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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47577

Chapter 47577 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Korolev, I.N., 1999:
The action of potable mineral waters on reparative regeneration processes in the stomach

Wang, H.; Ni, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Yue, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, L., 2002:
The action of proglumide blocking gastrin on gastric cancer cells

Muramoto, T.; Atsuta, Y.; Iwahara, T.; Sato, M.; Takemitsu, Y., 1997:
The action of prostaglandin E2 and triamcinolone acetonide on the firing activity of lumbar nerve roots

Bievskiĭ, A.N., 1994:
The action of quaternary ammonium derivatives on respiration and nitrate reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Goncharenko, E.N.; Antonova, S.V., 1995:
The action of radioprotectors of natural origin (MIGI-K and carnosine) on the catecholamine level in irradiated rats

Ogawa, M.; Miyata, T.; Nakajima, K.; Mikoshiba, K., 1997:
The action of reelin in the layering of cortical neurons in cerebrum

Barashkova, G.M.; Klimov, P.K.; Kuranova, I.L.; Filonova, E.B.; Churkina, S.I., 1993:
The action of regulatory peptides on the rate of fluid flow across the wall of the large intestine in the frog

Zubovich, I.K.; Mishaeva, N.P.; Votiakov, V.I.; Kovalev, N.A.; Shashen'ko, A.S.; Golovneva, G.P., 1993:
The action of reserpine in experimental rabies infection

Fedotova, I.O., 1999:
The action of sex hormones on conditioned reflex and behavioral reactions

Groza, P.; Bordeianu, A.; Cananau, S.; Boca, A.; Petrescu, A.; Lungu, D., 1981:
The action of simulated and true weightlessness on the digestive tract of rats

Sysoliatina, N.A.; Artamonova, V.V., 1998:
The action of sodium oxybutyrate and emoxypin on the functional state of the adrenaline-damaged myocardium in an experiment

Grafova, V.N.; Danilova, E.I.; Reshetniak, V.K., 1994:
The action of sodium valproate in central pain syndromes

Bezvershenko, I.A.; Goĭdash, M.M., 1993:
The action of somatotropin and a nonpeptide mitogenic factor on thymocyte proliferative activity

Anikeeva, I.D.; Vaulina, E.N.; Kostina, L.N., 1979:
The action of space flight factors on the radiation effects of additional gamma-irradiation of seeds

Melcangi, R.C.; Magnaghi, V.; Galbiati, M.; Ghelarducci, B.; Sebastiani, L.; Martini, L., 2001:
The action of steroid hormones on peripheral myelin proteins: a possible new tool for the rebuilding of myelin?

Kudriashov, I.B.; Goncharenko, E.N.; Antonova, S.V.; Akhalaia, M.Ia.; Baĭzhumanov, A.A.; Shestakova, S.V., 1997:
The action of sublethal doses of ionizing radiation on the endogenous radioresistance background

Korolev, I.N.; Panova, L.N.; Nikulina, L.A.; Zagorskaia, N.Z., 1996:
The action of sulfate mineral water in experimental whole-body irradiation

Vorob'eva, N.D.; Anikin, G.D., 1993:
The action of sulfur-containing and methemoglobin-forming compounds in renal ischemia

Furuse, M.; Choi, Y.H.; Satoh, S.; Okumura, J., 1996:
The action of the cholecystokinin-A receptor antagonist, devazepide, on the digestive system of the chicken

Shepel'skaia, N.R.; Tolstova, N.V., 1993:
The action of the fungicide alacide on the reproductive function of rats

Aĭrapetiants, M.G.; Levshina, I.P.; Nozdracheva, L.V.; Shuĭkin, N.N., 1998:
The action of the neurotoxin AF64A on the reactions of neuroticized rats

Gaĭnutdinov, K.L.; Andrianov, V.V.; Gaĭnutdinova, T.Kh., 1999:
The action of the neurotoxins 5,6-dihydroxytryptamine and p-chlorophenylalanine on the electrical activity parameters of the command neurons during long-term sensitization and learning in the snail

Müller, P.; Simon, B., 1998:
The action of the proton pump inhibitor pantoprazol against acetylsalicylic acid-induced gastroduodenopathy in comparison to ranitidine. An endoscopic controlled, double blind comparison

