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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 48093

Chapter 48093 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Pacheco-Moreira, L.Filgueiras.; de Oliveira, M.Enne.; Balbi, E.; da Silva, A.Cerqueira.; Miecznikowski, R.; de Faria, L.José.Auler.; André, R.Pereira.Diaz.; Pereira, Jão.Luiz.; Muharre, R.Jamil.; Martinho, Jé.Manoel.da.Silva.Gomes., 2003:
A new technical option for domino liver transplantation

Yagdjoglou, B., 1950:
A new technical procedure in insulin shock

Kepp, R.K., 1951:
A new technical solution of the problem of intravaginal roentgen irradiation

Alberti, D.; Cheli, M.; Locatelli, G., 2003:
A new technical variant for extramucosal pyloromyotomy: the Tan-Bianchi operation moves to the right

Katz, J.E.; Dumlao, D.S.; Clarke, S.; Hau, Jörg., 2004:
A new technique (COMSPARI) to facilitate the identification of minor compounds in complex mixtures by GC/MS and LC/MS: tools for the visualization of matched datasets

Ozsoy, Z.; Genc, B.; Gözü, Aýn., 2005:
A new technique applying botulinum toxin in narrow and wide foreheads

Trimble, I.R.; Nouri, J., 1955:
A new technique combining suction and feeding for use in gastric surgery

Bibas, B.J.; Bibas, R.A., 2005:
A new technique for T-tube insertion in tracheal stenosis located above the tracheal stoma

Demirsoy, E.; Arbatli, H.; Korkut, A.K.; Yagan, N.; Sönmez, B., 2004:
A new technique for abdominal heart transplantation in rats

Sun, H.; Wang, Q.; Hu, S.; Liu, Y.; Wang, L.; Gao, G., 2004:
A new technique for aortic valve dysfunction: reconstruction by posterior leaflet of tricuspid valve

Haluska, B.A.; Jeffriess, L.; Mottram, P.M.; Carlier, S.G.; Marwick, T.H., 2007:
A new technique for assessing arterial pressure wave forms and central pressure with tissue Doppler

Shahbazi-Moghaddam, M., 2003:
A new technique for assessing ball speed and impact force in volleyball

D'Alpino, P.H.P.; Pereira, Jé.C.; Svizero, Nádia.R.; Rueggeberg, F.A.; Carvalho, R.M.; Pashley, D.H., 2006:
A new technique for assessing hybrid layer interfacial micromorphology and integrity: two-photon laser microscopy

Weyde, W.; Krajewska, M.; Letachowicz, W.; Kusztal, M.; Penar, J.; Klinger, M., 2006:
A new technique for autogenous brachiobasilic upper arm transposition for vascular access for hemodialysis

Shoemaker, W.C.; Bower, R.; Long, D.M., 1957:
A new technique for bladder reconstruction

Weill, A.; Metz, B.; Stoll, G.; Collin, J.F., 1954:
A new technique for blood eosinophil counts: of interest in the clinic

Higbee, D., 1956:
A new technique for bone conduction testing

Brooks, J.B.; Lewis, J.W., 1956:
A new technique for bronchography in children

D.Harven, E., 1958:
A new technique for carbon films

Absolon, K.B.; Hunter, S.W.; Quattlebaum, F.W., 1959:
A new technique for cardiac valve construction from autologous diaphragm

Griffith, C.A.; Eade, G.G.; Zech, R.K.; Harkins, H.N., 1955:
A new technique for compilation arterial grafts: vinyon N cloth supplemented with a longitudinal autogenous arterial strip

Stocker, F.W., 1959:
A new technique for corneal mushroom grafts and its indication

Colombo, A.; Spanos, V., 2003:
A new technique for coronary bifurcations: good news!

Holmes, E.M., 1961:
A new technique for correcting outstanding ears

Mutaf, M.; Sunay, M., 2006:
A new technique for correction of congenital constriction rings

Singh, R.B.; Pavithran, N.M.; Bakshi, N., 2004:
A new technique for correction of disproportionate preputial growth with phimosis

Youssef, A.F., 1960:
A new technique for correlation of retroversion-flexion of the uterus by the vaginal route

Steinberg, D., 1963:
A new technique for counting aqueous solutions in the liquid scintillation spectrometer

Leksell, L., 1949:
A new technique for craniotomy; the osteodural flap

Kiter, E.; Demirkan, F.; Kiliç, B.Alper.; Erkula, Gürkan., 2003:
A new technique for creating an abdominal window in a hip spica cast

Martinez, M., 1961:
A new technique for cutting lamellar grafts

Kinosian, H.J., 1963:
A new technique for dacryocystorhinostomy

Mitra, S.K.; Das, B.M., 1957:
A new technique for detecting epsom salt adulteration in East India tanned leathers

Shirasaki, O.; Yamashita, S.; Kawara, S-ichi.; Tagami, K.; Ishikawa, J.; Shimada, K.; Kario, K., 2007:
A new technique for detecting sleep apnea-related "midnight" surge of blood pressure

A new technique for differentiation of hemoglobin

Sensöz, O.; Ortak, T.; Baran, C.Nazmi.; Unlü, R.Erkin., 2003:
A new technique for distal hypospadias repair: advancement of a distally deepithelialized urethrocutaneous flap

Nadeje, T.; Tamm, I.; Overman, J.R., 1955:
A new technique for dropping the chorioallantoic membrane in embryonated chicken eggs

Holt, G.P.; Lewis, F.J., 1960:
A new technique for end-to-end anastomosis of small arteries

Sutarman, T.Omson, M.L., 1952:
A new technique for enumerating active sweat glands in man

Banani, S.Abbas.; Ben-Razavi, S.Soheil., 2003:
A new technique for esophagoplasty in relatively long esophageal strictures

Burgess, W.A.; Silverman, L.; Stein, F., 1961:
A new technique for evaluating respirator performance

Tauber, R., 1953:
A new technique for extensive biopsy of the cervix

Botros, G., 1955:
A new technique for extracting certain foreign bodies from the bronchi; report of a case

Stephan, D.G.; Bohnslav, P.T.; Herrick, R.A.; Walsh, G.W.; Rose, A.H., 1958:
A new technique for fabric filter evaluation

Said, H.G.; Baloch, K.; Green, M., 2006:
A new technique for femoral and tibial tunnel bone grafting using the OATS harvesters in revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Myers, W.H.; Friedell, M.T., 1958:
A new technique for gastrojejunostomy with the Billroth II operation

Yotsuyanagi, T.; Mikami, M.; Yamauchi, M.; Higuma, Y.; Urushidate, S.; Ezoe, K., 2006:
A new technique for harvesting costal cartilage with minimum sacrifice at the donor site

Wion, J.E., 1957:
A new technique for hernial repair in large animals

Linares-Palomino, J.Patricio.; Salmerón, L.Miguel.; Ros-Díe, E., 2006:
A new technique for hypogastric artery embolization

Craig, R.G.; Singh, S.K., 2006:
A new technique for ilio-inguinal and iliohypogastric nerve block

Ellingson, B.M.; Ulmer, J.L.; Schmit, B.D., 2006:
A new technique for imaging the human spinal cord in vivo

Macdonald, F.B., 1956:
A new technique for insertion of polyethylene tubing

Super, S.; Schecter, J.E.; Bae, R.D., 2006:
A new technique for intraoral maxillary distraction: a case report

Ford, J.; English, J.; Miles, W.F.Anthony.; Giannopoulos, T., 2005:
A new technique for laparoscopic anterior resection for rectal endometriosis

Katkhouda, N., 2004:
A new technique for laparoscopic hernia repair using fibrin sealant

Arrivé, L.; Rosmorduc, O.; Azizi, L.; Monnier-Cholley, L.; Lewin, Mïté.; Beaussier, M.; Tubiana, J-Michel., 2006:
A new technique for localization of hepatic tumors that are poorly visible with CT fluoroscopy

Puricelli, E., 2007:
A new technique for mandibular osteotomy

Mirnajafi, A.; Moseley, A.; Piller, N., 2004:
A new technique for measuring skin changes of patients with chronic postmastectomy lymphedema

Orak, I.; Güneren, E.; Yildiz, L., 2006:
A new technique for microvascular anastomosis: eversion with 3 horizontal mattress sutures

Soini, A.E.; Kuusisto, A.; Meltola, N.J.; Soini, E.; Seveus, L., 2003:
A new technique for multiparameter imaging microscopy: use of long decay time photoluminescent labels enables multiple color immunocytochemistry with low channel-to-channel crosstalk

Wendling, D., 1960:
A new technique for myringoplastic procedures

Marks, M.R.; Ramond, C.K., 1951:
A new technique for observing concept evocation

Stein, J.I., 2005:
A new technique for obtaining large-bore peripheral intravenous access

Smith, R., 1960:
A new technique for opening the canal of Schlemm. Preliminary report

Shinchi, H.; Takao, S.; Maemura, K.; Aikou, T., 2006:
A new technique for pancreaticogastrostomy for the soft pancreas: the transfixing suture method

Lazaridis, C.; Papaziogas, B.; Patsas, A.; Papaziogas, T., 2003:
A new technique for performing hepatic resections utilizing a specially designed needle

Tagliabue, P.; Sacchetto, G.P.; Defilippi, L.; Serpieri, G.; Camera, S., 2003:
A new technique for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction: the Muscular Flag Flap (MFF)

Hayes, R., 2004:
A new technique for preliminary estimates of TRU activity on air sample filters and radiological smears

D'Andrilli, A.; Ciccone, A.Maria.; Ibrahim, M.; Venuta, F.; Rendina, E.A., 2006:
A new technique for prosthetic reconstruction of the superior vena cava

Ishikawa, Y.; Miyashita, T.; Koide, Y.; Sakai, M.; Andoh, T.; Yamada, Y., 2003:
A new technique for pulmonary arterial catheter insertion into coronary sinus using transesophageal echocardiography

Moschel, D.M.; Walske, B.R.; Neumayer, F., 1958:
A new technique for pyloroplasty

Mori, I., 1954:
A new technique for quantitative paper chromatography

Cooper, G.; Clore, J.N., 1952:
A new technique for radiation in carcinoma of the cervix

Muller, M.Chaux, D.Lecour, F.Ntaine, D.Ren, 1950:
A new technique for reading precipitation reactions

Cossey, A.J.; Paterson, R., 2005:
A new technique for reconstructing the medial patellofemoral ligament

Heistermann, H-Peter.; Palmes, D.; Stratmann, U.; Hohlbach, G.; Hierlemann, H.; Langer, M.; Spiegel, H-Ullrich., 2006:
A new technique for reconstruction of the common bile duct by an autologous vein graft and a biodegradable endoluminal stent

Montero, C.G.; Tellez, G.; Simarro, E.; Juffé, A.; Amau, J.G.; Gurgos, R.; Figuera, D.; Cortina, A., 1983:
A new technique for reconstruction of the tricuspid valve ring in congenital tricuspid insufficiency

Aellig, W.H.; Aellig, W.H., 2004 :
A new technique for recording compliance of human hand veins. 1981

Bluhm, L.W., 1951:
A new technique for rehabilitation of the forefoot

Minami, A.; Fujita, R., 2003:
A new technique for removal of bile duct stones with an expandable metallic stent

Shamsai, J., 2006:
A new technique for removal of endotracheal tube

Noguchi, M.; Fujita, K., 2005:
A new technique for removing the pectus bar used in the Nuss procedure

Lowe, N.; Datta, A., 2005:
A new technique for rendering complex portals

Mejia, R.; Thomson, D.S., 2003:
A new technique for repair of atrioventricular disruption complicating mitral valve replacement

Holcomb, G.W., 1962:
A new technique for repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernia with absence of the left hemidiaphragm

Konstantinov, I.E., 2005:
A new technique for repair of mitral paravalvular leak?

Usher, F.C., 1961:
A new technique for repairing large abdominal wall defects

Leadbetter, G.W., 1959:
A new technique for replacement of the renal artery

Talwar, D.; Kulkarni, A.; Azad, R.Vardhan.; Sharma, Y.Raj.; Rajpal, 2003:
A new technique for sampling fluid from the retro-silicone oil space in silicone oil-filled eyes

Jiao, L.R.; Tierris, I.; Ayav, A.; Milicevic, M.; Pellicci, R.; Navarra, G.; Habib, N.A., 2006:
A new technique for spleen preservation with radiofrequency

Tomasi, V.H.; Orrea, S.C.; Raimondi, A.R.; Itoiz, M.E., 2004:
A new technique for staining mast cells using ferroin

Brown, J.S.; Clarke, F.R.; Stein, L., 1958:
A new technique for studying spatial generalization with voluntary responses

Schwartz, M.M.; Karlin, L., 1954:
A new technique for studying the meaning of performance on the Rosenzweig picture-frustration study

van DUIJN.P.RSIJN.J.P., 1960:
A new technique for studying the quantitative aspects of cytochemical reactions and its application to the Feulgen reaction

Cigna, E.; Chen, H.C.; Spanio, S.; Ozkan, O.; Chio, S.Y.; Tang, Y.B.; Coskunfirat, O.K., 2006:
A new technique for substernal colon transposition with a breast dissector: report of 39 cases

Zador, S., 1958:
A new technique for testing antibiotic sensitivity

Ozsoy, Z.; Genc, B.; Gözü, A., 2005:
A new technique for the application of botulinum toxin in short and tall foreheads

Kaufman, P.A., 1957:
A new technique for the collection of uterine curettings

Elek, S.D.; Fleming, P.C., 1960:
A new technique for the control of hospital cross-infection. Experience with BRL. 1241 in a maternity unit

Gateno, J.; Xia, J.; Teichgraeber, J.F.; Rosen, A., 2003:
A new technique for the creation of a computerized composite skull model

Fraser, A., 1957:
A new technique for the demonstration of the foetal circulation

Fraser, A., 1957:
A new technique for the demonstration of the foetal placental circulation

Potter, J.F.; Malmgren, R.A., 1958:
A new technique for the detection of tumor cells in the blood stream and its application to the study of the dissemination of cancer

Minoprio, J.L.; Harris, H.J., 1955:
A new technique for the diagnosis of brucellosis; based on the potentiation of bactericidal power of the blood

