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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 47976

Chapter 47976 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Stephenson, J., 2000:
Widely used spermicide may increase, not decrease, risk of HIV transmission

Hallén, A.; Häggblom, G., 1997:
Widen the time perspective in the debate on euthanasia! What's the opinion of the clinically active?

Croce, A.; Moretti, A.; Bianchedi, M.; Neri, G.; Falcone, G., 1995:
Widened forwarding total laryngectomy ("squared laryngectomy"). Hints of surgical techniques and personal experience

Raczyńska, S.; Sledziński, Z.; Kamiński, M., 2001:
Widened resection in locally advanced carcinomas of the right half of the colon

Darrouzet, V.; Guérin, J.; Portmann, D.; Gharbi, F.; Bébéar, J.P., 1993:
Widened retrolabyrinthine approach: application to the surgery of acoustic neuroma

Gaĭdarski, R.; Tasev, V.; Bulanov, D.; Krupev, M., 2001:
Widened right paramedial segmentectomy comprising IV hepatic segment in a patient with primary liver carcinoma

Weissenstein, E., 1999:
Widening Medicare. Critics rip Clinton proposal as expensive, ineffective

Linares, T., 1984:
Widening choice

Mowlam, J., 2000:
Widening entry routes

Shaw, M.; Orford, S.; Brimblecombe, N.; Dorling, D., 2000:
Widening inequality in mortality between 160 regions of 15 European countries in the early 1990s

Schumacher, H.; Fritz, T.; Richter, G.M.; Allenberg, J.R., 1998:
Widening mediastinum after blunt thoracic trauma: an unexpected differential diagnosis

Demaerel, P.; Wilms, G.; Baert, A.L.; Van den Bergh, V.; Sainte, T., 1996:
Widening of Virchow-Robin spaces

Wilson, A.M., 2000:
Widening of scars: foe coaxed into a friend? The Millard technique revisited

Saab, M.; Kurdy, N.M.; Birkinshaw, R., 1997:
Widening of the mediastinum following a sternal fracture

Gufler, H., 1993:
Widening of the retrorectal space. Pelvic lipomatosis

Villeirs, G.M.; Van Tongerloo, A.J.; Verstraete, K.L.; Kunnen, M.F.; De Paepe, A.M., 1999:
Widening of the spinal canal and dural ectasia in Marfan's syndrome: assessment by CT

Morris, J., 1994:
Widening perspectives: quality of life as a measure of outcome in the treatment of patients with cancers of the head and neck

Mustard, C.A.; Derksen, S.; Black, C., 2000:
Widening regional inequality in premature mortality rates in Manitoba

Jaklevic, M.C., 1999 :
Widening rift. Docs battle with Ohio hospital over independence

Casey, A., 2000:
Widening ripples from Bristol

Herring, A.; Caul, O.; Paul, I.; Horner, P., 1999:
Widening screening to detect Chlamydia trachomatis is more important than using DNA methods

Borrell, C.; Plasència, A.; Pasarin, I.; Ortún, V., 1998:
Widening social inequalities in mortality: the case of Barcelona, a southern European city

North, N.; Werkö, S., 2002:
Widening the debate? Consultation and participation in local health care planning in the English and Swedish health services

Rose, M.; Wilkerson, L., 2001:
Widening the lens on standardized patient assessment: what the encounter can reveal about the development of clinical competence

Boswall, A., 2001:
Widening the membership--widening the professional workforce?

Dawes, H., 2002:
Widening the net on genome sequencing

Cupito, M.C., 1996:
Widening the pipe: plain talk about fast and switched Ethernet

Spinks, M., 1994:
Widening the rationing debate

Murer, C.G., 2000:
Widening the scope

Harvey, R., 2002:
Widening the scope for veterinary nurses

Scrivens, E., 1998:
Widening the scope of accreditation--issues and challenges in community and primary care

Ackroyd, K.; Riddoch, M.Jane.; Humphreys, G.W.; Nightingale, S.; Townsend, S., 2002:
Widening the sphere of influence: using a tool to extend extrapersonal visual space in a patient with severe neglect

Yilmaz, S.; Efeoğlu, E.; Bişkin, T.; Alkumru, H., 1994:
Widening the zone of peri-implant attached gingiva

Ceriana, P.; De Amici, D., 1996:
Widening therapeutic spectrum of gabexate mesilate

Vallat, J.M.; Leboutet, M.J.; Jauberteau, M.O.; Tabaraud, F.; Couratier, P.; Akani, F., 1994:
Widenings of the myelin lamellae in a typical Guillain-Barré syndrome

Baker, R., 1995:
Wider access to human growth hormone

Anonymous, 2001:
Wider distribution for abacavir

Shimoyama, S.; Seto, Y.; Yasuda, H.; Kaminishi, M., 2000:
Wider indications for the local resection of gastric cancer by adjacent lymphadenectomy

Lanceley, A., 1995:
Wider issues in pain management

Angus, D.; Black, N., 2001:
Wider lessons of the pulmonary artery catheter trial

Romo-Garcia, J.; Salido Rengell, F., 1994:
Wider meaning for lactate dehydrogenase in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Cole, L.P.; Potts, D.M., 1983:
Wider opportunities for IUD insertion

Wirsig, C.A., 1976:
Wider perspectives on hospital constraints

Anonymous, 2002:
Wider prescribing powers are welcome but there are crucial lessons from the pilots

Overø, J., 1998:
Wider range of drugs

Piotrowski, J., 2002:
Wider scope. CMS to expand nursing home program nationwide

Anonymous, 2002:
Wider use for implantable defibrillators

SoRelle, R., 2002:
Wider use of automated external defibrillators?

McPherson, K., 1999:
Wider "causal thinking in the health sciences"

Thompson, A.A.; Do, H.N.; Saxon, A.; Wall, R., 1999:
Widespread B29 (CD79b) gene defects and loss of expression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Gossios, K.; Nikolaides, C.; Bai, M.; Fountzilas, G., 1996:
Widespread Castleman disease: CT findings

Melchreit, R., 1998:
Widespread HIV antibody testing of pregnant women--how accurate?

Desormeaux, J.; Johnson, M.P.; Coberly, J.S.; Losikoff, P.; Johnson, E.; Huebner, R.; Geiter, L.; Davis, H.; Atkinson, J.; Chaisson, R.E.; Boulos, R.; Halsey, N.A., 1996:
Widespread HIV counseling and testing linked to a community-based tuberculosis control program in a high-risk population

Reblet, Cón.; López-Medina, A.; Gómez-Urquijo, S.M..; Bueno-López, Jé.L.., 1992:
Widespread Horizontal Connections Arising from Layer 5/6 Border Inverted Cells in Rabbit Visual Cortex

Maloney, D.M., 2002:
Widespread IRB-related compliance problems at research institution

Glancy, D.Luke., 2002:
Widespread ST-segment depression in the electrocardiogram of a 39-year-old woman with chest pain

Saito, K.; Elce, J.S.; Hamos, J.E.; Nixon, R.A., 1993:
Widespread activation of calcium-activated neutral proteinase (calpain) in the brain in Alzheimer disease: a potential molecular basis for neuronal degeneration

Ridler, K.; Bullmore, E.T.; De Vries, P.J.; Suckling, J.; Barker, G.J.; Meara, S.J.; Williams, S.C.; Bolton, P.F., 2001:
Widespread anatomical abnormalities of grey and white matter structure in tuberous sclerosis

Yosipovitch, G.; Sugeng, M.W.; Seow, C.S.; Goh, C.L., 2002:
Widespread and unusual presentations of cutaneous larva migrans acquired in tropical sandy beach resorts

Sowell, J.K.; Baker, G.F.; Dinehart, S.M., 1996:
Widespread annular erythematous plaques. Multibacillary leprosy

Hanihara, T.; Kubota, H.; Amano, N.; Yamaoka, K.; Yagishita, S., 1994:
Widespread argentophilic structures in progressive supranuclear palsy--an autopsy case report

Cavanagh, S.P.; Shiach, C.R.; Homer-Vanniasinkam, S., 1998:
Widespread arterial thrombosis in association with metastatic carcinoma--a case report

Gradinger, R., 1997:
Widespread arthrosis among the population. Degenerative joint diseases--conservative, minor invasive and surgical therapy

Iezzoni, L.I.; Greenberg, L.G., 1994:
Widespread assessment of risk-adjusted outcomes: lessons from local initiatives

Hernández-Núñez, A.; Daudén, E.; Moreno de Vega, M.J.; Fraga, J.; Aragüés, M.; García-Díez, A., 2001:
Widespread biphasic amyloidosis: response to acitretin

Wright, M., 2002:
Widespread body pain and mortality. Diagnosing fibromyalgia stops doctors from thinking

Vickers, A., 2002:
Widespread body pain and mortality. Theories that psychological states cause cancer should be rejected

Shah, D.; Bond, M.; Kilby, A.M.; Patterson, K.G., 2002:
Widespread bone disease in acute myeloid leukaemia

Fletcher, C.L.; Ardern-Jones, M.R.; Hay, R.J., 2002:
Widespread bullous eruption due to multiple bed bug bites

Mori, F.; Tanji, K.; Wakabayashi, K., 2001:
Widespread calcium deposits, as detected using the alizarin red S technique, in the nervous system of rats treated with dimethyl mercury

Turner, M.R.; Macleod, W.N., 2001:
Widespread cerebral cavernous haemangiomata found after 24 years of intermittent symptoms

Muir, J.D., 1998:
Widespread child behaviour

Yin, Z.Q.; Vaegan; Millar, T.J.; Beaumont, P.; Sarks, S., 1997:
Widespread choroidal insufficiency in primary open-angle glaucoma

Truthan, C.E., 1999:
Widespread confusion prevails over 'osteopathy'

