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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48207

Chapter 48207 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Celebisoy, N.; Sagduyu, A.; Atac, C., 2005:
Alexia without agraphia following cerebral venous thrombosis associated with protein C and protein S deficiency

Sabet, H.Yazdani.; Blake, P.; Nguyen, D., 2004:
Alexia without agraphia in a postpartum eclamptic patient with factor V Leiden deficiency

Hecaen, H.; De Ajuriaguerra, J.; Angelergues, R., 1957:
Alexia, classified among the disorders of symbolic function

Hermann, K., 1949:
Alexia-agraphia; a case report; acquired reading and writing disabilities, temporary word-blindness of the congenital type

Androutsos, G.; Boyer, A., 2003:
Alexis Boyer (1760-1833), eminent surgeon and anatomist and the study of urinary disorders

Steytler, J.G.; Carrel, A., 1962:
Alexis CARREL, Nobel prizewinner of 50 years ago

Tercinet, A.; Carrel, A., 1962:
Alexis CARREL, unrecognized'

Dente, C.J.; Feliciano, D.V.; Carrel, A., 2005:
Alexis Carrel (1873-1944): Nobel Laureate, 1912

Soupault, R.; Carrel, A., 1952:
Alexis Carrel, 1873-1944

FISCHER, A.; Carrel, A., 1953:
Alexis Carrel, as I knew him

White, P.J.; Hartmann, A.F., 1964:
Alexis F. Hartmann, Sr

Forbes, G.B.; Hartmann, A.F., 1964:
Alexis Frank Hartmann, Sr.: An Appreciation

Nux, H.; Larrey, A., 1951:
Alexis Larrey, 1750-1827, head of the family and director of the Imperial Medical School

Cope, Z., 1959:
Alexis Soyer and the Crimean War

Le Gros Clark, F., 1959:
Alexis Soyer; 1809-1858, an historical note on his contributions in applied nutrition

Bensley, E.H.; Beaumont, W.; St Martin, A., 1959:
Alexis St. Martin

Hanvey, L.C., 1936:
Alexis St. Martin Was in St. Louis

Pepper, I.L.; Brooks, J.P.; Gerba, C.P., 2018:
Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Municipal Wastes: Is There Reason for Concern?

Nazarian, L.F., 2006:
Alexis's picture: a perspective on a different perspective

McCaslin, S.E.; Metzler, T.J.; Best, S.R.; Liberman, A.; Weiss, D.S.; Fagan, J.; Marmar, C.R. , 2006:
Alexithymia and PTSD symptoms in urban police officers: cross-sectional and prospective findings

Sayar, K.; Gulec, H.; Topbas, M., 2004:
Alexithymia and anger in patients with fibromyalgia

Güleç, Hüseyin.; Sayar, K.; Topbaş, M.; Karkucak, M.; Ak, I., 2004:
Alexithymia and anger in women with fibromyalgia syndrome

Celikel, F.Cam.; Saatcioglu, O., 2006:
Alexithymia and anxiety in female chronic pain patients

De Berardis, D.; Campanella, D.; Gambi, F.; Sepede, G.; Carano, A.; Pelusi, L.; La Rovere, R.; Di Matteo, D.; Salini, G.; Cotellessa, C.; Salerno, R.Maria.; Ferro, F.Maria., 2006:
Alexithymia and body image disturbances in women with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Grabowska, P.; Targowski, T.; Rozyńska, R.; Mierzejewska, J.; From, Sławomir., 2006:
Alexithymia and depression: relationship to cigarette smoking, nicotine dependence and motivation to quit smoking

Sayar, K.; Kose, S.; Grabe, H.J.; Topbas, M., 2005:
Alexithymia and dissociative tendencies in an adolescent sample from Eastern Turkey

Nakao, M.; Kashiwagi, M.; Yano, E., 2005:
Alexithymia and grief reactions in bereaved Japanese women

Suslow, T.; Kersting, A.; Arolt, V., 2004:
Alexithymia and incidental learning of emotional words