Tarnavschl, R.; Ursaciuc, C.; Ciotaru, D.; Cârstocea, B.; Stroilă, C., 1993:
The action of the supernatants from human lymphocyte cultures on E-active rosette formation

Yamin-Lacouture, C.; Woodside, D.G.; Sectakof, P.A.; Sessle, B.J., 1997:
The action of three types of functional appliances on the activity of the masticatory muscles

Petrova, N.B.; Irzhak, L.I., 1996:
The action of thyroxine on the autorhythmic contractile activity of the rat portal vein

Buznikov, G.A.; Mal'chenko, L.A.; Zvezdina, N.D.; Iovanovic, S.; Markova, L.N.; Milosevic, I.; Nikitina, L.A.; Lazarevic, L.; Redzic, L.; Rogac, L.; Rakic, L., 1996:
The action of tiazofurin on the development of sea urchin embryos and larvae

Krzywicka, H.; Janowska, J.; Zarzycka, E., 1997:
The action of ultraviolet radiation on microorganisms found in air

Palmer, T.N..; Ryman, B.E..; Whelan, W.J.., 1968:
The action pattern of amylomaltase

Ledingham, W.M.; Hornby, W.E., 1969:
The action pattern of water-insoluble alpha-amylases

Joseph, S.E.; Korzon-Burakowska, A.; Woodworth, J.R.; Evans, M.; Hopkins, D.; Janes, J.M.; Amiel, S.A., 1998:
The action profile of lispro is not blunted by mixing in the syringe with NPH insulin

Brennan, P.A., 2000:
The actions and interactions of nitric oxide in solid tumours

Koch, G.; Chen, M.L.; Sharma, R.; Walker, R.J., 1993:
The actions of RFamide neuroactive peptides on the isolated heart of the giant African snail, Achatina fulica

Hara, T.; Cameron-Smith, D.; Cooney, G.J.; Kusunoki, M.; Tsutsumi, K.; Storlien, L.H., 1998:
The actions of a novel lipoprotein lipase activator, NO-1886, in hypertriglyceridemic fructose-fed rats

Castillo, E.F.; Castillo, C.; Valencia, I.; Hernández, D.; Castillo, M.C.; Frias, S.; Bobadilla, R.A., 1996:
The actions of alpha-methylnorepinephrine on the rat aorta

Jennings, E.A.; Vaughan, C.W.; Roberts, L.A.; Christie, M.J., 2003:
The actions of anandamide on rat superficial medullary dorsal horn neurons in vitro

Boura, A.L.; Green, A.F.; Boura, A.L.; Green, A.F., 1997:
The actions of bretylium: adrenergic neurone blocking and other effects. 1959

Wan, S.L.; Xu, J.J.; Sun, G., 2003:
The actions of glucocorticoid receptor and 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in the brain

Reiffel, J.A.; Blitzer, M., 2001:
The actions of ibutilide and class Ic drugs on the slow sodium channel: new insights regarding individual pharmacologic effects elucidated through combination therapies

Koivisto, V.; Ebeling, P., 2002:
The actions of insulin

Bryant, C.E.; Clarke, K.W., 1996:
The actions of medetomidine may not be mediated exclusively by alpha 2-adrenoceptors in the equine saphenous vein

Rasmussen, N.; Nelson, F.; Govitrapong, P.; Ebadi, M., 2001:
The actions of melanin and melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH)

McBride, R.B.; Beckwith, B.E.; Swenson, R.R.; Sawyer, T.K.; Hadley, M.E.; Matsunaga, T.O.; Hruby, V.J., 1994:
The actions of melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) on passive avoidance in rats: a preliminary study

Chen, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, D., 1997:
The actions of nucleating proteins in vesicle aggregation and fusion: a preliminary study

Grattan, D.R., 2001:
The actions of prolactin in the brain during pregnancy and lactation

Assmann, I., 1995:
The actions of talinolol, a beta 1-selective beta blocker, in cardiac arrhythmia and acute myocardial infarction

