Section 48
Chapter 47,817

Transforming cultural chaos

Schloeder, D.

Seminars for Nurse Managers 7(1): 11-16


ISSN/ISBN: 1066-3851
PMID: 10373978
Accession: 047816295

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Kotter believes that generating short-term wins is a critical component of the change and transformation process. Our short-term win-wins have allowed us to further collaborate, which consequently has given us more wins. These wins have been communicated. The communication has conveyed a sense of optimism and hope, and has empowered people to view change as a positive challenge. The challenge has become one in which all want to participate. Finally, we are at a point where the end of one way of life is truly the beginning of a new and better way of life. T.S. Eliot was right!

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