Perry, J.F.; Vo.D.Ashek, S.L., 1957:
A new technique for the diagnosis of intestinal obstruction

Mack, W.L.; Nelson, J.W.; Guth, E.P., 1953:
A new technique for the evaluation of ointment bases

Salerno, R.A., 1959:
A new technique for the experimental production of valvular pulmonary stenosis

Rinderknecht, H., 1960:
A new technique for the fluorescent labelling of proteins

Takamatsu, H.; Akahoshi, Y., 1956:
A new technique for the histochemical demonstration of phosphatase in hard tissue

Burstone, M.S.; Fleming, T.J., 1959:
A new technique for the histochemical study of smears

Kim, Y.H.; Song, S-Jin.; Kim, J.Young., 2004:
A new technique for the identification of ultrasonic flaw signals using deconvolution

Bagnall, A.W., 1955:
A new technique for the local use of hydrocortisone in rheumatic disease

Brown, J.R., 1958:
A new technique for the localization of radiopaque foreign bodies

Hakim, S.; Fisher, C.M., 1957:
A new technique for the microscopic examination of cerebral vessels in vivo

Mustarde, J.C., 1953:
A new technique for the rapid transfer of abdominal skin flaps

A new technique for the registration of the vectorcardiogram based on the mathematical relation between the limb and precordial leads

Usher, F.C.; Cogan, J.E.; Lowry, T.I., 1960:
A new technique for the repair of inguinal and incisional hernias

Pochaczevsky, R.; Sherman, R.S., 1963:
A new technique for the roentgenologic examination of the colon

Anderson, T.F., 1950:
A new technique for the study of biological structures in the electron microscope

Jimene, D.Az.C.; D.L.B.Rreda, P.; Molina, A.F.; Alcala, R., 1954:
A new technique for the study of blood pressure regulation factors

Merrill, J.P.; Hanau, C., 1962:
A new technique for the study of cytotoxic antibody in vivo

Thomson, J.A., 1957:
A new technique for the study of laboratory populations of Drosophila

Lichten, W.; Lurie, S., 1950:
A new technique for the study of perceived size

O'brien, J.P.; Belli, J.A.; Wood, D.E.; Saunders, J.W., 1953:
A new technique for the study of the effects of x-radiation on mammalian skin maintained at different temperatures during exposure

Marcondes, C.Brisola.; Mafra, H., 2004:
A new technique for the study of the mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) fauna in bamboo internodes, with preliminary results

Wiggins, G.C.; Rauzzino, M.J.; Shaffrey, C.I.; Nockels, R.P.; Whitehill, R.; Alden, T.D.; Shaffrey, M.E.; Wagner, J., 2006:
A new technique for the surgical management of unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures: a modification of the anterior approach and an outcome comparison to traditional methods

Browning, A., 2006:
A new technique for the surgical management of urinary incontinence after obstetric fistula repair

Schroff, J., 1949:
A new technique for the surgical removal of osteoma of the jaw

Demaria, R.G.; Giovannini, U.; Téot, L.; Frapier, J-Marc.; Albat, B., 2004:
A new technique for the treatment of delayed sternotomy healing: the vacuum therapy

Greiner-Perth, R.; Böhm, H.; Allam, Y., 2003:
A new technique for the treatment of lumbar far lateral disc herniation: technical note and preliminary results

Ivan, V.; Teodorescu, M.; Tilincă, M.; Radu, D.; Olariu, S.; Pop, S.; Icma, I.; Ivan, C.; Mogoşanu, M.; Puşcaşiu, T.; Banciu, D., 2003:
A new technique for the treatment of varicose veins

Eiseman, B.; Rainer, W.G., 1955:
A new technique for thoracic aortography using the right supraclavicular approach

Salerno, R.A., 1959:
A new technique for thoracotomy and chest closure in the experimental animal

Laibe, J.E.F., 1952:
A new technique for topical anesthesia of the urethra

Boerema, I., 1954:
A new technique for total gastric resection

Draenert, G.F.; Ehrenfeld, M.; Eisenmenger, W., 2006:
A new technique for transcrestal sinus floor elevation with press-fit bone cylinders (dowel lift): short communication of the first in vitro results

Minehart, J.R.; David, T.A., 1959:
A new technique for transverse abdominal incisions

Pereira-Graterol, R.A.; Moreno-Portillo, M., 2005 :
A new technique for tying the Gea extracorporeal knot for endoscopic surgery

Keshin, J.G.; Fitzpatrick, T.J., 1962:
A new technique for urinary diversion using a full thickness skin tube as a conduit

Montandon, A., 1954:
A new technique for vestibular investigation

Esmat, M.Emad., 2006:
A new technique in closure of burst abdomen: TI, TIE and TIES incisions

Wright, T., 1961:
A new technique in exchange transfusion

Davison, M.H., 1962:
A new technique in hypotension

Nagasao, T.; Andoh, Y.; Nakajima, T., 2004:
A new technique in operations for axillary osmidrosis

Fisher, C., 1963:
A new technique in orthodigital correction and balance

Jennings, E.R.; Mansberger, A.R.; Smith, E.P.; Yeager, G.H., 1952:
A new technique in primary tendon repair

Bhajekar, M.V., 1956:
A new technique in rhinoplasty

Berge, Y., 1951:
A new technique in sinus injections

Cornish, B., 1959:
A new technique in stapes mobilization

Tempest, M.N., 1961:
A new technique in the clinical assessment of burns

Lowell, E.J.; Bacon, H.E.; Trimpi, H.D., 1953:
A new technique in the control of postoperative anorectal pain; a study of 200 patients

Shandling, B., 1961:
A new technique in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease

Burge, H., 1961:
A new technique in the surgery of massive gastroduodenal bleeding

Sahatchiev, A., 1956:
A new technique in the suturing of radium needles

Jukofsky, S.L., 1951:
A new technique in the treatment of hyphema; a preliminary report

Birchall, I., 1953:
A new technique in the use of grid fields

Buetti-Bauml, C., 1952:
A new technique in x-ray diagnosis; retropneumoperitoneum

Afonso, E.; Afonso, S., 1955:
A new technique microelectroforese

Dhiman, R.K.; Chawla, Y.K., 2003:
A new technique of combined endoscopic sclerotherapy and ligation for variceal bleeding

Padula, L.J.; Komora, E.J., 1960:
A new technique of combined metrazol-succinylcholine convulsive therapy

Bombaci, H.; Gereli, A.; Kucukyazici, O.; Gorgec, M., 2005:
A new technique of crossed pins in supracondylar elbow fractures in children

Hansen, A.T.; Warburg, E., 1951:
A new technique of differential pressure measurements, using condenser manometers

Risin, E.; Kessel, B.; Ashkenazi, I.; Lieberman, N.; Alfici, R., 2006:
A new technique of direct intra-abdominal pressure measurement: a preliminary study

Zhang, Y.; Yu, Z-yu.; Wu, X-qin., 2005:
A new technique of extracting effective components from Chinese herb and natural plant--microwave assisted extraction, MAE

Marvitz, L., 1952:
A new technique of fixation in jaw fractures

Guha, A.R.; Jago, E.R., 2004:
A new technique of fixation of radial head fractures using a modified tubular plate

Tsunezuka, Y.; Iseki, T.; Sato, H.; Ishikawa, N.; Oda, M.; Watanabe, G., 2004:
A new technique of fixing a costal coaptation pin after resection of rib segment

Kodkani, P.S.; Govekar, D.P.; Patankar, H.S., 2004:
A new technique of graft harvest for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with quadruple semitendinosus tendon autograft

Litta, P.; Vasile, C.; Merlin, F.; Pozzan, C.; Sacco, G.; Gravila, P.; Stelia, C., 2003:
A new technique of hysteroscopic myomectomy with enucleation in toto

Hirabayashi, Y.; Matsuda, I.; Inoue, S.; Shimizu, R., 1989:
A new technique of identifying the epidural space "dripping infusion method"

Hanai, T.; Uyama, I.; Maruta, M.; Maeda, K.; Ito, M.; Satoh, T.; Horiguchi, A.; Miyakawa, S., 2004:
A new technique of laparoscopic surgery for rectal disease

Yajima, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Nohira, K.; Shintomi, Y.; Blondeel, P.N.; Sekido, M.; Mol, W.; Ueda, M.; Sugihara, T., 2004:
A new technique of microvascular suturing: the chopstick rest technique

Yanof, Z.A., 1952:
A new technique of non-convulsive electric stimulation; preliminary observations on its use in the treatment of emotional disorders

Choudhary, S.Kumar.; Talwar, S.; Airan, B.; Mohapatra, R.; Juneja, R.; Kothari, S.Sunder.; Saxena, A.; Venugopal, P., 2006:
A new technique of percutaneously adjustable pulmonary artery banding

Nolf, V.; Langeron, P., 1952:
A new technique of phlebography of the leg

Deo, S.V.S.; Kar, M.; Shukla, N.K.; Purkayastha, J.; Das, D.Kr., 2004:
A new technique of postoperative pancreatico gastric enterocutaneous fistula repair using de-tubularised afferent loop

Grotjahn, M.; Treusch, J.V., 1957:
A new technique of psychosomatic consultations; some illustrations of teamwork between an internist and a psychiatrist; a practical approach to psychosomatic medicine

Soderberg, U., 1962:
A new technique of recording cortical blood frow in cats, suitable for measurement of arterio-venous concentration differences

Kent, M.S.; Gayle, L.; Hoffman, L.; Altorki, N.K., 2005:
A new technique of subcutaneous colon interposition

Takayama, T.; Kurokawa, Y.; Kaiwa, Y.; Ansai, M.; Chiba, T.; Inoue, T.; Nakui, M.; Satomi, S., 2003:
A new technique of thoracoscopic pleurodesis for refractory hepatic hydrothorax

Hoffman, G.T.; Soller, E.C.; Bloom, J.N.; Duffy, M.T.; Heintzelman, D.L.; McNally-Heintzelman, K.M., 2004:
A new technique of tissue repair for ophthalmic surgery

He, G-Wei., 2007:
A new technique of transannular monocusp patch-repair of the right ventricular outflow tract in repair of Tetralogy of Fallot

Qiao, Q.; Yan, Y-jun.; Zhao, R.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, H-lin., 2005:
A new technique of upper-middle face rhytidectomy without destroying the configuration of sideburn

Boyce, W.H.; Detar, J.H.; Vest, S.A., 1953:
A new technique of venography of the lower extremities with urokon

Lenzi, M., 1954:
A new technique of ventricular encephalography

Verma, S., 2005:
A new technique to allow placement of left ventricular lead in an inferiorly directed take-off of a coronary sinus tributary

Kern, M.J.; Ouellette, D.; Frianeza, T., 2006:
A new technique to anchor stents for exact placement in ostial stenoses: the stent tail wire or Szabo technique

Draganov, P.; Devonshire, D.A.; Cunningham, J.T., 2005:
A new technique to assist in difficult bile duct cannulation at the time of endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Bonilla Naar, A., 1949:
A new technique to close the duodenal stump

Jeon, Y.; Ryu, H.G.; Bahk, J.H.; Jung, C.W.; Goo, J.M., 2005:
A new technique to determine the size of double-lumen endobronchial tubes by the two perpendicularly measured bronchial diameters

Matsubara, T.; Tsutsumi, S.; Pan, H.; Hiraoka, H.; Oda, R.; Nishimura, M.; Kawaguchi, H.; Nakamura, K.; Kato, Y., 2003:
A new technique to expand human mesenchymal stem cells using basement membrane extracellular matrix

Szyrynski, V., 1963:
A new technique to investigate family dynamics in child psychiatry (2HT)

Saravanamuthu, J.; Seifalian, A.M.; Reid, W.M.; Maclean, A.B., 2003:
A new technique to map vulva microcirculation using laser Doppler perfusion imager

Nicoletti, L.; Gorlero, F.; Lijoi, D.; Nicoletti, A.; Lorenzi, P.; Ragni, N., 2006:
A new technique to obtain endometrial directed biopsy during sonohysterography: the NiGo device

Ingram, P.R.; Muller, W.H., 1960:
A new technique utilizing a phrenically innervated diaphragmatic segment as a substitute lower esophageal "intrinsic" sphincter

Suvağ, N.; Katircioğlu, Y.; Duman, S., 2004:
A new technique with the hydroxyapatite implant

Fabre, R.; Linquette, Y., 1951:
A new technique: vectocardiography

Zhuravlev, V.F.; Zhuravleva, N.V., 2004:
A new technology for evaluation the functional condition of the cardiovascular system

Shackelford, W.; Deng, S.; Murayama, K.; Wang, J., 2004:
A new technology for mutation detection

Li, L.; Zhang, K.C.; Wang, Z.Z.; Xiong, B.H., 2003:
A new telemedicine system

Settecase, F.; Sussman, M.S.; Roberts, T.P.L., 2007:
A new temperature-sensitive contrast mechanism for MRI: Curie temperature transition-based imaging

Aksoy, A.; Arslan, E.; Basterzi, Y.; Unal, S.; Demirkan, F., 2005:
A new template model prepared from synthetic plaster cast for experimental burn research

Robert, M.L.; Herrera-Herrera, Jé.Luis.; Herrera-Herrera, Gón.; Herrera-Alamillo, M.Angel.; Fuentes-Carrillo, P., 2006:
A new temporary immersion bioreactor system for micropropagation

Ghibus, J., 1959:
A new temporary prosthetic method in functional conservative laryngectomy

Valle Filho, O., 1960:
A new tendency in the treatment of surgical wounds

Gonda, V.E., 1953:
A new tendon stretch reflex; its significance in disease of the pyramidal tract

Sant'angelo, E., 1951:
A new teniafuge

Perrakis, E.; Velimezis, G.; Vezakis, A.; Antoniades, J.; Savanis, G.; Patrikakos, V., 2003:
A new tension-free technique for the repair of umbilical hernia, using the Prolene Hernia System--early results from 48 cases

Hurst, J.Willis., 2003:
A new terminology for describing left and right ventricular conduction abnormalities

D.Mattia, R., 1955:
A new terpene oxide: ozopulmin, in the treatment of acute bronchopneumonia

