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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 48055

Chapter 48055 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schaffer, J., 1953:
A clinical study of terramycin in dentistry

Griffin, J.E.; Jones, H.H., 1950:
A clinical study of testing and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases

Pinakapani, S.; Ramachandran, A., 1959:
A clinical study of the 1957 influenza epidemic in Government General Hospital, Kurnool: a report of 600 cases

Wylegała, E.; Tarnawska, D.; Lyssek-Boroń, A.; Bilińska, B.; Jurewicz, A.; Petela, A., 2005:
A clinical study of the Ahmed glaucoma valve implant in refractory glaucoma

Ast, D.B.; Bushel, A.; Chase, H.C., 1950:
A clinical study of the Gottlieb impregnation technic for caries control

JAMIESON, S.R., 1962:
A clinical study of the Hull poliomyelitis outbreak, 1961

Jackson, A.L., 1961:
A clinical study of the Landry-Guillain-Barre syndrome with reference to aetiology, including the role of Coxsackie virus infections

Witten, C.L., 1956:
A clinical study of the Rh factor

Harlem, O.K.; Lonnum, A., 1957 :
A clinical study of the abdominal skin reflexes in newborn infants

Fumeaux, J., 1961:
A clinical study of the activity of an antihemorrhagic agent derived from cyclohexadienolone

Gilg, I., 1954:
A clinical study of the causes of death in sarcoidosis

Gong, F-fang.; Tao, L.; Cao, H-ju., 2004:
A clinical study of the changes of condylar position in class division 2 deep-bite patients after orthodontic treatment

Pal, D., 1951:
A clinical study of the complications of common cold in childhood and adult life

Yang, H.; Wu, Z-ping.; Zhu, X-feng., 2003:
A clinical study of the difference in the application of soft and hard relining materials for complete denture

Carper, W.M.; Butler, T.J., 1951:
A clinical study of the early post-gastrectomy syndrome

Katz, E.M.; Kowaliczko, Z., 1956:
A clinical study of the effect of L-glutavite on mantal function and behavior of elderly, chronically ill patients

A clinical study of the effect of vagotomy on recurrent acute pancreatitis

A clinical study of the effects of intravenous reserpine (serpasil) in hypertensive patients

Sami, S.A.; Sinha, R.P., 1958 :
A clinical study of the effects of nisone (prednisone) in laryngeal diphtheria with obstruction

Wang, H.; Wang, Q-huan.; Wang, H-fen.; Jia, J-dong.; Xie, W.; Qin, X-qi., 2004:
A clinical study of the efficacy and safety of secretory human interferon alpha-2a treatment for chronic hepatitis B

Drago, C.J., 2003:
A clinical study of the efficacy of gold-tite square abutment screws in cement-retained implant restorations

Yang, C-qing.; Sun, W.; Gu, Y-shun., 2006:
A clinical study of the efficacy of topical corticosteroids on dry eye

STARR, I.; OGAWA, S., 1963:
A clinical study of the first derivative of the brachial pulse. Normal standards and abnormalities encountered in heart disease

Skinner, E.W.; Campbell, R.L.; Chung, P., 1953:
A clinical study of the forces required to dislodge maxillary denture bases of various designs

Gopinath, D.V.; Thappa, D.M.; Jaishankar, T.J., 2004:
A clinical study of the involvement of cranial nerves in leprosy

Gilligan, D.R.; Rothwell, J.T.; Warren, S., 1950:
A clinical study of the iodoacetate index (Huggins test) in cancer and in various nonmalignant pathologic conditions

Lajouanine, P., 1979:
A clinical study of the megallic ester of phenylbutazone in infections in children

Clarke, B.G., 1956:
A clinical study of the motor paralytic bladder in poliomyelitis

Dripps, R.D.; Hanks, E.C.; Ngai, S.H.; Oech, S.R.; Papper, E.M.; Sechzer, P.H., 1959:
A clinical study of the muscle relaxantimbretil

Gasparini, F.M.; Cohen, L.; Lopes, M.; Denvil, D.; Capelle, L.; Duffau, H.; Van Effenterre, R., 2005:
A clinical study of the number processing system: decimal size effects on reading numbers in patients with left parieto-occipital gliomas

Riisager, P.M., 1962:
A clinical study of the numerical variation with age of compact nerve endings in the human conjunctiva

Barone, A.; Santini, S.; Sbordone, L.; Crespi, R.; Covani, U., 2006:
A clinical study of the outcomes and complications associated with maxillary sinus augmentation

Wildhagen, F.K., 1958:
A clinical study of the pathogenesis of hydropic disorders of the inner ear

Oles, H., 1958:
A clinical study of the problem of male hermaphroditism with total feminization

Poppius, H.; Wasz, H.Ckert, O.; Tuomioja, M., 1960:
A clinical study of the quantitative tuberculin test and of the serological tests for tuberculosis in adult pulmonary tuberculosis

Altmann, V.; Jirova, M., 1961:
A clinical study of the screening value of abreography

Feng, P-Xun.; Wang, S., 2003:
A clinical study of the treatment of 83 patients dentine hypersensitivity with Green Or

Goldman, M.; Pearson, A.H., 1962:
A clinical study of the use of antibiotic sensitivty testing in endodontics

Lepper, M.H.; Spies, H.W., 1956:
A clinical study of the use of cortisone, hydrocortisone, and corticotropin in the treatment of seriously ill patients with infections

Abdul, S.; Brown, B.H.; Milnes, P.; Tidy, J.A., 2006:
A clinical study of the use of impedance spectroscopy in the detection of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN)

Tarter, R.C.; Linn, J.G., 1961:
A clinical study of the use of intravenous urea in glaucoma

Jackson, D., 1954:
A clinical study of the use of skin homografts for burns

Cannon, M.L., 2003:
A clinical study of the "open sandwich" technique in pediatric dental practice

Noda, K.; Umekita, N.; Tanaka, S.; Ohkubo, T.; Inoue, S.; Kitamura, M., 2007:
A clinical study of therapy for local recurrent rectal cancer

Matsuki, A.; Ishihara, H.; Kotani, N.; Sakai, T.; Hirota, K.; Muraoka, M.; Hashimoto, H.; Tsubo, T.; Takahashi, S.; Koh, H.; Wakayama, S.; Sato, Y.; Nagao, H., 2003:
A clinical study of total intravenous anesthesia by using mainly propofol, fentanyl and ketamine--with special reference to its safety based on 26,079 cases

Hewett, A.L., 1959:
A clinical study of triacetyloleandomycin in urological infections

Shen, G.; Chen, R-jing.; Ding, K-min.; Dong, X-jin., 2004:
A clinical study of twin-wires on anchorage reinforcement

Neuman, H.W.; Bargen, J.A.; Judd, E.S., 1954:
A clinical study of two hundred one cases of regional (segmental) colitis

Grant, F.C.; Jones, R.K., 1957:
A clinical study of two hundred posterior fossa gliomas in children

Fullerton, D.T.; Kollar, E.J.; Caldwell, A.B., 1962:
A clinical study of ulcerative colitis

Hayashi, I.; Kawata, R.; Lee, K.; Sakurai, K.; Tsuji, Y.; Takenaka, H., 2003:
A clinical study of ultrasonography for lymph node metastases in head and neck cancer

Petkovic, S.D., 1956:
A clinical study of urethral injuries

Tandon, O.P.; Nigam, M.P., 1962:
A clinical study of warfarin sodium as an anticoagulant

