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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48208

Chapter 48208 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Chirico, G.; Vercillo, L.; Manninosigillo, A., 1955:
Alkaline phosphatases in hemopoietic tissues of the guinea pig and their changes in relation to hormone treatment; cytological and histochemical study

Sauer, H.; Rausch-Stroomann, J.G., 1955:
Alkaline phosphatases in leukocytes in polycythemia

D'onghia, N.; Casadio, V., 1952:
Alkaline phosphatases in liver diseases

Jung, W.; Stark, G., 1956:
Alkaline phosphatases in maternal and fetal blood after administration of vitamin D in late pregnancy

Lubbers, P., 1955:
Alkaline phosphatases in puncture fluids and their significance for the diagnosis of carcinoses of the serosa

Romieu, M.; Stahl, A.; Seite, R., 1951:
Alkaline phosphatases in the pituitary of the cat and their presence in the Golgi apparatus in the cells of the anterior pituitary

Alamanni, V., 1956:
Alkaline phosphatases in the uterine cervix. II. Behavior of alkaline phosphatases in the principal pathological conditions of the portio

Iannaccone, A.; Gremigni, D., 1960:
Alkaline phosphatases of blood in chronic occupational mercuralism

Hebert, S., 1950:
Alkaline phosphatases of the intestine; histochemical experimental study

Passeri, A.; Pipino, G.; Vassallo, E., 1957:
Alkaline phosphatases, glycogen, glycoproteins and mucoproteins in the ovaries of rabbits treated with contact roentgen therapy

Flock, E.V.; Block, M.A.; Bollman, J.L.; Mann, F.C., 1952:
Alkaline phosphate and amylase of plasma after hepatectomy

Pasinetti, A., 1957:
Alkaline phosphoesterases in vacuolar degeneration of the liver. I. Qualitative studies

Vescovo, R., 1956:
Alkaline phosphomonesterase activity of the small intestine and liver in pregnant Mus musculus albinus

Finocchio, F.; Lombardo, N.; Lo Sardo, G., 1956:
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase activity and P.A.S. reactivity of the corpus luteum during estrus in goats

Fumagalli, Z.; Miraglia, T., 1955:
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase activity in sites of direct ossification studies by means of the Gomori method at various hydrogen ion concentrations and at various stages of incubation

Nunziante Cesaro, A.; Petrelli, E., 1959:
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase activity of the normal human leukocyte, studied at various pH levels and at scaled incubation times

Finocchio, F.; Lo Sardo, G., 1958:
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase activity to the primordial ovarian follicle & in various phases of the estrus cycle in the Hircus goat

Di Matteo, G., 1951 :
Alkaline phosphomonoesterase in the blood after thoracic and abdominal operations; behavior of phosphoremia

Chomczynski, P.; Rymaszewski, M., 2006:
Alkaline polyethylene glycol-based method for direct PCR from bacteria, eukaryotic tissue samples, and whole blood

Abrahamsen, A.M., 1957:
Alkaline pyridin reaction in serum in trichlorethylene poisoning

Zobolas, B.; Sakorafas, G.H.; Kouroukli, I.; Glynatsis, M.; Peros, G.; Bramis, J., 2006:
Alkaline reflux gastritis: early and late results of surgery

Kopilevich, D.L., 1950:
Alkaline refuse of naphta industries as a disinfecting substance

Julich, H.; Eisfeld, G.; Julich, E.; Kurschner, E.C.; Schenk, G., 1957:
Alkaline reserve & urinary pH in pathological & normal conditions

Basevi, A.; Dagnini, G.; Dalla Volta, S., 1952:
Alkaline reserve and acidity of urine in congestive heart failure in prolonged fast

Khetagurov, A.D., 1961:
Alkaline reserve and true urinary acidity in patients with acute myocardial infarction caused by thrombosis of the coronary artery

Rahusa-Suszczewska, I., 1952:
Alkaline reserve in blood after administration of amino acids

Khlebarova, M., 1953:
Alkaline reserve in peptic ulcer before and after sleep therapy

Przytula, P., 1956 :
Alkaline reserve of the blood in eclamptic uremia in pregnancy

Schmid, F., 1953:
Alkaline reserve, ammoniuria in carnivorous animals, glycuronic acid conjugations

Mangione, G.; Le Brun, S.; Loddi, L.; Pandolfini, A., 1956:
Alkaline reserve/diffusible calcium ratio; its importance and significance as a function of calcemia ion

Brinkman, R.; Jonxis, J.H., 1936:
Alkaline resistance and spreading velocity of foetal and adult types of mammalian haemoglobin

Roche, J.; Derrien, Y.; Laurent, G., 1953:
Alkaline resistant fractions of hemoglobin in sickle cell anemia

Loncaric, C.; Manabe, K.; Kobayashi, S., 2003:
Alkaline salt-catalyzed aza Diels-Alder reactions of Danishefsky's diene with imines in water under neutral conditions

Luhrs, W.; Gummel, H.; Kindermann, I., 1955:
Alkaline serum phosphatase and liver metastasis

Egghart, F., 1957:
Alkaline serum phosphatase in diseases of the liver and biliary tract

Ruppel, W.; Pantlen, H., 1954:
Alkaline serum phosphatase in liver function test

Ott, B., 1953:
Alkaline serum phosphatase; daily fluctuations of activity and determinations in tuberculosis of the bones

Ribas, X.; Dias, Jão.C.; Morgado, J.; Wurst, K.; Santos, I.C.; Almeida, M.; Vidal-Gancedo, Jé.; Veciana, J.; Rovira, Có., 2004:
Alkaline side-coordination strategy for the design of nickel(II) and nickel(III) bis(1,2-diselenolene) complex based materials

Bauer, F., 1959:
Alkaline silver impregnation studies of normal sclera and cornea

Chytil, F., 1957:
Alkaline silver nitrate-reducing substances present in rat liver following acute response induced by turpentine injections

Basnuevo, J.G.; Borbolla, L., 1951:
Alkaline solution of gentian violet in the treatment of strongyloidiasis and oxyuriasis

Salvesen, H.A., 1950:
Alkaline therapy of renal acidosis

Clark, H.G., 1955:
Alkaline treatment of acute allergic shock

Groen, J.C.; Maldonado, Lís.; Berrier, E.; Brückner, A.; Moulijn, J.A.; Pérez-Ramírez, J., 2006:
Alkaline treatment of iron-containing MFI zeolites. Influence on mesoporosity development and iron speciation

Kiguel, E., 1964:
Alkaline-Phosphatase Activity In Developing Molars Of Vitamin D--Deficient Rats. I. High Calcium-Phosphorus Ratio Diet

Ma, S-Gang.; Jiang, Y-Tao.; Song, S-Jiang.; Wang, Z-Hua.; Bai, J.; Xu, S-Xu.; Liu, K., 2006:
Alkaline-degradation products of ginsenosides from leaves and stems of Panax quinquefolium

Burckhardt, W.; Dorta, T., 1957:
Alkaline-resistance in eczema of various pathogenesis & in neurodermatitis

Benard, H.; Dantchev, D.; Gajdos, A., 1954:
Alkaline-resistant hemoglobin during experimental polycythemia in the rabbit

Gouttas, A.; Tsevrenis, H.; Poungouras, P., 1953:
Alkaline-resistant hemoglobin in constitutional hemolytic anemia

Peña, J.; Corrales, T.; Izquierdo-Barba, I.; Serrano, M.Concepción.; Portolés, M.Teresa.; Pagani, R.; Vallet-Regí, Mía., 2005:
Alkaline-treated poly(epsilon-caprolactone) films: degradation in the presence or absence of fibroblasts

Roberts, D.; Buckley, N.A., 2005:
Alkalinisation for organophosphorus pesticide poisoning

Ozer, H.; Solak, S.; Oguz, T.; Ocguder, A.; Colakoglu, T.; Babacan, A., 2005:
Alkalinisation of local anaesthetics prescribed for pain relief after surgical decompression of carpal tunnel syndrome

Jain, A.J., 2004:
Alkalinization of intra-cuff lidocaine and use of gel lubrication protect against tube-induced emergence phenomena

Faiella, A.; Zarbilli, D.; Cajano, A., 1960:
Alkalinization of the serum and complement consumption

Selianin, V.V.; Oborotov, G.E.; Zenova, G.M.; Zviagintsev, D.G., 2006:
Alkaliphilic soil actinomycetes

Kornerup, V.; Faber, M., 1956:
Alkaliresistant fetal hemoglobin; findings in normal subjects and in cases of hemopoietic disorders

Mollaret, P., 1960:
Alkalization in barbiturate poisoning has had some unappreciated

Klisiecki, A.; Wiktor, Z.; Pytasz, M.; Dec, L., 1961:
Alkalization, ammonia and urea in urine in kidney diseases

