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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48010

Chapter 48010 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Houwert, K.A., 1963:
10 Years Of Eclampsia Therapy At The General Hospital At 's-Gravenhage

Radwanska, U.; Golenia, A., 1964:
10 Years Of Exchange Blood Transfusion In Newborn Infants

Ye, X.; Li, Y.; Wang, L.; Fang, X.; Kong, J., 2018:
A novel exonuclease-assisted isothermal nucleic acid amplification with ultrahigh specificity mediated by full-length Bst DNA polymerase

Gijonbanos, J.; Perezgaldos, I.; Fernandezdelvallado, P.; Serranovalladares, R., 1965:
10 Years Of Experience With Intra-Articular Injections In Rheumatism

Lushchitskii, V.O.; Proskurnina, V.S.; Shakhova, F.B., 1963:
10 Years Of Experience With The Electrosurgical Treatment Of Pretumorous Skin Diseases

Matthi, S., 1964:
10 Years Of Medizinische Akademie Magdeburg

Marek, S., 1963:
10 Years Of Postgraduate Education Of Pharmacists In The Czechoslovakian Ssr

Cote, F.; Brosseau, M.; Leduc, G.; Guillem, J.; Robert, G.; Simard, P.P.; Poirier, M.R.; Letourneux, M.C.; Morin, Y., 1964:
10 Years Of Psychiatry In A General Hospital

Braga, A.; Palladino, D., 1963 :
10 Years Of Research And Observations On Ices Made By A Great Confectionery Industry

Tuberty, E.; Sisterthoma, A.Am, 1964:
10 Years Of Sister-Nurse Internships

Redman, T.T.; Ross, E.M., 2018:
A Novel Expeditionary Perfused Cadaver Model for Trauma Training in the Out-of-Hospital Setting

Roch, M., 1965:
10 Years Of The Polyclinic In Jihlava

Rantanen, A.V., 1965:
10 Years Of Tooth Care Under The Student Health Service

Dellarole, F., 1964:
10 Years Of Transfusion Activity

Miyashiro, Y., 1965:
10 years of tuberculosis "After-Care"

Seidlein, H.J., 1963:
10 Years Of Universitaetsapotheke Greifswald

Vilardo, S.; Zottola, V., 1963:
10 Years Of Use Of Monaldi's Method Of Endocavitary Aspiration In The Treatment Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Marquezmonter, H.; Bojalil, L.F.; Brandt, H., 1964:
10 Years Of Work

Seveso, M., 1960:
10 Years activity of a hospital anesthesiological department

Halevy, H.S.; Yasski, H., 1958:
10 Years after Dr. H. Yasski's tragic death

Suranyi, G., 1955:
10 Years development in Hungarian pediatrics

Pozmogov, A.I., 1957:
10 Years experience with tomofluorography

Durand, P., 1950:
10 Years in control of typhus in Tunis

Anonymous, 1956:
10 Years in health insurance; prejudices, obsessions, anecdotes & various popular solutions

Lafay-Coletsos, L.H., 1958:
10 Years of BCG vaccination; 1948-1957

Blume, N.R., 1958:
10 Years of National Health system

Posteraro, G., 1957:
10 Years of activity of the Center for Study of Growth Disorders of the Santobono Hospital in Naples

Vaille, C., 1959:
10 Years of administrative control of narcotics

Waller, J., 1960:
10 Years of apothecary service in Czechoslovakia

Schultze, K.W., 1959:
10 Years of cesarean sections in a central women's hospital

Juchniewicz, M., 1954:
10 Years of control of tuberculosis in Polish People's Republic

Cordero, A.A., 1958:
10 Years of cytodiagnosis in bullous diseases

Nordenmark, W., 1956:
10 Years of dental care in the Defense Department

Witz, J.P., 1959:
10 Years of experience in the treatment of bronchial cancer

Kohl, H., 1959:
10 Years of experience with Homburg K 27

Roth, O., 1954:
10 Years of experience with robuden; experimental and clinical results

Couvelaire, R., 1958:
10 Years of experience with the replacement of a segment of the urinary tract with an intestinal segment

Anonymous, 1955:
10 Years of health care in people's democracy

Kozusznik, B., 1954:
10 Years of improvements of the sanitary-epidemiological conditions in Poland

Jindrichova, J.; Kralove, H., 1955:
10 Years of industrial health service at Hradec Kralove region

Lorant, I., 1955:
10 Years of maternal and child welfare

Cortes Prieto, J., 1958:
10 Years of multiple births at this institute

Bogdanowicz, J., 1954:
10 Years of pediatrics in People's Polish Republic

Georgescu, V., 1958:
10 Years of preparation & use of aluminum hydroxide in veterinary immunology in Rumania

Prochazka, J., 1955:
10 Years of progress and innovations in the field of infectious diseases in Czechoslovakia, 1945-1955

Grosse, B.Ockhoff, F.; Loogen, F., 1956:
10 Years of progress in diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases

Soper, F.L., 1958:
10 Years of progress in public health in the Americas

Shu, T.H., 1959:
10 Years of psychiatric work in Shanghai

Roman, J., 1955:
10 Years of public health in Hungary

Anonymous, 1954:
10 Years of public health in People's Polish Republic

Makarewicz, L., 1954:
10 Years of public health in the Bialystok region

Candau, M.G., 1958:
10 Years of sanitation progress

Lyu, K-Long.; Zhuang, J-Tao.; Li, P.S.; Gao, Y.; Zhao, L.; Zhang, Y-Dong.; Zhou, M-Kuan.; Yu, J-Wei.; Feng, X.; Sun, X-Zhou.; Deng, C-Hua.; Tu, X-An., 2018:
A novel experience of deferential vessel-sparing microsurgical vasoepididymostomy

Nelson, J.M.; Hauser, D.A.; Hinson, R.; Shaw, A.Jonathan., 2018:
A novel experimental system using the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha and its fungal endophytes reveals diverse and context-dependent effects

Ehrhardt, L., 1957:
10 Years of the Pathological Department in Dessau

Mittelman, L., 1955:
10 Years of the development of drug supply and future role of pharmacy in medical aid

Marawske, G., 1959:
10 Years of the drug industry of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik

Dimitrov, S., 1958:
10 Years of the periodical Khirurgiia

Ansiaux, P., 1957:
10 Years of treatment of allergic diseases of childhood: asthma, recurrent bronchitis, coughs & rhinitis & urticaria

Dworacek, H., 1958:
10 Years of treatment of laryngeal carcinoma at the University of Vienna First Clinic for Otorhinolaryngological Diseases

Steinbrueck, P., 1959:
10 Years of tuberculosis control in the German Democratic Republic

Kohler, A., 1952:
10 Years preoperative irradiation of the breast cancer

Korzh, S.B., 1958:
10 Years results of the activities of the municipal oncological dispensary in Baranowicze

Teisinger, J.; Roubal, J.; Mueller, J.; Bena, E.; Chvapil, M.; Kubik, S.; Pleskova, A.; Hubac, M.; Ulrich, L., 1963:
10 Years' Activity of the Institutes of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Diseases in Prague and Bratislava

Abei, E.; Terunuma, K.; Maenaka, Y.; Hirota, S., 1963:
10 Years' Experience in a Prefectural Aftercare Facility

Dicagno, L.; Castello, D.; Pavesio, D., 1964:
10 Years' Morbidity at the Clinica Pediatrica and in the Commune of Turin

Vilmon, G., 1955:
10 Years' development of sanitation and epidemiology in Hungary

Simonovits, I., 1955:
10 Years' development of therapeutic and preventive services

Maupin, B.; Vigne, J.; Reynier, C.; Bonnel, P.H.; Amiel, C.; Storck, J., 1958:
10 Years' experience with selective erythrocyte transfusions

Silva, H., 1956:
10 and 20 year follow-ups of cases operated on for anorectal anomalies

Gericke, O.; Schischkoff, A., 2005:
10 arguments pro recognition of autonomous pediatric home nursing

Carter, S.; Laird, C., 2005:
10 assessment and care of ENT problems

David, P.; Haberlen, S., 2005:
10 best resources for...measuring population health

Guinness, L.; Levine, R.; Weaver, M., 2004:
10 best resources in...cost analysis for HIV/AIDS programmes in low and middle income countries

Chao, T.T.; Chao, S.M.; K'ang, Y.S., 1963:
10 cases of hernia

Laumonier, R.; Hemet, Y.; Hemet, J., 1962:
10 cases of lymphosarcomas of the small intestine

Wackenheim, A., 1961:
10 cases of meningiomas

Sideris, G.; Magkoutis, N.; Voicu, S.; Kang, C.; Bonneau, M.; Yannopoulos, D.; Bal Dit Sollier, C.; Dillinger, J-Guillaume.; Berge, N.; Brouland, P.; Henry, P.; Drouet, L., 2018:
A novel experimental thrombotic myocardial infarction and primary angioplasty model in swine

Devin, R.; Devin-Bodion, M., 1961:
10 cases of volvulus of the small intestine

Fridlund, B., 2005:
10 challenges in supervision of doctoral students

Hildwine, F., 2006:
10 cm of CPAP in a 10-oz. package

Horvath, D., 2005:
10 common myths about survey

Ginn, W.N., 2005 :
10 considerations for a successful physician compensation plan

Smith, J., 2005:
10 do's and don'ts about tax homes

Coile, R.C., 2003:
10 factors affecting the physician shortage of the future

Diamond, B.L., 1961:
10 great books in the history of psychiatry

Lowes, R., 2006:
10 great programs for your PDA

Anonymous, 2005:
10 initiatives may ensure uninterrupted drug coverage for dual eligibles

Matsushima, I.; Yashiro, H.; Tomie, T., 2006:
10 kHz 40 W Ti:sapphire regenerative ring amplifier

Meyer, T.R.; Roy, S.; Anderson, T.N.; Lucht, R.P.; Barron-Jimenez, R.; Gord, J.R., 2005:
10 kHz detection of CO2 at 4.5 microm by using tunable diode-laser-based difference-frequency generation

Mee, C.L., 2003:
10 lessons on writing for publication

Kitagawa, T., 1962:
10 mev. betatron electron beam therapy adapted to a case of mycosis fungoides

Smith, R.C., 2003:
10 mg intramuscular olanzapine reduces acute agitation in schizophrenia more effectively than lower doses

Anonymous, 2003:
10 million Euros needed now to prepare for deadly new strain of meningitis in Africa. IFRC, MSF, UNICEF and WHO launch emergency appeal

Grevers, G., 2003:
10 minute consultation. Acute tonsillitis

Schneider, D.; Folwaczny, C., 2006:
10 minute consultation. Crohn disease as suspected diagnosis

Gamarra, F.; Huber, R.M., 2005:
10 minute consultation. Extorting the diagnosis... ...when the patient coughs for you

Schwenn, O., 2004:
10 minute consultation: acute spontaneous vision loss

Weingärtner, O.; Böhm, M., 2005:
10 minute consultation: anamnesis: angina pectoris. Chest pain in stress

Maisel, P.; Donner-Banzhoff, N.; Baum, E.; Dörr, C., 2004:
10 minute consultation: chronic fatigue

Morath, C.; Ritz, E.; Schwenger, V., 2004:
10 minute consultation: hypokalemia as incidental finding

Rieger, H., 2004:
10 minute consultation: intermittent claudication

Heimpel, H., 2004:
10 minute consultation: thrombocytosis as an incidental finding

Otto, C., 2005 :
10 minute consultation: unexpected weight loss as the main symptom. "At the beginning I was still happy that the kilos dropped"

Hamm, M.; Harzmann, R., 2004:
10 minute consultation: urination disorders in the man

Khouw, S.; Zuberbier, T., 2004:
10 minute consultation: urticaria

Zeeh, J., 2004:
10 minute consultation: vertigo in the elderly

Niederau, C., 2005:
10 minute consultation:36-year-old patient with chronic hepatitis C. Is unprotected sex with the spouse still possible?

