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The merits of varicella vaccination for varicella non-immune health care workers

Wlodaver, C.G.; Privett, T.; Livengood, G.

Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association 89(12): 430-432


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-1876
PMID: 8997883
Accession: 047681071

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Immunity against varicella can be reliably established by history and, if negative, confirmed or refuted by serology. If non-immune, the merits of varicella vaccine for a health care worker (HCW) can be stated clearly: Protection from a disease which may be particularly severe in an adult, and evading the inconvenience (investigation time and possible work restriction) and cost of managing an exposure. This paper discusses implementation of a varicella immunity program for HCWs at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Oklahoma City.

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