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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47618

Chapter 47618 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The effect of anesthesia on acute experimental poisoning of animals by antio, an organophosphorus compound
, Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 117(6): 587-590 (1994)

The effect of anesthesia on intravenous glucose tolerance test in the rat
, Hepatology 25(3): 782-783 (1997)

The effect of anesthesia on kidney scintigraphy in the dog
, Tierarztliche Praxis. Ausgabe K Kleintiere/Heimtiere 26(4): 259-263 (1998)

The effect of anesthesia on lipid peroxidation, the antioxidant system and lipid metabolism during cesarean section in parturients with severe forms of late gestosis
, Anesteziologiia i Reanimatologiia 2000(2): 17-20 (2000)

The effect of anesthesia on the incidence of postoperative venous thromboembolism
, Anasthesiologie Intensivmedizin Notfallmedizin Schmerztherapie 35(2): 119-120 (2000)

The effect of anesthesia type on needle localization breast biopsy: another point of view
, American Journal of Surgery 171(2): 242-243 (1996)

The effect of anesthesia, of an alpha or beta adrenergic blockade in conscious and of adrenaline in anesthetized halothane-positive swine on hematologic and metabolic parameters in the blood during the course of halothane exposure
, Berliner und Munchener Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 107(1): 1-7 (1994)

An In Vitro Model of Hematotoxicity: Differentiation of Bone Marrow-Derived Stem/Progenitor Cells into Hematopoietic Lineages and Evaluation of Lineage-Specific Hematotoxicity
, Current Protocols in Toxicology 76(1): E45 (2018 )

The effect of anesthetic method on enflurane air pollution in non-air conditioned operating rooms
, Der Anaesthesist 45(12): 1167-1170 (1996)

The effect of anesthetic technique on postoperative analgesia requirements
, Anesthesiology 80(6): 1416-1417 (1994)

The effect of anesthetic technique on recovery from neuromuscular blockade with cisatracurium
, Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia y Reanimacion 48(3): 117-121 (2001)

The effect of anesthetic techniques on hemostatic function in arthroscopic surgery: evaluation by thromboelastography
, Acta Anaesthesiologica Sinica 40(3): 121-126 (2002)

The effect of anesthetics on control of respiration
, Der Anaesthesist 51(4): 285-291 (2002)

The effect of angelica polysaccharide on proliferation and differentiation of hematopoietic progenitor cell
, Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 76(5): 363-366 (1996)

The effect of angiogenesis inhibitor TNP-470 against postoperative lung metastasis following removal of orthotopic transplanted human colon cancer: an experimental study
, Kurume Medical Journal 48(4): 285-293 (2001)

The effect of angiographic technique and image quality on the reproducibility of measurement of carotid stenosis and assessment of plaque surface morphology
, Clinical Radiology 53(6): 439-443 (1998)

The effect of angiography with disodium fluorescein on the hemorheologic parameters of diabetics
, Acta Medica Portuguesa 9(10-12): 303-307 (1996)

The effect of angioplasty on cerebral vasomotor reactivity in patients with important stenosis of the internal carotid artery
, Revista de Neurologia 24(126): 224-226 (1996)

The effect of angiotensin II on mitogen-activated protein kinase in human cardiomyocytes
, Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System 1(4): 379-384 (2000)

The effect of angiotensin II on uveoscleral outflow in rabbits
, Current Eye Research 23(2): 139-143 (2001)

The effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonist on the exogenous erythropoietin requirement of haemodialysis patients
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 14(8): 2047-2049 (1999)

The effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonists on diethylstilbestrol-induced vascular changes in the rat anterior pituitary gland: a quantitative evaluation
, Histology and Histopathology 11(4): 909-913 (1996)

The effect of angiotensin II receptor blockade on insulin sensitivity and sympathetic nervous system activity in primary hypertension
, Blood Pressure 3(3): 185-188 (1994)

The effect of angiotensin converting enzyme gene polymorphism on chronic allograft dysfunction in living donor renal transplant recipients
, Clinical Transplantation 16(3): 173-179 (2002)

The effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition on myocardial function and blood pressure after coronary artery bypass surgery--a randomised study
, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 13(1): 42-48 (1998)

The effect of angiotensin-II receptor antagonists on the vasoconstriction mechanisms in chronic heart failure
, Likars'ka Sprava 2000(3-4): 34-37 (2000)

The effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis and pronounced kidney failure
, Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 69(6): 24-27 (1997)

The effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on the progression of chronic renal failure
, Presse Medicale 31(36): 1714-1720 (2002)

The effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors on the progression of nondiabetic renal disease: a pooled analysis of individual-patient data from 11 randomized, controlled trials
, Annals of Internal Medicine 135(2): 138-139 (2001)

The effect of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibition on diabetic nephropathy
, New England Journal of Medicine 330(13): 937; Author Reply 938-937; Author Reply 938 (1994)

The effect of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibition on diabetic nephropathy. The Collaborative Study Group
, New England Journal of Medicine 329(20): 1456-1462 (1993)

The effect of angulation on intravascular ultrasound imaging observed in vascular phantoms
, Journal of Endovascular Surgery 5(2): 126-133 (1998)

The effect of anionic complexes on cytochrome c oxidation by cytochrome c oxidase
, Eksperimentalna Meditsina i Morfologiia 31(1-2): 16-22 (1993)

The effect of anisodamine hydrochloride on globin chain synthesis in anemic mice
, Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao. Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae 18(6): 407-410 (1996)

The effect of anisodaminum and dexamethasone on microcirculation, TNF, LPO and pathology in MODS
, Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 35(7): 392-394 (1997)

The effect of anisotropy on the potential distribution in biological tissue and its impact on nerve excitation simulations
, IEEE Transactions on Bio-Medical Engineering 47(9): 1202-1210 (2000)

The effect of ankle bracing on athletic performance
, Sports Medicine 27(3): 171-178 (1999)

The effect of ankle equinus upon the diabetic foot
, Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery 19(3): 391 (2002)

The effect of ankle oedema on bone ultrasound assessment at the heel
, Osteoporosis International 7(1): 44-47 (1997)

The effect of ankyloglossia on speech in children
, Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 127(6): 539-545 (2002)

The effect of annexins on the contractile activity of the smooth muscles in the rat portal vein
, Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal 45(5): 3-8 (1999)

The effect of anorectal manometry on the outcome of treatment in severe childhood constipation: a randomized, controlled trial
, Pediatrics 108(1): E9 (2001)

The effect of anosmia on sex dimorphism in the patterns of orienting-exploratory, emotional and passive defensive behaviors in rats
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 48(6): 997-1003 (1998)

The effect of antecedent ischemia on the tolerance of skeletal muscle to increased interstitial pressure
, Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 10(8): 555-559 (1996)

The effect of antenatal administration of solcoseryl on hepatic glycogen synthesis in rat fetuses with intrauterine growth retardation
, Asia-Oceania Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 19(2): 205-212 (1993)

The effect of antenatal corticosteroid prophylaxis in premature newborns with the use of surfactant therapy
, Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia 37(2): 20-23 (1998)

The effect of antenatal nicotine exposure on the male germ cells in Wistar rats
, Tsitologiia i Genetika 27(2): 42-46 (1993)

The effect of antepartum doses of selenium-vitamin E combinations on the incidence of puerperal disorders in cattle
, Tierarztliche Praxis 21(2): 111-116 (1993)

The effect of anterior chordal replacement on mitral valve function and stresses. A finite element study
, Asaio Journal 41(3): M754 (1995)

The effect of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on symptoms of pain and instability in patients who have previously undergone meniscectomy: a prereconstruction and postreconstruction comparison
, Arthroscopy 13(6): 704-709 (1997)

The effect of anterior cruciate ligament resection and immediate or delayed implantation of a meniscus prosthesis on knee joint biomechanics and cartilage. An experimental study in rabbits
, Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 1993(289): 267-275 (1993)