Severo, L.C.; Festugato, M.; Bernardi, C.; Londero, A.T., 1999:
Widespread cutaneous lesions due to Sporothrix schenckii in a patient under a long-term steroids therapy

Blauvelt, A.; Cobb, M.W.; Turner, M.L., 2000:
Widespread cutaneous vascular papules associated with peripheral blood eosinophilia and prominent inguinal lymphadenopathy

Case, C.P.; Langkamer, V.G.; James, C.; Palmer, M.R.; Kemp, A.J.; Heap, P.F.; Solomon, L., 1994:
Widespread dissemination of metal debris from implants

Luehrsen, K.R.; Nicholson, D.E.; Fox, G.E., 1985:
Widespread distribution of a 7S RNA in archaebacteria

McIlleron, H.; Wash, P.; Burger, A.; Folb, P.; Smith, P., 2002:
Widespread distribution of a single drug rifampicin formulation of inferior bioavailability in South Africa

Ewart, J.L.; Richa, J.; Lo, C.W., 1993:
Widespread distribution of cells containing human DNA in embryos derived from mouse eggs injected with human chromosome fragments

Eriksson, K.S.; Johnston, R.N.; Shaw, C.; Halton, D.W.; Panula, P.A., 1996:
Widespread distribution of histamine in the nervous system of a trematode flatworm

Schwartz, H.L.; Lazar, M.A.; Oppenheimer, J.H., 1994:
Widespread distribution of immunoreactive thyroid hormone beta 2 receptor (TR beta 2) in the nuclei of extrapituitary rat tissues

Diallo, D.A.; Habluetzel, A.; Cuzin-Ouattara, N.; Nebié, I.; Sanogo, E.; Cousens, S.N.; Esposito, F., 2000:
Widespread distribution of insecticide-impregnated curtains reduces child mortality, prevalence and intensity of malaria infection, and malaria transmission in rural Burkina Faso

Ndisang, D.; Budhram-Mahadeo, V.; Singer, A.; Latchman, D.S., 2000:
Widespread elevated expression of the human papilloma virus (HPV)-activating cellular transcription factor Brn-3a in the cervix of women with CIN3 (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia stage 3)

Pagliara, S.; Spagnuolo, E.; D'Avanzo, A.; Vitale, M.; Macchia, P.E.; Salvatore, D.; Ramundo, V.; Ciasullo, M.; Macchia, V.; Fenzi, G., 1999:
Widespread endemic goiter and iodine deficiency in the province of Avellino

Rajan, E.; Gostout, C.J., 2002:
Widespread endoscopic mucosal resection

Stanghellini, V.; Cogliandro, L.; Cogliandro, R.; De Giorgio, R.; Corinaldesi, R., 1997:
Widespread eradication of Helicobacter pylori: a debate

Brenner, S.; Cabili, S.; Wolf, R., 1993 :
Widespread erythematous scaly plaques in an adult. Psoriasiform eruption induced by quinidine

Glassman, B.D.; Muglia, J.J., 1993:
Widespread erythroderma and desquamation in a neonate. Congenital cutaneous candidiasis (CCC)

Sonnhammer, E.L.; Wootton, J.C., 1997:
Widespread eukaryotic sequences, highly similar to bacterial DNA polymerase I, looking for functions

Brooks, P.J.; Kleopoulos, S.P.; Funabashi, T.; Mobbs, C.V.; Pfaff, D.W., 1998:
Widespread expression and estrogen regulation of PPEIA-3' nuclear RNA in the rat brain

Akinci, M.K.; Schofield, P.R., 2000:
Widespread expression of GABA(A) receptor subunits in peripheral tissues

Schluesener, H.J.; Kremsner, P.G.; Meyermann, R., 1998:
Widespread expression of MRP8 and MRP14 in human cerebral malaria by microglial cells

Furuichi, T.; Simon-Chazottes, D.; Fujino, I.; Yamada, N.; Hasegawa, M.; Miyawaki, A.; Yoshikawa, S.; Guénet, J.L.; Mikoshiba, K., 1993:
Widespread expression of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor type 1 gene (Insp3r1) in the mouse central nervous system

Baechner, D.; Liehr, T.; Hameister, H.; Altenberger, H.; Grehl, H.; Suter, U.; Rautenstrauss, B., 1995:
Widespread expression of the peripheral myelin protein-22 gene (PMP22) in neural and non-neural tissues during murine development

dos Santos, V.M.; Rodrigues, D.B.; Castro, E.C.; Saldanha, J.C.; Soares, S.; Teixeira, V.P.; dos Reis, M.A., 2001:
Widespread hematogenous metastases and Trousseau's syndrome in gastric adenocarcinoma

Bennett, G.; George, S., 1993:
Widespread homelessness during the 1980s

Baleta, A., 1999:
Widespread horror over killing of AIDS activist in South Africa

Grunewald, B.; Viggiano, J.; Chapman, E., 1996:
Widespread intraabdominal carcinoid tumor presenting as an umbilical metastasis: diagnosis by fine-needle aspiration

Kurgansky, D.; Burnett, J.W., 1994:
Widespread lichen planus in association with Turner's syndrome and multiple endocrinopathies

Korkmaz, C.; Aydinli, A.; Erol, N.; Yildirim, N.; Akgtün, Y.; Inci, R.; Boiron, P., 2001:
Widespread nocardiosis in two patients with Behçet's disease

Jensen, R.B.; Jensen, K.L.; Jespersen, H.M.; Skriver, K., 1998:
Widespread occurrence of a highly conserved RING-H2 zinc finger motif in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana

Matsuse, T.; Teramoto, S.; Matsui, H.; Ouchi, Y.; Fukuchi, Y., 1998:
Widespread occurrence of diffuse aspiration bronchiolitis in patients with dysphagia, irrespective of age

Akihisa, T.; Inoue, Y.; Yasukawa, K.; Kasahara, Y.; Yamanouchi, S.; Kumaki, K.; Tamura, T., 2001:
Widespread occurrence of syn-alkane-6,8-diols in the flowers of the compositae

Singh, J.; Kumar, A.; Rai, R.N.; Khare, S.; Jain, D.C.; Bhatia, R.; Datta, K.K., 2000:
Widespread outbreaks of measles in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, 1996: high risk areas and groups

Pendarvis, W.T.; Pillemer, S.R., 2002:
Widespread pain and Sjögren's syndrome

Golledge, C., 1997:
Widespread painful pruritic rash

Cohen, L.M.; Golitz, L.E.; Wilson, M.L., 1996:
Widespread papules and nodules in a Ugandan man with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. African blastomycosis

Tong, D.W.; Walder, B.K., 1999:
Widespread plaque psoriasis responsive to mycophenolate mofetil

O'Brien, T.J.; Mason, G.H.; Dorevitch, A.P., 1993:
Widespread pustular eruption

Hou, D.; Maclaughlin, F.; Thiesse, M.; Panchal, V.R.; Bekkers, B.C.A.M.; Wilson, E.A.; Rogers, P.I.; Coleman, M.C.; March, K.L., 2003:
Widespread regional myocardial transfection by plasmid encoding Del-1 following retrograde coronary venous delivery

Chang, S.E.; Koh, G.J.; Choi, J.H.; Lee, K.H.; Sung, K.J.; Moon, K.C.; Koh, J.K., 2002:
Widespread skin-limited adult Langerhans cell histiocytosis: long-term follow-up with good response to interferon alpha

Anonymous, 2000:
Widespread smoking cessation has halved UK lung cancer mortality

Hoffman, G.R.; Hayter, J.P., 2002:
Widespread subcutaneous distant metastases from a head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Osborn, J.E., 1987:
Widespread testing for AIDS: what is the question?

Goktekin, O.; Korkmaz, C.; Timuralp, B.; Kudaiberdieva, G.; Gorenek, B.; Cavusoglu, Y.; Melek, M.; Unalir, A.; Ata, N., 2003:
Widespread thrombosis associated with recurrent intracardiac masses in a patient with Behçet's disease

Vittorio, C.C., 1998:
Widespread tinea corporis in an immunocompetent patient resistant to all conventional forms of treatment

de Keyzer, Y.; Lenne, F.; Bertagna, X., 1998:
Widespread transcription of the growth hormone-releasing peptide receptor gene in neuroendocrine human tumors

Khan, M.Q.; Al-Qahtani, A.Q.; Al-Momen, S.; Aldhurais, S.A.; Ahmad, M., 2001:
Widespread tuberculous calcification

Ursell, P., 1996:
Widespread use of topical chloramphenicol

Blood, D., 1997:
Widow allowed to export husband's sperm

Regan, W.A., 1980:
Widow appeals decision prohibiting attending physician's testimony

Brahams, D., 1996:
Widow appeals over denial of right to husband's sperm

Dyer, C., 1996:
Widow backed in legal fight for husband's sperm

Dyer, C., 1997:
Widow can be inseminated with husband's sperm

Dyer, C., 1993:
Widow given aid to sue over use of zidovudine

Chowdhry, P., 1994:
Widow remarriage in Haryana. Law strengthens repressiveness of popular culture

Jelinek, G.A., 2002:
Widow spider envenomation (latrodectism): a worldwide problem

Ahuja, K.K.; Emerson, G.; Seaton, A.; Mamiso, J.; Simons, E.G., 1997:
Widow's attempt to use her dead husband's sperm. Twin pregnancy resulted in case that was similar but in which consent was obtained

Black, D., 1997:
Widow's attempt to use her dead husband's sperm. Widow is a victim of "corporate tyranny"

Dyer, C., 1996:
Widow's case raises issues of informed consent

Winston, R., 1996:
Widow's fight for husband's sperm. Intervention by BMA's ethics committee was ill judged

Hughes, J.H., 1996:
Widow's fight for husband's sperm. No one can give consent on behalf of an incompetent adult patient

Silverman, P.R.; Cooperband, A., 1983:
Widow-to-widow. The elderly widow and mutual help

Cohen, R.C., 1977:
Widowed Persons Service: matching volunteer strengths to community needs

Antonucci, T.C.; Lansford, J.E.; Schaberg, L.; Baltes, M.; Takahashi, K.; Dartigues, J.F.; Smith, J.; Akiyama, H.; Fuhrer, R., 2002:
Widowhood and illness: a comparison of social network characteristics in France, Germany, Japan, and the United States

Anonymous, 1990:
Widowhood in certain regions of Burkina Faso

Keyssar, A., 1974:
Widowhood in eighteenth-century Massachusetts: a problem in the history of the family

Parham, I.; Ronamuik, M.; Priddy, M.; Wenzel, C., 1980:
Widowhood peer counseling

Ntozi, J.P., 1996:
Widowhood, remarriage and migration during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda

Lesnoff-Caravaglia, G., 1983:
Widowhood. The last stage in wifedom

Greaves, G., 1993:
Widows and decision-making

Kanter, D.E., 1992:
Widows and neighbors, cornfields and magueys. The impact of population increase in the Toluca Valley: the case of Tenango del Valle during the eighteenth century

Prins Cjm; Lucas, J.E., 1985:
Widows and widowers in the Netherlands, 1900-1984

Hong, L.K.; Duff, R.W., 1994:
Widows in retirement communities: the social context of subjective well-being

Grimby, A.; Ekblom, Börn., 2002:
Widows should exercise--for the health!