Gai, Z-tao.; Zhang, Y.; Dong, G-feng.; Zu, Y-hui.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, S-ying., 2006:
A clinical study on CD178 positive T lymphocyte in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Zhu, A-Hua.; Tian, J-Zhou.; Zhong, J.; Yang, C-Zhi.; Shi, J.; Yin, J-Xiang., 2007:
A clinical study on a randomized, double-blind control of Chinese medicine granules in treatment of vascular dementia

Hsioh, T.H.C.; Fu-Hsi, C.; Chi, C.'ang, L., 1953:
A clinical study on acute infectious hepatitis in Peking

Erol, Bçet.; Tanrikulu, R.; Görgün, B., 2006:
A clinical study on ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint

Goel, A.; Agrawal, R.; Singla, S.; Lakhani, K.K.; Sonigra, D.T.; Agarwal, S.B., 2006:
A clinical study on autonomic nervous system manifestations in diabetes mellitus

Harada, S.; Harada, Y.; Ochiai, S.; Emori, M.; Kajiki, A.; Kitahara, Y.; Takamoto, M.; Ishibashi, T., 2003:
A clinical study on cases with pulmonary M. avium complex (MAC) disease followed up for more than 10 years

Lian, X.; Bai, Y.; Tang, W.; Dai, W.; Guo, Z., 2003:
A clinical study on coincidence with hyperthyroidism and thyroid carcinoma

Kawai, K., 1957:
A clinical study on copper metabolism of tuberculosis. I. Variations in serum copper content

Yu, H.; Pan, X.; Meng, J.; Ding, J.; Xu, G.; Fang, G., 2003:
A clinical study on delayed encephalopathy after carbon monoxide poisoning

Tachibana, K., 1961:
A clinical study on focal infection in several skin diseases

Li, Y., 2005:
A clinical study on haunglian fire-purging mixture in treatment of 46 cases of primary hypertension

Liu, L.; Li, S.; Tian, W., 2003:
A clinical study on immediate implantation of particulate hydroxylapatite artificial bone after teeth extraction

Gu, Y.; Zhang, J.; Qi, L., 2006:
A clinical study on implantation of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells after bone marrow stimulation for treatment of lower limb ischemia

Gong, Y.; Shen, G., 2004:
A clinical study on improved herbst appliance

Fang, P.; Ye, J.; Zhang, K.; Sha, Q.; Yang, K.; Wang, E., 2003:
A clinical study on improving phonation function of larynx after partial laryngectomy

Jarvinen, K.A., 1953:
A clinical study on injuries of adrenal glands in Basedow's disease

He, C.X., 2004:
A clinical study on iodoform and oxide eugenol paste as root canal filling paste in 116 teeth

Zou, J.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, L.; Wang, L.; Huang, H., 2003:
A clinical study on laser peripheral iridoplasty for primary angle-closure glaucoma with positive provocative tests after iridectomy

Yang, D-you.; Wu, X-li.; Xu, H.; Duan, X-zhong.; Wang, S-wen.; Lu, Z-zheng., 2004:
A clinical study on manshuailing oral liquid in treating elder patients with congestive heart failure of type heart and kidney yang deficiency

Diamant, H., 1961:
A clinical study on pathology and therapy of diseases of the parotid gland. Determined from a 5-year collection of data of 70 cases

Zhang, F.Q.; Shu, R.; Yang, C.Y., 2004:
A clinical study on prosthodontic treatment of periodontal problems with conical telescopic removable denture

Sato, E.; Ishii, A.; Kunitomi, K.; Ishito, N.; Takamoto, H.; Araki, T., 2003:
A clinical study on renal pelvic and ureteral cancer

Cai, X-yi.; Yang, C.; Zhang, Z-yuan.; Qiu, W-liu.; Ha, Q.; Wang, X-dong., 2003:
A clinical study on septic arthritis of temporomandibular joint: characteristics and diagnosis

Cai, X-yi.; Yang, C.; Zhang, Z-yuan.; Qiu, W-liu.; Ha, Q.; Wang, X-dong., 2003:
A clinical study on septic arthritis of temporomandibular joint: culture and identification of pathogenic bacteria

Yang, C.; Cai, X-yi.; Zhang, Z-yuan.; Qiu, W-liu.; Ha, Q.; Wang, X-dong., 2003:
A clinical study on septic arthritis of temporomandibular joint: treatment

Mizutani, K.; Musya, Y.; Wakae, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Tobe, M.; Taira, K.; Harada, T., 2005:
A clinical study on serum prostaglandin E2 with low-level laser therapy

Cai, J-lin.; Bao, K-rong.; Wu, J.; Yu, J-ming., 2004:
A clinical study on spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage in children

Hentschel, E., 1959:
A clinical study on the concept of steroid pseudorheumatism and experiences in local use of hydrocortisone

Zhang, B-ling.; Zhong, B-shu.; Li, Y-ming.; Chen, C-xiao., 2007:
A clinical study on the diagnostic value of capsule endoscopy and multiple-detector computer tomography in obscure gastrointestinal bleeding

Ozaki, K., 1961:
A clinical study on the effect of 2-hydroxymethylene-17alpha-methyldihydrotestosterone (Anadrol)

Deng, Y.; Zhu, H-qing.; Deng, G-bao.; Tan, C., 2005:
A clinical study on the effect of Yinxing Damo combined with betahistine hydrochloride injection on vertebral basilar artery ischemic vertigo

Frank, R.M.; Lloyd, F.A., 1959:
A clinical study on the effectiveness of adrenosem in transurethral resection

Pan, X-gui.; Tian, W-cheng.; Guan, T-xun., 2004:
A clinical study on the extended reverse digital artery island flap

Takayama, Y.; Nishimura, K.; Tojo, T.; Hosoi, T., 2005:
A clinical study on the feeling of oral dryness in denture wearers. Part 1. Results of a questionnaire survey

Takayama, Y.; Nishimura, K.; Tojo, T.; Hosoi, T., 2005:
A clinical study on the feeling of oral dryness in denture wearers. Part 2. Measurement of the height of the salivary moisture area

Kikuchi, S., 1959:
A clinical study on the relationship of chemotherapeutic effect to initial findings in tuberculoma

Shen, B-qiong.; Situ, Y.; Huang, J-ling.; Su, X-mei.; He, W-tang.; Zhang, M-wei.; Chen, Q-bo., 2006:
A clinical study on the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammation of Qi-stagnation with blood stasis syndrome by Penyanqing capsule

Zhang, M.; Zhang, D.; Xu, Y.; Duo, X.; Zhang, W., 2005:
A clinical study on the treatment of urinary infection with Zishen Tongli Jiaonang

Masterson, J.G.; Calame, R.J.; Nelson, J., 1960:
A clinical study on the use of chlorambucil in the treatment of cancer of the ovary

Liu, H.; Tan, Q.; Liu, H., 2004:
A clinical study on treatment of senile psoriasis by replenishing qi to activate blood--a report of 40 cases

Yotsumoto, H.; Yonemaru, M.; Suzuki, K.; Kawabe, Y.; Sasaki, Y.; Toyoda, E.; Yamagishi, F.; Kudoh, K.; Kurasawa, T.; Ito, M.; Kawashiro, T.; Sakatani, M.; Mori, M., 2003:
A clinical study on tuberculosis among young adults in Japan: analysis on patients admitted to national hospitals in Kanto- and Kinki-areas in the year 2000

