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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48219

Chapter 48219 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Werner-Wasik, M.; Langer, C.; Movsas, B., 2005:
Amifostine in chemoradiation therapy for non-small cell lung cancer: review of experience and design of a phase II trial assessing subcutaneous and intravenous bolus administration

Bensadoun, R-Jean.; Schubert, M.M.; Lalla, R.V.; Keefe, D., 2006:
Amifostine in the management of radiation-induced and chemo-induced mucositis

Qian, H-lan.; Shen, Z-jian.; Hu, X-dong.; Hu, Y-xian.; Yu, K., 2006:
Amifostine in treatment of five patients with myelodysplastic syndrome

Koukourakis, M.I.; Giatromanolaki, A.; Chong, W.; Simopoulos, C.; Polychronidis, A.; Sivridis, E.; Harris, A.L., 2003:
Amifostine induces anaerobic metabolism and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha

Hyppolito, M.Angelo.; de Oliveira, A.A.; Lessa, R.Miranda.; Rossato, M., 2006:
Amifostine otoprotection to cisplatin ototoxicity: a guinea pig study using otoacoustic emission distortion products (DPOEA) and scanning electron microscopy

Rolleman, E.J.; Forrer, F.; Bernard, B.; Bijster, M.; Vermeij, M.; Valkema, R.; Krenning, E.P.; de Jong, M., 2006:
Amifostine protects rat kidneys during peptide receptor radionuclide therapy with [177Lu-DOTA0,Tyr3]octreotate

Anonymous, 2004:
Amifostine reduces radiation therapy-induced dry mouth in head and neck cancer patients

Antonadou, D.; Petridis, A.; Synodinou, M.; Throuvalas, N.; Bolanos, N.; Veslemes, M.; Sagriotis, A., 2004 :
Amifostine reduces radiochemotherapy-induced toxicities in patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Tsavaris, N.; Kosmas, C.; Vadiaka, M.; Zonios, D.; Papalambros, E.; Papantoniou, N.; Margaris, H.; Zografos, G.; Rokana, S.; Retalis, G.; Koufos, C., 2003:
Amifostine, in a reduced dose, protects against severe diarrhea associated with weekly fluorouracil and folinic acid chemotherapy in advanced colorectal cancer: a pilot study

Norales, G.; Maria, V.; de Guzman, A.; Leonard, R.; Aref, A., 2006:
Amifostine-induced back pain: a case report

Koukourakis, M.I., 2004:
Amifostine: is there evidence of tumor protection?

Fulnecky, E.J.; Wright, D.; Scheld, W.Michael.; Kanawati, L.; Shoham, S., 2005:
Amikacin and colistin for treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii meningitis

Krzeska, I., 1989:
Amikacin--single dose treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in children

Haddad, J.J., 2005:
Amiloride and the regulation of NF-kappaB: an unsung crosstalk and missing link between fluid dynamics and oxidative stress-related inflammation--controversy or pseudo-controversy?

Fujiyoshi, N.; Deitch, E.A.; Feketeova, E.; Lu, Q.; Berezina, T.L.; Zaets, S.B.; Machiedo, G.W.; Xu, D-Zhong.; Haskó, Görgy., 2005:
Amiloride combined with small-volume resuscitation with hypertonic saline is superior in ameliorating trauma-hemorrhagic shock-induced lung injury in rats to the administration of either agent alone

Gunawardana, S.C.; Head, W.Steven.; Piston, D.W., 2005:
Amiloride derivatives enhance insulin release in pancreatic islets from diabetic mice

Li, Y.; Li, Y-Fang.; Xu, T-Le., 2003 :
Amiloride inhibition of glycinergic miniature IPSCs in mechanically dissociated rat spinal neurons

Ohkuri, T.; Yasumatsu, K.; Shigemura, N.; Yoshida, R.; Ninomiya, Y., 2006:
Amiloride inhibition on NaCl responses of the chorda tympani nerve in two 129 substrains of mice, 129P3/J and 129X1/SvJ