Roys, C., 1995 :
Widows' and orphans' property disputes: the impact of AIDS in Rakai District, Uganda

Bhattacharyya; Raychaudhuri, 1990:
Width and flavor-changing decays of the Z as a test of exotic quarks and leptons

Grassi, P.A.; Kniehl, B.A.; Sirlin, A., 2001:
Width and partial widths of unstable particles

Yoo; Park; Choi; Lee; Lee; Kim, 1996:
Width dependence of quantum lifetimes in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs heterostructures

Beneke; Buchalla; Dunietz, 1996:
Width difference in the Bs-B-bars system

Rácz; Plischke, 1994:
Width distribution for (2+1)-dimensional growth and deposition processes

Foltin; Oerding; Rácz; Workman; Zia, 1994:
Width distribution for random-walk interfaces

Plischke; Rácz; Zia, 1994:
Width distribution of curvature-driven interfaces: A study of universality

Marinari, E.; Pagnani, A.; Parisi, G.; Rácz, Z., 2002:
Width distributions and the upper critical dimension of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang interfaces

Chiang; Oset; Liu, 1991:
Width of bound eta in nuclei

Hövel; Fritz; Hilger; Kreibig; Vollmer, 1993:
Width of cluster plasmon resonances: Bulk dielectric functions and chemical interface damping

Vasin, M.V.; Chernov, G.A.; Antipov, V.V., 1998:
Width of radiation protective effects of indralin in comparative studies using different animal species

Brune; Kavanagh, 1991:
Width of the 0.55-MeV resonance in 13C(p, gamma )

Moreh; Beck; Kneissl; Margraf; Maser; Pitz; Herzberg; Pietralla; Zilges, 1994:
Width of the 3841-keV level in 17O

Ignatovich; Protopopescu; Utsuro, 1996:
Width of the Darwin Table for Forbidden Reflections

Hjorth-Jensen; Müther; Polls, 1994:
Width of the Delta resonance in nuclei

Hsueh; Palestini, 1992:
Width of the J/ psi resonance

Arena; Cavallaro; D'Arrigo; Fazio; Giardina; Italiano; Herman; Lombardi, 1989:
Width of the level at Ex

Fiirgaard, B.; Iversen, J.K.; de Carvalho, A., 1997:
Width of the medial tibiotalar joint

Montag; Reinhard, 1995:
Width of the plasmon resonance in metal clusters

Bellenberg; Hemmert; Kuhlmann, 1986:
Width of the second T=(3/2) state in 9Be

Sterrett, J.D.; Oliver, T.; Robinson, F.; Fortson, W.; Knaak, B.; Russell, C.M., 1999:
Width/length ratios of normal clinical crowns of the maxillary anterior dentition in man

Davis; Chung, 1985:
Widths of 2S, 2Po, and 2D resonances in Li I, Be II, and B III

Auerbach, 1987:
Widths of Sigma and Lambda hypernuclear states

Moreh; Sellyey; Sutton; Vodhanel, 1985:
Widths of the 6.92 and 7.12 MeV levels in 16O and the influence of the effective temperature

Chang, 1993:
Widths of the doubly excited resonances of two-electron atoms below the n=2 threshold

Khan, F.; Townsend, L.W.; Townsend, L.W., 1993:
Widths of transverse momentum distributions in intermediate-energy heavy-ion collisions

Vogel, F.; Lenz, W., 1995:
Widukind Lenz. february 4, 1919-february 25, 1995

Krebs, H.; Krebs, H.A., 1980:
Wie ich aus Deutschland vertrieben wurde: Dokumente mit Kommentaren

Vacher, C.; Vazquez, M.P.; Le Bouc, Y.; Schneid, H., 1994:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome: apropos of 20 cases

Arroyo Carrera, I.; Martínez-Frías, M.L.; Egüés Jimeno, J.; García Martínez, M.J.; Eloína Cimadevilla Sánchez, C.; Bermejo Sánchez, E., 1999:
Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome: clinical and epidemiological analysis of a consecutive series of cases in Spain

Wang, S.; Clemmons, A.; Chackalamannil, S.; Coval, S.J.; Sybertz, E.; Burrier, R., 1999:
Wiedendiol-A inhibits cholesteryl ester binding to its transfer protein

Junien, C., 1996:
Wiedman-Beckwith syndrome, tumorigenesis and imprinting

Wiegers; Wolf; Puech, 1992:
Wiegers, Wolf, and Puech reply

Habeck, M., 2000:
Wielding more power over angiogenesis

Dickson, N., 1993:
Wielding the hatchet

Grinling, C., 1993:
Wielding the shield

Nicklaus; Hasselbach, 1993:
Wien filter: A wave-packet-shifting device for restoring longitudinal coherence in charged-matter-wave interferometers

Ivanciuc, O.; Ivanciuc, T.; Klein, D.J.; Seitz, W.A.; Balaban, A.T., 2001:
Wiener index extension by counting even/odd graph distances

van Dijk, P.; Maat, A.; Wit, H.P., 1998:
Wiener kernel analysis of a noise-evoked otoacoustic emission

Bregant, P.; De Denaro, M.; De Guarrini, F.; Borasi, G., 1997:
Wiener spectrum of radiographic systems: comparison of different evaluation methods

Haj-Yahia, M.M., 2000:
Wife abuse and battering in the sociocultural context of Arab society

Grunfeld, A., 1997:
Wife abuse: universal screening

Weir, E., 2000:
Wife assault in Canada

Rodgers, K., 1994:
Wife assault: the findings of a national survey

Huisman, K.A., 1996:
Wife battering in Asian American communities. Identifying the service needs of an overlooked segment of the U.S. population

Chung, M.Y.; Wong, T.W.; Yiu, J.J., 1996:
Wife battering in Hong Kong: accident and emergency nurses' attitudes and beliefs

Odujinrin, O., 1993:
Wife battering in Nigeria

Bansal, R.; Arya, R., 1993:
Wife battering: findings of a preliminary study

O'Reilly, J.; Dolan, B.B., 1983:
Wife beating: the silent crime

Robinson, K.; Austin, J.K., 1998:
Wife caregivers' and supportive others' perceptions of the caregivers' health and social support

Anonymous, 1978:
Wife has abortion after court ruling

Shackelford, T.K.; Buss, D.M.; Peters, J., 2001:
Wife killing: risk to women as a function of age

Anonymous, 2001:
Wife loses HIV exposure claim against ex-husband

Henson, L.C., 1983:
Wife takes action after husband's painful death

Anonymous, 2001:
Wife was not infected, so husband's AIDS fear was unreasonable

Rankin, R.P.; Maneker, J.S., 1987:
Wife's employment status and marital duration in a population filing for divorce

Brattström, C.; Wilczek, H.; Pettersson, E.; Claesson, K.; Wadström, J.; Backman, U.; Groth, C.G., 1994:
Wife/husband as kidney donors. Excellent results in spite of unrelated tissue

Geshwind, M., 1996:
Wig-maker, barber, bleeder and tooth-drawer

Yaffe, G., 1981:
Wigan Dispensary

Denham, J., 2002:
Wigg and Morgan: 'New' hope?