Hsieh, A., 2004:
10 minutes with Art Hsieh on EMS education. Interview by Raphael M. Barishansky

Brown, B., 2004:
10 minutes with Bill Brown. Interview by Raphael M. Barishansky

Funk, D., 2004:
10 minutes with Deb Funk, MD, FACEP, NREMT-P. Interview by Raphael Barishansky

McKee, K., 2005:
10 more ways to work smarter

Hersch, S.M.; Rosas, H.D., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about Huntington's disease

Powers, W.J., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about carotid artery occlusion

Rosen, A.R., 2004:
10 most commonly asked questions about genetic testing

Briemberg, H., 2005:
10 most commonly asked questions about idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

Rajamani, K.; Barrett, R.J.; Carhuapoma, J.Ricardo., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about intracerebral and intraventricular hemorrhage

Schulman, D.A., 2004:
10 most commonly asked questions about obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Friedman, J.A.; Wijdicks, E.F.M., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about subarachnoid hemorrhage

Lussier, D.; Pappagallo, M., 2004:
10 most commonly asked questions about the use of opioids for chronic pain

Wilbourn, A.J., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about thoracic outlet syndrome

Adams, H.P., 2003:
10 most commonly asked questions about which antiplatelet agent to prescribe

Pauly, M.V.; Nichols, L.M., 2004:
10 myths of the uninsured

Román, C., 2004:
10 new year's tips for finance leaders

Danilov, I.V., 1961:
10 operations on a woman with echinococcosis

Porterfield, J.D., 1971:
10 points to remember

Callahan, J.M., 2005:
10 practical tips for successful outsourcing

Henley, R.J.; Zimmerman, M.A., 2005:
10 proven strategies for reducing equipment costs

Pruitt, A.A.; Rosenfeld, M.R., 2005:
10 questions about temozolomide and the treatment of brain tumors

Dewey, R.B., 2005:
10 questions about using apomorphine for Parkinson disease

McGraw, P., 2004:
10 questions for Dr Phil

Edwards, E., 2006:
10 questions for Elizabeth Edwards

Graham, F., 2006:
10 questions for Franklin Graham

Armstrong, L., 2003:
10 questions for Lance Armstrong

Chandrashekhar, A., 2003:
10 quick tips for a more user-friendly PDA

Rochman, R., 2004:
10 real-time alerts!

Anonymous, 2005:
10 research-proven tips for better memory. Healthful habits help protect memory, but the aging brain may need an extra tweak or two to stay sharp

Taylor, E.K., 1963:
10 rules for disaster preparedness in industry

Deutsch, D.W., 2005:
10 rules for the retirement road

Stoner, M.; Rutledge, D.N., 2005:
10 statistical terms you should know

Henley, E.; Peters, K., 2004:
10 steps for avoiding health disparities in your practice

Anonymous, 2003:
10 steps for coping with a chronic condition. It pays to organize your approach to heart disease or any chronic medical problem

Kibbe, D.C., 2005:
10 steps to HIPAA security compliance

Pickell, D.A., 2003:
10 steps to a high-quality revenue-cycle assessment

Risi, D.S., 2004:
10 steps to implementing OSH software

Levitt, M.A., 2004:
10 strategies for successful staff retention

Glazer, J.L., 2006:
10 things patients need to hear at every visit

Glabman, M., 2004:
10 things you want from your PBM

Sifleet, J.D., 2005:
10 tips for dealing effectively with employees

Dionne, M., 2003:
10 tips for safe mobility in the bariatric population

Smith-Stoner, M., 2003:
10 uses for personal digital assistants in home care

Borglum, K., 2003:
10 ways family practices lose money

Kaplan, M., 2005:
10 ways new dentists benefit from organized dentistry

Stern, A.W., 2005:
10 ways to control errors in EMS. Learning from & preventing mistakes

Rappaport, A., 2006:
10 ways to create shareholder value

Weymier, R.E., 2003:
10 ways to ensure optimal management of your practice

Wiethop, D., 2004:
10 ways to find your ideal job candidate

Rice, B., 2006:
10 ways to foil an embezzler

Pangrazio, J.; Baum, N., 2006:
10 ways to give your office a face-lift

Rice, B., 2005:
10 ways to guarantee a lawsuit

Kupferman, K., 2005:
10 ways to help students grow

Berger, S.H., 2004:
10 ways to improve healthcare cost management

Feldman, J., 2004:
10 ways to improve patient relations

Duckett, K.Kay., 2003:
10 ways to lose your Medicare certification

McKee, K., 2005:
10 ways to work smarter

Pachinger, O., 2007:
10 years Innsbruck cardiology

Anonymous, 2003:
10 years added to sentence for criminal exposure to HIV

Crabb, C., 2004:
10 years after apartheid. Astronomers attempt to stay in the big league

Bohannon, J., 2004:
10 years after apartheid. Earth sciences seek niche apart from mining industry

Crabb, C., 2004:
10 years after apartheid. Realigning South Africa's science

Bohannon, J., 2004:
10 years after apartheid. South Africa's own shooting star

Mervis, J.; Seife, C., 2003:
10 years after the SSC. Lots of reasons, but few lessons

Seife, C., 2003:
10 years after the SSC. Physics tries to leave the tunnel

Mervis, J., 2003:
10 years after the SSC. Scientists are long gone, but bitter memories remain

Mervis, J., 2003:
10 years after the SSC. The power of words: the SSC in literature

Schreyer, N.; Engeler, A.; Leyvraz, P.F., 2003:
10 years experience in surgical resuscitation at a university hospital center. Determination of a criterion for identifying patients at risk for fatal irreversible coagulopathy

Lewis, V.; Finlay, A.Y., 2004:
10 years experience of the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI)

Rice, B., 2006:
10 years in legal hell

Balzer, K., 2003:
10 years nursing care needs elite professionals: changed times

Hansen, O.G., 1961 :
10 years of BCG-vaccination in Norway

Salem, G., 1952:
10 years of Küntscher's nailing

Vaccaro, G.; Peláez, Jé.Ignacio.; Gil-Montoya, Jé.Antonio., 2018:
A novel expert system for objective masticatory efficiency assessment

Lawkowicz, W.; Trojanowski, A., 1961:
10 years of activities of the Institute of Hematology

Herold, M.; Brecka, A., 1962:
10 years of activity of the Research Institute for Antibiotics in Roztoky near Prague, 1952-1962

Galzerano, G.; D'alfonso, G.; Biscione, C., 1962:
10 years of antitubercular BCG vaccination in Naples

Rosicky, B., 1955:
10 years of biology in people's democratic Czechoslovakia

Schmid-Schmidsfelden, O., 1960:
10 years of blood bank--and transfusion service in an accident hospital

Johne, H.O., 1962:
10 years of clinical experiences with Zentramin

Chen, Z.; Bi, Q.; Kong, M.; Chen, Y., 2018:
A Novel EXT1 Mutation Identified in a Family with Multiple Osteochondromas

Macmanus, J.E.; Taheri, A., 1960:
10 years of experience in the surgical treatment of tetralogy of Fallot

Kliachko, V.R., 1960:
10 years of experience in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis with antithyroid preparations

Blasucci, E.; Sandiford, F., 1960:
10 years of experience in translumbar aortography. Technical notes and iconographical possibilities

Ferraris, G., 1960:
10 years of experience with endo-umbilical transfusion for resuscitation of the severely hypoxemic newborn infant

Solares, L.; Solares, R., 1962:
10 years of experience with the Charnley technic for arthrodesis of the knee

Hahn, C., 1962:
10 years of experience with the tetralogy of Fallot

Walther, H., 1963:
10 years of experiene in the treatment of ulcus cruris with Puetter's dressing and Medicrucin

Schulze-Manitius, H., 1961:
10 years of health care institutions in the German Democratic Republic

Kappos, L.; Hartung, H-Peter., 2005:
10 years of interferon beta-1b (Beta feron therapy

Anonymous, 2003:
10 years of interferon treatment in multiple sclerosis. Does the future belong to high-dose therapy?

Beck, C.; Lau, H.H., 1961:
10 years of intratubal irradiation

Daniel, W.; Prockl, K., 1962:
10 years of labor induction with thymophysin

El-Bazzal, L.; Atkinson, A.; Gillart, A-Celine.; Obeid, M.; Delague, Vérie.; Mégarbané, Aé., 2018:
A novel EXT2 mutation in a consanguineous family with severe developmental delay, microcephaly, seizures, feeding difficulties, and osteopenia extends the phenotypic spectrum of autosomal recessive EXT2-related syndrome (AREXT2)

Skovranek, V., 1962:
10 years of legislation on hygiene and antiepidemic care

Fernandes, E., 1951:
10 years of medical expert testimony for the Brazilian Social Security

Zanetti, E., 1952:
10 years of multiple screening in the Center for the Study and Prevention of Pneumoconiosis

Rudinu, I.; Carboni, M., 1960:
10 years of odontostomatological care in the primary schools of the town of Cagliari (1950-60)

Frumkin, A.P.; Buchmann, A.A., 1960:
10 years of organ-preserving operations in urogenital tuberculosis

Gumpert, S.Blais., 2006:
10 years of perioperative nursing certification

Rothlin, E., 1962:
10 years of pharmaco-psychotherapy

Bach, H.G.; Graeber, W.; Guenther, O., 1962:
10 years of postoperative thromboembolism prophylaxis with anticoagulants in gynecology

Taba, A.H., 1958:
10 years of progress in the health field accomplished by the Oriental Mediterranean region

Hirdes, J.J., 1960:
10 years of resection treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Demidov, V.V., 2005:
10 years of rolling the minicircles: RCA assays in DNA diagnostics

Zichella, L.; Barberi, M., 1960:
10 years of surgical operations for pathology of the ovary in the Clinica Ostetrica e Ginecologica of the University of Rome (1949-1959)

Boissonnault, C.M., 1961:
10 years of the Ecole de Technologie Medicale

Kohlhaas, M., 1962:
10 years of the Federal Supreme Court. Court decisions in medical jurisprudence in penal cases

Macuch, P., 1962:
10 years of the Institute of Hygiene

Cohn, E., 1960:
10 years of the National Institute for Cancer Research in Mexico

Chalabala, M., 1963:
10 years of the pharmaceutical faculty

Jaccottet, M.; Golay, L., 1961:
10 years of tuberculous meningitis at the Clinique infantile universitaire de Lausanne

Barth, P.; Karger-Seider, J., 2005 :
10 years postoperative management of children with liver transplants

Stacher, A., 2003:
10 years research in complementary medicine. A bridge between past and future. Interview with Prof. Dr. h.c. Alois Stacher, Vienna, by M. Ullmann

Zielonka, T.M.; Marchel, A.; Pogorzelski, R.; Górska, K.; Safianowska, A.; Byśkiniewicz, K.; Chazan, R., 2005:
10 years survival of patient with lung cancer and cerebral metastasis

Schmeller, W., 2005:
10 years "Doctors in Aid of Children with Skin Diseases in Africa"--personal impressions

Borgstrom, S., 1960:
10 years' activity of the surgical clinic in Lund

Langen, D., 1962:
10 years' clinical experience in autogenous training and active gradual hypnosis

