The approximation of cell distribution by the number of aberrations in the fractionated gamma-neutron irradiation of a human lymphocyte culture at the presynthesis stage (the G0 and G1 stages of the cycle) based on a theoretical model

Pozdyshkina, O.V.

Radiatsionnaia Biologiia Radioecologiia 37(2): 240-248


ISSN/ISBN: 0869-8031
PMID: 9181968
Accession: 047581384

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A theoretical model is suggested that allows calculating a yield of cells with a number of aberrations caused by fractionated gamma irradiation using the corresponding data for a separate irradiation. The value of a cytogenetic interaction of damages induced by two fractions of irradiation doses was used as a free parameter of the model. In terms of the model, approximation of experimental functions of the cell distribution in a number of exchange aberrations caused by gamma and/or neutron irradiation was made. At a stage G0, with the 1 h interval between the dose fractions, approximation was successful only for irradiation with equal or isoeffective dose fractions; with the interval of 5 h, it was successful for all types of irradiation except for two highest doses of fractionated neutron and gamma/neutron irradiation. At a stage G1, approximation was satisfactory almost for all types of fractionated gamma/neutron irradiation irrespective of the interval between the dose fractions and of a dose of fractionated gamma irradiation with the interval 1 h. For the fractionated neutron and neutron/gamma irradiation at a stage G1, approximation of experimental distributions was unsatisfactory in all the cases.