Vanheule, S.; Desmet, M.; Meganck, R.; Bogaerts, S., 2006:
Alexithymia and interpersonal problems

Bruni, R.; Serino, F.M.; Galluzzo, S.; Coppolino, G.; Cacciapaglia, F.; Vadacca, M.; Nilo, S.; Terminio, N.; Afeltra, A., 2006:
Alexithymia and neuroendocrine-immune response in patients with autoimmune diseases: preliminary results on relationship between alexithymic construct and TNF-alpha levels

Lumley, M.A.; Radcliffe, A.M.; Macklem, D.J.; Mosley-Williams, A.; Leisen, J.C.C.; Huffman, J.L.; D'Souza, P.J.; Gillis, M.E.; Meyer, T.M.; Kraft, C.A.; Rapport, L.J., 2005:
Alexithymia and pain in three chronic pain samples: comparing Caucasians and African Americans

Haviland, M.G.; Sonne, J.L.; Kowert, P.A., 2004:
Alexithymia and psychopathy: comparison and application of California Q-set Prototypes

Maggini, C.; Raballo, A., 2004:
Alexithymia and schizophrenic psychopathology

Jones, M.P.; Schettler, A.; Olden, K.; Crowell, M.D., 2004:
Alexithymia and somatosensory amplification in functional dyspepsia

Sayar, K.; Acar, B.; Ak, I., 2003:
Alexithymia and suicidal behavior

Paivio, S.C.; McCulloch, C.R., 2004:
Alexithymia as a mediator between childhood trauma and self-injurious behaviors

Salminen, J.K.; Saarijärvi, S.; Toikka, T.; Kauhanen, J.; Aärelä, E., 2006:
Alexithymia behaves as a personality trait over a 5-year period in Finnish general population

Aftanas, L.I.; Varlamov, A.A., 2005:
Alexithymia impact on EEG activity of anterior and posterior regions of the right hemisphere while experiencing positive and negative emotions

Frewen, P.A.; Pain, C.; Dozois, D.J.A.; Lanius, R.A., 2006:
Alexithymia in PTSD: psychometric and FMRI studies

Topsever, P.; Filiz, T.M.; Salman, S.; Sengul, A.; Sarac, E.; Topalli, R.; Gorpelioglu, S.; Yilmaz, T., 2006:
Alexithymia in diabetes mellitus

Montebarocci, O.; Codispoti, M.; Surcinelli, P.; Franzoni, E.; Baldaro, B.; Rossi, N., 2006:
Alexithymia in female patients with eating disorders

Lamas, C.; Chambry, J.; Nicolas, I.; Frydman, Ré.; Jeammet, P.; Corcos, M., 2006:
Alexithymia in infertile women

van Dijk, M.; Grootenhuis, M.A.; de Boer, M.; Bermond, B.; Last, B.F., 2003:
Alexithymia in long-term survivors of childhood cancer

van Kerkhoven, L.A.S.; van Rossum, L.G.M.; van Oijen, M.G.H.; Tan, A.C.I.T.L.; Witteman, E.M.; Laheij, R.J.F.; Jansen, J.B.M.J., 2006:
Alexithymia is associated with gastrointestinal symptoms, but does not predict endoscopy outcome in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms

Porcelli, P.; Tulipani, C.; Maiello, E.; Cilenti, G.; Todarello, O., 2006:
Alexithymia, coping, and illness behavior correlates of pain experience in cancer patients

F farges; Corcos, M.; Speranza, M.; Loas, G.; Perez-Diaz, F.; Venisse, J-L.; Lang, F.; Bizouard, P.; Halfon, O.; Flament, M.; Jeammet, P., 2004:
Alexithymia, depression and drug addiction

Speranza, M.; Corcos, M.; Stéphan, P.; Loas, Gé.; Pérez-Diaz, F.; Lang, Fçois.; Venisse, J.Luc.; Bizouard, P.; Flament, M.; Halfon, O.; Jeammet, P., 2004:
Alexithymia, depressive experiences, and dependency in addictive disorders

