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What clients want from veterinarians following the death of their companion animal. Bobby died, what now?

Winius, E.E.; Endenburg, N.

Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 121(9): 250-254


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-7453
PMID: 8693473
Accession: 047955737

The aim of this investigation is to determine whether Dutch people would appreciate support, either from or via veterinarians following the death of a companion animal. In general, clients believe both local practitioners and specialists, even though they might not have seen the animal more than once, should offer some form of support. Being called by the veterinarian in question, a few days after the death of the animal, was the option that was most appreciated. Twenty one respondents (15%) wished to be able to attend a pet loss support group or call a hotline, following the death of their companion animal. The need to have questions answered by the veterinarian and the role the respondents thought the veterinarian should play following pet loss, were significant factors determining whether use would be made of support offered to them. Other factors included in the survey, such as age, sex and social status were not significant.

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