Agyeman, A.A.; Sultatos, L.G., 1998:
The actions of the H2-blocker cimetidine on the toxicity and biotransformation of the phosphorothioate insecticide parathion

Fletcher, G.H.; Chiappinelli, V.A., 1993:
The actions of the kappa 1 opioid agonist U-50,488 on presynaptic nerve terminals of the chick ciliary ganglion

Ratner, G.L., 1993:
The actions of the surgeon in the presence of an adhesive process in the abdominal cavity

Martindale, S.J.; Shayevitz, J.R.; D'Errico, C., 1996:
The activated coagulation time: suitability for monitoring heparin effect and neutralization during pediatric cardiac surgery

Happ, B.; Groner, B., 1993:
The activated mammary gland specific nuclear factor (MGF) enhances in vitro transcription of the beta-casein gene promoter

Kaledin, V.I.; Guliaeva, L.F.; Il'nitskaia, S.I.; Popova, N.A.; Bulycheva, T.E., 1998:
The activated metabolites of hepatocarcinogens are involved in the disruption of tyrosine aminotransferase induction by glucocorticoids

Anderson, R., 1995:
The activated neutrophil--formidable forces unleashed

Steele, D.J.; Blackwell, B.; Gutmann, M.C.; Jackson, T.C., 1987:
The activated patient: dogma, dream, or desideratum?

Ianchiĭ, R.I., 1997:
The activating effect of antisarcolemmal antibodies on the contractile reactions of the papillary muscles of the rat heart

Radler-Pohl, A.; Gebel, S.; Sachsenmaier, C.; König, H.; Krämer, M.; Oehler, T.; Streile, M.; Ponta, H.; Rapp, U.; Rahmsdorf, H.J., 1993:
The activation and activity control of AP-1 (fos/jun)

Yamamoto, K., 1999:
The activation and function of p53 in cellular response to environmental stress

Izard, C.E.; Youngstrom, E.A., 1996:
The activation and regulation of fear and anxiety

Il'ianok, V.A., 1996:
The activation and suppression by light of human cerebral cortical activity

Whipple, F.W.; Ptashne, M.; Hochschild, A., 1997:
The activation defect of a lambda cI positive control mutant

Amrolia, P.J.; Ramamurthy, L.; Saluja, D.; Tanese, N.; Jane, S.M.; Cunningham, J.M., 1997:
The activation domain of the enhancer binding protein p45NF-E2 interacts with TAFII130 and mediates long-range activation of the alpha- and beta-globin gene loci in an erythroid cell line

Ramos, J.J.Moura.; Correia, Nália.T.; Taveira-Marques, R.; Collins, G., 2003:
The activation energy at Tg and the fragility index of indomethacin, predicted from the influence of the heating rate on the temperature position and on the intensity of thermally stimulated depolarization current peak

Zhiburt, E.B.; Serebrianaia, N.B.; Katkova, I.V.; Shikhverdiev, N.N.; Bel'skikh, A.N.; D'iakova, V.V.; Khubulava, G.G., 1997:
The activation mechanisms in cytomegalovirus infection

Slaughter, J.C., 1970:
The activation of 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase by L-methionine

Donato, M.; Morales, C.; D'Annunzio, V.; Scapín, O.; Gelpi, R.J., 2001:
The activation of A1 adenosine receptors attenuates myocardial stunning in the rabbit

Joiner, C.H.; Franco, R.S., 2001:
The activation of KCL cotransport by deoxygenation and its role in sickle cell dehydration

Palmer, A.; Nebreda, A.R., 2000:
The activation of MAP kinase and p34cdc2/cyclin B during the meiotic maturation of Xenopus oocytes

Tynianova, V.I.; Demidova, G.V.; Ziuzina, V.P.; Bespalova, I.A.; Kubantseva, E.P.; Goncharov, E.K.; Pasiukova, N.I., 1995:
The activation of Yersinia pestis "murine" toxin and endotoxin by hemolyzed erythrocytes from mammalian blood

Chasteen, A.L.; Schwarz, N.; Park, D.C., 2002:
The activation of aging stereotypes in younger and older adults

Koshelev, V.B.; Figurina, I.B.; Timin, E.N.; Rodionov, I.M., 1995:
The activation of blood-vessel smooth muscles increases the resistance to compression deformation