Vo.L.Rch.L.; Negri.R., 1955:
A new terrain with a liver-carrot base as a culture medium for various particularly exacting micro-organisms

Unseld, D.W., 1958:
A new test (Mosatil-test) for detection of lead deposits in the body

Calsamiglia, G.; Camera, F.; Mazza, A.; Villa, P.; Gigli Berzolari, F.; Tramarin, R.; Cobelli, F., 2005:
A new test (VITTORIO Test) for functional fitness assessment in rehabilitation after cardiac surgery

Kalbe, E.; Reinhold, N.; Brand, M.; Markowitsch, H.J.; Kessler, J., 2005:
A new test battery to assess aphasic disturbances and associated cognitive dysfunctions -- German normative data on the aphasia check list

Egan, J.A., 1954:
A new test for accommodation

Vigran, I.M., 1961:
A new test for anticoagulant therapy

Miller, R.G., 1961:
A new test for astigmatism. A preliminary report

Goodlaw, E., 1961:
A new test for binocular refraction at the near-point working distance

Kummer, F.; Jaffe, W.; Iesaka, K.; Bushelow, M.; Thakore, M.; Perez, F.; Kvitnitsky, M., 2004:
A new test for bipolar prosthesis disassociation

Bacq, Z.M.; Beaumariage, M.L., 1962:
A new test for chemical radioprotection in mammals

Jerger, J.F., 1953:
A new test for cochlear reserve in the selection of patients for fenestration surgery

Kondi, V.; Iacobescu, A., 1957:
A new test for control of isoimmunization in pregnant women

Mishra, S., 2006:
A new test for demonstrating the action of flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) tendon

Ekes, F., 1954:
A new test for detection of dental foci; preliminary report

Soru, E.; Nestorescu, N.; Popovici, M.; Ionescu, M., 1957:
A new test for differentiation of pathogenic staphylococci, the arginase test

Cavalli, V., 1952:
A new test for dysprotidemia; distilled water reaction

Greenblatt, R.B.; Jungck, E.C.; Barfield, W.E., 1958:
A new test for efficacy of progestational compounds

Hunter, G., 1928:
A new test for ergothioneine upon which is based a method for its estimation in simple solution and in blood-filtrates

A new test for exploration of the pituitary gland: the metopyrone or SU 4885 test

Goldschmidt, M., 1950:
A new test for function of the macula lutea

Chace, R.R.; Mangold, A.E., 1952:
A new test for ocular malingering

Dimitrov, M., 1960:
A new test for quantitative determination of proteins in urine

Herceg, P., 1957:
A new test for recognizing the beginning of the right heart decompensation

Walker, J.T., 1950:
A new test for seminal stains

Schneider, W., 1952:
A new test for some pharmaceutically important anthracen derivatives

Flohr, E., 1950:
A new test for the control of focal infection

Kondi, V.; Iacobescu, A., 1957:
A new test for the detection of iso-immunization in pregnant women

Ricotta, C.M.; Cataliotti, F.; Bazan, P., 1961:
A new test for the functional assessment of the effectiveness of experimental surgical methods of myocardial revascularization

Fluck, H., 1952:
A new test for the presence root of Rheum rhaponticum and related varieties in genuine medicinal rhubarb

Pantolini, M.I., 1961:
A new test for the study of dietary allergy in the small intestine

Carli, R., 1957:
A new test for the study of liver function in obstetrics and gynecology

Calabrese, A.I., 1958:
A new test for the study of mitostatic venoms: inhibition of growth of seeds in germination & trials of various substances with the above test

D.O.Ampo.G.; Fojas.M.R., 1961:
A new test for the viability and vitality of conjunctival and corneal epithelial cells. Methylene blue decolorization

Taronna, S., 1956:
A new test for tuberculosis: V.D.S. test; preliminary report

Winter, C.C., 1958:
A new test for vesicoureteral reflux: an external technique using radioisotopes

Prince, J.H., 1956:
A new test for visual malingering

Sandor, G.; Weill, F.Ge.J.C., 1950:
A new test in physio-pathology: the reticulo-endothelial chart

Sandor, G., 1952:
A new test in physiopathology; reticulo-endothelial index

Gitsch, E.; Brandstetter, F., 1956:
A new test in the prognosis of female functional urine incontinence

Yama, M.F.; Call, S.E.; Entezari, P., 1993:
A new test of an old hypothesis: a quantification of sequence in the Rorschach

Rivera-Sánchez, R.; Flores-Paz, Río.; Hicks-Gómez, J.José.; Arriaga-Alba, M., 2005:
A new test of disk-diffusion to help in staphylococci identification

Nadeau, G.; Bourque, J., 1955:
A new test of gastric function; pepsinuria

Ballan, P.; Demange, G.; Moretti, G.F.; Staeffen, J., 1959:
A new test of hepatic cytolysis. The determination of ornithine carbamyl transferase activity of serum

Evrard, E., 1952:
A new test of induced disequilibration; application to the selection of airmen and to researches on air sickness

Evrard, E., 1952:
A new test of induced equilibrium disorders; application to the selection of aviators and to research on air sickness

Sandor, G.; Weill, F.Ge.J.C., 1950:
A new test of physiopathology; the reticuloendothelial record

Kinney, J.A.; Sweeney, E.J.; Ryan, A.P., 1960:
A new test of scotopic sensitivity

Buechley, R.; Ball, H., 1952:
A new test of validity for the group MMPI

Delmotte, A., 1959:
A new test of virulence for Micrococcus pyogenes var. aureus (golden Staphylococcus): study of the lipolytic activity by the Sierra method

Pachoud, M.; Lepori, D.; Valley, J-François.; Verdun, F.R., 2005:
A new test phantom with different breast tissue compositions for image quality assessment in conventional and digital mammography

Florey, E., 1961:
A new test preparation for bio-assay of factor I and gamma-aminobutyric acid

Baccarini, V.; Gospodinoff, A., 1955:
A new test with sublimate in rheumatoid arthritis

Willert, B., 1955:
A new test-tube method for Rh grouping with the use of incomplete Rh antibodies (saline/trypsin method); a preliminary report

Rudolf, W., 1953:
A new test: limitation of flicker-fusion

Mallavadhani, U.V.; Satyanarayana, K.V.S.; Mahapatra, A.; Sudhakar, A.V.S., 2004:
A new tetracyclic triterpene from the latex of Euphorbia nerifolia

Kaplan, M.A.; Albright, H.; Buchwalter, F.H., 1959:
A new tetracycline antibiotic for parenteral use

Sabella, G.; D.L.Zio, R., 1962:
A new tetracycline derivative in therapy, tetracycline-L-methylenelysine

Frigerio, M.J., 1960:
A new tetracycline derivative: demethyl-chlortetracycline

Kaplan, M.A.; Albright, H.; Buckwalter, F.H., 1957:
A new tetracycline phosphate complex concentrated aqueous solution for intramuscular injection

Iacapraro, G., 1958:
A new tetracycline salt: tetracycline phosphate: preliminary study; blood levels, activity of nystatin with tetracycline phosphate, collateral effects & comments

Ray, M.Sinha.; Ghosh, A.; Das, A.; Drew, M.G.B.; Ribas-Arino, J.; Novoa, J.; Ribas, J., 2004:
A new tetrameric CuII cluster with square topology exhibiting ferro- and antiferromagnetic magnetic pathways : which is which?

Zhang, G.; Zhang, D.; Zhou, Y.; Zhu, D., 2006:
A new tetrathiafulvalene-anthracence dyad fusion with the crown ether group: fluorescence modulation with Na+ and C60, mimicking the performance of an "AND" logic gate

Li, H.; Liu, G.; Zhang, Z., 2006:
A new texture generation method based on pseudo-DCT coefficients

Sculley, M.J.; Treacy, O.B.; Jeffrey, P.D., 1984:
A new theoretical approach to the investigation of the symmetry of protein oligomers with bifunctional reagents

Ling, G.N., 2004:
A new theoretical foundation for the polarized-oriented multilayer theory of cell water and for inanimate systems demonstrating long-range dynamic structuring of water molecules

Proewig, F., 1958:
A new theory concerning the cause of multiple sclerosis

Jaykka, S., 1954:
A new theory concerning the mechanism of the initiation of respiration in the newborn; a preliminary report

Maekawa, M., 1951:
A new theory for action potentials, especially of the heart and its experimental verification

Sevag, M.G., 1956:
A new theory of allergic phenomena; mechanism of hypersensitization of hypersensitization, immune responses and allergic phenomena

Maestrini, D., 1952:
A new theory of cardiac decompensation

Hjorst, E.F., 1952:
A new theory of emptying of the kidney pelvis

Hammerbeck, W., 1961:
A new theory of fatty degeneration of the myocardial fibers

Markham, W.A.; Aveyard, P., 2003:
A new theory of health promoting schools based on human functioning, school organisation and pedagogic practice

Richman, K.A., 2005:
A new theory of health: beneficence and recommendations for treatment

Cao, I., 1957:
A new theory of miction tested with double and contemporaneous control by fluoroscopy and manometry

D.Montmollin, G., 1954:
A new theory of personality

Wu, X.; Liu, H., 2004:
A new theory of phase-contrast x-ray imaging based on Wigner distributions

Minwegen, R., 2004 :
A new theory of tumours and tumorigenesis

Nordling, C.O., 1953:
A new theory on cancer-inducing mechanism

Das Gupta, A.K., 1963:
A new theory on negative pressure in extradural space

Gross, A.G., 1958:
A new theory on the dynamics of brain concussion and brain injury

Carr, R.J., 1954:
A new theory on the formation of renal calculi

Hornedo, M.D., 1952:
A new theory on the functions of the thymus gland and its importance in the general defense mechanism of the human body

Pauwels, F., 1960:
A new theory on the influence of mechanical stimuli on the differentiation of supporting tissue. The tenth contribution to the functional anatomy and causal morphology of the supporting structure

A new theory shock

Ring, M.E., 2005:
A new theory: electricity as a cause of caries!

Weber, W., 1962:
A new therapeutic agent (Lefax) for the treatment of meteorism

Spota, B.B., 1957:
A new therapeutic agent against anxiety states; meprobamate (2-methyl-2-N-propyl-1, 3-propandiol dicarbamate)

Mosovich, A., 1953:
A new therapeutic agent for the control of convulsive attacks

Lambusier, P.G., 1961:
A new therapeutic agent for the premenstrual syndrome. Pathogenic reflections

Fischman, S., 1962:
A new therapeutic agent in Hodgkin's disease

Howell, C.M., 1957:
A new therapeutic agent in the treatment of seborrhea and acne

Rosa, J.J.; Campioni, E.L.; Mi.V.Llanueva, J.B., 1959:
A new therapeutic agent: R.P. 7044. Its use in depressive disorders

Portal, E., 2003:
A new therapeutic alternative in chronic B-lymphocytic leukemia

Yale, I., 1958:
A new therapeutic approach for accommodation of foot pathology

Kasper, B.; Ho, A.D.; Egerer, G., 2005:
A new therapeutic approach in patients with advanced sarcoma

Ferguson, J.T., 1956:
A new therapeutic approach to abnormal behavior in geriatrics

Jacobey, J.A.; Taylor, W.J.; Smith, G.T.; Gorlin, R.; Harken, D.E., 1961:
A new therapeutic approach to acute coronary occlusion

Proctor, R.C., 1956:
A new therapeutic approach to certain cases of alcoholism

Lehner, H., 1963:
A new therapeutic aspect in a case of CO poisoning with a striking cerebral course

Gortz, R.V., 1961:
A new therapeutic compound in the treatment of after-pains

Snyder, C.C., 1958:
A new therapeutic concept of the exstrophied bladder

Bowden, A.; Walden, P., 1960:
A new therapeutic exercise board

Anonymous, 1953:
A new therapeutic for leukorrhea

Chen, R-Shyan., 2006:
A new therapeutic indication of botulinum toxins: sialorrhea

Patrini, G., 1962:
A new therapeutic measure in inflammations of the small female pelvis

Nemec, H., 1951:
A new therapeutic method for eye erosions by colored pencil alkalies

Walch, J., 1956:
A new therapeutic method for onychomykosis (onychophytex)

Kastert, J., 1955:
A new therapeutic method for tuberculous coxitis

Gevers, F., 1955:
A new therapeutic method for ventricular fibrillation

Lottermoser, H., 1955:
A new therapeutic method in ligament strain of the spine

Niemand-Anderssen, I., 1952:
A new therapeutic method in seborrhoic skin diseases

Beat, N.Nez, J.; Montero, R.; Montalvo, C.M., 1954:
A new therapeutic method: artificial hibernation in premature infants

Malcovati, P., 1962:
A new therapeutic method: the obstetrical vacuum extractor

Corsten, M., 1953:
A new therapeutic method; peripheral action on end fibers of autonomic nerves

Mihălţan, F.; Ulmeanu, R.; Râşnoveanu, R., 2006:
A new therapeutic option for diabetes patients

Rosas Costa, T., 1957:
A new therapeutic possibility in glaucoma

Schmidt, R., 1960:
A new therapeutic principle in venous insufficiency of the legs and thrombophlebitis

Sanchez, T.Ganz.; Murao, Márcia.; de Medeiros, I.Roberto.Torres.; Kii, Márcia.; Bento, R.Ferreira.; Caldas, Jé.Guilherme.; Alvarez, C.Alberto.; Raggiotto, C.Henrique., 2004:
A new therapeutic procedure for treatment of objective venous pulsatile tinnitus

Safioleas, M.C.; Moulakakis, K.G.; Stamatakos, M.K., 2005:
A new therapeutic surgical method in patients with left-sided colonic emergencies

Saxena, U., 2006:
A new therapeutic target for atherosclerosis treatment: interview with Uday Saxena. Interviewed by Emma Quigley

Becker, J.; Scheer, K.E., 1953:
A new therapeutic technic for radioactive isotope in closed elastic applicator

Coirault, R., 1960:
A new therapeutic trend in neuropsychiatry and in general pathology: the dimethylaminoethyl ester of p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid (A.N.P. 235). Psycho-corticotonic, regulator of hypothalamo-hypophysial and central neuro-regulator functions, action on disorders of consciousness

