron

SoRelle, R., 2000:
Study predicts 55 million people uninsured by the year 2008

Szalanski, A., 1978:
Study predicts boom in leasing; marketers agree

Anonymous, 2000:
Study predicts shortage of RNs as nursing workforce ages

Anonymous, 2000:
Study presentation: acupuncture for depression and anxiety

Wagner, M., 1990:
Study probes strengths of stockless inventory

Hoefert, H.W.; Holthaus, E.; Kolleck, B.; Korporal, J.; Streckel, S.; Wolff, R.; Zielinski, W.; Zillich, N., 1993:
Study program "Nursing/Nursing Management". Curricular concept

Anonymous, 1994:
Study projects demographic impact of AIDS in Africa

Tokarski, C., 1990:
Study prompts debate over PROs' focus

Anonymous, 1996:
Study prompts overhaul of COPD/pneumonia care

Anonymous, 2001:
Study proposes Pap smears at 3-year intervals

Anonymous, 1993:
Study protocol for the World Health Organization project to develop a Quality of Life assessment instrument (WHOQOL)

Goh, L.E.; Perrin, L.; Hoen, B.; Cooper, D.; Phillips, A.; Janossy, G.; Sonnenborg, A.; Tsoukas, C.; Lampe, F.; Kinloch, S., 2001:
Study protocol for the evaluation of the potential for durable viral suppression after quadruple HAART with or without HIV vaccination: the QUEST study

Kelso, J.M., 1997:
Study protocol on azelastine

Seccia, M.; Menconi, C.; Balestri, R.; Cavina, E., 1994:
Study protocols and functional results in 86 electrostimulated graciloplasties

Anonymous, 1999:
Study provides LOS benchmark data on 57 conditions, by ICD-9 and DRG codes

Miller, J.L., 2000:
Study provides additional support for hypericum extract

Anonymous, 1999:
Study provides admission, payment data for academic vs. non-academic providers

Anonymous, 1997:
Study provides comparative targets to help reduce costs of surgical procedures

Anonymous, 2001:
Study provides first data baseline for Medicare quality of care

Anonymous, 1996:
Study provides head-to-head comparison of terazosin, finasteride

McIntyre, D.R.; Bolte, K.M.; Pope, M.H., 1996:
Study provides new evidence of back belts' effectiveness

Anonymous, 1999:
Study provides regional comparisons of utilization data

Anonymous, 1986:
Study puts numbers to alternative delivery

Anonymous, 2000:
Study quantifies diabetes management outcomes

Kepple, S.R., 1999:
Study quantifies impact of resistant Pseudomonas on outcomes

Anonymous, 1994:
Study quantifies problem of abortion in the region

Lutz, S., 1994 :
Study questions estimates of psych benefit cost

Blythe, 2000:
Study questions ethics of covert medication

Saphir, A., 2000:
Study questions home efficiency. Nursing homes could cut costs by more than a third and maintain productivity, study says

Anonymous, 1995:
Study questions increasing cost of intensive care of pneumocystis

Lovern, E., 2001:
Study questions safety standards

Tokarski, C., 1990:
Study questions special payment adjustment

OReilly, M., 1997:
Study questions whether equalization of health care services a logical goal

Anonymous, 1981:
Study raises question of spermicide safety

Anonymous, 1998:
Study raises questions about corticosteroid use for lung maturation in premature infants

Burda, D., 1992:
Study ranking Iowa hospitals draws fire

Nemes, J., 1991:
Study ranks costs by city

Anonymous, 1999 :
Study ranks most efficient hospitals by state, targets 1996 Medicare LOS data

Burda, D., 1991:
Study rates U.S. hospitals vs. other nations, industries

Anonymous, 1979:
Study rates chlorhexidine superior to three other handwashing agents