Eylam, S.; Tracy, T.; Garcea, M.; Spector, A.C., 2003:
Amiloride is an ineffective conditioned stimulus in taste aversion learning in C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mice

Inagaki, A.; Yamaguchi, S.; Ishikawa, T., 2003:
Amiloride-sensitive epithelial Na+ channel currents in surface cells of rat rectal colon

Gusev, G.P.; Ivanova, T.I., 2005:
Amiloride-sensitive sodium transport in lamprey red blood cells: evidence for two distinct transport pathways

Barakat, A.J., 2004:
Amin J Barakat. Interview

Tarasov, G.K., 1955:
Aminasine; review of the literature in psychiatric practice of one of phenothiazine derivatives

Asayama, S.; Hamaya, A.; Sekine, T.; Kawakami, H.; Nagaoka, S., 2006:
Aminated poly(L-histidine) as new pH-sensitive DNA carrier

Deng, S.; Bai, R.B., 2004:
Aminated polyacrylonitrile fibers for humic acid adsorption: behaviors and mechanisms

Constantin, M.; Fundueanu, G.; Cortesi, R.; Esposito, E.; Nastruzzi, C., 2003:
Aminated polysaccharide microspheres as DNA delivery systems

Armstrong, A.; Cooke, R.S.; Shanahan, S.E., 2003:
Amination and [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of propargylic sulfides using a ketomalonate-derived oxaziridine: synthesis of N-allenylsulfenimides

Colantoni, D.; Fioravanti, S.; Pellacani, L.; Tardella, P.A., 2006:
Amination of CF3-enones with nosyloxycarbamates

Mino, T.; Saito, A.; Tanaka, Y.; Hasegawa, S.; Sato, Y.; Sakamoto, M.; Fujita, T., 2005:
Amination of N-aryl prolinol via ring expansion and contraction: application to the chiral ligand for the catalytic asymmetric reaction

Hu, X.; Jiang, Z.; Jia, Z.; Huang, S.; Yang, X.; Li, Y.; Gan, L.; Zhang, S.; Zhu, D., 2006:
Amination of [60]fullerene by ammonia and by primary and secondary aliphatic amines--preparation of amino[60]fullerene peroxides

Albone, D.P.; Challenger, S.; Derrick, A.M.; Fillery, S.M.; Irwin, J.L.; Parsons, C.M.; Takada, H.; Taylor, P.C.; Wilson, D.James., 2004:
Amination of ethers using chloramine-T hydrate and a copper(I) catalyst

Tajima, K.; Uchida, M.; Minami, K.; Osada, M.; Sue, K.; Nonaka, T.; Hattori, H.; Arai, K., 2006:
Amination of n-hexanol in supercritical water

Weicker, H.; Brossmer, R., 1961:
Amination of sugars during chromatography on kieselguhr G by the use of an ammonia-containing solvent

Kammen, H.O.; Hurlbert, R.B., 1958:
Amination of uridine nucleotides to cytidine nucleotides by soluble mammalian enzymes; role of glutamine and guanosine nucleotides

Armstrong, A.; Cumming, G.R.; Pike, K., 2004:
Aminative rearrangement of 2-alkoxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrans: a novel stereocontrolled route to substituted pyrrolidines

Aminazin in the Combined Treatment of Pruritic Dermatoses

Aslanian, N.L., 1964:
Aminazin Therapy of Hypertension

Georgi, N.A., 1964:
Aminazin Therapy of Patients with Climacteric Neurosis

Mosin, N.I., 1964:
Aminazin Therapy of Schizophrenie Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Shmilovich, L.A.; Poliak, A.I.; Nazarova, T.N., 1964:
Aminazin Therapy of Stuporous Conditions. (Clinico-Physiological Analysis)

