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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48171

Chapter 48171 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cottom, D.G., 1957:
Acute cerebellar ataxia

Shiihara, T.; Kato, M.; Konno, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Hayasaka, K., 2006:
Acute cerebellar ataxia and consecutive cerebellitis produced by glutamate receptor delta2 autoantibody

Retif, J.; Beghin, P.; Brihaye, J., 1962:
Acute cerebellar ataxia as a neurological form of infectious mononucleosis

Onifade, E.U.; Danesi, M.A., 2004:
Acute cerebellar ataxia associated with falciparum malaria in Nigerian patients

Curnen, E.C.; Chamberlin, H.R., 1961:
Acute cerebellar ataxia associated with poliovirus infection

Wong, S.; Pollock, A.N.; Burnham, J.M.; Sherry, D.D.; Dlugos, D.J., 2004:
Acute cerebellar ataxia due to Sjögren syndrome

Rodriguez, R.C.; Soler, E.; Marchand, E., 1959:
Acute cerebellar ataxia due to typhoid fever: report of 3 cases

Moses, H.; Nagel, M.A.; Gilden, D.H., 2006:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in a 41 year old woman

Davis, D.P.; Marino, A., 2003:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in a toddler: case report and literature review

Berglund, G.; Mossberg, H.O.; Rydenstam, B., 1955:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in children

Meindez Cashion, D.; Sanchez-Longo, L.P.; Valcarcel, M.; Rosen, L., 1962:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in children associated with infection by poliovirus I

Goldwyn, A.; Waldman, A.M., 1953:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in children; a report of three cases

Christen, J.P.; Juillard, E., 1956:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in infant

Muxi, F.; Fernandez, G.J.; Hazot, R., 1953:
Acute cerebellar ataxia of Leyden-Westphal

King, G.; Schwarz, G.A.; Slade, H.W., 1958:
Acute cerebellar ataxia of childhood; report of nine cases

Walcher, D.N.; Ross, A.T., 1958:
Acute cerebellar ataxia of undetermined origin in childhood

Zuin, D.R.; Neme, R.; Porta, L.; Vera, J.; Lopez, O.L., 2003:
Acute cerebellar atrophy caused by diphenylhydantoin intoxication resulting from drug interaction

Arthur, M.E.; Castresana, M.R.; Paschal, J.W.; Patel, V.S., 2006:
Acute cerebellar stroke after inadvertent cannulation and pulmonary artery catheter placement in the right vertebral artery

Caceres, A.F., 1957:
Acute cerebellar syndrome caused by a viper bite

Blaw, M.E.; Sheehan, J.C., 1958:
Acute cerebellar syndrome of childhood

Sawaishi, Y.; Takada, G., 2003:
Acute cerebellitis

Noguera-Julian, A.; Pérez-Dueñas, B.; García-Cazorla, A.; Noboa-Baquero, R.; Cambra-Lasaosa, F.J.; Fernández-Zurita, C.; Jiménez-González, R., 2006:
Acute cerebellitis and secondary hydrocephalus

Bielsa-Martín, S.; Porcel-Pérez, J.M.; Madroñero-Vuelta, A.B., 2005:
Acute cerebellitis caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae

van Toorn, R.; Georgallis, P.; Schoeman, J., 2005:
Acute cerebellitis complicated by hydrocephalus and impending cerebral herniation

Wild, C.; Isch, F.; Fix, L.; Champy, M., 1954:
Acute cerebello-vestibular syndrome with intracranial hypertension after petro-mastoid evidement

Schellinger, P.D.; Kollmar, R.; Meyding-Lamadé, U.K.; Fiebach, J.B.; Hacke, W., 2005:
Acute cerebral circulation problems

Quandt, J., 1951:
Acute cerebral edema as a complication of surgery for inguinal hernia

Sunder-Plassmann, P., 1960:
Acute cerebral hemorrhage and its surgical treatment

Mazars, G., 1961:
Acute cerebral hemorrhage: neurosurgical emergency

Gormsen, J.; Dyrbye, M.; Eiken, M.; Ronnov-Jessen, V., 1961:
Acute cerebral infarct. Extracerebral genesis with particular reference to cardiovascular status