Coirault, R.; Deligne, P.; Rouif, J., 1960:
A new therapeutic trend: A.N.P. 235 (2-dimethylaminoethyl ester of p-chlorophenoxyacetic acid). Action on disorders of consciousness. Regulation of hypothalamo-hypophysial functions. Central neuroregulation

Kolarik, J.; Mikula, F., 1959:
A new therapeutic use for oral antidiabetics

Sehouli, J.; Stengel, D.; Oskay, Gülten.; Blohmer, J.; Kaubitzsch, S.; Lichtenegger, W., 2003:
A new therapeutical approach: topotecan plus gemcitabine in the treatment of patients with relapsed ovarian cancer after failure of first-line chemotherapy with paclitaxel and platinum

Reich, N.E.; Rosenberg, B.A.; Metz, M., 1952:
A new therapy for acute pulmonary edema

Foldes, E., 1953:
A new therapy for angina pectoris; angina pectoris and water metabolism

Barrieu, A.R., 1962:
A new therapy for arthrosis

Feldmann, H., 1952:
A new therapy for asthenia

Ignatoff, W.B.; Bleiberg, J., 1958:
A new therapy for onychomycosis

Nagy, D.; Gati, S., 1957:
A new therapy for organized gynaecological inflammations; a preliminary report

Sejournet, G., 1953:
A new therapy for painful syndromes: ortho-hydroxy-N-diethyl-benzamide

Loeser, A.A., 1954:
A new therapy for prevention of post-operative recurrences in genital and breast cancer; a six-years study of prophylactic thyroid treatment

Ravina, A., 1962:
A new therapy for psycho-vegetative conditions

Leite, C.C., 1958:
A new therapy for seasickness; successful clinical trial

Scott, F.T., 1961:
A new therapy for severe herpes simplex

Schuppius, A., 1959:
A new therapy of bacterial & trichomonal leukorrheas

Thiers, H.; Colomb, D.; Fayolle, J.; Taine, B.; Moulin, G., 1957:
A new therapy of edematous dermatites: acetazolamide

Keller, R., 1953:
A new therapy of hypertension

Aparici, G.Rrido, J.; Priet, L.Renzo, A., 1954:
A new therapy of intestinal helminthiasis by nematodes: in vitro experience with the proteolytic ferment papain

Martorell, F., 1958:
A new therapy of lymphedema: pedicled lymphangioplasty

Fazakas, S., 1953:
A new therapy of ocular virus diseases

Basnuevo, J.; Chavez, O.C.; Sotolongo, F.; Blanco, R.Bassa, E.; Achkar, R., 1952:
A new therapy of trichocephaliasis

Brennecke, H., 1954:
A new therapy of urticaria with Homburg 680

Blanc, P.; Gunn, S.Chehaye, A., 1958:
A new therapy of vomiting in pregnancy; Miltown

Janson, P., 1952:
A new therapy of xanthomatosis

Anonymous, 2005:
A new therapy standard in metastatic breast cancer--gemzar/paclitaxel. Longer survival by optimized combination therapy

Monneret, C.; Buisson, J.P.; Magdelenat, H., 2006:
A new therapy with bortezomib, an oncologic medicinal product of the year 2004

Sun, J.; Luo, X.; Zhang, A.; Xu, L., 2007:
A new thermal system for tumor treatment

Chung, D-Young.; Hogan, T.P.; Rocci-Lane, M.; Brazis, P.; Ireland, J.R.; Kannewurf, C.R.; Bastea, M.; Uher, C.; Kanatzidis, M.G., 2004:
A new thermoelectric material: CsBi4Te6

Hupka, K., 1961:
A new thermoelectric method for determination of arm-lung time

Bader, R.E.; Kleinmaier, H., 1952:
A new thermolabile somatic antigen of gram-negative enteric bacteria

Hillebrand, H., 1951:
A new thermometer for determination of the ovulatory calendar by morning temperature

Wrisch, F., 1950:
A new thermoplastic light arch support

Roenick, D., 1954:
A new thigh prosthesis (Regnell), in comparison with the Habermann modell 46

Chen, L., 2006:
A new thinking of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of shoulder pain after hemiplegia

Emanuelli, H., 1956:
A new thiobarbituric anesthetic with liver protective action

Zhang, L.; Zhang, W.; Shi, J.; Hua, Z.; Li, Y.; Yan, J., 2003:
A new thioether functionalized organic-inorganic mesoporous composite as a highly selective and capacious Hg2+ adsorbent

Price, C.A., 1957:
A new thiol in legumes

Dong, Y.; Kim, S.; Yun, H., 2005:
A new thiophosphate, Rb(0.38)Ag(0.5)Nb2PS10

Langenfeld, J.E., 2003:
A new thoracoscopic lung biopsy clamp simplifies excision of pulmonary nodules

Kuwata, T.; Taniguchi, N.; Matsubara, S.; Ono, T.; Itoh, K.; Suzuki, M., 2005:
A new three-dimensional automatic bodymarker system for transvaginal ultrasonography

Hajeer, M.Y.; Mao, Z.; Millett, D.T.; Ayoub, A.F.; Siebert, J.Paul., 2005:
A new three-dimensional method of assessing facial volumetric changes after orthognathic treatment

Giuliano, F.; Collignon, P.; Paquis-Flucklinger, Véronique.; Bardot, J.; Philip, N., 2004:
A new three-generational family with frontometaphyseal dysplasia, male-to-female transmission, and a previously reported FLNA mutation

Zeedick, J.F., 1958:
A new three-way valve for anesthesia

Elliott, W.H., 1958:
A new threonine metabolite

Hernández-Jerónimo, J.; Pérez-Campos, E.; Matadamas, Cémoc.; Majluf-Cruz, A., 2003:
A new thrombophilia risk factor: the increase of plasma factor VIII

Ermans, A.M., 1958:
A new thyroid function test for clinical medicine: phosphorus renewal rate of erythrocytes

Israel, L., 1956:
A new thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine

Sforzini, P.; Negri, M.; Mazzarella, A., 1954:
A new tibial test of somatotropin activity

Toumanoff, C.; Maillard, D., 1957:
A new tick of the genus Aponomma occurring on the pangolin in South Vietnam

Shao, J.; Pollak, E., 2006:
A new time evolving Gaussian series representation of the imaginary time propagator

Dettker, A.; Anduren, H., 1954:
A new time saving apparatus for paper electrophoresis

Westengaard, E., 1957:
A new time-saving apparatus for cutting paper-strips for elution in paper electrophoresis

Yeates, W.K., 1962:
A new tissue drain

Perret, G.A., 2004:
A new tissue retractor for molar banding

Lindsay, D.D.; Stern, B.E., 1953:
A new tissue-like material for use as bolus

Shigemura, N.; Akashi, A.; Nakagiri, T.; Ohta, M.; Matsuda, H., 2004:
A new tissue-sealing technique using the Ligasure system for nonanatomical pulmonary resection: preliminary results of sutureless and stapleless thoracoscopic surgery

Fandos, R.; Gallego, B.; Otero, A.; Rodríguez, A.; Ruiz, Mía.José.; Terreros, P.; Pastor, C., 2006:
A new titanium building block for early-late heterometallic complexes; preparation of a new tetrameric metallomacrocycle by self assembly

Jansen, J.A.; Walboomers, X.F., 2004:
A new titanium fiber mesh-cuffed peritoneal dialysis catheter: an experimental animal study

Sebastián, Víctor.; Lin, Z.; Rocha, Jão.; Téllez, C.; Santamaría, Jús.; Coronas, Jín., 2005:
A new titanosilicate umbite membrane for the separation of H2

Leydhecker, W., 1953:
A new tolerance test in diagnosis of glaucoma

Rock, E.H., 1958:
A new tongue depressor

Weinberg, H.H., 1953:
A new tongue retractor for use in tonsillectomy

Lieberman, L.; Holzman, L., 1952:
A new tongue-holding airway

Rolando, I., 1955:
A new tonic for muscles: fear

Laue, D., 1951:
A new tonometer for quick equilibration of blood with different partial gas pressures

Fine, J., 1956:
A new tonsillectomy mouth-gag

Zinky, W.R., 1962:
A new tool for air pollution control: the aerosol particle counter

Khanavkar, B.; Ewig, S., 2004:
A new tool for an old disease

Klemic, G.A.; Bailey, P.; Elcock, D., 2003:
A new tool for analysis of cleanup criteria decisions

Hartz, A.; Green, M.D.; Yoho, R.; Lee, H., 2006:
A new tool for assessing standard of care in medical malpractice cases

Klimasauskas, S.; Weinhold, E., 2007:
A new tool for biotechnology: AdoMet-dependent methyltransferases

Cook, E.S.; Jansen, C.H.; Kreke, C.W.; Motzel, W., 1956:
A new tool for cancer investigation: qualitative and quantitative infrared spectroscopy of proteins and enzymes

Devlin, M.M., 2004:
A new tool for fighting sepsis

Smith, J.D.; Coleman, E.A.; Min, S-Joon., 2004:
A new tool for identifying discrepancies in postacute medications for community-dwelling older adults

FitzPatrick, M.Kate., 2005:
A new tool for initial stabilization of pelvic fractures: the TPOD--Trauma Pelvic Orthotic Device

Hariharan, S.; Dey, P.K.; Moseley, H.S.L.; Kumar, A.Y.; Gora, J., 2004:
A new tool for measurement of process-based performance of multispecialty tertiary care hospitals

Liaw, C-Kun.; Hou, S-Mou.; Yang, R-Sen.; Wu, T-Yin.; Fuh, C-Shann., 2006:
A new tool for measuring cup orientation in total hip arthroplasties from plain radiographs

Kelso, A.F., 1960:
A new tool for quantitative measurement of oxygen tension

Nielsen, E.Waage.; Hovland, A.; Strømsnes, O., 2006:
A new tool for retrieving clinical data from various sources

Lequerré, T.; Coulouarn, Cédric.; Derambure, Céline.; Lefebvre, Gégory.; Vittecoq, O.; Daveau, M.; Salier, J.Philippe.; L.L.ët, X., 2003:
A new tool for rheumatology: large-scale analysis of gene expression

Buhlmann, C.; Preckel, T.; Chan, S.; Luedke, G.; Valer, M., 2003:
A new tool for routine testing of cellular protein expression: integration of cell staining and analysis of protein expression on a microfluidic chip-based system

Soueid, A., 2006:
A new tool for the operating surgeon: a Bluetooth mobile phone headset

Erdélyi, Máté.; Karlén, A.; Gogoll, A., 2005:
A new tool in peptide engineering: a photoswitchable stilbene-type beta-hairpin mimetic

Ebert, A.D.; Svendsen, C.N., 2005:
A new tool in the battle against Alzheimer's disease and aging: ex vivo gene therapy

Borrelli, B.; Sepinwall, D.; Ernst, D.; Bellg, A.J.; Czajkowski, S.; Breger, R.; DeFrancesco, C.; Levesque, C.; Sharp, D.L.; Ogedegbe, G.; Resnick, B.; Orwig, D., 2005:
A new tool to assess treatment fidelity and evaluation of treatment fidelity across 10 years of health behavior research

Lämmle, B.; Kremer Hovinga, J.A., 2006:
A new tool to further explore the role of ADAMTS-13 in health and disease

Dammers, Jürgen.; Mohlberg, H.; Boers, F.; Tass, P.; Amunts, K.; Mathiak, K., 2006:
A new toolbox for combining magnetoencephalographic source analysis and cytoarchitectonic probabilistic data for anatomical classification of dynamic brain activity

Cottingham, K., 2007:
A new top-down proteomics workflow

Post, C.F.; Fear, R.E., 1960:
A new topical antibiotic powder

Jacques, A.A.; Fuchs, V.H., 1959:
A new topical nasal decongestant

Jacques, A.A., 1960:
A new topical nasal decongestant for infectious and noninfectious disorders

Kahan, H.; Schwartzman, J.; Sawicky, H.H., 1956:
A new topical remedy for the prevention and management of napkin dermatitis (diaper rash)

Freeman, C.W., 1961:
A new topical remedy useful in the management of pruritus

Sletten, I.W.; Fusaro, R.M.; Runge, W.J., 1963:
A new topical spray agent to protect patients on chlorpromazine from sunlight

Rebello, D.J., 1963:
A new topical steroid, P-1742, in the treatment of various dermatological conditions

Marrero Ponce, Y.; Cabrera Pérez, M.A.; Romero Zaldivar, V.; González Díaz, H.; Torrens, F., 2004:
A new topological descriptors based model for predicting intestinal epithelial transport of drugs in Caco-2 cell culture

WALTER, W.G.; SHIPTON, H.W., 1951:
A new toposcopic display system

Paraf, A., 1954:
A new total liver extract injectable by venous route in the treatment of liver cirrhosis

Moreau, A.; Lorion, M.; Couture, A.; Deniau, E.; Grandclaudon, P., 2006:
A new total synthesis of porritoxin

Meketa, M.L.; Weinreb, S.M., 2007:
A new total synthesis of the zinc matrixmetalloproteinase inhibitor ageladine A featuring a biogenetically patterned 6pi-2-azatriene electrocyclization

Consorti, C.S.; Ebeling, G.; Rodembusch, F.; Stefani, V.; Livotto, P.R.; Rominger, F.; Quina, F.H.; Yihwa, C.; Dupont, J., 2004:
A new totally flat N(sp(2))C(sp(2))N(sp(2)) pincer palladacycle: synthesis and photoluminescent properties

Thomsen, W., 1958:
A new tourniquet for drawing blood, intravenous injection, etc

Burty, C.; Lecompte, T.; Rabaud, C.; Birgé, J.; May, T., 2005:
A new town-hospital network for antibiotherapy: ANTIBIOLOR

Steyn, D.G.; Talbot, P.H., 1954:
A new toxic mushroom; Lepista caffrorum (Kalchbr. and MacOwan Singer)

Liu, Z.; Chen, B., 2003:
A new toxicological concept-acute reference dose

Raynaud, M.; Digeon, M., 1949:
A new toxin extracted from the typhoid bacillus rough forms

Westphal, A., 1951:
A new toxoplasmosis complement fixation reaction

Hihara, J.; Ueno, H.; Toge, T., 2003:
A new tracer for sentinel node detection in esophageal and lung cancer--fluorescent microspheres