Chalmers, J.; Cooper, M.; Ferrannini, E.; Glasziou, P.; Grobbee, D.; Hamet, P.; Harrap, S.; Liu, L.; MacMahon, S.; Mancia, G.; Marre, M.; Matthews, D.; Mogensen, C.; Neal, B.; Yu Pan, C.; Poulter, N.; Rodgers, A.; Williams, B.; Woodward, M.; Collins, R.; Sandercock, P.; Sleight, P.; Holman, R.; Fulcher, G.; Pollock, C.; Celermajer, D.; Watson, J.; Harrisberg, B.; Currie, R.; Giregis, S.; Jayne, K.; Monaghan, H.; Patel, A.; Richens, A.; Gray, B.; Milne, A.; Adderkin, A.; Bak, A.; Flett, S.; de Gu, 2001:
Study rationale and design of ADVANCE: action in diabetes and vascular disease--preterax and diamicron MR controlled evaluation

Anonymous, 1994:
Study recommends measures to reduce induced abortion among young women in the Republic of Korea

Wenger, B., 2000:
Study reform in dentistry

Anonymous, 1985:
Study relates costs to prognosis

Anonymous, 1993:
Study report: management of diarrhea with Smectite. High absorption capacity and natural mucosal protection

Anonymous, 1982:
Study reportedly finds rent-purchase expensive

Anonymous, 1998:
Study reports decrease in prevalence of HIV infection among young white men in the U.S

Anonymous, 1994:
Study reports increase in autotransplants for breast cancer patients in North America

Dobson, R., 2003:
Study reports on use of "touch screen" health kiosks

Anonymous, 1996:
Study reports vaginal gel can help improve reversion to normal pap smear

Anonymous, 1995:
Study results at a glance

Arnold, K., 2001:
Study results help define HPV's role as diagnostic tool

Doran, J.P., 1980:
Study results of the AUPHA nationwide investigation of the education and experience requirements and job responsibilities of senior-level mental health administrators

Hamer, R.; VanAntwerp, S., 1997:
Study results show decline in HMO operating margins

Daughtry, C., 1996:
Study results show mother-infant time together can be increased with a change in infant's first bath

Bolton, P.; Castano Osorio, M.S., 1997:
Study results translate to better services

Schultz, A.A., 1998:
Study results: prediction and prevention of pressure ulcers in surgical patients

Anonymous, 2001 :
Study reveals disturbing trends in care of minorities

McMillan, S., 1993:
Study reveals isolation and strain in HIV/AIDS workers

Anonymous, 2002:
Study reveals levels of burnout among surgeons

Anonymous, 2002:
Study reveals link between increased nursing care, better patient outcomes in hospitals

Anonymous, 1985:
Study reveals low public image

Earle, P.W.; Alexander, J.; Longo, D.R., 1991:
Study reveals nature of board-CEO relations

Anonymous, 1998:
Study reveals satisfaction with hospital experience major factor in decision to donate. Plus study finds health professionals not prepared to recommend donation

McDowell, I.; Aylesworth, R.; Stewart, M.; Hill, G.; Lindsay, J., 2002:
Study sampling in the Canadian Study of Health and Aging

Hilts, P.J., 1983:
Study says 6 pct. of therapists have sex with their patients

Anonymous, 1984:
Study says CTs can pay for themselves

Anonymous, 1995:
Study says FDA was lax in reacting to threat to blood supply. Food and Drug Administration

Anonymous, 2001:
Study says HIV tests misstate women's risk

Angier, N., 1991:
Study says anger troubles women denied abortion

Greene, J., 1990:
Study says closure decreased access

Anonymous, 1999:
Study says discharge instructions are poor

Anonymous, 1999:
Study says everyone rides cost-cutting bandwagon

Pear, R., 1991:
Study says fees are often higher when doctor has stake in clinic

Phillips, P., 1998:
Study says stay calm and halve risk of stroke

Moore, J.D., 1996:
Study seeks change in nursing staff uses

Greene, J., 1994:
Study sees missed savings by Fla. HMOs, hospitals; FHA cites improvements

Rosenthal, E., 1991:
Study sees moves on HIV infection backfiring

Lutz, S., 1993:
Study sees pain in payment cuts

Pear, R., 1992:
Study sees problems in Oregon rationing of health services

Sgadari, A.; Gambassi, G.; Pedone, C.; Onder, G., 2001:
Study should have reported more data about associated diseases

Anonymous, 2002:
Study shows 2-year survival advantage for docetaxel

Anonymous, 1988:
Study shows 59% of hospital laundry managers plan to incorporate automation in 1988