Forssman, S., 1963:
10 years' experience in activities as medical consultant to the Swedish Employers' Association, 1952-1962

Veen, V., 1962:
10 years' experience with cesarean section in a small regional hospital

Hudomel, J., 1960:
10 years' experience with dacryocystorhinostmy

Guerrero, C.D., 1960:
10 years' progress in gynecology and obstetrics

Dolci, A.; Dominici, R.; Luraschi, P.; Panteghini, M., 2006:
10% CV concentration for the fourth generation Roche cardiac troponin T assay derived from Internal Quality Control data

Jullien, Aélie.; Albert, O.; Burgy, Fédéric.; Hamoniaux, G.; Rousseau, J-Philippe.; Chambaret, J-Paul.; Augé-Rochereau, Fédérika.; Chériaux, G.; Etchepare, J.; Minkovski, N.; Saltiel, S.M., 2005:
10(-10) temporal contrast for femtosecond ultraintense lasers by cross-polarized wave generation

Schottler, W.H., 1957:
10(2-Dimethylamino-1-propyl)-phenothiazine in experimental histamine shock

Pena Regidor, P., 1955:
10(2-Dimethylaminopropyl) phenothiazine, RP 3277, in therapy of threatened and habitual abortion; phenergan in abortion

Louros, N.C.; Barous, N.; Adamides, N.; Houlis, S., 1955:
10,000 Cases of accelerated and painless labor

Morrow, T., 2004:
10,000 cells on a chip signal start of new era of diagnosis

Soh, M.; Deam, R.K.; Kluger, R., 2006:
10,000 reasons to step out--exercise patterns and pedometer evaluation of consultant anaesthetists

Anonymous, 2004:
10,000 steps toward good health. Counting the number of steps you take is a great motivational tool that provides immediate feedback

Scevola, M.; Scaglia, A., 1958:

Pena Regidor, 1955:
10-(2-dimethylaminopropyl)-phenothiazine (RP 3277) in therapy of threatened abortion and habitual abortion

Low, J.N.; Cobo, J.; Quiroga, J.; Portilla, J.; Glidewell, C., 2004:
10-(4-Chlorophenyl)-7-methyl-5,6-dihydrobenzo[h]pyrazolo[5,1-b]quinazoline and 2-(4-chlorophenyl)-5-methyl-6,7-dihydrobenzo[h]pyrazolo[1,5-a]quinazoline: isomeric molecules linked into hydrogen-bonded dimers or pi-stacked chains

Téot, L., 2005:
10--Clinical aspects of burns. Management of burns

Bald, I.; Deng, Z.; Illenberger, E.; Huels, M.A., 2006:
10-100 eV Ar+ ion induced damage to D-ribose and 2-deoxy-D-ribose molecules in condensed phase

Murray, A.W.; Macnicol, M.F., 2004:
10-16 year results of Leeds-Keio anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Getsov, G.B., 1963:
10-Day Postgraduate Medical Training for Physicians Working at Bases for Industrial Practice for Medical Institute Students

Devgan, P.S.; Lasri, J.; Tang, R.; Grigoryan, V.S.; Kath, W.L.; Kumar, P., 2005:
10-GHz dispersion-managed soliton fiber-optical parametric oscillator using regenerative mode locking

Callow, R.K.; Johnston, N.C.; Simpson, J., 1959:
10-Hydroxy-Delta 2-decenoic acid in the honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Blum, M.S.; Novak, A.F.; Taber, S., 1959:
10-Hydroxy-delta 2-decenoic acid, an antibiotic found in royal jelly

Tümmler, J.; Janulewicz, K.A.; Priebe, G.; Nickles, P.V., 2005:
10-Hz grazing--incidence pumped Ni-like Mo x-ray laser

Zhang, A.; Xiong, W.; Bidlack, J.M.; Hilbert, J.E.; Knapp, B.I.; Wentland, M.P.; Neumeyer, J.L. , 2003:
10-Ketomorphinan and 3-substituted-3-desoxymorphinan analogues as mixed kappa and micro opioid ligands: synthesis and biological evaluation of their binding affinity at opioid receptors

Peterfalvi, M.; Jequier, R., 1960:
10-Methoxy-deserpidine. Pharmacological study

Czapkiewicz, J.; Długołecka, M.; Tutaj, B., 2004:
10-Methylacridinium ion as a fluorimetric probe measuring the activity of halide anions in aqueous solutions of cationic surfactants

Liu, R.; Gu, Q.; Zhu, W.; Cui, C.; Fan, G.; Fang, Y.; Zhu, T.; Liu, H., 2006:
10-Phenyl-[12]-cytochalasins Z7, Z8, and Z9 from the marine-derived fungus Spicaria elegans

Medina, J.E.; Turner, T.R.; Jaffurs, W.J., 1965:
10-Second Stain with Acridine Orange in the Riva-Turner Method

Zhu, X.; Jain, R., 2006:
10-W-level diode-pumped compact 2.78 microm ZBLAN fiber laser

Patsareniuk, O.V., 1964:
10-Year Experience in the Control of Congenital Syphilis in Bukovina

Rybakov, N.F., 1965:
10-Year Experience with the use of Solidol Ointment in Psoriasis

Schiessle, W.; Buchegger, G.; Kilchling, H.; Hinkel, M., 1959:
10-Years experience in the chemotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis at the Medizinischen Universitatsklinik Freiburg

Zhou, Q.Jean.; Worm, K.; Dolle, R.E., 2004:
10-hydroxy-10,9-boroxarophenanthrenes: versatile synthetic intermediates to 3,4-benzocoumarins and triaryls

Gagnon, L., 2004:
10-million dollars malpractice award largest ever

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10-minute consultation. Eating attacks

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10-minute consultation. Incidentaloma of the hypophysis

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10-minute consultation: adverse drug event

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10-propargyl-10-deazaaminopterin: an antifolate with activity in patients with previously treated non-small cell lung cancer

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10-year PCB Guideline--attempt to balance hygienic and medical/environmental-toxicological views

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10-year clinical evaluation of a self-etching adhesive system

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10-year dynamics of attitude to health problems in the male population of Novosibirsk (epidemiological study based on the WHO MONICA program)

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10-year experience in flexible bronchoscopy in pediatric patients

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10-year experience with a clinic for premature infants

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10-year experience with the ATS mechanical valve in the mitral position

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10-year experience with the gracilis myofasciocutaneous flap

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10-year follow-up of chronic non-malignant pain patients: opioid use, health related quality of life and health care utilization

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10-year follow-up of onlay bone grafts and implants in severely resorbed maxillae

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10-year follow-up of patients with and without mediastinitis

Suhadi, A.; Anwar, M.; Soejoenoes, A., 2004:
10-year follow-up of women who elected quinacrine sterilization (QS) in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Chua, B.H., 2007:
10-year follow-up showed benefit of adding radiotherapy to local excision for ductal carcinoma in situ

Nordentoft, M.; Wandall-Holm, N.E., 2004:
10-year follow-up study of mortality among users of hostels for homeless people in Copenhagen

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10-year outcome for men with localized prostate cancer treated with external radiation therapy: results of a cohort study

Anonymous, 2004:
10-year outline unveiled to roll out health information technology

Kaufmann, L.; Hakimzadeh, A.; Stuflesser, H., 1979:
10-year results after epiphyseolysis. b) 10-year results after open reduction and subcapital osteotomy in epiphyseolysis capitis femoris

Mira, L., 1979:
10-year results after epiphyseolysis. c.) 10-year results after epiphyseolysis capitis femoris

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10-year results of bone marrow stimulating therapy in the treatment of osteochondritis dissecans of the talus

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10-year results of hormonal therapy of non-specific infectious (rheumatoid) polyarthritis

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10-year statistical evaluation of fractures caused by convulsive treatments

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10-year tumor-free survival after intraoperative radiation therapy and secondary liver transplantation for hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Abratt, R.P.; Hart, G.J., 2006:
10-year update on chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer

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10-yearly monitoring of prevalence of MRSA and antibiotic usage in a neonatal intensive care unit

Hackl, H., 1963:
10-years' experience in the determination of bacterial resistance

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10. Atopic dermatitis

Young, S.J.; Barnett, P.L.J.; Oakley, E.A., 2005:
10. Bruising, abrasions and lacerations: minor injuries in children I

Gruchalla, R.S., 2003:
10. Drug allergy

Katikireddi, V., 2004:
100 000 children die needlessly from cancer every year

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100 Beds and where they went: a hospital fable

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100 CT-guided pelvic operations

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100 Cardiac neuroses

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100 Cardiovascular surgery interventions

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100 Cases of Muscle-Loosening Operations in the Treatment of Coxarthritis

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100 Cases of breech presentation

Bergeron, A., 1957:
100 Cases of cholelithiasis in man

Largot, F.; Pheline, C., 1958:
100 Cases of cranial traumatism subjected to early intensive corticotherapy with anti-reactional titre

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100 Cases of cutaneous tuberculosis in which treatment consisted of isoniazid

Audoye; Hetrick, 1954:
100 Cases of different forms of pulmonary tuberculosis treated with isoniazid alone; radiologic findings

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100 Cases of intracavitary aspiration treated at the Forlanini Institute

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100 Cases of intracavitary thrombosis in patients having had mitral commissurotomy

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100 Cases of lobotomy; clinical aspects

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100 Cases of oral & intravenous cholecystography

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100 Cases of pulmonary resection in tuberculosis

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100 Cases of transurethral electroresection

Cordier, G.; Thoyer-Rozat, J., 1955:
100 Cases of vaginal hysterectomy

Evrard, A.; Vandierendonck, R., 1957:
100 Cases treated with chlorpromazine

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100 Hospitalized Cases of Whooping Cough. Statistics and Therapeutic Considerations

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100 Liver biopsies

Suprunov, V.K.; Panfilova, M.N., 1965:
100 Observations of Cases of Malignant Tumors of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses

Ombredanne, M., 1957:
100 Operations for aplasia of the ear with imperforation of the canal; technic operative verification & results

Burghele, T.; Papadopol, S.; Ioachim, H., 1959:
100 Peroperative pulmonary biopsies in mitral stenosis. Morpho-functional findings

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100 Prostatectomies according to Hryntschak

Rieper, W., 1952:
100 Prostatectomies according to Millin; past and future outlook

Carpinisan, C.; Csizer, Z.; Iliesco, O., 1956:
100 Pulmonary excisions for suppurations

Petrov, B.A.; Sytnik, A.P., 1964:
100 Retrosternal Esophagoplasties Using the Large Intestine

Claros-Domenech, A., 1959 :
100 Typanoplasties practised with the aid of the use of free periosteal membrane graft

Takeno, K.; Ozeki, T.; Moriwaki, S.; Mio, N., 2005:
100 W, single-frequency operation of an injection-locked Nd:YAG laser

Anonymous, 2005:
100 YEARS OF MLA Views from the Bulletin

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100 Years (Casopis Lekaru CESKYCH)

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100 Years After the Birth of Konstantinos N. Louros

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100 Years Of Adenotomy. A Contribution To The History Of Tonsillar Hyperplasia And Its Surgical Treatment

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100 Years Of Ancient Egyptian Medical History

Rasch, G., 1965:
100 Years Of Benzene Theory

Keele, C., 1963:
100 Years Of Progress In The Drug Treatment Of Disease

Kuyvenhoven, L.M., 1965:
100 Years Of State Control Of Public Health

Smith, S., 1964:
100 Years Since Passavant

Dobisek, K.; Navrat, V., 1965 :
100 Years Since the Birth of Mudr. Vincenc N'avrat

