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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48074

Chapter 48074 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Valone, D.A., 2004:
A history of medical payments: continuity or crisis?

BARNOR, M.A., 1962:
A history of medical societies in Ghana

Ewis, A.A.; Zhelev, Z.; Bakalova, R.; Fukuoka, S.; Shinohara, Y.; Ishikawa, M.; Baba, Y., 2005:
A history of microarrays in biomedicine

Brooks, D., 2003:
A history of music therapy journal articles published in the English language

Dermer, P.; Lee, C.; Eggert, J.; Few, B., 2004:
A history of neonatal group B streptococcus with its related morbidity and mortality rates in the United States

Marck, K.W., 2003:
A history of noma, the "Face of Poverty"

Hopwood, N.; Keibel, F., 2006:
A history of normal plates, tables and stages in vertebrate embryology

Eknoyan, G., 2006:
A history of obesity, or how what was good became ugly and then bad

Henke, D.E., 2006:
A history of ordinary and extraordinary means

Meine, T.J.; Russell, S.D., 2005:
A history of orthotopic heart transplantation

KRAUSZ, C.E., 1962:
A history of our national association

York, D.F.; Querat, G., 2003:
A history of ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (jaagsiekte) and experiments leading to the deduction of the JSRV nucleotide sequence

Cohen, S.W., 2005:
A history of oxygen permeability

Race, G.J.; Tillery, G.Weldon.; Dysert, P.A., 2005:
A history of pathology and laboratory medicine at Baylor University Medical Center

EIDSMOE, C.T., 1958:
A history of pharmacy at South Dakota State College

KROOK, G., 1958:
A history of pharmacy in pictures

KRAL, J., 1961:
A history of physical exercise for women

LINK, V.B., 1955:
A history of plague in United States of America

Mitman, G., 2004:
A history of pollen mapping and surveillance: the relations between natural history and clinical allergy

Merrill, J.; Btoush, R.; Gupta, M.; Gebbie, K., 2003:
A history of public health workforce enumeration

LINDSKOG, G.E., 1957:
A history of pulmonary resection

Frame, P.W., 2004:
A history of radiation detection instrumentation

Barnett, J.A., 2004:
A history of research on yeasts 8: taxonomy

Barnett, J.A.; Entian, K-Dieter., 2005:
A history of research on yeasts 9: regulation of sugar metabolism

MANSON, G., 1959:
A history of rheumatic fever

A history of roentgen therapy

Bogner, A.; Jouneau, P-H.; Thollet, G.; Basset, D.; Gauthier, C., 2006:
A history of scanning electron microscopy developments: towards "wet-STEM" imaging

Hilden, M.; Schei, B.; Swahnberg, K.; Halmesmäki, E.; Langhoff-Roos, J.; Offerdal, K.; Pikarinen, U.; Sidenius, K.; Steingrimsdottir, T.; Stoum-Hinsverk, H.; Wijma, B., 2004:
A history of sexual abuse and health: a Nordic multicentre study

Bancroft, J., 2006:
A history of sexual medicine in the United kingdom

Anonymous, 2006:
A history of social progress: health visitors

NEVINS, T.F., 1952:
A history of the Bayway Refinery medical department

BEAVEN, P., 1957:
A history of the Boston Floating Hospital

Woolf, M., 2004:
A history of the Charitable Trust of the London Chapter

Ban, T.A., 2006:
A history of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum (1957-2004)

Asbell, M.B., 2005:
A history of the Graduate Program in Periodontics/ Periodontal Prosthesis at the University of Pennsylvania

Anonymous, 1961:
A history of the Greek Army Medical Service

Marsh, H.F., 1961:
A history of the Inter-American Conferences

Dean, P.N., 2004:
A history of the International Society for Analytical Cytology

KRAUSZ, C.E., 1957:
A history of the Journal of the National Association of Chiropodists

Chekroun, A.; Pujo-Menjouet, L.; Berteau, J-Philippe., 2018:
A Novel Multiscale Mathematical Model for Building Bone Substitute Materials for Children

Barone, C.P.; Pablo, C.S.; Barone, G.W., 2003:
A history of the PACU

Bergman, G., 2004:
A history of the Piltdown hoax

Pontious, B.; Daly, J.; Zollinger, R.Milton., 2003:
A history of the Robert M. Zollinger Chair of Surgery

Crail-Rugotzke, D.; Sarnecky, M.T., 2006:
A history of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. [Review of: Sarnecky, M. T. A history of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1999

EDWARDS, R.W., 1959:
A history of the Western Dental College

EDWARDS, R.W., 1954:
A history of the Wisconsin Dental College

Johnson, S., 2004:
A history of the Women's HIV Empowerment Forum

Davidson, J.R.T.; Thase, M.E., 2007:
A history of the concept of atypical depression

FOULKES, R.G., 1962:
A history of the contributions of the Royal Canadian Air Force to the medical care of civilians in Fort Nelson Area of British Columbia. IV

FOULKES, R.G., 1962:
A history of the contributions of the Royal Canadian Air Force to the medical care of civilians in the Fort Nelson area of British Columbia. III

Dubas, F.; Charcot, J-Martin.; Bouchard, C-Joseph., 2006:
A history of the controversy between Charcot and Bouchard on the subject of miliary aneurysms

A history of the hospital bed

Steensma, D.P.; Kyle, R.A., 2006:
A history of the kidney in plasma cell disorders

RePASS.E.W., 1951:
A history of the library of the Medical Society of the City and County of Denver

A history of the morbus caeruleus

GOODSELL, J.O., 1959:
A history of the origins and progress of the Journal of Oral Surgery

ELLIS, E.D., 1951:
A history of the pioneer physicians of Washington county, Arkansas

SHAFTEL, N., 1958:
A history of the purification of milk in New York or how now brown cow

Yeo, I-Sok., 2005:
A history of the research department of the Severance Union Medical College

SHAW, A.B., 1952:
A history of the study of tuberculosis among medical students and nurses

A history of the surgical treatment of cataract

HARRIS, W., 1951:
A history of the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Benedek, T.G., 2005:
A history of the understanding of cartilage

WOODEN, A.C., 1956:
A history of the use of blood transfusions and intravenous therapy

Dodd, W.E., 1953:
A history of the woman's auxiliary to the Medical Society of New Jersey

Anonymous, 2005:
A history of this scientific periodical, Binocular Vision & Strabismus Qtly

Ouriel, K., 2005:
A history of thrombolytic therapy

DRAEGER, J., 1961:
A history of tonometry; physical principles, methodical development and clinical use

A history of tracheostomy: si spiritum ducit vivit (Cicero)

Carnevale, F.; Baldasseroni, A., 2005:
A history of union struggles for control of the work environment in Italy

A history of vitamin B12 and its relationship to pernicious anemia

Desrame, J.; Lechevalier, D.; Bechade, D.; Teritehau, C.; Lecoules, S.; Raynaud, J.J.; Bladé, J.S.; Damiano, J.; du Bourguet, F.; Coutant, G.; Algayres, J.P., 2004:
A history... difficult to digest

Bartlett, S., 2005:
A hitch-hiker's guide to Titan

Handin, R.I., 2003:
A hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy--an H. pylori travel guide

GOTZ, H.; BRENDLER, R., 1952:
A hitherto rare dermatomyces in Germany: Microsporon gypseum

A hitherto undescribed congenital haemorrhagic diathesis probably due to fibrin stabilizing factor deficiency

WIENER, A.S.; GORDON, E.B., 1956:
A hitherto undescribed human blood group Am

HOWELL, D.A., 1959:
A hitherto undescribed mechanism of upper brain stem compression

A hitherto undescribed sign for the diagnosis of spontaneous pneumothorax

RICH, A.R., 1957:
A hitherto undescribed vulnerability of the juxtamedullary glomeruli in lipoid nephrosis

A hitherto unknown aspect of the nervous complications of varicella; neuralgic forms

A hitherto unknown blood clotting defect in haemophilia and Christmas disease

Steiner, I.; Purkinje, J.Ev.; Raeuschel, F., 2005:
A hitherto unknown priority of Jan Ev. Purkyne--myocardial sleeves of the pulmonary veins. Contribution to the pathogenesis of atrial fibrillation

Sevostyanova, I.A.; Solovjeva, O.N.; Kochetov, G.A., 2003:
A hitherto unknown transketolase-catalyzed reaction

Adams, D.R., 2006:
A hitherto unnamed dermatologic entity with clinical features of both psoriasis and eczema

EISSLER, K.R.; FREUD, S., 1961:
A hitherto unnoticed letter by Sigmund FREUD

PILLERI, G., 1958:
A hitherto unobserved macroscopic brain finding in Pick's atrophy

A hitherto unrecognized biochemical difference between human milk and cow's milk

BARRETT, W.G.; FREUD, S., 1959:
A hitherto unremarked error of Freud's

Santini, D.; Vincenzi, B.; Caraglia, M.; Tonini, G., 2006:
A hitherto unreported high incidence of zoledronic acid-induced acute phase reaction in patients with cancer treatment-induced bone loss

Burnby, J., 2003:
A hive of industry: the apothecaries and steam engines

WILLIAMS, V.T., 1953:
A hobby for doctors

FORTNER, S.E., 1958:
A hobbyhorse for pediatric radiography

A hoist

ESPLEN, J.R., 1950:
A holder for Waters' canister

A holder for blood smears

LUNDY, J.S., 1950:
A holder for four-way intravenous valve

A holder for plate cultures

A holder for the containers in drip infusions

A holder for the rectal mucosa

IRMSCHER, H., 1960:
A holding apparatus for the preparation of sterile solutions in glass-stoppered vessels

AGUIRRE, S.C., 1951:
A holding device for hand surgery

SEIFERT, E., 1957:
A holding device for tonography with the Schiötz tonometer

Anonymous, 2006:
A hole in the heart can cause migraines

Kellerman, A., 2003:
A hole in the homeland defense. Fixated on smallpox, U.S. is unprepared for a more likely terror threat

MANSCHOT, W.A., 1952:
A hole in the macula in syphilitic subjects

Shepherd, R., 2003:
A holiday in Canada

COURT, J.M., 1962:
A holiday training camp for diabetic children

McLaughlin, N., 2007:
A holiday wish. Instead of more goodies, healthcare needs an outside panel to study solutions

MacAuslan, E., 2005:
A holistic approach to Jamie Oliver's recently publicised efforts to improve the nutritional value of school meals is required

Mann, N.K.; Finke, L.M., 2007:
A holistic approach to child psychiatric nursing: a new interdisciplinary collaboration

Edelblute, J., 2003:
A holistic approach to health: The Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

Stern, P., 2005:
A holistic approach to teaching evidence-based practice

GARRE, W.J., 1960:
A holistic approach to the human personality

Winter, T.T., 2005:
A holistic approach to the management of pediatric open globe injuries

Berg, G.V.; Hedelin, B.; Sarvimäki, A., 2005:
A holistic approach to the promotion of older hospital patients' health

Gilmartin, M., 2003:
A holistic approach to wound care

Pelchat, D.; Lefebvre, H., 2004:
A holistic intervention programme for families with a child with a disability

Veil, J.A.; Puder, M.G.; Littleton, D.J.; Johnson, N., 2003:
A holistic look at minimizing adverse environmental impact under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act

DREY, W., 1953:
A holistic method for examination of the musical aptitude

Kubsch, S.M.; Sternard, M.J.; Hovarter, R.; Matzke, V., 2004:
A holistic model of advocacy: factors that influence its use

McNamara, M., 2007:
A holistic nurse in a cardiology practice

Watt, P.J.; Hughes, R.B.; Rettew, L.B.; Adams, R., 2003:
A holistic programmatic approach to natural hormone replacement

Berg, G.V.; Sarvimäki, A., 2003:
A holistic-existential approach to health promotion

Fu, H.; Guan, J.; Bao, J.J., 2006:
A hollow fiber solvent microextraction approach to measure drug-protein binding

TUCKER, G.F., 1956:
A hollow guide to aid in the changing of tracheotomy tubes

VAN SCHIE, W., 1953:
A hollow kidney stone

Walter, M.; Häkkinen, H., 2006:
A hollow tetrahedral cage of hexadecagold dianion provides a robust backbone for a tuneable sub-nanometer oxidation and reduction agent via endohedral doping

Rilo, B.; Dasilva, J.L.; Ferros, I.; Mora, M.J.; Santana, U., 2005:
A hollow-bulb interim obturator for maxillary resection. A case report

Anduleit, K.; Materlik, G., 2003:
A holographic approach to point defect structure determination in inorganic crystals: Er-doped Sc2O3

Bettio, F.; Frexia, F.; Giachetti, A.; Gobbetti, E.; Pintore, G.; Zanetti, G.; Balogh, T.; Forgács, Tás.; Agocs, T.; Bouvier, E., 2006:
A holographic collaborative medical visualization system

