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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 49

Section 49 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wunderink, R.G., 2003:
" 'Tis a gift to be simple..."

Vial, L.; Ziegler, G., 1960:
"Cysts and fistulas of the thyroglossal duct"

Ogden, J.; Bavalia, K.; Bull, M.; Frankum, S.; Goldie, C.; Gosslau, M.; Jones, A.; Kumar, S.; Vasant, K., 2004:
"I want more time with my doctor": a quantitative study of time and the consultation

Pirotta, M.V.; Gunn, J.M.; Chondros, P., 2003:
"Not thrush again!" Women's experience of post-antibiotic vulvovaginitis

Wang, R.; Li, L.; Zhang, S.; Li, Y.; Wang, X.; Miao, Q.; Zhen, Y., 2018:
A novel enediyne-integrated antibody-drug conjugate shows promising anti-tumor efficacy against CD30+ lymphomas

Keddy, J.A.; Roy, T.E., 1962:
"What we found in a children's hospital"

Löfgren, M.; Ekholm, J.; Ohman, A., 2006:
'A constant struggle': successful strategies of women in work despite fibromyalgia

Yamashita, M., 2006:
'Quantal' Ca(2+) release reassessed--a clue to oscillation and synchronization

Sarangi, S.; Bennert, K.; Howell, L.; Clarke, A.; Harper, P.; Gray, J., 2005 :
(Mis)alignments in counseling for Huntington's Disease predictive testing: clients' responses to reflective frames

Houwert, K.A., 1963:
10 Years Of Eclampsia Therapy At The General Hospital At 's-Gravenhage

Keyaerts, M.; Lahoutte, T.; Neyns, B.; Caveliers, V.; Vanhove, C.; Everaert, H.; Kersemans, K.; Franken, P.R.; Mertens, J.; Bossuyt, A., 2007:
123I-2-iodo-tyrosine, a new tumour imaging agent: human biodistribution, dosimetry and initial clinical evaluation in glioma patients

Sinkey, J.R., 1964:
1746 Consecutive Thyroidectomies Without Mortality

't Hart, B.A.; Vogels, J.T.W.E.; Spijksma, G.; Brok, H.P.M.; Polman, C.; van der Greef, J., 2003:
1H-NMR spectroscopy combined with pattern recognition analysis reveals characteristic chemical patterns in urines of MS patients and non-human primates with MS-like disease

Schinz, H.R., 1965:
2 Further Examples For Autophagous And Heterophagous Birds

Wardell, S.M.S.V.; Ferreira,; de Souza, M.V.N.; Wardell, J.L.; Low, J.N.; Glidewell, C., 2006:
2,4-Difluorobenzaldehyde benzoylhydrazone and 2,4-dichlorobenzaldehyde benzoylhydrazone are isostructural at 120 K with Z' = 2: complex sheets built from N-H...O, C-H...O and C-H...pi(arene) hydrogen bonds

Anonymous, 2003:
2004 Buyer's guide: Your comprehensive guide to EMS services, supplies & equipment & the companies that produce them

Tang, P.U.; Lu.D.M., 1959:
28 cured cases of adult infectious hepatitis by a traditional Chinese wormwood preparation

Dandekar, K.; Raju, B.I.; Srinivasan, M.A., 2003:
3-D finite-element models of human and monkey fingertips to investigate the mechanics of tactile sense

Lu, X-Jun.; Olson, W.K., 2003:
3DNA: a software package for the analysis, rebuilding and visualization of three-dimensional nucleic acid structures

Anonymous, 2003:
4th World Congress on Alternatives--impressions

Pavlik, A., 1952:
50th anniversary of Arnold Pavlik

Chagas-Martinich, L.; Carey, R.J.; Carrera, M.Pinheiro., 2007:
7-OH-DPAT effects on latent inhibition: low dose facilitation but high dose blockade: implications for dopamine receptor involvement in attentional processes

Kolár, M., 2005:
9th Workshop Antibiotic policy in Solán.