Jin, G.Yong.; Lee, J.Min.; Lee, Y.Chul.; Han, Y.Min., 2004:
Acute cerebral infarction after radiofrequency ablation of an atypical carcinoid pulmonary tumor

Nishida, N.; Ikeda, N.; Tsuji, A.; Esaki, R., 2003:
Acute cerebral infarction caused by congenital hypoplasty of cerebral artery in a severe burn case

Ohgiya, Y.; Gokan, T.; Nobusawa, H.; Hirose, M.; Seino, N.; Fujisawa, H.; Baba, M.; Nagai, K.; Tanno, K.; Takeyama, N.; Munechika, H., 2003:
Acute cerebral infarction: effect of JPEG compression on detection at CT

Landau, J.W.; Newcomer, V.D., 1962:
Acute cerebral phycomycosis (mucormycosis). Report of a pediatric patient successfully treated with amphotericin B and cycloheximide and review of the pertinent literature

Urban, B., 1961:
Acute cerebral side-effects of streptomycin, streptomycin pantothenate, neomycin, kanamycin, bacitracin, colimycin and nebacetin. Experimental studies on the rabbit

Miles, K.A., 2004:
Acute cerebral stroke imaging and brain perfusion with the use of high-concentration contrast media

Scheidhauer, E., 1961:
Acute cerebral symptoms after Nipodal administration in childhood

Ronning, O.Morten., 2006:
Acute cerebral symptoms in elderly women

De La Figuera, E., 1958 :
Acute cerebral vascular accidents

von LUTTEROTTI, 1960:
Acute cerebral vascular disorders and their relationships from the modern viewpoint

Azzolini, G., 1957:
Acute cerebral vascular disorders in the aged

Szancer, S., 1955:
Acute cerebral venous occlusion manifested by spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage

Stone, S., 1952:
Acute cerebritis possibly secondary to frontal sinusitis

Gatenby, P.B., 1956:
Acute cerebro-vascular disorders; an analysis of 60 cases with special reference to the use of cervical sympathetic block

Williams, B., 1958:
Acute cerebrovascular accident

Riishede, J.; Staffeldt, E.S., 1959:
Acute cerebrovascular accidents: statistical considerations, diagnostic methods and treatment

García-de Lucas, M.D.; Casas-Fernández de Tejerina, J.M.; Cara-García, M., 2007:
Acute cerebrovascular disease in the Northern Cordoba Health Area

Puskarić, N.; Novak, Z.; Ivacić-Bohacek, V.; Dupelj, M., 1965:
Acute cerebrovascular diseases in the Zagreb health service. Clinical experience

Lopasić, R., 1965:
Acute cerebrovascular diseases in the Zagreb health services (experience in 1964)

Posthumus Meyjes, F.E.; Sikkel, A., 1962:
Acute cerebrovascular disorders in the puerperium

Koyanagi, I.; Iwasaki, Y.; Hida, K.; Imamura, H.; Fujimoto, S.; Akino, M., 2003:
Acute cervical cord injury associated with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament

Torgersen, J., 1958:
Acute cervical disorders

Jankowski, R.; Zukiel, R.; Nowak, Sław., 2004:
Acute cervical epidural hematoma as a complication of anterior cervical C5-C6 diskectomy. A case report

Roger, H.; Poursines, Y.; Roger, J.; Tamalet, J., 1951:
Acute cervical leukomyelitis of postinfectious type with multiple demyelinizing and necrotic microfoci

Montrieul, B.; Willemin-Clog, L.; Aillot, J., 1958:
Acute cervical medular syndromes following cranial trauma without obvious spinal lesions; report on 2 cases

Toyonaga, M.; Hagiwara, N.; Irie, F.; Toyoda, K.; Fujimoto, S.; Hitotsumatsu, T.; Okada, Y., 2003:
Acute cervical spinal epidural hematoma during antithrombotic therapy: dual warnings against antithrombotic therapy