Ogle, C.K.; Guo, X.; Alexander, J.W.; Fukushima, R.; Ogle, J.D., 1993:
The activation of bone marrow macrophages 24 hours after thermal injury

Kuznietsova, I.B.; Kuznietsov, V.Ie.; Lukashenko, O.O., 2000:
The activation of bovine oocytes to parthenogenetic development by ethanol

de Paz, J.L.; Angulo, J.; Lassaletta, J.M.; Nieto, P.M.; Redondo-Horcajo, M.; Lozano, R.M.; Giménez-Gallego, G.; Martín-Lomas, M., 2002:
The activation of fibroblast growth factors by heparin: synthesis, structure, and biological activity of heparin-like oligosaccharides

Serdiuk, S.E.; Gmiro, V.E., 1998:
The activation of gastric afferent receptors by ethanol in small doses as a means of altering individual sensitivity to stress in rats

Hampson, D.R.; Manalo, J.L., 1999:
The activation of glutamate receptors by kainic acid and domoic acid

Arutyunov, D.Y.; Muronetz, V.I., 2002:
The activation of glycolysis performed by the non-phosphorylating glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in the model system

Tulokas, S., 1994:
The activation of lupus in pregnancy and its successful immunological treatment

Ozaki, S.; Watanabe, S.; Hayasaka, S.; Konuma, M., 2002:
The activation of molecular oxygen by horseradish peroxidase with sodium sulfite

Masycheva, V.I.; Fadina, V.A.; Danilenko, E.D., 2000:
The activation of phagocytosis by recombinant human tumor necrosis factor-beta

Akarasereenont, P.; Chotewuttakorn, S.; Aiamsa-Ard, T.; Thaworn, A., 2002:
The activation of platelet aggregation by human cholangiocarcinoma cells is mediated through thrombin receptor

Tarasenko, L.M.; Dev'iatkina, T.O., 1996:
The activation of proteolytic processes in the periodontal tissues under the action of extreme factors

Severina, I.S.; Bussygina, O.G.; Piatakova, N.V., 2000:
The activation of soluble guanylate cyclase by new NO donors as the basis of a directed search for new efficacious vasodilators and antiaggregants

de Portugal Alvarez, J., 1993 :
The activation of the patient in his disease

Florio, T.; Arena, S.; Thellung, S.; Iuliano, R.; Corsaro, A.; Massa, A.; Pattarozzi, A.; Bajetto, A.; Trapasso, F.; Fusco, A.; Schettini, G., 2001:
The activation of the phosphotyrosine phosphatase eta (r-PTP eta) is responsible for the somatostatin inhibition of PC Cl3 thyroid cell proliferation

Florio, T.; Arena, S.; Thellung, S.; Iuliano, R.; Corsaro, A.; Massa, A.; Villa, V.; Pattarozzi, A.; Diana, F.; Fusco, A.; Schettini, G., 2002:
The activation of the phosphotyrosine phosphatase eta is responsible for the somatostatin inhibition of PCCl3 thyroid cell proliferation

Ronkina, T.I.; Bagrov, S.N.; Vasin, V.I.; Malyshev, V.B., 1993:
The activation of the proliferation of human corneal endothelium in malignant tumors of various sites and diabetes mellitus

Grinkevich, L.N.; Merkulova, T.N.; Lisachev, P.D., 1999:
The activation of the transcription factors of the CRE and AP-1 families correlates with the development of plasticity in Helix

Marsh, R.L.; Hicks, J.L.; Bryan, E.S., 1999:
The activation of unrelated and canceled intentions

Pechmann, T.; Zerbst, D., 2002:
The activation of word class information during speech production

Chorro, F.J.; Mainar, L.; Sanchis, J.; Cánoves, J.; Porres, J.C.; Guerrero, J.; Millet, J.; Llavador, E.; Such, L.M.; Egea, S.; López-Merino, V.; Such, L., 1999:
The activation patterns during atrial fibrillation in an experimental model