Huang, Y-Xia.; Fang, J-Huai.; Sun, Z-Rong.; Yang, X-Hua., 2006:
A holographic plate silver film-preparation, morphology and SERS activity

Turley, M.L., 2003:
A holy moment

WETZEL, M., 1953:
A home accident survey

Waechter, M., 2003:
A home away from home birth

Ingram, C., 2006:
A home based, physical activity intervention increased physical activity, fitness, and vigour and reduced fatigue in sedentary women with early stage breast cancer

Maruo, S.; Ohtsu, Y., 2006:
A home care adjustment help provided by a local medical support hospital--the role of home care adjusting full time nursing master

GRIFFITH, J.R., 1962:
A home care program for a small community

A home care program in the community

A home care rehabilitation program for ex-urban communities

Marrelli, T., 2003:
A home care update

A home follow-up plan for care of premature infants

Farrant, A., 2004:
A home for our history

Logsdon, R.G.; McCurry, S.M.; Teri, L., 2006:
A home health care approach to exercise for persons with Alzheimer's disease

Garsden, H.; Basilakis, J.; Celler, B.G.; Huynh, K.; Lovell, N.H., 2007 :
A home health monitoring system including intelligent reporting and alerts

Condino, A.A.; Fidanza, S.; Hoffenberg, E.J., 2004:
A home infliximab infusion program

HORIO, S.R., 1950:
A home made multiple lead electrocardiograph switch

WALKER, J.V., 1951:
A home of one's own

Maihofer, M.G., 2004:
A home of our own

BRULL, L., 1957:
A home of the aged for natives in Congo

A home play and occupational program for the bedfast child; the counterpane course

Sullivan, J.E.; Hedman, L.D., 2004:
A home program of sensory and neuromuscular electrical stimulation with upper-limb task practice in a patient 5 years after a stroke

OGILVIE, H., 1955:
A home remedy for haemorrhoids

Moritz, S.; Quan, H.; Rickhi, B.; Liu, M.; Angen, M.; Vintila, R.; Sawa, R.; Soriano, J.; Toews, J., 2006:
A home study-based spirituality education program decreases emotional distress and increases quality of life--a randomized, controlled trial

Jiang, Y.Q.; Wei, Y.; Liu, K.Y., 2003:
A home telemedicine system suitable for China

Giannini, M.J.; Snyder, E.; Michalsmith, H.; Slobody, L.B., 1954:
A home training program for retarded children

Leberfeld, D.T.; Nertz, N., 1953:
A home training program in language and speech for mentally retarded children

Hedges, S.; Simmes, D.; Martinez, A.; Linder, C.; Brown, S., 2005:
A home visitation program welcomes home first-time moms and their infants

Brown, J.V.; Demi, A.S.; Celano, M.P.; Bakeman, R.; Kobrynski, L.; Wilson, S.R., 2005:
A home visiting asthma education program: challenges to program implementation

SMITH, D.I., 1953:
A home with a heart

Delbaere, K.; Bourgois, J.; Van Den Noortgate, N.; Vanderstraeten, G.; Willems, T.; Cambier, D., 2007:
A home-based multidimensional exercise program reduced physical impairment and fear of falling

Zion, A.S.; D.M.ersman, R.; Diamond, B.E.; Bloomfield, D.M., 2003:
A home-based resistance-training program using elastic bands for elderly patients with orthostatic hypotension

Häkkinen, A.; Sokka, T.; Hannonen, P., 2004:
A home-based two-year strength training period in early rheumatoid arthritis led to good long-term compliance: a five-year followup

Alon, G.; Sunnerhagen, K.Stibrant.; Geurts, A.C.H.; Ohry, A., 2003:
A home-based, self-administered stimulation program to improve selected hand functions of chronic stroke

WILLIAMS, C.E., 1956:
A home-made mattress for the incontinent patient

Cantani, A., 2006:
A home-made meat-based formula for feeding atopic babies: a study in 51 children

DEKKING, H.M., 1953:
A home-made sound projector

Botsivaly, M.; Spyropoulos, B.; Koutsourakis, K.; Mertika, K., 2007:
A homecare application based on the ASTM E2369-05 Standard Specification for Continuity of Care Record

TABER, K.W., 1954:
A homemade inexpensive manual rapid cassette changer for angiocardiography and cerebral angiography

MARSH, O., 1955:
A homemade micropipette control

Varaday, S.S.; Yentis, S.M.; Clarke, S., 2004:
A homemade model for training in cricothyrotomy

Shimoda, M.; Takahashi, M.; Yoshimoto, T.; Kono, T.; Ikai, I.; Kubo, H., 2006:
A homeobox protein, prox1, is involved in the differentiation, proliferation, and prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma

Gopalakrishnan, R.; Thomas, P.E.; Benson, M.Douglas.; Wang, D.; Franceschi, R.T., 2003:
A homeodomain protein binding element in the bone sialoprotein promoter is critical for tissue-specific expression in bone

Schneider, C.; Klein, P.; Stolt, P.; Oberbaum, M., 2006:
A homeopathic ointment preparation compared with 1% diclofenac gel for acute symptomatic treatment of tendinopathy

A homeostatic effect of mood on associative abstractness and reaction time

Young, I.S.; Kerr, M.A., 2003:
A homo [3+2] dipolar cycloaddition: the reaction of nitrones with cyclopropanes

Dybtsev, D.N.; Nuzhdin, A.L.; Chun, H.; Bryliakov, K.P.; Talsi, E.P.; Fedin, V.P.; Kim, K., 2005:
A homochiral metal-organic material with permanent porosity, enantioselective sorption properties, and catalytic activity

Wu, C-De.; Hu, A.; Zhang, L.; Lin, W., 2005:
A homochiral porous metal-organic framework for highly enantioselective heterogeneous asymmetric catalysis

Cui, Y.; Ngo, H.L.; Lin, W., 2003:
A homochiral triple helix constructed from an axially chiral bipyridine

Cobas, J.C.; Martín-Pastor, M., 2004:
A homodecoupled diffusion experiment for the analysis of complex mixtures by NMR

Elliot, D.; Southgate, C.M.; Staiano, J.J., 2003:
A homodigital switch flap to restore sensation to the ulnar border of the thumb tip

Ng, T.B.; Wang, H.X., 2003:
A homodimeric laccase with unique characteristics from the yellow mushroom Cantharellus cibarius

Duong, N-Hang.; Arratia, P.; Muzzio, F.; Lange, A.; Timmermans, J.; Reynolds, S., 2003:
A homogeneity study using NIR spectroscopy: tracking magnesium stearate in Bohle bin-blender

Wilson, J.; Rossi, C.Pena.; Carboni, S.; Fremaux, Cèle.; Perrin, D.; Soto, C.; Kosco-Vilbois, M.; Scheer, A., 2003:
A homogeneous 384-well high-throughput binding assay for a TNF receptor using alphascreen technology

Gururaja, T.L.; Pray, T.R.; Lowe, R.; Dong, G.; Huang, J.; Daniel-Issakani, S.; Payan, D.G., 2005:
A homogeneous FRET assay system for multiubiquitin chain assembly and disassembly

A homogeneous cell preparation from soybean leaves

Golla, R.; Seethala, R., 2003:
A homogeneous enzyme fragment complementation cyclic AMP screen for GPCR agonists

Gaudet, E.A.; Huang, K-Sen.; Zhang, Y.; Huang, W.; Mark, D.; Sportsman, J.Richard., 2003:
A homogeneous fluorescence polarization assay adaptable for a range of protein serine/threonine and tyrosine kinases

Heltweg, B.; Jung, M., 2003:
A homogeneous nonisotopic histone deacetylase activity assay

Yang, X.; Capotosto, R.; DiBlasio, E.; Hu, Z.; Kriz, R.; Lorenzo, M.; Malakian, K.; Wolfrom, S.; Wilhelm, J.; Wolf, S.F., 2006:
A homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer assay for IL-13/IL-13Ralpha1 interaction

Kupcho, K.; Hsiao, K.; Bulleit, B.; Goueli, S.A., 2004:
A homogeneous, nonradioactive high-throughput fluorogenic protein phosphatase assay

Davies, B.P.; Arenz, C., 2006:
A homogenous assay for micro RNA maturation

HAYNES, P.R., 1957:
A homokonic cross cylinder for refractive procedures

Soo, H.Sen.; Figueroa, J.S.; Cummins, C.C., 2004:
A homoleptic molybdenum(IV) enolate complex: synthesis, molecular and electronic structure, and NCN group transfer to form a terminal cyanoimide of molybdenum(VI)

Andrikopoulos, P.C.; Armstrong, D.R.; Clegg, W.; Gilfillan, C.J.; Hevia, E.; Kennedy, A.R.; Mulvey, R.E.; O'Hara, C.T.; Parkinson, J.A.; Tooke, D.M., 2004:
A homologous series of regioselectively tetradeprotonated group 8 metallocenes: new inverse crown ring compounds synthesized via a mixed sodium-magnesium tris(diisopropylamide) synergic base

HOFSTEE, B.H., 1958:
A homologous series of soluble n-fatty acid esters (C2-C10) as substrates for serum cholinesterase

Hanbauer, I.; Boja, E.S.; Moskovitz, J., 2003:
A homologue of elongation factor 1 gamma regulates methionine sulfoxide reductase A gene expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chien, C-Cheng.; Chang, C-Chao.; Yang, S-Haur.; Chen, S-Hung.; Huang, C-Jung., 2006:
A homologue of the Drosophila headcase protein is a novel tumor marker for early-stage colorectal cancer

Xiong, Y.; Wu, X.; Mahmud, T., 2005:
A homologue of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis PapA5 protein, rif-orf20, is an acetyltransferase involved in the biosynthesis of antitubercular drug rifamycin B by Amycolatopsis mediterranei S699

Braiuca, P.; Ebert, C.; Fischer, L.; Gardossi, L.; Linda, P., 2003:
A homology model of penicillin acylase from Alcaligenes faecalis and in silico evaluation of its selectivity

ELLIS, A., 1959:
A homosexual treated with rational psychotherapy

Tao, L.; Mogilner, A.; Civelekoglu-Scholey, G.; Wollman, R.; Evans, J.; Stahlberg, H.; Scholey, J.M., 2006:
A homotetrameric kinesin-5, KLP61F, bundles microtubules and antagonizes Ncd in motility assays

Del-Rey, M.; Ruiz-Contreras, J.; Bosque, A.; Calleja, S.; Gomez-Rial, J.; Roldan, E.; Morales, P.; Serrano, A.; Anel, A.; Paz-Artal, E.; Allende, L.M., 2006:
A homozygous Fas ligand gene mutation in a patient causes a new type of autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome

Pizzuti, A.; Flex, E.; Mingarelli, R.; Salpietro, C.; Zelante, L.; Dallapiccola, B., 2004:
A homozygous GJA1 gene mutation causes a Hallermann-Streiff/ODDD spectrum phenotype

Menko, F.H.; Kaspers, G.L.; Meijer, G.A.; Claes, K.; van Hagen, J.M.; Gille, J.J.P., 2004:
A homozygous MSH6 mutation in a child with café-au-lait spots, oligodendroglioma and rectal cancer

Denecke, J.; Brune, T.; Feldhaus, T.; Robenek, H.; Kranz, C.; Auchus, R.J.; Agarwal, A.K.; Marquardt, T., 2006:
A homozygous ZMPSTE24 null mutation in combination with a heterozygous mutation in the LMNA gene causes Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome (HGPS): insights into the pathophysiology of HGPS

Hershkovitz, T.; Hassoun, G.; Indelman, M.; Shlush, L.I.; Bergman, R.; Pollack, S.; Sprecher, E., 2006:
A homozygous missense mutation in PEPD encoding peptidase D causes prolidase deficiency associated with hyper-IgE syndrome

Hegde, M.R.; Chong, B.; Blazo, M.E.; Chin, L.Hon.E.; Ward, P.A.; Chintagumpala, M.M.; Kim, J.Y.; Plon, S.E.; Richards, C.Sue., 2005:
A homozygous mutation in MSH6 causes Turcot syndrome

Thorven, M.; Grahn, A.; Hedlund, K-Olof.; Johansson, H.; Wahlfrid, C.; Larson, Göran.; Svensson, L., 2005:
A homozygous nonsense mutation (428G-->A) in the human secretor (FUT2) gene provides resistance to symptomatic norovirus (GGII) infections

Sun, X-K.; Chen, J-F.; Xu, A-E., 2005:
A homozygous nonsense mutation in the EVER2 gene leads to epidermodysplasia verruciformis

Lubrano-Berthelier, Cécile.; Le Stunff, C.; Bougnères, P.; Vaisse, C., 2004:
A homozygous null mutation delineates the role of the melanocortin-4 receptor in humans

WALSH, E.N., 1957:
A hook-type curette

Silver, R.T., 2003:
A hope for the future

HOOVER, H.V., 1963:
A hopeful road ahead for osteopathy

HOOVER, H.V., 1963:
A hopeful road ahead of osteopathy

LANTZ, E.M., 1960:
A hopeful trend in the rate of "significant releases" from mental hospitals in Virginia

Heide, S.; Schmidt, V.; Wiegand, P.; Kleiber, M., 2004:
A hopeless case?