Hiltunen, K.; Peltola, J.S.; Vehkalahti, M.M.; Närhi, T.; Ainamo, A., 2004:
A 5-year follow-up of signs and symptoms of TMD and radiographic findings in the elderly

Karagin, B.A., 1965:
A Case Of Accidental Hanging (Strangulation With Clothing)

Beliaev, V.G., 1965:
A Case Of Neurodermatitis Complicated By Mass Invasion By The Chicken Mite

Burda, D., 2005:
A Chicken Little act that's getting old. Salaries, profits, spending on rise while leaders claim the system is broken

Schuermann, K., 1965:
A Contribution To The Problem Of Operative Gynecological Therapy In Aged Patients

Kuo, T.C., 1965:
A Family Of Spectral Operations

Chan, A.Y.K.; Liu, D.T.L., 2005:
A Korean case of oculocutaneous albinism type IV caused by a D157N mutation in the MATP gene

Tajima, K.; Hirose, K.; Inoue, M.; Takezaki, T.; Hamajima, N.; Kuroishi, T., 2003:
A Model of Practical Cancer Prevention for Out-patients Visiting a Hospital: the Hospital-based Epidemiologic Research Program at Aichi Cancer Center (HERPACC)

Fang, Q.C., 1963:
A New Method Of Isolating Ergometrine

Lindgren, I., 1963:
A Pathological-Anatomical Investigation Of Bcg Vaccination In Humans

Nagatsu, T.; Levitt, M.; Udenfriend, S., 1964:
A Rapid And Simple Radioassay For Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activity

Moroson, H.; Gregoriades, A., 1964:
A Sensitive Chemical Actinometer For Ultra-Violet Radiation

Hartelius, H., 1965:
A Study Of Male Juvenile Delinquents

Sternlight, M., 1964:
A Theoretical Model For The Psychological Treatment Of Mental Retardation

Buzas, A.; Osowiecki, M.; Regnier, G., 1959:
A berberine alkaloid isolated from Enantia polycarpa (Anonacea) cortex; palmatine

Hyland, M.E., 2003:
A brief guide to the selection of quality of life instrument

Crampton, P.; Starfield, B., 2004:
A case for government ownership of primary care services in New Zealand: weighing the arguments

Ates, A.; Karaaslan, Y.; Yildiz, Gökçen.; Günesen, O.; Han, S., 2006:
A case of Wegener's granulomatosis complicated with hydropneumothorax

Antonova, K.I., 1955:
A case of angioendothelioma of the stomach

Plamieniak, Z., 1960:
A case of chloromyelosis complicated by aspergillosis

Hankiss, J., 1957:
A case of diabetes insipidus, which appeared refractory to pitressin

Arsen'eva, M.G., 1959:
A case of folliculoma of the ovary in a 5 year old girl

Ruyters, L.; Barac, G., 1952:
A case of icterus with probability of melanuria and the pigment in jaundice

Grant, D.B.; Perinpanayagam, M.S.; Shute, P.G.; Zeitlin, R.A., 1960:
A case of malignant tertian (Plasmodium falciparum) malaria after blood-transfusion

Brull, L., 1955:
A case of osteitis deformans

Lang, E.; D.N.Nno, R., 1963:
A case of primary osteogenetic sarcoma of the thyroid gland. (Clinico-statistical contribution)

Reischle, E.; Sturm, K.; Schuierer, G.; Ibach, B., 2003:
A case of schizophreniform disorder in frontotemporal dementia (FTD)

Erbay, M.Erkan.; Tarhan, F.; Barişik, N.Ozdemir.; Kuyumcuoğlu, Uğur., 2004:
A case of testicular rhabdomyosarcoma

Akiba, T.; Fujiya, H.; Murai, S.; Hyodo, N.; Iida, H.; Sagae, K., 1955:
A case presumed to be the so-called Ego fever

Wong, M.J.; Malapitan, I.A.; Sikorski, B.A.; Jongstra, J., 2003:
A cell-free binding assay maps the LSP1 cytoskeletal binding site to the COOH-terminal 30 amino acids

Song, A.Y.; Jean, R.D.; Hurwitz, D.J.; Fernstrom, M.H.; Scott, J.A.; Rubin, J.Peter., 2005:
A classification of contour deformities after bariatric weight loss: the Pittsburgh Rating Scale

Schaffer, J., 1953:
A clinical study of terramycin in dentistry

Machuca, G.; Martínez, F.; Machuca, C.; Bullón, P., 2003:
A combination of orthodontic, periodontal, and prosthodontic treatment in a case of advanced malocclusion

Khan, N.; Oriuchi, N.; Zhang, H.; Higuchi, T.; Tian, M.; Inoue, T.; Sato, N.; Endo, K., 2003:
A comparative study of 11C-choline PET and [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose PET in the evaluation of lung cancer