Mishin, V.Iu.; Pavliuk, A.S.; Koval'chuk, L.V., 1996:
The activation processes of T-lymphocytes and their regulatory subpopulations in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Helluin, O.; Chan, C.; Vilaire, G.; Mousa, S.; DeGrado, W.F.; Bennett, J.S., 2000:
The activation state of alphavbeta 3 regulates platelet and lymphocyte adhesion to intact and thrombin-cleaved osteopontin

Man; Abd-E.B.ki GK.S.egmann; Weiner; Kaiser, 1999:
The activation state of nitrate reductase is not always correlated with total nitrate reductase activity in leaves

Haig, D.M.; Deane, D.L.; Myatt, N.; Thomson, J.; Entrican, G.; Rothel, J.; Reid, H.W., 1996:
The activation status of ovine CD45R+ and CD45R- efferent lymph T cells after orf virus reinfection

Aziz; Sabin; Lu, 1991:
The activation strain tensor: Nonhydrostatic stress effects on crystal-growth kinetics

Speiser, D.E.; Colonna, M.; Ayyoub, M.; Cella, M.; Pittet, M.J.; Batard, P.; Valmori, D.; Guillaume, P.; Liénard, D.; Cerottini, J.C.; Romero, P., 2001:
The activatory receptor 2B4 is expressed in vivo by human CD8+ effector alpha beta T cells

Barbier, P.; Peyrot, V.; Leynadier, D.; Andreu, J.M., 1998:
The active GTP- and ground GDP-liganded states of tubulin are distinguished by the binding of chiral isomers of ethyl 5-amino-2-methyl-1,2-dihydro-3-phenylpyrido[3,4-b]pyrazin-7-yl carbamate

Grizot, S.; Fieschi, F.; Dagher, M.C.; Pebay-Peyroula, E., 2001:
The active N-terminal region of p67phox. Structure at 1.8 A resolution and biochemical characterizations of the A128V mutant implicated in chronic granulomatous disease

Toren, A.; Orr, E.; Paitan, Y.; Ron, E.Z.; Rosenberg, E., 2001:
The active component of the bioemulsifier alasan from Acinetobacter radioresistens KA53 is an OmpA-like protein

Sharp, A.M.; Stein, P.E.; Pannu, N.S.; Carrell, R.W.; Berkenpas, M.B.; Ginsburg, D.; Lawrence, D.A.; Read, R.J., 1999:
The active conformation of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1, a target for drugs to control fibrinolysis and cell adhesion

Just, E., 1997:
The active consumer--consumer influence in the health system--which conditions?

Cecins, N.M.; Jenkins, S.C.; Pengelley, J.; Ryan, G., 1999:
The active cycle of breathing techniques--to tip or not to tip?

Oliveira, R.J., 1998:
The active earcanal

Piédrola Angulo, G., 2001:
The active efflux pump in antimicrobial resistance

Amarenco, G.; Kerdraon, J.; Denys, P., 1993:
The active forces of continence. Illustration by quantified analysis of the electromyographic signal of the urethral striated sphincter combined with urethral pressure studies

Rapp, C.A., 1998:
The active ingredients of effective case management: a research synthesis

Culpepper, L., 2002:
The active management of depression

Todorov, I.; Lazarov, L.; Atanasov, B., 1996:
The active management of labor. The advantages and disadvantages

Broder, M.S., 2000:
The active management of labor: is it worth the cost?

Klein, M., 1993:
The active management of labor: whose agenda?

Rothman, B.K., 1993 :
The active management of physicians

Dimitrov, A.; Nikolov, A.; Krŭsteva, K.; Lazarova, L.; Gŭrchev, E.; Karag'ozov, I., 2000:
The active management of the placental period with Remestyp

Katsev, R., 1996:
The active maxillary retainer--the final step in improving nasal airway function using dental orthopedics

Oláh, K.S.; Gee, H., 1996:
The active mismanagement of labour

Nishikimi, T.; Nagata, S.; Sasaki, T.; Yoshihara, F.; Nagaya, N.; Horio, T.; Matsuo, H.; Matsuoka, H.; Kangawa, K., 2000:
The active molecular form of plasma adrenomedullin is extracted in the pulmonary circulation in patients with mitral stenosis: possible role of adrenomedullin in pulmonary hypertension