Wang, R.Long.; Tang, Z.; Cao, Q.Ping., 2004:
A hopfield network learning method for bipartite subgraph problem

Schnautz, T.; Brito, R.; Kruelle, C.A.; Rehberg, I., 2005:
A horizontal Brazil-nut effect and its reverse

Hansen, B.C.; Essock, E.A., 2005:
A horizontal bias in human visual processing of orientation and its correspondence to the structural components of natural scenes

Chan, E.K.; Sepkovic, D.W.; Yoo Bowne, H.J.; Yu, G.Pei.; Schantz, S.P., 2006:
A hormonal association between estrogen metabolism and proliferative thyroid disease

A hormonally controlled serum factor which stimulates sulfate incorporation by cartilage in vitro

Zdárek, J.; Denlinger, D.L.., 1997:
A hormone from the uterus of the tsetse fly, Glossina morsitans, stimulates parturition and abortion

A hormono-vitaminic-opotherapeutic drug in geriatric treatment

Fujimura, T.; Tsukahara, K.; Moriwaki, S.; Hotta, M.; Kitahara, T.; Takema, Y., 2006:
A horse chestnut extract, which induces contraction forces in fibroblasts, is a potent anti-aging ingredient

Barnett, R., 2005:
A horse named 'Twilight Sleep': the language of obstetric anaesthesia in 20th century Britain

Ensink, J.M.; Voermans, M.; Bartels, J.H.A.M.; Passon-Vastenburgen, M.H.A.C.; Loeb, E., 2005:
A horse with a badly-healing wound? A case report

Bittle, C.C., 2004:
A horse-riding accident and haemolytic anaemia

Karakiewicz, P..I..; Herba, M..J..; Laplante, M.., 2003:
A horseshoe kidney harboring large symptomatic renal angiomyolipoma with a false macro-aneurysm

Pearce, E.W.J.; Lewis, P., 2006:
A hospice for the pre-born and newborn. A Kansas city facility provides care for babies with severe birth defects and for their families, too

A hospital adjustment scale for chronic disease patients

ANDERSON, R.B., 1961:
A hospital administrator advises nurses

A hospital administrator evaluates the medical library

SHEA, E.J., 1960:
A hospital administrator says we need to look to our organization in hospitals if we really want to give the best possible patient care

SWANEPOEL, P.N., 1961:
A hospital administrator thinks aloud

LASKEY, J.L., 1955:
A hospital attorney prescribes preventive medicine

A hospital blood transfusion service: the Albert Hustin Center

Elliott, P.; Davies, M.; Scott, E., 2003:
A hospital care pathway for alcohol

SMITH, C.M., 1959:
A hospital careers recruitment program

Meriwether, R.E., 1960:
A hospital chapel is born: an awardwinning public relations project

NORRIS, J.U., 1950:
A hospital consultant reports: British health service is giving satisfaction to the public

Hawkins, A.Hunsaker., 2004:
A hospital death

SCHALM, L., 1953:
A hospital department for treatment of ambulatory treatment (ambulatorium)

A hospital diagnostic clinic conducted by general practitioners

Tieman, J., 2004:
A hospital divided. PPS proposal restricts LTACs in host hospitals

PARRISH, L.G.; WALLIS, R., 1951:
A hospital emergency and receiving department

PRIMAVESI, K.A., 1956:
A hospital epidemic caused by Salmonella heidelberg

A hospital epidemic of infantile gastroenteritis due to specific Escherichia coli in the area of Lyon

A hospital epidemic of staphylococcal infections

TEMPLETON, J.M., 1961:
A hospital eye ward

HORNSTEIN, J., 1951:
A hospital farm does pay dividends

AGNEW, H.R., 1960:
A hospital for Manitouwadge

TANNER, M.P., 1956:
A hospital for children and their anxious parents

O'GORMAN, G., 1958:
A hospital for the psychotic-defective child

READ, H.K., 1958:
A hospital goes to a fair

McALOON, J.F.; NAGLER, F., 1958:
A hospital goes to a home show

DALE, J.O., 1957:
A hospital home care plan

Anonymous, 2005:
A hospital near where I live is offering a treatment for heart disease called EECP. What are the benefits for someone who has angina?

DRAPER, W.F., 1960:
A hospital network for coal miners and their families

A hospital of the 14th century in Lanzo

Gillespie, E.L.; White, C.Michael.; Kluger, J.; Sahni, J.; Gallagher, R.; Coleman, C.I., 2006:
A hospital perspective on the cost-effectiveness of beta-blockade for prophylaxis of atrial fibrillation after cardiothoracic surgery

SMITH, G., 1954:
A hospital pharmacy; from blue prints to production

A hospital plan for a major disaster

HORNICK, G.M.; HOWARD, E.M., 1963:
A hospital postpartum teaching program

BERGSTEDT, D.R., 1951:
A hospital printing department cuts costs, adds convenience

WORDEN, F.G.; PATTON, J.D., 1954:
A hospital program for teaching and supervising administrative psychiatry

DEMING, M., 1959:
A hospital program for training executive housekeepers

Newkirk, D.R., 1963:
A hospital public relations training program for college students

STAFFURTH, J.S., 1957:
A hospital radioactive isotope unit

Madzimbamuto, F.D., 2003:
A hospital response to a soccer stadium stampede in Zimbabwe

Scott, C., 2004:
A hospital right at the heart of Hackney

ERICKSON, E.H., 1951:
A hospital safety committee that works

WALTON, M.H., 1951:
A hospital school

Mansperger, M., 1950:
A hospital school of nursing looks at the future

DELIEN, H., 1955 :
A hospital site is donated; criteria for acceptance

HOWELL, G., 1955:
A hospital solves its staffing problems

LANGLOIS, H.J., 1956:
A hospital store is only as good as its keeper

A hospital study of congestive heart failure, with special reference to cor pulmonale

Garg, A.; Morton, S.; Heneghan, A., 2005:
A hospital survey of postpartum depression education at the time of delivery

Mottini, G.; D'Avola, D.; Dimbelolo, J.C.; Lumu, R.; Gallizioli, E.; Nisita, J.; Manfrini, S.; De Clerck, M.; Pozzilli, P., 2004:
A hospital survey of the clinical features of diabetes in Congo

GIBSON, A., 1951:
A hospital syringe service

WALLACE, H.M.; LOSTY, M.A., 1953:
A hospital teaching program for parents of premature infants

GODWIN, B., 1953:
A hospital tumor registry

A hospital unit for the care of the patient with long-term illness: the intermediate service

Ewing, T., 2005:
A hospital visit in China

TEWFIK, G.I., 1956:
A hospital visitors' association

MACHAVER, H., 1952:
A hospital wage survey

BEDFORD, P.D., 1951:
A hospital weighing-machine

A hospital workshop

LOCKWOOD, P., 1957:
A hospital year-end bonus for your key people

LEWIS, C.A., 1955:
A hospital's best friend is the college

PARKER, A.H., 1952:
A hospital's chief engineer tells about changing from coal to oil

SNOW, E.L., 1952:
A hospital's defense against atomic attack

Wright, L.Denise., 2006:
A hospital's malicious criminal prosecution of a registered nurse: what is the intended and unintended message?

Boston, T.R.O., 2003:
A hospital's non-delegable duty of care

MALM, H.M.; PANNKOKE, O.H., 1959:
A hospital's people are its richest resource

Anonymous, 2007:
A hospital's tale. Understanding challenges and strategies associated with data reporting is key to effectively communicate performance

Bernander, S.; Jacobson, K.; Helbig, Jürgen.Herbert.; Lück, P.Christian.; Lundholm, M., 2003:
A hospital-associated outbreak of Legionnaires' disease caused by Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 is characterized by stable genetic fingerprinting but variable monoclonal antibody patterns

Sharma, N.P.; Peacock, S.J.; Phumratanaprapin, W.; Day, N.; White, N.; Pukrittayakamee, S., 2006:
A hospital-based study of bloodstream infections in febrile patients in Dhulikhel Hospital Kathmandu University Teaching Hospital, Nepal

Benbir, Gülçin.; Ozekmekçi, S.; Apaydin, Hülya.; Delil, S.; Erginöz, E., 2006:
A hospital-based study: risk factors in development of motor complications in 555 Parkinson's patients on levodopa therapy

Alshehri, M.Y., 2007:
A hospital-based survey of primary hyperparathyroidism in the Asir Region: Low prevalence or underdiagnosis?

Rerkasem, K.; Kosachunhanum, N.; Chongruksut, W.; Koiam, W.; Limpijarnkit, L.; Chimplee, K.; Mangklabruks, A., 2005:
A hospital-based survey of risk factors for diabetic foot ulceration in northern Thailand

LEWINE, S.; MCNETT, E.H., 1952:
A hospital-operated nursery school

JAMES, E.E., 1951:
A hospital-sponsored community art festival

A hospital-to-home link for crippled children

Lamberg, L., 2003:
A host of novel agents for treating psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis stir interest

Knaust, J.M.; Inman, C.; Keller, S.W., 2004:
A host-guest complex between a metal-organic cyclotriveratrylene analog and a polyoxometalate: [Cu6(4,7-phenanthroline)8(MeCN)4]2PM12O40(M = Mo or W)

A host-induced modification of hemagglutinating virus of Japan (HVJ, Sendai virus) in its hemolytic and cytopathic activity

ANSARI, M.A.R., 1956:
A host-list of phthirapteran parasites (lice) found on Indo-Pakistan mammals (mammalia) and birds (aves)

A host-protein component of influenza viruses

HIERS, T., 1960:
A hostess program in a smaller hospital

Seyle, D.Conor.; Newman, M.L., 2006:
A house divided? The psychology of red and blue America

Gautschi, C., 2004:
A house of midwives

A house-surgeon's observations on bronchitis in North Staffordshire pottery workers in 1864

LARSON, E.D., 1957:
A house-to-house search for diabetes

LAGACHE, D., 1951:
A household of drug addicts; medicolegal document

GORDON, D., 1962:
A household poison cabinet

Barker, J.C.; Saechao, K., 1997:
A household survey of older Iu-Mien refugees in rural California

VESTAL, A., 1958:
A housekeeper tours a new hospital

Moss, T.; Langlois, F.; Gagnon-Kugler, T.; Stefanovsky, V., 2006:
A housekeeper with power of attorney: the rRNA genes in ribosome biogenesis

DAWSON, J.B., 1961:
A houseman's trolley

MALONE, J.H., 1952:
A housing program for the housekeeping department

Merin, M., 2005:
A how-to for a healthier you. A new online tool flags your health risks

Hamilton, M.Kuder.; Markovic, N., 2007:
A how-to guide for conducting a community oral cancer screening

Cooke, R., 2005:
A how-to guide to private-label manufacturing

A huan intersex ('rue hermahrodite') with XX/XXY/ XXYYY sex chromosomes

Yu, D-Shyong.; Wu, S-Tang.; Chang, C-Chang., 2006:
A huge 'prostate-mimicking' vaginal leiomyoma with simultaneous expression of oestrogen and progesterone receptors

Bansal, U.; Duttaroy, D.; Jagtap, J.; Patel, G., 2007:
A huge abdominal lump with multiple bony bumps

Gürdal, M.; Ayyildiz, A.; Huri, E.; Kanberoğlu, Hüseyin.; Karaman, M.Ihsan., 2004:
A huge bladder cystine stone

Jung, T-Eun.; Lee, J-Hoon.; Han, S-Sae.; Lee, D-Hyup., 2004:
A huge fungal vegetation in the ascending aorta vascular graft

Kaya, S.; Aydin, E.; Sirmali, M.; Ağaçkiran, Y., 2003:
A huge intrathoracal mass in a 1-year-old infant: an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor

Selçuk, H.; Selçuk, M.Timur.; Ozbakir, C.; Caldir, V.; Zengin, N.Inci.; Korkmaz, S., 2005:
A huge left atrial myxoma with angiographic tumour vascularity

Murtaza, B.; Gondal, Z.Iqbal.; Mehmood, A.; Shah, S.Saleem.; Abbasi, M.Hanif.; Tamimy, M.Sarmad.; Kazmi, S.Tahawwar.Mujtaba., 2005:
A huge malignant triton tumour