Neiman, M.B., 1958:
A new tracer method for kinetic investigations

Kukowka, A., 1958:
A new tracheal canula for poliomyelitis patients

Wei, H., 2006:
A new tracheal tube and methods to facilitate ventilation and placement in emergency airway management

Cuvelier, A.; Molano, L.Carlos.; Muir, J-François., 2005:
A new tracheostomy procedure

Kistner, R.L.; Hanlon, C.R., 1960:
A new tracheostomy tube in treatment of retained bronchial secretions

Smith, A.C.; Spalding, J.M., 1956:
A new tracheotomy tube

Grisan, E.; Pesce, A.; Giani, A.; Foracchia, M.; Ruggeri, A., 2007:
A new tracking system for the robust extraction of retinal vessel structure

Mao, W.H., 1959:
A new traction apparatus for forearm and leg fractures

Bergman, H., 1958:
A new traction catheter for post-prostatectomy hemostasis

Hubbard, T.; Love, J., 2004 :
A new trade framework for global healthcare R&D

Evans, L., 2003:
A new traffic safety vision for the United States

Swanson, A.L., 1960:
A new training course for secretary managers

Herlyn, K.; Höder, J.; Gross, W.L.; Reinhold-Keller, E., 2005:
A new training program--a status report: vasculitis

Catel, W., 1956:
A new trait in the relation between men and anthropoids (chimpanzee)

Marks, M.M., 1961:
A new tranquilaxant, Trancopal (chlormezanone) in the practice of proctology

Ayd, F.J., 1959:
A new tranquilizer

Kessler, L.N.; Barnard, R.D., 1956:
A new tranquilizer, meprobamate; its use for pain associated with cancer; preliminary report

Scarlato, G.; Bonaretti, T., 1959:
A new tranquilizing agent: 2-isopropylcrotonylurea (IPC). Clinical findings and therapeutic uses

Nocca, G., 1959:
A new tranquilizing and anti-emetic drug of the phenothiazine group: prochlorperazine

Tallaferro, A.; Figueras, A., 1957:
A new tranquilizing drug: captodiamine

Fasanaro, F.; Ventra, D., 1956:
A new tranquilizing drug: meprobamate; clinical tests

Pagani, G., 1959:
A new tranquilizing sedative: trimeglamide

Bagdasarian, M., 1958:
A new transaminase of Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Fowden, L.; Done, J., 1953:
A new transamination reaction

Stucchi, A.; Reed, K.; O'Brien, M.; Cerda, S.; Andrews, C.; Gower, A.; Bushell, K.; Amar, S.; Leeman, S.; Becker, J., 2006:
A new transcription factor that regulates TNF-alpha gene expression, LITAF, is increased in intestinal tissues from patients with CD and UC

Lai, L.Y., 1963:
A new transferrin in New Guinea

Ephrussi-Taylor, H., 1954:
A new transforming agent determining pattern of metabolism of glucose and lactic acid in Pneumococcus

Freuchen, I.P., 1959:
A new transfusion pump

Colombino, P.; Ferroni, A.; Meda, E., 1960:
A new transistor stimulator

Dieroff, H.G., 1960:
A new transistorized hearing aid "H 30" and its performance

Von Stapelmohr, S., 1956 :
A new translation of an Oriental pharmacopeia and some remarks on it

Ghulyan, V.; Paolino, M.; Lopez, C.; Dumitrescu, M.; Lacour, M., 2005:
A new translational platform for evaluating aging or pathology-related postural disorders

Osamura, S.; Ito, K.; Ueda, T.; Shiho, K.; Hatsushiba, S.; Ito, N., 1961:
A new transmissible leukemia in RF-strain mice

Oeconomopoulas, C.T., 1962:
A new transparent infant proctoscope

Pace, W.G., 1960:
A new transparent plastic surgical drape

Hoffmann, O.Tenhof, O.; Kenedy, J.; Keck, K.; Gabriel, O.; Schonfellinger, H.W., 1954:
A new transphosphorylase from yeast

Nakamura, K., 1956:
A new transplant strain of leukemic ascites tumor of mice

Nakamura, K., 1954:
A new transplantable leukemic lymphosarcoma of the rat

Sabit Erduran, B., 1953:
A new transvesical route for extraction of endogenous calculi of the prostate

Martin-Ucar, A.E.; Yates, D.R.; Vaughan, R., 2003:
A new traumatic agent: snooker cue causing perforation of the hypopharynx--case report

Coze, S., 1962:
A new treatment during convalescence

Fakhouri, F.; Deroure, B.; Hummel, Aélie., 2006:
A new treatment for TTP?

Tschen, E.; Jones, T., 2003:
A new treatment for acne vulgaris combining benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin

Bertolani, A., 1950:
A new treatment for alcoholism

Robl, N., 1952:
A new treatment for arthritis in caisson workers: the acrylic prosthesis

Pachon, M.J.C.; Pachon, M.E.I.; Pachon, M.J.C.; Lobo, T.J.; Pachon, M.Z.; Vargas, R.N.A.; Pachon, D.Q.V.; Lopez, M.F.J.; Jatene, A.D., 2004:
A new treatment for atrial fibrillation based on spectral analysis to guide the catheter RF-ablation

Halliday, C., 1959:
A new treatment for brittle nails

Geschickter, C.F., 1954:
A new treatment for bronchial asthma

Geschickter, C.F., 1953:
A new treatment for bronchial asthma; a preliminary report

Retel, M., 1955:
A new treatment for burns

Broadman, J., 1955:
A new treatment for certain types of low back pain

Aparicio Garrido, J., 1962:
A new treatment for cestodiasis

Lehrer, H.W.; Lehrer, D.R.; Lehrer, H.G., 1951:
A new treatment for chickenpox and other virus diseases: Preliminary report

Karnaky, K.J., 1959:
A new treatment for chronic and recurring (stubborn) trichomonas vaginalis cases

Saxon, L., 1951:
A new treatment for chronic deafness (otosclerosis); a preliminary report

Armstrong, B.W., 1954:
A new treatment for chronic secretory otitis media

Basnuevo, J.G., 1956:
A new treatment for clonorchiasis

Maffia, A.J.; Pasachoff, H.D., 1957:
A new treatment for cradle cap

Nolan, J.O., 1961:
A new treatment for ingrown toenail

Prado, A.S.; Fuentes, P.; Donoso, R., 2006:
A new treatment for injuries to the anterior cranial fossa after rhinoplasty

Offutt, M.R., 2003:
A new treatment for morbid obesity

Ferris, F.L., 2004:
A new treatment for ocular neovascularization

Ryan, R.F.; Winblad, J.N.; Hayes, R.R.; York, W.N.; Hottinger, G.; Reemtsma, K., 1959 :
A new treatment for osteomyelitis: extremity perfusion with antibiotics

Takahashi, N.; Ozawa, H., 2005:
A new treatment for osteoporosis using fully human monoclonal antibody to RANKL, AMG 162

Lundberg, U., 1952:
A new treatment for oxyuriasis

Schmidt, S., 1957:
A new treatment for painful, inflammatory osteochondrosis

Wu, K.; Throssell, D., 2006:
A new treatment for polyarteritis nodosa

Rizzoli, R., 2005:
A new treatment for post-menopausal osteoporosis: strontium ranelate

Baumeister, C.F., 1954:
A new treatment for pruritus ani

Hauch, J.T., 1957:
A new treatment for resistant pressure sores

Robinson, A.M., 1956:
A new treatment for seborrhea and allied skin conditions; (Fostex)

Karel, J.R.; Najmabadi, A., 1960:
A new treatment for seborrhea capitis in infants and children

Ball, F.I., 1955:
A new treatment for seborrheic dermatitis; a clinical investigation

Harrison, R.M., 1959:
A new treatment for the sore throat

Rensink, E.H., 1952:
A new treatment for tropical ulcer

Wotherspoon, R.J., 1960:
A new treatment for vaginitis

Grinspan, D.; Calandra, R.; Fairman, J., 1954:
A new treatment for vitiligo

Bulbuca, I.; Chiovschi, V.; Dragan, P.; Porsche, T., 1962:
A new treatment in uratic lithiasis of the kidney

Sonntag, E.A., 1953:
A new treatment method for knockfoot and hallux valgus

Durwald, W.; Schmidt, R.M., 1955:
A new treatment method in neurology; contribution to Filatov's tissue therapy

Zinzius, J., 1955:
A new treatment method in psoriasis vulgaris

Daniel, W., 1955:
A new treatment method of connective tissue insufficiency in gynecology; experiences with dondren Knoll

Jelinek, R., 1958:
A new treatment method of lateral ligament lesions

Yildiz, S.; Kiralp, M.Z.; Akin, A.; Keskin, I.; Ay, H.; Dursun, H.; Cimsit, M., 2004:
A new treatment modality for fibromyalgia syndrome: hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Das, J.C.; Sharma, P.; Singla, R., 2003:
A new treatment modality for phthiriasis palpebrarum

Soran, O., 2003:
A new treatment modality in heart failure enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP)

Helfman, R.J., 1962:
A new treatment of Fox-Fordyce disease

Kolar, R., 1951:
A new treatment of aerophagy

Dally, P.J.; Sargant, W., 1960:
A new treatment of anorexia nervosa

Fey, C., 1960:
A new treatment of autonomic disorders

Shulman, A.; Shaw, F.H.; Cass, N.M.; Whyte, H.M., 1955:
A new treatment of barbiturate intoxication

Pestel, M., 1955:
A new treatment of barbituric coma

Paufique, L.; Spira, C.; Charleux, J., 1960:
A new treatment of certain ocular diseases: photocoagulation

Basnuevo, J.G., 1960:
A new treatment of clonorchiasis

Vignalou, J.; Laffly, P., 1961:
A new treatment of constipation in parkinsonism patients. Use of a surfactant and of a synthetic hydrotropic agent

Garnier, G., 1960:
A new treatment of dermatomycosis by oral administration: griseofulvin

Thiers, H.; Colomb, D.; Fayolle, J.; Taine, B.; Moulin, G., 1958:
A new treatment of edematous dermatitis: acetazolamide

Courtois, S.Ffit, M.; Gautheron, M.; Daignan, A., 1962:
A new treatment of functional disorders of the bile ducts in current practice

Faberge, A.C.; Singleton, J.R., 1950:
A new treatment of genetics

Nyiri, I.; Zsolnai, B., 1958:
A new treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum

Mcausland, S.D., 1961:
A new treatment of leg ulcers

Lichtwitz, A.; Crepeaux, J., 1952:
A new treatment of menopause: polysteroid hormone implantation

Zettl, J., 1955:
A new treatment of migraine and headache

Burnham, P.J., 1953:
A new treatment of minor singultus

Siirala, M., 1951:
A new treatment of myotonia congenita (Thomsen's disease); preliminary report

Celice, J.; Morax, P.; Godde, D.; Bercovici, L.; Duchesnay, G., 1958:
A new treatment of optic neuritis caused by alcohol and tobacco; vitamin B6 in massive doses

Orlandini, P., 1950:
A new treatment of pain by intradermal acupuncture

Casabianca, J., 1955:
A new treatment of psoriasis

Plichet, A., 1955:
A new treatment of psychoneuroses; benzilic acid 2-diethylaminoethyl ester

Brady, L.P.; Jewett, E.L., 1960:
A new treatment of radio-ulnar synostosis

Debray, C.; Fleury, R.; Bureau, P.; L.Q.Erler, Y., 1959:
A new treatment of ranula: synthetic antithyroid agents. Apropos of 4 cases

Bernhard, C.G.; Bohm, E.; Hojeberg, S., 1955:
A new treatment of status epilepticus; intravenous injections of a local anesthetic (lidocaine)

Huysmans, J., 1957:
A new treatment of strabismus

Sigg, K., 1955:
A new treatment of superficial and deep thrombosis

Manhajm, M., 1955:
A new treatment of the incipient phase of varicose veins

Roth, G., 1952:
A new treatment of the neuro-vegetative symptom complex

Wettreich, W., 1961:
A new treatment of traumatic conditions, by metabolite I of phenylbutazone, or G-27202. Preliminary note

Giorlando, S.W.; Brandt, M.L., 1958:
A new treatment of trichomonas vaginitis

Maffia, A.J.; Levbarg, M.; Perillo, L.A.; Greenberg, W., 1960:
A new treatment of upper respiratory infections with trypsin-phenylephrine nose drops

Bank, E., 1952:
A new treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis

Nogughi, J., 1953:
A new treatment of vitiligo

Caroli, J.; Emerit, B., 1962:
A new treatment of "intractable" edema of the lower limbs in cirrhotics

Parker, G.S., 2004:
A new treatment option for grade II and IV hemorrhoids

Schreiber, C.; Hörer, Jürgen.; Vogt, M.; Fratz, S.; Kunze, M.; Galm, C.; Eicken, A.; Lange, Rüdiger., 2006:
A new treatment option for pulmonary valvar insufficiency: first experiences with implantation of a self-expanding stented valve without use of cardiopulmonary bypass

Hohneck, J.P., 1953:
A new treatment principle in medicine

Fricke, L.; Mitschke, A.; Wiater, A.; Lehmkuhl, G., 2006:
A new treatment program for children with sleep disorders--concept, practicability, and first empirical results

Jansson, S.; Söderlund, A., 2005:
A new treatment programme to improve balance in elderly people--an evaluation of an individually tailored home-based exercise programme in five elderly women with a feeling of unsteadiness

Schmidt, K.T., 1959:
A new treatment service for alcoholics

Wang, J-Hua.; Zhao, J-Zhong.; He, Y-Hua., 2006:
A new treatment strategy for severe arthrofibrosis of the knee. A review of twenty-two cases

Wang, J-Hua.; Zhao, J-Zhong.; He, Y-Hua., 2007:
A new treatment strategy for severe arthrofibrosis of the knee. Surgical technique

Scott, B.O., 1959:
A new treatment unit

Schumann, H.; Rehberg, H.G., 1955:
A new treatment with reserpine for the chronically injured heart

Fain, A.; Vandepitte, J., 1957:
A new trematode, Poikilorchis congolensis, n.g., n.sp., living in subcutaneous retroauricular cysts in man from the Belgian Congo

