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The pH reaction in aqueous humor to antiglaucoma agents of various concentrations and pH levels

Veselovský, J.; Oláh, Z.; Veselá, A.; Gressnerová, S.

Ceska a Slovenska Oftalmologie Casopis Ceske Oftalmologicke Spolecnosti a Slovenske Oftalmologicke Spolecnosti 57(5): 291-297


ISSN/ISBN: 1211-9059
PMID: 11764684
Accession: 047694374

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The authors investigated the effect on pH of the aqueous humour in man (collected before surgery of senile cataract, where the pH of the aqueous humour was within the range of 6.80-7.46 (7.11 +/- 0.11), after administration of antiglaucomatic drugs with a different concentration and pH (0.005% Xalatan--pH 6.43, 0.5% Timoptol--pH 6.80, 1% Pilocarpine--pH 5.87, 2% Trusopt--pH 5.33) under conditions in vitro. All mentioned antiglaucomatic drugs immediately reduced the pH of the aqueous humour towards acid values in the following order: Trusopt-Xalatan-Pilocarpine-Timoptol. pH changes of aqueous humour after addition of Timoptol, Xalatan, Pilocarpine have the same course in time, and shift to alkaline pH values. The pH of aqueous humour after addition of Trusopt reached only during the 240th minute levels of the control aqueous humour. The pH values after all antiglaucomatic drugs did not change between 240 minutes and 24 hours. As regards the rate of activity and extent of effect in conjunction with the time when the pH of the control aqueous humour was attained the authors recorded the following order: Pilocarpine-Timoptol-Xalatan-Trusopt.

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