PULLIAM, R.L., 1963:
A huge mixed tumor of the parotid

Yuce, M.; Dagdelen, S.; Ergelen, M.; Eren, N.; Caglar, N., 2006:
A huge obstructive myxoma located in the right heart without causing any symptom

Mohite, P.N.; Bhatnagar, A.M.; Parikh, S.N., 2006:
A huge omental lymphangioma with extension into labia majorae: a case report

A huge osteoma in the anterior cranial fossa

Tsai, C-Jen.; Ho, C-Yin.; Lin, C-Zong., 2003:
A huge osteoma of paranasal sinuses with intraorbital extension presenting as diplopia

ROY, D.K., 1963:
A huge ovarian tumour with pregnancy

Kouerinis, I.A.; Zografos, G.C.; Exarchos, D.N.; Silimingas, N.T.; Argiriou, M.E.; Manoussaridis, J.T.; Misiakos, E.P.; Fotiadis, C.I.; Bellenis, I.P., 2006:
A huge posteromedial mediastinal cyst complicated with vertebral dislodgment

Kiefer, B., 2007:
A huge prank

Matsuda, M.; Amemiya, H.; Kono, H.; Suzuki, T.; Chang, M.Sung.; Izawa, S.; Furuya, S.; Takano, A.; Matsumoto, Y.; Fujii, H., 2005:
A huge primary peritoneal papillary adenocarcinoma which demonstrated imaging findings similar to those of extrahepatic-growing type hepatic tumor: report of a case

EL-MOFTY, A., 1960:
A huge trilobed laryngeal cyst

Mii, S.; Eguchi, D., 2005:
A huge true aneurysm of the saphenous vein patch for anastomotic angioplasty: report of a case

Sheen, M.C.; Sheu, H.M.; Lai, F.J.; Lin, S.D.; Wu, C.F.; Wang, Y.W.; Lan, C.C.E., 2004:
A huge verrucous carcinoma of the lower lip treated with intra-arterial infusion of methotrexate

Sahlman, J.; Pitkänen, M.T.; Prockop, D.J.; Arita, M.; Li, S-Wu.; Helminen, H.J.; Långsjö, T.K.; Puustjärvi, K.; Lammi, M.J., 2004:
A human COL2A1 gene with an Arg519Cys mutation causes osteochondrodysplasia in transgenic mice

Iwamoto, S.; Ishida, M.; Tamaoki, S.; Hagiwara, T.; Sueki, H.; Miyazaki, A., 2005:
A human Langerhans cell-like cell line, ELD-1, promotes CD8 T cells to produce IFN-gamma through CD70-dependent alternative pathway

Uji, M.; Matsushita, H.; Watanabe, T.; Suzumura, T., 2007:
A human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 carrier presenting with Sjögren's syndrome and bronchopneumopathy

Frisullo, G.; Della Marca, G.; Mirabella, M.; Caggiula, M.; Broccolini, A.; Rubino, M.; Mennuni, G.; Tonali, P.Attilio.; Batocchi, A.Paola., 2007:
A human anti-neuronal autoantibody against GABA B receptor induces experimental autoimmune agrypnia

Parse, R.Rizzo., 2004:
A human becoming teaching-learning model

KROGMAN, W.M., 1961:
A human biologist looks at the contemporary scene

Kerins, M.; Greene, S.; O'Connor, N., 2004:
A human bite to the scrotum: a case report and review of the literature

IKIN, E.W.; MOURANT, A.E., 1953:
A human blood-group gene intermediate between M and N

BASS, W.M.; BIRKBY, W.H., 1962:
A human calvarium from Foard County, Texas

A human case of canicola fever in Indonesia

Strauss, R.; Granz, A.; Wassermann-Neuhold, M.; Krause, R.; Bagó, Z.; Revilla-Fernández, S.; Simón-Soria, F.S.; Echevarría, J.E.; Popow-Kraupp, T.; Allerberger, F.; Schönbauer, M.; Hrabcik, H., 2005:
A human case of travel-related rabies in Austria, September 2004

A human centrifuge for research into physiological flight stresses

Schanzer, J.M.; Baeuerle, P.A.; Dreier, T.; Kufer, P., 2006:
A human cytokine/single-chain antibody fusion protein for simultaneous delivery of GM-CSF and IL-2 to Ep-CAM overexpressing tumor cells

Paulus, C.; Krauss, S.; Nevels, M., 2006:
A human cytomegalovirus antagonist of type I IFN-dependent signal transducer and activator of transcription signaling

Tsang, K-Yok.; Palena, C.; Gulley, J.; Arlen, P.; Schlom, J., 2004:
A human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitope and its agonist epitope from the nonvariable number of tandem repeat sequence of MUC-1

Türkmen, H.; Ali Oner, Y., 2004:
A human dermatitis caused by Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Denis and Schiffermüller, 1775) (order: Lepidoptera) caterpillars in Istanbul, Turkey

A human double cross-over

A human egg of approximately 17 days found in medicolegal autopsy

A human embryo (Ca.) with 9 pairs of primitive segments; contribution to the study of the first phases of somitic differentiation in the human embryo

A human embryo of 9 millimeters with open neural ducts at various points

WILKES, W., 1951:
A human embryo with conjugate heart germ. (embryo Kurt)

STREITER, A., 1951:
A human embryo with seven pairs of protovertebrae

A human epithelium-like cell (maben) derived from an adenocarcinoma of lung; isolation, continuous propagation, and effects of selected viruses

Digby, A., 2003:
A human face to medicine: encounters between patients and general practitioners in Britain, 1850-1950

A human factor inducing behavioral and electrophysiological changes in animals. I. Isolation and chemical nature of the agent

Moorthy, K.; Munz, Y.; Adams, S.; Pandey, V.; Darzi, A., 2005:
A human factors analysis of technical and team skills among surgical trainees during procedural simulations in a simulated operating theatre

Carayon, P.; Gürses, Aşe.P., 2005:
A human factors engineering conceptual framework of nursing workload and patient safety in intensive care units

Karsh, B-T.; Holden, R.J.; Alper, S.J.; Or, C.K.L., 2006:
A human factors engineering paradigm for patient safety: designing to support the performance of the healthcare professional

Baxter, S., 2005:
A human galaxy: a prehistory of the future

Adams, H., 2004:
A human germline modification scale

Ng, L.F.P.; Hibberd, M.L.; Ooi, E-Eong.; Tang, K-Fai.; Neo, S-Ying.; Tan, J.; Murthy, K.R.Krishna.; Vega, V.B.; Chia, J-Ming.; Liu, E.T.; Ren, E-Chee., 2004:
A human in vitro model system for investigating genome-wide host responses to SARS coronavirus infection

A human incomplete immune anti-M

ASKEY, E.V., 1959:
A human look at aging

Giese, C.; Demmler, C.D.; Ammer, R.; Hartmann, S.; Lubitz, A.; Miller, L.; Müller, R.; Marx, U., 2006:
A human lymph node in vitro--challenges and progress

Yoshino, T.; Kawakita, M., 1997:
A human megakaryoblastic cell cycle regulation cell line, CMK and its cell cycle regulation

A human meningitis of bovine origin (epizootic pseudo-aphthous stomatitis) and its ultravirus

Baad-Hansen, L.; Jensen, T.Staehelin.; Svensson, P., 2004:
A human model of intraoral pain and heat hyperalgesia

Krinner, E-Maria.; Raum, T.; Petsch, S.; Bruckmaier, S.; Schuster, I.; Petersen, L.; Cierpka, R.; Abebe, D.; Mølhøj, M.; Wolf, A.; Sørensen, P.; Locher, M.; Baeuerle, P.A.; Hepp, J., 2006:
A human monoclonal IgG1 potently neutralizing the pro-inflammatory cytokine GM-CSF

A human monozygotic quintuplet placenta: report of a specimen

AHUJA, Y.R., 1960:
A human mosaic involving eye and hair color differences

Duan, J.; Ji, X.; Feng, J.; Han, W.; Zhang, P.; Cao, W.; Guo, X.; Qi, C.; Yang, D.; Jin, G.; Gao, G.; Yan, X., 2006:
A human neutralizing antibody against a conformational epitope shared by oligomeric SARS S1 protein

Pleguezuelos, O.; Dainty, S.J.; Kapas, S.; Taylor, J.J., 2005:
A human oral keratinocyte cell line responds to human heat shock protein 60 through activation of ERK1/2 MAP kinases and up- regulation of IL-1beta

Morin, K.W.; Duan, W.; Knaus, E.E.; McEwan, A.J.B.; Wiebe, L.I., 2005:
A human osteosarcoma cell line expressing herpes simplex type-1 thymidine kinase: studies with radiolabeled (E)-5-(2-iodovinyl)-2'-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine

WAY, S.; DAWSON, N., 1959:
A human ovum in a vaginal smear

KRAUSE, W., 1952:
A human ovum with 0.32 mm length of germinative plate in situ

Tammela, J.E.; Lele, S.; Odunsi, K., 2003:
A human papillomavirus type 16 vaccine

Anonymous, 2006:
A human papillomavirus vaccine

A human plasma factor inducing behavioral and electro-physiological changes in animals. II. Changes induced in animals

Persson, A.; Hober, S.; Uhlén, M., 2006:
A human protein atlas based on antibody proteomics

WADE, L., 1955:
A human relations approach to sickness absenteeism and other employee problems

Canter, R.R., 1951:
A human relations training program

WAGNER, M.G., 1957:
A human relationship program for dietetic interns. I. Purpose, method, and content

DREYER, A.S.; WAGNER, M.G., 1957:
A human relationship program for dietetic interns. II. Evaluation of the program

GOLDSMAN, A.H., 1963:
A human resources development program for the handicapped. A proposal

Bian, D.; Zheng, Z.; Swanson, A.; Weitlauf, A.; Woynaroski, T.; Cascio, C.J.; Key, A.P.; Warren, Z.; Sarkar, N., 2018:
A Novel Multisensory Stimulation and Data Capture System (MADCAP) for Investigating Sensory Trajectories in Infancy

Wilkinson, R., 2003:
A human rights approach is paramount in emergency care

Coyle, A., 2003:
A human rights approach to prison management

Seuba, X., 2006:
A human rights approach to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines

Thompson, J.Beebe., 2004:
A human rights framework for midwifery care

Kracht, U., 2005:
A human rights-based approach to food and nutrition in development--reflections from the ACC/SUB-Committee on Nutrition

McINTYRE, J., 1954:
A human serum containing five distinct isoagglutinins

Zhou, C.; Emadi, S.; Sierks, M.R.; Messer, A., 2004:
A human single-chain Fv intrabody blocks aberrant cellular effects of overexpressed alpha-synuclein

Brès, V.; Gomes, N.; Pickle, L.; Jones, K.A., 2005:
A human splicing factor, SKIP, associates with P-TEFb and enhances transcription elongation by HIV-1 Tat

Azriel-Rosenfeld, R.; Valensi, M.; Benhar, I., 2003:
A human synthetic combinatorial library of arrayable single-chain antibodies based on shuffling in vivo formed CDRs into general framework regions

Chan, C.; Sandhu, J.; Guha, A.; Scollard, D.A.; Wang, J.; Chen, P.; Bai, K.; Lee, L.; Reilly, R.M., 2005:
A human transferrin-vascular endothelial growth factor (hnTf-VEGF) fusion protein containing an integrated binding site for (111)In for imaging tumor angiogenesis

A human twin dicephalus ileo-thoracopagus hexabrachius dichordus fetus

Yaqub, S.; Solhaug, V.; Vang, T.; Solberg, R.; Aasen, A.; Taskén, K.; Wang, J.E., 2003:
A human whole blood model of LPS-mediated suppression of T cell activation

A human "D-like" antibody

Gong, Y.; Zhang, J., 2006:
A human-centered design and evaluation framework for information search

Blank, F.S.J.; Keyes, M.; Maynard, A.M.; Provost, D.; Santoro, J.P., 2004:
A humane ED seclusion/restraint: legal requirements, a new policy, procedure, "psychiatric advocate" role

Kok, A.G.G., 2003:
A humane kit for the cat

SCHMIDT, A.J., 1960:
A humanist describes and prescribes: Thomas Wilson and medicine

Gagovic, V., 2003:
A humanistic role model in my medical career

Chmátal, P.; Bohonĕk, M.; Dobiásová, M.; Hasek, R.; Cernohous, M., 2005:
A humanitarian mission in southern Iraq: utilization of the 7th Field Hospital of the Army of the Czech Republic--a report on its medical activities and working conditions

Perakis, C.R., 2003:
A humanities orientation to physical diagnosis

Rech, J.; Repp, R.; Rech, D.; Stockmeyer, B.; Dechant, M.; Niedobitek, G.; Gramatzki, M.; Valerius, T., 2006:
A humanized HLA-DR antibody (hu1D10, apolizumab) in combination with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (filgrastim) for the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a pilot study