Maraghechi, B.; Farrokhi, B.; Willett, J.E.; Bolon, B.; Mehdian, H., 2002:
Wiggler-field effects on the space-charge waves of a Raman free-electron laser

Lee, 1987:
Wiggler-length dependence of the output of a free-electron laser

Solimeno; Chen, 1989 :
Wiggling optical modes in high-gain free-electron lasers

Hong, 1994:
Wiggly relativistic membranes

Hong; Kim; Sikivie, 1992:
Wiggly relativistic strings

Schulz, 1993:
Wigner crystal in one dimension

Peeters; Wu, 1987:
Wigner crystal of a screened-Coulomb-interaction colloidal system in two dimensions

Manoharan; Shayegan, 1994:
Wigner crystal versus Hall insulator

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Wigner distribution functions on a linear amplifier

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Wigner function and decoherence in quantum cosmology

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Wigner inequalities for a black hole

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Wigner molecule on the top of a quantum dot

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Wigner phase-space representation of thermal excitations

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Wigner random banded matrices with sparse structure: Local spectral density of states

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Wigner rotations in laser cavities

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Wigner solid from finite-cluster studies

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Wigner surmise for high-order level spacing distributions of chaotic systems

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Wigner symbols, quantum dynamics, and the kicked rotator

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Wigner transformation in curved space-time and the curvature correction of the Vlasov equation for semiclassical gravitating systems

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Wigner's infinite-product representation of the R matrix: Rederivation, interpretation, and potential applications

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Wigner's phase-space function and atomic structure: II. Ground states for closed-shell atoms

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Wigner-Dyson statistics from the Keldysh sigma-model

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Wigner-Kirkwood expansion for cross sections

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Wigner-Kirkwood expansion for matrix potentials

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Wigner-Kirkwood expansion of the phase-space density for semi-infinite nuclear matter

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Wigner-Kirkwood expansion: Calculation of "almost classical" static properties of a Lennard-Jones many-body system

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Wigner-Seitz approach to spin splitting

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Wigner-Seitz local-environment study of the high-Tc superconductors

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Wigner-Thomas spin precession in polarized coincidence electronuclear scattering

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Wigner-crystal phases in bilayer quantum Hall systems

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Wigner-crystal states for the two-dimensional electron gas in a double-quantum-well system

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Wigner-distribution- and Green's-function approach to quantum corrections and implications for the melting temperature of two-dimensional Wigner crystals

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Wigner-function approach to a single-electron tunnel junction

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Wigner-function calculations for the coherent superposition of matter waves

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Wigner-function description of quantum-mechanical nonlocality

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Wigner-function formulation of nonlinear electron-hole transport in a quantum well and analysis of the linear transient and steady state

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Wigner-function model of a resonant-tunneling semiconductor device

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Wigner-like expansion for the quantum-statistical mechanics of solids: Application to the sine-Gordon chain

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Wigner-related phase spaces for signal processing and their optical implementation

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Wigs and camouflage

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Wijerama House

Drummond, D.C., 1999:
Wikler's legacy: cue reactivity research 50 years on

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Wiktor coronary stent for elective placement with an antiaggregation regimen. WINE study. WINE Group Study

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Wiktor stent in de novo lesions: immediate results in 100 consecutive patients

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Wiktor stent may offer new promise

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Wilberforce and Huxley: a legendary encounter

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Wilbur Cohen and American social reform

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Wilbur D. Mills: recovering alcoholic

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Wilbur J. Cohen 1913-1987. An ombudsman for America

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Wilbur Olin Atwater

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Wild Aloe harvesting in South Africa

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Wild and crazy--the myths we prefer to repress

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Wild animals as transmitters of infectious diseases

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Wild birds as a possible natural reservoir of Borna disease virus

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Wild bunch. Microbes. They're here to stay. But the CDC has tips on how to tame them

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Wild dogs in the Serengeti

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Wild duck strikes again

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Wild horse or domesticated horse? Horse remains from the neolithic settlement in Pestenacker, Bavaria

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Wild is not really wild: brain weight of wild domestic mammals

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Wild mammal trypanosomiasis in French Guyana: practical implications for the presence of Trypanosoma rangeli

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Wild man and a dozen red roses

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Wild mice as a source of genetic polymorphism

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Wild pigeons (Columbia livia, forma urbana) as a medium of monitoring for evaluation of cadmium pollution in urban areas

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Wild pigeons and pheasants--a source of Chlamydophila psittaci for humans and animals

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Wild plants used for the folk dietotherapy in Arhorchin Mongolians

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Wild platypus attack in the antipodes. A case report

Anonymous, 1996:
Wild poliomyelitis outbreak in Albania

Anonymous, 2001:
Wild poliovirus imported into Qinghai province, China

Anonymous, 1993:
Wild poliovirus isolated in Alberta, 1993

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Wild rabbit host and some parasites show trophic-level relationships for delta 13C and delta 15N: a first report

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Wild rabbits--a novel vector for verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli O157

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Wild type variants of penicillinase from Klebsiella aerogenes

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Wild vectors of Chagas' disease in an urban area of Manaus (AM): flying activity during dry and rainy seasons

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Wild water rapid burns

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Wild-type Escherichia coli cells regulate the membrane lipid composition in a "window" between gel and non-lamellar structures

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Wild-type Escherichia coli grows on the chitin disaccharide, N,N'-diacetylchitobiose, by expressing the cel operon

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Wild-type adenovirus decreases tumor xenograft growth, but despite viral persistence complete tumor responses are rarely achieved--deletion of the viral E1b-19-kD gene increases the viral oncolytic effect

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Wild-type alpha 1-antitrypsin is in the canonical inhibitory conformation

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Wild-type and hexahistidine-tagged derivatives of leucine-responsive regulatory protein from Escherichia coli

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Wild-type and met-65-->Leu variants of human cystatin A are functionally and structurally identical

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Wild-type and mutant alleles of the Aspergillus nidulans developmental regulator gene brlA: correlation of variant sites with protein function

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Wild-type and mutant forms of recombinant horseradish peroxidase C expressed in Escherichia coli. Substrate specificity and stability under irradiation

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Wild-type but not Parkinson's disease-related ala-53 --> Thr mutant alpha -synuclein protects neuronal cells from apoptotic stimuli

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Wild-type huntingtin up-regulates BDNF transcription in Huntington's disease

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Wild-type levels of pregenomic RNA and replication but reduced pre-C RNA and e-antigen synthesis of hepatitis B virus with C(1653) --> T, A(1762) --> T and G(1764) --> A mutations in the core promoter

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Wild-type p53 and a p53 temperature-sensitive mutant suppress human soft tissue sarcoma by enhancing cell cycle control

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Wild-type p53 can induce p21 and apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells but the DNA damage-induced G1 checkpoint function is attenuated

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Wild-type p53 demonstrates functional dominance in a human colon carcinoma cell line in which it induces reversible growth arrest

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Wild-type p53 epitope naturally processed and presented by an HLA-B haplotype on human breast carcinoma cells

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Wild-type p53 gene increases MDR1 gene expression but decreases drug resistance in an MDR cell line KBV200

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Wild-type p53 overexpression: what role in tumorigenesis?

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Wild-type p53 protein potentiates cytotoxicity of therapeutic agents in human colon cancer cells

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Wild-type p53 renders mouse astrocytes resistant to 1,3-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea despite the absence of a p53-dependent cell cycle arrest [corrected

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Wild-type p53 tumor suppressor gene restores differentiation of human squamous carcinoma cells but not the response to transforming growth factor beta

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Wildcat World: simulation programs for teaching basic concepts in psychological science

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Wildcat strike held protected activity

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Wilder Graves Penfield, 26 January 1891--5 April 1976

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Wilder Penfield (1891-1976)

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Wilder decision: more heat than light?

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Wilder submits tax-heavy revamp

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Wilderness 911?

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Wilderness Expo 2001: educating the general public on wilderness medicine and outdoor safety

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Wilderness Quality and Visitors' Wilderness Attitudes: ManagementImplications

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Wilderness and environmental emergencies. Emergency nursing and ski patrol: a partnership to improve patient outcomes

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Wilderness and environmental medicine: another subspecialty for emergency medicine?

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Wilderness as medicine for the disabled

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Wilderness dermatology: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin disease related to the great outdoors

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Wilderness mortalities: a 13-year experience

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Wilderness nurse

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Wilderness rescue: an ER nurse's story

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Wildervanck or cervico-oculo-acoustic syndrome

Kumar, A.; Chaudhary, D.; Gupta, S.K., 1996:
Wildervanck syndrome

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Wildfires ignite concern

de Lafuente, D., 1993:
Wildfires prompt hospitals to call in reinforcements

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Wildland forest fire smoke: health effects and intervention evaluation, Hoopa, California, 1999

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Wildlife and pastoral society--shifting paradigms in disease control

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Wildlife devastation in Zimbabwe

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Wildlife diseases

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Wildlife diseases as a factor in the depopulation of the North American Indian

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Wildlife for sale

Simpson, V., 2001:
Wildlife on a knife edge--a veterinary perspective

Saunders, G., 2001:
Wildlife research is crucial

Weis, P., 2002:
Wildlife research. New rules ease specimen shipments

McManus, D.P., 1996:
Wildlife reservoir for human hydatidosis

Delahay; Claridge, 2000:
Wildlife survey for bovine TB

Tokarski, C., 1990:
Wilensky confirmed as HCFA chief

Wagner, L.; Willensky, G., 1992:
Wilensky leaves HCFA to take Bush post

Wagner, L., 1989:
Wilensky nominated as HCFA administrator

Wagner, L., 1990:
Wilensky nomination clears Senate panel

Wagner, L.; Wilensky, G.R., 1990:
Wilensky off and running

Wilensky, G.R., 1990:
Wilensky seeks dialogue with providers. Interview by Richard L. Clarke

Anonymous, 1990:
Wilensky settles into HCFA job

Finn, J., 1987:
Wilensky urges trustees to search for medical indigence solution

Wagner, L., 1992:
Wilensky: Bush needed to use harder sell on healthcare agenda

Andrews, W.H., 1996:
Wiley Award Address. Evolution of methods for the detection of Salmonella in foods

Anonymous, 2002:
Wiley Award: Barry McCleary and dietary fiber

Woolf of Barnes, 1997:
Wilfred Fish Lecture. Self regulation--dentists, discipline and defence

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Wilfrid Edward Le Gros Clark, 1895-1971

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Wilhelm C. Hueper: pioneer of environmental carcinogenesis

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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen and Switzerland

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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen--century of X ray discovery

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A novel approach to identifying and quantifying neutrophil extracellular trap formation in septic dogs using immunofluorescence microscopy

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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen 1845-1923

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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and Switzerland. 100 years of radiography: images for life

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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the discovery of X-rays

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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen--looking at the inner man

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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen: 100 years of the discovery of X-rays

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Wilhelm Conrad Von Röntgen (1845-1923)

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Wilhelm Dönitz: one of the pioneers of anatomy, forensic medicine and hygiene in Japan (part 2)] (Jpn)