Farah, M.; Angelopoulos, C.; Glaros, A.G., 2006:
A comparison between two types of radiographic film for accuracy of measurements of approximal osseous defects

Enns, M., 1957:
A comparison of methods for the determination of bicarbonate in blood plasma

Burlacu, C.L.; Gaskin, P.; Fernandes, A.; Carey, M.; Briggs, L., 2006:
A comparison of the insertion characteristics of the laryngeal tube and the laryngeal mask airway: a study of the ED50 propofol requirements

Aurora, A.R.; Talamini, M.A., 2004:
A comprehensive review of anti-reflux procedures completed by computer-assisted tele-surgery

French, A.S.; Höger, U.; Sekizawa, S-ichi.; Torkkeli, Päivi.H., 2003:
A context-free data compression approach to measuring information transmission by action potentials

Mayer, J., 1955:
A contribution to tinnitus

Doria, A.S.; Babyn, P.S.; Feldman, B., 2006:
A critical appraisal of radiographic scoring systems for assessment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Liu, Z.; Jensen, P.R.; Fenical, W., 2003:
A cyclic carbonate and related polyketides from a marine-derived fungus of the genus Phoma

Dolphin, G.T., 2006:
A designed branched three-helix bundle protein dimer

Fulthorpe, J., 1959:
A discussion of techniques used to demonstrate fat emboli in lung tissues

Abu-Jdayil, B.; Mohameed, H.A., 2007:
A facial mask comprising Dead Sea mud

Kling, C., 1962:
A few highlights of 100 years' research on polio

Deutsch, F., 1957:
A footnote to Freud's 'Fragment of an analysis of a case of hysteria'

Lovibond, S.H., 1958:
A further test of the hypothesis of autonomous memory trace change

Galambos, R., 1961:
A glia-neural theory of brain function

Maas, S., 2005:
A healthy mouth for a healthy heart?

Valone, D.A., 2004:
A history of medical payments: continuity or crisis?

Tomkinson, A.; Phillips, P.; Scott, J.B.; Harrison, W.; D.M.rtin, S.; Backhouse, S.S.; Temple, M., 2005:
A laboratory and clinical evaluation of single-use instruments for tonsil and adenoid surgery

Teanby, S., 2003:
A literature review into pain assessment at triage in accident and emergency departments

Murphy, E.; Beverly, C.James.; Warburton, J., 2004:
A mad house transformed: the lives and work of Charles James Beverly FRS (1788-1868) and John Warburton MD FRS (1795-1847)

A medium for the study of the bacterial oxidation of ferrous iron

Kucherkov, E.G., 1962:
A method for pneumoperitoneum in the diagnosis and in the determination of the operability of cancer of the upper part of the stomach

Kaczurowski, M.A.; Vogel, A.W., 1957:
A method of making and implanting minute pellets of solid substances: and some of their in vivo uses

Lee, W.; Idriss, S.F.; Wolf, P.D.; Smith, S.W., 2004:
A miniaturized catheter 2-D array for real-time, 3-D intracardiac echocardiography

Nirankari, M.S.; Maudgal, M.C., 1957:
A modification of the Smith Indian technique of intracapsular cataract operation

Windisch, G.; Clement, H.; Grechenig, W.; Tesch, N.Peter.; Pichler, W., 2006:
A morphometrical study of the medullary cavity of the ulna referred to intramedullary nailing

Krausz, C.E., 1950:
A nail survey of 4600 patients

Dolman, C.E.; Ranta, L.E., 1950:
A new Salmonella type; Salmonella vancouver

Butorov, I.V.; Verbitskiĭ, O.N.; Butorov, S.I., 2005:
A new approach to treating secondary pulmonary hypertension

Kaplan, H.S., 1962:
A new concept of graduate training for women physicians

Ioffe, V.M.; Gorbenko, G.P.; Domanov, Y.A.; Tatarets, A.L.; Patsenker, L.D.; Terpetsching, E.A.; Dyubko, T.S., 2006:
A new fluorescent squaraine probe for the measurement of membrane polarity

Dunner, E.; Cummings, M.M.; Williams, J.H.; Schmidt, R.H.; Barnwell, J.B., 1957:
A new look at sarcoidosis: a review of clinical records of 160 patients with a diagnosis of sarcoidosis