Lumley, M.A., 2004:
Alexithymia, emotional disclosure, and health: a program of research

Söndergaard, H.Peter.; Theorell, Töres., 2004:
Alexithymia, emotions and PTSD; findings from a longitudinal study of refugees

Lundh, L-Gunnar.; Johnsson, A.; Sundqvist, K.; Olsson, H., 2003:
Alexithymia, memory of emotion, emotional awareness, and perfectionism

Martínez-Sánchez, F.; Ato-García, M.; Ortiz-Soria, B., 2003:
Alexithymia--state or trait?

Mason, O.; Tyson, M.; Jones, C.; Potts, S., 2005:
Alexithymia: its prevalence and correlates in a British undergraduate sample

Muftuoglu, Münife.Neyal.; Herken, H.; Demirci, H.; Virit, O.; Neyal, A., 2004:
Alexithymic features in migraine patients

Bortree, L.W.; Forster, A., 1954:
Alexius Forster

Montealegre, F.; Delgado, A.; Toro, A.; Vargas, W.; Chardon, D.; Bayona, M.; Campbell, E., 2007:
Alfa 1 antitrypsin and protease levels in Puerto Rican asthmatics: a pilot study

Sánchez Román, J.; Ocaña Medina, C.; García Hernández, F.J.; Mateos Romero, L., 2003:
Alfa-2b interferon-induced systemic lupus erythematosus in a patient with hepatitis C virus chronic infection

Muradian, A.A., 2005:
Alfa-blockade with doxazosin vs tamsulozin in combination of intermittent androgen blockade in patients with prostate cancer

Granovsky-Grisaru, S.; Elstein, D., 2006:
Alfa-fetoprotein and albumin levels together are more predictive of severe fetal hydrops

Hryhorov, O.O.; Skok, M.V.; Skok, V.I., 2004:
Alfa-subunit composition of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of the submucosal plexus in the guinea-pig small intestine

Li, M.; Healy, D.R.; Simmons, H.A.; Ke, H.Z.; Thompson, D.D., 2005:
Alfacalcidol restores cancellous bone in ovariectomized rats

Lohm, L.; Lindh, E.; Frösing, R., 2004:
Alfadil and heart failure--clinical conclusions do exist!

Furberg, C., 2004:
Alfadil--positive documentation when it comes to safety is missing

Lee, J.G.; Liuzzo, J.A.; Novak, A.F., 1961:
Alfalfa extracts which stimulate growth of Neurospora sitophila. II. Isolation, characterization. and multiple nature of stimulatory compound

Lee, J.G.; Novak, A.F.; Liuzzo, J.A., 1961:
Alfalfa extracts which stimulate growth of Neurospora sitophila. III. Effect on weight gain of thyroid-stressed albino rats

Lee, J.G.; Liuzzo, J.A.; Novak, A.F., 1961:
Alfalfa extracts which stimulated growth of Neurospora sitophila. I. Preparation and activation of crude extracts

Cheng, J.; Wan, H'e.; Wang, J., 2005:
Alfalfa growth and its relation with soil water status in loess hilly and gully region

Matthaiakis, 1951:
Alfalfa in intestinal auto-intoxication in the horse

Vance, C.P.; Stade, S.; Maxwell, C.A., 1983:
Alfalfa root nodule carbon dioxide fixation : I. Association with nitrogen fixation and incorporation into amino acids

Kaufman, W.H., 1954:
Alfalfa seed dermatitis

Blake, D.W.; Royse, C.F.; Royse, A.G.; Bjorksten, A.R.; Soeding, P.F.; Pang, J., 2003:
Alfentanil infusion as a component of intravenous anaesthesia for coronary artery bypass surgery with "fast-track" recovery

Dubois, M.; Hatendi, A.; Kaufman, J.; Schwartz, S., 1989:
Alfentanil infusion in neurosurgical patients