Honig, C., 1965:
Alkalizing Infusion Fluids

Capovilla, E., 1950:
Alkalizing solutions by hypodermoclysis in obstetrics and gynecology; experimental and clinical research

Battersby, A.R.; Foulkes, D.M.; Binks, R., 1965:
Alkaloid Biosynthesis. 8. use of Optically Active Precursors for Investigations on the Biosynthesis of Morphine Alkaloids

Gill, S.; Steinegger, E., 1964:
Alkaloid Occurrence in Genista Species

Tomita, M.; Lee, K.H.; Nakano, T., 1965:
Alkaloid of Croton Cumingii Muell. Et Arg

Meyer, E., 1986:
Alkaloid Production by Hordeum vulgare Cell Cultures

Evans, W.C.; Partridge, M.W., 1952:
Alkaloid biogenesis in Datura

Evans, W.C.; Partridge, M.W., 1953:
Alkaloid biogenesis. I. The site of synthesis of alkaloids in Datura

Evans, W.C.; Partridge, M.W., 1953:
Alkaloid biogenesis. II. Changes in the ontogenetic production of alkaloids in Atropa and Datura

Evans, W.C.; Partridge, M.W., 1954:
Alkaloid biogenesis. III. The production of biosynthetic radioactive hyoscine and meteloidine

Auterhoff, H., 1958:
Alkaloid chemistry & its general importance for pharmacy of our time

Blazek, Z.; Kucera, M., 1950:
Alkaloid content of Datura stramonium L. in various stages of evolution

Blazek, Z.; Kucera, M., 1950:
Alkaloid content of Hyoscyamus niger L. in various stages of development

Przybilka, A., 1961:
Alkaloid content of belladonna mother tincture

Silber, A., 1952:
Alkaloid content of ergot growing naturally in Germany during 1951

Steinegger, E., 1951:
Alkaloid content of tetraploid Datura species; heteroploid experiments with medicinal plants

Kolsek, J.; Kornhauser, A.; Perpar, M., 1957:
Alkaloid content of the wild-growing Slovenian ergot

Gstirner, F.; Stein, G., 1952:
Alkaloid determination in solanaceum drugs

Silber, A.; Schulze, T., 1953:
Alkaloid determinations in the ergot

Polievtsev, N.P., 1959 :
Alkaloid dubinidin and its antagonism to analeptics

James, W.O., 1953:
Alkaloid formation in plants

Schreiber, 1956:
Alkaloid glycosides of Solonaceae

Janot, M.M.; Chaigneau, M., 1950:
Alkaloid hydrofluorates

Mucke, H.A., 2005:
Alkaloid lead molecules for cholinergic drug development

Klingmuller, G., 1953:
Alkaloid phosphomonoesterase in cutaneous tuberculosis, its effect on tubercle bacilli and its activation by vitamin D2

Djerassi, C.; Gilbert, B.; Shoolery, J.N.; Johnson, L.F.; Biemann, K., 1961:
Alkaloid studies XXVI. The constitution of pyrifolidine

Djerassi, C.; Owellen, R.J.; Ferreira, J.M.; Antonaccio, L.D., 1962:
Alkaloid studies. The structure of aspidofiline

Gilbert, B.; Antonaccio, L.D.; Archer, A.A.; Djerassi, C., 1960:
Alkaloid studies. XXIII. Isolation of four new Aspidosperma cylindrocarpin, refractine, pyrifoline, and pyrifolidine alkaloids

Djerassi, C.; Archer, A.A.; George, T.; Gilbert, B.; Shoolery, J.N.; Johnson, L.F., 1960:
Alkaloid studies. XXV. The structures of the Aspidosperma alkaloids cylindrocarpine and cylindrocarpidine

Hegnauer, R., 1951:
Alkaloid synthesis in Datura stramonium L

Stahler, H., 1956:
Alkaloid-free treatment of renal-ureteral colic

Phokas, G.; Steinegger, E., 1956:
Alkaloidal composition of belladonna root from various sources

Schumann, K., 1957:
Alkaloidal content of virus infected Datura plants

Bognar, R.; Makleit, S., 1956:
Alkaloidal glycoside of Lycopersicon Humboldtii Dun.; preparation and identification of tomatin

Honkomp, L.; Lichtin, J.L., 1958:
Alkaloidal iodides; their prescription incompatibilities; a preliminary study

Willaman, J.J.; Schubert, B.G., 1957:
Alkaloidal plants of the apocynaceae

Buchi, J.; Schumacher, H., 1957:
Alkaloidal purity tests with the help of paper chromatography. 2. Coca alkaloids

Santavy, F., 1957:
Alkaloide der Colchicum-Pflanzen. I

Henry, T.A., 1953:

Mann, J.D.; Fales, H.M.; Mudd, S.H., 1963:
Alkaloids and Plant Metabolism. Vi. O-Methylation in Vitro of Norbelladine, a Precursor of Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids

Doepke, W., 1964 :
Alkaloids from Amaryllidaceae. on the Composition of Goleptin and Golceptin

Quirin, M.; Levy, J.; Lemen, J., 1965:
Alkaloids from Nux Vomica Leaves: Strychnos Nux Vomica L (Loganiaceae)

Ledouble, G.; Olivier, L.; Quirin, M.; Levy, J.; Leman, J.; Janot, M.M., 1964:
Alkaloids from Picralima Nitida Stapf, Apocynaceae. 8. Study of the Leaves and Roots. Isolation of 2 new Alkaloids: Picraphylline and Picracine

Galante, G., 1964:
Alkaloids from Rauwolfia Serpentina in the Hypertensive Cardiopathies

Santos, A.O.; Aguilar-Santos, G., 1964:
Alkaloids from some Apocynaceae from the Philippines

Mueller, H.; Hesse, M.; Waser, P.; Schmid, H.; Karrer, P., 1965:
Alkaloids from Strychnos Chlorantha Prog

Platonova, T.F.; Kuzovkov, A.D., 1963:
Alkaloids from the Seeds of the Plant Delphinium Orientale J. Gay

Gertig, H., 1964:
Alkaloids In Eschscholtzia Californica Cham. I. Isolation And Thin-Layer Chromatography Of Alkaloids Appearing In Leaves

Rostotskii, B.K.; Lvova, I.L., 1964:
Alkaloids in some Species of the Corydalis Genus

Zabolotnaia, E.S.; Belikov, A.S.; Ivashchenko, S.P.; Molodozhnikov, M.M., 1964:
Alkaloids of Amsonia Tabernaemontana Walt

Tomita, M.; Kozuka, M., 1965 :
Alkaloids of Asimina Triloba Dunal

Briggs, L.H.; Cambie, R.C.; Candy, B.J.; O'donovan, G.M.; Russell, R.H.; Seelye, R.N., 1965:
Alkaloids of new Zealand Senecio Species. Ii. Senkirkine

Robinson, B., 1965:
Alkaloids of Physostigma Venenosum. Iv. the Synthesis of Eseramine

Santos, A.C.; Aguilar-Santos, G.; Tibayan, L.L., 1965:
Alkaloids of Tabernaemontana Mucronata Merr. Isolation of Tabernaemontanine

Popp, F.D.; Chakraborty, D.P., 1964:
Alkaloids of the Bark of Tecleagrandifolia

Chen, Y.; Chu, Y.L.; Chu, J.H., 1965:
Alkaloids of the Chinese Drugs, Aconitum Spp. Ix. Alkaloids from Chuan-Wu and Fu-Tzu, Aconitum Carmichaeli Debx

Aguilar-Santos, G.; Santos, A.C.; Joson, L.M., 1963:
Alkaloids of the Tabernaemontana Pandacaqui Poir. Isolation of Coronaridine

Svoboda, G.H.; Barnes, A.J., 1964:
Alkaloids of Vinca Rosea Linn. (Catharanthus Roseus G. Don). Xxiv. Vinaspine, Vincathicine, Rovidine, Desacetyl Vlb, and Vinaphamine

Quirin, M.; Quirin, F.; Lemen, J., 1964:
Alkaloids of Voacanga Globosa (Blanco) Merr

Fish, F.; Newcombe, F., 1964:
Alkaloids of Voacanga Schweinfurthii Stapf: Voacorine and Voacangine

Kostir, J.V.; Jiracek, V., 1955:
Alkaloids and dyes of Ustilago maydis

Bjorling, C.O., 1954:
Alkaloids and ion exchangers

Conklin, G.N., 1958:
Alkaloids and the witches' sabbat

Schlederer, E., 1962:
Alkaloids as antibiotically effective principles of higher plants

Aliev, R.K.; Damirov, I.A., 1952:
Alkaloids containing plants in Azerbaidzhan

Blazek, Z.; Kucera, M., 1950:
Alkaloids content of Atropa belladonna L. in various stages of development

