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Advance in antitumor agents targeting glutathione-S-transferase

Advance in antitumor agents targeting glutathione-S-transferase

Current Medicinal Chemistry 13(12): 1461-1471

ISSN/ISBN: 0929-8673

PMID: 16719788

DOI: 10.2174/092986706776872934

Glutathione-S-transferases (GSTs; EC, a family of phase II detoxification enzymes, catalyze the conjugation of glutathione with broad substrates including chemotherapeutic agents, and are involved in cell protection against apoptotic signals by inhibiting the stress-signaling cascade mediated by ASK1 (Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase)-JNK (c-Jun N-terminal kinase). As GSTs are overexpressed in some malignant tumors, GSTs is a promising therapeutic target. This article reviews the progress in the development of GSTs inhibitors and GSTs activated prodrugs.

Accession: 048190116

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