Baririan, Né.; Van Obbergh, L.; Desager, J-Pierre.; Verbeeck, R.K.; Wallemacq, P.; Starkel, P.; Horsmans, Y., 2007:
Alfentanil-induced miosis as a surrogate measure of alfentanil pharmacokinetics in patients with mild and moderate liver cirrhosis

Hofmann, R.G., 2003:
Alferon and vulvar vestibulitis

Deitcher, S.R.; Funk, W.D.; Buchanan, J.; Liu, S.; Levy, M.D.; Toombs, C.F., 2007:
Alfimeprase: a novel recombinant direct-acting fibrinolytic

CARRILLO, A.; Alarc��n, A.G., 1954:
Alfonso G. Alarcón as a man

Piquinela, J.A.; Lamas, A., 1956:
Alfonso Lamas

Marcenac, L.N., 1958:
Alfort Center of Experimental Surgery

Kennedy, H.; Walker, A.A., 1964:
Alfred A. Walker

KLEINSCHMIDT, H.; Adam, A., 1956:
Alfred Adam

Hoffmann, S.Olaf.; Adler, A., 2004:
Alfred Adler (1870-1937)

Talbott, J.H.; Garrod, A.B., 1964:
Alfred Baring Garrod

Silverman, H.L.; Krenzel, K.; Binet, A., 1964:
Alfred Binet: Prolific Pioneer in Psychology

Allen, J.G.; Blalock, A., 1964:
Alfred Blalock and our Heritage

Blalock, A., 1965:
Alfred Blalock, (1899-1964)

Blalock, A., 1964:
Alfred Blalock, M.D

Ravitch, M.M.; Blalock, A., 1965:
Alfred Blalock, M.D. 1899-1964

Toledo-Pereyra, L.H.; Blalock, A., 2005:
Alfred Blalock. Surgeon, educator, and pioneer in shock and cardiac research

Scott, H.W.; Blalock, A., 1965:
Alfred Blalock: the Nashville Surgical Society's Most Distinguished Member

Gounelle, H.; Bouquet, A., 1951:
Alfred Bouquet (1879-1947)

Brauchle, A., 1958:
Alfred Brauchle's 60th birthday on March 22, 1958

Lehner, A.; Fehr, A.M.; Brunner, W.; Brunner, A., 1950:
Alfred Brunner on his 60th birthday

Bancroft, J.; Kinsey, A.C., 2006:
Alfred C. Kinsey and the politics of sex research

Brown, T.M.; Fee, E.; Kinsey, A.C., 2003:
Alfred C. Kinsey: a pioneer of sex research

Graefe, A.C., 1964:
Alfred Carl Graefe

Stahl, F.W.; Hershey, A., 2004:
Alfred Day Hershey

Dupuy, A., 1963:
Alfred De Vigny in the Face of Suffering and Death

Tobin, W.; Donne, A.; Foucault, L., 2006:
Alfred Donné and Léon Foucault: the first applications of electricity and photography to medical illustration

Ignasiak, K.; Maxwell, A., 2018:
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the guts of insects feeding on plants: prospects for discovering plant-derived antibiotics

von Stuckrad-Barre, S.; Schröter, K.; D��blin, A., 2003:
Alfred Döblin (1878-1957). Notes on the cover picture

Christen, J.A.; Moss, A.Ethelbert.; Moss, A.Craufurd.; Moss, S.Craufurd., 2005:
Alfred E. Moss: 1924 Indy 500 race driver, British dentist and father of Sir Stirling Moss

Webb-Johnson, A., 1958:
Alfred Edward Webb-Johnson: 1880-1958

Osborne, W.A.; White, A.E.R., 1963:
Alfred Edware Rowden WHITE

Cohn, A.E., 1957:
Alfred Einstein Cohn

Steele, J.M.; Cohn, A.E., 1958:
Alfred Einstein Cohn; 1879-1957

BRANDRUP-WOGNSEN, T.; Rowlett, A.E., 1953:
Alfred Ernest Rowlett

Bass, M.H.; Hess, A.Fabian.; Bass, M.H., 2005:
Alfred Fabian Hess (1875-1933). 1955