Thoren, L., 1956:
A new method of extension treatment in Bennett's fracture

Debenedetti, R., 1963:
A new page from the history of the Army Medical Service

Uzawa, J.; Yoshida, S., 2004:
A new selective population transfer experiment using a double pulsed field gradient spin-echo

Pacheco-Moreira, L.Filgueiras.; de Oliveira, M.Enne.; Balbi, E.; da Silva, A.Cerqueira.; Miecznikowski, R.; de Faria, L.José.Auler.; André, R.Pereira.Diaz.; Pereira, Jão.Luiz.; Muharre, R.Jamil.; Martinho, Jé.Manoel.da.Silva.Gomes., 2003:
A new technical option for domino liver transplantation

Schwartz, J., 1953:
A new uterine retractor

Hardwick, C., 1958:
A note on albuminuria in Bright's disease

Abe, E.; Lemaire-Hurtel, A-Sophie.; Duverneuil, C.; Etting, I.; Guillot, E.; de Mazancourt, P.; Alvarez, J-Claude., 2006:
A novel LC-ESI-MS-MS method for sensitive quantification of colchicine in human plasma: application to two case reports

Gehrmann, S.; Höhne, K.H.; Linhart, W.; Pflesser, B.; Pommert, A.; Riemer, M.; Tiede, U.; Windolf, J.; Schumacher, U.; Rueger, J.M., 2005:
A novel interactive anatomic atlas of the hand

Piao, X.; Walsh, C.A., 2004:
A novel signaling mechanism in brain development

Vojtova, H.; Kominkova, B., 1961:
A panel micromethod for the complement fixation test in the diagnosis of some neuroinfections

Bainbridge, J.W.B.; Jia, H.; Bagherzadeh, A.; Selwood, D.; Ali, R.R.; Zachary, I., 2003 :
A peptide encoded by exon 6 of VEGF (EG3306) inhibits VEGF-induced angiogenesis in vitro and ischaemic retinal neovascularisation in vivo

Ehrlich, M., 1957:
A photographic personnel dosimeter for x-radiation in the range from 30 kev to beyond 1 MEV

Conkis, W., 2004:
A place to go where someone cares

Radnai, Márta.; Gorzó, Ián.; Nagy, Eébet.; Urbán, E.; Novák, T.; Pál, A., 2004:
A possible association between preterm birth and early periodontitis. A pilot study

Ha, D.E.; Revaux, A.; Ait Hammou, F.; Westerman, M-N.; Colau, J-C., 2006:
A pregnant woman with a SAPHO syndrome

Torvik, V.I.; Weeber, M.; Swanson, D.R.; Smalheiser, N.R., 2004:
A probabilistic similarity metric for Medline records: a model for author name disambiguation

Adams, R.; Morgan, M.; Mukherjee, S.; Brewster, A.; Maughan, T.; Morrey, D.; Havard, T.; Lewis, W.; Clark, G.; Roberts, S.; Vachtsevanos, L.; Leong, J.; Hardwick, R.; Carey, D.; Crosby, T., 2006:
A prospective comparison of multidisciplinary treatment of oesophageal cancer with curative intent in a UK cancer network

Posner, A., 1953:
A psychologic interpretation of the visual field

Nau, J-Yves., 2006:
A question on the serious appeal to vaccination against pneumococcus

Cabana, M.D., 2006:
A randomized trial of primary care provider prompting to enhance preventive asthma therapy

Bakrac, M.; Bonaci, B.; Krstic, M.; Simic, S.; Colovic, M., 2006:
A rare case of enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma presenting as acute renal failure

Schumm, W.R., 2004:
A re-analysis of Price's "Islam and human rights: a case of deceptive first appearances"

Gibson, T.; Allan, I.M., 1956:
A removable wire suture for internal fixation of mandibular fractures

Huang, Y.; Li, S-zhi.; Guo, L-chang.; Wang, X-kai.; Jiang, S-yuan., 2003:
A retrospective clinical study of chronic high altitude disease complicated by acute exacerbation in high altitude environment

Hartshorn, E.A., 1953:
A review of preservatives used in parenterals

Zou, R.; Wang, H.; Chon, K.H., 2003:
A robust time-varying identification algorithm using basis functions

Knight, A.A.; Tarun, D.W., 1952:
A search for liver damage in anti-amebic treatment with diodoquin, vioform and carbarsone