Stein, R.; Goldenberg, D.M., 2005:
A humanized monoclonal antibody to carcinoembryonic antigen, labetuzumab, inhibits tumor growth and sensitizes human medullary thyroid cancer xenografts to dacarbazine chemotherapy

A humoral agent implicated in vascular headache of the migraine type

JACOBSON, L.O., 1952:
A humoral factor in recovery from lesions caused by irradiation

A humoral inquiry in psychopaths

WESLEY, I.; SANDOR, G., 1953:
A humoral test of the secretory activity of the adrenal cortex

A hundred spiroid fractures of the leg treated by osteosynthesis with wire

BISHOP, P.J., 1960:
A hundred years ago

Oren, A., 2005:
A hundred years of Dunaliella research: 1905-2005

Fang, Q.; Mahmoud, S.; Gu, X.; Fu, J., 2018:
A Novel Multi-Standard Compliant Hand Function Assessment Method Using an Infrared Imaging Device

Boulton, F.; Morawitz, P., 2006:
A hundred years of cascading - started by Paul Morawitz (1879-1936), a pioneer of haemostasis and of transfusion

Wright, J.A., 1957:
A hundred years of dentistry

He, S.; Li, L.; Sun, S.; Zeng, Z.; Lu, J.; Xie, L., 2018:
A Novel Murine Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Model and the Pathogenic Role of MicroRNA-21

Wright, W.B., 1962:
A hundred years of migraine

Gerst, T., 2004:
A hundred years of physicians' professional organization: an overview

Walther, K., 1951:
A hundred years of plaster casts

Braasch, W.F., 1952:
A hundred years of progress in urology

Lipozencić, J.; von Pirquet, C., 2006:
A hundred years of "Allergy" Clemens von Pirquet's essay "Allergie", published on July 24, 1906 in Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift

SOMOGYI, B., 1954:
A hundred years' of Hungarian literature in topographic anatomy and surgery

Kraft, D., 2006:
A hunt for genes that betrayed a desert people

Gkrania-Klotsas, E.; Lever, A.M.L., 2005:
A husband and wife with left hand rashes

Spicer, A.P.; Joo, A.; Bowling, R.A., 2003:
A hyaluronan binding link protein gene family whose members are physically linked adjacent to chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan core protein genes: the missing links

GIBIAN, H., 1952:
A hyaluronidase simulating factor in canine saliva

Kobayashi, S.; Ohmae, M.; Ochiai, H.; Fujikawa, S-Ichi., 2006:
A hyaluronidase supercatalyst for the enzymatic polymerization to synthesize glycosaminoglycans

Naimov, S.; Dukiandjiev, S.; de Maagd, R.A., 2006:
A hybrid Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin gives resistance against a coleopteran and a lepidopteran pest in transgenic potato

Chang, M.; Chow, S-Chung., 2005:
A hybrid Bayesian adaptive design for dose response trials

Salcedo-Sanz, S.; Yao, X., 2004:
A hybrid Hopfield network-genetic algorithm approach for the terminal assignment problem

Yu, M.; Nan, B., 2006:
A hybrid Newton-type method for censored survival data using double weights in linear models

Jayachandran, V.; Bonilha, M.W., 2003:
A hybrid SEA/modal technique for modeling structural-acoustic interior noise in rotorcraft

Bouguila, N.; Ziou, D., 2006:
A hybrid SEM algorithm for high-dimensional unsupervised learning using a finite generalized Dirichlet mixture

Wu, W.; Liu, X.; Xu, M.; Peng, J.Rong.; Setiono, R., 2006:
A hybrid SOM-SVM approach for the zebrafish gene expression analysis

Remington, P.J.; Knight, J.Scott.; Hanna, D.; Rowley, C., 2005:
A hybrid active/passive exhaust noise control system for locomotives

Kennedy, J.A.; Israel, O.; Frenkel, A.; Bar-Shalom, R.; Azhari, H., 2006:
A hybrid algorithm for PET/CT image merger in hybrid scanners

Daneshvar, S.; Ghassemian, H., 2007:
A hybrid algorithm for medical image registration

Zimrin, D.; Reyes, P.A.; Reicher, B.; Poston, R.S., 2006:
A hybrid alternative for high risk left main disease

Kawamura, Y.; Nakai, H., 2004:
A hybrid approach combining energy density analysis with the interaction energy decomposition method

Haghi, D.; Papavassiliu, T.; Kalmar, G.; Schroder, M.; Neff, W.; Kaden, J.J.; Muller, U.; Haase, K.K.; Borggrefe, M.; Suselbeck, T., 2005:
A hybrid approach for quantification of aortic valve stenosis using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography

Pakhomov, S.; Chute, C.G., 2007:
A hybrid approach to determining modification of clinical diagnoses

Xia, D.; Roeske, J.C.; Yu, L.; Pelizzari, C.A.; Mundt, A.J.; Pan, X., 2005:
A hybrid approach to reducing computed tomography metal artifacts in intracavitary brachytherapy

Meadows, J.; Marshall, A.C.; Lock, J.E.; Scheurer, M.; Laussen, P.C.; Bacha, E.A., 2006:
A hybrid approach to stabilization and repair of obstructed total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in a critically ill newborn infant

Piron, C.A.; Causer, P.; Jong, R.; Shumak, R.; Plewes, D.B., 2003:
A hybrid breast biopsy system combining ultrasound and MRI

Wu, W.; Sun, J.; Heng, P.Ann., 2004:
A hybrid condensed finite element model for interactive 3D soft tissue cutting

Harders, M.; Steinemann, D.; Gross, M.; Székely, G., 2006 :
A hybrid cutting approach for hysteroscopy simulation

Borowski, T.; Bassan, A.; Siegbahn, P.E.M., 2004:
A hybrid density functional study of O-O bond cleavage and phenyl ring hydroxylation for a biomimetic non-heme iron complex

Wylie, D.C.; Hori, Y.; Dinner, A.R.; Chakraborty, A.K., 2006:
A hybrid deterministic-stochastic algorithm for modeling cell signaling dynamics in spatially inhomogeneous environments and under the influence of external fields

Jana, A.Kumar.; Samanta, A.Nath., 2006:
A hybrid feedback linearizing-Kalman filtering control algorithm for a distillation column

Peng, J-Xun.; Li, K.; Huang, D-Shuang., 2006:
A hybrid forward algorithm for RBF neural network construction

Chen, T.; Metaxas, D., 2005:
A hybrid framework for 3D medical image segmentation

Braathen, S.; Sendstad, O.Jakob., 2004:
A hybrid fuzzy logic/constraint satisfaction problem approach to automatic decision making in simulation game models

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A hybrid hopfield network-simulated annealing approach for frequency assignment in satellite communications systems

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A hybrid machine model of rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe grisea

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A hybrid metalloarsenate 3D framework-1D interrupted metal oxide

Cao, D.; Jiang, T.; Wu, J., 2006:
A hybrid method for predicting the microstructure of polymers with complex architecture: combination of single-chain simulation with density functional theory

Tatsumi, R.; Fukunishi, Y.; Nakamura, H., 2004:
A hybrid method of molecular dynamics and harmonic dynamics for docking of flexible ligand to flexible receptor

García-Talavera, M.; Peña, V., 2004:
A hybrid method to compute accurate efficiencies for volume samples in gamma-ray spectrometry

Lombardo, F.; Obach, R.Scott.; Dicapua, F.M.; Bakken, G.A.; Lu, J.; Potter, D.M.; Gao, F.; Miller, M.D.; Zhang, Y., 2006:
A hybrid mixture discriminant analysis-random forest computational model for the prediction of volume of distribution of drugs in human

Krishnaswamy, S.; Loke, S.W.; Zaslasvky, A., 2004:
A hybrid model for improving response time in distributed data mining

Yung, K.L.; He, L.; Xu, Y.; Shen, Y.W., 2006:
A hybrid model for molecular-dynamics simulations of semiflexible main-chain liquid-crystalline polymer melts

Ghosh, R.; Yearwood, J.; Ghosh, M.; Bagirov, A., 2006:
A hybrid neural learning algorithm using evolutionary learning and derivative free local search method

Lin, J.; Jin, X-gang.; Yang, J-gang., 2004:
A hybrid neural network model for consciousness

Lee, E.W.M.; Lim, C.Peng.; Yuen, R.K.K.; Lo, S.M., 2004:
A hybrid neural network model for noisy data regression

Chiang, J.H. , 2003:
A hybrid neural network model in handwritten word recognition

Ma, J., 2003:
A hybrid neural network of addressable and content-addressable memory

Lim, C-Peng.; Leong, J-Hwai.; Kuan, M-Ming., 2005:
A hybrid neural network system for pattern classification tasks with missing features

Chen, C-Bo.; Li, T., 2005:
A hybrid neural network system for prediction and recognition of promoter regions in human genome

Rovithakis, G.A.; Maniadakis, M.; Zervakis, M., 2004:
A hybrid neural network/genetic algorithm approach to optimizing feature extraction for signal classification

Yüksel, M.Emin., 2006:
A hybrid neuro-fuzzy filter for edge preserving restoration of images corrupted by impulse noise

Liu, C.; Sheen, D.; Huang, K., 2004:
A hybrid numerical method to compute erythrocyte TMP in low-frequency electric fields

Juang, C-Feng., 2004:
A hybrid of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization for recurrent network design

Wilson, R.; Obiozo, U.Mirian.; Quirk, P.G.; Besra, G.Singh.; Jackson, J.Baz., 2006:
A hybrid of the transhydrogenases from Rhodospirillum rubrum and Mycobacterium tuberculosis catalyses rapid hydride transfer but not the complete, proton-translocating reaction

Thorslund, S.; Klett, O.; Nikolajeff, F.; Markides, K.; Bergquist, J., 2006:
A hybrid poly(dimethylsiloxane) microsystem for on-chip whole blood filtration optimized for steroid screening

Kersey, F.R.; Loveless, D.M.; Craig, S.L., 2007:
A hybrid polymer gel with controlled rates of cross-link rupture and self-repair

Duchemin, G.; Maillet, P.; Poignet, P.; Dombre, E.; Pierrot, Fçois., 2005:
A hybrid position/force control approach for identification of deformation models of skin and underlying tissues

Oremus, M.; Cosby, J.L.; Wolfson, C., 2005:
A hybrid qualitative method for pretesting questionnaires: the example of a questionnaire to caregivers of Alzheimer disease patients

Song, H.; Ilegbusi, O.J.; Sacco, A., 2005:
A hybrid rheological model for particulate suspension in zeolite crystal growth

Klopper, W., 2004:
A hybrid scheme for the resolution-of-the-identity approximation in second-order Møller-Plesset linear-r(12) perturbation theory

Férey, Gérard.; Serre, C.; Mellot-Draznieks, C.; Millange, F.; Surblé, S.; Dutour, J.; Margiolaki, Iène., 2004:
A hybrid solid with giant pores prepared by a combination of targeted chemistry, simulation, and powder diffraction

Matalanis, G.; Durairaj, M.; Brooks, M., 2006:
A hybrid technique of aortic arch branch transposition and antegrade stent graft deployment for complete arch repair without cardiopulmonary bypass

Ford, M.; McKee, P.; Szilagyi, M., 2004:
A hybrid thermoplastic and neoprene thumb metacarpophalangeal joint orthosis

Popkess-Vawter, S., 2006:
A hybrid view of weight management

Lakshminarayanan, P.S.; Suresh, E.; Ghosh, P., 2006:
A hybrid water-chloride structure with discrete undecameric water moieties self-assembled in a heptaprotonated octaamino cryptand

Prodan, E.; Radloff, C.; Halas, N.J.; Nordlander, P., 2003:
A hybridization model for the plasmon response of complex nanostructures

Kondratieva, V.I.; Kazaryan, E.S.; Naumov, G.I., 2003:
A hybridization study of different geographical populations of the predatory yeast Arthroascus schoenii

A hydatid cyst of the brain in a 7-year-old child

Selcuk, M.Timur.; Selcuk, H.; Tufekcioglu, O.; Baser, K.; Ozbulbul, N.Isiksalan.; Birincioglu, L.; Korkmaz, S., 2007:
A hydatid cyst of the interventricular septum diagnosed incidentally by multislice computed tomography

Selmi, M.; Mounir Kharrat, M.; Chouket, A.; Hedfi, S.; Ben Salah, K., 2005:
A hydatid cyst of the liver destroying the biliary convergence: treatment by internal drainage

Guven, G.Sain.; Simsek, H.; Cakir, B.; Akhan, O.; Abbasoglu, O., 2004:
A hydatid cyst presenting as an axillary mass