Shi, S-Po.; Tu, P-Fei.; Dong, C-Xia.; Jiang, D., 2006:
Alkaloids from Clematis manshurica Rupr

Paris, R.; Moyse, H.; Le Men, J., 1955:
Alkaloids from Euphorbiaceae: Fluggea virosa Baillon

Istatkova, R.; Philipov, S., 2004:
Alkaloids from Isopyrum thalictroides L

Bastida, J.; Viladomat, F.; Llabrés, J.M.; Codina, C.; Rubiralta, M., 1988:
Alkaloids from Narcissus jacetanus1

Kleinsorge, H.; Wittig, H.H., 1954:
Alkaloids from Rauwolfia serpentina used therapeutically in hypertension

Mokry, J.; Dubravkova, L.; Sefcovic, P., 1962:
Alkaloids from Vinca minor L. Vincadine, minovine and vincorine

Alekseev, V.S.; Biliuga, T.G.; Taldykin, O.E., 1962:
Alkaloids from the 1-methylpyrrolizidine series. V. Alkaloids from Senecio cineraria DC - Cineraria maritima, family Compositae

Doepke, W., 1962:
Alkaloids from the Crinum species

Doepke, W., 1962:
Alkaloids from the Hippeastrum species

Wang, Y.; Yang, S-Ping.; Wu, Y.; Yue, J-Min., 2004:
Alkaloids from the fungus Lactarius subplinthogalus

Platonova, T.F.; Massagetov, P.S.; Kuzovkov, A.D., 1963:
Alkaloids from the plants Parentucellia flaviflora (Boiss) nevski and Odontites serotina (Lam) Dum

Zhao, Q-Zhi.; Zhao, Y-Min.; Wang, K-Jun., 2006:
Alkaloids from the root of Lindera angustifolia

Steinegger, E.; Phokas, G., 1956:
Alkaloids from the roots of the Greek belladonna

Stovner, J., 1960:
Alkaloids in gourd curare

Browinska-Szmalowa, Z., 1953:
Alkaloids in humus plants

Dohnal, B.; Miedzobrodzki, J.; Włodarczyk, B., 1990:
Alkaloids in the tissue culture of Holarrhena antidysenterica

Tsuneki, H.; You, Y.; Toyooka, N.; Kagawa, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Sasaoka, T.; Nemoto, H.; Kimura, I.; Dani, J.A., 2004:
Alkaloids indolizidine 235B', quinolizidine 1-epi-207I, and the tricyclic 205B are potent and selective noncompetitive inhibitors of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Ternbah, M., 1958:
Alkaloids isolated from Chelidonium maius L

Neuss, N.; Cone, N.J., 1960:
Alkaloids of Apocynaceae. 5. Hunterine, a new alkaloid from Hunteria eburnea Pichon

Neuss, N.; Cone, N.J., 1959:
Alkaloids of Apocynaceae. IV. Dregamine, a new alkaloid from Voacanga dregei E. M

Amaral, A.C.; Barnes, R.A., 2007:
Alkaloids of Croton celtidifolius

Evans, W.C.; Partridge, M.W., 1953:
Alkaloids of Datura innoxia

El-Shazly, A.M.; Dora, G.; Wink, M., 2006:
Alkaloids of Haloxylon salicornicum (Moq.) Bunge ex Boiss. (Chenopodiaceae)

Yagi, A.; Kawasaki, T., 1962:
Alkaloids of Japanese Veratrum genus plants. V. Alkaloids of Veratrum Stamineum

Yagi, A.; Kawasaki, T., 1962:
Alkaloids of Japanese Veratrum genus plants. VI. Paper chromatography of some Veratrum alkaloids and their derivatives

Steinegger, E.; Ochsner, F., 1956:
Alkaloids of Lobelia salicifolia Sweet. I

Steinegger, E.; Ochsner, F., 1956:
Alkaloids of Lobelia salicifolia Sweet. II

Steinegger, E.; Egger, F., 1952:
Alkaloids of Lobelia symphilitica L..

Gedeon, J.; Gedeon, S., 1954:
Alkaloids of Lobella nicotianaefolia Heyne

Rouffiac, R., 1961:
Alkaloids of Lycopodium phlegmaria (L)

Bodendorf, K.; Krieger, W., 1957:
Alkaloids of Mesembryanthemum tortuosum

Muller, J.M., 1957:
Alkaloids of Rauwolfia ligustrina R. & S. Raugustin, a new reserpine-like alkaloid

Vejdelek, Z.J., 1955:
Alkaloids of Rauwolfia plants

Kidd, D.A.; Scott, P.G., 1957:
Alkaloids of Rauwolfia species. II. The estimation of reserpine in samples of Rauwolfia by means of countercurrent distribution

Cone, N.J.; Miller, R.; Neuss, N., 1963:
Alkaloids of Vinca rosea Linn. (Catharanthus roseus G. Don). XV. Analysis of vinca alkaloids by thin-layer chromatography

Svoboda, G.H.; Gorman, M.; Barnes, A.J.; Oliver, A.T., 1962:
Alkaloids of Vinca rosea Linn. (Catharanthus roseus G. Don.) XII. Preparation and characterization of trace alkaloids

Svoboda, G.H.; Neuss, N.; Gorman, M., 1959:
Alkaloids of Vinca rosea Linn. (Catharanthus roseus G. Don.). V. Preparation and characterization of alkaloids

Fish, F.; Newcombe, F.; Poisson, J., 1960:
Alkaloids of Voacanga schweinfurthii Stapf. I. Voacamine and vobtusine

Macfoy, C.; Danosus, D.; Sandit, R.; Jones, T.H.; Garraffo, H.Martin.; Spande, T.F.; Daly, J.W., 2006:
Alkaloids of anuran skin: antimicrobial function?

Santavy, F.; Reichstein, T., 1952:
Alkaloids of colchicum automonale during its development substances of colchicum autumale and their derivatives

Awe, W.; Winkler, W., 1957:
Alkaloids of corn poppy

Terasaka, M.; Yamamoto, K.; Kawazoe, Y., 1963:
Alkaloids of root-bark of Orixa japonica Thumb. XII. Nuclear magnetic resonance study of N-methylorixidinine, N-methylisoorixidinine, and N-methylorixidine

Conserva, L.M.; Pereira, C.de.Araújo.B.; Barbosa-Filho, Jé.Maria., 2005:
Alkaloids of the Hernandiaceae: occurrence and a compilation of their biological activities

Yuan, S-qin.; Zhao, Y-min.; You, Y., 2005:
Alkaloids of the hairy roots of Ipomoea batatas Lam

Ribas, I.; Alonso De Lama, J.M., 1953:
Alkaloids of the papilionoideas. XII. Alkaloids of Adenocarpus hispanicus D.C. from the Sierra del Guadarrama (Madrid)

Terasaka, M.; Ohta, T.; Narahashi, K., 1954:
Alkaloids of the root-bark of Orixa japonica Thunb. V. On the structure of Kokusagine

Narahashi, K., 1962:
Alkaloids of the root-bark of Orixa japonica Thunb. XI. The structures of orixidine and orixidinine

Hofmann, A., 1953:
Alkaloids with indolic nuclei

Kindermann, G., 1964:
Alkalosis and Tetany in the Treatment with Salidiuretics

Ghose, R.R., 1964:
Alkalosis with Plasma-Bicarbonate Variations in Cor Pulmonale with Hypercapnia

Monod, E., 1959:
Alkalosis and hepatic insufficiency, so-called

Rossier, P.H.; Staehelin, D.; Buhlmann, A.; Labhart, A., 1955:
Alkalosis and hypokalemia in anorexia mentalis (hunger alkalosis)

Dill, M.K.; Richter, A.B., 1954:
Alkalosis as a cause of prerenal azotemia; a review of the literature with five case reports

Wilde, W.S., 1953:
Alkalosis during hypokaliemia

Ritchie, J.B.; Smith, A.N., 1959:
Alkalosis of alimentary origin in surgical patients

Monod, M., 1962:
Alkalosis syndrome and digestive allergy

Scholz, D.A.; Scheifley, C.H., 1954:
Alkalosis, renal insufficiency and hypercalcemia secondary to the excessive intake of Sippy powders

Richet, G.; Lissac, J.; Fillastre, J.P.; Vallois, J., 1965:
Alkaluria from Mannitol-Induced Diuresis in the Dog Maintained at a Constant Alveolar Pco-2

Fromherz, K., 1950:
Alkamine ester of benzilic acid as a spasmolytic

Moore, M.B., 1951:
Alkamine esters and amides of cumic acid

Wong-Foy, A.G.; Bhalla, G.; Liu, X.Yang.; Periana, R.A., 2003:
Alkane C-H activation and catalysis by an O-donor ligated iridium complex