Cao, H.J.; Gong, F.F.; Pan, X.G.; Tang, G.H.; Li, D.J., 2004:
A clinical study on two forces orthodontic technique

Tachikawa, N.; Taira, K.; Okada, T.; Munakata, M.; Masaka, K.; Shiota, M.; Kasugai, S., 2003:
A clinical study on unfavorable cases of dental implant

Moran, J.; Addy, M.; Courtney, M.; Smith, S.; Newcombe, R., 2004:
A clinical study to assess the ability of a powered toothbrush to remove chlorhexidine/tea dental stain

Simon, J.K.; Pasetti, M.F.; Viret, J-François.; Mischler, R.; Muñoz, A.; Lagos, R.; Levine, M.M.; Campbell, J.D., 2007:
A clinical study to assess the safety and immunogenicity of attenuated measles vaccine administered intranasally to healthy adults

Shima, Y.; Yamaguchi, K.; Miyata, Y.; Hyodo, I.; Yagi, Y.; Honke, Y., 2004:
A clinical study using octreotide in relieving gastrointestinal symptoms due to bowel obstruction in a terminally ill cancer patient

D.Giuseppe, F., 1957:
A clinical study with acetyl-digitoxin, a new digitalis drug, for the treatment of congestive heart failure

Dale, A.D., 1961:
A clinical study with glyceryl triacetate

Kwa, S.B., 1961:
A clinical survey in blood transfusion practice in Singapore

Fay, T., 1955:
A clinical survey of British methods for the treatment of spastics

Ellis, F.P., 1953:
A clinical survey of acute hepatitis in a royal naval hospital in wartime

Soutter, L.; Sniffen, R.C.; Robbins, L.L., 1954:
A clinical survey of adenomas of the trachea and bronchus in a general hospital

L.Vann, L.J., 1953:
A clinical survey of alcoholics

Graham-Stewart, C.W., 1960:
A clinical survey of blood-transfusion

Mann, B., 1949:
A clinical survey of bronchiectasis

O'donovan, D.K., 1952:
A clinical survey of cortisone therapy

Lapidot, A., 1962:
A clinical survey of fractures of the mandible with special reference to early and controlled mobilization and its effect on fracture union

Mckissock, W.; Paterson, J.H., 1956:
A clinical survey of intracranial angiomas with special reference to their mode of progression and surgical treatment: a report of 110 cases

Guerriero, W.F.; Spiedel, T., 1963:
A clinical survey of ninety-two patients with carcinoma of the ovary

Anonymous, 2006:
A clinical survey of vascular stents

Landesberg, G.; Berlatzky, Y.; Bocher, M.; Alcalai, R.; Anner, H.; Ganon-Rozental, T.; Luria, M.H.; Akopnik, I.; Weissman, C.; Mosseri, M., 2006:
A clinical survival score predicts the likelihood to benefit from preoperative thallium scanning and coronary revascularization before major vascular surgery

Rewerts, G., 1953:
A clinical symptom in Pfeiffer's glandular fever

Kamalov, N.G.; Tsutsunava, M.N., 1952:
A clinical symptom in ancylostomiasis

Peterson, R.E.; Schmid, R., 1957:
A clinical syndrome associated with a defect in steroid glucuronide formation

Szajna, M., 1959:
A clinical syndrome of primary recurrent or local phlebitis, anemia and diaphragmatic hernia

Goetz, B.; Carozza, V.J.; Dunning, F.E., 1952:
A clinical teaching program in medical-surgical nursing

Sanche, L.Ngo, L.P.; Forster, F.M.; Auth, T.L., 1957:
A clinical test for sound localization and its applications

Giese, U., 1950:
A clinical test of antimitotic poisons

Dahlin, O., 1962:
A clinical test of butyrylperazine (Randoletil), a new tranquilizer

Flavin, R.; Gibney, R.G.; O'Rourke, S.K., 2007:
A clinical test to avoid sural nerve injuries in percutaneous Achilles tendon repairs

Suzuki, J.; Komatsuzaki, A.; Tokumasu, K.; Sakata, E.; Goto, K., 1961:
A clinical test utilizing optokinetic nystagmus

Lockett, C.J., 1960 :
A clinical thermometer

Cooper, J.; Kapur, N.; Dunning, J.; Guthrie, E.; Appleby, L.; Mackway-Jones, K., 2006:
A clinical tool for assessing risk after self-harm

Schellenberg, K.L.; Lang, J.Michael.; Chan, K.Ming.; Burnham, R.S., 2007:
A clinical tool for office assessment of lumbar spine stabilization endurance: prone and supine bridge maneuvers

Dransfield, G.A., 1958:
A clinical trial comparing prochlorperazine (stemetil) with chlorpromazine (largactil) in the treatment of chronic psychotic patients

Kiche, M.S.; Fayle, S.A.; Curzon, M.E., 2003:
A clinical trial comparing the effectiveness of a three-headed versus a conventional toothbrush for oral hygiene in children

Berge, A.C.B.; Lindeque, P.; Moore, D.A.; Sischo, W.M., 2005:
A clinical trial evaluating prophylactic and therapeutic antibiotic use on health and performance of preweaned calves

Madden, B.J., 2006:
A clinical trial for the Food and Drug Administration's clinical trial process

Kietinun, S.; Gupte, M.D.; Sengupta, A., 2005:
A clinical trial in a developing country: many questions, few answers

Turnbull, T.A., 1959:
A clinical trial in sea-sickness with trifluoperazine ('stelazine')

Batt, J.C., 1959:
A clinical trial of 'stelazine' in the treatment of chronic schizophrenia

von Eckardstein, S.; Noe, G.; Brache, V.; Nieschlag, E.; Croxatto, H.; Alvarez, F.; Moo-Young, A.; Sivin, I.; Kumar, N.; Small, M.; Sundaram, K., 2003:
A clinical trial of 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone implants for possible use as a long-acting contraceptive for men

Beynon-Jones, D.C., 1962:
A clinical trial of Alupent, a new bronchodilator, in general practice

Duncan, L.J.; Baird, J.D.; Dunlop, D.M., 1956:
A clinical trial of BZ 55

Jackson, W.P.; Linder, G.C.; Saunders, S.; Hoffenberg, R.; Herman, J.B.; Bailey, M.J.; Grayce, I.; Weinberg, R., 1957:
A clinical trial of D 860 (rastinon) in diabetes

Miles, P.G.; Weyant, R.J.; Rustveld, L., 2006:
A clinical trial of Damon 2 vs conventional twin brackets during initial alignment

Fabianelli, A.; Goracci, C.; Bertelli, E.; Davidson, C.L.; Ferrari, M., 2007:
A clinical trial of Empress II porcelain inlays luted to vital teeth with a dual-curing adhesive system and a self-curing resin cement

Thorne, N., 1963:
A clinical trial of Fluperolone, a new topical steroid

Dewar, H.A.; Horler, A.R., 1961:
A clinical trial of Persantin and Crodimyl in the treatment of angina of effort

Mathewson, J.A.; Thoren, M.; Hinshaw, H.C., 1956:
A clinical trial of S-ethyl-L-cysteine in pulmonary tuberculosis

Highton, T.C., 1954:
A clinical trial of a derivative of a bile salt in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis; a preliminary communication