Darby, W.J.; Woodruff, C.W., 1960:
Alfred Fabian Hess-a biographical sketch (October 9, 1875-December 5, 1933)

POLITZER, G.; Fischel, A., 1954:
Alfred Fischel, 1868-1938

Alfred Fournier and the Société de Prophylaxie Sanitaire et Morale

PICK, E.P.; LOEWI, O.; WARKANY, J.; Froehlich, A., 1953:
Alfred Froehlich; 1871-1953

Tutzke, D.; Grotjahn, A., 1960:
Alfred GROTJAHN'S relationship to the social democracy

Gley, P.; Bourguignon, A.Georges., 1963:
Alfred Georges BOURGUIGNON (1876-1963)

Gigon, A., 1963:
Alfred Gigon on his 80th Birthday, 24 September 1963

Bochalli, R.; Goldscheider, A., 1958:
Alfred Goldscheider; remarks on his 100th birthday

Halshofer, L.; Greil, A., 1965:
Alfred Greil

Tutzke, D.; Grotjahn, A., 1960:
Alfred Grotjahn's political promotion of public health

Kohler, L.; Gysi, A., 1950:
Alfred Gysi on his 85th birthday

Hohmann, G.; Habermann, A., 1951:
Alfred Habermann, 60th anniversary

Shampo, M.A.; Kyle, R.A.; Hershey, A., 2004:
Alfred Hershey--Nobel Prize for work in virology

Cope, Z.; Parkinson, J.; Gosse, A.H., 1956:
Alfred Hope Gosse

Moyer, J.H.; Ackerman, A.J., 1951:
Alfred J. Ackerman 1907-1950

Dobrowolski, J.A., 2006:
Alfred Josef Thelen--on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday

Benatt, A.J., 1958:
Alfred Joseph Benatt

Tholuck, H.J.; Kantorowicz, A., 1950:
Alfred Kantorowicz and planned dental service in schools

Korkhaus, G.; Kantorowicz, A., 1950:
Alfred Kantorowicz on his 70th birthday

Steward, S.M.; Evans, L.; Kissack, T.; Kinsey, A.; Steward, S.M., 2006:
Alfred Kinsey and homosexuality in the '50s: the recollections of Samuel Morris Steward as told to Len Evans

Watzka, M.; Kohn, A., 1959:
Alfred Kohn

Laubichler, M.D.; Rheinberger, H-Jörg.; Kühn, A., 2004:
Alfred Kühn (1885-1968) and developmental evolution

Weber, E.; Bunster, E.; Labhardt, A., 1950:
Alfred Labhardt (1874-1949)

Cavaillon, A.; Levy-Bing, A., 1951:
Alfred Levy-Bing

Leimdorfer, A., 1956:
Alfred Limdorfer

Barthelemy, R.; Levy-Bing, A., 1952:
Alfred Lévy-Bing

Spier, H.W.; Marchionini, A., 1964:
Alfred Marchionini 65 Years, January 12, 1964

Wiedmann, A.; Marchionini, A., 1964:
Alfred Marchionini on his 65th Birthday

Miescher, G.; Marchionini, A., 1959:
Alfred Marchionini on his 60th birthday

Rost, G.A.; Marchionini, A., 1959:
Alfred Marchionini; 60 years of age

Hanssler, H.; Nitschke, A., 1960:

De Laeter, J.; Kurz, M.D., 2006:
Alfred Nier and the sector field mass spectrometer

Steiner, L.A.; Knight, K.L.; Capra, J.Donald.; Nisonoff, A., 2004:
Alfred Nisonoff