The effect of anterior cruciate ligament rupture and reconstruction on the degeneration of articular cartilage in rabbit knee
, Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 40(4): 304-307 (2002)

The effect of anterior lesions to the medial forebrain bundle on the motor activity evoked by a sensory deficit (sensory drive) in rats
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 46(3): 504-512 (1996)

The effect of anterior thoracolumbar plate application on the compressive loading of the strut graft
, Spine 21(13): 1487-1493 (1996)

The effect of anterior tooth retraction on lip position of orthodontically treated adult Indonesians
, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 120(3): 304-307 (2001)

The effect of anterior translation of the vertebra on the canal size in the lower cervical spine: a computer-assisted anatomic study
, Journal of Spinal Disorders 10(2): 162-166 (1997)

The effect of anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle
, American Journal of Ophthalmology 117(2): 274-274 (1994)

The effect of anterior transposition of the inferior oblique muscle on ocular torsion
, Journal of Aapos 1(4): 191-196 (1999)

The effect of anteversion on femoral component stability assessed by radiostereometric analysis
, Journal of Arthroplasty 17(8): 997-1005 (2002)

The effect of anthelmintics on the serotonin content of cestodes
, Meditsinskaia Parazitologiia i Parazitarnye Bolezni 1998(1): 10-15 (1998)

The effect of anthocyanin dye from grapes on experimental diabetes
, Folia Medica Cracoviensia 41(3-4): 5-15 (2000)

The effect of anthocyanins from Aronii melanocarpa and acetylcysteine on selected after-effects of lead acetate poisoning
, Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski 12(69): 221-223 (2002)

The effect of anthropogenic changes to the environment on the course and treatment procedure in mental disorders in the population of the Lugansk region
, Likars'ka Sprava 1996(3-4): 33-36 (1996)

The effect of anti basic fibroblast growth factor on the development of experimental silicosis bacillus
, Zhonghua Jie he He Hu Xi Za Zhi 18(6): 351 (1995)

The effect of anti-CD26 antibodies on DNA synthesis and cytokine production (IL-2, IL-10 and IFN-gamma) depends on enzymatic activity of DP IV/CD26
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 421: 149-155 (1997)

The effect of anti-CD3-immunotoxin on T lymphocyte function in vitro
, Transplant Immunology 6(1): 53-59 (1998)

The effect of anti-CD4 on helper function of CD4,45RA+ versus CD4,45RO+ T cells
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 95(1): 128-134 (1994)

The effect of anti-CD40 ligand antibody on B cells in human systemic lupus erythematosus
, Arthritis and Rheumatism 46(6): 1554-1562 (2002)

The effect of anti-GM1 antibodies on ionic channel in myelinated nerve
, Rinsho Shinkeigaku 35(12): 1377 (1995)

The effect of anti-ICAM-1 monoclonal antibody treatment on the transplantation of the small bowel in rats
, Journal of Pediatric Surgery 28(11): 1451-1457 (1993)

The effect of anti-L-selectin (EL-246) on remote lung injury after infrarenal ischemia/reperfusion
, Shock 7(6): 447-454 (1997)

The effect of anti-VLA-4 monoclonal antibody on eosinophil accumulation and leukotriene production in nasal mucosa
, Acta Oto-Laryngologica 116(6): 883-887 (1996)

The effect of anti-alpha4 integrin antibody on brain lesion activity in MS. The UK Antegren Study Group
, Neurology 53(3): 466-472 (1999)

The effect of anti-asthmatic preparations on the proliferation of human peripheral mononuclear cells
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 62(2): 48-50 (1999)

The effect of anti-diuretic hormone on the endolymphatic sac of the inner ear
, Pflugers Archiv 436(6): 970-975 (1998)

The effect of anti-hepatitis immunoglobulins on the intensity of the immunity to the hepatitis A virus
, Voenno-Meditsinskii Zhurnal 1993(2): 37-38 (1993)

