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6-Aminofulvene-2-aldimine, a novel class of ambidentate cyclopentadienyl/diimine ligand: synthesis and characterisation of magnesium complexes

6-Aminofulvene-2-aldimine, a novel class of ambidentate cyclopentadienyl/diimine ligand: synthesis and characterisation of magnesium complexes

Chemical Communications: 1426-1427

Two magnesium complexes of the 6-aminofulvene-2-aldimine (AFA) system bearing cyclohexyl groups on the donor nitrogen atoms have been synthesised; in the first the ligand is coordinated via the two nitrogen donors while in the second it is found to ligate magnesium via the cyclopentadienyl and the imine donors.

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Accession: 048020405

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PMID: 12841274

DOI: 10.1039/b303540a

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