Klingeberg, A.; Noll, I.; Willrich, N.; Feig, M.; Emrich, D.; Zill, E.; Krenz-Weinreich, A.; Kalka-Moll, W.; Oberdorfer, K.; Schmiemann, G.; Eckmanns, T., 2018:
Antibiotic-Resistant E. coli in Uncomplicated Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infection

Nobel, A.Bernhard., 2007:
Alfred Nobel's Will

RASTGELDI, S.; Nobel, A..B., 1954:
Alfred Nobel: his life and will

Kendall, E.C.; Nobel, A., 1951:
Alfred Nobel: the man and his prizes

Frey, T.S.; Petren, A., 1964:
Alfred Petr'en, 1867-1964

White, J.; Derham, A.P., 1963:
Alfred Plumley DERHAM

Clarkson, J.H.W.; Harley, O.J.H.; Kirkpatrick, J.J., 2006:
Alfred Poland's syndrome: a tidy little controversy

Richet, C.; Richet, A., 1956:
Alfred Richet, 1816-1891

Sarian, J.N.; Rosselet, A., 1950:
Alfred Rosselet 1887-1950

Vannotti, A.; Rosselet, A., 1950:
Alfred Rosselet, 1887-1950

Eiseley, L.C.; Wallace, A.R., 1959:
Alfred Russel Wallace

Roberts, F.; Wallace, A.R., 1958:
Alfred Russel Wallace; 1823-1913

von BAEYER; STORCH, A., 1962:

Davidsohn, I.; Giordano, A.S., 1958:
Alfred Sabato Giordano, M.D., 1893-1958

McIntyre, N.; Salter, A., 2005:
Alfred Salter (1873-1945)

Rost, G.A.; Stuhmer, A., 1957:
Alfred Stuhmer in memoriam

Meyer, H., 1950:
Alfred Stühmer

Bazin, A.T., 1958:
Alfred Turner Bazin

Beck, W.A., 1942:
Alfred Ursprung

Da Costa, D.G.; Adson, A., 1952:
Alfred W. Adson

Ritchie, W.P.; Adson, A.W., 1953:
Alfred W. Adson. 1887-1951

Kunz, R.M.; Winterstein, A., 1960:

Rupp, C.; Adson, A.Washington., 1952:
Alfred Washington Adson

Craig, W.M.; Adson, A.W., 1952:
Alfred Washington Adson, pioneer neurosurgeon, 1887-1951

Bowman-James, K., 2005:
Alfred Werner revisited: the coordination chemistry of anions

Jackson, W.Gregory.; McKeon, J.A.; Cortez, S., 2004:
Alfred Werner's inorganic counterparts of racemic and mesomeric tartaric acid: a milestone revisited

Zimmer, H-Gerd.; Volkmann, A.Wilhelm., 2006:
Alfred Wilhelm Volkmann

Musset, A.de.; Recurt, A-Barnab��-Athanase., 1954:
Alfred de Musset and Dr. Recurt

Carrera, A.C., 1950:
Alfredo Claudio Carrera October 2, 1950. in the Federal Capital

Barile, T.; Ingravalle, A., 1952:
Alfredo Ingravalle

Ferrari, A.; Jachia, A., 1952:
Alfredo Jachia and the beginning of thoracic surgery in Italy

Leriche, R.; Navarro, A., 1952:
Alfredo Navarro (1868-1951)

Nobel, A., 1964:
Alfredo Nobel Creator of Fabulous Prizes

Orlandini, A., 1950:
Alfredo Orlandini (April 4, 1870 - Febr 6, 1950)

Cánovas Ivorra, Jé.Antonio.; Tramoyeres Galvañ, A.; Sánchez Ballester, F.; De la Torre Abril, L.; Ordoño Domínguez, F.; Navalón Verdejo, P.; Pérez Albacete, M.; López Alcina, E.; Zaragoza Orts, J.; Tramoyeres Cases, A., 2005:
Alfredo Tramoyeres Cases (1910-2002): first chairman of the Department of Urology at the Ciudad Sanitaria La Fe. Documentary-historical analysis of his works