Gutala, R.; Carvalho-Silva, D.R.; Jin, L.; Yngvadottir, B.; Avadhanula, V.; Nanne, K.; Singh, L.; Chakraborty, R.; Tyler-Smith, C., 2006:
A shared Y-chromosomal heritage between Muslims and Hindus in India

D.Monchy, H.M., 1957:
A simple control of fly breeding places in compulsory communities

Menache, R., 1959:
A simple micromethod for the determination of urinary uropepsin

Daniel, R.C.; Berg, J.C., 2003:
A simplified method for predicting the dynamic surface tension of concentrated surfactant solutions

Woddis, G.M., 1960:
A social therpay unit

Wachter, R., 1955:
A standard technic of balneologic-experimental circulation examination in carbon dioxide bath

Torres, M.; Márquez, M.; Sutil, Ría.; Carrizales, M.; Leal, Mía.; Reigosa, A., 2003:
A study about the effect of vitamin E on hyperlipidemia and atherosclerotic lesions in New Zealand white rabbits fed with a 1% cholesterol rich diet

Ellis, A., 1949:
A study of human love relationships

Whitby, M.; Martin, C.J., 2005:
A study of the distribution of dose across the hands of interventional radiologists and cardiologists

Wang, M.; Jia, J-ping.; Da, Y-wei., 2005:
A study of vascular factor in the pathogenesis of polymyositis

Takeuchi, T.; Rosenwaks, Z.; Palermo, G.D., 2004:
A successful model to assess embryo development after transplantation of prophase nuclei

Shvedov, I.A.; Kolpakov, E.V., 2005:
A survey of medical equipment displayed at the "Healthcare-2004" exhibition

Dalla Man, C.; Camilleri, M.; Cobelli, C., 2006:
A system model of oral glucose absorption: validation on gold standard data

Handelsman, J.C., 1959:
A technique for increasing abdominal capacity in the repair of massive ventral hernia

Chirikov, B.V., 1991:
A theory of quantum diffusion localization

Kolburne, L.L., 1953:
A transformation through psychotherapy and special education

Folan, M.E., 1953:
A two-year survey of bacteriological examinations of water in the western region

Abad, S.; Vidal, R.; Valadier, P.; Abgral, S.; Sablé, R.; Larroche, C.; Dhote, R., 2005:
A very bad cough!...

Pascual, J.; Leno, C., 2005:
A woman with daily headaches

Gordon, I.A.; Abrikosov, A.Ivanovi, H., 1950:
A.I. Abrikosov

Xie, T.; Hood, L., 2003:
ACGT-a comparative genomics tool

Liu, Y.; Saccucci, P.; Qi, H.; Wu, H.C.; Zhao, F.; Dai, Y.; Bottini, N.; Gloria-Bottini, F., 2006:
ADA polymorphisms and asthma: a study in the Chinese Han population

Ihara, Y.; Egashira, K., 2006:
AII and inflammation

Anonymous, 1958:
ANOTHER renal symposium

Mastrangelo, F.A., 1993:
ATCs vs EMTs: Communication is the Name of the Game

Mydlil, V.; Dostal, J., 1963:
Abdominal Colic Caused By The Presence Of Worms In The Bile Ducts In Children

Redéen, S.; Engström, H.; Erikson, S.; Halldestam, I.; Leinsköld, T.; Johansson, K-Erik., 2005:
Abdominal tuberculosis--still a diagnostic challenge. Two case reports and a literature review

Kobrinsky, N.L.; Sjolander, D.E.; Moser, D.K.; Stegman, D.A., 2004:
Ablation of hemophilic FVIII inhibitors with FVIII priming, cyclophosphamide immune suppression, and rapid tapering of FVIII immune tolerance

Grob, D.; Harvey, A.M., 1953:
Abnormalities in neuromuscular transmission, with special reference to myasthenia gravis

Wilken, M., 2005:
About the burden of knowledge and proper discussion management

Cares, R.M., 1956:
Absence of phenylketonuria in adult psychotics; a survey of 4246 inmates of a state mental hospital

Colquhoun, J.; Scorer, E.C.; Sandler, G.; Wilson, G.M., 1957:
Absorption of free acid, potassium, and benzathine phenoxymethylpenicillin after oral administration