Apsingi, S.; Dussa, C.U.; Soni, B.M., 2005:
Acute cervical spine injuries in mountain biking: a report of 3 cases

Shires, T.; Williams, J.; Brown, F., 1961:
Acute change in extracellular fluids associated with major surgical procedures

Karabinos, I.; Karvouni, E.; Chiotinis, N.; Papadopoulos, A.; Simeonidis, P.; Tsolas, O.; Katritsis, D., 2006 :
Acute changes in N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide induced by dobutamine stress echocardiography

Anderson, K.M.; Rubenstein, M.; Alrefai, W.A.; Dudeja, P.; Tsui, P.; Harris, J.E., 2004:
Acute changes in U937 nuclear Ca2+ preceding type 1 "apoptotic" programmed cell death due to MK 886

Gembala, M.I.; Ghanem, F.; Mann, C.A.; Sorrell, V.L., 2006:
Acute changes in left ventricular diastolic function: cigarette smoking versus nicotine gum

Sharma, S.K.; McCauley, J.; Cottam, D.; Mattar, S.G.; Holover, S.; Dallal, R.; Lord, J.; Danner, O.; Ramanathan, R.; Eid, G.; Schauer, P., 2006:
Acute changes in renal function after laparoscopic gastric surgery for morbid obesity

Fu, F.H.; You, C-Ying.; Kong, Z-Wei., 2003:
Acute changes in selected serum enzyme and metabolite concentrations in 12- to 14-yr.-old athletes after an all-out 100-m swimming sprint

Li, H.; Gudmundsson, S.; Olofsson, P., 2004:
Acute changes of cerebral venous blood flow in growth-restricted human fetuses in response to uterine contractions

Uygur-Bayramicli, O.; Dabak, Rşat.; Sargin, M., 2005:
Acute chemical colitis resulting from oral intake of henna

Newmark, J.; Hurst, C.G., 2004:
Acute chemical emergencies

Conner, E.H.; Dubois, A.B.; Comroe, J.H., 1962:
Acute chemical injury of the airway and lungs. Experience with six cases

Nuver, J.; Smit, A.J.; van der Meer, J.; van den Berg, M.P.; van der Graaf, W.T.A.; Meinardi, M.T.; Sleijfer, D.Th.; Hoekstra, H.J.; van Gessel, A.I.; van Roon, A.M.; Gietema, J.A., 2005:
Acute chemotherapy-induced cardiovascular changes in patients with testicular cancer

Kohli, S.; Kohli, M., 2006:
Acute chemotherapy-induced cardiovascular changes in patients with testicular cancer: are there implications for blood pressure management in patients receiving chemotherapy?

Shanley, S.; McReynolds, K.; Ardern-Jones, A.; Ahern, R.; Fernando, I.; Yarnold, J.; Evans, G.; Eccles, D.; Hodgson, S.; Ashley, S.; Ashcroft, L.; Tutt, A.; Bancroft, E.; Short, S.; Smith, I.; Gui, G.; Barr, L.; Baildam, A.; Howell, A.; Royle, G.; Pierce, L.; Easton, D.; Eeles, R., 2006:
Acute chemotherapy-related toxicity is not increased in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers treated for breast cancer in the United Kingdom

Remolar, J., 1954:
Acute chest

Trappe, H-Joachim.; Perings, C., 2005:
Acute chest pain

Bruno, M.S.; Ober, W.B., 1962:
Acute chest pain and hematemesis

Zartner, P.; Raith, W.; Beitzke, A., 2004:
Acute chest pain in a young adult

Yokitis, J.; Repeta, R., 2006:
Acute chest pain in an adolescent

Kumar, A.; Friedrich, M.G., 2007:
Acute chest pain syndrome: will MRI shake up cardiovascular care in the emergency room?