Schultz, C.J., 1953:
A new trend in community treatment programs

de Boer, D.; Bosman, I., 2004:
A new trend in drugs-of-abuse; the 2C-series of phenethylamine designer drugs

Kim, M.H.; Song, J.H.; Kim, S.H.; Park, D.B.; Shin, K.M., 1996:
A new trend in operative technique for intracerebral hemorrhage: a comparative study of stereotactic endoscopic removal and stereotactic catheter drainage

Majernik, O., 1962:
A new trend in physiological research in Italy

Neguib, M.A., 1962:
A new trend in surgery of duodenal ulcer

Pequignot, H.; Gueniot, M., 1951:
A new trend in the reform of specialty certificates

Tamarina, N.A., 1963:
A new trend in the search for methods of removing resistance of insects to insecticides

de AZEREDO, 1963:
A new trephine for corneal grafts

Verhoeff, F.H.; Chandler, P.A., 1954:
A new trephining operation

Nakamura, N., 1962:
A new trial for chromic treatment of homograft preserved in alcohol and its experimental studies on the transplantation into abdominal aorta

Altevogt, R.; Kuckherm, B., 1955:
A new trial for type differentiation of tubercle bacilli

Wilmer, W.H., 1907:
A new trial frame

Broussolle, P.; Rosier, Y., 1962:
A new trial of meprobamate: the injectable form in hospital therapy

Banerjee, S.Ray.; Zubieta, J., 2005 :
A new tricarbonylrhenium(I) compound incorporating the tridentate ligand N,N-bispicolyl-2-ethanolamine

Dessarzin, D.; Ducrey, J.C., 1959:
A new trichomonacide

Rocchietta, S., 1961:
A new trichomonicide: 1-hydroxyethyl-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole

Raica, M.; Mederle, O.; Raţ, G., 2005:
A new trichrome staining method: its practice and application in normal tissues

Silver, D.L.; Montell, D.J., 2003:
A new trick for Cyclin-Cdk: activation of STAT

Lee, H.Man.; Zeng, J.Yao.; Hu, C-Han.; Lee, M-Tsung., 2004:
A new tridentate pincer phosphine/n-heterocyclic carbene ligand: palladium complexes, their structures, and catalytic activities

Baldoli, C.; Rigamonti, C.; Maiorana, S.; Licandro, E.; Falciola, L.; Mussini, P.Romana., 2006:
A new triferrocenyl-tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane derivative as a highly sensitive electrochemical marker of biomolecules: application to the labelling of PNA monomers and their electrochemical characterization

Babaiantz, L.; Wieser, C., 1955:
A new triiodic contrast medium for intravenous urography

FINNIE, W.J., 1954:
A new trilene vaporizer for dental anaesthesia

Xie, H.Zhen.; Li, Z.Feng.; Zheng, Y.Qing., 2007:
A new trinuclear cobalt(II) complex: decaaqua-1kappa3O,2kappa4O,3kappa3O-bis(benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylato)-1kappaO,3kappaO-di-mu-4,4'-bipyridine-1:2kappa2N:N';2:3kappa2N:N'-di-4,4'-bipyridine-1kappaN,3kappaN-tricobalt(II) 4,4'-bipyridine solvate octahydrate

Hinselmann, H., 1953:
A new trip to Africa and the Mediterranean countries

Schultz, F.B., 1963:
A new triple combination tablet for anti-hypertensive therapy

Garbsch, H., 1957:
A new triple-iodized contrast medium in intravenous excretory urography

Nachlas, M.M., 1955:
A new triple-lumen tube for the diagnosis and treatment of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Ballandras, S.; Steichen, W.; Briot, E.; Solal, M.; Doisy, M.; Hodé, J-Michel., 2004:
A new triply rotated quartz cut for the fabrication of low loss IF SAW filters

Vacca, A.; Nativi, C.; Cacciarini, M.; Pergoli, R.; Roelens, S., 2004:
A new tripodal receptor for molecular recognition of monosaccharides. A paradigm for assessing glycoside binding affinities and selectivities by 1H NMR spectroscopy

Zimmermann, M., 1952:
A new trisaccharide

Edwards, J.H.; Harnden, D.G.; Cameron, A.H.; Crosse, V.M.; Wolff, O.H., 1960:
A new trisomic syndrome

Kang, W-Yi.; Du, Z-Zhi.; Yang, X-Sheng.; Hao, X-Jiang., 2004:
A new triterpene from Luculia pinciana Hook

Luo, J.; Lin, Z.B., 2003:
A new triterpene from the fruiting bodies of Ganoderma lucidum

Zhan, Y-C.; Sun, Y.; Li, W.; Lin, Y.; Sha, Y.; Pei, Y-H., 2006:
A new triterpene glycoside from Asterias rollentoni

Ohta, G.; Shimizu, M., 1958:
A new triterpenoid alcohol, 24-methylenecycloartanol, as its ferulate, from rice bran oil

Zhang, W.; Lou, H-Xiang.; Li, G-Yao.; Wu, H-Ming., 2003:
A new triterpenoid from Entodon okamurae Broth

Yadav, S.B.; Tripathi, V., 2003:
A new triterpenoid from Lantana camara

Matsuno, T.; Yamanouchi, T., 1961:
A new triterpenoid sapogenin of animal origin (sea cucumber)

Zou, K.; Wang, B.; Zhao, Y-Ying.; Zheng, J-Hua.; Zhang, R.Yi., 2004:
A new triterpenoid saponin julibroside J24 from the stem bark of Albiza julibrissin

Boiteau, P.; Nigeon, D.Reuil, M.; Rabinovicz, M.; Raynaud, J.Quard, S., 1959:
A new triterpenoid, responsible for the curarizing action of Agauria salicifolia Hook. f., one of the Ericaceae from Madagascar

Lane, T.J.D., 1952:
A new trocar and cannula for "stab" cystostomy

Kato, K.; Matsuda, M.; Imai, M.; Kasai, S.; Mito, M., 1997:
A new trocar approach insertion site for laparoscopic surgery: the xiphoidal approach

Hurwitz, A., 1960:
A new trocar designed for the insertion of a Foley catheter

Velloso, A.L., 1957:
A new trocar for drainage of pulmonary caverns

Schroder, J., 1956:
A new trocar for laparoscopy

Abonnenc, E., 1955:
A new trombiculid (acarine): Euschöngastia rouchoni, parasite of a wart hog

Schreck, E., 1953:
A new tube apparatus for ophthalmological surgical diathermy (Siemens-Reiniger-Werke Radiotom 563) including information on operation technic

Fryklof, L.E.; Nordstig, K., 1957:
A new tube filling apparatus for salves dispensed on prescription

Bergan, F., 1952:
A new tube for bronchospirometric examination

Devine, J.W.; Morrison, R.L., 1952:
A new tube for rapid evacuation of stomach contents before anesthesia in emergency procedures

Devine, J.W., 1952:
A new tube for use in treatment of intestinal obstruction

Ghata, J., 1957:
A new tube for withdrawing blood, vacutainer

Murohashi, T.; Ikeda, K.; Asami, N.; Miura, K., 1960:
A new tuberculin salve for the percutaneous tuberculin test

Laffo, S.To.M.; Torres, J.E.; Castrillon, C., 1962 :
A new tuberculin test: disk Tine Test

Anonymous, 1952:
A new tuberculosis antibiotic; viomycin

D.Chabalier, C., 1951:
A new tuberculosis vaccine

Pilheu, J.A.; Cetrangolo, A.; Dubra, F.A.; Iannello, J.A., 1960:
A new tuberculostatic drug: 2-ethylthioisonicotinamide or Th-1314

Toussaint, F.Ancx, J.P.; Toussaint, F.Ancx, Y., 1959:
A new tuberculostatic: Th-1314. First observations

Tsai, M-Feng.; Wang, C-Chung.; Chang, G-Chen.; Chen, C-Yi.; Chen, H-Yu.; Cheng, C-Ling.; Yang, Y-Ping.; Wu, C-Yi.; Shih, F-Yuan.; Liu, C-Chi.; Lin, H-Ping.; Jou, Y-Shan.; Lin, S-Chen.; Lin, C-Wu.; Chen, W.J.; Chan, W-Kai.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P-Chyr., 2006:
A new tumor suppressor DnaJ-like heat shock protein, HLJ1, and survival of patients with non-small-cell lung carcinoma

Albini, A.; Pfeffer, U., 2006:
A new tumor suppressor gene: invasion, metastasis, and angiogenesis as potential key targets

Vantomme, Vérie.; Boël, P.; D.P.aen, E.; Boon, T.; van der Bruggen, P., 2003:
A new tumor-specific antigenic peptide encoded by MAGE-6 is presented to cytolytic T lymphocytes by HLA-Cw16

Murai, Y.; Kobayashi, S.; Teramoto, A., 2004:
A new tumour forceps for use during removal of pineal region tumours

De.F.Ade.A.; Sellek.A., 1956:
A new turbidimetric test of copper acetate as an indication of hepatic disfunction

Iwamori, M., 2006:
A new turning point in glycosphingolipid research

Eisenstein, M., 2006:
A new twist for DNA

Goetz, S.; Kruger, P.E., 2006:
A new twist in anion binding: metallo-helicate hosts for anionic guests

Sister, N.Ra, 1957:
A new twist in technician training

Stommel, J.M.; Wahl, G.M., 2005:
A new twist in the feedback loop: stress-activated MDM2 destabilization is required for p53 activation

Martin, G.S., 2006:
A new twist on albumin therapy in the intensive care unit, again

Emens, L.A., 2003:
A new twist on autologous cancer vaccines

Anonymous, 2003:
A new twist on food and drug interactions

Jinnah, H.A.; Hess, E.J., 2006:
A new twist on the anatomy of dystonia: the basal ganglia and the cerebellum?

Barrett, K.E., 2005:
A new twist on trefoils. Focus on "TFF3 modulates NF-{kappa}B and a novel regulatory molecule of NF-{kappa}B in intestinal epithelial cells via a mechanism distinct from TNF-{alpha}"

Sosic, D.; Olson, E.N., 2003 :
A new twist on twist--modulation of the NF-kappa B pathway

Holm, L., 2004:
A new twist. Using certified athletic trainers as physician extenders

Vogt, O.; Pfister, M.; Marggraf, U.; Neyer, A.; Hergenroder, R.; Jacob, P., 2005:
A new two-chip concept for continuous measurements on PMMA-microchips

Dogliotti, A.M.; Guglielmini, G., 1955:
A new two-lever compression clamp for vascular surgery

Wang, Q.; Pan, D.; Jiang, S.; Ji, X.; An, L.; Jiang, B., 2005:
A new two-phase route to high-quality CdS nanocrystals

Borek, F., 1961:
A new two-stage method for cross-linking proteins

Jennings, E.R.; Cowley, R.A., 1955:
A new two-way needle for blood vessel anastomosis

Chistiakov, D.A.; Savost'anov, K.V.; Turakulov, R.I.; Titovich, E.V.; Zilberman, L.I.; Kuraeva, T.L.; Dedov, I.I.; Nosikov, V.V., 2004:
A new type 1 diabetes susceptibility locus containing the catalase gene (chromosome 11p13) in a Russian population

Welborn, M.B., 1957:
A new type T tube

Nakanishi, K., 1950:
A new type ameba (Amoeba ferox) Phagocyting pathogenic intestinal bacteria, recovered from river water in Java

Hardaway, R.M., 1957:
A new type bed cradle

Frommhold, W., 1953:
A new type contrast medium for intravenous cholecystography

Staegemann, G., 1955:
A new type facet crown

Muller, E., 1954:
A new type laryngoscope

Kernodle, J.R.; Johnston, J.W., 1955:
A new type nylon stocking found to be beneficial in varicosities and leg cramp

Liu, J., 2003:
A new type of 1-channel electrocardiograph drive circuit

Jawetz, E.; Hanna, L.; Kimura, S.J.; Thygeson, P., 1956:
A new type of APC virus from follicular conjunctivitis

Wiame, J.M.; Harpigny, R.; Dothey, R.G., 1959:
A new type of Acetobacter: Acetobacter acidophilum prov. sp

Kuznetsov, V.D., 1962:
A new type of Chainia

L.M.Nor.L.; L.M.Nor.S.; Nicolle.P.; Olitzki.A.I., 1955:
A new type of E. coli 55: B5 (H antigen 32)

Batista, A.C.; Silveira, J.S., 1959:
A new type of Endomycopsis mali (Lewis) Dekker found in human feces

Driess, M.; Yao, S.; Brym, M.; van Wüllen, C.; Lentz, D., 2006 :
A new type of N-heterocyclic silylene with ambivalent reactivity

Seeliger, H.; Pelz, H.L., 1952:
A new type of Salmonella group: Salmonella eschweiler

Figueiredo, A.; Sampaio, A., 1954:
A new type of Salmonella: Salmonella XVI:Z10:1,6

D.L.T.Rre.J.A.; Edwards.P.R.; Mcwhorter.A.C.; Olarte.J., 1956:
A new type of Salmonella: Salmonella azteca

Wittig, H.; Sulzbacher, F.; Seeliger, H.P., 1958:
A new type of Salmonella: Salmonella halle with reference to the turtle as a Salmonella reservoir

L.M.Nor.L.; Devignat.R.; Schoetter.M., 1953:
A new type of Salmonella; S. garoli

Miller, H.B., 1950:
A new type of T tube

Myers, R.N., 1960:
A new type of T tube for operative cholangiography

Pavlov, P.; Dimitrov, S., 1957:
A new type of Trichomonas in calves, Trichomonas bovis sp.n

Spano, C., 1958:
A new type of Vi phage of Salmonella typhi

Kriz, R.; Kraft, F., 1955:
A new type of a manual electromagnet; preliminary communication

Schlegel, K.F., 1950:
A new type of abduction splint for treatment of disorders of the shoulder girdle and upper arm

Yu, W-bin.; Wu, Z., 2005:
A new type of active noise cancellation earmuffs

Mande, R.; Mozziconacci, P.; Huet, A.; Robin, J.; Saint, O.Ge.G., 1955:
A new type of allergic skin reaction as immediate sequel of BCG vaccination

Delgado, J.N.; Worrell, L.F., 1962:
A new type of anabolic compound: heterocyclic steroids