Graham, I.A., 1961:
A clinical trial of a hypotensive agent

Kastrati, A.; Mehilli, J.; Schühlen, H.; Dirschinger, J.; Dotzer, F.; ten Berg, Jën.M.; Neumann, F-Josef.; Bollwein, H.; Volmer, C.; Gawaz, M.; Berger, P.B.; Schömig, A., 2004:
A clinical trial of abciximab in elective percutaneous coronary intervention after pretreatment with clopidogrel

Brunstein, M.G.; Ghisolfi, E.S.; Ramos, F.L.P.; Lara, D.R., 2005:
A clinical trial of adjuvant allopurinol therapy for moderately refractory schizophrenia

Kingston, W.R., 1962:
A clinical trial of an antidepressant, tranylcy-promine ("Parnate")

Yi, X-hua.; Lin, C-yan.; Hao, Z-hua.; Yan, S-min.; Zhao, C-yan.; Zhong, Z-wei., 2005:
A clinical trial of anti-CD4 CD8 monoclonal antibodies combined with cyclosporine A in treatment of severe aplastic anemia

Grimson, K., 1950:
A clinical trial of banthine in cases of peptic ulcer

Coady, A.; Jewesbury, E.C., 1956:
A clinical trial of benactyzine hydrochloride (suavitil) as a physical relaxant

Olivotto, I.A.; Chua, B.; Elliott, E.A.; Parda, D.S.; Pierce, L.J.; Shepherd, L.; Vallow, L.A.; White, J.R.; Whelan, T.J., 2004:
A clinical trial of breast radiation therapy versus breast plus regional radiation therapy in early-stage breast cancer: the MA20 trial

Reed, D.A.; Johnson, N.A.; Thompson, C.; Weintraub, S.; Mesulam, M-Marsel., 2004:
A clinical trial of bromocriptine for treatment of primary progressive aphasia

DAVIDSON, J.; LOVE, W.J., 1956:
A clinical trial of buthalitone sodium

Kavakas, H.; Ellinas, C.; Matzakos, K.; Politikou, L.; Sahin, A., 1989:
A clinical trial of ceftriaxone in different bacterial infections

Haydu, G.G.; Brinitzer, W.; Gibbon, J.; Goldschmidt, L., 1961:
A clinical trial of chlorprothixine

Geier, D.A.; Geier, M.R., 2006:
A clinical trial of combined anti-androgen and anti-heavy metal therapy in autistic disorders

Ashby, W.R.; Bassett, M.; Collins, G.H.; Taylor, A.L., 1959:
A clinical trial of covatin on elderly patients with anxiety and restlessness

Hislop, H.H.; Pritchard, J.G., 1962:
A clinical trial of creams for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores in geriatric patients

Matsumura, T.; Yokoe, M.; Nakamori, M.; Hattori, N.; Saito, T.; Nozaki, S.; Fujimura, H.; Shinno, S., 2004:
A clinical trial of creatine monohydrate in muscular dystrophy patients

Brown, W.M.C., 1955:
A clinical trial of cysteinamine (beta-mercaptoethylamine) in radiation sickness

Forrest, A.D.; Drewery, J.; Fotherby, K.; Laverty, S.G., 1960:
A clinical trial of dehydroepiandrosterone (diandrone)

Dransfield, G.A.; Browne, M.W., 1959:
A clinical trial of deserpidine and reserpine in the treatment of the chronic schizophrenic

Lasagna, L.; D.K.Rnfeld, T.; Safar, P., 1958:
A clinical trial of dextromoramide, (R 875, SKF D-5137)

Boyd, R.H., 1959:
A clinical trial of dihydro-hydroxycodeinone pectinate

Simmons, D.; Chabal, C.; Griffith, J.; Rausch, M.; Steele, B., 2005:
A clinical trial of distraction techniques for pain and anxiety control during cataract surgery

Leitch, A.; Seager, C.P., 1960:
A clinical trial of four tranquillizing drugs

Rowell, S.S.; Stoll, L.J., 1960:
A clinical trial of furaltadone in general practice

Clark, P.B.; Polak, A.; Hajnal, J., 1960:
A clinical trial of hydrocortisone in the prevention of transfusion thrombophlebititis

Ashby, W.R.; Collins, G.H., 1961:
A clinical trial of imipramine ("Tofranil") on depressed patients

Banton, H.J.; Mulford, D.J., 1950:
A clinical trial of immune serum globulin prepared from outdated liquid plasma

Johnson, G.T.; Thompson, R.B., 1958:
A clinical trial of intravenous apresoline in the management of toxaemia of late pregnancy

Alexander, J.O.; Harvey, G., 1960:
A clinical trial of isothipendyl hydrochloride (nilergex) in dermatology

Milne, H.B.; Fowler, D.B., 1960:
A clinical trial of largactil (chlorpromazine), stemetil (prochlorperazine) and veractil (methotrimeprazine)

DUNDEE, J.W.; GRAY, T.C.; RIDING, J.E., 1954:
A clinical trial of laudolissin as a relaxant in 524 cases

Nagaoka, S.; Nakamura, M.; Senuma, A.; Sekiguchi, A., 2006:
A clinical trial of low dose methotrexate therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Ferreira, A.J.; Freeman, H., 1958:
A clinical trial of marsilid in psychotic depressed patients

Haupt, F.J., 1960:
A clinical trial of melleril (TP-21) in the treatment of mental disorders

Woodcock, J.A.; D.B.It.B.P.; Keane, D., 1963:
A clinical trial of methoxyflurane

Spitzer, R.L., 1959:
A clinical trial of monosodium glutamate (1-glutavite(R)) on hospitalized elderly male psychotic patients

Slade, D.A., 1963:
A clinical trial of nalidixic acid (Negram, WIN. 18,320) in thirty-three patients with urinary infections treated in general practice

Yu, Y.; Si, C.; Zeng, Z.; Wang, Q.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, Q.; Huang, Z.; Zhang, L.; Qiao, G., 2005:
A clinical trial of oxymatrine in treating chronic viral hepatitis type B

Wright, L.H., 1959:
A clinical trial of pacatal in the management of labour

MacEntee, M.I.; Walton, J.N.; Glick, N., 2004:
A clinical trial of patient satisfaction and prosthodontic needs with ball and bar attachments for implant-retained complete overdentures: three-year results

Fajardo, T.T.; Villahermosa, L.G.; Cruz, E.C.Dela.; Cellona, R.V.; Balagon, M.Victoria.F.; Abalos, R.M.; Gelber, R.H., 2005:
A clinical trial of pefloxacin and ofloxacin in lepromatous leprosy

Dewar, H.A.; Horler, A.R.; Newell, D.J., 1959:
A clinical trial of penta-erythritol tetranitrate, a khellin derivative (recordil), and iproniazid in angina of effort

Modlin, A.J., 1962:
A clinical trial of phenethicillin in pediatric practice

Cathro, A.J., 1958:
A clinical trial of prednisolone in bone and joint tuberculosis

Hirsh, J., 1961:
A clinical trial of procaine hydrochloride

Dudley, H.A.; Maclaren, I.F., 1957:
A clinical trial of rapid tests for occult blood in faeces

Ferguson, R.S., 1956:
A clinical trial of reserpine in the treatment of anxiety

Gomez, J.; Gomez, G., 1963:
A clinical trial of resinated ephedrine in general practice

Liang, H-liang.; Ouyang, Q., 2006:
A clinical trial of rosiglitazone and 5-aminosalicylate combination for ulcerative colitis

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A clinician-centric medical results viewer

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A coat of nail polish might work

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A cocaine-induced variant of the neuroleptic malignant syndrome. A case study

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A code for archives of case records in chest clinics

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A code for the healing profession?