MOROZOV, V.M.; SECHENOV, I.Mikhaylovich., 1963:
100 Years Since the Publication of I. M. Sechenov's Work, "reflexes of the Brain" and its Significance in Psychiatry

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100 Years after the discovery of the laryngoscope

Courtney, C.F., 1957:
100 Years ago; an essay on opium smoking

Je, G.; Guhathakurta, S.; Yun, S.Pil.; Ko, H.Seok.; Kim, Y-Seong., 2018:
A novel extended form of alpha-synuclein 3'UTR in the human brain

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100 Years demand of professional pharmaceutical research

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100 Years of Alzheimer's disease (1906-2006)

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100 Years of Hawaiian psychiatry

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100 Years of Helmholtz' accommodation theory

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100 Years of Kolbe's synthesis of hydroxycarboxylic acids

Lajda, J., 1959:
100 Years of Markusovsky's and Cermak's mirror

Schneider, W., 1959:
100 Years of Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle

Frey-Wyssling, A., 1957:
100 Years of Schweizer's reagent

Jobin, P., 1957:
100 Years of anatomy

Schutz, E., 1955:
100 Years of electrocardiology

Juhn, B., 1953:
100 Years of injection syringe

Berghoff, E., 1955:
100 Years of laryngoscopy

Imre, V., 1958:
100 Years of laryngoscopy in Vienna

Baba, N.Z.; Al-Harbi, F.A.; AlRumaih, H.S.; AlShehri, A., 2018:
A Novel Extended Range Attachment System to Retain Implant Overdentures: A Clinical Report

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100 Years of the work of the Cracow Department of Pathological Anatomy

Wang, X.; Song, Q.; Wang, Z.; Han, F., 2018:
A novel extracellular copper/zinc superoxide dismutase identified from Nibea albiflora and its characteristics under ammonia/nitrite stress

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100 admissions to a psychopathic unit

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100 articles about stomach ulcer during 100 years

Levering, R.; Moskowitz, M., 2003:
100 best companies to work for

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100 cardiac interventions under extracorporeal circulation using the Gibbon artificial heart-lung

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100 cases of cerebral malaria

Amsler, R.; Commere, Y.; Hardy, B., 1962:
100 cases of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis

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100 cases of endoscopic thyroidectomy: breast approach

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100 cases of mitral stenosis operated on under artificial respiration

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100 cases of nephrolithotomy under hypothermia. 1975

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100 cases of pulmonary exeresis in tuberculosis

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100 cases of pulmonary resection

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100 cases of regional anesthesia with the use of muscle relaxants in traumatological patients

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100 cases of sudden death in adults

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100 children treated by the combination of propionylerythromycin (in the form of the laurylsulfate) and trisulfazine. Granules suspended in a syrup

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100 determinations of histamine in blood of normal subjects

D'allaines, F.; Dubost, C.; Blondeau, 1953:
100 mitral commissurotomies

Romano, M., 2003:
100 most powerful. Familiar legislators and policymakers dominate the top of Modern Healthcare's second annual ranking of the most influential people in healthcare, but plenty of new names fill out the list. See who's in and who's out

Tzakis, A.G.; Kato, T.; Levi, D.M.; Defaria, W.; Selvaggi, G.; Weppler, D.; Nishida, S.; Moon, J.; Madariaga, J.R.; David, A.I.; Gaynor, J.J.; Thompson, J.; Hernandez, E.; Martinez, E.; Cantwell, G.Patricia.; Augenstein, J.S.; Gyamfi, A.; Pretto, E.A.; Dowdy, L.; Tryphonopoulos, P.; Ruiz, P., 2005:
100 multivisceral transplants at a single center

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100 or 30 years after Janeway or Bartter, Healthwatch helps avoid 'flying blind'

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100 palatoplasties

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100 patients treated with dexamethasone. Comparison with prednisone and 6-methyl prednisolone

Hennequet, A.; Melekian, B., 1960:
100 patients treated with erythromycin propionate

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100 percent is not always good

Goliger, T., 2006:
100 percent satisfied patients?

Powanda, B., 2003:
100 percent! Care model increases patient and employee satisfaction

Daumet, P.; Sauvage, Y.; Angles, C., 1952:
100 pulmonary resections performed under controlled hypotension

Anonymous, 2003:
100 top hospitals. They 'just do it better'. Elite group of hospitals making Solucient's annual list--including 31 newcomers this year--outperform their peers across the board

Kruit, P., 2004:
100 volumes of ultramicroscopy

Belli, M.; Perotti, B., 1962:
100 x 100 schermography and standard chest radiography. Comparative study of 1000 cases

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100 years German urology". Urinary diversion 2006

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100 years German urology. A success story

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100 years Medizinische Klinik Journal

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100 years Red Cross nurses in Krefeld

Colombo, U.M., 1962:
100 years after the 1st Italian law on charity: present-day welfare trends

Brath, K.; Schaudinn, F., 2006:
100 years ago died Fritz Schaudinn, discoverer of the syphilis agent: unrecognized in his own country

Castledine, G., 2006:
100 years ago in the BJN: part 3

Castledine, G., 2006:
100 years ago in the BJN: part 4

Castledine, G., 2006:
100 years ago in the BJN: part 5

Ring, J.; von Pirquet, C., 2006:
100 years ago in the MMW: the birth of allergy. An overview from the beginnings to molecular therapy

Wasserman, A., 2005:
100 years ago. The characteristics of the teachings in immunity and serum therapy of Dr. A. Wassserman

Tilles, Gérard., 2007:
100 years ago: the Bordet-Wassermann test

Désir, D., 2006:
100 years at the Brugmann Hospital

Kay, A.B.; von Pirquet, C., 2006:
100 years of 'Allergy': can von Pirquet's word be rescued?

Li, D.; Lin, T.L.; Lipe, B.; Hopkins, R.A.; Shinogle, H.; Aljitawi, O.S., 2018:
A novel extracellular matrix-based leukemia model supports leukemia cells with stem cell-like characteristics

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100 years of SNELLEN's optotypes

Huber, B.; von Pirquet, C., 2006:
100 years of allergy: Clemens von Pirquet - his idea of allergy and its immanent concept of disease

Huber, B.; von Pirquet, C., 2006:
100 years of allergy: Clemens von Pirquet--his concept of allergy and his basic understanding of the disease: 2: The Pirquet concept of allergy

Abraham, M.H., 2005:
100 years of chromatography--or is it 171?

Krienitz, R., 1958:
100 years of clinical laryngoscopy

Yang, K-Xiang.; Zhang, S-Hua.; Ge, D-Wei.; Sui, T.; Chen, H-Tao.; Cao, X-Jian., 2018:
A novel extradural nerve transfer technique by coaptation of C4 to C5 and C7 to C6 for treating isolated upper trunk avulsion of the brachial plexus

Stritesky, J., 1963:
100 years of demographic development and development of the health status of the population of Czechoslovakia

Collinge, J.W., 1962:
100 years of health visiting

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100 years of hormones: the physiologist Ernest H. Starling's introduction of the hormone concept and the missing Nobel Prize

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100 years of hormonology: a view from No. 1 Wimpole Street

Barany, F., 1963:
100 years of investigation of the motility of the small intestine

Sica, S., 1952:
100 years of jurisprudence in military pathology

Matzker, J., 1961:
100 years of larynx and rhinopharynx photography

Sica, S., 1953:
100 years of legislation on war pensions

Pirozynski, M., 2006:
100 years of lung cancer

Shuttleworth, A.; O'Dowd, A., 2005:
100 years of nursing

Gautier, J.A., 1960:
100 years of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris, 24 March 1960

Niedobitek, F., 2006:
100 years of pathology in the Auguste-Victoria Hospital in Berlin-Schöneberg. Beginning and end of a Pathology Institute

Der, G.; Picasso, P., 2003:
100 years of poverty

Milling, R.N.; Lobel, M.A., 2005:
100 years of psychiatry and neurology in The Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association

Machery, E., 2007:
100 years of psychology of concepts: the theoretical notion of concept and its operationalization

Woolley, A.S., 2003:
100 years of servitude

Löser, C.; Enke, U., 2006:
100 years of skin hospital Giessen: from the lupus hospice to the center of dermatology and andrology

Szállási, Aád., 2006:
100 years of the Hungarian Surgeon Society

Fisseler-Eckhoff, A.; Remmele, W., 2007:
100 years of the Institute for Pathology and Cytology at the Municiapl Hospitals Wiesbaden

Geidel, H., 2004:
100 years of the Journal for Medical Continuing Education and Quality Assurance. From where do we come?--Where are we?--Where are we going?

Sinkulova, L., 1962:
100 years of the journal Casopis Lekaru Ceskych

Ginés, I.; Gil-Cardoso, K.; Robles, P.; Arola, L.; Terra, X.; Blay, M.; Ardévol, A.; Pinent, M., 2018:
Novel ex Vivo Experimental Setup to Assay the Vectorial Transepithelial Enteroendocrine Secretions of Different Intestinal Segments

Budäus, L.H.; Wirth, M.P.; Wolff, J.M.; Bartsch, G.; Noldus, J.; Huland, H.; von Lichtenberg, A.; Heynemann, W., 2006:
100 years prostate cancer: yesterday--today--tomorrow

Berberich, H.J.; Rösing, D., 2006:
100 years sexual medicine

Pal'chun, V.T.; Shcherbatov, I.Ivanovich., 2005:
100 years since birth of professor I.I. Shcherbatov

Svatko, L.G.; Lozanov, N��.Nikolaevich., 2005:
100 years since birth of professor N.N. Lozanov

Razumov, A.N.; Gusarov, I.I.; Semenov, B.N.; Dubovskoĭ, A.V.; Panov, S.V.; Filatov, V.I.; Puzyreva, G.A., 2006:
100 years since introduction of radon therapy (part II)

Wery, P., 1961:
100 years since the birth of HOPKINS, father of vitamins

Pazzini, A.; Corti, A., 1952:
100 years since the discovery of Alfonso Corti

Matanović, D.; Sipetić, S.; Korotkov, N., 2005:
100 years since the discovery of auscultation measurement of arterial pressure

Hrabcíková, P.; Rehák, J.; Zirm, E., 2007:
100 years since the first successful corneal transplantation

Razumov, A.N.; Gusarov, I.I.; Semenov, B.N.; Dubovskoĭ, A.V.; Panov, S.V.; Filatov, V.I.; Puzyreva, G.A., 2006:
100 years since the introduction of radon therapy

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100 years urology in Germany. Neuro-urology

Stolzenburg, J-U.; Truss, M.C.; Jocham, D.; Fisch, M.; Frohneberg, D.; Engelmann, U.; Popken, G.; Hofmann, R.; Marberger, M.; Hohenfellner, R., 2006:
100 years urology--surgical techniques

Waldemar, G., 2006:
100 years with Alzheimer disease

Kvasnicka, J.; Herzová, J., 2003:
100 years' of ECG or 100 years' of excellence in recording the electrical activity of the human heart

Bergovec, M.; Einthoven, W.; Waller, A.D.; Ader, C.; Lewis, T., 2004:
100 years' of clinical electrocardiography

Chardot, C.; Pigache, R.; Carolus, J.M.; Landes, P., 1964:
100 "monobloc" Pharyngo-Laryngectomies with Conservation of Digestive Continuity. Surgical and Cancerologic Results

Juarez, P.D.; Robinson, P.L.; Matthews-Juarez, P., 2003:
100% access, zero health disparities, and GIS: an improved methodology for designating health professions shortage areas

Murata, Y.; Murata, M.; Komatsu, K., 2003:
100% encapsulation of a hydrogen molecule into an open-cage fullerene derivative and gas-phase generation of H2@C60

Anonymous, 2006:
100% humidity no better than blow-by for croup

Boumphrey, S.M.; Morris, E.A.J.; Kinsella, S.M., 2003 :
100% inspired oxygen from a Hudson mask-a realistic goal?