Veloo, A.C.M.; Jean-Pierre, H.; Justesen, U.S.; Morris, T.; Urban, E.; Wybo, I.; Kostrzewa, M.; Friedrich, A.W.; On Behalf Of The Enria Workgroup, 2018:
An overview of the data obtained during the validation of an optimized MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper database for the identification of anaerobic bacteria

Satta, N.; Pagano, S.; Montecucco, F.; Gencer, B.; Mach, Fçois.; Kaiser, L.; Calmy, A.; Vuilleumier, N., 2017:
Anti-apolipoprotein A-1 autoantibodies are associated with immunodeficiency and systemic inflammation in HIV patients

Rovnyak, D.; Frueh, D.P.; Sastry, M.; Sun, Z-Yu.J.; Stern, A.S.; Hoch, J.C.; Wagner, G., 2004:
Accelerated acquisition of high resolution triple-resonance spectra using non-uniform sampling and maximum entropy reconstruction

Ngwena, C., 2004:
Access to health care services as a justiciable socio-economic right under the South African constitution

Serper, A.; Ozbek, M.; Calt, S., 2004:
Accidental sodium hypochlorite-induced skin injury during endodontic treatment

Yoneda, M.; Ishihara, H., 1958:
Accumulation of alpha-alanine and of pyruvate in diphtherial culture filtrate and its relation to iron deficiency of medium

Kiihne, S.R.; Creemers, A.F.L.; Lugtenburg, J.; de Groot, H.J.M., 2004:
Accurate CSA measurements from uniformly isotopically labeled biomolecules at high magnetic field

Yoshida, M., 1958:
Acetylcholine-hydrolyzing enzyme in the isolated inner and outer segments of the receptor cell of frog retina

Alekseeva, A.M., 1951:
Acid catalysis of the reaction of dehydration of guanidoacetic acid

Lugli, M.; Fine, M.L., 2003:
Acoustic communication in two freshwater gobies: ambient noise and short-range propagation in shallow streams

Osawa, A.; Maeshima, S.; Yoshimura, T., 2006:
Acquired stuttering in a patient with Wernicke's aphasia

Povoa, H., 1964:
Acth And Adrenal Gland Enzymes In Rats

Dumont, J.E.; Vansande, J., 1965:
Action Of Thyrotropic Hormone On Energy Metabolism Of Thyroid Tissue. Ii. Influence Of Incubation Conditions On The Action Of Thyrotropic Hormone

Andrejew, A.; Ducet, G.; Louw, J.; Rosenberg, A.J., 1956:
Action of chlorpromazine, soneryl and thiopental on oxidative phosphorylation

Brown, D.H., 1953:
Action of phosphoglucomutase on D-glucosamine-6-phosphate

Bagnati, E.P.; Bur, G.E.; Zapata, A.C.; Martine, M.Ntes, E.A., 1960:
Action on the endometrium of intravenous progesterone in variable doses

Ertl, G., 2005:
Activation of diatomic molecules at solid surfaces

Chipkevitch, E., 1997:
Active immunization in adolescence

Soucek, J.; Sochman, J.; Slavik, K., 1963:
Activity changes of some enzyme systems interferring into the metabolism of folic acid in the livers of mice in the course of LaHVUFB leucaemia

Sommer, C.; Bereiter, H., 2005:
Actual relevance of minimal invasive surgery in fracture treatment

Webster, J.L.; Pickering, D., 1964:
Acute Mushroom Poisoning: Treatment With Curare And Intermittent Positive Pressure Respiration

Song, M.Y.; Zwemer, C.F.; Whitesall, S.E.; D'Alecy, L.G., 2006:
Acute and conditioned hypoxic tolerance augmented by endothelial nitric oxide synthase inhibition in mice

Cottom, D.G., 1957:
Acute cerebellar ataxia

Dew, R.E.; Hughes, D., 2004:
Acute dystonic reaction with moderate-dose ziprasidone

Masse, L.; Dax, H.; Moulinier, J., 1955:
Acute hemolytic anemia following blood transfusion of 700 cc of blood from dangerous universal donors

Moody, E.E., 1957:
Acute jejunal obstruction secondary to traumatic intramural hematoma

Batra, A.S.; Acherman, R.J.; Wong, P.; Silka, M.J., 2003:
Acute myocardial infarction in a 12-year-old as a complication of hyperosmolar diabetic ketoacidosis

Lamparter, S.; Schoppet, M.; Pankuweit, S.; Maisch, B., 2003:
Acute parvovirus B19 infection associated with myocarditis in an immunocompetent adult

Fry, W.J., 1954:
Acute renal failure and death following aortography: report of a case

Klein, V.G.; Levinskaia, B.M., 1961:
Acute suppurative diseases of the retroperitoneal space of appendiceal etiology

Jamet, A.; Charbit, A.; Nassif, X., 2017:
Antibacterial Toxins: Gram-Positive Bacteria Strike Back!