Filippov, M.I., 1960:
Aminazin therapy of active forms of tuberculosis in mental patients. (Preliminary communication)

Samarina, A.N., 1961:
Aminazin therapy of psychopathic conditions in children

Liubimov, B.I., 1958:
Aminazine antagonists with special reference to hypotensive and adrenolytic effects

Aminazine in psychiatric practice

Nevzorova, T.A., 1959:
Aminazine in the treatment of internal diseases

Korganova, A.N., 1956:
Aminazine therapy of adolescents at a psychiatric clinic; preliminary communication

Vrono, M.S., 1959:
Aminazine therapy of psychopathologic states in children

Demidova, L.P.; Tarasov, G.K., 1956:
Aminazine; review of foreign literature on psychiatric application of a phenothiazine derivative

Sakanoue, M.; Hara, T., 1964:
Aminco-Cotlove Automatic Chloride Titrator for Corneal Electrolyte Metabolism

Anonymous, 1953:

Mclean, J.; Nicholson, A.; Hertler, D., 1963:
Amine Transport and Storage in Rabbit Platelets

Bertl, A.; Felle, H.; Bentrup, F.W., 1984:
Amine Transport in Riccia fluitans: Cytoplasmic and Vacuolar pH Recorded by a pH-Sensitive Microelectrode

Stave, U.; Willenbockel, U., 1956:
Amine acid feeding and tubular damage. III. Activity of alkaline renal phosphatase after cystine feeding

Swim, H.E., 1961:
Amine and other nonbicarbonate buffers in cell culture media

Pryadun, R.; Sukumaran, D.; Bogadi, R.; Atwood, J.D., 2004:
Amine attack on coordinated alkenes: an interconversion from anti-Markovnikoff to Markovnikoff products

Riddick, J.A., 1961:
Amine buffers as acidimetric standards

Kaplan, S.; Fox, R.P.; Clark, L.C., 1962:
Amine buffers in the management of acidosis. Study of respiratory and mixed acidosis

Leleu, Séphane.; Penhoat, Mël.; Bouet, A.; Dupas, G.; Papamicaël, C.; Marsais, F.; Levacher, V., 2005:
Amine capture strategy for peptide bond formation by means of quinolinium thioester salts

Buckpitt, A.E.; Foye, W.O., 1952:
Amine derivatives of cyanuric chloride

Foye, W.O.; Weinswig, M.H., 1959:
Amine derivatives of cyanuric chloride. IV. Catalytic hydrogenolysis of aromatically-bound chlorine

Shukla, P.; Johnson, J.A.; Vidovic, D.; Cowley, A.H.; Abernethy, C.D., 2004:
Amine elimination synthesis of a titanium(IV) N-heterocyclic carbene complex with short intramolecular Cl...C carbene contacts

Windeler, T., 2004:
Amine fluoride does not cause disintegration of glass ceramics

Paraskevas, S.; Danser, M.M.; Timmerman, M.F.; van der Velden, U.; van der Weijden, G.A., 2004:
Amine fluoride/stannous fluoride and incidence of root caries in periodontal maintenance patients. A 2 year evaluation

Oostenbrink, C.; Juchli, D.; van Gunsteren, W.F., 2005:
Amine hydration: a united-atom force-field solution

Sah, A.K.; Tanase, T., 2006:
Amine mediated proton transfer reaction and C-Cl bond activation of solvent chloroform by a trinuclear copper(II) complex of a glucopyranosylamine derived ligand

Baldridge, E.T.; Miller, L.V.; Haverback, B.J.; Brunjes, S., 1962 :
Amine metabolism after an overdose of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor

Usui, K.; Fukuda, M.; Aso, M.; Suemune, H., 2006:
Amine modification reaction of C4'-oxidized abasic site generated from its caged precursors

Büttner, T.; Breher, F.; Grützmacher, Hörg., 2004:
Amine olefin rhodium(I) complexes: pKa and NH bond strength

