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The effect of a T cell-specific NF-kappa B inhibitor on in vitro cytokine production and collagen-induced arthritis

Gerlag, D.M.; Ransone, L.; Tak, P.P.; Han, Z.; Palanki, M.; Barbosa, M.S.; Boyle, D.; Manning, A.M.; Firestein, G.S.

Journal of Immunology 165(3): 1652-1658


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 10903776
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.165.3.1652
Accession: 047615860

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NF-kappa B plays a key role in the production of cytokines in inflammatory diseases. The effects of a novel T cell-specific NF-kappa B inhibitor, SP100030, were evaluated in cultured Jurkat cells and in murine collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). Chemical libraries were screened for NF-kappa B-inhibitory activity. SP100030, a compound identified in this process, inhibited NF-kappa B activation in PMA/PHA-activated Jurkat cells by EMSA at a concentration of 1 microM. Jurkat cells and the monocytic cell line THP-1 were transfected with an NF-kappa B promotor/luciferase construct and activated. SP100030 inhibited luciferase production in the Jurkat cells (IC50 = 30 nM). ELISA and RT-PCR confirmed that IL-2, IL-8, and TNF-alpha production by activated Jurkat and other T cell lines were inhibited by SP100030. However, cytokine expression was not blocked by the compound in THP-1 cells, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, or epithelial cells. Subsequently, DBA/1J mice were immunized with type II collagen. Treatment with SP100030 (10 mg/kg/day i.p. beginning on day 21) significantly decreased arthritis severity from onset of clinical signs to the end of the study on day 34 (arthritis score, 5.6 +/- 1.7 for SP100030 and 9.8 +/- 1.5 for control; p < 0.001). Histologic evaluation demonstrated a trend toward improvement in SP100030-treated animals. EMSA of arthritic mouse ankles in CIA showed that synovial NF-kappa B binding was suppressed in the SP100030-treated mice. SP100030 inhibits NF-kappa B activation in T cells, resulting in reduced NF-kappa B-regulated gene expression and decreased CIA. Its selectivity for T cells could provide potent immunosuppression with less toxicity than other NF-kappa B inhibitors.

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