Mattosinho de Castro Ferraz, M.da.Gloria.; Dall' Agnol, M.; di Loreto, C.; Pirani, W.M.; Utagawa, M.Lúcia.; Pereira, S.Maria.Miranda.; Sakai, Y.Ito.; Feres, C.Lelis.; Shih, L.W.S.; Yamamoto, L.Setuko.; Rodrigues, R.O.L.; Shirata, N.Kasumi.; Longatta Filho, A., 2006:
100% rapid rescreening for quality assurance in a quality control program in a public health cytologic laboratory

Anonymous, 2006:
100,000 Lives campaign exceeds goals and saves lives

Neil, R., 2006:
100,000 lives and counting

Davis, T., 2005:
100,000 lives campaign adds 1,700 hospitals...and counting

Anonymous, 2005:
100,000 lives campaign aims to save 100,000 patients

Edson, B.S.; Williams, M.C., 2006:
100,000 lives campaign and the application to children

Liem, A.; Limpert, J.; Zellmer, H.; Tünnermann, A., 2003:
100-W single-frequency master-oscillator fiber power amplifier

Norgaard, F., 1963:
100-Year Anniversary Of Kobenhavns Kommunehospital

Yoshitomi, D.; Kobayashi, Y.; Takada, H.; Kakehata, M.; Torizuka, K., 2005:
100-attosecond timing jitter between two-color mode-locked lasers by active-passive hybrid synchronization

SZYMANSKI.J.; Rosicki, S., 1955 :
100-th Anniversary of the laryngeal mirror

Kmieciak, Sław., 2005:
100-th anniversary of the Scientific Society of Food Hygiene in Paris

Brachmann, H.; Richter, W.H., 1956:
1000 Anesthesias with inactin and My 301

Agner, I., 1964:
1000 Bears--And we have no Revolver. Course of a Play Therapy with a 5-Year-Old Boy

Wile, C., 2005:
1000 CNA certified nephrology nurses by 2006: is it possible?

Meunier, J.P.; Meunier, J.L., 1958:
1000 Cases of acute suppurative otitis media in adults, treated in the hospital; statistical aspects

Castagnola, L.; Wehrli, W., 1954:
1000 Cases of dental gangrene treated with Walkhoff's method; clinical, radiographic and bacteriological results

Fanjeaux, G.; Soulier, J.; Guillaume, F., 1958:
1000 Cases of general anesthesia with thiogenal

Hein, W., 1956:
1000 Cases of head injuries

Ott, A., 1956:
1000 Cases of spondylitis and their evaluation

Berger, M., 1955:
1000 Cases of spontaneous and criminal abortions

Pages, F.; Tomari, V., 1956:
1000 Cases of syphilis in the army; clinical and epidemiological aspects

Leriche, H.; Stiver, W.B., 1957:
1000 Cases of tonsillectomy in a prepayment plan: preoperative and postoperative history

Johns, H.E.; Bates, L.M.; Watson, T.A., 1952:
1000 Curie cobalt units for radiation therapy. I. The Saskatchewan cobalt 60 unit

Johns, H.E.; Epp, E.R.; Cormack, D.V.; Fedoruk, S.O., 1952:
1000 Curie cobalt units for radiation therapy. II. Depth dose data and diaphragm design for the Saskatchewan 1000 curie cobalt unit

Green, D.T.; Ferrington, R.F., 1952:
1000 Curie cobalt units for radiation therapy. III. Design of a cobalt 60 beam therapy unit

Dixon, W.R.; Garrett, C.; Morrison, A., 1952:
1000 Curie cobalt units for radiation therapy. IV. Radiation measurements with the Eldorado cobalt 60 teletherapy unit

Engsig-Karup, K.T., 1963:
1000 Patients with Leg Amputations. Leg Amputations Carried out in Jutland Hospitals 1935-1954

Ruck, C.J., 1957:
1000 Plastic operations; indications and results

Robbins, S.D., 1964:
1000 Stutterers: a Personal Report of Clinical Experience and Research with Recommendations for Therapy

James, R.Hugh., 2003:
1000 anaesthetic incidents: experience to date

Hohmann, G., 1960:
1000 cases of halothane anesthesia with a simple vaporizer

Marte, K.; Marte, E., 1955:
1000 gamma Vitamin B12 in poliomyelitis

Liehn, R.; Schlagenhauff, K., 1952:
1000 intracapsular cataract extractions, their results and complications

Loennecken, S.J., 1952:
1000 intratracheal anesthesias; report of the anesthesia department of the University hospital of Goettingen

Anonymous, 2006:
1000 mg calcium and 400 IU vitamin D not very effective for fracture prevention

Hinckley, M.D.; Milki, A.A., 2004:
1000 office-based hysteroscopies prior to in vitro fertilization: feasibility and findings

Held, E., 1952:
1000 plastic operations; experiences and results

Mishra, A.K.; Agarwal, A.; Mishra, S.K., 2005:
1000 thyroidectomies in a tertiary care referral center

Avicen, A., 1952:
1000th Anniversary of birth of Abu Ali Ibn-Sina

Avicen, A., 1952:
1000th anniversary of Avicenna's birth

Robeznieks, A., 2006:
100K Lives Campaign ends. IHI looks to follow up with a piggyback initiative

Robeznieks, A., 2006:
100K Lives falling short. IHI's patient-safety campaign expected to save 61,000

Voiculescu, V.; Marinescu, G., 1963:
100th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Gheorghe Marinescu

Cantacuzino, I., 1963:
100th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Ion Cantacuzino

Bokesova Uherova, M., 1964:
100th Anniversary Of The Founding Of The State Hospital, Teraz Kunz, In Bratislava

Jordheim, O., 1963:
100th Anniversary Of The International Red Cross

Trimfov, A.V.; Bogorodinskii, D.K., 1964:
100th Anniversary Of The Leningrad Society Of Neuropathologists And Psychiatrists. On Activities Of The Neurological Section

KUKUEV.L.A.; POLIAKOV.G.I.; SECHENOV.I.Mikhaylovich., 1963:
100th anniversary of the publication of I. M. Sechenov's Book, "Reflexes of the Brain". (Attempted introduction of physiological principles Into psychic Processes)

Zuleger, F., 1964:
100th Anniversary Of The Rudolfstiftung

Blumenthal, F.; Lesser, E., 1952:
100th Anniversary of Edmund Lessers' birthday

Kirsche, V.; Muller, J.Hann, 1959:
100th Anniversary of Johann Müller's death

JUS.A.; Korsakov, S., 1954:
100th Anniversary of Korsakov's birth

Vvedenskii, N.E., 1952:
100th Anniversary of N. E. Vvedenskii's birth

Davydovskii, I.V., 1956:
100th Anniversary of Rudolf Virchow's cellular pathology

Ackerknecht, E.H.; Virchow, R., 1959:
100th Anniversary of Virchow's cellular pathology; retrospect

Michurin, I.Vladimirovich., 1955:
100th Anniversary of birth of Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin

Sirotinin, N.N.; Podvysotskii, V.V., 1957:
100th Anniversary of birth of V.V. Podvysotskii; 1857-1957

Ageeva, M.Ikova, O.G.; Vvedenskii, N.E., 1952:
100th Anniversary of birth of the foremost Russian physiologist Nikolai Evgen'evich Vvedenskii

Slopek, S.; Bujwid, O., 1957:
100th Anniversary of birth of the pioneer of Polish micribiology Odon Bujwid

KUSTNER.W.; Garcia, M., 1954:
100th Anniversary of laryngology; in commemoration of Manuel Garcia, 1805-1906

GABUZOV.A.N.; Pirogoff, N.Ivanovich., 1954:
100th Anniversary of publication of N. I. Pirogov's work, Anatome topographica sectionibus per corpus humanum congelatum triplici directione ductis illustrata

André, E.M.; Daviaud, N.; Sindji, L.; Cayon, J.; Perrot, R.; Montero-Menei, C.N., 2018:
A novel ex vivo Huntington's disease model for studying GABAergic neurons and cell grafts by laser microdissection

Hoff, H.; Freud, S., 1956:
100th Anniversary of the birth of Dr. Sigmund Freud

Jendrassik, E., 1958:
100th Anniversary of the birth of Ernö Jendrassik

Bokay, J., 1958:
100th Anniversary of the birth of Janos Bokay, Jr

Henner, K.; Babinski, J.F., 1958:
100th Anniversary of the birth of Josef Babinski

NIKITINA.N.I.; VELIAMINOV.N.Aleksandrovich., 1956:
100th Anniversary of the birth of N.A. Vel'iaminov

Bene, F., 1958:
100th Anniversary of the death of Ferenc Benc

Neville, K.E.; Bosse, T.L.; Klekos, M.; Mills, J.F.; Weicksel, S.E.; Waters, J.S.; Tipping, M., 2017:
A novel ex vivo method for measuring whole brain metabolism in model systems

Suarez-Martinez, A.D.; Bierschenk, S.; Huang, K.; Kaplan, D.; Bayer, C.L.; Meadows, S.M.; Sperandio, M.; Murfee, W.L., 2018:
A Novel ex vivo Mouse Mesometrium Culture Model for Investigating Angiogenesis in Microvascular Networks

Yoon, J.; Bae, S.Hwa.; Sohn, H-Sang.; Son, I.; Kim, K.Tae.; Ju, Y-Wan., 2018:
A Novel Fabrication Method of Bi₂Te₃-Based Thermoelectric Modules by Indium Electroplating and Thermocompression Bonding

Arrigoni, C.; Grocco, P., 1956:
100th Birth anniversary of Pietro Grocco

Cancik, J.; Rozsivalova, E.; Kabrhel, G., 1958:
100th Birthday anniversary of Prof. Dr. Gustav Kabrhel

Ivanova, M.A.; Kitazato, S., 1957:
100th Birthday anniversary of the Japanese microbiologist Shibasaburo Kitazato

Bernhard, H.; Von Noorden, C., 1958:
100th Birthday of Carl von Noorden

Von Noorden, C., 1958:
100th Birthday of Carl von Noordens

Reichert, B.; Thoms, H., 1959:
100th Birthday of Hermann Thomas; 20 March 1859-28 November 1931

Vorotyntseva, N.V.; Vintovkina, I.S.; Tsiklinskaia, P'ia.V., 1959:
100th Birthday of Praskov'ia Vasil'evna Tsiklinskaia; 1859-1923

Myslivecek, Z.; Kuffner, K., 1959:
100th Birthday of Professor Karel Kuffner

Roudolf; Pfeiffer, R., 1958:
100th Birthday of Richard Pfeiffer

Pérez Albacete, M.; Puigvert Gorro, D.Antonio., 2005:
100th anniversary of Dr D. Antonio Puigvert Gorro's birth

Turchini, J., 1958 :
100th anniversary of Montpellier Médical: note on its history

BRAUNS.W.; DARWIN.C.Robert., 1959:
100th anniversary of Origin of the Species

Schoendorff, J., 2003:
100th anniversary of a great victory over typhus

Ferran Y Clua, J., 1952:
100th anniversary of birth of Ferrán

Perez, F.; Ferran, J., 1951:
100th anniversary of birth of Jaime Ferran

Geselevich, A.M.; Pirogov, N.I., 1960:
100th anniversary of birth of N. I. PIROGOV