Corzana, F.; Motawia, M.S.; Du Penhoat, C.Hervé.; Perez, S.; Tschampel, S.M.; Woods, R.J.; Engelsen, Søren.B., 2004:
A hydration study of (1-->4) and (1-->6) linked alpha-glucans by comparative 10 ns molecular dynamics simulations and 500-MHz NMR

NOBLE, F.W., 1959:
A hydraulic pressure generator for testing the dynamic characteristics of blood pressure manometers

TRACE, H.D., 1954:
A hydraulic vein stripper

Anonymous, 1961:
A hydraulic-powered, foot-operated, tilting obsteric bed

STEWART, J.B., 1953:
A hydraulically operated, self-propelling chair

A hydric epidemic of epidemic hepatitis preceded by dysentery

Lee, D-Yon.; Hong, B-Sun.; Cho, E-Goo.; Lee, H.; Jun, C-Ho., 2003:
A hydroacylation-triggered carbon--carbon triple bond cleavage in alkynes via retro-Mannich type fragmentation

JEROME, S., 1953:
A hydrocelectomy dressing

WALKER, M.H., 1962:
A hydrocortisone-pantothenylol aerosol foam for skin therapy

Lei, M.; Salim, A.; Siegel, R.; Ziaie, B., 2007:
A hydrogel-actuated microvalve for smart flow control

Lei, M.; Baldi, A.; Nuxoll, E.; Siegel, R.A.; Ziaie, B., 2006:
A hydrogel-based implantable micromachined transponder for wireless glucose measurement

Gaspar, L.J.Milton.; Baskar, G., 2005:
A hydrogelator derived from polymerisable amphiphilic octadecyl maleamic acid and its potential as a reactor in aqueous copolymerisation reactions

Han, W-Sik.; Chung, K-Chun.; Kim, M-Hoon.; Ko, H-Baek.; Lee, Y-Hoon.; Hong, T-Kee., 2004:
A hydrogen ion-selective poly(aniline) solid contact electrode based on dibenzylpyrenemethylamine ionophore for highly acidic solutions

Wong, W.T.; Chan, W.I.; Liao, P.H.; Lo, K.V., 2006:
A hydrogen peroxide/ microwave advanced oxidation process for sewage sludge treatment

Portilla, J.; Quiroga, J.; de la Torre, Jé.M.; Cobo, J.; Low, J.N.; Glidewell, C., 2006:
A hydrogen-bonded chain of rings in 7-amino-5-tert-butyl-2-methylpyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine, and a hydrogen-bonded framework structure in 3,7-diamino-2,5-dimethylpyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine monohydrate

Boudebous, A.; Constable, E.C.; Housecroft, C.E.; Neuburger, M.; Schaffner, S., 2006:
A hydrogen-bonded dimer of 13-hydroxy-13-[(triisopropylsilyl)ethynyl]pentacen-6(13H)-one

Li, C.; Robinson, P.D.; Dyer, D.J., 2006:
A hydrogen-bonded heterodimer of 1-(4-hexyloxyphenyl)pyridin-4(1H)-one with 4-cyanobenzoic acid

McKinlay, R.M.; Atwood, J.L., 2007:
A hydrogen-bonded hexameric nanotoroidal assembly

Alfonso, I.; Burguete, M.Isabel.; Luis, S.V., 2006:
A hydrogen-bonding-modulated molecular rotor: environmental effect in the conformational stability of peptidomimetic macrocyclic cyclophanes

GREEN, G.E., 1957:
A hydrogen-conversion detector for gas chromatography

Brakebill, J.W.; Preston, S.D., 2003:
A hydrologic network supporting spatially referenced regression modeling in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

DIONIGI, R.; SARPI, P., 1961:
A hydrologist-pharmacist: Paolo SARPI, of the Romagna (1781-1840)

Nakayama, K.; Endo, M.; Majima, T., 2005:
A hydrophilic azobenzene-bearing amino acid for photochemical control of a restriction enzyme BamHI

Kaanumalle, L.S.; Gibb, C.L.D.; Gibb, B.C.; Ramamurthy, V., 2005:
A hydrophobic nanocapsule controls the photophysics of aromatic molecules by suppressing their favored solution pathways

Dikeakos, J.D.; Lacombe, M-Josée.; Mercure, C.; Mireuta, M.; Reudelhuber, T.L., 2006:
A hydrophobic patch in a charged alpha-helix is sufficient to target proteins to dense core secretory granules

Geszvain, K.; Gruber, T.M.; Mooney, R.A.; Gross, C.A.; Landick, R., 2004:
A hydrophobic patch on the flap-tip helix of E.coli RNA polymerase mediates sigma(70) region 4 function

Muñoz-Muriedas, J.; Barril, X.; López, Jé.María.; Orozco, M.; Luque, F.Javier., 2006:
A hydrophobic similarity analysis of solvation effects on nucleic acid bases

BURGE, H., 1952:
A hydrostatic bag for dilatation of the cardia in achalasia

Duan, X.; Mao, Y.; Zhang, C.; Hou, J.; Wang, W.; Shi, Z.; Shi, J., 2006:
A hydrostatic compression device capable of generating both intermittent compressive forces and continuous compressive forces

Shaltis, P.; Reisner, A.; Asada, H., 2007:
A hydrostatic pressure approach to cuffless blood pressure monitoring

HUNT, H.R., 1959:
A hydrostatic pressure chamber for the formation of lead face masks used in x-ray therapy

GALPINE, J.F.; THOMAS, D.A. , 1956:
A hydrotherapy tank installed at low cost

Hode, T.; von Dalwigk, I.; Broman, C., 2003:
A hydrothermal system associated with the Siljan impact structure, Sweden--implications for the search for fossil life on Mars

Munro, N.A.; Downing, M.R.; Meakin, J.R.; Lee, A.J.; Ashcroft, G.Patrick., 2006:
A hydroxyapatite graft substitute reduces subsidence in a femoral impaction grafting model

Oliver, M.C.; Keast-Butler, O.D.; Hinves, B.L.; Shepperd, J.A.N., 2005:
A hydroxyapatite-coated Insall-Burstein II total knee replacement: 11-year results

Cross, M.J.; Parish, E.N., 2005:
A hydroxyapatite-coated total knee replacement: prospective analysis of 1000 patients

Percot, A.; Briane, D.; Coudert, R.; Reynier, P.; Bouchemal, N.; Lièvre, N.; Hantz, E.; Salzmann, J.L.; Cao, A., 2004:
A hydroxyethylated cholesterol-based cationic lipid for DNA delivery: effect of conditioning

A hydroxyproline-rich intracellular, collagen-like protein of Hydra nematocysts

JORGENSEN, S., 1960:
A hygienic respiratory circuit

A hygienic study of grain irradiated with radioactive cobalt

A hygienic study of polymethylmethacrylate and its possible use in the dairy industry

O'Donnell, C.; Maldonado-Codina, C., 2004:
A hyper-Dk piggyback contact lens system for keratoconus

Johnson-Laird, P.N.; Mancini, F.; Gangemi, A., 2006:
A hyper-emotion theory of psychological illnesses

LIEN-KENG, K., 1953:
A hyperacute case of erythroleukaemia treated with aminopterin

AXLING, J.L.; KABER, J.F., 1953:
A hyperextension technic for spondylitis

Sadygov, R.G.; Yates, J.R., 2003:
A hypergeometric probability model for protein identification and validation using tandem mass spectral data and protein sequence databases

LOZINSKI, E., 1950:
A hyperglycaemic and glycogenolytic factor of the pancreas

BOSER, H.; MOHNIKE, G., 1955:
A hyperglycemic-glycogenolytic pancreas nucleoprotein. II. Pancreas phosphorylase

Moser, M.W.; Dugas, J.; Hartzell, J.; Thornton, D.Dean., 2006:
A hypermobile Wrisberg variant lateral discoid meniscus seen on MRI

Wang, C.; Pan, Y.; Wang, B., 2007:
A hypermorphic mouse Gli3 allele results in a polydactylous limb phenotype

FRANG, D.; CSONTAI, A., 1963:
A hypernephroma not related to kidney substance

Sugimoto, T.; Ogawa, N.; Yamamoto, K.; Uzu, T.; Nishio, Y.; Kashiwagi, A., 2007:
A hyperparathyroid state in a patient with glycyrrhetinic acid-induced pseudoaldosteronism

A hypersensitivity phenomenon produced by stress: the "negative phase" reaction

Akgun, M.; Mirici, A.; Meral, M.; Saglam, L.; Kaynar, H.; Gorguner, M.; Yilmazel Ucar, E., 2005:
A hypersensitivity pneumonitis case complicated with acute respiratory distress syndrome after bronchoscopy

Saleh, F., 2005:
A hypersexual paraphilic patient treated with leuprolide acetate: a single case report

Vo-Dinh, T.; Stokes, D.L.; Wabuyele, M.B.; Martin, M.E.; Song, J.Myong.; Jagannathan, R.; Michaud, E.; Lee, R.J.; Pan, X., 2004:
A hyperspectral imaging system for in vivo optical diagnostics. Hyperspectral imaging basic principles, instrumental systems, and applications of biomedical interest

A hypertension and diabetes detection program

Biyyani, R.Shekhar.R.Sappati.; Singh, A.C.; Kirchner, L.M.; Gill, P., 2006:
A hypertensive emergency in an obese young woman

WEAR, L.E., 1956:
A hypertensive family

Lexchin, J., 2005:
A hypertensive snow bird

A hypertrophic marginal sinus of the placenta; true rupture, radially, of the sinus itself

ALMANSI, R.J., 1958:
A hypnagogic phenomenon

A hypno-suggestive method in traumatology

HAHN, C.; ROSSEL, P., 1952:
A hypnoanalgetic drug combination

SCHNECK, J.M., 1956:
A hypnoanalytic exploration of the psychopathology of blushing and erythrophobia

SCHNECK, J.M., 1960:
A hypnoanalytic note on a Medusa's head dream

SCHNECK, J.M., 1955:
A hypnoanalytic study of an amateur hypnotist

SCHNECK, J.M., 1951:
A hypnosis reading list for professional instruction

SCHNECK, J.M., 1958:
A hypoanalytic note on the heart as a phallic symbol

DOGLIOTTI, M., 1955:
A hypodermic neoplastiform case of Darier-Roussy's sarcoid with bone lesions

Shannon, M.Brendan.; Patton, B.L.; Harvey, S.J.; Miner, J.H., 2006:
A hypomorphic mutation in the mouse laminin alpha5 gene causes polycystic kidney disease

A hypospadias repair with placement of the urethral meatus in the glans penis

LAROCHE, C.; NENNA, A., 1959:
A hypotensive diuretic: chlorothiazide

Kurup, R.Kumar.; Kurup, P.Achutha., 2003:
A hypothalamic digoxin-mediated model for autism

Kurup, R.Kumar.; Kurup, P.Achutha., 2003:
A hypothalamic digoxin-mediated model for conscious and subliminal perception

SCHREIBER, V., 1961:
A hypothalamic factor activating pituitary acid phosphatases and the secretion of TSH

A hypothalamic hamartoma with dendritic proliferation and other neuronal changes associated with "blastomatoid" reaction of astrocytes

A hypothalamic structure with a marked inhibitory effect on tonic sympathetic activity

Tajima, Y., 2003:
A hypothesis about anti-DNA antibody

Onishi, H.; Ohki, T.; Mozhizuki, N.; Morales, M.F., 2004:
A hypothesis about myosin catalysis

Druilhe, P.; Pérignon, J.L., 2004:
A hypothesis about the chronicity of malaria infection

DE GIACOMO, P., 1961:
A hypothesis based on histochemical data regarding the site from which originate the automatic movements present in rhinencephalic epilepsy and an added note concerning the distribution of cholinesterase activity in the amygdaloid complex of man

Braddock, D.Christopher., 2006:
A hypothesis concerning the biosynthesis of the obtusallene family of marine natural products via electrophilic bromination

MACMILLAN, W.H., 1959:
A hypothesis concerning the effect of cocaine on the action of sympathomimetic amines

FERGUSON, E.B., 1954:
A hypothesis concerning the mode of action of the antidiuretic hormone (ADH)

MEDVEDEV, Z.A., 1962:
A hypothesis concerning the way of coding interaction between transfer RNA and messenger RNA at the later stages of protein synthesis

KATZ, J.; EPSTEIN, A., 1962:
A hypothesis considering non-mechanical aspects of conductive hearing loss

Ciarkowski, J.; Witt, M.; Slusarz, Rł., 2005:
A hypothesis for GPCR activation

Hutcheson, R.; Engelmann, M.D.; Cheng, I.Francis., 2005:
A hypothesis for the basis of the pro-oxidant nature of calcium ions

MICHELSON, A.M., 1958:
A hypothesis for the biosynthesis of ribonucleic acid and protein

Elgavish, A., 2004:
A hypothesis for the etiology of interstitial cystitis

A hypothesis for the genetic control of synthesis of the gamma-globulins

DAY, M.D.; RAND, M.J., 1963:
A hypothesis for the mode of action of alpha-methyldopa in relieving hypertension

Panjabi, M.M., 2005:
A hypothesis of chronic back pain: ligament subfailure injuries lead to muscle control dysfunction

GROSS, L., 1950:
A hypothesis of feminine types in relation to family adjustment

A hypothesis of the action of K+ and Ca++ ions on the heart activity of the snail (Helix pomatia)

LOEB, M.J., 1954:
A hypothesis of the common origin of true cysts

COHEN, S.S., 1960:
A hypothesis on a possible competitive relation between DNA synthesis and protein synthesis

BRISSAUD, J., 1951:
A hypothesis on criminogenesis

JAROS, S.H., 1951:
A hypothesis on the physiochemical pathogenesis of hypersensitivity states and collagenous diseases

James, W.H., 2004:
A hypothesis on the sexual behaviour of men who are destined to develop prostate cancer

A hypothesis on the spacial configuration of group A and group B substances

Hayman, J.A., 2005:
A hypothesis refuted: Mycobacterium ulcerans is of recent evolution

BOYER, L.B., 1960:
A hypothesis regarding the time of appearance of the dream screen

Brophy, D.F.; Martin, R.J.; Gehr, T.Wb.; Carr, M.E., 2005:
A hypothesis-generating study to evaluate platelet activity in diabetics with chronic kidney disease

Floch, M.H., 2006:
A hypothesis: is diverticulitis a type of inflammatory bowel disease?