Schillinger, M.; Sodeck, G.; Meron, G.; Janata, K.; Nikfardjam, M.; Rauscha, F.; Laggner, A.N.; Domanovits, H., 2004:
Acute chest pain--identification of patients at low risk for coronary events. The impact of symptoms, medical history and risk factors

Kohler, H.P.; Nohl, F., 2005:
Acute chest pain--it's not always the heart! What additional laboratory and diagnostic imaging is needed

Ndiaye, M.; Hane, A.A.; Ndir, M.; Ba, O.; Cissokho, S.; Diop-Dia, D.; Kandji, M.; Ndiaye, S.; Toure, N.O.; Diatta, A.; Niang, A.; Dia, Y., 2005:
Acute chest syndrom in a patient with homozygous sickle cell anemia

E.M.kki, F.; Taktak, S.; Khaldi, H.; Blel, Y.; Driss, L.; Ghedira, H., 2006:
Acute chest syndrome as the inaugural sign of sickle cell anemia. A case report and review of the literature

Ammar, J.; Ghrairi, Hédia.; el Mekki, F.; Aissa, I.; Hamzaoui, Aés., 2003:
Acute chest syndrome during sickle cell disease: unusual etiology. Apropos of 3 cases with review of the literature

Al-Suleiman, A.; Aziz, G.; Bagshia, M.; El Liathi, S.; Homrany, H., 2005:
Acute chest syndrome in adult sickle cell disease in eastern Saudi Arabia

Charbonney, E.; Terrettaz, M.; Vuilleumier, N.; Lambert, J.F., 2007:
Acute chest syndrome in sickle cell disease and acute respiratory distress syndrome--from pathophysiology to therapy

Al-Dabbous, I.A., 2006:
Acute chest syndrome in sickle cell disease in Saudi Arab Children in the Eastern Province

Dourakis, S.P..; Alexopoulou, A.; Papageorgiou, C.; Kaloterakis, A.; Hadziyannis, S.J.., 2004:
Acute chest syndrome in sickle-cell trait; Two case reports in persons of Mediterranean origin and review of the literature

Miller, S.T.; Rao, S.P., 2003:
Acute chest syndrome, transfusion, and neurologic events in children with sickle cell disease

Endo, Y.; Tachibana, S.; Hirano, J.; Kuroki, Y.; Ohashi, N.; Yoshioka, T.; Sugimoto, T., 2004:
Acute chlorfenapyr poisoning

Nieh, C.J., 1957:
Acute chloroguanide hydrochloride poisoning; six case reports

Ciszowski, K.; Winnik, L.; Groszek, B.; Kłys, M.; Kołodziej, J., 2005:
Acute chloroquine intoxication--rare, but always serious: case reports and literature review

Diop, N.M.; Diaw, D.A.; Bodjona, J.P.; Kane, O.; Beye, M.D.; Ndiaye, P.I.; Diouf, E.; Kasall, B., 2005:
Acute chloroquine poisonning in Le Dantec Teaching Hospital

Bialik, V.L., 1954:
Acute chlororeticuloplasmocytosis

Andreassen, J., 1959:
Acute chlorpromazine & meprobamate poisoning

Lazar, I., 1958:
Acute chlorpromazine (largactil, etc.) poisonings

Samuels, A.S., 1957:
Acute chlorpromazine poisoning

Debcowa, B.; Nowicki, S.; Polakowski, P., 1961:
Acute chlorpromazine poisoning in a 4-year-old child

Ramamoorthy, K.; Khokhani, R.C.; Shah, M.J., 1961:
Acute chlorpromazine poisoning. Case report

Penkov, N., 2005 :
Acute cholangitis (review of literature)

Mzali, R.; Gharbi, A.; Shabou, R.; Khannous, M.; Beyrouti, M.I., 2004:
Acute cholangitis caused by intra-biliary rupture of pancreatic hydatid cyst

Gallix, B.P.; Aufort, S.; Pierredon, M.A.; Garibaldi, F.; Bruel, J.M., 2006:
Acute cholangitis: imaging diagnosis and management

Shih, J.Juey-Ming.; Shih, J.Yao-Ming.; Shi, M-Yen.; Chen, T-Hsiung., 2006:
Acute cholecystitis after minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting: a report 2 cases

Detrie, P., 1957:
Acute cholecystitis after operation unrelated to the bile ducts

