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The action of the supernatants from human lymphocyte cultures on E-active rosette formation

Tarnavschl, R.; Ursaciuc, C.; Ciotaru, D.; Cârstocea, B.; Stroilă, C.

Oftalmologia 37(2): 120-123


ISSN/ISBN: 1220-0875
PMID: 8507621
Accession: 047576031

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Lymphocytes separated from 20 normal subjects were introduced in two rosetation systems: the first was modulated rosetation (REM) with phytohemaglutinina (PHA), concanavalina A (Con. A). Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mbt), and tumoral extract from ocular malignant melanoma (ET-MMO): the second was E-active modulated rosetation with supernatants from human lymphocyte cultures stimulated with PHA, Con A, Mbf and ET-MMO (REM-S), he average values of percentages of rosettes forming cells in the two systems REM and REM-S are comparable. We may assume the existence of some modulating factors which operate in the same manner on the functionality of T-lymphocyte in the two systems (REM and REM-S).

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