Blaschko, H., 1958:
Amine oxidase in mammalian blood

Stromblad, B.C., 1956:
Amine oxidase in salivary glands after prolonged treatment with pilocarpine or an atropine-like substance

Robinson, J., 1952:
Amine oxidase in the iris and nictitating membrane of the cat and the rabbit

Scherbel, A.L., 1961:
Amine oxidase inhibitors

Winsor, T., 1959:
Amine oxidase inhibitors and angina pectoris

Moser, M., 1961:
Amine oxidase inhibitors in the treatment of essential hypertension

Kralickova, P.; Kuhnova, J.; Soucek, O.; Vodarek, P.; Zak, P.; Simkovic, M.; Motyckova, M.; Smolej, L.; Mala, E.; Andrys, C.; Krejsek, J.; Thon, V., 2018:
Antibodies against Pneumococcal Capsular Polysaccharides and Natural Anti-Galactosyl (Alpha-Gal) in Patients with Humoral Immunodeficiencies

Carpéné, C.; Bour, S.; Visentin, V.; Pellati, F.; Benvenuti, S.; Iglesias-Osma, M.C.; García-Barrado, M.J.; Valet, P., 2005 :
Amine oxidase substrates for impaired glucose tolerance correction

Bulbring, E.; Philpot, F.J.; Bosanquet, F.D., 1953:
Amine oxidase, pressor amines, and cholinesterase in brain tumours

Zeller, E.A.; Barsky, J.; Berman, E.R., 1955:
Amine oxidases. XI. Inhibition of monoamine oxidase by 1-isonicotinyl-2-isopropylhydrazine

Zeller, E.A.; Sarkar, S., 1962:
Amine oxidases. XIX. Inhibition of monoamine oxidase by phenylcyclopropylamines and iproniazid

Proom, H., 1955:
Amine production and nutrition in the Providence group

Proom, H.; Woiwod, A.J., 1951:
Amine production in the genus Proteus

Reich, H.J.; Goldenberg, W.S.; Sanders, A.W.; Jantzi, K.L.; Tzschucke, C.Christoph., 2003:
Amine- and ether-chelated aryllithium reagents-structure and dynamics

Cao, L.; Jennings, M.C.; Puddephatt, R.J., 2007:
Amine-amide equilibrium in gold(III) complexes and a gold(III)-gold(I) aurophilic bond

Li, R.; Lee, J.; Yang, B.; Horspool, D.N.; Aindow, M.; Papadimitrakopoulos, F., 2005:
Amine-assisted facetted etching of CdSe nanocrystals

Armstrong, A., 2004:
Amine-catalyzed epoxidation of alkenes: a new mechanism for the activation of oxone

Komiyama, M.; Bender, M.L., 1976:
Amine-catalyzed hydrolyses of cyclodextrin cinnamates

Brauer, C.S.; Craddock, M.B.; Kilian, J.; Grumstrup, E.M.; Orilall, M.Christopher.; Mo, Y.; Gao, J.; Leopold, K.R., 2006:
Amine-hydrogen halide complexes: experimental electric dipole moments and a theoretical decomposition of dipole moments and binding energies

Billiard-Duchesne, J.L., 1959:
Amine-induced tumors of the bladder. (42 unpublished cases)

Kirman, B.H.; Pare, C.M., 1961:
Amine-oxidase inhibitors as possible treatment for phenylketonuria

Armstrong, A.; Baxter, C.A.; Lamont, S.G.; Pape, A.R.; Wincewicz, R., 2007:
Amine-promoted, organocatalytic aziridination of enones

Lua, Y-Yian.; Lee, M.V.; Fillmore, W.J.J.; Matheson, R.; Sathyapalan, A.; Asplund, M.C.; Fleming, S.A.; Linford, M.R., 2003:
Amine-reactive monolayers on scribed silicon with controlled levels of functionality: reaction of a bare silicon surface with mono- and diepoxides