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A code in the nose

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A code of best practice for disease control programmes to avoid damaging health care services in developing countries

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A code of bioethics for promoting biomedical engineering

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A code of ethics for bioethicists: prospects and problems

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A code of ethics for midwives

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A code of ethics for social work and social care research

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A code of professional conduct for members

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A coding procedure for teachers

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A coding scheme for the evaluation of the relationship in music therapy sessions

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A coefficient alpha for test-retest data

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A coenzyme of spleen beta-glucuronidase

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A coeur vaillant..

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A cofounder of the Danziger Medizinische Akademie

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A cognition motivation model

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A cognitive sketch pad to record thoughts of psychiatric patients

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A cognitive therapy model of social anxiety problems: potential limits on its effectiveness?

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A cognitive-behavioral treatment for battered women with PTSD in shelters: findings from a pilot study

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A coiled nasogastric tube in a newborn

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A coincidence, genes or life style?

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A coincidence, or not?

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A colchicine derivative: deacetylcolchicine tartrate

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A cold February morning

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A cold agglutinin specifically active against stored red cells

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A cold anti-P 1 present in two generations of a family

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A cold black humour

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A cold day for tort reform

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A cold vapor apparatus for the treatment of acute laryngotracheitis

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A cold-active pectin lyase from the psychrophilic and basidiomycetous yeast Cystofilobasidium capitatum strain PPY-1

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A cold-cathode-tube relay for temperature control

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A cold-loving crenarchaeon is a substantial part of a novel microbial community in cold sulphidic marsh water

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A cold-sensitive D(-) beta-hydroxybutyric acid dehydrogenase from Rhodospirillum rubrum

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A colicin from Escherichia coli SG 710

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A colicin produced by cells that are sensitive to it

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A colienteritis endemic caused by colibacilli 111:B4:H12 and 111:B4:-

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A coliform bacillus possessing the somatic antigen IX of Salmonella typhi

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A coliform bacterium containing an antigen related to Shigella flexneri

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A collaboration to increase nutrition work in general medical practice and make it more effective

Wilson, J., 2006:
A collaborative approach

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A collaborative approach for improving information literacy skills of dental hygiene students

Lau, F., 2006:
A collaborative approach to building capacity in health informatics

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A collaborative approach to developing a validated competence-based curriculum for health professions students

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A collaborative approach to diabetes nephropathy prevention

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A collaborative approach to expand clinical experiences and cultural awareness among undergraduate nursing students

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A collaborative approach to nutrition education for college students

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A collaborative approach to program evaluation of community-based teen pregnancy prevention projects

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A collaborative approach to reducing stress among staff

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A collaborative approach to the development of psychiatric rehabilitation services in a public behavioral health managed care environment

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A collaborative approach to the treatment alliance in bipolar disorder

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A collaborative care approach to complex diabetic foot ulceration

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A collaborative care intervention improved depression outcomes, but not glycaemic control, in diabetes and comorbid depression

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A collaborative care management programme in a primary care setting was effective for older adults with late life depression

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A collaborative clinical trial protocol writing system

Melvin, C.S., 2006:
A collaborative community-based oral care program for school-age children

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A collaborative curriculum for medical and nursing students

Pinelle, D.; Gutwin, C., 2006:
A collaborative document repository for home care teams

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A collaborative effect between gold and a support induces the selective oxidation of alcohols

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A collaborative effort between nurse leaders to address the hospital nursing shortage

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A collaborative effort to define the epidemiology of pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: what can we learn from children with early-onset disease?

Kelly, M., 2007:
A collaborative formation program for sponsors

Birdsell, J.B., 1950:
A collaborative genetical survey of the human populations of the Pacific area

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A collaborative health care model for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

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A collaborative hit-to-lead investigation leveraging medicinal chemistry expertise with high throughput library design, synthesis and purification capabilities

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A collaborative initiative to improve the care of elderly Medicare patients with hypertension

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A collaborative management model for mental health care at the Rhode Island Free Clinic

LaBresh, K.A.; Tyler, P.A., 2003:
A collaborative model for hospital-based cardiovascular secondary prevention

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A collaborative model of community health nursing practice

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A collaborative model of service delivery for children with movement disorders: a framework for evidence-based decision making

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A collaborative perspective on nursing leadership in quality improvement. The foundation for outcomes management and patient/staff safety in health care environments

Zapletal, E.; L.B.zec, C.; Degoulet, P.; Jaulent, M-Christine., 2003:
A collaborative platform for consensus sessions in pathology over Internet

McKay, S., 2005:
A collaborative process between disease management and case management

Mainous, R.O., 2005:
A collaborative quality improvement intervention was effective for promoting use of surfactant therapy in preterm infants

Birkmann, J.C.; Sperduto, J.S.; Smith, R.C.; Gill, K.J., 2006:
A collaborative rehabilitation approach to the improvement of inpatient treatment for persons with a psychiatric disability

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A collaborative student affairs and faculty health assessment and intervention initiative

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A collaborative study of the emergence and clinical features of the major depressive syndrome of Alzheimer's disease

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A collaborative study on the acute toxicity testing of several drugs

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A collaborative study on the detection of particles in ampuled solutions

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A collaborative study on the malignant syndrome in Parkinson's disease and related disorders

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A collaborative study on the use of mice in acute toxicity testing

Kang, H.Na.; Han Lee, S.; Nam Kim, S.; Man Hong, C.; H.L.e, S.; Hwa Hong, S., 2005:
A collaborative study to establish a Korea national biological standard for antithrombin concentrate

Raut, S.; Bevan, S.; Hubbard, A.R.; Sands, D.; Barrowcliffe, T.W., 2005:
A collaborative study to establish the 7th International Standard for Factor VIII Concentrate

Teitel, L.H.; Chericho, P.; Kay, L.L.; Printz, P.A.; Printz, S., 1960:
A collaborative study with madricidin, a sulfonamide-containing preparation, in the treatment of common upper respiratory infections

Neudorf, C.; Obayan, A.; Anderson, C.; Chomyn, J., 2003:
A collaborative system-wide response to influenza outbreak management in Saskatoon Health Region

Papp, A.; Härmä, M., 2003:
A collagen based dermal substitute and the modified Meek technique in extensive burns. Report of three cases

Adler, R.H.; Pelecanos, N.T.; Geil, R.G.; Rosenzweig, S.E.; Thorsell, H.G., 1962:
A collagen mesh prosthesis for wound repair and hernia reinforcement

McCombe, D.; Kubicki, M.; Witschi, C.; Williams, J.; Thompson, E.W., 2006:
A collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase inhibitor reduces adhesions after tendon injury

Kallmes, D.F.; Fujiwara, N.H.; Yuen, D.; Dai, D.; Li, S-Tung., 2003:
A collagen-based coil for embolization of saccular aneurysms in a New Zealand White rabbit model

Roboz, E.; Henderson, N.; Kies, M.W., 1958:
A collagen-like compound isolated from bovine spinal cord. I

JANKE, R.G., 1952:
A collapsible culture-dish

Scheidemann, N.V., 1950:
A collapsible mirror-tracing apparatus

Holswade, G.R.; Engle, M.A., 1958:
A collapsible tub for immersion cooling on the operating table

Mcmurray, T.B., 1953:
A collar for the treatment of fractures and dislocations of the cervical spine

Bosniak, M.A., 1963:
A collateral pathway through the vertebral arteries associated with obstruction of the innominate and proximal subclavian arteries