Truitt, M.J.; Toporek, S.S.; Rovira-Truitt, R.; White, J.L., 2006:
Alkane C-H bond activation in zeolites: evidence for direct protium exchange

Lorkovic, I.M.; Sun, S.; Gadewar, S.; Breed, A.; Macala, G.S.; Sardar, A.; Cross, S.E.; Sherman, J.H.; Stucky, G.D.; Ford, P.C., 2006:
Alkane bromination revisited: "reproportionation" in gas-phase methane bromination leads to higher selectivity for CH3Br at moderate temperatures

Vetter, A.J.; Flaschenriem, C.; Jones, W.D., 2005:
Alkane coordination selectivity in hydrocarbon activation by [Tp'Rh(CNneopentyl)]: the role of alkane complexes

Shul'pin, G.B.; Gradinaru, J.; Kozlov, Y.N., 2003:
Alkane hydroperoxidation with peroxides catalysed by copper complexes

Blanc, Fédéric.; Copéret, C.; Thivolle-Cazat, J.; Basset, J-Marie., 2006:
Alkane metathesis catalyzed by a well-defined silica-supported Mo imido alkylidene complex: [(triple bond SiO)Mo(=NAr)(=CHtBu)(CH2tBu)

Bales, B.C.; Brown, P.; Dehestani, A.; Mayer, J.M., 2005:
Alkane oxidation by osmium tetroxide

Yoshizawa, M.; Miyagi, S.; Kawano, M.; Ishiguro, K.; Fujita, M., 2004:
Alkane oxidation via photochemical excitation of a self-assembled molecular cage

Messe, L.; Perdigon, A.; Clarke, S.M.; Inaba, A.; Arnold, T., 2005:
Alkane/Alcohol mixed monolayers at the solid/liquid interface

Zana, R., 2005:
Alkanediyl-alpha,omega-bis(dimethylalkylammonium bromide) surfactants 10. Behavior in aqueous solution at concentrations below the critical micellization concentration: an electrical conductivity study

Grosmaire, L.; Chorro, M.; Chorro, C.; Partyka, S.; Zana, R., 2005:
Alkanediyl-alpha,omega-bis(dimethylalkylammonium bromide) surfactants 9. Effect of the spacer carbon number and temperature on the enthalpy of micellization

Zana, R., 2005:
Alkanediyl-alpha,omega-bis(dimethylalkylammonium bromide) surfactants: II. Krafft temperature and melting temperature

Jespersen, M.L.; Inman, C.E.; Kearns, G.J.; Foster, E.W.; Hutchison, J.E., 2007:
Alkanephosphonates on hafnium-modified gold: a new class of self-assembled organic monolayers

Sun, J.; Zhang, H.; Ma, D.; Chen, Y.; Bao, X.; Klein-Hoffmann, A.; Pfänder, N.; Su, D.Sheng., 2005:
Alkanes-assisted low temperature formation of highly ordered SBA-15 with large cylindrical mesopores

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Alkylpurine-DNA-N-glycosylase excision of 7-(hydroxymethyl)-1,N6-ethenoadenine, a glycidaldehyde-derived DNA adduct

Orendorff, C.J.; Pemberton, J.E., 2005:
Alkylsilane-based stationary phases via a displaceable surface template approach: synthesis, characterization, and chromatographic performance

Rial, E.; Aguirregoitia, E.; Jiménez-Jiménez, Jús.; Ledesma, A., 2004:
Alkylsulfonates activate the uncoupling protein UCP1: implications for the transport mechanism

Palazzo, G.; Pozzatti, C., 1959:
Alkylsulfonylurea and alkylsulfonylthiourea compounds with hypoglycemic actions

Thamyongkit, P.; Bhise, A.D.; Taniguchi, M.; Lindsey, J.S., 2006:
Alkylthio unit as an alpha-pyrrole protecting group for use in dipyrromethane synthesis

O'Mahony, T.; Owens, V.P.; Murrihy, J.P.; Guihen, E.; Holmes, J.D.; Glennon, J.D., 2003:
Alkylthiol gold nanoparticles in open-tubular capillary electrochromatography

Yang, L.; Guihen, E.; Glennon, J.D., 2005:
Alkylthiol gold nanoparticles in sol-gel-based open tubular capillary electrochromatography

Schulte, K.E.; Goes, M., 1957:
Alkynals by Sommelet's reaction

Stoebenau, E.J.; Jordan, R.F., 2004:
Alkyne and alkene complexes of a d(0) zirconocene aryl cation

Uenoyama, Y.; Fukuyama, T.; Nobuta, O.; Matsubara, H.; Ryu, I., 2005:
Alkyne carbonylation by radicals: tin-radical-catalyzed synthesis of alpha-methylene amides from 1-alkynes, carbon monoxide, and amines

Du, S.; Kautz, J.A.; McGrath, T.D.; Stone, F.Gordon.A., 2005:
Alkyne coupling at a rhenium-monocarborane substrate: synthesis of Re,B-eta2:sigma-butadienyl complexes

Hoye, T.R.; Wang, J., 2005:
Alkyne haloallylation [with Pd(II)] as a core strategy for macrocycle synthesis: a total synthesis of (-)-haterumalide NA/(-)-oocydin A

Trost, B.M.; Ball, Z.T., 2005:
Alkyne hydrosilylation catalyzed by a cationic ruthenium complex: efficient and general trans addition

Furstner, A.; Davies, P.W., 2005:
Alkyne metathesis

Eisler, S.; Chahal, N.; McDonald, R.; Tykwinski, R.R., 2003:
Alkyne migration in alkylidene carbenoid species: a new method of polyyne synthesis

Greco, N.J.; Hysell, M.; Goldenberg, J.R.; Rheingold, A.L.; Tor, Y., 2006:
Alkyne-containing chelating ligands: synthesis, properties and metal coordination of 1,2-di(quinolin-8-yl)ethyne

Grotjahn, D.B.; Zeng, X.; Cooksy, A.L., 2006:
Alkyne-to-vinylidene transformation on trans-(Cl)Rh(phosphine)2: acceleration by a heterocyclic ligand and absence of bimolecular mechanism

Takahashi, G.; Shirakawa, E.; Tsuchimoto, T.; Kawakami, Y., 2005:
Alkynes as activators in the nickel-catalysed addition of organoboronates to aldehydes

Rhee, J.Uk.; Krische, M.J., 2005:
Alkynes as synthetic equivalents to stabilized Wittig reagents: intra- and intermolecular carbonyl olefinations catalyzed by Ag(I), BF3, and HBF4

Guillarme, Séphane.; Plé, K.; Banchet, A.; Liard, A.; Haudrechy, A., 2006:
Alkynylation of chiral aldehydes: alkoxy-, amino-, and thio-substituted aldehydes

Hilt, G.; Smolko, K.I., 2003:
Alkynylboronic esters as efficient dienophiles in cobalt-catalyzed Diels-Alder reactions

Berenguer, Jús.R.; Bernechea, Mía.; Forniés, J.; García, A.; Lalinde, E.; Moreno, M.Teresa., 2004:
Alkynyldiphenylphosphine d8 (Pt, Rh, Ir) complexes: contrasting behavior toward cis-[Pt(C6F5)2(THF)2

Feldman, K.S.; Perkins, A.L.; Masters, K.M., 2004:
Alkynyliodonium salts in organic synthesis. Application to the preparation of the tricyclic core of (+/-)-halichlorine

Maeda, H.; Maeda, T.; Mizuno, K.; Fujimoto, K.; Shimizu, H.; Inouye, M., 2005:
Alkynylpyrenes as improved pyrene-based biomolecular probes with the advantages of high fluorescence quantum yields and long absorption/emission wavelengths

Doubský, J.; Streinz, Lík.; Saman, D.; Zedník, Jí.; Koutek, Bír., 2004:
Alkynyltrifluoroborates as versatile tools in organic synthesis: a new route to spiroketals

Schmidt, H.; Scherer, H.; Tyrra, W.; Hahn, J.; Naumann, D., 2004:
Alkynylxenon(II) fluorides

Ferguson, J.J., 1992:
All ACTs are not created equal

Lloyd, I., 2005:
All Aboard: the campaign bandwagon rolls into town

Tamarin, A.H., 1964:
All Acrylic Resin Veneer Posterior Crown with Gold Cusps

Martin, P., 1951:
All Canadians should have a healthy mouth

Caven, C.E.; Holzer, A., 1965:
All Departments in this Hospital take Part in Safety Inspection

Kennedy, D., 2005:
All Fools' Day

Kemple, T., 2005:
All GPs are different and some are more different than others

Diamond, I.S., 1965:
All Horizons Aren't Governmental

Graham, L.M., 2004:
All I need is the air that I breath: outdoor air quality and asthma