Skopets, M.D., 1962:
Acute cholecystitis after resection of the stomach

Modelski, W., 1957:
Acute cholecystitis after urological surgery

Glenn, F., 1951:
Acute cholecystitis and biliary tract disease

Bergh, G.S., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis and choledocholithiasis

Tachibana, M.; Kinugasa, S.; Yoshimura, H.; Dhar, D.Kumar.; Ueda, S.; Fujii, T.; Nakamoto, T.; Kyriazanos, I.; Nagasue, N., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis and cholelithiasis developed after esophagectomy

Borsotti, P.C., 1952:
Acute cholecystitis and early surgical treatment

Galaiko, G.M., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis and indications for surgery

Starosta, K., 1952:
Acute cholecystitis and its therapy

Chazov, E.I., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis and myocardial infarct (myocardial infarct of reflex origin)

Abella, M.E., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis and peritonitis caused by concomitant gangrenous appendicitis

Salameh, J.R.; Franklin, M.E., 2004:
Acute cholecystitis and severe ischemic cardiac disease: is laparoscopy indicated?

Memba, R.; Lladó, L.; López-Ben, S.; Figueras, J.; Jaurrieta, E., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis as a complication following percutaneous ethanol injection of a hepatocellular carcinoma

Boari, B.; Pansini, G.; Pedriali, M.; Cavazzini, L.; Manfredini, R., 2005:
Acute cholecystitis as a presentation of metastatic breast carcinoma of the gallbladder: a case report

Gold, E., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis as the '2d surgical disease"

Kim, K.Whang.; Park, M-Suk.; Yu, J-Sik.; Chung, J.Pyo.; Ryu, Y.Hoon.; Lee, S.In.; Lee, K.Sik.; Yoon, S-Wook.; Lee, K-Hun., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis at T2-weighted and manganese-enhanced T1-weighted MR cholangiography: preliminary study

Fernandes, S.Regina.Muchinechi.; Samara, A.Muhib.; Magalhães, E.Paiva.; Sachetto, Z.; Metze, K., 2005:
Acute cholecystitis at initial presentation of polyarteritis nodosa

Goinard, P.; Pelissier, G., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis based on a consecutive series of 112 operated cases

Passage, J.; Joshi, P.; Mullany, D.V., 2007:
Acute cholecystitis complicating cardiac surgery: case series involving more than 16,000 patients

Brent, A.J.; Hull, R.; Jeffery, K.J.M.; Phillips, R.R.; Atkins, B., 2005:
Acute cholecystitis complicating mumps

Thompson, J.W.; Ferris, D.O.; Baggenstoss, A.H., 1962:
Acute cholecystitis complicating operation for other diseases

Wilson, W.A., 1958:
Acute cholecystitis due to gas-producing organisms

Behlke, F.M., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis emphysematosa. A case report

Beaven, W.E., 1957:
Acute cholecystitis following cystectomy procedures on the urinary bladder

Schwegman, C.W.; De Muth, W.E., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis following operation for unrelated disease

Yedinak, P.R., 1959:
Acute cholecystitis following surgery for unrelated disease

Levin, M.N., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis following surgery unrelated to the biliary tract

Lyon, C.G.; Goldman, L., 1959:
Acute cholecystitis in a municipal charity hospital

Busalov, A.A.; Red'ko, S.M., 1962:
Acute cholecystitis in advanced and old age

ORLENKO, I.M.; FRUMAN, I.Ia., 1962:
Acute cholecystitis in aging and aged subjects

Morse, E.K., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis in an eight-year-old boy

Bonta, J.A.; Lovingood, C.G., 1952:
Acute cholecystitis in childhood; report of a case

Borodach, V.A.; Borodach, A.V., 2006:
Acute cholecystitis in combination with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver

Sutiak, L.; Mistuna, D.; Janík, J.; Mikolajcík, A.; Lojdlová, M.; Pijala, M., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis in diabetics

Lyon, C.G., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis in elderly patients

Finochietto, R.; Lasala, A.J., 1951:
Acute cholecystitis in gastrectomized for peptic ulcer; diagnosis, indications and surgical technic