Tolosa, A.; Lange, O., 1956:
A colleague

Hall, B.H., 1954:
A colleague looks at psychiatric nursing

Archibald, R.T.; Fraser, R.; Chapman, C.B., 1953:
A collecting device for obtaining blood samples at various intervals from an intraarterial catheter

Malmén, L.; Palm, O.; Norin, E., 2004:
A collection and treatment system for organic waste and wastewater in a sensitive rural area

Zollinger, H.U., 1954:
A collection center for wounded and reporting and transportation center

Hellman, A.M., 1951:
A collection of early obstetrical books

Seide, J., 1957:
A collection of letters to Isidor Fisher

Prather, V.M., 1956:
A collection of micro and ultra-micro techniques adapted for the general laboratory and the Beckman spectrophotometer model DU

Bockner, V., 1955:
A collection of obstetric forceps, with an historical review

Karibov, I.I., 1962 :
A collection of tubes for the RUM-7 apparatus for treatment of skin diseases

Hnevkovsky, O.; Kafka, V., 1962:
A collection of works on the 60th birthday of Professor Vaclav KAFKA

Kolanko, K.M., 2003:
A collective case study of nursing students with learning disabilities

McQueen, L.; Shelton, P.; Zimmerman, L., 2004:
A collective community approach to preparing nursing students for the NCLEX RN examination

Murray, S., 2006:
A collective problem of caring

Oishi, H.; Ura, Y.; Mitsumizo, S.; Nakashima, M., 2006:
A collective review of Vibrio vulnificus infection in Japan

Varshavskii, A.P., 1961:
A collective-farm university of health

Winspear, R.; Forster, F.Menzies.Cameron., 2004:
A college benefactor: Frank Forster--obstetrician, gynaecologist, medical historian and bibliophile

Reinhold, J.E., 1961:
A college mental health consultation program

Hunt, J.H., 1951:
A college of general practice

Bailey, W., 1957:
A college report on the present status of medical care insurance and allied problems

Thorpe, K.; Kalischuk, R.Grant., 2003:
A collegial mentoring model for nurse educators

Stephenson, E., 1959:
A collegiate program in nursing in Scotland

Stolberg, S.Gay., 2005:
A collision of disparate forces may be reshaping American law

Skrdla, P.J., 2006:
A collision theory-based derivation of semiempirical equations for modeling dispersive kinetics and their application to a mixed-phase crystal decomposition

Belisle, A.; Gautier, M-Sophie.; Ghozali, F.; Plantier, Fçoise.; Wechsler, J., 2005:
A collision tumor involving Basal cell carcinoma and lentigo maligna melanoma

D'Souza, L.; Saleh-Subaie, J.; Richards, R., 2005:
A colloid "digesting" route to novel, thermally stable high surface area ZrO2 and Pd/ZrO2 catalytic materials

Jiang, X.; Zhang, L.; Jiang, J.; Qu, X.; Wang, E.; Dong, S., 2005:
A colloidal Au monolayer modulates the conformation and orientation of a protein at the electrode/solution interface

Schröter, M.Katrin.; Khodeir, L.; van den Berg, M.W.E.; Hikov, T.; Cokoja, M.; Miao, S.; Grünert, W.; Muhler, M.; Fischer, R.A., 2006:
A colloidal ZnO/Cu nanocatalyst for methanol synthesis

Wu, J-ya.; Yang, P-liang.; Zhou, X-hong.; Li, H.; Chen, X-guang., 2005:
A colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay for detecting p38 antigen of Schistosome japonicum

A colloidal silver chloride solution for bladder instillation

Kuss, R.; D.T.Urris, H.; Genon, M., 1959:
A colocystoplasty technique

Ovens, G.H., 1955:
A colonial medical school

Sharma, S.; Gupta, M., 2006:
A colonic polyp due to Langerhans cell histiocytosis: a lesion not to be confused with metastatic malignant melanoma

Zhang, X-li.; Shi, Y.; Chen, Z.; Zhou, Y-xian.; Tian, J-ke.; Su, Y.; Dong, Z., 2003:
A color Doppler ultrasonographic study on patients with middle and late-stage liver cancer treated by transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

Wang, L.; Zheng, L.; Dang, G., 2003:
A color analysis of the Han dynasty's Yangling Tombs colored pottery figurine by spectroscopy

Wang, T.; Bu, J-Jun.; Chen, C., 2003:
A color based face detection system using multiple templates

Burnham, R.W.; Clark, J.R., 1954:
A color memory test

Frerejacque, M., 1951:
A color reaction of digitalis compounds

Malowan, L.S., 1958:
A color reaction of steroids

Wachsmuth, H.; Va.K.Eckhoven, L., 1961:
A color reaction of sulfadiazine

Maue, M.; Schrader, T., 2005:
A color sensor for catecholamines

Kutscher, A.H.; Zegarelli, E.V.; Pearson, H., 1960:
A color shade chart for study of the oral mucous membranes: preparation and construction

Potts, A.M.; Brown, M.C., 1958:
A color television ophthalmoscope

Dull, T.A., 1954:
A color test for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Zhang, S-yu.; Huang, Z-ping., 2007:
A color test for rapid screening of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) in drink and urine

Kim, J.Seung.; Lee, S.Jin.; Jung, J.Hwa.; Hwang, I-Chul.; Singh, N.Jiten.; Kim, S.Kuk.; Lee, S.Ho.; Kim, H.Jung.; Keum, C.Soo.; Lee, J.Woo.; Kim, K.S., 2007:
A color version of the Hinsberg test: 1 degrees -3 degrees amine indicator

Reed, S.C.; Cambier, R.K.; Applen, J.E., 1951:
A color vision anomaly showing holandric (Y-linked) transmission

Belmonte Gonzalez, J., 1949:
A color-blind family

Erbecke, U., 1950:
A color-filter, color-blindness and color-vision

Krauskopf, J., 1963:
A color-mixer with monochromatic primaries

Geserick, M.; Wichelhaus, A., 2004:
A color-reactivated flowable composite for bonding lingual retainers

Carney, L.; Jones, L.; Braddon, F.; Pullyblank, A.M.; Dixon, A.R., 2006:
A colorectal cancer patient focus group develops an information package

Burnham, R.W., 1952:
A colorimeter for research in color perception

Kubo, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Ikeda, M.; Takeuchi, M.; Shinkai, S.; Yamaguchi, S.; Tamao, K., 2003:
A colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor with three emission changes: fluoride ion sensing by a triarylborane- porphyrin conjugate

Vázquez, M.; Fabbrizzi, L.; Taglietti, A.; Pedrido, R.M.; González-Noya, A.M.; Bermejo, M.R., 2004:
A colorimetric approach to anion sensing: a selective chemosensor of fluoride ions, in which color is generated by anion-enhanced pi delocalization

WEBB.J.W.; KELLEY.R.S.; McBAY.A.J., 1952:
A colorimetric assay for pilocarpine and its salts

Duerr, J.D.; Pappas, B.A., 1959:
A colorimetric assay for the determination of diethylstilbestrol

Ryan, J.A., 1959:
A colorimetric assay for unoxidized phenothiazine derivatives: a new complex salt

Fantes, K.H.; Ireland, D.M., 1950:
A colorimetric assay method for vitamin B12

Haidle, C.W.; Knight, S.G., 1960:
A colorimetric assay of 2-heptanone and other ketones