South, D.S., 2006:
All I want for Christmas is my flu vaccine

Coombes, R., 2005:
All IVF embryos should be checked for genetic defects, conference is told

Cahoon, J.B., 1964:
All in One, C-1 and you see Seven

Skinner, E.F., 1964:
All Is not Asthma that Wheezes

Saarlas, K.N.; Hinman, A.R.; Ross, D.A.; Watson, W.C.; Wild, E.L.; Hastings, T.M.; Richmond, P.A., 2005:
All Kids Count 1991-2004: developing information systems to improve child health and the delivery of immunizations and preventive services

Wild, E.L.; Richmond, P.A.; de Merode, L.; Smith, J.D., 2005:
All Kids Count Connections: a community of practice on integrating child health information systems

Anonymous, 2006:
All MA hospitals agree to make staff plans public

Vangemert, G.A., 1965:
All Meals in this Hospital come Frozen

Anonymous, 2005:
All PPIs equivalent for treatment of GERD

Gardner, E.A.; Miles, H.C.; Bahn, A.K.; Romano, J., 1963:
All Psychiatric Experience in a Community; a Cumulative Survey: Report of the first Year's Experience

Read, J.C.A.; Cumming, B.G., 2006:
All Pulfrich-like illusions can be explained without joint encoding of motion and disparity

Moore, J.S., 1963:
All Rooms Are Private in this Compact Nursing Unit Plan

Darmady, E.M.; Hughes, K.E.; Tuke, W., 1963:
All Sorts of Common Colds

Schuyler, D., 2004:
All Stressed Out

Vyas, K.J., 1964:
All that Whoops Is not Pertussis

Anonymous, 1950 :
All Union conference on the control of tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1950:
All Union scientific congress of therapeutic diet

Wells, D.; Wells family, 2003:
All Wells that ends Wells

Dowler, C.C., 1949:
All a supervisor has to do to build and maintain morale

Cholewicki, J.; Reeves, N.P.N.Peter., 2004:
All abdominal muscles must be considered when evaluating the intra-abdominal pressure contribution to trunk extensor moment and spinal loading

Lilley, K.S.; Friedman, D.B., 2005:
All about DIGE: quantification technology for differential-display 2D-gel proteomics

Li, P.; Bohnert, H.J.; Grene, R., 2007:
All about FACE--plants in a high-[CO2] world

Kramer, R.; Khoury, H.J.; Vieira, J.W.; Loureiro, E.C.M.; Lima, V.J.M.; Lima, F.R.A.; Hoff, G., 2005:
All about FAX: a Female Adult voXel phantom for Monte Carlo calculation in radiation protection dosimetry

Lehmann, P., 2005:
All about PSY DREAM. Psychiatric Drug Registration, Evaluation & All-Inclusive Monitoring

Sister Mary Clare, 1952:
All about WHO

Dunlap, C., 2004:
All about amputation. If you are about to have an amputation, you are sure to have some questions about the procedure and what happens afterward. Here are some answers

Feldman, H.R., 2003:
All about context

Hughes, G., 2004:
All about cut resistance

Burr, R.A., 2004:
All about dialysis. There are several forms of kidney dialysis. Knowing what to expect from each can help you choose the right one

Talbot, T., 2004:
All about job descriptions

Rogell, G.D., 2004:
All about laser eye surgery

Jones, D., 2006:
All about me

Read, J., 1954:
All about our auxiliaries

Wolf, S.L., 1959:
All about paint

Scheffler, N.M., 2006:
All about wound care. If you have a wound on your foot, don't ignore it. The care you seek today can prevent an amputation tomorrow

Anonymous, 2004:
All above board: openness is the only option if science is to maintain its integrity

Augustine, J., 2006 :
All abuzz. Angry bees ignite an unexpected MCI

Lee, P., 2003:
All accounted for--handling the daily fluctuations of today's hospital census

Mounier, N.; Gisselbrecht, C.; Brière, J.; Haioun, C.; Feugier, P.; Offner, F.; Recher, C.; Stamatoullas, A.; Morschhauser, F.; Macro, M.; Thieblemont, C.; Sonet, A.; Fabiani, B.; Reyes, F., 2004:
All aggressive lymphoma subtypes do not share similar outcome after front-line autotransplantation: a matched-control analysis by the Groupe d'Etude des Lymphomes de l'Adulte (GELA)

Morabia, A.; Costanza, M.C., 2006:
All along the CHD/CVD risk watchtower

Rittenberry, R., 2006:
All along the watchtowers

Roberts, R.Clwyd.; Lane, C.; Hatfield, P.; Clutterbuck, E.; Atkins, M.; Brown, A.; Dorling, A., 2006:
All anti-HBc-positive, HBsAg-negative dialysis patients on the transplant waiting list should be regarded as at risk of hepatitis B reactivation post-renal transplantation--report of three cases from a single centre

Lyngbye, Jørgen., 2007:
All are to be treated equally, of course

Demirhan, M.; Esenyel, C.Zeki., 2003:
All arthroscopic treatment of rotator cuff tears

Testart, J., 2005:
All artificial procreations are in nature

Anonymous, 2004:
All at C

Thompson, D.R.; Watson, R., 2005:
All bathwater and no baby: revisiting a national curriculum and state examination for nursing?

Zeilberger, D., 1981:
All binomial identities are verifiable

Masanes, Lís., 2006:
All bipartite entangled states are useful for information processing

Galperin, M.Y., 2004:
All bugs, big and small

Price, E., 2005:
All but invisible: older gay men and lesbians

Granai, C.O., 2006:
All by itself

Evans, W.J.; Hays, N.P., 2005:
All calories are not equal

Lund, C., 2006:
All cases of stroke has a cause

Jaklevic, M.Chris., 2003:
All cash, all the time. Memorial Hermann experiment would offer care tailored to the uninsured

Thompson, V.P., 2004:
All ceramic crowns & teeth hard lessons from hard materials

Vuletich, M., 2005:
All certification, all the time. ABMS moves from physician-certification renewal to maintenance of certification

Wedzicha, J.A.; Calverley, P.M.A., 2006:
All change for home oxygen services in England and Wales

Boswell, R.; Tie, A., 2006:
All change for the New Zealand laboratories

O'Dowd, A., 2005:
All change in primary care

Spier, R.E., 2006:
All change time for vaccine engineers

Eden, T.; Pui, C-Hon.; Schrappe, M.; Tognoni, G.; Masera, G., 2004:
All children have a right to full access to treatment for cancer

Stenger, J., 2006:
All citizens (who co-operate) will be better off ... only I don't think they actually will be

Griffin, W.R., 2004:
All clear. Some helpful tips on hospital window cleaning

Furukawa, T.A., 2004:
All clinical trials must be reported in detail and made publicly available

Gallet, A.; Tolédano, C.; Tuleja, E.; Bourgarit, A.; Farge, D.; Séréni, D.; Morel, P., 2005:
All colors on a black skin!

Turnball, J.E., 2003:
All components of the system must be aligned

Roiban, R.; Volovich, A., 2004:
All conjugate-maximal-helicity-violating amplitudes from topological open string theory in twistor space

McCrory, P., 2003:
All cracked up

Tsang, G.; O'Brien, P.; Robertson, R.; Hamilton, C.; Wratten, C.; Denham, J., 2004:
All delays before radiotherapy risk progression of Merkel cell carcinoma

Chantraine, H., 1952:
All diagnostic apparatuses have to be adjusted at regular intervals

Van Lint, A., 1953:
All diseases are psychosomatic

Glasby, J.; Littlechild, R.; Pryce, K., 2005:
All dressed up but nowhere to go? Delayed hospital discharges and older people

Strauss, B.H., 2006:
All drug-eluting stents are equal, but some drug-eluting stents are more equal than others

Richman, A.V., 2004:
All drugs can have serious side effects

Ishida, T.; Fedorov, D.G.; Kitaura, K., 2006:
All electron quantum chemical calculation of the entire enzyme system confirms a collective catalytic device in the chorismate mutase reaction

Anonymous, 2005:
All electronic Medicare fee-for-service claims must now be HIPAA compliant

While, A., 2003:
All epidemics deserve health care attention

Mackay, R.P., 1960:
All epilepsy is one

Bell, I.R., 2005:
All evidence is equal, but some evidence is more equal than others: can logic prevail over emotion in the homeopathy debate?