Recoder, R.F.; Werner, A., 1950:
Alfredo Werner (1866-1919)

Anonymous, 2003:
Alfuzosin (uroxatral)--another alpha1-blocker for benign prostatic hyperplasia

Weiner, D.M.; Lowe, F.C., 2003:
Alfuzosin for the management of benign prostate hyperplasia

Lee, M., 2003:
Alfuzosin hydrochloride for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Mayoux, E.; Ramirez, J.Fernando.; Pouyet, T.; Barras, M.; Arbilla, S.; Galzin, A.Marie., 2003:
Alfuzosin improves penile erection triggered by apomorphine in spontaneous hypertensive rats

Elhilali, M.M., 2006:
Alfuzosin: an alpha1-receptor blocker for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Davies, J.R., 2004:
Alfvén limit in fast ignition

Lashkin, V.M., 2006:
Alfvén soliton and emitted radiation in the presence of perturbations

Li, B.; Li, X., 2006:
Alfvénic-turbulence-heated magnetic loops: effects of lateral expansion and magnetic twist

Kinzel, H., 1950:
Algae Spirogyra and Zygnema in treatment with ammonia solution of cupric oxide

Lhotsky, F., 1954:
Algae as test material

Nizard, C.; Poggioli, S.; Heusèle, C.; Bulteau, A-Laure.; Moreau, M.; Saunois, A.; Schnebert, S.; Mahé, C.; Friguet, B., 2004:
Algae extract protection effect on oxidized protein level in human stratum corneum

Fritsch, F.E., 1952:
Algae in association with heterotrophic or holozoic organisms

Renn, C.E., 1954:
Algae research on oxidation ponds

Grossart, H-Peter.; Czub, G.; Simon, M., 2006:
Algae-bacteria interactions and their effects on aggregation and organic matter flux in the sea

Boulet, L-Philippe., 2006:
Algae-induced occupational asthma in a thalassotherapist

Xiong, Q.; Liu, Z-hua.; Zhang, Y-hui.; Liang, H-fang.; Yang, S.; Li, J-lin., 2006:
Algaecidal effect of a nanomaterial sheet

White, D., 1928:
Algal Deposits of Unkar Proterozoic Age in the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Halldal, P.; French, C.S., 1958:
Algal Growth in Crossed Gradients of Light Intensity and Temperature

Frouz, J.; Ali, A.; Lobinske, R.J., 2005:
Algal food selection and digestion by larvae of the pestiferous chironomid Chironomus Crassicaudatus under laboratory conditions

Archibald, J.M., 2006:
Algal genomics: exploring the imprint of endosymbiosis

Solstad, T.; Fladmark, K.E., 2006:
Algal toxins as guidance to identify phosphoproteins with key roles in apoptotic cell death

Prociv, P., 2004:
Algal toxins or copper poisoning--revisiting the Palm Island "epidemic"

Luna, B., 2004:
Algebra and the adolescent brain

Kasner, E., 1945:
Algebraic Curves, Symmetries and Satellites

Farrell, F.T.; Jones, L.E., 1987:
Algebraic K-theory of discrete subgroups of Lie groups

Farrell, F.T.; Jones, L.E., 1986:
Algebraic K-theory of spaces stratified fibered over hyperbolic orbifolds

Randić, M., 2004:
Algebraic Kekulé formulas for benzenoid hydrocarbons

Gutman, I.; Vukicević, D.; Graovac, A.; Randić, M., 2004:
Algebraic Kekulé structures of benzenoid hydrocarbons

Kolchin, E.R., 1946:
Algebraic Matric Groups

Rouchaleau, Y.; Wyman, B.F.; Kalman, R.E., 1972:
Algebraic Structure of Linear Dynamical Systems. III. Realization Theory Over a Commutative Ring