Parrella, G.S., 1955:
Acute cholecystitis in the aged; a plea for early surgery

Stone, C.S.; Hill, L.D.; Annest, L., 1957 :
Acute cholecystitis in the elderly patient; the age factor and timing of operation

Knudson, R.J.; Zuber, W.F., 1963:
Acute cholecystitis in the post-operative period

Webb, J.A., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis of childhood; report of a case

Satorras, A.M.; Villanueva, L.; Vázquez, J.; Pigni, L.; Salem, A.M.; Ramos, A., 2006:
Acute cholecystitis secondary to recurrent cholelithiasis after subtotal cholecystectomy

Ku, J.; DeLaRosa, J.; Kang, J.; Hoyt, D.; Coimbra, R., 2004:
Acute cholecystitis with a hemocholecyst as an unusual presentation of gallbladder cancer: report of a case

Salembier, Y., 1951:
Acute cholecystitis with lithiasis in the young

Geer, W.A., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis with onset during cholecystography

Bogdanova, Z.I., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis with perforation of the gallbladder in a child

Cohn, R.; Mills, W., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis without stones. Five unusual cases

Tempest, M.N., 1950:
Acute cholecystitis, in a child aged 4, treated by cholecystectomy; report of a case, with a brief review of the literature

Borland, V.G.; Jaehning, D., 1952:
Acute cholecystitis, its early surgical treatment; report of 108 cases

Thomas, C.G.; Womack, N.A., 1952:
Acute cholecystitis, its pathogenesis and repair

Hinrichsen, H.; Fölsch, U.R., 2004:
Acute cholecystitis--immediate operation?--contra

Bittner, R.; Ulrich, M., 2004:
Acute cholecystitis--immediate operation?--pro

Orr, K.B., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis--room for improvement?

Lambert-Lecler, G.; Lombard, R., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis--surgical emergencies

Dauchy, G., 1962:
Acute cholecystitis. Clinical forms, diagnosis and therapeutic indications

DUPREZ, A.; SIMONS, M.; de GRAEF, 1961:
Acute cholecystitis. Considerations on the opportunity for surgical treatment and its timing

Olsson, O.; Edlund, Y., 1957:
Acute cholecystitis. I. The changing characters of the disease during the last sixteen years

Edlund, Y.A.; Olsson, O.J., 1958:
Acute cholecystitis. II. Timing of cholecystectomy; a study on the postoperative course in 895 cases

Salembier, Y.; Meignie, P., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis. Statistical documents. Surgical indications

Walkling, A.A., 1950:
Acute cholecystitis: The problems of surgical intervention. A clinic

Bartlett, W.C., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis: an analysis of sixty-one cases

Stephenson, S.E.; Nagel, C.B., 1963:
Acute cholecystitis: an experimental study

Ariceta, J.; Ferrer, J.V.; Blázquez, L.; Balen, E.; Herrera, J.; Lera, J.M., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis: analysis of the different therapeutic approaches in a General Surgery Service during the years 1994-1996

Finochietto, R.; Lasala, A.J., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis: criterium & technics

Finochietto, R.; Bilesio, E.A., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis: emergency operation

Pezzullo, L.Sossio.; D'Itra, E.; Cappabianca, A.; Pezzullo, M.Gilda., 2003:
Acute cholecystitis: emergency treatment, videolaparoscopic technique and indications for conversion

Meeroff, M., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis: medical or surgical treatment

Mahorner, H.; Becker, W.F., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis: optimal time for and extent of operation

Frehling, S., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis: optimum time for surgical intervention, based on the physiopathologic picture

Pearce, A.E., 1960:
Acute cholecystitis: planned cholecystectomy at any time during the course of the disease. A survey of one hundred and seventy-two cases

Behrend, M., 1950:
Acute cholecystitis: preoperative treatment

Mcdonald, J.J.; Johnson, G.B.; Littlefield, J.B., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis: report of 100 consecutive cases treated surgically with no mortality