Curtis, C.; Stephens, D.; Clarke, H.M.; Andrews, D., 2002:
The active movement scale: an evaluative tool for infants with obstetrical brachial plexus palsy

Aquino, R., 2002:
The active physician executive of the future

Vesce, S.; Bezzi, P.; Volterra, A., 2001:
The active role of astrocytes in synaptic transmission

Sternweis, P.C., 1994:
The active role of beta gamma in signal transduction

Ludwig, M.; Sabatier, N.; Dayanithi, G.; Russell, J.A.; Leng, G., 2002:
The active role of dendrites in the regulation of magnocellular neurosecretory cell behavior

Barzilai, M., 2001:
The active role of the passive verb in medical articles

Fabrega, S.; Durand, P.; Mornon, J-Paul.; Lehn, P., 2002:
The active site of human glucocerebrosidase: structural predictions and experimental validations

Josse, D.; Lockridge, O.; Xie, W.; Bartels, C.F.; Schopfer, L.M.; Masson, P., 2002:
The active site of human paraoxonase (PON1)

Maillet, M.; Morris, D.; Gaudry, M.; Marquet, A., 1997:
The active site region of the vitamin K-dependent carboxylase includes both the amino-terminal hydrophobic and carboxy-terminal hydrophilic domains of the protein

Uyeda, K.; Wang, X.L.; Mizuguchi, H.; Li, Y.; Nguyen, C.; Hasemann, C.A., 1997:
The active sites of fructose 6-phosphate,2-kinase: fructose-2, 6-bisphosphatase from rat testis. Roles of Asp-128, Thr-52, Thr-130, Asn-73, and Tyr-197

Mens, J.M.; Vleeming, A.; Snijders, C.J.; Stam, H.J.; Ginai, A.Z., 2000:
The active straight leg raising test and mobility of the pelvic joints

Tinnion, E.; Jowitt, F., 2000:
The active urine collection device: a novel continence management system focusing particularly on the needs of disabled women

Yu, S.Z.; Zhao, S.X.; Dai, Y., 1993:
The activities of 3 enzymes in serum and cerebrospinal fluid for diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis

Anonymous, 1977:
The activities of CEDOPE

Kavetskiĭ, R.E.; Tron'ko, P.T.; Kogan, V.Ia.; Bogdanov, A.N.; Bogdanov, N.S., 1993 :
The activities of Honored Physician of Ukraine Nikolaĭ Sergeevich Bogdanov

Fehér, E.; Lenhoss��k, J., 1993:
The activities of József Lenhossék as museologist and anatomist

Ivanova, T.; Krause, C., 2001:
The activities of Professor Curt Krause in Bulgaria

Ackerman, E.B.; Cornelius, E., 1982:
The activities of a country doctor in New York State: Dr. Elias Cornelius of Somers, 1794-1803

Uvarenko, A.R.; Pariĭ, V.D.; Stanislavchuk, V.A., 2000:
The activities of a feldsher-midwife center in the stages of the reorganization of primary medical health care in rural areas

Shpizel', R.S.; Khvedas', A.A.; Gutsal, R.R.; Re��n, G.E., 1995:
The activities of academician G. E. Reĭn in Ukraine

Anonymous, 2001:
The activities of bacterial pathogens in vivo. Papers of a discussion meeting. 20-21 October 1999

Mirskiĭ, M.B., 1995:
The activities of physicians and scientists from Odessa, Kiev and Kharkov in foreign universities

Hu, T.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, J., 2001:
The activities of proteolytic enzymes in dental plaque of patients in different age-sex groups

Romanowicz, L.; Jaworski, S., 2000:
The activities of some glycosaminoglycan degrading enzymes in the wall of the umbilical cord vein and their alteration in EPH-gestosis

Locoh, T.; Nomenyo, A., 1986:
The activities of the Demographic Research Unit of the University of Benin

Giuffrida, G., 1994:
The activities of the Italian Society of Cardiology since '34. 60 years of production. The opening address of the 54th National Congress

Wise, W.D.; Wise, W.D., 1993:
The activities of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty. 1952