Anonymous, 2001:
Study shows Avanti breaks more than latex condoms

Bozzette, S.A.; Hellinger, F., 2001:
Study shows HAART reduced inpatient costs

Anonymous, 1995:
Study shows Hispanics' experiences and expectations of nation's health care system

Anonymous, 1997:
Study shows PFC increases direct patient care

Anonymous, 2001:
Study shows STDs increase risk of HIV

Anonymous, 2002:
Study shows St. John's wort ineffective for major depression

Morrissey, J., 1995:
Study shows big picture on adverse drug effects

Anonymous, 2002:
Study shows chewing sugarfree gum after meals and snacks helps reduce tooth decay by up to 40 per cent

Merisalo, L., 2002:
Study shows children need less anesthesia under Bispectral Index (R) monitoring

Anonymous, 2002:
Study shows common UTI bacteria are most susceptible and least resistant to ciprofloxacin

Anonymous, 1997:
Study shows condom use does not promote promiscuity

Anonymous, 1978:
Study shows consumers dominate HSA's

Anonymous, 1979:
Study shows counseling uplift for dying patients

Greinert, R., 2001:
Study shows cytotoxic effects of UV-B filters. Sunscreen cream--toxic for the skin? (interview by Petra Eiden)

Makulowich, G.S., 1995:
Study shows differences in double-gloving by general and orthopedic surgeons

Kerschner, P., 1987:
Study shows disposable briefs can reduce skin problems

Burda, D., 1995:
Study shows dramatic rise in use of bonuses to lure doctors

Anonymous, 1998:
Study shows employers win 92 percent of court cases involving discrimination against disabled employees

Nemes, J., 1989:
Study shows factors affecting return on equity

Yamey, G., 1999:
Study shows growing inequalities in health in Britain

Anonymous, 2002:
Study shows hardships for working families

Castle, N.G.; Fogel, B.S.; Mor, V., 1996:
Study shows higher quality of care in facilities administered by ACHCA members

Lutz, S., 1995:
Study shows hospital bills being paid faster

Gillen, T., 1982:
Study shows hospital closings in US cities are predictable

Quinn, J.; Rogers, M., 1991:
Study shows hospital libraries save lives

Pallarito, K., 1993:
Study shows hospitals in group were profitable

Northhouse, L.; Muhammad, S., 2002:
Study shows husbands of breast cancer patients also need support

Anonymous, 1978:
Study shows impact of competition between seven HMOs in Twin Cities

Cooper, J.W., 1988 :
Study shows inappropriate drug scheduling

Pirtle, O.L., 1993:
Study shows inconsistency in film processing quality

Anonymous, 2000:
Study shows increases in drug costs may be justified by improvements in outcomes

Perry, L., 1990:
Study shows leap in pay for 1st-year emergency doctors

Anonymous, 2000:
Study shows link between antidepressants, bruxism

Reitz, D., 1993:
Study shows low compliance with universal precautions

Haws, J.M., 2002:
Study shows many U.S. doctors now use NSV

Stephenson, J., 1997:
Study shows mastectomy prevents breast cancer in high-risk women

Anonymous, 1998:
Study shows minorities receive inadequate relief, assessment of cancer-related pain

Anonymous, 1986:
Study shows no HMO stereotypes

Anonymous, 1993:
Study shows nurse practitioner care may rival physician primary care

Anonymous, 2002 :
Study shows patients taking vardenafil consistently completed sexual intercourse

Alteras, T.T., 2002:
Study shows physician gatekeeping may help lower costs, but questions remain about physician and patient satisfaction

Anonymous, 1998:
Study shows poor persistence with lipid-lowering therapy, even when cost not a factor

Becker, N.B., 2000:
Study shows prayer is powerful medicine

Scott, L., 1993:
Study shows price savings in food services managed by outside firms--sometimes

Anonymous, 1976:
Study shows rate setting has little impact on rising costs

Williams, L., 1983:
Study shows respite care helps homes and families

Hawryluk, M., 2000:
Study shows significant drop in Medicare payments

McNeal, G., 1999:
Study shows technology is key to African-American faculty success