Weber, D.J.; He, J., 2003:
Adaptive behavior of cortical neurons during a perturbed arm-reaching movement in a nonhuman primate

Jensen, A.N.; Sørensen, G.; Baggesen, D.L.; Bødker, R.; Hoorfar, J., 2003:
Addition of Novobiocin in pre-enrichment step can improve Salmonella culture protocol of modified semisolid Rappaport-Vassiliadis

Oliver, A.; Nutbeam, D., 2004:
Addressing health inequalities in the United Kingdom: a case study

Safioleas, M.C.; Moulakakis, K.G., 2007:
Adenomatoid hyperplasia of pancreas presenting as tumor

Søndergaard, K., 1954:
Adequate social measures instead of induced abortion in cases of social-medical indication

Marinellie, S.A.; Johnson, C.J., 2003:
Adjective definitions and the influence of word frequency

Arabo, A.; Lefebvre, M.; Fermanel, M.; Caston, J., 2005:
Administration of 17alpha-ethinylestradiol during pregnancy elicits modifications of maternal behavior and emotional alteration of the offspring in the rat

L.G.eca, A.M.; Harrison, H.Moore., 2005:
Adolescent peer relations, friendships, and romantic relationships: do they predict social anxiety and depression?

Wilhelm, S.F., 1950:
Adrenal cortical hyperfunction; recent advances in diagnosis and treatment

Gomez-Rivera, F.; Medina-Franco, H.; Arch-Ferrer, J.E.; Heslin, M.J., 2005:
Adrenocortical carcinoma: a single institution experience

Kah, M.; Brown, C.D., 2006:
Adsorption of ionisable pesticides in soils

Weiss, M.; Murray, C.; Weiss, G., 2005 :
Adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: current concepts

Zuckermann, C., 1964:
Advances In The Treatment Of Gynecologic Cancers

Ge, Y-Feng.; Huang, Y-Feng., 2003:
Advances in sperm membrane antigens

Lane, M.M., 2005:
Advancing the science of perceptual accuracy in pediatric asthma and diabetes

Anonymous, 2003:
Adverse effects with Avonex

Letroadec, Y., 1964:
Aerosol Valves

Tuomioja, M.; Kajanne, P.; Junnila, R., 1961:
Affinity of certain surface-active substances to C-reactive protein. I

Perk, K.; Lobl, K., 1962:
Agammaglobulinemia in a 3-month-old calf

Lieb, S.; Rosenberg, R.; Arons, P.; Malow, R.M.; Liberti, T.M.; Maddox, L.M.; Friedlander, L.; Lalota, M.; Farrell, N.; Grigg, B., 2006:
Age shift in patterns of injection drug use among the HIV/AIDS population in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Maznev, I.; Grigorov, V.; Goldberg, L.; Ignatovic, G., 2003:
Ageing of ex-sportsmen: ergonometric parameters of ex-elite athletes

Fabre-Guillevin, E.; Tabrizi, R.; Coulon, Vérie.; Monnereau, A.; Eghbali, H.; Soubeyran, I.; Soubeyran, P., 2006:
Aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: concomitant evaluation of interleukin-2, soluble interleukin-2 receptor, interleukin-4, interleukin-6, interleukin-10 and correlation with outcome

Banerjee, J.C., 1950:
Agranulocytosis in kala-azar, with a case note

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Almost a quarter of all disease is caused by environmental exposure

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An Appeal For Research On Mental Retardation

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An Experimental Examination Of The Size-Weight Illusion In Young Children

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An adequate budget

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An anomalous muscle in place of the stylohyoid ligament of a Chinese

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An index for the determination of the stability of the wave forms in the occipital abduction of the EEG

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An integrative medicine approach to premenstrual syndrome

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Anaerobic growth of Escherichia coli in the presence of certain acids

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Analgesia for burns dressings

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Analysis Of The Phase Of Systole Of The Left Ventricle In Patients With Chronic Lung Diseases