Stone, C.S.; Wilhelm, M.C., 1955:
Acute cholecystitis: the timing of operation; the age factor; technical consideration

Horwitz, A.; Mccorkle, R.G.; Alpert, S., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis; a comparative study of sixty consecutive cases of acute cholecystitis treated by immediate surgery and sixty consecutive cases treated by delayed surgical intervention

Longo, O.F., 1957:
Acute cholecystitis; clinical manifestations & treatment

Finochietto, R.; Lasala, A.J., 1953:
Acute cholecystitis; concept and surgical technic

Vasconcelos, E.; Santos, R.F.; Cianciarulo, R., 1951:
Acute cholecystitis; diagnosis and therapeutic management; analysis of 42 cases

Edlund, Y.; Olsson, O., 1961:
Acute cholecystitis; its aetiology and course, with special reference to the timing of cholecystectomy

Pearce, A.E., 1955:
Acute cholecystitis; planned cholecystectomy at any time during the course of the disease

Freund, H.R., 1951:
Acute cholecystitis; study of 140 cases

Longo, O.F., 1956:
Acute cholecystitis; therapeutic criteria

Yazlle, F., 1958:
Acute cholecystitis; various aspects

Lasala, A.J., 1959:
Acute cholecystopathy: surgical criteria & experience

Giroux, J.; Beaulaton, S.; Giroux, J., 1962:
Acute choleresis in the dog, carrier of a permanent biliary fistula

Pérez, R.; Rodrigo, L.; Pérez, R.; de Francisco, R., 2005:
Acute cholestasis related to desloratidine

de Castro, M.L.; Hermo, J.A.; Baz, A.; de Luaces, C.; Pérez, R.; Clofent, J., 2006:
Acute cholestatic hepatitis after atorvastatin reintroduction

Papachristou, G.I.; Demetris, A.J.; Rabinovitz, M., 2004:
Acute cholestatic hepatitis associated with long-term use of rofecoxib

Llinares Tello, F.; Hernández Prats, C.; Bosacoma Ros, N.; Pérez Martínez, E.; Climent Grana, E.; Navarro Polo, Jé.Noé.; Ordovás Baines, J.Pablo., 2005:
Acute cholestatic hepatitis probably associated with risperidone

Mandal, S.K.; Iakhiaev, A.; Pendurthi, U.R.; Rao, L.Vijaya.Mohan., 2004:
Acute cholesterol depletion impairs functional expression of tissue factor in fibroblasts: modulation of tissue factor activity by membrane cholesterol

Tutin, M., 1961:
Acute cholostatic hepatitis

Dubow, J.S.; Leikin, J.; Rezak, M., 2006:
Acute chorea associated with metoclopramide use

Duncan, M.A.; Nikolov, N.M.; O'Kelly, B., 2004:
Acute chorea due to ondansetron in an obstetric patient

Chaptal, J.; Jean, R.; Campo, C.; Bonnet, H., 1957:
Acute chorea in children & streptococcic diseases; interpretation of clinical biological & immunological data

Chatel, M-A.; Catier, A.; Roussel-Laudrin, S.; Derieux, L.; Bertholom, J-L.; Charlin, J-F., 2005:
Acute choroidal ischemia

Medici, A.; Recusani, F., 1952:
Acute chronic appendicitis with secondary ileal, cecal, and meso-appendiceal volulus

Tsimbler, I.V., 1952:
Acute chronic dysentery

Shnitser, I.S., 1955:
Acute chronic nephritis

Curci, G.; Del Torre, L., 1953:
Acute chronic toxicity of isonicotinic acid hydrazide associated with glutamic acid

Cribe, A.S.; Cuevas, A.F.; Morales, M.N., 1956:
Acute chyle peritonitis; a case report

Tsamouris, E., 1963 :
Acute chyloperitoneum. Case report. Review of the literature and classification

Wren, H.; Lucas, J., 1961:
Acute chyloperitoneum; a case report

Kelemen, E.; Mezody, F., 1953:
Acute chyloperitoneum; operated case

Martinson, E.J., 1962:
Acute chylous ascites

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