Anonymous, 1993:
Study shows that many nurses fear contracting AIDS

Bates, C., 2001:
Study shows that smoking costs 13 times more than it saves

Anonymous, 1997:
Study shows three drugs better than two

Anonymous, 1999:
Study shows use of respiratory therapists in SNFs improves outcomes, reduces lengths of stay, costs

Morrissey, J., 1995:
Study shows value of Wis. CHIN

Goodfellow, M., 1991:
Study shows ways to win, avoid union elections

Shortell, S.M., 1989:
Study shows what industry will need to succeed in '90s

Anonymous, 1995:
Study shows who makes the decisions on software

Anonymous, 1980:
Study shows wound infections decrease with surgical volume

Bates, C., 1996:
Study skills: fears, the future & the feel-good factor!

Anonymous, 2002:
Study slams Joint Commission's approach to measuring quality

Graf, B.; Mendenhall, R.; Suero, M.; Wiggins, R., 2001:
Study status consistency and duplicate-read protection in a distributed architecture

Anonymous, 1998:
Study strengthens case against using aspirin to prevent preeclampsia

Tokarski, C., 1990:
Study strips Agent Orange link

Dowd, R.; Recker, R.R.; Heaney, R.P., 2000:
Study subjects and ordinary patients

Rayburn, L.G., 1986:
Study suggests PPS creates job tension for the financial manager

Anonymous, 1997:
Study suggests antioxidants slow decline in Alzheimer's disease

Anonymous, 2000:
Study suggests aspirin can help fight periodontitis

Anonymous, 1997:
Study suggests initiating saquinavir in early disease may increase duration of response

Anonymous, 1984:
Study suggests large city hospitals most affected by DRG payment rule

Larsen, N.S., 1993:
Study suggests mechanism for alcohol-breast cancer link

Anonymous, 1975:
Study suggests new, less rigid criteria for declaring death

Jenks, S., 1994:
Study suggests transfusions may increase cancer risk

Burda, D., 1990:
Study suggests two cardiac procedures increase risk of death after heart attack

Anonymous, 1997:
Study suggests underuse of mental health specialists results in higher overall costs

Anonymous, 2002:
Study suggests video visits have significant cost, quality benefits

Mathias, J.M., 1998:
Study supports the reuse of PTCA catheters

Burda, D., 1990:
Study tallies demands for hospitals' data

Anonymous, 2001:
Study targets errors in ambulatory setting

Mathias, J.M., 1995:
Study tests RN monitoring for eye surgery

Li, C.; Zhang, C.Z., 2002:
Study the chemical constituents from Phlomis mongolica turcz

Anonymous, 1999:
Study the details of your cap contract before accepting risk

Tao, P.L.; Wu, S.C.; Yang, C.H.; Wu, C.C., 2001:
Study the mechanisms of U-50,488 to prevent the development of morphine tolerance in guinea pigs

Anonymous, 1995:
Study theorizes that HIV existed centuries ago in African hamlets

Anonymous, 2002:
Study these variables to understand reinsurance needs

Liu, J.Y., 1981:
Study thoroughly the Marxist theory on population, develop population science in China

Anonymous, 1991:
Study ties hospital care of newborns to coverage

Moore JD, J.R., 1999:
Study ties staffing, complications

Hanna, L., 2001:
Study to address effects of antiretroviral therapy on women

Weise, F.O.; McMullen, T.D., 2001:
Study to assess the compensation and skills of medical library professionals relative to information technology professionals

De Jong, W.H.; Goldhoorn, C.A.; Kallewaard, M.; Geertsma, R.E.; Van Loveren, H.; Bijlsma, J.W.J.; Schouten, J.S.A.G., 2002:
Study to determine the presence of antipolymer antibodies in a group of Dutch women with a silicone breast implant

Heron, R.J.; McKeown, S.; Tomenson, J.A.; Teasdale, E.L., 2000:
Study to evaluate the effectiveness of stress management workshops on response to general and occupational measures of stress