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Wilhelm Griesinger (1817-1868)--his knowledge of psychiatry from the historical and current perspective

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A Novel Approach to Identifying the Spinal Accessory Nerve in Surgical Neck Dissection

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Wilhelm His (the elder)

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Wilhelm Reich nel dibattito psicoanalitico degli anni Trenta

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A Novel Approach to Identify Polytraumatized Patients in Extremis

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Wilhelm Wagner (1848-1900): a centennial commemoration of a forgotten pioneer neurosurgeon

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Wilhelm Wernsted proved the origin of the immunity against polio. A stubborn fight against child paralysis

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Wilhelm Wundt 1832-1920: a brief biographical sketch

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Wilhelm Wundt resurrected

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Wilhelm Wundt's publication record: a re-examination

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Wilhem Ten Rhyne (Rhijne) and his Treatise on Asiatic Leprosy; a medical classic by a Dutch physician in Java in the last quarter of 17th century

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Wiliam Turner (c. 1508-1568): physician, botanist and theologian

Cohen, H.H., 1989:
Wilk v. American Medical Association--AMA enjoined from advocating boycott of chiropractors; individual choice endorsed

MacEachen, D.B.; Collins, W., 1966:
Wilkie Collins' Heart and science and the vivisection controversy

Nana, A.M.; Closset, J.; Muls, V.; Kouame, J.; Jeanmart, J.; van Gossum, A.; Gelin, M.; El Nakadi, I., 2003:
Wilkie's syndrome

Loja Oropeza, D.; Alvizuri Escobedo, Jé.; Vilca Vásquez, M.; Sánchez Mercado, M., 2002:
Wilkie's syndrome: vascular duodenal compression

Kyle, R.A.; Shampo, M.A.; Wilkins, H.F.; Crick, H.C.; Watson, J.D., 1998:
Wilkins, Crick, and Watson: Nobel Prize for work on the structure of DNA

Goldsmith, J., 1988:
Will '88 be watershed for healthcare policy?

Solomon, C.M., 1987:
Will 1988 be "the year of tort reform?"

Bakemeier, R.F., 1993:
Will 1994 be a "watershed" for cancer education?

Wise, D., 1993:
Will 24-hour coverage solve the workers' comp puzzle?

Coutts, L., 2002:
Will 9-11 forever change our lives?

Anonymous, 2001:
Will ACE inhibitor therapy reduce secondary stroke?

Boukhari, S., 1991:
Will AIDS overtake them?

Pison, G., 2003:
Will AIDS spread to the entire population of Africa south of the Sahara?

Anonymous, 1997:
Will AMAP (American Medical Accreditation Program) help or hurt your facility?

Nishimura, T., 2002:
Will Alzheimer's disease be conquered in the 21st century?

Anonymous, 1994:
Will American women want quinacrine?

Gordon, J.S., 1993:
Will Americans ever again ask: "Doctor, how much is this going to cost?"

O'Donnell, C., 2002:
Will Australian workers' compensation insurance management get better soon?

Drummond, P., 1983:
Will Big Brother be watching those days off?

Chitwood, W.R.; Sealy, W.C., 1994:
Will C. Sealy, MD: the father of arrhythmia surgery--the story of the fisherman with a fast pulse

Chabannon, C.; Moatti, J.P.; Maraninchi, D., 1997:
Will CD34+ standardization solve all problems related to cell therapy?

Bazzoli, F., 1995:
Will CHINs be able to mesh with enterprise networks?

Bazzoli, F., 1995:
Will CHINs hit the jackpot or break the bank?

Anonymous, 2000:
Will California's capitation woes spread to other states?

Sibbald, B., 2001:
Will Canada follow US lead on RU 486?

Kondro, W., 1995:
Will Canada have "mercy killing" bill?

Peck, R.L., 1978:
Will Carter's N.H.I. plan be stillborn?

Kluger, J., 2000:
Will Christopher Reeve walk again?

Dworkin, R., 1994:
Will Clinton's plan be fair?

Pretzer, M., 1997:
Will Congress buy the economic argument for tort reform?

Griffin, G.C., 1994:
Will Congress change hands? Preposterous! Outrageous! Possible!

Goodman, E., 1994:
Will Congress keep the two-tier system of abortion?

Chin, T.L.; Goedert, J., 1999:
Will Congress pass privacy legislation?

Iglehart, J.K., 1986:
Will Congress protect federal health programs?

Stevens, C., 1989:
Will Congress put Canadian-style curbs on Medicare fees?

Lippman, H., 2000:
Will Congress put MSAs on life support?

Davis, J.; Lavanty, D., 1998:
Will Congress respond to consumer health care concerns?

Anonymous, 1999:
Will Congress, state legislatures follow Texas' lead this year?

De Cock, K.M.; Chaisson, R.E., 1999:
Will DOTS do it? A reappraisal of tuberculosis control in countries with high rates of HIV infection

Holmes, C., 1983:
Will DRGs change the way multis do business?

Meadors, G.M., 2000:
Will ERISA be the death knell for managed care?

Anonymous, 1997:
Will ERISA law become a sword instead of a shield?

O'Keefe, A.M., 1995:
Will ERISA's wall come tumbling down?

Kulynych, J., 2002:
Will FDA relinquish the "gold standard" for new drug approval? Redefining "substantial evidence" in the FDA Modernization Act of 1997

Baliarsing, A.S., 2001:
Will Fas gene help to diagnose burn scar squamous cell carcinoma?

Levin-Epstein, M., 2001:
Will Fifth Circuit's decision spur action on patient rights?

Gates, B., 2000:
Will Frankenfood feed the world?

O'Dowd, A., 2002:
Will GPs give practice nurses a break?

Himmel, W.; Dieterich, A.; Kochen, M.M., 2000:
Will German patients accept their family physician as a gatekeeper?

Steimle, S., 1998:
Will Germany's good scientific practice guidelines prevent fraud?

Felberbaum, R.E.; Küpker, W.; Diedrich, K., 2003:
Will GnRH antagonists assist in the treatment of benign gynaecological diseases?

Anonymous, 1999:
Will HCFA be able to pay up on Jan. 1, 2000? Agency says it will be ready; GAO says no way

Stevens, C., 1990:
Will HCFA use RBRVS to cut everyone's fees?

Robers, S., 2001:
Will HCFA/CMS' new process and proposed criteria for making national coverage decisions help or hurt payment for DHD?

Anonymous, 2002:
Will HIPAA hamper disease management efforts?

Willan, S., 2002:
Will HIV / AIDS undermine democracy in South Africa?

Pingree, S.; Hawkins, R.P.; Gustafson, D.H.; Boberg, E.W.; Bricker, E.; Wise, M.; Tillotson, T., 1993:
Will HIV-positive people use an interactive computer system for information and support? A study of CHESS in two communities

Terry, K., 1998:
Will HMOs use specialists for "principal care"?

Halpern, S., 1986:
Will Hayhoe's plan make the grade?

King, S.; Caccavo, S., 1993:
Will I become addicted?

Kroger, M., 2001:
Will I get sick if I accidentally eat moldy bread or cheese?

Bogle, N.; Percy, M.; Morrison, W., 1999:
Will I make it through this choppy water? A psychological characteristic as a predeterminant factor to coping with multiple sclerosis

Bundy, A.C., 1993:
Will I see you in September? A question of educational relevance

Jones, 2000:
Will Immunotherapy and Vaccination Replace Antimicrobials? The Future May Be Closer Than We Think!

Larkin, M., 2001 :
Will India's medical sites learn from the US experience?

Man, R., 2001:
Will Israel be the first to allow organ sales?

Luft, F.C., 1998:
Will LRP take the "RAP" as a mechanism for atherosclerosis?

Carney, L., 2002:
Will Louisiana's new consent statues be helpful to clinicians?

Conti, P.; Barbacane, R.C.; Di Gioacchino, M.; Reale, M., 1998:
Will MCP-1 and RANTES take center stage in inflammatory diseases including asthma?

Sokolov, J.J., 1994:
Will MD solo practice survive? No

Radcliffe, A.; Brown, G., 2001:
Will MRI provide maps of lines of excision for rectal cancer?

Krasner, W., 1983:
Will Medicare coverage transform hospice care?

Demkovich, L.E., 1982:
Will Medicare for hospice programs cut costs or become a boondoggle?

Larkin, H.D., 1998:
Will Medicare provider-sponsored organizations be worth the risk?

Pauly, M.V., 1996:
Will Medicare reforms increase managed care enrollment?

Iglehart, J.K., 1982:
Will Medicare's successes spoil its chance to survive spending cuts?

Slomski, A.J., 1992:
Will Minnesota's sweeping changes spread nationally?

Ruthven, L., 2001:
Will NCQA/HEDIS take health care to the promised land?

Kulasingam, S.L..; Koutsky, L.A.., 2001:
Will New Human Papillomavirus Diagnostics Improve Cervical Cancer Control Efforts?

Maxwell, A., 1989:
Will Nfld.'s masterplan eradicate the shortage of nurses?

Marcus, C., 1976:
Will O.R. experience be part of nurses' undergraduate program?

Callahan, J., 2000:
Will ORYX take you to the top?

Anonymous, 1996:
Will Oregon law force out Catholic health care?

el Farra, K.; Grudzinskas, J.G., 1995:
Will PAPP-A be a biochemical marker for screening of Down's syndrome in the first trimester?

Anonymous, 1995:
Will PHOs have to answer to HMOs as well as state laws?

Coile, R.C., 1996:
Will PHOs join the "alphabet graveyard" of management fads?

Anonymous, 1979:
Will PPIs affect your patients' attitudes?

Orbach, N.F.; de Peyster, J., 2000:
Will PPOs knock down the competition?

Anonymous, 1985:
Will PPS be super someday: what seven experts say

Jaklevic, M.C., 1999:
Will PSOs be a disaster or a dream?