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Anatomical factors of body-heat regulation

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Anatomy of the trochanteric bursae

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Anecdotes of a combat medic

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Angiodiathermia Praeequatorialis

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Angioma Of The Large Intestine

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Angiotensin-receptor blockade in acute myocardial infarction--a matter of dose

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Animal models of FSGS: lessons for pathogenesis and treatment

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Annesley Pt: Group Psychotherapy In An Adolescent Psychiatric Unit

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Anomalies of the biliary tree

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Anorexia Nervosa And Loss Of Thirst (Adipsia)

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Antagonism Of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (Lsd)-Induced Hyperglycemia

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Anthrax in Israel

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Anti-TNF-alpha antibody Infliximab and glucocorticoids reduce serum vascular endothelial growth factor levels in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a pilot study

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Anticomplementary action of aspirin

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Anxiety and autonomic block

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Apparatus using ink for registration of motor reactions

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Appendicitis or otogenous complications; 2 cases of pseudoappendicitis

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Application of partial resection of pulmonary lobes

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Application of the modified Folin and Malmros micromethod to the determination of galactose in blood and urine, of urine glucose and lactose in a woman's milk

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Areas of uncertainty and unresolved issues in the management of venous thromboembolism

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Articular genus muscle of the knee

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Assessing phantom limb sensations... and the library?

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Assessment and initial treatment of lacerations, mammalian bites, and insect stings

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Assistive technology education needs of allied health professionals in a rural state

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Asylum seeker with AIDS loses fight against relocation within the UK

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Attic suppuration

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Automated bead alignment apparatus using a single bead capturing technique for fabrication of a miniaturized bead-based DNA probe array

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Autoplastic & alloplastic facial & maxillomandibular implantations

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Avoiding the "Andy Gump" in selected cases for carcinoma of the floor of the mouth

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Axonal lesions and Waltzing syndrome after Idpn administration in Rats. with a Concept--"Axostasis"

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BLOOD transfusions; Jehovah's Witnesses

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Bacillus anthracis life cycle in a sporogenesis-inhibiting terrain

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Bacteria In Midwifery

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Bacterial metabolism: Lactic acid production by haemolytic streptococci

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Barr'e-Li'eou Syndrome

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Basal tegmental self-stimulation after septal ablation in rats

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Basic factors in bioclimatology

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Be a best-in-class organization

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Benchmarking and safety: natural fit if you know what to do with data

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Beryllium window radiations for superficial therapy

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Biaxial phacoemulsification

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Bilateral calcaneal fractures and "free running": a dangerously cool emerging "sport"

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Bilateral multiple ureters

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Binge eating disorder and the treatment of obesity

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Biochemical And Fluorescence-Microscopy Screening-Tests For Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

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Biochemical isolation and analysis of a nuclear receptor corepressor complex

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Biochemistry of the male genital tract

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Bioethics. Stem cell researchers mull ideas for self-regulation

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Biological And Physical Factors In The Radiotherapy Of Carcinoma Of The Cervix

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Biological diagnosis of chorioepithelioma

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Biological structures and behavior; fundamental elements of a biological concept of psychiatry

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Biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease

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Biotypes resistant to herbicides in paddy fields in the Iberian Peninsula

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Bis (2,2,2-Trifluorethyl) Ether (Indoklon) Modified With Succinylcholine (Anectine) As A Convulsant In Psychiatric Treatment

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Black discoloration of nails in polycythaemia vera

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Blocks in sciatica and neuralgia of the femoral nerve

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Blood chemistry and its practical applications in clinical medicine

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Blood glycerophosphatase in the alarm reaction

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Blood pressure and heart rate determination by radiotelemetry in mice

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Blood sugar decreasing sulfonamides

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Bloodborne pathogen exposures and prevention in the perioperative environment

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Bound whispering gallery modes in circular arrays of dielectric spherical particles

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Bracing The Hemiplegic: Criteria Of Short-Leg Braces

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Brazil Is A Vast Hospital

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Breastfeeding: how some things have stayed the same

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Brief intervention for smoking, problem drinking and drug abuse by high school students

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British refuse the use of beta-blockers

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Development of degenerative states of the vertebral column

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Development of new Japanese encephalitis vaccine

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Diagnostic uses of uropepsinogen

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Disaster planning should include utilities. I. Electricity. Water

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Discovering the cure for arthritis

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