Dobson, W.; Golden, B.R., 2006:
All eyes on China

Fulton, A., 2006:
All eyes on congressional elections

Bloom, S., 2005:
All eyes on the Nobel Prize

Baldegger, E., 2003:
All fit. Empowerment for chronic patients

Maymon, R.; Tovbin, Y.; Dreazen, E.; Weinraub, Z.; Herman, A., 2004:
All five digits of the hands of fetuses with Down syndrome are short

Black, C.; Bury, R., 2004:
All for one, one for all: collaboration between NHS and Higher Education in establishing provision of a multi-disciplinary, hospital-based library and information services

Pistoli, T., 1960:
All for the health of the people

Bolinder, G., 2007:
All forms of tobacco increase the risk of myocardial infarction. Snuff is not a solution for smoking cessation

Heinzl, S., 2004:
All fungi are edible...

Wellenkamp, J., 1959:
All groups benefit by group nursing plan

Huang, K-Gen.; Lee, C-Long., 2006:
All gynecologic oncologists should learn the endoscopic surgical technique

Heymann, H.O., 2004:
All hail the teachers!

Anonymous, 2004:
All hands on deck? Maybe not

Lehman, D., 2003:
All hands. Growth continues for PDA-based facilities management software applications

Nobel, J., 2006:
All health IT is local. Emerging backbone grows from regional networks often led by physicians

Levi, M., 2003:
All heparins are equal, but some are more equal than others

Nunes, Véria.S.Clark., 2006:
All holes are the same: emerging from the confusion

Janz, K., 2005:
All home care is not created equal--one view: dramatic growth in home health care industry creates unregulated workforce; more government oversight is needed

Coombes, R., 2004:
All hospital bookings to be done electronically by end of 2005

Babcock, K.B.; Anderson, J.R., 1955 :
All hospitals can become fully accredited

Summers, D.S., 2005:
All humans--"our people," human color scale, affirmative action

Levene, I.; Castagnola, E.; Haeusler, G.M., 2018:
Antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative Blood Stream Infections in Children With Cancer: A Review of Epidemiology, Risk Factors, and Outcome

Morley, K.R., 2006:
All in a day's work: the dynamic challenges of pediatric dentistry

Easton, D., 2006:
All in our genes?

Wolff, C.G.., 2004:
All in the Family

Hill, J., 2003:
All in the family

Marschark, M., 2004:
All in the family

Aggarwal, N.R.; Hemnes, A.R., 2006:
All in the family

Melchior, L., 2004:
All in the family. Interview by Barbara Sibbald

Anonymous, 2004:
All in the family. Plant a medical family tree as a guide to future health and prevention

Keough, W.J., 2004 :
All in the family: a child welfare perspective on human reproductive cloning

Lee, K.K.; Wilson, K.L., 2004:
All in the family: evidence for four new LEM-domain proteins Lem2 (NET-25), Lem3, Lem4 and Lem5 in the human genome

Cardol, M.; van den Bosch, W.J.H.M.; Spreeuwenberg, P.; Groenewegen, P.P.; van Dijk, L.; de Bakker, D.H., 2006:
All in the family: headaches and abdominal pain as indicators for consultation patterns in families

Anonymous, 2003:
All in the family: heredity and prostate cancer

Birenbaum-Carmeli, D.; Banerjee, A.; Taylor, S., 2006:
All in the family: media presentations of family assisted suicide in Britain

Barnett, M.Ann., 2003:
All in the family: resources and referrals for alcoholism

Nelson, R.H., 2006:
All in the name of progress: An essay-review of Paul R. Josephson's Industrialized Nature

Grebus, C., 2003:
All in the palm of your hand. Handheld computers in clinical practice

Eagle, A., 2005:
All in the timing. Project team overcomes challenges and maitains fast-track schedule

Helmuth, L., 2003:
All in your mind

Ellis, J., 2006:
All inclusive benchmarking

Pelbois, F., 1955:
All inclusive statistics of 4,195 cases of syphilis treated at the J. Mauran Hospital of Casablanca from 1952-5

Bochenek, A.; Zembala, M., 2006:
All information about my premature death seems to be exaggerated. Cardiosurgery

Wilson, L., 2005:
All injuries cannot be prevented

Anonymous, 2006:
All insurers face similar spending growth

Izumoto, H.; Ishihara, K.; Kawase, T.; Nakajima, T.; Satoh, H.; Kawazoe, K., 2005:
All internal thoracic artery composite graft revascularization

Booth, I.W., 2005:
All is Changed. Changed Utterly

Meier, C.A.; Gomez, F., 2005:
All is endocrinology

Scelfo, P.J., 2006:
All is not so simple

Mah, J.K.; Wirrell, E., 2005:
All is not well: the continual challenges of bilirubin encephalopathy

Naditz, A., 2005:
All is well(ness); it's more than fitness centers

Stenger, J., 2004:
All it requires is for politicians to say: 'OK, it's been wrong--but we're going to put it right'

Papin, T.; Houck, T., 2005:
All it takes is leadership

Elbow, P.X., 1955:
All kinds of people steal from hospitals

Gingrich, R.M.; Kok, P.; Lee, H.; Vatan, F.; Dowling, J.P., 2003:
All linear optical quantum memory based on quantum error correction

Cook, E.F., 1955:
All may share the medical advances of the world

Detorie, N., 2004:
All medical physicists entering the field should have a specific course on research and practice ethics in their educational background. Against the proposition

Switzer, D., 2004:
All medical physicists entering the field should have a specific course on research and practice ethics in their educational background. For the proposition

Schneider, M.C.; Helmreich, R.L.; Reason, J., 2005:
All memory is in the present. Hans-Gerhard Shäfer (18.12.1951-05.07.1995)

Schneider, C.E., 2004:
All my rights

Lamberg, L., 2003:
All night diners: researchers take a new look at night eating syndrome

Scott, H., 2003:
All nurses should have an understanding of critical care

Reaven, G., 2005:
All obese individuals are not created equal: insulin resistance is the major determinant of cardiovascular disease in overweight/obese individuals

Williams, N., 2003:
All of a flutter

Gibson, G.T., 1960:
All of one company

Whitman, S.C., 2004:
All of the components required for angiotensin II formation are expressed locally in human atherosclerotic lesions, including a long suspected player cathepsin G

Thomas, A., 2004:
All offer quality management for physicians: doing it simply by yourself

Day, M., 2006:
All older people should be guaranteed basic level of care

Perel, M.L., 2005:
All on the same page

Kessler, K.M.; Gibbons, R.J.; Smith, S.C.; Antman, E., 2004:
All opinions are not equal

Busalacchi, S., 2005:
All options on table in wake of Supreme Court decision

Kelley, E., 2006:
All or none measurement: why we know so little about the comprehensiveness of care

Oakes, J., 2007:
All or nothing. When it comes to CPOE, considering transitional projects is not a sin

Silk, K.J.; Parrott, R.L., 2006:
All or nothing... or just a hat? Farmers' sun protection behaviors

Sanna, L.J.; Chang, E.C.; Carter, S.E., 2004:
All our troubles seem so far away: temporal pattern to accessible alternatives and retrospective team appraisals

Lipley, N., 2005:
All out assault. Interview by Annette Jeanes

Croteau, R.J., 2003:
All outcomes should be disclosed

Leslie, M., 2004:
All pain, no gain

Elwy, A.Rani., 2006:
All parents need family pediatrics

Bullis, M.F., 1956:
All part of a day's work

Service, E.; Maury, S., 2003:
All parts of an item are not equal: effects of phonological redundancy on immediate recall

Pilotto, A.; Scarcelli, C.; D'Ambrosio, L.Piero.; Cascavilla, L.; Longo, M.Grazia.; Greco, A.; Miscio, L.; Siena, F., 2005:
All patient refined diagnosis related groups: a new administrative tool for identifying elderly patients at risk of high resource consumption

Chatterjee, K., 2004:
All patients older than age 60 years should not undergo a B-type natriuretic peptide screening test

Dhanrajani, P.J., 2003:
All patients should undergo routine blood tests before undergoing implant surgery

Emtner, M.; Larsson, K., 2005:
All patients with COPD should be offered exercise therapy--no matter the severity of illness

Greenberg, B.; Mehra, M.R., 2006:
All patients with heart failure and intraventricular conduction defect or dyssynchrony should not receive cardiac resynchronization therapy

Scheltens, P., 2006:
All patients with suspected dementia should be scanned at least once with CT or MRI

Pan, C-Huan.; Ma, S-Chuang.; Wu, C-Ting.; Chen, P-Quang., 2006:
All pedicle screw fixation technique in correcting severe kyphoscoliosis in an osteogenesis imperfecta patient: a case report

Williams, N., 2005:
All phaged out

Norrby, E., 2006:
All physicians must be capable to diagnose Borrelia infection. A case report, or how to be a patient

Jenum, A.Karen.; Ødegaard, A.Kristin., 2005:
All physicians should have basic competence in community medicine

Elliot, E.C.; Callaghan, J.C., 1958:
All plastic ventricle-type pump with tricuspid valves