Scott, J.S., 2001:
Will President Bush keep his promises?

Blecher, M.B., 1997:
Will Pru keep caring?

Anonymous, 1992:
Will QALYs be target of Americans with Disabilities Act?

Lowry, R., 1992:
Will QI work where QA won't?

Kirchheimer, B., 1999:
Will Quorum deliver? Company says it's turning problems around, but Wall Street says, 'Show me'

Simons, J., 2002:
Will R&D make Merck hot again?

Anonymous, 2001:
Will Rep. Bliley take the data bank public?

Johnsen, D.; Wilder, M., 1989:
Will Roe v. Wade survive the Rehnquist Court?

Wagner, L.; Weissenstein, E.; Japsen, B., 1994:
Will Rosty's lesser role reduce likelihood for reform?

Fitzpatrick, C., 2002:
Will SAMHSA finally fulfill its promise?

de Gruchy, J.; Rubenstein, L.S., 2000:
Will South African physicians build a culture of human rights?

Steimle, S., 1999:
Will Spain's first National Cancer Center boost research?

Weill, R.D., 1997:
Will Switzerland soon experience a scarcity of dentists?

Hillbom, M., 2002:
Will TIA go over?

Mitka, M., 1999:
Will TSEs taint the US blood supply?

Macunovich, D., 1993:
Will U.S. fertility rise? Watch the wage

Dean, M., 1998:
Will UK drug-pricing regulation be abolished?

Anonymous, 1983:
Will Virginia become fourth state to enact breast cancer consent law?

Pretzer, M., 1998:
Will Washington rein in the fraud police?

Chopko, M.E., 1989:
Will Webster redefine Roe v. Wade? The Supreme Court could use a Missouri case to begin limiting abortion rights

Leach, E., 1999:
Will Yorkshire make a stand?

Zighelboim, J.; Talley, N.J.; Mullan, B.P.; Camilleri, M.; Thomforde, G., 1993:
Will a NaH14CO3-capsule method accurately measure gastric emptying?

Gibbs, R.F., 1979:
Will a downed Goliath next lose his head?

Molez, J.F.; Gaye, O., 1997:
Will a gametocytocide combined with an antimalarial schizonticide soon be necessary in areas of drug resistance?

Dunlop, J.B., 1993:
Will a large-scale migration of Russians to the Russian Republic take place over the current decade?

Altenhof, C.R., 1994:
Will a new bureaucracy cure all ills?

O'Leary, D.S., 1988:
Will a new federal climate affect Joint Commission confidentiality policy?

Service, R.F., 1994:
Will a new type of drug make memory-making easier?

Schutte, J.E., 1989 :
Will a patient's religion hobble your medical decisions?

Baker, K.E., 2000:
Will a physician assistant improve your dermatology practice?

Rice, B., 1995:
Will a plaintiff's attorney see your own medical records?

Porche, D.J., 1997:
Will a presidential public apology be needed for HIV/AIDS care in the future?

Seabold, J.E.; Rosebrough, S.F., 1994:
Will a radiolabeled antibody replace indium-111-platelets to detect active thrombus?

Solano Aliende, J.A., 1997:
Will a specific preventive or curative vaccine for gastroduodenal ulcer be achieved?

Maltez, F.; Martins, T.; Morgado, A.; Proença, R., 1997:
Will acanthosis nigricans be a new cutaneous manifestation of human immunodeficiency virus infection?

Yokota, T.; Kunii, Y.; Kikuchi, S.; Yamada, Y.; Yamauchi, H., 2001:
Will accident reports filed in hospitals in Japan be used in the future as evidence in malpractice lawsuits?

Newell, G.E., 1989:
Will accrual accounting kill retirees' healthcare benefits?

Roy, S.; Chakrabortti, S.C., 2000:
Will active ageing make the difference?

Vargová, V.; Veselý, R.; Sasinka, M.; Török, C., 1999:
Will administration of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids reduce the use of nonsteroidal antirheumatic agents in children with chronic juvenile arthritis?

Stevens, C., 1993:
Will administrative savings really pay for health reform?

Jakimowicz, 2000:
Will advanced laparoscopic surgery go hand-assisted?

Whall, A.L., 1996:
Will advanced practice nurses be adequately prepared in elder care?

Sasaki, H.; Sekizawa, K.; Yanai, M.; Arai, H.; Yamaya, M.; Ohrui, T., 1996:
Will aging of the population make Japan less productive?

Salcido, R., 1997:
Will all pressure ulcers heal?

Coleman, P.; Irons, R.; Nicholl, J., 2001:
Will alternative immediate care services reduce demands for non-urgent treatment at accident and emergency?

Grandinetti, D., 1999:
Will alternative-medicine referrals get you sued?

Voelker, R., 1996:
Will altruism endanger prevention?

Murray, D., 1992:
Will an OSHA inspector nail you?

Sherman, S.J., 1996:
Will an integrated medical delivery system deliver?

Reichrath, J., 2001:
Will analogs of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) (calcitriol) open a new era in cancer therapy?

Lazzara, R., 2001:
Will antiarrhythmic drug therapy guided by electrophysiology study survive in the new millennium?

Barnett, A.A., 1994:
Will antitrust cops bust billion-dollar drug deals?

Alberthal, L.; Manzi, J.; Curtis, G.; Davidow, W.H.; Timko, J.W.; Nadler, D.; Davis, L.L., 1993:
Will architecture win the technology wars?

Howarth, A.L., 2002:
Will aromatherapy be a useful treatment strategy for people with multiple sclerosis who experience pain?

Caplan, A.L., 1997:
Will assisted suicide kill hospice?

Anonymous, 1999:
Will at-risk providers finally cover their tails?

Misra, M.; Nolph, K.D.; Khanna, R., 1997:
Will automated peritoneal dialysis be the answer?

Shryock, T.R., 2001:
Will avilamycin convert ziracine into zerocine?

Lowes, R.L., 1993:
Will bad times be good for organized medicine?

Sibbald, B., 2002:
Will bad times ever end for world's poorest children?

von Samson, E., 1996:
Will better hospital care be achieved in the near future?

Black, H.R., 2000:
Will better-tolerated antihypertensive agents improve blood pressure control? JNC VI revisited

Findlay, S., 1995:
Will big HMOs stamp out competition?

Lawton, S.E.; Colborn, C.; Itzkoff, D.M., 1985:
Will bioethics committees help infants Doe?

Jackson, R.; Locke, P.; Pirkle, J.; Thompson, F.E.; Sussman, D., 2003:
Will biomonitoring change how we regulate toxic chemicals?

King, S.B.; Mahmud, E., 1999:
Will blocking the platelet save the diabetic?

DeVantier, M.E., 1989:
Will blood donors give money too?

Anlauf, M., 1999:
Will blood pressure measuring by the Riva-Rocci and Korotkoff method soon by substituted? Missing oscillometric appliances--technical data kept secret

Klein, H.G., 2000:
Will blood transfusion ever be safe enough?

Hoium, V.S., 1988:
Will boards lose the privileging function to third parties?

Sherrid, P., 2001:
Will boomer women defy menopause? The drug industry is betting they will try

Treiman, D.M., 2002:
Will brain damage after status epilepticus be history in 2010?

Gladwell, M., 1996:
Will brain trauma finally be taken seriously?

Anonymous, 1990:
Will budget woes close more doors to the indigent?

Cohen, M.H., 1985:
Will capital investments improve operating costs?

Anonymous, 2000:
Will capitation contracts soon include patient safety standards?

Azevedo, D., 1995:
Will capitation unite or kill this IPA?

Zazworsky, D., 2000:
Will case managers survive in integrated systems?

Wall, M.A., 1986:
Will catastrophic health insurance be Reagan's health policy legacy?

LaShay, N.; Gilson, G.; Joffe, G.; Qualls, C.; Curet, L., 2001:
Will cervicovaginal interleukin-6 combined with fetal fibronectin testing improve the prediction of preterm delivery?

Tupper, R.L., 1987:
Will changes help the matching process?

Frederick, K.; Bixby, E.; Orzel, M-Noelle.; Stewart-Brown, S.; Willett, K., 2002:
Will changing the emphasis from 'pulseless' to 'no signs of circulation' improve the recall scores for effective life support skills in children?

Thayil, P.K., 1977:
Will charitable hospitals come within the purview of the definition of industry under the Industrial Disputes Act?

Butler, F.J., 2002:
Will charity laws close Catholic hospitals?

Xin, J.; Xiang, M.; Tao, X., 2001:
Will chronic nonproductive cough with bronchial hyperresponsiveness be cough variant asthma?

Kasiske, B., 2000:
Will chronic rejection impact the future of transplantation?

Longo, F.M., 1994:
Will ciliary neurotrophic factor slow progression of motor neuron disease?

Gunby, P., 1993:
Will civilian physicians see post-Somalia malaria?

Smith, R.B., 2002:
Will claims workers dislike a computerized fraud detector?

Coleman, R.E., 1993:
Will clinical PET become a reality?

Sandeman, 1999:
Will clinical governance make a difference?

Beekman, J.F., 1991:
Will clinicians accept practice guidelines?

Luo, J.; Huang, W.; Cao, B., 2017:
A novel approach to identify the miRNA-mRNA causal regulatory modules in Cancer

Coghlan, A., 1997:
Will cloned cows rise from the dead?

Baltimore, D.; Coles, R.; Fagan, J.B.; Jakobovits, I.; Frist, B.; Kass, L.R.; O'Connor, J.; Silverberg, R.; Teller, E., 1997:
Will cloning beget disaster?

Bennett, P., 1993:
Will coders' fortunes change under capitation? Arizona's glimpse of the future

Wood, R.H., 1990:
Will cogeneration pay off for your health facility?

Sherer, J.L., 1993:
Will college nursing education include managed care?

Gross, C.; Callahan, M.; Mele, J., 1998:
Will commercial managed care patients accept residents as their primary care providers?