Pomeroy, V.M.; Mickelborough, J.; Hill, E.; Rodgers, P.; Giakas, G.; Barrett, J.A., 2003:
A hypothesis: self-propulsion in a wheelchair early after stroke might not be harmful

Choi, M.; Harwood, J., 2004:
A hypothesized model of Korean women's responses to abuse

Taylor, P.J.; Felthous, A.R., 2006:
A hypothetical clinical vignette of delusional disorder: how potential legal issues could be addressed in the United Kingdom and the United States

STRAUSS, B.S., 1953:
A hypothetical role for 6-8 thioctic acid (lipoic acid) in vision

A hypotonic infant

Yalçin, S.Songül.; Kale, E.; Topaloğlu, H.; Tunçbilek, Eül., 2007:
A hypotonic infant with tachycardia and fever of unknown origin

Das, B.; Yeger, H.; Tsuchida, R.; Torkin, R.; Gee, M.F.W.; Thorner, P.S.; Shibuya, M.; Malkin, D.; Baruchel, S., 2005:
A hypoxia-driven vascular endothelial growth factor/Flt1 autocrine loop interacts with hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha through mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 pathway in neuroblastoma

A hysterectomy for cancer in. Valencia in 1886

A hysterical patient type with symptoms of "somatic overtreatment"

A hysterographic study of uteri after caesarean section

PROCHOROW, M., 1957:
A hysterophore improvised from a rubber pear

WULFSOHN, N.L., 1958:
A hysteroscope

A hystopathologic study of experimental tuberculous primary infection of the male genitalia

Kocatürk, S.; Han, U.; Yilmazer, D.; Onal, B.; Erkam, U., 2005:
A hystopathological study of thyroarytenoid muscle invasion in early (T1) glottic carcinoma

Bilewicz, R.; Kaźmierski, Sław.; Monowid, I., 2005:
A iatrogenic case of foreign body in the frontal sinus

Tan, Y.Y.; Li, Y., 2003:
A implementation for digital scan converter(DSC) by using FPGA

Hedl, J.J.; Glazer, H.; Chan, F., 2005:
A improving the moral reasoning of allied health students

GARMIER, R., 1953:
A incompatibility in pregnancy

Scott, S.B.; Harrison, A.D.; Baker, T.; Wills, J.D., 2005:
A interdisciplinary community partnership for health professional students: a service-learning approach

Bürgy, M., 2006:
A introduction to despair as a psychopathological phenomenon

Clark, N.G., 2004:
A is for A1C. Are your numbers where they should be? Part 2

Axtman, K., 2004:
A jailed expectant mom--and a case of tangled rights

Gölder, S.; Bataille, F.; Schölmerich, J.; Rogler, G., 2005:
A janus-headed polyp: adenoma and carcinoma with a single stalk

LEAROYD, C.G., 1954:
A jealous god called function

Elad, P.; Yagil, Y.; Cohen, L.; Meller, I., 2003:
A jeep trip with young adult cancer survivors: lessons to be learned

Mehmet, R.; Mehmet, A.; Fuat, A.Y.; Nebil, B., 2005:
A jejunoileal duplication diagnosed by Tc-99m pertechnetate abdominal scintigraphy

DE AGUIAR, C.P., 1954:
A jet-propelled duodenal tube

Shah, N.; Spary, D.J.; Rock, W.P., 2005:
A jig for measuring incisor inclination

OSBORN, D.A.; BAWDEN, D., 1959:
A jig for the agla micrometer syringe for automatic quantitative applications in paper electrophoresis

Uys, L.R.; Groenewald, B.; Mbambo, S., 2004:
A job analysis of selected health workers in a district health system in KwaZulu-Natal. Part One: Job analysis of nurses in hospital settings

Mbambo, S.; Uys, L.R.; Groenewald, B., 2004:
A job analysis of selected health workers in a district health system in KwaZulu-Natal. Part Two: Job analysis of nurses in primary health care settings

Groenewald, B.; Uys, L.R.; Mbambo, S., 2004:
A job analysis of selected health workers in a district health system in KwaZulu-Natal. Part three: Other categories of health workers

DAVIS, H.E., 1953:
A job application is a compliment

ANDERSON, M.H., 1960:
A job description for central service supervisors

Johnson, D., 2004:
A job for Superman

Brown, M., 2003:
A job less ordinary

A job satisfaction survey

Dwozan, C.Richard., 2005:
A job to be proud of

Glick, M., 2005:
A job well done, but still a long way to go

Alberti, G., 2003:
A job with prospects. Interview by Nick Edwards

Biganzoli, L.; Coleman, R.; Minisini, A.; Hamilton, A.; Aapro, M.; Therasse, P.; Mottino, G.; Bogaerts, J.; Piccart, M., 2006:
A joined analysis of two European Organization for the Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) studies to evaluate the role of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (Caelyx) in the treatment of elderly patients with metastatic breast cancer

Turner, A., 2004:
A joined-up approach: how England's National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) is working with librarians

PROCK, V., 1961:
A joint approach to education for the health professions

A joint attack upon chronic disease

Ganiats, T.G.; Lieberthal, A.S.; Culpepper, L.; Mahoney, M.C., 2004:
A joint clinical practice guideline for acute otitis media

A joint committee spurs better care

Chan, A.Lipchen.; Der, S.Z.; Nasrabadi, N.M., 2005:
A joint compression-discrimination neural transformation applied to target detection

Kisely, S., 2005:
A joint crisis plan negotiated with mental health staff significantly reduces compulsory admission and treatment in people with severe mental illness

Ingersoll, C.D.; Palmieri, R.M.; Hopkins, J.Ty., 2003:
A joint dilemma

Anonymous, 2004:
A joint effort against the Oriental boil

Ilkhechi, A.Haghiri.; Mercero, J.M.; Silanes, Iñaki.; Bolte, M.; Scheibitz, M.; Lerner, H-Wolfram.; Ugalde, J.M.; Wagner, M., 2005:
A joint experimental and theoretical study of cation-pi interactions: multiple-decker sandwich complexes of ferrocene with alkali metal ions (Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+, Cs+)

Carlson, J., 2006:
A joint explanatory model for diseases related to indoor environment doesn't exist

Delemarle, D.; Nadaud, Fçoise., 2006:
A joint physical therapy-nursing intervention

Bottles, K., 2005:
A joint project for the MPM community

Mao, Y.; Wu, M., 2006:
A joint signal processing and cryptographic approach to multimedia encryption

Sabir, M.F.; Sheikh, H.Rahim.; Heath, R.W.; Bovik, A.C., 2006:
A joint source-channel distortion model for JPEG compressed images

Polo, V.; Andrés, J., 2005:
A joint study based on the electron localization function and catastrophe theory of the chameleonic and centauric models for the Cope rearrangement of 1,5-hexadiene and its cyano derivatives

A joint study of microdetermination of urinary mercury--by investigators from three different institutes, in order to establish a standard method

Botek, E.; Champagne, Bît.; Verbiest, T.; Gangopadhyay, P.; Persoons, Aé., 2006:
A joint theoretical-experimental investigation of the Faraday effect in benzene, toluene, and p-xylene

ZAPPALA, A., 1963:
A joint venture of psychiatrists and clergy: the Pastoral Institute

Mahon, E.J., 2003:
A joke in a dream. A note on the complex aesthetics of disguise

Pearce-Smith, N., 2006:
A journal club is an effective tool for assisting librarians in the practice of evidence-based librarianship: a case study

Knight, K.L., 1992:
A journal for clinicians

Garcia, A.M.; Alvarez-Dardet, C., 2005:
A journal for evidence based policies

Dobkin, B.H., 2006:
A journal for translational neuroscience for rehabilitation

Renno, W.M.; Saleh, F.; Wali, M., 2005:
A journey across the wall of varicose veins: what physicians do not often see with the naked eye

Tsai, H-M.; Tsai, H-M., 2004:
A journey from sickle cell anemia to ADAMTS13

Weiss, J.A., 2005:
A journey in holistic growth

WALKER, G.H., 1955:
A journey into relativity

Yeates, G., 2005:
A journey into unfamiliar terrain

Neuman, K.A., 2005:
A journey like no other!

Watson, M.R., 2006:
A journey of Indigenous identity

Slater, V., 2003:
A journey of the heart

Cooper, A., 2003:
A journey through cancer--parental views, then and now

Kirby, R., 2006:
A journey through your prostate

BINET, L., 1950:
A journey to North Africa or a mission of the Alliance Française

Anonymous, 2004:
A journey to an unknown land

Bucci, S., 2005:
A journey to excellence in care

Coppola, S., 2005 :
A journey to see the whole of things

Frey, J.J., 2004:
A journey to someplace better

Biel-Cunningham, S., 2004:
A journey toward finding the best medical care

Gallo, R.C.; Gallo, R.C., 2004:
A journey with T cells, primate/human retroviruses and other persisting human T-cell tropic viruses

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A journey, not an event - implementation of shared governance in a NHS trust

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A journey. On the front line of health care, the 'system' is working just fine

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A judgment on pendulum diagnosis

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A jump start on allergen avoidance for expectant parents

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A junctional problem of apical proportions: epithelial tube-size control by septate junctions in the Drosophila tracheal system

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A junctional rhythm with retrograde conduction and bradycardia as a dysrhythmia caused by oral phenytoin toxicity

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A junior doctor's dismay at a full shift system

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A junior partner...or not?