The effect of anti-hypertensive therapy on urinary albumin excretion in Nigerian hypertensives
, West African Journal of Medicine 18(3): 170-174 (1999)

The effect of anti-measles control measures in health care within autonomous community of Madrid
, Revista Espanola de Salud Publica 70(1): 25-33 (1996)

The effect of anti-prolactin antibody on in vitro synthesis of a pregnancy-associated rat uterine glycoprotein
, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 177(1-2): 131-138 (1997)

The effect of anti-sandfly saliva antibodies on Phlebotomus argentipes and Leishmania donovani
, International Journal for Parasitology 28(2): 275-281 (1998)

The effect of anti-transforming growth factor-beta1 antibody on fibroblast proliferation in vitro
, Zhonghua Jie he He Hu Xi Za Zhi 22(2): 101-103 (1999)

The effect of antiaggregants on the course of diabetic microangiopathy
, Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 65(3): 78-81 (1993)

The effect of antiandrogens cyproterone acetate and niftolide on free radical oxidation indices in model biological systems in vitro
, Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 122(11): 524-526 (1996)

The effect of antianginal preparations on the hemodynamics and metabolism of the ischemic myocardium
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 59(4): 18-20 (1996)

The effect of antibacterial soap with 1.5% triclocarban on Staphylococcus aureus in patients with atopic dermatitis
, Cutis 66(4): 296-300 (2000)

The effect of antibiotic preparations and their combinations with probiotics on the intestinal microflora of mice
, Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal 62(3): 26-35 (2000)

The effect of antibiotic prophylaxis on the healing of exit sites of peritoneal dialysis catheters in rats
, Peritoneal Dialysis International 18(1): 60-63 (1998)

The effect of antibiotic rotation on colonization with antibiotic-resistant bacilli in a neonatal intensive care unit
, Pediatrics 110(4): 707-711 (2002)

The effect of antibiotic therapy on bleeding from duodenal ulcer
, American Journal of Gastroenterology 94(4): 950-954 (1999)

The effect of antibiotic therapy on lung pathology in experimental models of sepsis
, Ulusal Travma Dergisi 8(1): 3-5 (2002)

The effect of antibiotic therapy on the immune status of patients with nonspecific lung diseases complicated by pleural empyema
, Likars'ka Sprava 1999(1): 85-88 (1999)

The effect of antibiotic treatment on the release of endotoxin during nontypable Haemophilus influenzae-induced otitis media in the chinchilla
, Acta Oto-Laryngologica 117(1): 109-112 (1997)

The effect of antibiotics and their combinations on Pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro
, Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 94(10): 555-558 (1993)

The effect of antibiotics on the adhesion of Corynebacterium diphtheriae to buccal epithelial cells
, Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal 60(2): 60-64 (1998 )

The effect of antibiotics on the body of those working in their manufacture
, Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 67(10): 31-33 (1995)

The effect of antibiotics on the development of enterotoxemia-- experimental study
, Ceskoslovenska Patologie 30(1): 27-32 (1994)

The effect of antibodies against cell-surface adhesion molecules (LFA-1 alpha and ICAM-1) on the migration and localization of 99mTc-labeled leukocytes in acute infection
, Nuclear Medicine and Biology 24(6): 603-605 (1997)

The effect of antibodies against nerve-specific protein S100 on calcium channels in the somatic membrane of snail neurons
, Doklady Akademii Nauk 350(4): 554-556 (1996)

The effect of antibodies on the Ca2+ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum of the papillary muscle of the rat heart
, Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal 44(1-2): 11-18 (1998)

The effect of antibodies to S-100 proteins on synaptogenesis processes and learning in rats
, Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova 82(1): 79-84 (1996)

The effect of antibodies to erythrocyte superoxide dismutase on its activity in the blood of rheumatoid arthritis patients
, Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 120(10): 391-393 (1995)

The effect of antibodies to the serotonin-modulating protein SMP-69 on passive avoidance behavior in rats
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 48(6): 1107-1110 (1998)

The effect of antibody against vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) on tumor metastasis
, Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi 19(6): 407-409 (1997)

