Section 48
Chapter 47,666

The influence of familial factors on anxiety and depression in childhood and early adolescence

Nilzon, K.R.; Palmérus, K.

Adolescence 32(128): 935-943


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-8449
PMID: 9426815
Accession: 047665703

This study investigated the influence of familial factors on childhood depression and anxiety, with special reference to middle school and early adolescence. Using an extreme group targeting procedure, subjects were selected based on self, parent, and teacher assessments. Sixteen males and females who were receiving psychiatric treatment for withdrawal and anxiety were compared with 16 normal students matched for school, sex, and age. Results showed significant differences between the groups on several familial characteristics, including frequency of major family problems, life events, parent symptoms, patterns of overprotection, family cohesion, and lack of happiness.

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