A juniorate program for nursing sisters

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A jurisprudence of dysfunction: on the role of "normal species functioning" in disability analysis

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A jurisprudential analysis of government intervention and prenatal drug abuse

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A jury holds an HMO accountable

Conlon, P.; Gartner, G., 2006:
A jury of our PEERS

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A jury of their peers

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A justification for NOTES--natural orifice translumenal endosurgery

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A justification for a nonadiabatic surface hopping Herman-Kluk semiclassical initial value representation of the time evolution operator

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A justification for using NMR model-free methods when investigating the solution structures of rhombic paramagnetic lanthanide complexes

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A justification-suppression model of the expression and experience of prejudice

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A juvenile case of cerebellar arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with gradual onset of headache and ataxia

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A juvenile filarial worm, Wuchereria bancrofti, extracted from the vitreous of the eye: the first report in the world literature

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A ka-band low power Doppler radar system for remote detection of cardiopulmonary motion

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A kaleidoscope of understandings: Spiritual nursing in a multi-faith society

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A karyometric approach to the characterization of atypical endometrial hyperplasia with and without co-occurring adenocarcinoma

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A keratin 18 transgenic zebrafish Tg(k18(2.9):RFP) treated with inorganic arsenite reveals visible overproliferation of epithelial cells

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A keratinocyte's course of life

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A keratoconus fitting system using the axial profile to establish optimum lens parameters

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A keratome of new design

A keratoscopic survey of 13,395 eyes

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A kernel approach for semisupervised metric learning

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A kernel autoassociator approach to pattern classification

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A kernel-based two-class classifier for imbalanced data sets

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A key factor in the identification of metallic foreign bodies in head and neck trauma

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A key for human mycoses

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A key role for FDA GI drug advisory committee in expedited reviews

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A key role for STIM1 in store operated calcium channel activation in airway smooth muscle

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A key role for adolescents in the epidemiology of cytomegalovirus and genital herpes infections

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A key role for transmembrane prolines in calcitonin receptor-like receptor agonist binding and signalling: implications for family B G-protein-coupled receptors

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A key role in a growing specialism

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A key role in smoking cessation

Anonymous, 2006:
A key role in the surgical department

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A key step in the formation of acrylic acid from CO2 and ethylene: the transformation of a nickelalactone into a nickel-acrylate complex

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A key strategy to revenue growth: the right marketing infrastructure

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A key to accident prevention; the story of the modus operarii

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A key to canthopexy: the tarsal strap. A fresh cadaveric study

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A key to head & neck MRI imaging

A key to the Ethiopian species of the genus Polyplax (Anoplura), with descriptions of two new species

A key to the anophelines of Iran

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A key to the diagnosis of syphilis

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A key to thorax MR imaging

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A key to understanding Trypanosoma trees

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A key transcription regulator of glycolysis and lipogenesis-related genes: carbohydrate responsive element-binding protein

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A kick from within--fetal movement counting and the cancelled progress in antenatal care

A kidney disease to be better understood: ascending nephritis

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A kidney donor should be treated like a king

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A kidney for all ages

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A kidney function test based on renal sugar excretion in diabetics

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A kidney function test used in hypertensive states

A kidney function test with ganglion blocking agents

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A kidney non-transplantable

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A kidney-obstructing ureteral calculus 20 years after Coffey's operation

A kilo-curie caesium 137 beam unit at Westminister Hospital: physical aspects

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A kinase for light and time

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A kinase that responds to stress

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A kinase with Ku-dos

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A kinase with a vision: Role of ERK in the synaptic plasticity of the visual cortex

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A kinase-independent function of Cks1 and Cdk1 in regulation of transcription

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A kind of Mozart of medicine: Joseph Plenck (1735-1807)

A kind of diffuse choroditis associated with retinal detachment

Yan, X.; Cen, Y.; Yang, D., 2006:
A kind of improved operative correction of severe inverted nipples

Wen, X.; Lin, L.; Wu, Y., 2005:
A kind of method for measuring absorbance spectrum with dual beam light and one detector

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A kind of method for time-frequency analysis of electrocardiosignal imitation

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A kind of orthoptic technic with a Stanworth modified major amblyoscope

A kind of post-traumatic encephalopathy with a subacute course, causing blindness and serious and irreducible psychic disorders

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A kinder and gentler CLIA?

Timmins, N., 2005:
A kinder, gentler age

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A kindred of polydactyly

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A kinematic analysis of a judo leg sweep: major outer leg reap--osoto-gari

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A kinematic analysis of hand selection in a reaching task

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A kinematic analysis of the rapid step test in balance-impaired and unimpaired older women

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A kinematic method to calculate the workspace of the trapeziometacarpal joint

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A kinematic model of the wrist based on maximization of joint contact area

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A kinematic view of loop closure

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A kinetic analysis of cyanine selectivity: CCyan2 and Cyan40 intercalation into poly(dA-dT) x poly(dA-dT) and poly(dG-dC) x poly(dG-dC)

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A kinetic analysis of discus-throwing techniques

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A kinetic analysis of manual wheelchair propulsion during start-up on select indoor and outdoor surfaces

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A kinetic analysis of solid waste composting at optimal conditions

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A kinetic analysis of the pH-dependence of the action of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A on cytidine 2': 3'-phosphate

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A kinetic and mechanistic study of the reactions of OH radicals and Cl atoms with 3,3,3-trifluoropropanol under atmospheric conditions

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A kinetic and product study of the Cl + HO2 reaction

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A kinetic and thermodynamic study on hydrolysis of sodium laurate in aqueous phase accompanied by transfer into oil phases containing different organic additives (I)

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A kinetic approach to caffeine--Coffea cruda interaction

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A kinetic approach to the theory of heterogeneous nucleation on soluble particles during the deliquescence stage

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A kinetic chain approach for shoulder rehabilitation

A kinetic flow technic for study of immune hemolysis

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A kinetic investigation of the flocculation of alumina with polyacrylic acid

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A kinetic method for HO2*/O2*- determination in advanced oxidation processes

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A kinetic method for the determination of copper(II) by its catalytic effect on the oxidation of 3-methyl-2-benzothiazolinone hydrazone with hydrogen peroxide: a mechanistic study

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A kinetic model for nanocrystal morphology evolution

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A kinetic model for uptake of HNO3 and HCl on ice in a coated wall flow system

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A kinetic model of aqueous-phase alkali hydrolysis of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene

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A kinetic model of telomere shortening in infants and adults

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A kinetic model of the cytochrome bf complex. Evaluation of kinetic parameters

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A kinetic model of the erythron

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A kinetic model of the formation of organic monolayers on hydrogen-terminated silicon by hydrosilation of alkenes

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A kinetic model to describe nanocrystal growth by the oriented attachment mechanism

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A kinetic spectrophotometric method for the determination of nitrite by stopped-flow technique

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A kinetic study of organic reaction by Kalman filter and spectrophotometry

A kinetic study of the acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of procainamide

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A kinetic study of the action of 8-azaguanine on synthetic processes in mammalian cells

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A kinetic study of the effect of ultrasound power on the sonohydrolysis of tetraethyl orthosilicate

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A kinetic study of the exchange between blood and brain compared with exchange between blood and aqueous humour in rabbits

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A kinetic study of the formation of beta-cyclodextrin complexes with monomolecular films of fatty acids and glycerides spread at the air/water interface

A kinetic study of the hydrolysis of methyl DL-alpha-phenyl-2-piperidylacetate

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A kinetic study of the intercalation of lithium salts into Al(OH)3

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A kinetic study of the reaction between N,N-dimethyl-p-toluidine and its electrogenerated radical cation in a room temperature ionic liquid

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A kinetic study of the reactions FeO+ + O, Fe+.N2 + O, Fe+.O2 + O and FeO+ + CO: implications for sporadic E layers in the upper atmosphere

Vondrak, T.; Woodcock, K.R.I.; Plane, J.M.C., 2006:
A kinetic study of the reactions of Fe+ with N2O, N2, O2, CO2 and H2O, and the ligand-switching reactions Fe+.X + Y --> Fe+.Y + X (X = N2, O2, CO2; Y = O2, H2O)

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A kinetic study of the reactions of vanadium, iron, and cobalt with sulfur dioxide

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A kinetic study of the ring-opening process in tungsten carbonyl complexes containing hemilabile metallodithiolate ligands

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A kinetic study of the solvolyses of methyl and ethyl chloroglyoxalates

A kinetic study of the specific hydrogen ion catalyzed solvolysis of chloramphenicol in water-propylene glycol systems

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A kinetic study on Rh/binap-catalyzed 1,4-addition of phenylboronic acid to enones: negative nonlinear effect caused by predominant homochiral dimer contribution

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A kinetic study on pH-activity relationship of XynA from alkaliphilic Bacillus halodurans C-125 using aryl-xylobiosides

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A kinetic study on the lactoperoxidase catalyzed oxidation of estrogens

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A kinetic study on the relationship between of IL-5, IL-10 and eosinophil apoptosis in asthmatic airway inflammation

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A kinetic theory of tertiary contact formation coupled to the helix-coil transition in polypeptides

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A kinetically controlled trans bifunctionalized organoimido derivative of the Lindqvist-type hexamolybdate: synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and crystal structure of (n-Bu4N)2{trans-[Mo6O17(NAr)2]} (Ar = 2,6-dimethylphenyl)

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A kinetically stabilized ferrocenyl diphosphene: synthesis, structure, properties, and redox behavior

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A kiosk of truth

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A kiss; medico-legal study

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A kit for labeling of [188Re] human serum albumin microspheres for therapeutic use in nuclear medicine

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A kit of tools

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A knee model for arthrocentesis simulation

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A knee-sparing distal femoral endoprosthesis using hydroxyapatite-coated extracortical plates. Preliminary results

LEGEZA, G.V., 1962:
A knife for cutting the mucosa of the lips

SCHIFF, M.; HURST, G.W., 1957:
A knife for cutting the stapedius tendon

THOMPSON, V.C., 1954:
A knife for mitral valvotomy

A knife handle and disposable blade for total biopsy

Agaev, B.A.; Rustamov, E.A.; Dzhafarov, Z.M.; Mamedov, K.B.; Novruzova, S.A., 2004:
A knife wound of the abdomen with simultaneous injury of the portal and inferior cava veins

LAUER, 1952:
A knife-pointful of sodium bicarbonate

Taylor, W.R.; Xiao, B.; Gamblin, S.J.; Lin, K., 2003:
A knot or not a knot? SETting the record 'straight' on proteins

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A knotty turnabout?: Akt1 as a metastasis suppressor

Trittan, J., 2004:
A knowledge base fit for all midwives

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A knowledge based approach for automated signal generation in pharmacovigilance

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A knowledge based approach for representing and reasoning about signaling networks

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A knowledge comparison of nursing students in perioperative versus other rotations

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A knowledge management framework to morph clinical cases with clinical practice guidelines

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A knowledge management system for new drug submission by pharma-industries

Mimnagh, C., 2005:
A knowledge management-based intranet: asset or EBM liability?

Dobbins, M.; DeCorby, K.; Twiddy, T., 2006:
A knowledge transfer strategy for public health decision makers

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A knowledge, attitude and practice survey on SARS in a rural area

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A knowledge, attitudes, and practice survey among obstetrician-gynaecologists on intimate partner violence in Flanders, Belgium

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A knowledge-acquisition wizard to encode guidelines

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A knowledge-based approach to automatic detection of the spinal cord in CT images

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A knowledge-based approach to information extraction from surgical pathology reports

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A knowledge-based clustering algorithm driven by Gene Ontology

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A knowledge-based framework for image enhancement in aviation security

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A knowledge-based fuzzy clustering method with adaptation penalty for bone segmentation of CT images

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A knowledge-based system for the design of manual materials handling

Spokoiny, A.; Shahar, Y., 2004:
A knowledge-based time-oriented active database approach for intelligent abstraction, querying and continuous monitoring of clinical data

Stiefl, N.; Zaliani, A., 2006:
A knowledge-based weighting approach to ligand-based virtual screening

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A knowledge-guided active contour method of segmentation of cerebella on MR images of pediatric patients with medulloblastoma

Shan, Z.Y.; Parra, C.; Ji, Q.; Jain, J.; Reddick, W.E., 2006:
A knowledge-guided active model method of cortical structure segmentation on pediatric MR images

Fuller, S.S.; Revere, D.; Bugni, P.F.; Martin, G.M., 2004 :
A knowledgebase system to enhance scientific discovery: Telemakus

RUTCHIK, R., 1956:
A kosher dietary department

Veech, W.A., 1968:
A kronecker-weyl theorem modulo 2

Rosen, E.S., 2006:
A l'oeil malade la lumiere nuit

Anonymous, 2006:
A la carte coverage turns benes into bargain hunters

Hannan, C.; Lambert, M.J.; Harmon, C.; Nielsen, S.Lars.; Smart, D.W.; Shimokawa, K.; Sutton, S.W., 2004:
A lab test and algorithms for identifying clients at risk for treatment failure

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A lab with a view: American postdocs abroad

Uettwiller-Geiger, D.L., 2006:
A lab's strategy to reduce errors depends on automation

Wang, Z.Hui.; Jin, G., 2003:
A label-free multisensing immunosensor based on imaging ellipsometry

Raguin, O.; Fournié-Zaluski, M-Claude.; Romieu, A.; Pèlegrin, Aé.; Chatelet, Fçois.; Pélaprat, D.; Barbet, J.; Roques, B.P.; Gruaz-Guyon, A., 2005:
A labeled neutral endopeptidase inhibitor as a potential tool for tumor diagnosis and prognosis

A labile factor required for the ribosomal incorporation of amino acids into non-particulate proteins

A labile fraction of muscle potassium

KERR, L.E., 1960:
A labor health program, its development and services

Featherly, K., 2005:
A labor of love. With telemedicine, retired executive Frank Brady brings information to doctors and help to children

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A labor view of medical care

KERR, L.E., 1962:
A labor-health program for rehabilitation

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A laboratory aid for handling large volumes of bacteriological media

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A laboratory analysis of gutta-percha-filled area obtained using Thermafil, System B and lateral condensation

A laboratory analysis of the 1957-1958 influenza outbreak in New York City: II. A seroepidemiological study

GORDON, R.A.; KERR, J.H.; TAYLOR, R., 1960:
A laboratory and clinical evaluation of mepivacaine (carbocaine)

A laboratory and clinical evaluation of operations for coronary artery disease