D'errico, G.; Ruggiero, A., 1950:
A new type of anesthesia chart

Russell, J.K., 1960:
A new type of angled-catch forceps for anterior colporrhaphy

Colacio, E.; Lloret, F.; Maimoun, I.Ben.; Kivekäs, R.; Sillanpää, R.; Suárez-Varela, Jé., 2003:
A new type of anionic metal dicyanamide extended networks through [Cu(N4-macrocycle)]2+ cation templation. Structure and magnetic properties

Lopez, P.H.H.; Comín, R.; Villa, A.M.; D.E.idio, M.; Saizar, R.D.; Sica, R.E.P.; Nores, G.A., 2006:
A new type of anti-ganglioside antibodies present in neurological patients

Forro, L.; Locsis, G., 1962:
A new type of antigen induced by chemical linkage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and gamma-globulin

Bleuler, E., 1950:
A new type of arithmetic book for special classes and institutional schools

Klain, B.V., 1953:
A new type of armchair therapy cart

Catchpole, B.N.; Curran, R.C., 1958:
A new type of arterial prosthesis

Stamm, T.T., 1954:
A new type of arthroplasty for bony anchylosis of the hip

Hollander, G.; Sterling, J.A.; Doane, J.C., 1953:
A new type of artificial kidney. I. Technique

Hollander, G.; Sterling, J.A.; Doane, J.C., 1953:
A new type of artificial kidney. II. Treatment of acute and chronic uremia

Weise, H.J.; Reimann, H.F., 1957:
A new type of automatic recording apparatus for paper electrophoresis

Deutsch, J.A., 1953:
A new type of behaviour theory

Li, H.; Morimoto, K.; Kimura, T.; Sakka, K.; Ohmiya, K., 2005:
A new type of beta-N-Acetylglucosaminidase from hydrogen-producing Clostridium paraputrificum M-21

Debakey, M.E., 1963:
A new type of biopsy needle

Debray, C., 1954:
A new type of biopsy: the biopsy of the gastric mucosa

Woodruff, M.F.A., 1952:
A new type of blood film for differential counts

Kaijser, K., 1951:
A new type of bottle for collecting urine from infants

Anonymous, 1954:
A new type of bottle washer

Gazeley, W.E.; Dunham, W.A., 1952:
A new type of brace for the rehabilitation of the weakened shoulder

Imanaka, N.; Kato, Y., 2003:
A new type of bromide anion conducting solid

Meyer, A.; Liot, F., 1954:
A new type of bronchial epithelioma with changed stroma: bronchial tumors with myo-epithelial cells

Dibak, O., 1957:
A new type of cage for the determination of metabolism in small laboratory animals

Lynkones, K.S., 1961:
A new type of cancer chemotherapy

Sanchez Gutierrez, A., 1954:
A new type of carbon dioxide insufflator

Heilbrunn, L.V.; Tosteson, T.R.; Davidson, E., 1957:
A new type of carcinostatic agent

Gibbon, N., 1958:
A new type of catheter for urethral drainage of the bladder

Danielsson, H.; Lundmark, F., 1957:
A new type of centrifuge, the spiral centrifuge, useful in various fields, including hematology

Huang, X.; Wang, J.; Liu, X.; Cong, R., 2003:
A new type of chemically bonded phase for reversed-phase HPLC

D.Pichon Riviere, A.A., 1956:
A new type of child psychology in the light of Freud's discoveries

Chang, B-Chi.; Huang, B-Shiun.; Chou, C-Liang.; Wang, S-Jen., 2006:
A new type of chopsticks for patients with impaired hand function

Falck, B.; Hillarp, N.A.; Torp, A., 1959:
A new type of chromaffin cells, probably storing dopamine

Vilanova, X., 1961:
A new type of cicatricial alopecia: alopecia caused by obstetrical vacuum extractor

Claussen, A., 1957:
A new type of colonic catheter

Chiarlo, B., 1957:
A new type of continuous extractor for liquids. II. A perfected model for extending its use with solvents heavier than the extracted liquid

Malhotra, M., 1962:
A new type of corneo-scleral suture in intraocular surgery

Neveu, P.; Bodenreider, P.L.; Boyer, R., 1951:
A new type of cranial dysostosis: pachycraniosis with jaundice, oligophrenia and paranoid delirium

Olonen, A.; Kalkkinen, N.; Paulin, L., 2003:
A new type of cysteine proteinase inhibitor--the salarin gene from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) and Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Panconesi, E.; Giannini, C., 1955:
A new type of dermograph

Hankiss, J.; Keszthelyi, M.; Siro, B., 1961:
A new type of diabetes insipidus due to increased hormone inactivation: its incidence in clinical material

Pellmont, B., 1951:
A new type of direct calorimeter

Cihak, R., 1958:
A new type of dissecting forceps

Riberi, A.; Scrosoppi, F., 1953:
A new type of double-lumen endotracheal tube

Twiss, E.E., 1950:
A new type of duodenal tube. rapidly insertable during radioscopy

Gilbert, D.Eyfus, S.Voie, J.C.; Sebaoun, J.; Mery, J.P., 1957:
A new type of dynamic adreno-ovarian exploration; value and significance in a case of virilism caused by arrhenoblastoma

Rigby, J.E.; Rawson, D., 1958:
A new type of early cysticercoid stage in a cyclophyilidean cestode

Carlucci, L.; Ciani, G.; Proserpio, D.M., 2004:
A new type of entanglement involving one-dimensional ribbons of rings catenated to a three-dimensional network in the nanoporous structure of [Co(bix)2(H2O)2](SO4).7H2O [bix = 1,4-bis(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)benzene

Ormea, F.; Depaoli, M., 1951:
A new type of epidermal cell: John's stalagmocytes

Bergmann, F.; Segal, R.; Rimon, S., 1957:
A new type of esterase in hog-kidney extract

Butterworth, R.F.; Bignell, J.L., 1952:
A new type of eye endoscope

Knierer, W.; Schirren, C.G., 1953:
A new type of eye-protecting shells for use in radiotherapy

Slesinger, M., 1955:
A new type of facet crowns

Mestwerdt, G., 1950:
A new type of floating mount for the colposcope

Usher-Somers, G.E.E., 1950:
A new type of foot support for the lithotomy position

Scharfetter, H.; Merwa, R.; Pilz, K., 2005:
A new type of gradiometer for the receiving circuit of magnetic induction tomography (MIT)

Petrunia, S.P., 1962:
A new type of graft fixation in partial penetrating corneal transplantation

Guinamard, M., 1951:
A new type of grooved interchangeable facet

Goulesque, J., 1963:
A new type of group medicine at Madagascar. Application of Suchet's method of operation

Hallen, O., 1962:
A new type of hand knobs for the surgical microscope

Vallgårda, S., 2006:
A new type of health education?

Sandoe, E., 1959:
A new type of heart catheter for injection in the right ventricle in selective angiocardiography

Macko, J.K., 1962:
A new type of helminth Wardium filamentoovatum sp. n. (Hymenolepididae) from Larus minutus Pala

Kisch, B., 1949:
A new type of hemolysis

Nigro, G.; D'alessandro, L.; Gravante, G., 1962:
A new type of hepatic extract for stimulus treatment of muscular metabolism and in classical indications. Administration by intramuscular and intravenous routes

Bourgeon, R.; Dumazer, R.; Pietri, H.; Guntz, M., 1954:
A new type of hepatography; its special importance in study of liver neoplasms

Waymouth, C., 1950:
A new type of hexagonal roller tube for growing multiple tissue cultures

Bay, Z., 1951:
A new type of high speed coincidence circuit

Kubo, T.; Akabori, H., 1950:
A new type of high-temperature x-ray camera for chemical reactions in the solid state

Coons, D.; Donahue, W.; Hunter, W., 1951:
A new type of hobby show

Schrott, L., 1961:
A new type of holding and guiding apparatus for the stereomicroscope with a large work area

Zhang, Z-Jing.; Xiang, S-Chang.; Zhang, Y-Fan.; Wu, A-Qing.; Cai, L-Zhen.; Guo, G-Cong.; Huang, J-Shun., 2006:
A new type of hybrid magnetic semiconductor based upon polymeric iodoplumbate and metal-organic complexes as templates

Ehrman, L., 1962:
A new type of hybrid sterility in Drosophila paulistorum

Herz, A., 1954:
A new type of hypnotic; unsaturated tertiary carbinols; experimental studies on therapeutic use of 3-methyl-pentin-ol-3 (methylparafynol)

Mccandliss, R.J., 1956:
A new type of hysterostat

Jonsson, G., 1953:
A new type of ileostomy bandage

Kornyshev, A.A.; Kuznetsov, A.M., 2006:
A new type of in situ single-molecule rectifier

Desnuelle, P.; Naudet, M.; Constantin, M.J., 1951:
A new type of in vitro lipolysis; a glycerol generating lipolysis

Jensen, B., 1953:
A new type of insulin retardation

Vyakaranam, K.; Körbe, S.; Divisová, H.; Michl, J., 2004:
A new type of intermediate, C+(BCH3)11- <--> C(BCH3)11, in a Grob fragmentation coupled with intramolecular hydride transfer. A nonclassical carbocation ylide or a carbenoid?

Schiff, C.A., 1960:
A new type of intestinal clamp

Karlstrom, S., 1955:
A new type of intra-oral vibrator

Rubio Huertos, M., 1957:
A new type of intracellular inclusions produced by plant virus

Jewstropow, A.P.; Abolina, A.E., 1961:
A new type of knee incision in rupture of the meniscus

Barnett, T., 1960:
A new type of labour ward chart

Okyay, O., 1959:
A new type of ligature and its use in orthodontic practice

Kolbel, H., 1956:
A new type of light filter apparatus for microscopic fluorescence analysis

Hofstetter, E., 1952:
A new type of local anaesthetic

Austin, G.M.; Lee, A.S.; Grant, F.C., 1956:
A new type of locally applied stereotaxic instrument

de la Riva, Héctor.; Nieuwhuyzen, M.; Mendicute Fierro, C.; Raithby, P.R.; Male, L.; Lagunas, M.Cristina., 2006:
A new type of luminescent alkynyl Au4Cu2 cluster

Hofmann, W.J.; Walter, J.; Czerny, M.; Magometschnigg, H., 2004:
A new type of magnification system in vascular surgery--an evaluation study

Atwood, J.L.; Barbour, L.J.; Jerga, A., 2004:
A new type of material for the recovery of hydrogen from gas mixtures

Zuniga, S.R., 1963:
A new type of mechancal obstruction of the intestine

Fenske, D.; Gnida, M.; Schneider, K.; Meyer-Klaucke, W.; Schemberg, Jörg.; Henschel, V.; Meyer, A-Katrin.; Knöchel, A.; Müller, A., 2005:
A new type of metalloprotein: The Mo storage protein from azotobacter vinelandii contains a polynuclear molybdenum-oxide cluster

Mouton, R.W.; Jordaan, H.F.; Schneider, J.W., 2004:
A new type of minocycline-induced cutaneous hyperpigmentation

Kagan, H.B., 1960:
A new type of modified steroids: "inversed" steroids. Synthesis of "inversed" cortisone

Banerjee, R., 1951:
A new type of monster

Kessler, A., 1961:
A new type of motor-pump model of Malmstrom's vacuum extractor with foot regulation

Rossi, F.Nelli, A.; Antonini, E., 1957:
A new type of myoglobin isolated and crystallized from the muscles of Aplysiae

Auvinen, S.; Vihola, A.; Krahe, R.; Kupila, J.; Hackman, P.; Hietaharju, A.; Udd, B., 2003:
A new type of myotonic dystrophy

Holzapfel, M.; Buqa, H.; Scheifele, W.; Novák, P.; Petrat, F-Martin., 2005 :
A new type of nano-sized silicon/carbon composite electrode for reversible lithium insertion

Fobes, C.D.; Cannon, A., 1961:
A new type of neuronal inclusion in paralysis agitans. A case report

Roy, A.B.; Mukherjee, M.K., 1957:
A new type of nitrogen-fixing bacterium

Altunkov, P., 1960:
A new type of non-traumatic surgical needle

Shu, Y.; Oyama, S.Ted., 2005:
A new type of nonsulfide hydrotreating catalyst: nickel phosphide on carbon

Hessburg, P.C., 1962:
A new type of ocular bandage

Scott, R.B., 1956:
A new type of ocular prosthesis

Weiser, R., 1951:
A new type of orthodontic clasp

Shakhnovich, S.I.; Kochkov, N.S., 1950:
A new type of oscillograph

Buhlmann, A., 1951:
A new type of oximeter for measurement of blood oxygen saturation in tissue and cuvette

Murugesu, M.; Clérac, R.; Anson, C.E.; Powell, A.K., 2004:
A new type of oxygen bridged Cu(II)36 aggregate formed around a central [KCl6]5- unit

Ting, Y.; Jar, H-Chin.; Lin, C-Yi.; Huang, J-Shen., 2005:
A new type of parts feeder driven by bimorph piezo actuator

Norden, A.; Linell, F., 1951:
A new type of pathogenic Mycobacterium

Levitov, M.M.; Inozemtseva, I.I.; Tebiakina, A.E.; Buianovskaia, I.S.; Shneerson, A.N.; Chaikovskaia, S.M.; Komokina, Z.F.; Druzhinina, E.N., 1962:
A new type of penicillinalpha-phenoxyethylpenicillin--and studies on its microbiological properties

Bornhardt, M., 1959:
A new type of photofluorographic center

Jin, G.; Zhang, J.; Zhang, J.; Sun, C., 2005:
A new type of plantar-pressure distribution measuring system and its application

Paiva Chaves, J., 1951:
A new type of plaster apparatus for continuous traction and immobilization of the cervical spine

Moghissi, K., 1961:
A new type of pleural biopsy instrument

Leifson, E.; Hugh, R., 1954:
A new type of polar monotrichous flagellation

Aleinikov, V.S., 1956:
A new type of portable stretcher

Reisch, M.; Combes, F.C., 1955:
A new type of pressure dressing for hypostatic dermatitis

Brock, J., 1953:
A new type of protection in boxing; prophylaxis of injuries in the area of teeth, jaw bone and temporomaxillary joint