Alberio, L.J.; Clemetson, K.J., 2004:
All platelets are not equal: COAT platelets

Phillips, L.S.; Weintraub, W.S.; Ziemer, D.C.; Kolm, P.; Foster, J.K.; Vaccarino, V.; Rhee, M.K.; Budhwani, R.K.; Caudle, J.M., 2006:
All pre-diabetes is not the same: metabolic and vascular risks of impaired fasting glucose at 100 versus 110 mg/dl: the Screening for Impaired Glucose Tolerance study 1 (SIGT 1)

Barriball, K.Louise.; Clark, L.L., 2005:
All preregistration students should develop skills in learning disabilities

Sister Mary Bertha, 1950:
All profit from sisters' staff meeting

Eguchi, M.; Horinouchi, S., 2004:
All propagation modes of large-core multimode optical fibers with an arbitrary core profile

Hellström, P.M.; Vitols, S., 2003:
All proton pump inhibitors are equally efficacious in standard dosages

Sibbald, B., 2005:
All provinces likely to join tobacco litigation

Fasih, T.; Jain, M.; Shrimankar, J.; Staunton, M.; Hubbard, J.; Griffith, C.D.M., 2005:
All radial scars/complex sclerosing lesions seen on breast screening mammograms should be excised

Condon, R.E., 2004:
All radiology reports should be in the medical record

Goodman, B., 2003:
All rationalizations large and small

Goodare, L., 2003:
All right on the nights

Borgeat, A., 2006:
All roads do not lead to Rome

Rogoski, R.R., 2005:
All roads lead Soarian. A Virginia healthcare system prepared well for the lessons--and months--involved in installing a new HIS

Matsumoto, M.; Accili, D., 2005:
All roads lead to FoxO

Cheng, T.O., 2003:
All roads lead to Rome: transjugular or transfemoral approach to percutaneous transseptal balloon mitral valvuloplasty?

Büki, A.; Povlishock, J.T., 2005:
All roads lead to disconnection?--Traumatic axonal injury revisited

Kiser, K., 2005:
All roads lead to home

Farris, K., 2006:
All roads lead to quality at OSF Home Care

Sterling, E., 2003:
All rules barred: a defense of Spielberg's Schindler's list

Lauterbur, P.C., 2005:
All science is interdisciplinary--from magnetic moments to molecules to men (Nobel lecture)

Musser, G., 2003:
All screwed up. An obscure property of light puts a spin on astronomy

Rappold, G.A.; Shanske, A.; Saenger, P., 2005:
All shook up by SHOX deficiency

Nerad, J.A., 2007:
All skin cancers are not created equal

Agarwal, S.; Taneja, S., 2005:
All slums are not equal: child health conditions among the urban poor

Thomas, S.F., 1963:
All speed and no control

Stiefelhagen, P., 2006:
All spoke for beginning bronchopneumonia: however antibiotics showed no effect

Greenwald, B.; Kahn, J., 2005:
All strategy is local

Geninatti, M.; Thames, M., 2007:
All stressed out and no pump to go

Gilchrist, G.W.; Lee, C.Eunmi., 2006:
All stressed out and nowhere to go: does evolvability limit adaptation in invasive species? An introduction to the symposium at the SSE/ASN/SSB meeting, June 2004

Bea, S.M.; Deleon, M., 2004:
All stressed up with no place to go: a brief guide to psychotherapy referrals for primary care providers, including obstetricians and gynecologists

Gormley, B., 2003:
All super funds are not the same

Steinitz, D.; Guy, P.; Passariello, A.; Reindl, R.; Harvey, E.J., 2005:
All superior pubic ramus fractures are not created equal

Pedersen, C.Ross.; Svendsen, L.Bo.; Kirkegaard, P., 2004:
All surgical interventions are educational

Holmes, C.; Brown, S.D.M., 2004:
All systems GO for understanding mouse gene function

Anonymous, 2004:
All systems go for superb event

Byers, M.M., 2006:
All systems go!

Arita, M.; Robert, M.; Tomita, M., 2005:
All systems go: launching cell simulation fueled by integrated experimental biology data

Watson, C., 2004:
All systems go?

Warner, J.O., 2006:
All talk and no action

Oliveri, M.; Finocchiaro, C.; Shapiro, K.; Gangitano, M.; Caramazza, A.; Pascual-Leone, A., 2004:
All talk and no action: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study of motor cortex activation during action word production

Anonymous, 2006:
All that glisters is not gold

Wetzels, G.E.C.; Nelemans, P.J.; Schouten, J.S.A.G.; van Wijk, B.L.G.; Prins, M.H., 2006:
All that glisters is not gold: a comparison of electronic monitoring versus filled prescriptions--an observational study

Adams, F.R.A.; Levy, D.M.; Reid, M.F.; James, D.; Rubin, P.C., 2004:
All that glisters...a generalised seizure at 31 weeks

Pandit, J.J.; Yentis, S.M., 2005:
All that glisters...how to assess the 'value' of a scientific paper

Toal, S.C.; Palshikar, A.; Khan, M.; Lokhandwala, Y., 2005:
All that glitters is not gold ... all that faints is not slow

Pelletier-Dutemple, P., 1952:
All that is dental belongs to us

Panchbhavi, V.K.; Hecox, S.E., 2006:
All that is gas is not gas gangrene: mechanical spread of gas in the soft tissues. A case report

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All that moves or is inattentive is not ADHD. Be alert to comorbidities

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All that neurologist would like to know about sensitivity, specificity and predictive values

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All that pains is not arthritis

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All that wheezes is not asthma

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All that wheezes isn't asthma.... But most that does is!

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All the colors of a smile

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All the evidence that's fit to print

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All the health planning was worth it

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All the lonely people: by Caveman

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All the things they taught us that were wrong

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All the time you need

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All the world is queer but thee and me

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All the world's a schoolroom

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All the world's a stage..

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All the world's a stage: the use of theatrical performance in medical education

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All things being equal

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All things being equal...

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All things betray thee who betrayest me

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All things considered [an emergency power management program has many variables

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All things equal. ASHES aims to clean up ES benchmarking with new program

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All things equal. We must have the same commitment to patient safety that we have to making medical advances

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All things must change to something new..

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All things to all men

Sister Maria Amadeo, 1950:
All this and nursing too

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All this for 108 dollars?

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All this talk about aging had me wondering: how old am I really?

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All three receptors for vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are expressed on B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells

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All three variable regions of the TRIM5alpha B30.2 domain can contribute to the specificity of retrovirus restriction

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All tied up. Tongue tie and its implications for breastfeeding

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All together now

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All together now. Building connects diverse activities of Mayo Clinic complex

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All together now: from pacemakers to gastric peristalsis

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All together on hygiene

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All troponins are not created equal

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All types of psoriatic arthropathy present in the same patient

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All vaginal bleeding after cessation of long-term oral contraceptive use may not be menstruation

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All we need are gloves

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All we need is truth

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All work and low pay

Nazarko, L., 2004:
All work and low pay. Part 2. The challenge of diversity

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All wound up

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All year round therapy of osteoarticular tuberculosis on the open sea terrace in Southern Crimea

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All you need to know about West Nile virus

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All you need to know?

Stewart-Amidei, C., 2004:
All you really need to know

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All's fair in competition? FTC relies on insurer complaints over price increases to buttress first challenge of hospital merger after the fact

Romano, M., 2005:
All's fair in healthcare? Heartland Spine & Specialty Hospital alleges HCA Midwest Division conspired with local payers to drive it out of business

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All's fair in love and war

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All, none, or some?