Taschdjian, C.L., 1952:
A colorimetric assay of dermatophyte growth in broth culture

Zhang, T.; Anslyn, E.V., 2006:
A colorimetric boronic acid based sensing ensemble for carboxy and phospho sugars

Bonacina, S.; Masseroli, M.; Menegoni, F.; Quattrone, G.; Pinciroli, F., 2004:
A colorimetric characterization of the raw digital data of the Visible Human Dataset images

Ghosh, T.; Maiya, B.G.; Samanta, A., 2006:
A colorimetric chemosensor for both fluoride and transition metal ions based on dipyrrolyl derivative

Rovensky, J.; Toman, M., 1962:
A colorimetric contact method for measurement of insensible skin perspiration

Kleinsorge, H.; Gaida, P., 1961:
A colorimetric determination method for small amounts of ajmalin in pharmaceutical preparations

Knobler, Y.; Weiss, M., 1958:
A colorimetric determination of aminooxy acids

Taplin, G.V.; Douglas, C.H., 1951:
A colorimetric dosimeter for qualitative measurement of penetrating radiations

Flesch, P.; Kun, E., 1950:
A colorimetric method for determination of sulfhydryl groups in tissue homogenates by 1-(4-chloromercuriphenylazo)-naphthol-2

Slater, T.F.; Sawyer, B., 1962:
A colorimetric method for estimating the pyridine nucleotide content of small amounts of animal tissue

Fusari, C.; Demonte, A.M.; Figueroa, C.M.; Aleanzi, M.; Iglesias, A.A., 2006:
A colorimetric method for the assay of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase

McALLISTER.R.A., 1951:
A colorimetric method for the determination of 1-methyl-a-mercaptoimidazole

Morgan, W.T.; Elson, L.A., 1934:
A colorimetric method for the determination of N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetylchrondrosamine

Corubolo, I.; Bican, F.Ster, T., 1959:
A colorimetric method for the determination of alkaloids in ipecacuanha root and their galenic preparation

Amato, G.M., 1962:
A colorimetric method for the determination of amino acids in biological fluids

Gran, F.C., 1960:
A colorimetric method for the determination of calcium in blood serum

Beattie, F.J., 1936:
A colorimetric method for the determination of choline and acetylcholine in small amounts

Marshall, P.B.; Rogers, E.W., 1945:
A colorimetric method for the determination of cinchona alkaloids

Stakhorskaia, L.K., 1962:
A colorimetric method for the determination of coumarin derivatives

Roseman, S.; Green, H., 1951:
A colorimetric method for the determination of dicumarol (3,3'-methylenebis (4-hydroxycoumarin)) in plasma

Korchagin, V.B.; Semenov, S.M.; Savushkina, L.N., 1961:
A colorimetric method for the determination of erythromycin

Korchagin, V.B.; Korobitskaia, A.A.; Chaikovskaia, S.M., 1962:
A colorimetric method for the determination of kanamycin

Mayr, K., 1963:
A colorimetric method for the determination of potassium in erythrocytes

Ashley, M.G.; Lees, J.F., 1954:
A colorimetric method for the determination of small amounts of procaine present as procaine benzylpenicillin B.P. in veterinary food products

Burn, G.P.; Field, E.O., 1956:
A colorimetric method for the diagnosis of phaeochromocytoma

Barrett, J.F.; Jones, E.B., 1932:
A colorimetric method for the direct determination of urea in urine

Mack, H.; Finn, E.J., 1950:
A colorimetric method for the estimation of colchicine in pharmaceutical preparations

Chinard, F.P., 1952:
A colorimetric method for the estimation of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) in whole blood, plasma, and urine

Fellman, J.H.; Severson, L.J.; Robinson, E.H.; Fujita, T.S., 1962:
A colorimetric method for the quantitative determination of 3-methoxy-4-hydroxymandelic acid in urine

Kropp, K.; Lang, K., 1955:
A colorimetric method for the quantitative determination of phenyl pyruvic acid in urine

Umbreit, W.W.; Kingsley, G.R.; Schaffert, R.R.; Siplet, H., 1957:
A colorimetric method for transaminase in serum or plasma

Slack, S.C.; Mader, W.J., 1957:
A colorimetric procedure for imidazolines

A colorimetric procedure for the determination of serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase

Clark, I., 1955:
A colorimetric reaction for the estimation of cortisone, hydrocortisone, aldosterone and related steroids

Bohle, E.; Fischer, H., 1953:
A colorimetric routine methods for determination of small quantities of proteins in body fluids and tissues

Zhang, C.; Suslick, K.S., 2005:
A colorimetric sensor array for organics in water

Nottbohm, A.C.; Dothager, R.S.; Putt, K.S.; Hoyt, M.T.; Hergenrother, P.J., 2007:
A colorimetric substrate for poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1, VPARP, and tankyrase-1

Peizer, L.R.; Widelock, D., 1955:
A colorimetric test for measuring catalase activity of cultures of M. tuberculosis

Cmelik, S., 1952:
A coloring agent of protein nature in the sponge Aplysina aerophoba Nardo

McALLISTER.R.A., 1952:
A colour reaction for certain mercaptoimidazoles using iodobismuthous acid

Cruz-Coke, E., 1958:
A colour reaction of vitamin E with vitamin K and cysteine

Gogilov, P.Z., 1962:
A colpometer

Anonymous, 2006:
A colposcopic approach to an endometriotic nodule in the recto vaginal septum under laparoscopic control

Berger, J., 1957:
A colposcopically important finding: the atypical transition area

Gray, M.J.; Slonecker, P.J.; Dennis, G.; Shalliker, R.A., 2005:
A column capacity study of single, serial, and parallel linked rod monolithic high performance liquid chromatography columns

Neuwald, F.; Didier, H.J.; Grimmer, G., 1960:
A column chromatographic method for the determination of digitoxin in digitalis leaves

Baldwin, N., 2003:
A column dedicated to unbiased product information would help the surgeon and the patient

Hayashida, M.; Hayakawa, H.; Wada, K.; Yamada, T.; Nihira, M.; Ohno, Y., 2003:
A column-switching LC/MS/ESI method for detecting tetrodotoxin and Aconitum alkaloids in serum

Biegler, R.; Boehle, E.; Schrade, W.; Abt, W., 1960:
A columnar chromatographic method for demonstration of unsaturated fatty acids in the blood

Tang, H.; Tan, K.C.; Yi, Z., 2004:
A columnar competitive model for solving combinatorial optimization problems

Hatano, T.; Kato, T., 2006:
A columnar liquid crystal based on triphenylphosphine oxide--its structural changes upon interaction with alkaline metal cations

Ewert, K.K.; Evans, H.M.; Zidovska, A.; Bouxsein, N.F.; Ahmad, A.; Safinya, C.R., 2006:
A columnar phase of dendritic lipid-based cationic liposome-DNA complexes for gene delivery: hexagonally ordered cylindrical micelles embedded in a DNA honeycomb lattice

Wilson, D.H., 1954:
A combat zone neuropsychiatric treatment center

Andrews, A.H.; Napierkowski, J.J.; Hwang, I.; Smith, M.T., 2005:
A combat-related foreign body

McEwen, C.N.; McKay, R.G., 2005:
A combination atmospheric pressure LC/MS:GC/MS ion source: advantages of dual AP-LC/MS:GC/MS instrumentation

Okamoto, H.; Naoki, K.; Narita, Y.; Hida, N.; Kunikane, H.; Watanabe, K., 2006:
A combination chemotherapy of carboplatin and irinotecan with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) support in elderly patients with small cell lung cancer

Hocht, H., 1954:
A combination drug with rauwolfia and its effect on increased blood pressure

Rigler, L.G.; Watson, J.C., 1954:
A combination film changer for rapid or conventional radiography

Dorando, C., 1960:
A combination long-leg--short-leg brace

Troutman, R.C., 1954:
A combination muscle examination and operating light

Bonsignori, M.; D'Costa, S.; Surman, S.; Hurwitz, J.L., 2007:
A combination of 5-fluorouracil and membrane-bound antibody inhibits B-cell lymphoma growth in a mouse model system

Mishriki, Y.Y., 2004:
A combination of T3, and T4 for hypothyroidism?