Neumann, J.V., 1937:
Algebraic Theory of Continuous Geometries

Whitney, H., 1947:
Algebraic Topology and Integration Theory

Chow, W.L., 1956:
Algebraic Varieties with Rational Dissections

Bocci, C., 2007:
Algebraic and geometric tools in phylogenetics

Kalman, R.E., 1969:
Algebraic characterization of polynomials whose zeros lie in certain algebraic domains

Sellers, P.H., 1966:
Algebraic complexes applied to chemistry

Chudnovsky, D.V.; Chudnovsky, G.V., 1987:
Algebraic complexities and algebraic curves over finite fields

Tanase, C.; Boada, F.E., 2005:
Algebraic description of spin 3/2 dynamics in NMR experiments

Song, Y.; Zhang, B.; He, A., 2006:
Algebraic iterative algorithm for deflection tomography and its application to density flow fields in a hypersonic wind tunnel

Sato, M., 1961:
Algebraic reflections on the vector concept in electrocardiography. III. Representation of the electric field

Pan, F.; Gueorguiev, V.G.; Draayer, J.P., 2004:
Algebraic solutions of an extended pairing model for well deformed nuclei

Capozziello, S.; Lattanzi, A., 2003:
Algebraic structure of central molecular chirality starting from Fischer projections

Alicea, J.; Motrunich, O.I.; Fisher, M.P.A., 2005:
Algebraic vortex liquid in spin-1/2 triangular antiferromagnets: scenario for Cs2CuCl4

Strobl, T., 2004:
Algebroid Yang-Mills theories

Kehl, R., 1956:
Algerian Center of Cancer Control; research services

Gelin, G., 1958:
Algerian and Egyptian splenomegaly; their relation to Banti's disease

Sutter, J.M.; Porot, M.; Pelicier, Y., 1959:
Algerian aspects of mental pathology

Lacroix, A.C., 1953:
Algerian climate

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Algorhythm of the Analysis of the Impulse Activity of Central Neurons by Means of Electronic Computers

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Algorithm for diagnosis and therapy of pain

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Algorithm for entropy monitor

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Algorithm for optimal dialysis access timing

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Algorithm for recall of HIV reactive blood donors

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Algorithm for the nonlinear propagation of acoustic beams from phased arrays and nonplanar sources

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Algorithm for the pharmacotherapy of anxiety disorders

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Algorithm for the standardized assessment of vascular patterns in glioblastoma specimens

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Algorithm for the treatment of calcific tendinitis in the rotator cuff: indications for arthroscopy and results in our experience

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Algorithm for tissue ischemia estimation based on electrical impedance spectroscopy

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Algorithm for treatment of apert hand

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Algorithm guides ICP infection investigation

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Algorithm of diagnostic procedure in candidosis of male genital organs

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Algorithm of preoperative preparation in surgical treatment of lung echinococcus complicated by a rupture into the bronchus

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Algorithm of the finite-lattice method for high-temperature expansion of the Ising model in three dimensions

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Algorithm specification interface for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genotypic interpretation

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Algorithm to model gene expression on Affymetrix chips without the use of MM cells

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Algorithmic information for interval maps with an indifferent fixed point and infinite invariant measure

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Algorithmic mechanism design for load balancing in distributed systems

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Algorithmic reproduction of asymmetry and border cut-off parameters according to the ABCD rule for dermoscopy

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Algorithmic scalability in globally constrained conservative parallel discrete event simulations of asynchronous systems

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Algorithmically generated music enhances VR nephron simulation

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Algorithms are always useful for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism

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Algorithms as guides for the prevention of permanent nerve damage in leprosy patients

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Algorithms for association study design using a generalized model of haplotype conservation

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Algorithms for combining menstrual estimates of gestational age

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Alien predation and the effects of multiple levels of prey naiveté

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Alien with HIV can review guilty plea before deportation

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Alienation and leadership

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Alienation from the society

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Aliens - as we know them

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Aliens, anaerobes, and the lung!

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Aliesterase activity in infectious hepatitis

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Aligned carbon nanotubes in the supramolecular order of discotic liquid crystals

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Aligned schedules make OR and materials more efficient

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