Greene, J., 1993:
Study to examine clinical integration

Sawaguchi, A.; Sawaguchi, T.; Matoba, R.; Togari, H.; Nakagawa, S.; Miyauchi, J.; Nishida, H., 2002:
Study to increase the frequency of autopsies performed for cases of infant deaths--proposed revision of the law on postmortem examination and corpse preservation and other related regulations

Cockey, C.Davis., 2002:
Study to investigate cognitive function in type 2 diabetes

Altman, D.G., 1997:
Study to predict which elderly patients will fall shows difficulties in deriving and validating a model

Anonymous, 2001:
Study to track benefits of compliance intervention

Boyle, M.; Butcher, R.; Kenney, C., 1998:
Study to validate the outcome goal, competencies and educational objectives for use in intensive care orientation programs

Hofreuter, D.H.; Mendoza, E.M., 1993:
Study tour examines health care systems in Germany, Holland--Part I: A comparison of three health care systems

Jones, F.G., 1993:
Study tour examines health care systems in Germany, Holland--Part II: The German system

Button, J.H., 1986:
Study tour in Canada. A general manager's view

Paine, L., 1986:
Study tour in Canada: a prolegomena

Kronborg, A., 1982:
Study tour in England. A nurse's view

Collier, A.J., 1982:
Study tour in England. Setting the scene

Loveridge, C., 1982:
Study tour in England. The guests' programme

Palmer, H., 1984:
Study tour in Portugal. A medical view

Vahlkamp, M.P., 1984:
Study tour in Portugal. A nurse's impression

Bell, H.C., 1984:
Study tour in Portugal. A psychiatrist's view

Jennett, F.S., 1984:
Study tour in Portugal. An architect's view

Paine, L., 1984:
Study tour in Portugal. Reality, evolution, culture, contrast and contradiction

Malley, R.T., 1986:
Study tour of hospitals in Canada. A capital planner's view

Lau, D.H., 1986:
Study tour of hospitals in Canada. A medical superintendent's view

Kennedy, K., 1986:
Study tour of hospitals in Canada. A medical view

Jackman, F.P., 1986:
Study tour of hospitals in Canada. An architects's view

Anonymous, 1980:
Study tour of the German Federal Republic

Woodward, D., 1980:
Study tour of the German Federal Republic financial aspects and the use of EDP in hospitals

Noble, P., 1980:
Study tour of the German Federal Republic--psychiatric institutions: an impression

Anonymous, 1980:
Study tour of the German Federal Republic: health services in the German Federal Republic

Kim, H., 1991:
Study tracks costs of treating employees' drug problems

Anonymous, 1994:
Study under way on effects of Chernobyl fallout on childhood cancer rates

Anonymous, 1997:
Study underscores need for increased ADAP funding

Goldstein, F.J., 2000:
Study underscores need to consider multiple factors in debate on physician-assisted suicide

Anonymous, 1978:
Study urges ceiling on capital investments to cut health spending

Anonymous, 1996:
Study urges easing of syringe laws

Anonymous, 1996:
Study urges prisons to consider condoms, drug needles

Anonymous, 2000:
Study urges trauma centers to screen for alcoholism

Levenson, D., 2003:
Study validates quick blood test for heart failure

Vickery, K., 2002:
Study views visiting patterns

Carlsson, K.; Herrlin, B.; Olsson, A., 1994:
Study visit to twin Clinic Landsdowne Health Centre, Birmingham, England

Bergqvist, L.P., 1993:
Study visit--like a dream

Miller, J.L., 2000:
Study weakens case for vitamin E supplementation

Carter, K., 1986:
Study will pinpoint hospital dumping

Anonymous, 1996:
Study will track health of women in midlife

Anonymous, 2003:
Study will utilize patients' own cells in attempt to correct oral cosmetic problems

Beaujean, R.; Enge, W.; Herrmann, W.; Bartholoma, K.P., 1976:
Study with a multi-threshold HZE-particle dosimeter using plastic detectors

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Study's focus on measuring compliance, effectiveness

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Study's use of hospital data breeds ill will

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Study-design issues in the development of the University of Southern California Consortium's Colorectal Cancer Family Registry

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Study: 76% of employers encourage healthy lifestyles for their workers

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Study: 83% of HMO enrollees satisfied