Ramon Y Cajal, S., 1952:
100th anniversary of birth of the Spanish scholar

Olbrycht, J.; Teichmann, L., 1953:
100th anniversary of discovery of hemin crystals

Stajduhar, J., 1952:
100th anniversary of eyeglasses

Thomas, P., 1993:
100th anniversary of public health nursing

Nyiry, Z., 1962:
100th anniversary of the 1st description of Meniere's disease

Gasparian, A.M., 1963 :
100th anniversary of the 1st urological hospital in Russia

Ferna, P.Rez, J.; Nobel, A., 1952:
100th anniversary of the Nobel Foundation

Ullman, W.H., 1961:
100th anniversary of the Rudolf Virchow Society--in New York City

Suk, V.; Holub, Z.; Chmelik, V., 2004:
100th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Vaclav Chmelik, (18 June 1904--31 December 1982) Director of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Kladno Hospital

Ramon Y Cajal, S., 1952:
100th anniversary of the birth of Ramón y Cajal

Gortvay, G.; Schoepf, M.Rei, A., 1958:
100th anniversary of the death of Agost Schoepf-Merei

Anikina, T.I.; Mukhin, E.Osipovi, H., 1951:
100th anniversary of the death of Efrem Osipovich Mukhin (1766-1850)

Matousek, M., 1952:
100th anniversary of the first Czechoslovak publication in the field of obstetrics

Kurz, J., 1963:
100th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Czech Physicians and the Journal of Czech Physicians

Dubov, M.D., 1962:
100th anniversary of "periosteal uranoplasty" of B. Langenbeck

Fuchs, E., 1951:
100th birth anniversary of Ernst Fuchs

KACL.K.; Horbaczewski, J., 1954:
100th birth anniversary of prof. dr. Jan Horbaczewski

Schmitzer, G.; Norz, I.; Coseru, E.O.; Grancea, V., 1964:
101 Hypophysial Adenomas Treated by X-Rays. new Factors in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Determination of Therapeutic Results

Mycek, S., 2004:
101 governance. What are the fundamentals that every trustee should know and how do they learn them?

Knauer, E.M.; Ailawadi, G.; Yahanda, A.; Obermeyer, R.J.; Millie, M.P.; Ojeda, H.; Mulholland, M.W.; Colletti, L.; Sweeney, J.F., 2003:
101 laparoscopic splenectomies for the treatment of benign and malignant hematologic disorders

Bethune, G.; Sherrod, D.; Youngblood, L., 2005:
101 tips to retain a happy, healthy staff

Ervin, N., 2005:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: communication

Ervin, N.E., 2005:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: development of others

Ervin, N.E., 2005:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: leadership

Ervin, N.E., 2006:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: professionalism

Ervin, N.E., 2005:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: recognizing and managing conflict

Ervin, N.E., 2005:
101 ways to improve nursing culture: respect

Seymour, J.F., 2006:
101 years of McCrae's (not Auer's) rods

Eisler, M.; Bernardo, M.M.; Losso, R.H.; Quintana, H.A.; Carne, J.M., 1958:
1022 Diabetic patients treated at the Servicio de Nutrición y Alimentación del Policlínico de Avallaneda

Markina, V.P., 1958:
1026 Operations in ectopic pregnancy with the A. V. Vishnevskii method of infiltration anesthesia

Zhang, X-Ning.; Jiang, S-Duo.; He, X-Hui.; Zhang, L-Na., 2004:
102T/C SNP in the 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2A (HTR2A) gene and schizophrenia in two southern Han Chinese populations: lack of association

Jin, Y.; Cheng, X.; Zheng, J.; Xia, H.; Yang, L.; Wang, M., 2017:
A novel factor X mutation Cys81 by Arg and a reported factor VII polymorphism Arg353 replaced by Gln co-occured in a patient

Nicole, S.; Topaloglu, H.; Fontaine, B., 2003:
102nd ENMC International Workshop on Schwartz-Jampel syndrome, 14-16 December, 2001, Naarden, The Netherlands

Pellerin, D.; Sagot, A., 1959:
103 Intestinal resections in children

Sharkey, J.; Cantor, A.; Solc, Z.; Huff, W.; Chovnick, S.D.; Behar, R.J.; Perez, R.; Otheguy, J.; Rabinowitz, R., 2005:
103Pd brachytherapy versus radical prostatectomy in patients with clinically localized prostate cancer: a 12-year experience from a single group practice

He, G-Jin.; Gao, Q-Yi.; Xu, S-He.; Gao, H.; Jiang, T.; Dai, X-Wei.; Ma, K., 2006:
103Pd radioactive stent inhibits biliary duct restenosis and reduces smooth muscle actin expression during duct healing in dogs

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103Rh NMR chemical shifts in organometallic complexes: a combined experimental and density functional study

Ernsting, J.Meine.; Gaemers, S.; Elsevier, C.J., 2004:
103Rh NMR spectroscopy and its application to rhodium chemistry

Devries, I., 1964:
104 Cases of Spastic Chronic Bronchitis Treated by Antibiotropic Aerosol Therapy

Berrafato, V.M., 1963:
104 Eclampsia Patients Treated in the Maternit'e Aziza-Othmana in 15 Years (1949-1963)

Anonymous, 1952:
104th Meeting of the Lower-Rhine-Westphalian Surgeons' Association

Kuyjer, P.J., 1956:
105 Cases of carcinoma of the esophagus

Cuccia, D., 1957:
105 Cases of chronic subdural hemotoma

Schachter, M.; Cotte, S., 1951:
105 Cases of mongolian idiocy; clinical, statistical and psychological data

Saunders, M., 1960:
105 Public relations ideas

Wangermez, C.; Esbelin, R.; Wangermez, J.; Wangermez, A.; Bisch, X., 1962:
105 cases of zoster treated by radiotherapy of the posterior roots

Anonymous, 1952:
105. Meeting of the Lower-Rhine-Westphalian Surgeons' Association

Kothapalli, K.S.D.; Park, H.Gyu.; Guo, X.; Sun, X.; Zou, J.; Hyon, S.S.; Qin, X.; Lawrence, P.; Ran-Ressler, R.R.; Zhang, J.Yao.; Gu, Z.; Brenna, J.Thomas., 2018:
A novel FADS2 isoform identified in human milk fat globule suppresses FADS2 mediated Δ6-desaturation of omega-3 fatty acids

Mydlík, M.; Derzsiová, K.; Jirousková, M.; Pór, F., 2005:
105th birth anniversary of professor Frantisek Pór, M.D

Mourtada, F.; Koch, N.; Newhauser, W., 2006:
106Ru/106Rh plaque and proton radiotherapy for ocular melanoma: a comparative dosimetric study

Anonymous, 1954:
106th BULLETIN of the International Psycho-Analytical Association

Patel, S.H.; Nandurkar, T.; Toth, A.P.; Garrigues, G.E., 2018:
A novel failure mode for biceps tenodesis using fork-tipped interference screws

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107 Cases of suppurative menigitis in the newborn & infant

Berard, M.; Grezard, L., 1951:
107 Cases of surgical collapsotherapy by extra-muscular-periosteal plombage with lucite balls

Rolvien, T.; Kornak, U.; Schinke, T.; Amling, M.; Oheim, R., 2018:
A novel FAM20C mutation causing hypophosphatemic osteomalacia with osteosclerosis (mild Raine syndrome) in an elderly man with spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee

Szendi, B.; Lakatos, I., 1963:
108 Cases of Cancer of the Corpus Uteri, with Special Regard to Therapy and 5 year Survival

Hughes, J.H., 1950:
1080 (Sodium fluoroacetate) poisoning of rats on ships

Noble, J.; Walmsley, C., 1985:
1080 poisoning in dogs

Mangum, K.D.; Ferns, S.J., 2018:
A novel familial truncating mutation in the filamin C gene associated with cardiac arrhythmias

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108th ENMC International Workshop, 3rd Workshop of the MYO-CLUSTER project: EUROMEN, 7th International Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy (EDMD) Workshop, 13-15 September 2002, Naarden, The Netherlands

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A novel Family Dignity Intervention (FDI) for enhancing and informing holistic palliative care in Asia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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A Novel Family of Polyiodo-Bromoantimonate(III) Complexes: Cation-Driven Self-Assembly of Photoconductive Metal-Polyhalide Frameworks

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109 Hospitalized Cases of Whooping Cough. Statistics and Therapeutic Considerations

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109881 Aventis

Wang, J.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Y.; Du, K.; Xu, S.; Wang, Y.; Krupovic, M.; Chen, X., 2018:
A novel family of tyrosine integrases encoded by the temperate pleolipovirus SNJ2

Halpern, I.M., 2005:
109th Congress commences, healthcare policy remains a top area for attention and action

Wallgren-Pettersson, C.; Laing, N.G., 2003:
109th ENMC International Workshop: 5th workshop on nemaline myopathy, 11th-13th October 2002, Naarden, The Netherlands

Proietto, J.; Baur, L.A., 2004:
10: Management of obesity

Anonymous, 1952:
10TH ANNUAL meeting of the Maritime Hospital Association

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10]Annulene: bond shifting and conformational mechanisms for automerization

Yoneda, F.; Ohtaka, T.; Nitta, Y., 1963:
10h-Benz(B)pyridazino(3,4-E)(1,4)thiazine and 5h-Benz(B)pyridazino(4,3-E)(1,4)thiazine

Dyer, C., 2005:
10m pounds sterling settlement for children misdiagnosed with epilepsy

Wessels, P.H.; Twijnstra, A.; Kubat, B.; Ummelen, M.I.J.; Claessen, S.M.H.; Sciot, R.; Merlo, A.; Ramaekers, F.C.S.; Speel, E.J.M.; Hopman, A.H.N., 2003:
10q25.3 (DMBT1) copy number changes in astrocytoma grades II and IV

Roedling, J., 1964 :
10th Anniversary Of The Institute For Postgraduate Medical Education In Prague

Charvat, J., 1964:
10th Anniversary Of The Physiological Institute Of The Czechoslovakian Academy Of Sciences

Palec, R., 1963:
10th Anniversary Of The Postgraduate Medical School In Prague

Stastiny, B., 1963:
10th Anniversary Of The Slovakian Division Of The Otorhinolaryngological Society

Vemola, L., 1963:
10th Anniversary Of The Svitavy General Hospital

Seidlein, H.J., 1963:
10th Anniversary Of The University Pharmacy In Greifswald

Janiszewska, M., 1957:
10th Anniversary of the Children's Ward of the J. Marchlewskiego Tuberculosis Institute at Otwock

Anonymous, 1956:
10th Anniversary of the Hospital of Nutritional Diseases

Stefanski, W., 1958:
10th Anniversary of the Polish Society of Parasitology

Novak, F.V., 1950:
10th Anniversary of the death of F. V. Novák

Neubert, R.; Fetscher, R., 1956:
10th Anniversary of the death of Rainer Fetscher

OSTROVSKII.A.D.; Spasokukotskii, S.I., 1954:
10th Anniversary of the death of the outstanding Russian surgeon S. I. Spasokukotskii

Anonymous, 1955:
10th Anniversary of the decision of the government of the USSR on improvement of oncological aid for the population

Anonymous, 1954:
10th Anniversary of the order of the Presidium of the Superior Soviet of USSR of 8 July, 1944

Anonymous, 2006:
10th Annual Conference on Rural Health - 10 & 11 August 2006, Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal

Dimitriadis, S.I.; Salis, C.; Linden, D., 2018:
A novel, fast and efficient single-sensor automatic sleep-stage classification based on complementary cross-frequency coupling estimates

Kumari A Ubhayasekera, S.J.; Acharya, S.R.; Bergquist, J., 2018:
A novel, fast and sensitive supercritical fluid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (SFC-MS/MS) method for analysis of arachidonic acid metabolites

Balkwill, F.R.; Ashworth, A.; Bast, R.C.; Berek, J.S.; Boyd, J.; Disis, M.L.; Gabra, H.; Gore, M.E.; Hamilton, T.C.; Jacobs, I.J.; Kaye, S.B.; Kohn, E.C.; Mills, G.B.; Urban, N.D., 2006:
10th Biennial Helene Harris Memorial Trust meeting

Chen, S.; Shi, L.; Luo, J.; Engqvist, Håkan., 2018:
Novel Fast-Setting Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: Its Formulation, Chemical-Physical Properties, and Cytocompatibility

Anonymous, 1952:
10th Congress of the Association for Physiopathologic Study of the Liver and Nutrition

Kolinsky, J., 1954:
10th Congress of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party and future problems in the field of pharmacy

Przewoźny, T., 2003:
10th Danube Symposium International Otorhinolaryngologic Congress

Schuit, F.; Halban, P.; Rhodes, C., 2005:
10th EASD/JDRF Oxford Workshop. What is a beta-cell and can we improve it?

