Section 48
Chapter 47,581

The application of frequency-domain harmonics-to-noise ratio in the acoustic analysis of the normal voice and the abnormal voice

Hu, W.; Wang, X.; Yao, T.

Lin Chuang Er Bi Yan Hou Ke Za Zhi 12(6): 263-265


PMID: 11189172
Accession: 047580963

The frequency-domain relative harmonics-to-noise ratios were analysed in 36 normal women and 30 patients who had suffered from abnormal voice. The result indicated: the frequency-domain relative harmonics-to-noise ratios of the normal voice were distributed stably and the relative harmonics-to-noise ratios of the diseased voice differed obviously from that of the normal one above 1,700 Hz (P < 0.01). The frequency-domain relative harmonics-to-noise ratio was considered as a valuable parameter in distinguishing normal voice and diseased voice.

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