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Study: AIDS cases among newborns peaked in 1991

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Study: CHF (congestive heart failure) education more than pays for itself

Anonymous, 2000:
Study: CHF patients fare better with cardiologists

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Study: HIV increases miscarriage

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Study: HIV risks low for health care workers

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Study: Medicare risk HMOs overpaid

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Study: U.S. pays 60 percent of health care costs

Anonymous, 1994:
Study: auto insurance and health care reform could prove to be costly partners

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Study: capitated risk not always understood

Anonymous, 2002:
Study: cost cuts, high quality not mutually exclusive

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Study: doc groups make Y2K progress

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Study: doc sanctions go unreported. HHS inspector general may seek tougher penalties for hospitals that fail to report actions

Anonymous, 2001:
Study: e-commerce will improve logistics

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Study: employers consider cost over quality in health purchases

Shinkman, R., 1999:
Study: employers don't push health plans

Anonymous, 1995:
Study: empowering nurses promotes quality care. Mortality rates 5% lower in 'magnet' hospitals

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Study: field split over use of contract services

Anonymous, 1994:
Study: health plans getting cheaper

Gardner, J., 1996:
Study: higher Medicare spending doesn't guarantee better care

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Study: hospitals improve ability to track charges

Anonymous, 2000:
Study: incidents in parking areas leading source of liability claims

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Study: key managers buy wall coverings, paint

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Study: low transplant referral rate in NJ linked to few programs, patient education

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Study: majority of middle-aged Americans at risk of developing hypertension

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Study: managers' influence rises for furniture buys

Anonymous, 1997:
Study: mergers mean changing physician roles

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Study: more facilities use annual incentives

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Study: most hospitals will try integration despite obstacles

Anonymous, 1992:
Study: nearly 66% of facilities contract for 'hotel' services

Anonymous, 2001:
Study: new drug doesn't display cross-resistance

Anonymous, 1978:
Study: no drop in unnecessary surgery

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Study: number of networks up 69% in 1995

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Study: obesity, injuries closely related

Anonymous, 2002:
Study: one in 10 dental professionals had oral lesions that required additional testing

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Study: orgasm more important then safety

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Study: our students are becoming ever more slack. Does movement deficit result in dumbness? (interview by Michael Koczorek)

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Study: outpatient lap chole safe. Interview by Judith M. Mathias

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Study: physicians missing HIV signs

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Study: quality process aids integration

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Study: same-day registration aids performance

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Study: slow decisionmaking drains resources

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Study: staff who handle cancer drugs may suffer from drugs' side effects

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Study: stockless inventory can save money. Health Industry Distributors Association

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Study: strict rules driving device industry abroad

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Study: too many stool tests

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Study: treatment works for substance abusers

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Studying Marx's discussion on the position and role of population in social and economic development

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Studying Marxist theory on population and initiating a new situation in demographic research

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Studying a Study and Testing a Test: How to Read the Medical Evidence

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Studying abroad in South Africa

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Studying abroad--travel light

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Studying evidence-based processes, not practices

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Studying science in the context of ethics

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Studying signal transduction in neuronal cells: the Trk/NGF system

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Studying slime

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Studying strain and recovery of initial cardiovascular functional state in accordance with "vegetative tone background"

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Studying survival of cancer patients in different populations: its potential and role

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Studying survivors of nearly lethal suicide attempts: an important strategy in suicide research

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Studying systematic reviews

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Studying temperament via construction of the Toddler Behavior Assessment Questionnaire

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Studying the 16O+12C dynamic polarization potential by inversion

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Studying the Hungarian anti-smoking movement

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Studying the careers of nurse diplomates: the importance of branch-specific questionnaires

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Studying the causes of preterm birth

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Studying the composition and function of centrosomes in vertebrates

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Studying the continuum limit of the Ising model

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Studying the culture and effectiveness of biomedicine

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Studying the effect of enzyme replacement in chronic pancreatitis

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Studying the effectiveness of psychotherapy. How well can clinical trials do the job?

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Studying the effects of health plan competition: are available data resources up to the task?