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All-India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Calcutta

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All-India Ophthalmological Society

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All-Metal Crowns

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All-Night Eeg Recording of Normal and Drug-Induced Sleep in Human

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All-Or-None Traits and the Sensitivity of Experiments

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All-Purpose Stretcher Reduces Transfers of Acutely Injured

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All-Republican conference on school hygiene

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All-Republican conference on theoretical and practical problems of the Azerbaidzhan Pharmaceutic Society

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All-Russia Forum "Sanatorium-2005"

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All-Russia Hygienic Exposition in 1913; 45th anniversary

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All-Russia conference "Infection in Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopedy"

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All-Russia forum "Zdravnitsa-2006"

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All-Russia scientific and practical conference "Ergonomics of Working Process" (September, 13-14, 2005)

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Antibiotic-Resistant Infection Treatment Costs Have Doubled Since 2002, Now Exceeding $2 Billion Annually

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All-Russian conference of histopathologists

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All-Russian conference of state food inspectors

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All-Russian conference on animal pathology (Ufa, September 17-19, 2003)

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All-Russian conference on controlled variability and selection of microorganisms

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All-Russian conference on coordination of plans for scientific and research works in the field of communal hygiene in 1952

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All-Russian conference on diagnosis and therapy of gastric cancer, on precancerous conditions of the stomach, and on methods in control and organization of prevention of gastric cancer

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All-Russian conference on dispensary services for the rural population

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All-Russian conference on neuromorphology, 26-30 June, 1952, Leningrad

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All-Russian conference on the problem of sanitation statistics

Anonymous, 1951:
All-Russian conference on the problems of introduction of tea culture into new regions

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All-Russian conference "Cell and tissue engineering of plants and animals"

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All-Russian conference "Modern problems of biological psychiatry and narcology"

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All-Russian conference "Tick-born borreliosis"

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All-Russian interdepartmental conference on coordination of scientific research work on air purification of industrial fumes

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All-Russian planning-thematic conference on communal hygiene

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All-Russian scientific conference "Problems of environmentally induced health disorders in population of industrialized towns of South Ural with advanced ferrous metallurgy

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All-Union Ophthalmological Society and its tasks

Anonymous, 1955:
All-Union Society of Endocrinology; 30th anniversary of the first Russian endocrinologic society

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All-Union conference of otorhinolaryngologists

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All-Union conference of therapeutists

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All-Union conference on control of tuberculosis in rural areas

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All-Union conference on prevention of dysentery

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All-Union conference on the problems of sanitary protection of water supply from pollution by sewage from coal industry

Anonymous, 1954:
All-Union conference on tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1950:
All-Union congress of nursing schools

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Anonymous, 1950 :
All-Union scientific conference on protection of reservoirs from industrial sewage

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All-Vegetable Protein Mixtures For Human Feeding. Xii. Biochemical Observations On Rats Fed Incap Vegetable Mixture 9 And Animal Proteins

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All-Wales clinical pathway for normal labour launched

Fox, S., 2004:
All-Wales clinical pathway for normal labour: a way to reducing unnecessary intervention?

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All-acrylic anterior chamber implants. New developments and uses

Choyce, D.P., 1961:
All-acrylic anterior-chamber implants in ophthalmic surgery

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All-angle broadband negative refraction of metal waveguide arrays in the visible range: theoretical analysis and numerical demonstration

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All-angle negative refraction for surface plasmon waves using a metal-dielectric-metal structure

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All-aromatic, nanometer-scale, gold-cluster thiolate complexes

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All-atom contacts: a new approach to structure validation

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All-atom multiscaling and new ensembles for dynamical nanoparticles

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All-atom simulations of protein folding and unfolding

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All-carbon quaternary centers via catalytic asymmetric hydrovinylation. New approaches to the exocyclic side chain stereochemistry problem

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All-carbon quaternary stereogenic centers by enantioselective cu-catalyzed conjugate additions promoted by a chiral N-heterocyclic carbene

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All-carbon-substituted vinylsilane stable to TBAF: synthesis of allyldimethylvinylsilane and its Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling under mild conditions

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All-catalytic, efficient, and asymmetric synthesis of alpha,omega-diheterofunctional reduced polypropionates via "one-pot" Zr-catalyzed asymmetric carboalumination-Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling tandem process

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All-cause and cardiovascular mortality among ethnic German immigrants from the Former Soviet Union: a cohort study

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All-ceramic bridges

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All-ceramic crown

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All-ceramic crowns and preparation characteristics: a mathematic approach

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All-ceramic fixed partial dentures designed according to the DC-Zirkon technique. A 2-year clinical study

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All-ceramic fixed partial dentures. Studies on aluminum oxide- and zirconium dioxide-based ceramic systems

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All-ceramic full-coverage restorations: concepts and guidelines for material selection

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All-ceramic primary telescopic crowns with Cerec inLab

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All-ceramic restorations for complete-mouth rehabilitation in dentinogenesis imperfecta: a case report

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All-ceramic restorative system for esthetic implant-supported crowns: in vitro evaluations and clinical case report

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All-ceramic systems: case presentation and discussion

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All-ceramic, three-unit bridges: an esthetic choice

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All-cis cyclic peptides

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All-diamond microelectrode array device

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All-dielectric reflection gratings: a study of the physical mechanism for achieving high efficiency

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All-electrical control of single ion spins in a semiconductor

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All-electron and relativistic pseudopotential studies for the group 1 element polarizabilities from K to element 119

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All-electron self-consistent GW approximation: application to Si, MnO, and NiO

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All-exchanges parallel tempering

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All-fiber acousto-optic polarization monitor

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All-fiber anamorphic core-shape transitions

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All-fiber comb filter with tunable free spectral range

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All-fiber dynamic gain equalizer based on a twisted long-period grating written by high-frequency CO2 laser pulses

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All-fiber format compression of frequency chirped pulses in air-guiding photonic crystal fibers

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All-fiber high-sensitivity pressure sensor with SiO2 diaphragm

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All-fiber multimode interference bandpass filter

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All-fiber multimode-interference-based refractometer sensor: proposal and design

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All-fiber narrowband polarization controller based on coherent acousto-optic mode coupling in single-mode fiber

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All-fiber passively mode-locked laser oscillator at 1.5 microm with watts-level average output power and high repetition rate

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All-fiber polarization switch

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All-fiber single-mode fiber frequency-modulated continuous-wave Sagnac gyroscope

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All-fiber spot-size transformer for efficient free-space optical interconnecting devices

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All-fiber, octave-spanning supercontinuum

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All-fiber-optic infrared multispectral radiometer for measurements of temperature and emissivity of graybodies at near-room temperature

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All-fluoroscopic technique for sacral vertebroplasty

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All-forward semiclassical simulations of nonlinear response functions

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All-fused-silica miniature optical fiber tip pressure sensor

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All-hydrocarbon inclusion complexes of carbon nanorings: cyclic [6]- and [8]paraphenyleneacetylenes

Anonymous, 2004:
All-in-one pills for heart disease. A polypill may make sense, but drug companies are coming up with their own combinations

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Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogenic Escherichia Coli Isolated from Rooftop Rainwater-Harvesting Tanks in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

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All-inclusive care for the cancer patient. A study of social factors

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All-inside meniscus repair: a systematic review

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All-male discussion forums for expectant fathers: evaluation of a model

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All-metal aromaticity and antiaromaticity

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All-nanoparticle thin-film coatings

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All-on-4 immediate-function concept with Brånemark System implants for completely edentulous maxillae: a 1-year retrospective clinical study

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All-optical 1 x N switching device by use of the phase modulation of spatial solitons

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All-optical 2 x 2 switching with two independent Yb3+ -doped nonlinear optical fibers with a long-period fiber grating pair

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All-optical AND gate by use of a Kerr nonlinear microresonator structure

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All-optical adaptive scanning acoustic microscope

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All-optical add-drop node for optical packet-switched networks

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All-optical biomolecular parallel logic gates with bacteriorhodopsin

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All-optical broadband phase modulation of a subcarrier in a radio over fiber system

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All-optical display using photoinduced anisotropy in a bacteriorhodopsin film

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All-optical extinction-ratio enhancement of a 160 GHz pulse train by a saturable-absorber vertical microcavity

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All-optical flip-flop based on an active Mach-Zehnder interferometer with a feedback loop

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All-optical hydrogen-sensing materials based on tailored palladium alloy thin films

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All-optical image processing with cavity type II second-harmonic generation

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All-optical measurement-based quantum-information processing in quantum dots

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All-optical method for the addition of binary data by nonlinear materials

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All-optical microwave bandpass filter with negative coefficients based on a phase modulator and linearly chirped fiber Bragg gratings

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All-optical multichannel 2R regeneration in a fiber-based device

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All-optical nanoscale pH meter

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All-optical neural-net-like image processing with photosensitive nonlinear nematic film

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All-optical noninvasive control of unstable steady states in a semiconductor laser

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All-optical orientation of photoisomerizable octupolar zinc(II) complexes in polymer films

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All-optical passive transistor

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All-optical pattern recognition for digital real-time information processing

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All-optical phase and amplitude regeneration of return-to-zero differential phase shift keying data

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All-optical phase locking of two femtosecond Ti:sapphire lasers: a passive coupling mechanism beyond the slowly varying amplitude approximation

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All-optical processing with molecular switches

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All-optical pulse regeneration in an ultrafast nonlinear interferometer with Faraday mirror polarization stabilization

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All-optical realization of an atom laser

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All-optical regeneration of differential phase-shift keying signals based on phase-sensitive amplification

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All-optical subpicosecond magnetic switching in NiO(001)

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All-optical switching and amplification of discrete vector solitons in nonlinear cubic birefringent waveguide arrays

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All-optical switching and multifrequency generation in a dual-core photonic crystal fiber

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All-optical switching and routing based on an electromagnetically induced absorption grating

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All-optical switching in Pharaonis phoborhodopsin protein molecules

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