The effect of antibody to Streptococcus mutans in saliva on caries activity and S. mutans adhering
, Zhonghua Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi 28(3): 164 (1993)

The effect of anticholinesterases on personality changes in Alzheimer's disease
, Aging and Mental Health 6(4): 350-354 (2002)

The effect of anticipatory anxiety on breathing and metabolism in humans
, Respiration Physiology 128(2): 171-177 (2001)

The effect of anticipatory discharge orders on length of hospital stay in staff pediatric patients
, American Journal of Medical Quality 12(1): 48-50 (1997)

The effect of anticipatory strategies on the first day of smoking cessation
, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 16(2): 150-156 (2002)

The effect of anticonvulsant drugs on blood levels of methotrexate
, Journal of Neuro-Oncology 48(3): 249-250 (2000)

The effect of anticonvulsant therapy on two doses of rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade
, Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology 11(2): 86-89 (1999)

The effect of anticonvulsants on the nitric oxide content and level of lipid peroxidation in the brain of rats in model seizure states
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 62(3): 11-14 (1999)

The effect of antidepressants on lipid metabolism and the clinical course in IHD
, Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 66(11): 76-80 (1994)

The effect of antidepressants on regional cerebral blood flow measured with 99m Tc HMPAO SPECT in depressive patients
, Psychiatria Polska 35(2): 231-243 (2001)

The effect of antidepressants on serum melatonin levels in endogenous depression
, Journal of the Association of Physicians of India 50: 1262-1265 (2002)

The effect of antidepressants on the catecholamine content of the rat hypothalamus and adrenals
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 58(6): 14-16 (1995)

The effect of antidepressive agents on suicide in depressive patients
, Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie 62(Suppl. 1): 19-23 (1994)

The effect of antiemetics and reduced radiation fields on acute gastrointestinal morbidity of adjuvant radiotherapy in stage I seminoma of the testis: a randomized pilot study
, Clinical Oncology ) 9(4): 252-257 (1997)

The effect of antifreeze glycoproteins on survival and quality of fish spermatozoa under the conditions of long-term storage at +4 degree C
, Izvestiia Akademii Nauk. Seriia Biologicheskaia 2002(1): 88-92 (2002)

The effect of antigen presenting cells on the cytokine profiles of stable and reactional lepromatous leprosy patients
, Immunology Letters 75(1): 69-76 (2000)

The effect of antigen stimulation on the migration of mature T cells from the peripheral lymphoid tissues to the thymus
, Developmental Immunology 8(2): 123-131 (2001)

The effect of antigenic fractions of the outer membrane in Francisella tularensis on the functional activity of macrophages
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 1993(4): 87-92 (1993)

The effect of antiglaucoma drugs on rabbit aqueous humor proteins determined by gel electrophoresis
, Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 14(3): 229-237 (1998)

The effect of antihistamine, endothelin antagonist and corticosteroid prophylaxis on contrast media induced bronchospasm
, British Journal of Radiology 72(863): 1058-1063 (1999)

The effect of antihistaminic preparations on the binding of labelled mepyramine, ketanserin and quinuclidinyl benzilate in the rat brain
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 56(1): 22-24 (1993)

The effect of antihormones on the susceptibility of Anopheles sacharovi Favre. mosquitoes to the causative agent of malaria Plasmodium gallinaceum Brumpt
, Meditsinskaia Parazitologiia i Parazitarnye Bolezni 1999(2): 46-48 (1999)

The effect of antihypertensive drugs on cardiac hypertrophy
, Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 58(Suppl. 2): 241-244 (2000)

The effect of antihypertensive drugs on vascular compliance
, Current Hypertension Reports 3(4): 297-304 (2001)

The effect of antihypertensive preparations on carbohydrate metabolism in intact rats and in alloxan diabetes
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 61(3): 46-49 (1998)

The effect of antihypertensive therapy on insulin resistance
, Vnitrni Lekarstvi 45(11): 670-672 (1999)