Anonymous, 1953:
A new type of pump

Gambarian, M.E., 1962:
A new type of purple sulfur bacteria Thiopedia sevani (n.sp.)

van der Burg, M.; van Veelen, L.R.; Verkaik, N.S.; Wiegant, W.W.; Hartwig, N.G.; Barendregt, B.H.; Brugmans, L.; Raams, A.; Jaspers, N.G.J.; Zdzienicka, M.Z.; van Dongen, J.J.M.; van Gent, D.C., 2005:
A new type of radiosensitive T-B-NK+ severe combined immunodeficiency caused by a LIG4 mutation

Simpson, D.C.; Torrance, H.B., 1959:
A new type of recording manometer for clinical research

D.Toni, G., 1955:
A new type of renal nanism: benign pseudo-hypophysial renal nanism caused by unilateral renal hypoplasia

Castigliano, S.G., 1950:
A new type of roentgen periscope for intracavitary therapy

Silvello, L., 1962:
A new type of rotating prosthesis

Hayamizu, K.; Price, W.S., 2004:
A new type of sample tube for reducing convection effects in PGSE-NMR measurements of self-diffusion coefficients of liquid samples

Waldmann, H., 1958:
A new type of scissors for episiotomy

Grath, G.B., 1956:
A new type of screw and screw-driver

Zielinski, Z., 1958:
A new type of sheep lung nematode in Poland

Paradowski, K., 1954:
A new type of short-term intravenous anesthesia

Nelson, C.L.; Winston, D.C., 2007:
A new type of shotgun ammunition produces unique wound characteristics

Qi, Y.; Wang, Y.; Hu, C.; Cao, M.; Mao, L.; Wang, E., 2003:
A new type of single-helix coordination polymer with mixed ligands [M2(phen)2(e,a-cis-1,4-chdc)2(H2O)2]n (M=Co and Ni; phen=1,10-phenanthroline; chdc=cyclohexanedicarboxylate)

Tamerin, J.A.; Bornstein, L.A., 1950:
A new type of skin marking ink

Albert, S.N., 1956:
A new type of slotted bronchoscope

Chen, K-Yu.; Hsieh, H-Hung.; Wu, C-Chih.; Hwang, J-Jye.; Chow, T.J., 2007:
A new type of soluble pentacene precursor for organic thin-film transistors

Oddone, I.; Pinn, P.Ntor, P.; Gamna, G.; Caruzzo, C., 1958:
A new type of sound for simultaneous recording of the esophageal phonocardiogram, electrocardiogram and piezocardiogram

Hao, Y-jian.; Cao, W-chun.; Gao, S-ping.; Zhang, P-he.; Zhao, Q-min.; Yang, H.; Zhang, X-tan., 2004:
A new type of spotted fever group Rickttsiaes detected in the area of Changbai mountain, Jilin province

Timm, C., 1959:
A new type of spreading clamp

Chen, B.; Baumeister, U.; Diele, S.; Das, M.Kumar.; Zeng, X.; Ungar, G.; Tschierske, C., 2004:
A new type of square columnar liquid crystalline phases formed by facial amphiphilic triblock molecules

Selvaggi, F.; Sciaudone, G.; Giuliani, A.; Limongelli, P.; Di Stazio, C., 2007:
A new type of strictureplasty for the treatment of multiple long stenosis in Crohn's disease

Laborit, H.; Coirault, R.; Damasio, R.; Gaujard, R.; Laborit, G.; Fabrizy, P., 1957:
A new type of surgical anesthesia and the use in therapy of a depressor of the cerebral cortex (SCTZ)

Maes, R.M.; Lewin, J.S.; Duerk, J.L.; Misselwitz, B.; Kiewiet, C.J.M.; Wacker, F.K., 2006:
A new type of susceptibility-artefact-based magnetic resonance angiography: intra-arterial injection of superparamagnetic iron oxide particles (SPIO) A Resovist in combination with TrueFisp imaging: a feasibility study

Mondani, E., 1959:
A new type of suture of perforated gastroduodenal ulcer tested in 70 cases. Immediate and remote results

Ciriello, G., 1950:
A new type of syringe sterilizer

Wise, B.L.; Green, E.D., 1954:
A new type of tantalum clip for occluding cerebral blood vessels

Amalric, P., 1960:
A new type of tapeto-retinal degeneration in the course of deaf-mutism

Schillinger, R.J., 1959:
A new type of tendon transplant operation for abducens paralysis

Manolov, D.G., 1959:
A new type of the genus Shigella--"Shigella 13"

Schneider, R., 1952:
A new type of therapy of angina pectoris

Klare, V., 1955:
A new type of thermotherapy

Staples, J., 2006:
A new type of threat

Wang, R.; Hong, M.; Luo, J.; Cao, R.; Weng, J., 2003:
A new type of three-dimensional framework constructed from dodecanuclear cadmium(II) macrocycles

de FLINES.J., 1951:
A new type of tissue slicker

Samy, L.L., 1955:
A new type of tracheoscope

Tenaglia, C., 1959:
A new type of treatment of auricular inflammation otocones

Meyer, Z.Schweicheln, H., 1961:
A new type of treatment of pruritic dermatoses

Puchalt, F.J., 2004:
A new type of trepanation

Boyd, M.L.; Holsenbeck, G.H., 1955:
A new type of tube for ureteral intubation

Verge, J., 1951:
A new type of tuberculosis bacillus: the murine type

Meyer-Bothling, H.J., 1961:
A new type of tympanic anesthesia for paracentesis

Arnold, D.L., 1949:
A new type of vaginal support

Ferreira, J.D., 1956:
A new type of valvulotome, more practical and safe

Inokuchi, K., 1958:
A new type of vesselsuturing apparatus

Ichikawa, Y.; Amano, S., 1958:
A new type of virus found in a spontaneous mammary tumor of SL mice and its proliferating modus observed in ultra-thin sections under the electron microscope

Hyndman, S.H.; Smyth, D.H., 1955:
A new type of visual aid for demonstration of comparisons or of rhythmic processes

Fajstavr, J.; Puza, V., 1959:
A new type of warming chamber for observation by means of phase optic

Flottmann, H.; Kaufmann, K., 1960:
A new type of washing and rinsing machine for laboratory equipment

Levene, G.; Perkins, C.B., 1950:
A new type of x-ray cassette cabinet

Das Gupta, K., 1951 :
A new type of x-ray scattering

Ernst, H.; Kaufmann, G., 1958:
A new type photoscanner for accurate demonstration of distribution of radioactive isotopes in the organism

Valkanyi, R.; Hidasi, I., 1954:
A new type plaster bed (raised, windowed and adjusted for defecation and urination) for the prevention ant treatment of decubitus in spondylitis, coxitis and other conditions, and useful for complete immobilization of the lower parts of the body

D.L.R.Ega.E.; Veronelli.J.C., 1961:
A new type potent hypotensive agent: guanethidine (CIBA Su-5864)

Ben-Ishay, D., 1959:
A new type rearrangement during the synthesis of cyclic sulfites from 7-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-theophylline

Cross, F.S.; Jones, R.D., 1961:
A new type suction tip especially designed for intracardiac surgery

Porter, E.J.; Ganong, L.H.; Drew, N.; Lanes, T.I., 2004:
A new typology of home-care helpers

Shirouzu, K.; Ogata, Y.; Araki, Y.; Kishimoto, Y.; Sato, Y., 2003:
A new ultimate anus-preserving operation for extremely low rectal cancer and for anal canal cancer

Carnachan, G.A.; Bendall, A., 1959:
A new ultra-fine powder inhalation therapy in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. Preliminary report of a six-week subjective investigation in general practice

Woringer, E., 1952:
A new ultra-rapid technique for closure of holes in the skull with an acrylic selfpolymerizable resin

Gazzano, A.M., 1957:
A new ultra-short action thiobarbiturate, sodium salt of methyl-thioethyl-2'-pentyl-thiobarbituric acid in orthopedic & traumatologic surgery

Wynne, K., 2005:
A new ultrafast technique for measuring the terahertz dynamics of chiral molecules: the theory of optical heterodyne-detected Raman-induced Kerr optical activity

Mezger, H.J., 1954:
A new ultramodern hospital in Philadelphia, U.S.A..

Turitto, P., 1957:
A new ultrashortacting barbiturate

Kocher, T.; Fanghänel, J.; Schwahn, C.; Rühling, A., 2005:
A new ultrasonic device in maintenance therapy: perception of pain and clinical efficacy

Ramachandra Rao, B., 1950:
A new ultrasonic method for determining elastic constants

Aubert, Séphane.; Voiglio, E.; Chalabreysse, L.; Farhat, F.; Jegaden, O., 2006:
A new ultrasonic process for a renewal of aortic valve decalcification

Kotani, A.; Hirano, Y.; Yasuda, C.; Ishikawa, K., 2006:
A new ultrasonographic technique for diagnosing deep venous insufficiency--imaging and functional evaluation of venous valves by ultrasonography with improved resolution

Koga, T.; Athayde, N.; Trudinger, B., 2003:
A new ultrasound technique to measure the isovolumetric contraction time as an index of cardiac contractility: fetal lamb validation

Elert, B.T., 1956:
A new ultraviolet spectrophotometric method for the determination of d-tubocurarine chloride in plasma

Haugen, J.A., 1951:
A new umbilical cord clamp

Kajikawa, A.; Ueda, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Ohkouchi, M., 2004:
A new umbilicoplasty for children: creating a longitudinal deep umbilical depression

Grime, P.; Williams, Sân.; Nicholson, S., 2003:
A new undergraduate teaching session in occupational medicine

Bellnoski, C., 2004:
A new understanding

Kordon, A.; Kahl, K.G.; Wahl, K., 2006:
A new understanding of attention-deficit disorders--beyond the age-at-onset criterion of DSM-IV

Ozawa, N., 2006:
A new understanding of chronic total occlusion from a novel PCI technique that involves a retrograde approach to the right coronary artery via a septal branch and passing of the guidewire to a guiding catheter on the other side of the lesion

Roberts, J.E., 2003:
A new understanding of the second stage of labor: implications for nursing care

Klosa, J., 1954:
A new unexpected therapeutic effect of a spasmolytic drug

Vlitos, A.J.; Meudt, W.; Beimler, R., 1956:
A new unidentified indole hormone in Maryland Mammoth tobacco

Larson, A.C., 1957:
A new unique device hones and strops all instruments

Ballieux, R.E.; Imhof, J.W., 1962:
A new unit in the group of paraproteins

Anonymous, 2003:
A new universal alternative that offers an individual solution to users of urine collectors

Giacobini, E.; Manzi, G., 1954:
A new universal apparatus for stratigraphy in horizontal, oblique and vertical position and for axial transverse stratigraphy with the patient immobile

Togonidze, A.R., 1959:
A new universal blood-arresting tourniquet

Ellis, D.A., 1961:
A new universal buffer system

Williams, J.T.; Scott, R.L., 2003:
A new universal colostomy tip for barium enemas of the colon

Schlutz, G.O., 1954:
A new universal direct-connected motor-driven pump for biological circulatory studies in vivo

KNEUCKER, A.W., 1958:
A new universal endoscope

Schubert, H., 1953:
A new universal implantation instrument

Gerlach, K.; Wenzel, V.; von Knobelsdorff, G.; Steinfath, M.; Dörges, V., 2003:
A new universal laryngoscope blade: a preliminary comparison with Macintosh laryngoscope blades

Izsák, F.; Lagzi, Ián., 2005:
A new universal law for the Liesegang pattern formation

Fuhr, J.; Fuhrmann, H., 1952:
A new universal measuring apparatus for medical men, chemists and biologists with the thinking scale

Carabelli, A.A., 1956:
A new universal safety-pin-closing forceps

Ewerwahn, W.J., 1959:
A new universally usable leg splint

Wu, J.; Long, L.; Song, Y.; Zhang, S.; Li, Q.; Huang, J.; Xiao, Z., 2005:
A new unsaturated glycoglycerolipid from a cultured marine dinoflagellate Amphidinium carterae

Tsujino, I.; Saito, T., 1961:
A new unsaturated uronide isolated from alginase hydrolysate

Préhu, C.; Mazurier, E.; Riou, J.; Kister, J.; Promé, D.; Richelme-David, S.; A.J.ssem, L.; Angellier, E.; Wajcman, H., 2003:
A new unstable alpha2-globin gene variant: Hb Chartres [alpha33(B14)Phe --> Ser

Takahashi, T.; Jenkins, S.C.; Strauss, G.R.; Watson, C.P.; Lake, F.R., 2003:
A new unsupported upper limb exercise test for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Leuthardt, F.; Semenza, G., 1957:
A new unusual enzyme: alpha-glycerophosphate oxidase of mitochondria of the liver in rats

Ross, D.E., 1950:
A new upper abdominal incision

Yabuuchi, K.; Marfo-Owusu, E.; Kato, T., 2003:
A new urea gelator: incorporation of intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonding for stable 1D self-assembly

Akkilic, M., 1963:
A new ureteral calculus forceps

Arnett, R.K., 1955:
A new ureteral clamp

Bunge, R.G., 1953:
A new ureteral meatome for use with the resectoscope

Sewell, R.L.; Sewell, J.H., 1954:
A new uretero-intestinal anastomosis for use in pelvic evisceration

Higgins, R.B., 1953:
A new ureteroplasty; advancement of the ureter by a vesico-ureteral pedicle graft

Persky, L., 1960:
A new urethral catheter plug

Wilets, A.J., 1953:
A new urethral-ureteral splint

Galmiche, P.; Roy, L., 1959:
A new uricosuric agent: zoxazolamine; preliminary study

Brooks, R.V.; Mills, I.H.; Prunty, F.T., 1956:
A new urinary steroid related to mineral metabolism

Wilde, W., 1955:
A new urinary tract disinfectant (mandelamine)

Rao, S.; Houghton, C.; Macfarlane, P.I., 2003:
A new urine collection method; pad and moisture sensitive alarm

Aoki, I.; Hosoya, Y., 1957:
A new urine foam test for diagnosis of cancer

A new urine preservative

Kraus, P.; Krausova, E.; Simane, Z., 1961:
A new urine test for the control of isoniazid therapy

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