Gao, L.; Tan, X-Feng.; Zhang, S.; Wu, T.; Zhang, Z-Min.; Ai, H-Wang.; Song, J., 2018:
An Intramolecular Interaction of UHRF1 Reveals Dual Control for Its Histone Association

Matsushima, E.; Kojima, T.; Obayashi, S.; Ohta, K.; Ando, K.; Toru, M.; Shimazono, Y.; Takebayashi, H.; Takahashi, S.; Xia, M.L.; Ohkura, T.; Yoshino, M.; Okubo, Y.; Matsuura, M.; Ando, H., 1999:
The activities of the Tokyo Center

Whitney, S.L.; Hudak, M.T.; Marchetti, G.F., 1999:
The activities-specific balance confidence scale and the dizziness handicap inventory: a comparison

Boswell, E.; Davis, D.L.; Partin, L.; Pichert, J.W., 1997:
The activity activity: a tool for teaching how to adjust for exercise variations

Ogorodnikova, L.E.; Kazennov, A.M., 1993:
The activity and properties of K-pNPphosphatase in membrane preparations of erythrocytes with different polypeptide compositions in Wistar, Wistar-Kyoto and SHR strain rats

Burenina, E.A., 1993:
The activity and properties of the adenosinetriphosphatases of flatworms

Weaver, H.A.; Feldman, P.D.; A'Hearn, M.F.; Arpigny, C.; Brandt, J.C.; Festou, M.C.; Haken, M.; McPhate, J.B.; Stern, S.A.; Tozzi, G.P., 1997:
The activity and size of the nucleus of comet Hale-Bopp (C/1995 O1) [see comment

McKeefry, D.J.; Watson, J.D.; Frackowiak, R.S.; Fong, K.; Zeki, S., 1997:
The activity in human areas V1/V2, V3, and V5 during the perception of coherent and incoherent motion

Walsh, D.M.; Beattie, D.T.; Connor, H.E., 1995:
The activity of 5-HT1D receptor ligands at cloned human 5-HT1D alpha and 5-HT1D beta receptors

Lim, E-Kiat.; Doucet, C.J.; Li, Y.; Elias, L.; Worrall, D.; Spencer, S.P.; Ross, J.; Bowles, D.J., 2001:
The activity of Arabidopsis glycosyltransferases toward salicylic acid, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, and other benzoates

Korn, I.; Jacob, G.; Allende, C.C.; Allende, J.E., 2002:
The activity of CK2 in the extracts of COS-7 cells transfected with wild type and mutant subunits of protein kinase CK2

Beno, I.; Volkovová, K.; Staruchová, M.; Koszeghyová, L., 1994:
The activity of Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase and catalase of gastric mucosa in chronic gastritis, and the effect of alpha-tocopherol

Borodi, N.K.; Samoilovich, D.S., 1987:
The activity of D. S. Samoilovich in the Ukraine

Razumova, I.V., 1999:
The activity of Dermacentor reticulatus Fabr. (Ixodidae) ticks in nature

Gianotti, L.; Broglio, F.; Ramunni, J.; Lanfranco, F.; Gauna, C.; Benso, A.; Zanello, M.; Arvat, E.; Ghigo, E., 2000:
The activity of GH/IGF-I axis in anorexia nervosa and in obesity: a comparison with normal subjects and patients with hypopituitarism or critical illness

Lutsenko, N.S.; Yakushev, V.S., 1993:
The activity of Krebs cycle enzymes in the visual analyzer of rats in the norm and under stress

Liu, Y.; Tian, Y.; Yu, A.; Liu, Y.; Zong, Z.; Yu, B., 2002:
The activity of M-phase promoting factor in oral normal tissue and tumor

Guimarães, J.T.; Soares-da-Silva, P., 1998:
The activity of MAO A and B in rat renal cells and tubules

Savchenko, A.A.; Kriukova, E.V.; Manchuk, V.T., 2002:
The activity of NAD(P)-dependent dehydrogenases in blood lymphocytes in children and adolescents with different duration of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Solokhin, E.V.; Pchelintsev, S.Iu.; Iurov, S.V.; Uraeva, V.I.; Afanas'ev, S.S.; Vorob'ev, A.A., 1994:
The activity of NK and K cells in mice vaccinated against plague

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