The effect of antihypertensive therapy on left ventricular mass and diastolic filling in light and moderate hypertension
, Medicina Clinica 100(17): 646-650 (1993)

The effect of antihypertensive treatment on cardiovascular events--a meta-analysis of four clinical trials in China
, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 14(4): 341-349 (2001)

The effect of antihypertensive treatment with dihydropyridine calcium antagonists on white-coat hypertension
, Blood Pressure Monitoring 1(4): 375-380 (1996)

The effect of antilymphocyte induction therapy on renal allograft survival. A meta-analysis of individual patient-level data. Anti-Lymphocyte Antibody Induction Therapy Study Group
, Annals of Internal Medicine 128(10): 817-826 (1998)

The effect of antimetabolites on healing in anti-glaucoma surgery
, Ceskoslovenska Oftalmologie 49(5): 326-330 (1993)

The effect of antimicrobial therapy on periimplantitis lesions. An experimental study in the dog
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 7(4): 320-328 (1996)

The effect of antioxidant enzyme on germ cell apoptosis in cryptorchidism
, Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue 8(4): 255-257 (2002)

The effect of antioxidant on the growth and lipid composition of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts at different phases of the development of a culture
, Izvestiia Akademii Nauk. Seriia Biologicheskaia 1997(2): 172-176 (1997)

The effect of antioxidant sodium ferulate on human lymphocytes apoptosis induced by H2O2
, Zhongguo Yi Xue Ke Xue Yuan Xue Bao. Acta Academiae Medicinae Sinicae 20(1): 44-48 (1998)

The effect of antioxidant therapy on indicators of activity of free radicals in workers exposed to risks of styrene
, Vnitrni Lekarstvi 43(6): 388-391 (1997)

The effect of antioxidant vitamin supplementation on traditional cardiovascular risk factors
, Journal of Cardiovascular Risk 4(1): 19-24 (1997)

The effect of antioxidants on lipid metabolism in myocardium in experimental hyperthyroxinemic conditions
, Folia Medica Cracoviensia 37(1-2): 61-66 (1996)

The effect of antioxidants on the in vitro life-span of keratinocyte
, Sheng Wu Gong Cheng Xue Bao 18(5): 630-633 (2002)

The effect of antiparkinson preparations on the self-stimulation reaction of rabbits in a helium-oxygen environment under increased pressure
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 56(2): 64-66 (1993)

The effect of antiplatelet drugs, heparin, and preanalytical variables on platelet function detected by the platelet function analyzer (PFA-100)
, Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis 5(2): 122-130 (1999)

The effect of antiprogestin on integrin expression in human endometrium: an immunohistochemical study
, Molecular Human Reproduction 4(5): 491-495 (1998)

The effect of antisense H-ras on growth and metastasis of a high metastatic tumor model of human hepatoma in nude mice LCI-D20
, Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 76(9): 650-653 (1996)

The effect of antisense epidermal growth factor receptor RNA on the growth of human malignant glioma cells
, Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 78(11): 853-855 (1998)

The effect of antisense hsp90 beta on the malignant phenotype and sensitivity of HeLa cells to chemotherapeutic drugs
, Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi 22(1): 14-16 (2000)

The effect of antisense oligodeoxynucleotides on nitric oxide secretion from macrophage-like cells
, Antisense and Nucleic Acid Drug Development 7(6): 531-537 (1997)

The effect of antiseptic agents on the growth of mouse skin
, Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 33(12): 749-751 (1995)

The effect of antithrombin iii concentrations during cardiopulmonary surgery
, Minerva Anestesiologica 66(1-2): 17-23 (2000)

The effect of antithrombin on the systemic inflammatory response in disseminated intravascular coagulation
, Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 9(Suppl. 3): S11 (1998)

The effect of antitumor chemotherapy on the lipid spectrum of the erythrocyte membranes in lung cancer patients
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 62(1): 56-59 (1999)

The effect of antitumor trans-[PtCl2(E-iminoether)2] on B-->Z transition in DNA
, Anti-Cancer Drug Design 12(4): 295-309 (1997)