Moore, T., 1977:
Will community psychology be committed to minority people?

Patel, B.S.; Feerick, A., 2002:
Will competency assessment improve the training and skills of the trainee anaesthetist?

Anonymous, 1981 :
Will competition affect quality in health care?

Schwartz, A.L., 1996:
Will competition change the physician workforce? Early signals from the market

Munro, R., 2000:
Will compulsion leave room for compassion?

Anonymous, 2002:
Will congress have a better IDEA?

Kamensky, D.B., 1999:
Will congressional action go up in smoke? Overcoming obstacles in granting the FDA jurisdiction over tobacco products

Johnsson, J., 1991:
Will consumer concerns about hospitals cloud legislators' views?

Dunks, P.J., 2001:
Will consumerism lead to more price-sensitive patients?

Diethrich, E.B., 1997:
Will contrast aortography become obsolete in the preoperative evaluation of abdominal aortic aneurysm for endovascular exclusion?

Frank, C.W., 1976:
Will controls return to health care industry?

Palmer, N.D.; Newall, N.; Ramsdale, D.R., 2002:
Will coronary artery surgery disappear in 10 years' time?

Pyörälä, K.; Steiner, G., 1996:
Will correction of dyslipoproteinaemia reduce coronary heart disease risk in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes? Need for trial evidence

Anonymous, 2002:
Will cost hikes bring employers back to capitation contracts?

Ludwig, M., 2003:
Will costs of ICSI be reimbursed for patients in Germany?

Anonymous, 1993:
Will court ruling keep docs with HIV out of the OR?

Hackett, K.L., 1986:
Will credit cards help reduce receivables?

Wright, A., 1988:
Will crown cars topple Arthur Daley?

Regan, J.A., 1998:
Will current clinical effectiveness initiatives encourage and facilitate practitioners to use evidence-based practice for the benefit of their clients?

Thompson, I.M.; Seay, T.M., 1997:
Will current clinical trials answer the most important questions about prostate adenocarcinoma?

Emmerman, J., 1994:
Will customers today be customers tomorrow?

Sela, B., 2001:
Will cystatin C replace creatinine as the endogenous metabolite for measuring GFR?

Hallick, J.; Lee, L.; McKenna, M., 2001:
Will database marketing work in health care? The experts debate whether it exists and if health care can benefit from it

Ni Bhrolchain, C.M., 1994 :
Will deprived areas still need community paediatricians? An unpopular hypothesis

Reinhardt, U.E., 1981:
Will deregulation help doctors? Don't bet on it

Goncalves, F.; Hornák, M.; Miklosi, M., 1998:
Will determination of prostate specific antigen density improve the diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma?

Sabatine, M.S.; Braunwald, E., 2001:
Will diabetes save the platelet blockers?

Coleman, D.L., 1997:
Will direct contractors be the cost and quality champs?

Bright, L.; Clarke, K., 2002:
Will direct payments make a difference to older people's lives?

Burkey, S.H.; Van Heerden, J.A.; Farley, D.R.; Thompson, G.B.; Grant, C.S.; Curlee, K.J., 2002:
Will directed parathyroidectomy utilizing the gamma probe or intraoperative parathyroid hormone assay replace bilateral cervical exploration as the preferred operation for primary hyperparathyroidism?

Christensen, C.M.; Bohmer, R.; Kenagy, J., 2001:
Will disruptive innovations cure health care?

Jaklevic, M.C., 1997:
Will docs embrace unions?

Mangan, D., 1995:
Will doctor unions finally take hold?

Fasken, L.M.; Fasken, L.M., 1998:
Will doctors ever change?. Interview by Jacquelyn Hanson

Gattellari, M.; Ward, J.E., 2001:
Will donations to their learned college increase surgeons' participation in surveys? A randomized trial

Vuorenkoski, L., 2002:
Will drug marketing help to turn patients to well-educated consumers?

Murphy, M.J., 2001:
Will drug resistance testing prove reliable enough to enhance HIV treatments?

DeJohn, P., 2001:
Will e-commerce unravel traditional supply chain?

Anonymous, 2000:
Will early intervention keep schizophrenia at bay?

Piérard, G.E., 1996:
Will ecology, photo-climatology and geography affect tomorrow's dermatology?

Chang, C.F.; Tuckman, H.P., 1986:
Will economies of scale always reduce cost? An economic analysis of the effects of hospital expansion

Wetzel, R., 1994:
Will education prevent human immunodeficiency virus infection?

Mariotto, A.; De Leo, D.; Buono, M.D.; Favaretti, C.; Austin, P.; Naylor, C.D., 1999:
Will elderly patients stand aside for younger patients in the queue for cardiac services?

Anderson, C.; Murphy, J.F., 1996:
Will elderly seasonal nomads need health services?

Anonymous, 1982:
Will electronic media transform physician and patient education?

Birkmeyer, C.M.; Lee, J.; Bates, D.W.; Birkmeyer, J.D., 2002:
Will electronic order entry reduce health care costs?

Briggs, B., 2002:
Will electronic records become routine?

Hoshino, S., 1999:
Will endoluminal aortic grafting change aortic surgery?

Zarins, C.K.; Wolf, Y.G.; Lee, W.A.; Hill, B.B.; Olcott C, I.V.; Harris, E.J.; Dalman, R.L.; Fogarty, T.J., 2000:
Will endovascular repair replace open surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair?

Bond, M., 1996:
Will enrolled nurses feature in the English National Board's equal opportunities policy research?

Page, 1985:
Will entropy decrease if the Universe recollapses?

Zanetti, R.; Rosso, S., 2002:
Will epidemiology succeed in saving the tumor registries?

Liou, C.M.; Kang, H.M.; Lai, H.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Hung, C.J.; Wang, S.J.; Tso, H.S., 1994:
Will epidural with light general anesthesia increase the incidence of awareness with recall or dream postoperatively

Pantoflickova, D.; Blum, A.L.; Talley, N.J.; Koelz, H.R., 2000:
Will eradication of Helicobacter pylori improve symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia? Meta-analysis included unreliable studies

McNamara, D.; Buckley, M.; O'Morain, C., 2000:
Will eradication of Helicobacter pylori improve symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia? More studies should have been included in meta-analysis

Cates, C., 2000:
Will eradication of Helicobacter pylori improve symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia? Studies included in meta-analysis had heterogenous, not homogenous, results

Delaney, B.; Moayyedi, P.; Soo, S.; Deeks, J.; Forman, D., 2000:
Will eradication of Helicobacter pylori improve symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia? This meta-analysis is potentially misleading

Rau, J., 2001:
Will everything go well? For human-paced progress

Estabrooks, C.A., 1998:
Will evidence-based nursing practice make practice perfect?

Estabrooks, C.A.; Estabrooks, C.A., 1999:
Will evidence-based nursing practice make practice perfect? 1998

Marwick, C., 2000:
Will evidence-based practice help span gulf between medicine and law?

Lutz, S.; Foster, J., 1994:
Will exec's record hold for new public company?

Scott, J.S., 1998:
Will expansion make Medicare go bust?

Lewis, A., 2001:
Will external review mandates revolutionize managed care?

Crotty, M.; Litt, J.C.; Ramsay, A.T.; Jacobs, S.; Weller, D.P., 1993:
Will facilitators be acceptable in Australian general practice? A before and after feasibility study

Allen, T.W., 1997:
Will failure to use OMT be grounds for malpractice?

Lin, Y-Min., 2002:
Will fasciotomy help in the patients with crush syndrome?

Snyder, J.D., 1979:
Will fee controls be cranked into national health insurance?

Pretzer, M., 1994:
Will fee-for-service go the way of Marcus Welby?

James, W.Philip.T., 2002:
Will feeding mothers prevent the Asian metabolic syndrome epidemic?

Soyer, P., 1996:
Will ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging replace CT during arterial portography in the detection of hepatic metastases? Prologue to a promising future

Waugaman, W.R., 1993:
Will financial exigency in education and health care promote reform or anarchy?

McKnight, M., 1994:
Will flex survive?

Voelker, R., 2001:
Will focus on terrorism overshadow the fight against AIDS?

Sweet, A., 1978 :
Will food directors have to back up on quality?

Baumgarten, A., 1997:
Will for-profit health care give nonprofits a run for their money?

Wiesner, F.J., 1982:
Will funding cutbacks force hospitals to abandon care for the needy?

Margolis, R.E., 1995:
Will funneling seniors into managed care reduce costs?

Greene, R.A.; Maloney, G.E., 1993:
Will future dentists treat headaches?

Lehman, R.A., 1993:
Will future medical students be taught neurosurgery?

Dixon, G.L., 1998:
Will future physicians learn to treat the individual or the population?

Lucassen, A.; Houlston, R., 1999:
Will gene testing cut risk of familial colorectal cancer?

Nylund, S.; Sibakov, M., 2002:
Will genes become an engine to the industry?

Senior, V.; Marteau, T.M.; Peters, T.J., 1999:
Will genetic testing for predisposition for disease result in fatalism? A qualitative study of parents responses to neonatal screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia

Kristoffersson, U., 2001:
Will genetics make a revolution in health care? Skepticism concerning the exaggerated expectations

Holtzman, N.A.; Marteau, T.M., 2000:
Will genetics revolutionize medicine?

Block, G.D.; Aulisio, M.I., 2001:
Will genetics revolutionize medicine?

Barondes, S.H., 1998:
Will genetics revolutionize psychiatry?

Allain, J.P., 2000:
Will genome detection replace serology in blood screening for microbial agents?

Kim; Kim, 1994:
Will geometric phases break the symmetry of time in quantum cosmology?

Martens, P.; Huynen, M., 2001:
Will global climate change reduce thermal stress in the Netherlands?

