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The correlation between an increase in subgingival temperature and the concentration of volatile fatty acids of bacterial origin present in periodontal pockets

Eftimiadi, C.; Blasi, G.

Minerva Stomatologica 45(5): 189-196


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-4970
PMID: 8926986
Accession: 047601158

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The results obtained in this study indicate that the mean subgingival temperature measured in periodontal patients is significantly higher compared to that obtained from healthy subjects. The increase in subgingival temperature observed in periodontal patients, is proportional to the concentration of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) present in the gingival fluid. The highest temperature values were observed when suppuration and high levels of SCFA were both present in the same site. Theoretical considerations are presented which suggest a possible role of metabolically activated neutrophils in the local temperature increase. In any case, considering that the local increase in temperature is associated with an inflammatory process and that SCFA are bacterial "toxins" capable of inhibiting the immunological host response, the results presented in this study agree with the hypothesis that SCFA may be involved in the pathogenesis of chronic adult periodontitis.

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