Gibson, A.D., 2004:
10th European Cancer Conference (ECCO 10) Vienna, Austria and 17th Chemotherapy Foundation Symposium New York City, New York

Brideau, R.J., 2005:
10th International Conference on Antiviral Research

Guo, S.; Yang, T.; Gao, W.; Zhang, C., 2018:
A Novel Fault Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Based on a Convolutional Neural Network

Baker, A.; Benda, G., 2006:
10th International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management (ICEM05). Glasgow, Scotland, 3-8 September 2005

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A novel FBN2 mutation in a Turkish case with congenital contractural arachnodactyly

Mondal, A.; Banerjee, P.; Tang, H., 2018:
A novel feature extraction technique for pulmonary sound analysis based on EMD

Goshvarpour, A.; Goshvarpour, A., 2018:
A Novel Feature Level Fusion for Heart Rate Variability Classification Using Correntropy and Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence

Zandman-Goddard, G.; Blank, M.; Sherer, Y.; Ehrenfeld, M.; Chapman, J.; Orbach, H.; Gilburd, B.; Krause, I.; Shoenfeld, Y., 2003:
10th International Congress on Antiphospholipid Antibodies--summary

Lambert, M., 2003:
10th International Congress on Antiphospholipid Antibodies. Taormina, Sicily, Italy, September 29-October 3, 2002

Anonymous, 1952:
10th International Congress on Dermatology, London, 21-26 July 1952

Sun, H.; Zhang, X.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhong, X.; Fan, Z., 2018:
A Novel Feature Optimization for Wearable Human-Computer Interfaces Using Surface Electromyography Sensors

Hoffmann, E., 1952:
10th International Dermatological congress in London. The previous 9 International Dermatological congresses in the years 1889-1935

Anonymous, 1952:
10th International Gastroenterology Congress

Wise, S.A.; Emons, H., 2007:
10th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM 10)

Anonymous, 1951:
10th Italian Congress on Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1957:
10th Meeting of the clinical pathological conference of the Instituto de Semiología Professor Doctor Gregorio Aráoz Alfaro

Wang, Y-Yuan.; Zhang, H.; Qiu, C-Hui.; Xia, S-Ren., 2018:
A Novel Feature Selection Method Based on Extreme Learning Machine and Fractional-Order Darwinian PSO

Nieschlag, E., 2007:
10th Summit Meeting consensus: recommendations for regulatory approval for hormonal male contraception. October 22-23, 2006

Yuan, M.; Yang, Z.; Huang, G.; Ji, G., 2018:
A novel feature selection method to predict protein structural class

Hsu, P.P.; Tan, B.Y.B.; Chan, Y.H.; Tay, H.N.; Lu, P.K.S.; Tan, A.K.L.; Blair, R.L., 2006:
10th Yahya Cohen Memorial Lecture: Clinical predictors in obstructive sleep apnoea patients with computer-assisted quantitative videoendoscopic upper airway analysis

Braddock, M.; Murray, C., 2006:
10th anniversary Inflammation and Immune Diseases Drug Discovery and Development Summit. 20-21 March 2006, New Brunswick, USA

MASEK.J.; Nedvĕd, M6s., 1953:
10th anniversary of death of Dr. Milo6s Nedvĕd

Logar, I.; Plecnik, J., 1950:
10th anniversary of death of Janez Plecnik

Skrypal', I.H., 2003:
10th anniversary of the International Association of Science Academies

Tang, P.Ming-Kuen.; Tang, P.Chiu-Tsun.; Chung, J.Yat-Fai.; Hung, J.Shuk.Chun.; Wang, Q-Ming.; Lian, G-Yu.; Sheng, J.; Huang, X-Ru.; To, K-Fai.; Lan, H-Yao., 2018:
A Novel Feeder-free System for Mass Production of Murine Natural Killer Cells In Vitro

Cignoli, F., 1962:
10th anniversary of the appearance of the International Pharmacopoeia

Koprowski, H., 1961 :
10th anniversary of the live poliomyelitis virus vaccine

Narkiewicz, K., 2005:
10th anniversary of "Klub 30"

Kant, J.A., 2005:
10th annual meeting--Association for Molecular Pathology

Anonymous, 1954:
10th congress of the Communist Party in Czechoslovakia and its role in further development of child care

Waskowicz, A.T., 1952:
10th field hospital

Millan, A.; Fromm, E.; De La Fuente, R.; Davila, G.; Garcia Ruiz, E., 1961:
10the coordinated round-table discussion: the physician and mental hygiene

Romanchishen, A.F.; Kolosiuk, V.A., 2004:
11 (13) Russian symposium with foreign participation on the surgical endocrinology (St.Petersburg, July 15-17, 2003)

Hamburger, J., 1963:
11 Attempts at Renal Homotransplants in man After Irradiation of the Receiver

Holmes, M.C.; Yau, J.L.W.; Kotelevtsev, Y.; Mullins, J.J.; Seckl, J.R., 2004:
11 Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in the brain: two enzymes two roles

D'andretta, J.C., 1952:
11 Case records of tuberculosis therapy

Wone, C.; Martin Dupont, C., 1963:
11 Cases of Postpartum Acute Renal Insufficiency; Circumstances of Appearance and Results

Copelman, L., 1957:
11 Cases of achondroplasia in 3 generations

Ledru, J.; Mazare, Y., 1957:
11 Cases of diaphragmatic hernia

Decourt, J.; Doumic, J.M.; Michard, J.P., 1954:
11 Cases of edematous exophthalmos treated with ACTH, cortisone and hydrocortisone

Pansadoro, V.; Capra, P., 1958:
11 Cases of monosymptomatic unilateral hematuria of clinically nondiagnosable cause

Carcassonne, F.; Comiti, J.; Carcassonne, M., 1958:
11 Cases of tumors of the small intestine

Anonymous, 1951:
11 December 1950 meeting of the Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft in Wien

Sims, J.; Towne, J.; Blumberg, H., 2005:
11 IL-1 family members in inflammatory skin disease

de Ceballos, J.Peral.Gutierrez.; Turégano-Fuentes, F.; Perez-Diaz, D.; Sanz-Sanchez, M.; Martin-Llorente, C.; Guerrero-Sanz, J.E., 2005:
11 March 2004: The terrorist bomb explosions in Madrid, Spain--an analysis of the logistics, injuries sustained and clinical management of casualties treated at the closest hospital

Vic-Dupont; Laufer, J.; Cartier, F., 1963:
11 Osler Diseases of Dental Origin

Mortier, G.; Candaele, N.; Demeulenaere, L., 1957:
11 Personal cases of uremigenic cholangiopathies

Martin, K.; Mackay, S., 2006:
11 Postnatal development of the fore and hindlimbs in the grey short-tailed opossum, Monodelphis domestica

Anonymous, 1959:
11 VARIATIONS on a Lenten theme

Peters, J-Uwe., 2007:
11 Years of cyanopyrrolidines as DPP-IV inhibitors

Sorrel, E., 1956:
11 Years of follow-up of a astragalectomy performed at the age of 8 1/2 years for a purulent white tibio-tarsal tumor

Shirasaka, M.; Tsuruta, M., 1960:
11 alpha-Hydroxylation of steroids by Streptomyces species

Khémiri, M.; Ridane, H.; Bou, Y.Olfa.; Matoussi, N.; Khaldi, F., 2006:
11 beta hydroxylase deficiency: a clinical study of seven cases

Dougherty, T.F.; Berliner, M.L.; Berliner, D.L., 1960:
11 beta-Hydroxy dehydrogenase system activity in thymi of mice following prolonged cortisol treatment

Revol, A.; Nofre, C.; Cier, A., 1958:
11 beta-Hydroxylation of 17 alpha-hydroxy-11-desoxycorticosterone and oxidation of 17 alpha-hydroxycorticosterone by the model system containing oxygen, ferrous ion and ascorbate

Wake, D.J.; Walker, B.R., 2004:
11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in obesity and the metabolic syndrome

Mosso, L.; Carvajal, C.; Campino, C.; Rojas, A.; González, A.; Barraza, A.; Montero, Jín.; Fardella, C., 2003:
11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 activity in Chilean patients with hypertension

Donche, R., 1949:
11 cases of megaesophagus treated by the Heller operation

Hinojosa, E.; Lizardi, R.; Aviles, J., 1962:
11 cases of spontaneous internal biliary fistula

Su, S-hui.; Gue, X-min.; Wei, J-hua.; Chen, J.; Chen, D., 2004:
11 cases of treatment of acute food poisoning

Anonymous, 2004:
11 things you should talk to your doctor about. It's easy to suggest that you talk to your doctor. It's much harder to know what to say

Anonymous, 2005:
11 unanswered questions point to the future. In the year ahead, solving even one of the top unanswered questions in cardiology would be a boon to many

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11 ways to digitize health care of the future

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11 years' DDT spraying and its effect on the spread of Triatoma dimidiata Latreille 1811 in the city of Guayaquil

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11 years' experience in anesthesia in 2615 cases of lung resection

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11-Aminoundecanoic acid: a versatile unit for the generation of low molecular weight gelators for water and organic solvents

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11-Clinical aspects: diabetic foot ulcers

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11-Corticosteroids and adrenal cortex examinations

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11-Desoxo-cortisone-acetate (Reichstein's substance-S-acetate) in intoxications especially in alcoholism

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11-Hydroxy-3,3-dimethyl-7,12-dioxo-3,4,6,6a,7,12,12a,12b-octahydrobenz[a]anthracen-1-yl acetate

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11-Hydroxycorticoid (11-OHCS)

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11-Hydroxysteroid and 17-ketosteroid excretion in essential hypertension; urinary steroids in basal diet, in a salt-free diet and after resumption of salt diet

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11-M emergency assistance. Organized chaos

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11-W average power Ti:sapphire amplifier system using downchirped pulse amplification

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11-cis-Acyl-CoA:retinol O-acyltransferase activity in the primary culture of chicken Muller cells

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11-cm Lap-Band System placement after history of intragastric migration

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11-dehydrocorticosterone acetate (compound A) in normal and tumor bearing mice