Zugsmith, G.S., 1957:
A combination of a magnetic tangent screen with the Harrington multiple-pattern field screener

Snygg, A.Sykfont.; Brindell, M.; Stochel, G.; Elmroth, S.K.C., 2005:
A combination of access to preassociation sites and local accumulation tendency in the direct vicinity of G-N7 controls the rate of platination of single-stranded DNA

Starikova, R.P., 1960:
A combination of acute cholecystitis and appendicitis

Courtney, K.O.; Hodgkinson, R.; Ramsey, R.; Haggerty, M., 1960:
A combination of amodiaquin and primaquine (camoprim) in the prevention and cure of sporozoite-induced Chesson strain vivax malaria

A combination of analgesic and antagonist in postoperative pain

Craige, J.E.; Oliver, J.W., 1956:
A combination of antidiarrheal agents for dogs, using carob flour as a vehicle

Berglin, E.; Padyukov, L.; Sundin, U.; Hallmans, Göran.; Stenlund, H.; Van Venrooij, W.J.; Klareskog, L.; Dahlqvist, S.Rantapää., 2004:
A combination of autoantibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptide (CCP) and HLA-DRB1 locus antigens is strongly associated with future onset of rheumatoid arthritis

Samsonov, V.A., 1960:
A combination of bleeding ulcer and subserous fibroma of the stomach

Smalley, J.W.; Thomas, M.F.; Birss, A.J.; Withnall, R.; Silver, J., 2004:
A combination of both arginine- and lysine-specific gingipain activity of Porphyromonas gingivalis is necessary for the generation of the micro-oxo bishaem-containing pigment from haemoglobin

Takabayashi, M., 2004:
A combination of clinical medicine and social welfare activities of the Ophthalmic Rehabilitation Clinic at Juntendo University

Kessel, I., 1952:
A combination of congenital anomalies

Blumel, J.; Evans, E.B.; Eggers, G.W., 1960:
A combination of congenital cataract and cerebral palsy in a brother and a sister

White, K.L.; Margot, N.A.; Ly, J.K.; Chen, J.M.; Ray, A.S.; Pavelko, M.; Wang, R.; McDermott, M.; Swaminathan, S.; Miller, M.D., 2005:
A combination of decreased NRTI incorporation and decreased excision determines the resistance profile of HIV-1 K65R RT

Hage, J., 1951:
A combination of developmental disturbances in the umbilical region

Drozdowski, L.A.; Iordache, C.; Clandinin, M.Tom.; Wild, G.; Todd, Z.; Thomson, A.B.R., 2005:
A combination of dexamethasone and glucagon-like peptide-2 increase intestinal morphology and glucose uptake in suckling rats

Romanchishen, A.F.; Matveeva, Z.S., 2006:
A combination of diseases of the thyroid and asymptomatic adenoma of the parathyroid glands

Eton, D.T.; Cella, D.; Yost, K.J.; Yount, S.E.; Peterman, A.H.; Neuberg, D.S.; Sledge, G.W.; Wood, W.C., 2004:
A combination of distribution- and anchor-based approaches determined minimally important differences (MIDs) for four endpoints in a breast cancer scale

Ventegodt, Søren.; Merrick, J.; Andersen, N.Jørgen.; Bendix, T., 2005:
A combination of gestalt therapy, Rosen Body Work, and Cranio Sacral therapy did not help in chronic whiplash-associated disorders (WAD)--results of a randomized clinical trial

Bos, G.; Dekker, J.M.; Nijpels, G.; de Vegt, F.; Diamant, M.; Stehouwer, C.D.A.; Bouter, L.M.; Heine, R.J., 2003:
A combination of high concentrations of serum triglyceride and non-high-density-lipoprotein-cholesterol is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease in subjects with abnormal glucose metabolism--The Hoorn Study

Van der Steen, C.; Jacxsens, L.; Devlieghere, F.; Debevere, J., 2005:
A combination of high oxygen atmosphere and equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging to improve the keeping quality of red fruits

Keutel, H.J., 1960:
A combination of immunoelectrophoresis and autoradiographic isotope demonstration (Studies on iron binding in the serum with Fe-59)

Jelínek, L.; Parschová, H.; Matejka, Z.; Paidar, M.; Bouzek, K., 2005:
A combination of ion exchange and electrochemical reduction for nitrate removal from drinking water. Part I: nitrate removal using a selective anion exchanger in the bicarbonate form with reuse of the regenerant solution

Paidar, M.; Bouzek, K.; Jelínek, L.; Matejka, Z., 2005:
A combination of ion exchange and electrochemical reduction for nitrate removal from drinking water. Part II: electrochemical treatment of a spent regenerant solution

Kossover, M.F.; Goldman, A.M., 1962:
A combination of methyclothiazide and deserpidine in the treatment of essential hypertension

Nemchenko, I.M.; Sorokina, E.V.; Belkin, A.A., 2006:
A combination of migraine and epilepsy

Manetti, F.; Tintori, C.; Armand-Ugón, M.; Clotet-Codina, I.; Massa, S.; Ragno, R.; Esté, Jé.A.; Botta, M., 2006:
A combination of molecular dynamics and docking calculations to explore the binding mode of ADS-J1, a polyanionic compound endowed with anti-HIV-1 activity

Xi, L.; Coello, M.C.; Litle, V.R.; Raja, S.; Gooding, W.E.; Yousem, S.A.; El-Hefnawy, T.; Landreneau, R.J.; Luketich, J.D.; Godfrey, T.E., 2006:
A combination of molecular markers accurately detects lymph node metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer patients

Ushakov, A.V., 2004:
A combination of natural foci of zoonoses (Review)

Chuan, V., 1960:
A combination of neuroplegic substances with local anesthesia in operations on patients with cancer

Haase, H.J., 1960:
A combination of neurosyphilis and heredoataxia. On the pathogenesis of neurosyphilis

Sadove, M.S.; Kobak, A.J.; Kobak, A.J., 1962:
A combination of new agents for predelivery medication

Ibragimova, M.M.; Krel', P.E.; Osipenko, V.I.; Ul'ianov, D.A.; Sklianskaia, O.A.; Aprosina, Z.G.; Poddubnaia, I.V., 2003:
A combination of non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the small bowel and primary sclerosing cholangitis with isolated lesion of small ducts

Takaba, K.; Jiang, C.; Nemoto, S.; Saji, Y.; Ikeda, T.; Urayama, S.; Azuma, T.; Hokugo, A.; Tsutsumi, S.; Tabata, Y.; Komeda, M., 2006:
A combination of omental flap and growth factor therapy induces arteriogenesis and increases myocardial perfusion in chronic myocardial ischemia: evolving concept of biologic coronary artery bypass grafting

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