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Studying the effects of nurse prenatal and early infancy home visitations

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Studying the fertility peak in Beijing

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Studying the future: a Delphi survey of how multi-disciplinary clinical staff view the likely development of two community mental health centres over the course of the next two years

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Studying the health effects of induced abortion

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Studying the historic migrations of the Irish potato famine pathogen using ancient DNA

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Studying the history of military medicine and surgery

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Studying the interaction of polyoma virus middle T antigen with cellular proteins

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Studying the mechanics of left ventricular contraction

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Studying the operations of proteins using single molecule detection

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Studying the origin of a new Z' with polarized beams at future colliders

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Studying the outcomes of community-based coalitions

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Studying the partnership. InterStudy receives grant from NCHSR to study HMOs and health care; requests assistance and input

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Studying the quality of life after organ transplantation: research problems and solutions

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Studying the rescuers

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Studying the risks of ocean swimming

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Studying the significance of cardiac contractility variability

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Studying the statins

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Studying the structure and regulation of soluble guanylyl cyclase

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Studying the therapeutic effectiveness of iron acetyl transferrin in sideropenic hypochromic anemia in females

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Studying to be a nurse--report on the nursing diploma program in Osnabrück

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Studying torture survivors. An emerging field in mental health

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Studying transmission of tuberculosis with use of DNA fingerprinting

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Studying vascular development in the zebrafish

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Studying women's lives: research questions, strategies and lessons

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Studying workplace health

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Studying yeast vacuoles

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Stueckelberg oscillations in the multiphoton excitation of helium Rydberg atoms: Observation with a pulse of coherent field and suppression by additive noise

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Stuff and nonsense

Anonymous, 2000:
Stuffed! That lingering 'cold' could be sinusitis

Horowitz, J.M., 2002:
Stuffing yourself healthy

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Stuke and Zhang reply

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Stulberg classification system

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Stumbling block for domestic managers

Ortolon, K., 1996:
Stumbling block. Block grant proposal shakes foundation of Texas Medicaid program

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Stumbling corrective responses in healthy human subjects to rapid reversal of treadmill direction

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Stumbling in science studies

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Stumbling into a deal. The president triggers a sudden scramble to push health care reform through Congress

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Stumbling into occupational health: the influenza conundrum

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Stumbling into rationing. A national debate on values is needed to sustain the NHS

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Stumbling toward equity: the role of government in kidney transplantation

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Stump appendicitis--a potential problem after laparoscopic appendicectomy

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Stump care

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Stump curettage cytologic examination of excised tumor is more sensitive than histologic examination

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Stump pemphigoid

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Stump pressure and transcranial Doppler for predicting shunting in carotid endarterectomy

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Stump the experts. A classic example of a large nodular trichoblastoma

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Stump the experts. Case. Myxoid liposarcoma

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Stump the experts. Cutaneous lesion felt to represent direct extension of a cholangiocarcinoma via the drainage catheter tract

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Stump the experts. Desmoplastic melanoma with features of malignant spindled and epithelioid schwannoma

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Stump the experts. Eccrine acrospiroma, clear cell type

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Stump the experts. Eccrine spiradenoma

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Stump the experts. Fibrolipomatous hamartoma of the nerve

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Stump the experts. Gouty tophi

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Stump the experts. Lymphocytoma cutis

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Stump the experts. Malignant hidroacanthoma in situ

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Stump the experts. Multiple glomus tumors

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Stump the experts. Mycosis fungoides

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Stump the experts. Oral metastasis of adenocarcinoma of the colon

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Stump the experts. Segmental neurofibromatosis

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Stump the experts. Subungual exostosis

Anonymous, 1999:
Stump the professor

Anonymous, 1978:
Stump v. Sparkman. 28 Mar 1978

Rosenberg, I.M., 1978:
Stump v. Sparkman: the doctrine of judicial impunity

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Stump-socket interface pressure as an aid to socket design in prostheses for trans-femoral amputees--a preliminary study

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Stun gun injuries in the abuse and death of a seven-month-old infant

Burdett-Smith, P., 1998:
Stun gun injury

Hamilton, A., 2002:
Stun guns for everyone

Kennett, J., 1993:
Stung by coercion controversy, China defends population goals

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Stunned myocardium after off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting

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