Anonymous, 2001:
Will grandpa still be grandpa after CABG?

McCormack, J., 1999:
Will group practices meet the Y2K deadline?

Alper, P.R., 1991:
Will guidelines save us?

Gardner, A.; Sibthorpe, B., 2002:
Will he get back to normal? Survival and functional status after intensive care therapy

Brown, K., 1996:
Will he grow out of it?

Castledine, G., 2002:
Will health care change for the better in 2002?

Coile, R.C., 1999:
Will health care consumers actually use report cards?

Pretzer, M., 2000:
Will health care decide who goes to the White House?

Truitt, L., 1993:
Will health care demand continue to increase?

Hartman, H.W.; Reyes, M.C., 1994:
Will health care reform give minorities a fair shake?

McCarthy, M., 2000:
Will health issues force compromise in a divided USA?

Booth, A., 2001:
Will health librarians and related information workers ever work together to create an international network?

Guglielmo, W.J., 1996:
Will health plans make you play psychiatrist?

Doherty, R.B., 1993:
Will health reform help--or hurt--primary care?

Anonymous, 1994:
Will health reform provide for the needs of vulnerable populations?

Scott, L., 1994:
Will healthcare accept the 'virtual' doctor? Maybe, but telemedicine's cost-effectiveness remains in question

Taylor, M., 1999:
Will healthcare do time for convictions? Hospital groups seek Medicare relief as industry anticipates impact of latest fraud verdicts

Orleans, C.T.; Abrams, D.B.; Gruman, J.C., 2001:
Will healthcare take tobacco addiction seriously? Using policy to drive practice

Waters, D., 2000:
Will heart catheters besides hospitalization also become superfluous?. Interview by Dr. med. Ulrike Wepner

Schaefer, S., 2002:
Will helical CT replace electron beam CT in the assessment of coronary calcium?

Dupuis-Girod, S.; Hartmann, O.; Benhamou, E.; Doz, F.; Mechinaud, F.; Bouffet, E.; Coze, C.; Kalifa, C., 1996:
Will high dose chemotherapy followed by autologous bone marrow transplantation supplant cranio-spinal irradiation in young children treated for medulloblastoma?

Murray, C.; Wild, K., 1998:
Will higher level practice help the profession?

Anonymous, 2001:
Will higher premiums lead to bigger cap rates or a new brand of health care?

Riley, J.B.; Pristave, R.J., 1997:
Will history be an indicator of future legal issues in renal care?

Souhrada, L., 1995:
Will history repeat itself at Tampa General?

O'Dowd, A., 2002:
Will hospices just slip quietly away?

Gray, C., 1997:
Will hospital closures mean physician unemployment in Ontario?

Gerber, P.C., 1984:
Will hospital corporations move into private practice?

Anonymous, 1997:
Will hospital report cards make the grade?

Brandner, J., 1995:
Will hospital rounds go the way of the house call?

Henry, L.A., 1997:
Will hospitalists assume family physicians' inpatient care roles?

Lefton, D., 1983:
Will hospitals close? Industry experts at odds

Anonymous, 1989:
Will hospitals favor your specialty?

Dolmatch, B.L.; Gray, R.J.; Horton, K.M., 1994:
Will iatrogenic pulmonary embolization be our pulmonary embarrassment?

Lein, B., 2002:
Will immune-based therapies ever be approved?

Weisman, E., 1994:
Will incinerator regs leave your facility holding the (red) bag?

Efron, N.; Brennan, N.A., 1999:
Will increased oxygen really decrease extended wear infections?

Niederhoffer, E.C., 1996:
Will increased primary care bring about increased medical access?

Tannock, I., 1995:
Will increases in chemotherapy dose intensity improve outcome of patients with common malignancies?

Souhami, R.L., 1995:
Will increases in dose intensity improve outcome: con

Hryniuk, W., 1995:
Will increases in dose intensity improve outcome: pro

Kaman, R.L., 2001:
Will increasing fiscal resources promote physical fitness?

Stoddart, G.L.; Barer, M.L., 1999:
Will increasing medical school enrollment solve Canada's physician supply problems?

Hart, C.; Jones, R., 2002:
Will independent sector involvement destroy the NHS?

Plunkett, L.R., 1998:
Will insurance pay when treating family members?

Karson, S.G.; Gillespie, K.B., 2000:
Will insurers help pay for end-of-life care?

Crane, M., 1991:
Will insurers pay for high-tech care?

Pollock, A.M., 2000:
Will intermediate care be the undoing of the NHS?

Anonymous, 1996:
Will invalid because beneficiary prepared the document

Cross, M., 2000:
Will it be a happy new year? Health care organizations are crafting detailed plans to ensure that the turn of the century causes no problems

Stroman, P.W.; Roby, P.; Alikacem, N.; Martin, L.; Mayanloo, M.; Formichi, M.; Guidoin, R.G., 1996:
Will it be feasible to insert endoprostheses under interventional MRI?

Paz, M.A.; de Otero, J., 1999:
Will it be possible to treat atherosclerosis with antibiotics?

Chesson, R.A.; Good, M.; Hart, C.L., 2002:
Will it hurt? Patients' experience of X-ray examinations: a pilot study

Sheler, J.L., 2002:
Will it rid the church of clergy sex abuse this time?

Anonymous, 1999:
Will it take the resignation of more highly skilled people before the midwifery crisis hits home?

Kertesz, L.; Shinkman, R., 1997:
Will it work? Despite initial applause, the future of L.A. County's two-plan model for serving Medicaid beneficiaries remains uncertain

Sherer, J.L., 1994:
Will job security be a thing of the past for today's top-level staff?

Mathé, G., 1996:
Will killing the last HIV1 particle cure AIDS patients? Doesn't CMV activation and/or a graft-versus-host component of the disease, also have to be considered? I. First of two parts

Mathé, G.; Colasanté, U.; Morette, C.; Hallard, M.; Blanquet, D., 1996:
Will killing the last HIV1 particle cure AIDS patients? II: Second Part. Decrease of viral load and of T-suppressor cells, and increase of the cytotoxic cells, without effect on CD4, after the use of 10 virostatics applied in 3 or 4 drug combinations of different sequences. The time for CD4 immunotherapy?

Neuwirtová, R., 2001:
Will knowledge of the mechanisms of apoptosis lead to new therapeutic procedures?

Jordan, G.H., 1997:
Will laparoscopic orchiopexy replace open surgery for the nonpalpable undescended testis?

Fitzpatrick, J.M., 2000:
Will laser replace TURP for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

Higginbotham, E.J., 1996:
Will latanoprost be the 'wonder' drug of the '90s for the treatment of glaucoma?

deLacey, S., 1993:
Will legislation make a difference?

Randal, J., 2002:
Will less drastic procedures replace radical prostatectomy?

Bellomo, R., 2001:
Will less liberal red-cell transfusion (with a lower haemoglobin threshold) still reduce rates of death and organ failure?

Campbell, N.R., 1999:
Will lifestyle modifications reduce blood pressure?

Sibbald, B., 2000:
Will litigation become part of public health arsenal in Canada's war against smoking?

Legge, A., 2000:
Will long division add up?

Taylor, B., 1997:
Will longer hospital stays really help?

Holoweiko, M., 1990:
Will losing Jim Sammons help or hurt the AMA?

Lowes, R.L., 1996:
Will low tide for Coastal leave doctors beached?

Abramowicz, L.; Carlberg, A.; Posner-Körösi, L., 2001:
Will male circumcision be forbidden in four years?

Wetzig, J., 1993:
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Will managed care alter the art and soul of medicine?

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Will managed care collapse at the hands of the civil justice system? ERISA protection may end

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Will managed care die in court?

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Will managed care limit your scope of practice?

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Will managed care succeed in rural areas? No

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Will managed care work in Europe?

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Will managed care's role in Medicare expand?

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Will managed competition work?

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Will mandated benefits tie down employers?

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Will mandated continuing education improve dentistry & at what cost?

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Will med schools solve the primary-care shortage?

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Will medical policemen hit your office next?

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Will medicine be revolutionised by genomics?

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Will medicine be strangled in the law?

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Will mercury manometers soon be obsolete?

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Will midwives be there for these women?

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Will minority physician supply meet U.S. needs?

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Will modern caries management reduce restorations in dental practice?

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Will modernization of elderly care finally start

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Will molecular biology provide oncologists with information useful for risk assessment, prognosis, or therapeutic decisions in cancer patients?

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Will molecular data set the stage for a synthesis?

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Will more Blue plans break down?

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Will more doctors mean that you'll earn less?

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Will most people live in cities?

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Will multi-institutional systems serve as change agents to improve the management of ambulatory care?

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Will my cardiac rehabilitation program survive in the new managed-care era? The road map will be drawn by measuring outcomes

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Will my patient survive this cardiac arrest?

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Will national cuts in nurses endanger patient care and general litigation?

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Will national minimum standards force nursing homes to close?

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Will nephrology nursing survive managed care?

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Will neuro-endocrine-immunology influence pediatrics?

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Will neurological practice be different during the 21st century

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Will neurology residents with large student loan debts become academicians?

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Will new CPT codes complicate billing and cut your fees, too?

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Will new IUD debate lower Dalkon Shield settlements?

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Will new NJ law regulating at-risk entities become a model for other states?

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Will new Norplant foundation really help low-income women?

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Will new diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus change phenotype of patients with diabetes? Reanalysis of European epidemiological data. DECODE Study Group on behalf of the European Diabetes Epidemiology Study Group

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Will new dopamine receptors offer a key to schizophrenia?

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Will new guidelines protect or expose the Indian gene pool?

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Will new incineration rules burn up your waste disposal budget?

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Will new leadership address the issue of the uninsured?

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Will new provider sponsored networks seek Medicare risk contracts?

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Will new rules help lower health care costs?

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Will new therapy for genetic disease alter underwriting practices?