The effect of anxiety and depression on completion/withdrawal status in patients admitted to substance abuse detoxification program
, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 13(1): 61-66 (1996)

The effect of anxiety induction on the regional uptake of 99mTc-exametazime in simple phobia as shown by single photon emission tomography (SPET)
, Journal of Affective Disorders 28(3): 203-210 (1993)

The effect of anxiety on the patient's cognition in the postoperative period
, Revista Da Escola de Enfermagem Da U S P 33(4): 391-403 (1999)

The effect of anxiety state during the Gulf War on the course of labor
, Asia-Oceania Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 19(3): 355-356 (1993)

The effect of anxiolytics and an anxiogen on the electrical activity of the frontal cortex and limbic structures of dogs with different nervous system properties
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 48(6): 1014-1026 (1998)

The effect of aortic coarctation on nitric oxide production by the vascular endothelium
, Archivos del Instituto de Cardiologia de Mexico 68(4): 289-294 (1998)

The effect of aortic dissection on outcome in descending thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair
, Seminars in Vascular Surgery 15(2): 108-115 (2002)

The effect of aortic outflow on the quantification of mitral regurgitation by the flow convergence method
, Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 9(1): 44-57 (1996)

The effect of aortic valve replacement on N-terminal natriuretic propeptides in patients with aortic stenosis
, Clinical Cardiology 25(4): 174-180 (2002)

The effect of aortic valve replacement on left ventricular mass assessed by echocardiography
, European Journal of Echocardiography 1(2): 116-121 (2000)

The effect of aortic valve translocation and a few problems
, Rinsho Kyobu Geka 9(2): 157-161 (1989)

The effect of aphasia and organic brain damage on the variability of the results of "Token" test
, Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska 30(4): 581-588 (1996)

The effect of aphidicolin on trochoblast differentiation in the early ontogeny of polychaetes
, Ontogenez 27(6): 419-426 (1996)

An In Vitro Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier: Naegleria fowleri Affects the Tight Junction Proteins and Activates the Microvascular Endothelial Cells
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 65(6): 804-819 (2018)

The effect of apolipoprotein A-II on the structure and function of apolipoprotein A-I in a homogeneous reconstituted high density lipoprotein particle
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(50): 31333 (1997)

The effect of apolipoprotein(a)-, apolipoprotein E-, and apolipoprotein A4- polymorphisms on quantitative lipoprotein(a) concentrations
, Twin Research 3(3): 152-158 (2000)

The effect of apomorphine administration on smooth pursuit ocular movements in early Parkinsonian patients
, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 9(3): 139-144 (2003)

The effect of apomorphine and buspirone on regional cerebral blood flow during the performance of a cognitive task-measuring neuromodulatory effects of psychotropic drugs in man
, European Journal of Neuroscience 4(12): 1203-1212 (1992)

The effect of application of aquaphor on skin condition, fluid requirements, and bacterial colonization in very low birth weight infants
, Journal of Perinatology 19(4): 278-283 (2000)

The effect of applied mechanical vibration on two different phases of rat papillary muscle relaxation
, Pflugers Archiv 434(6): 795-800 (1997)

The effect of apraclonidine on the intraocular pressure of glaucoma patients following Nd:YAG laser posterior capsulotomy
, Ophthalmic Surgery 24(9): 623-626 (1993)

The effect of aprotinin on interleukin-8 concentration and leukocyte adhesion molecule expression in an isolated cardiopulmonary bypass system
, Anaesthesia 54(5): 427-433 (1999)

The effect of aprotinin on ischemia-reperfusion injury in an in situ normothermic ischemic lung model
, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 23(1): 60-65 (2003)

The effect of aprotinin on thrombelastography in vitro
, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 24(5): 552-554 (1996)

The effect of aqueous extracts from Inonotus obliquus on the mitotic index and enzyme activities
, Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico 137(1): 13-15 (1998)

The effect of aqueous extracts of hepatotropic medicinal plants on free-radical oxidation processes
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