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11-hydroxysteroid therapy. General remarks

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11-month-olds' knowledge of how familiar words sound

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11-oxycorticosteroids and rosacea

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11-year experience with anatomical and extra-anatomical repair of mycotic aortic aneurysms

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11-year follow-up of two Gianturco Z stents placed in the airways of an infant: a prospective analysis of stent damage

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11. Allergic and immunologic diseases of the skin

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11. Differential Diagnosis of Rheumatic Diseases. I

Boeni, A., 1964:
11. Differential Diagnosis of Rheumatic Diseases. Ii

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11. Fractures and minor head injuries: minor injuries in children II

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110 Anesthesias so-called potentialized according to the method of Laborit

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110 Cases of so-called potentialized anesthesia

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110 Cases treated by hibernal sleep

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110 Orthopedic operations in paraplegics

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110 Patients with prostatic disease treated by modified Millin operation

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110 W double-ended ytterbium-doped fiber superfluorescent source with M2 = 1.6

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110 cases of bronchial asthma examined in [the UN Territory of] Ruanda-Urundi; allergy to Typha latifolia

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110 cases of tetanus

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110 cases of traumatic uurethral injuries

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110 children treated with cutaneous grafts of the hand (wounds of the fingers, sequelae of burns, syndactylias, angiomas)

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110 million dollars vaccine research centre to be built in Saskatoon

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110 years of anesthesia

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110 years of the department of histology and embryology of the Siberian State Medical University

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1100 Hysterectomies

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110th ENMC International Workshop: the congenital cranial dysinnervation disorders (CCDDs). Naarden, The Netherlands, 25-27 October, 2002

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110th anniversary of the death of the physician and patriot Vilém Dusan Lambl (1824-1895)

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110th volume of Dutch Journal of Dentistry 3. Developments in the treatment of oral and craniomaxillofacial trauma during the last five decades

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110th volume of Dutch Journal of Dentistry 4. Application of dental implants during the last five decades: from subperiosteal to transosteal and endosseous implants

ten Cate, J.M., 2003:
110th volume of the Dutch Journal of Dentistry 1. Aspects of the pathogenesis, etiology and prevention of dental caries placed against the concepts of the 1950

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110th year Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde. 2. Root canal treatment, intra-canal disinfectants and bacterial culture: past and present

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111 cases of alopecia cicatrisata in small areas (ringworm excluded); pseudopelade

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111In octreotide retention in the orbit of a patient with diabetic retinopathy

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111In-DOTA- dPhe1-Tyr3-octreotide, 111In-DOTA-lanreotide and 67Ga citrate scintigraphy for visualisation of extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of the MALT type: a comparative study

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111In-Pentetreotide uptake in a follicular adenoma of the thyroid gland: a pitfall for 111In-Pentetreotide scintigraphy

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111In-benzyl-DTPA-ZHER2:342, an affibody-based conjugate for in vivo imaging of HER2 expression in malignant tumors

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111In-labelled octreotide binding by the somatostatin receptor subtype 2 in neuroendocrine tumours

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111In-labelled somatostatin analogues in a rat tumour model: somatostatin receptor status and effects of peptide receptor radionuclide therapy

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111In-oxine and 99mTc-HMPAO labelling of antigen-loaded dendritic cells: in vivo imaging and influence on motility and actin content

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111In-pentetreotide and 123I-MIBG for detection and resection of lymph node metastases of a carcinoid not visualized by CT, MRI or FDG-PET

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111In-platelets dynamic study in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura

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111Indium pentetreotide imaging in the evaluation of head and neck tumors

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111Indium-labelled red-cell scintigraphy to detect intermittent gastrointestinal bleeding from synchronous small- and large-bowel adenocarcinomas

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111Indium-octreotide brain scintigraphy: a prognostic factor in skull base meningiomas treated with gamma knife radiosurgery

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113 Colectomies for cancer of the left colon

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113 subtotal gastrectomies, for cancer, without operative mortality

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113Cd NMR and fluorescence studies of multiple binding mechanisms of Cd(II) by the Suwannee River fulvic acid

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A novel Fe-La-Ce tri-metallic composite for the removal of fluoride ions from aqueous media

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114 Cases of osteosynthesis in fractures of the forearm

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1141 Cases of rupture of the internal and 70 of the external lateral ligament of the knee

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114th ENMC International Workshop on Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (CMD) 17-19 January 2003, Naarden, The Netherlands: (8th Workshop of the International Consortium on CMD; 3rd Workshop of the MYO-CLUSTER project GENRE)

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115 Cases of death caused by cancer of breast following therapy

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115 kHz tuning repetition rate ultrahigh-speed wavelength-swept semiconductor laser

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116 ectopic pregnancies observed in Bangui (Central African Republic)

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116-119th session of the Provisional Synthetic Material Commission of the BFR: Report from 10-11 November 2004, 13-14 April 2005, 23-24 November 2005 and 5 April 2006

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1166C mutation of angiotensin II type 1 receptor gene is correlated with umbilical blood flow velocimetry in women with preeclampsia

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116C-G polymorphism of the alpha-synuclein gene in patients with Parkinson disease

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116th ENMC international workshop: the treatment of mitochondrial disorders, 14th-16th March 2003, Naarden, The Netherlands

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117 Cases of bilateral synchronous electroencephalographic paroxysms

Meurice, E., 1958:
117 Cases of synchronous bilateral EEG paroxysms; electroclinical types, development in relation to time, therapeutic results

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1170 consecutive hysterectomies: indications and pathology

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1173C>T polymorphism in VKORC1 modulates the required warfarin dose

Anonymous, 1951:
117th Anniversary of the Free University of Brussels

Wallgren-Pettersson, C.; Bushby, K.; Mellies, U.; Simonds, A., 2003:
117th ENMC workshop: ventilatory support in congenital neuromuscular disorders -- congenital myopathies, congenital muscular dystrophies, congenital myotonic dystrophy and SMA (II) 4-6 April 2003, Naarden, The Netherlands

Anonymous, 1952:
118th Anniversary of the Free University of Brussels

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A novel ferrocenyl-naphthalimide as a multichannel probe for the detection of Cu(ii) and Hg(ii) in aqueous media and living cells

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119th ENMC international workshop: trial design in adult idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, with the exception of inclusion body myositis, 10-12 October 2003, Naarden, The Netherlands

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11: Androgen deficiency and replacement therapy in men

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11B NMR study of p-carboxybenzeneboronic acid ions for complex formation with some monosaccharides

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11B solid-state NMR investigation of the rhamnogalacturonan II-borate complex in plant cell walls

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11B, 23Na, 27Al, and 19F NMR study of solid and molten Na3AlF6-Na2B4O7

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11Beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 is expressed and is biologically active in human skeletal muscle

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 activity in medial vestibular nucleus and cerebellum after unilateral vestibular deafferentation in the rat

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 in human disease: a novel therapeutic target

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1--a role in inflammation?

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1: purification from human liver and characterization as carbonyl reductase of xenobiotics

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 and the regulation of surfactant protein A by dexamethasone metabolites

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11Beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in human endometrium

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11C-DTBZ and 18F-FDG PET measures in differentiating dementias

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11C-Fallypride: radiosynthesis and preliminary evaluation of a novel dopamine D2/D3 receptor PET radiotracer in non-human primate brain

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11C-JHU75528: a radiotracer for PET imaging of CB1 cannabinoid receptors

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11C-Radiosynthesis and preliminary human evaluation of the disposition of the ACE inhibitor [11C]zofenoprilat

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11C-acetate and 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography of pulmonary adenocarcinoma

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11C-acetate positron emission tomography for occult prostate cancer

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11C-acetate positron emission tomography imaging for lung adenocarcinoma 1 to 3 cm in size with ground-glass opacity images on computed tomography

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11C-choline and 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose in tumor imaging with positron emission tomography

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11C-choline positron emission tomography in prostate cancer: primary staging and recurrent site staging

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11C-choline positron emission tomography/computerized tomography for tumor localization of primary prostate cancer in comparison with 12-core biopsy

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11C-choline positron-emission tomography/computed tomography and transrectal ultrasonography for staging localized prostate cancer

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11C-harmine as a potential PET tracer for ductal pancreas cancer: in vitro studies

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11C-imaging: methyl jasmonate moves in both phloem and xylem, promotes transport of jasmonate, and of photoassimilate even after proton transport is decoupled

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11C-labeling of n-[4-[4-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)piperazin-1-yl]butyl]arylcarboxamide derivatives and evaluation as potential radioligands for PET imaging of dopamine D3 receptors

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11C-methionine PET for the diagnosis and management of recurrent pituitary adenomas

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11C-methionine PET improves the target volume delineation of meningiomas treated with stereotactic fractionated radiotherapy

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11C-methionine PET versus 99mTc-sestamibi in the pre-operative localisation of hyperfunctional parathyroid tissue

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11C-methionine PET/CT in 99mTc-sestamibi-negative hyperparathyroidism in patients with renal failure on chronic haemodialysis

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11C-metomidate PET imaging of adrenocortical cancer

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11C]-Methionine PET: dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumours compared with other epileptogenic brain neoplasms

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11C]-NS 4194 versus [11C]-DASB for PET imaging of serotonin transporters in living porcine brain

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11C]-WAY100635 PET demonstrates marked 5-HT1A receptor changes in sporadic ALS

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11C]Glycylsarcosine: synthesis and in vivo evaluation as a PET tracer of PepT2 transporter function in kidney of PepT2 null and wild-type mice

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11C]LBT-999: a suitable radioligand for investigation of extra-striatal dopamine transporter with PET

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11C]PIB in a nondemented population: potential antecedent marker of Alzheimer disease

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11C]SMe-ADAM, an imaging agent for the brain serotonin transporter: synthesis, pharmacological characterization and microPET studies in rats

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11C]metahydroxyephedrine and [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography improve clinical decision making in suspected pheochromocytoma

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11C]methionine PET, histopathology, and survival in primary brain tumors and recurrence

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11C]metomidate positron emission tomography of adrenocortical tumors in correlation with histopathological findings

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11C]vinpocetine: a prospective peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligand for primate PET studies

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11H-Isoquino[4,3-c]cinnolin-12-ones; novel anticancer agents with potent topoisomerase I-targeting activity and cytotoxicity

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11th Circuit upholds Florida ban on gay adoption

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12 things you should know about pain relievers. A dozen take-home messages about the pills that take the hurt away

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12 tips for safe travel with heart disease. Vacations can be great for the body and soul. Make sure your next one is good for the heart, too

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12 tips on writing for nursing journals

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12 ways you can prevent sports injuries

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12-month-old infants allocate increased neural resources to stimuli associated with negative adult emotion

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12-step disaster plan

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12-week study comparing the fixed combination of brimonidine and timolol with concomitant use of the individual components in patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension

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12. Magnets and massage

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120 Cases of prostatectomy, 1951-57

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120 years of Bright's disease

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120 years of the medical profession in Cedar County, Iowa

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120 years of the medical profession in Cedar County, Iowa. III

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120 years since the birth of academician N. N. Anichkov

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120-Bed Hospital Moved 1000 Miles in Three Days

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1200 observations on potentiated anesthesia

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120th Anniversary Of The Siauliai Hospital

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120th Anniversary of D. I. Mendeleev's birth

120th Anniversary of birth of S.P. Botkin, the great clinicist and scientist

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120th anniversary of birth of Henryk Fryderyk Hoyer

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121 Cases of Injuries of the Peripheral Nerves

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122 Cases of non-gonococcic urethritis in a military area

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