Paul, G.; Choudhury, A.; Nagarajan, R.; Rao, C.N.R., 2003:
Amine-templated linear vanadium sulfates with different chain structures

Knecht, M.R.; Wright, D.W., 2005:
Amine-terminated dendrimers as biomimetic templates for silica nanosphere formation

Bluhm, M.E.; Bradley, M.G.; Butterick, R.; Kusari, U.; Sneddon, L.G., 2006:
Amineborane-based chemical hydrogen storage: enhanced ammonia borane dehydrogenation in ionic liquids

Ponomarenko, A.A.; Knoche, A.; Korotkova, T.M.; Haas, H.L., 2003:
Aminergic control of high-frequency (approximately 200 Hz) network oscillations in the hippocampus of the behaving rat

Grasso, C.; Li Volsi, G.; Licata, F.; Ciranna, L.; Santangelo, F., 2006:
Aminergic control of neuronal firing rate in thalamic motor nuclei of the rat

Mcintosh, H.W.; Seraglia, M., 1963:
Amines and Amine Oxidases

Svejcar, J.; Hnatek, J., 1950:
Aminic diabetes

Hoffmann, B.; Malyszko, E.; Kilczewski, W., 1963:
Aminitrozol Sensitivity of Trichomonas Vaginalis

Wagner, J., 1965:
Amino Acid Analysis in Clinical Biochemistry

Boroff, D.A.; Meloche, H.P.; Dasgupta, B.R., 1970:
Amino Acid Analysis of the Isolated and Purified Components from Crystalline Toxin of Clostridium botulinum Type A

Waisman, H.A.; Kerr, G.R., 1965:
Amino Acid and Protein Metabolism in the Developing Fetus and the Newborn Infant

Swaminathan, M., 1963:
Amino Acid and Protein Requirements of Infants, Children and Adults

Gordon, J.E., 1964:
Amino Acid Balance and Appetite

Fisher, H.; Brush, M.K.; Shapiro, R.; Wessels, J.P.; Berdanier, C.D.; Griminger, P.; Sostman, E.R., 1963:
Amino Acid Balance in the Adult: High Nitrogen--Low Tryptophan Diets

Bezborodov, A.M.; Urusova, S.S.; Chermenskii, D.N.; Shults, L.M., 1963:
Amino Acid Biosynthesis by Actinomyces Cultured on Various Nutrient Media and the Effect of Inhibitors on this Process

Raftery, M.A.; Oheocha, C., 1965:
Amino Acid Composition and C-Terminal Residues of Algal Biliproteins

Bradshaw, R.A.; Rogers, L.A.; Hill, R.L.; Buettner-Janusch, J., 1965:
Amino Acid Composition and the Amino Terminal End Groups of the Alpha- and Beta-Chains of Four Lemur Hemoglobins

Laurent, G.; Garcon, D.; Marriq, C.; Charrel, M.; Derrien, Y., 1964:
Amino Acid Composition and Trypsin Hydrolysis of Human A(X2) and B(X1) Erythrocytic Carbonic Anhydrases

Laurent, G.; Castay, M.; Marriq, C.; Garcon, D.; Charrel, M.; Derrien, Y., 1963:
Amino Acid Composition and Tryptic Hydrolysis of Human Carbonic Anhydrases X1 and Y

Menshikov, G.P.; Kucheriavenko, L.P.; Denisova, S.I., 1964:
Amino Acid Composition of Actinomycins, (Antibiotic No. 2703)

Narita, K.; Murakami, H.; Titani, K., 1964:
Amino Acid Composition of Baker's Yeast Cytochrome C

Mueller, J., 1963:
Amino Acid Composition of Bovine Albumin from the Blood and Liver

Rapoport, G., 1965:
Amino Acid Composition of Levan Sucrase (Levan: D-Glucose Fructosyltransferase) from Bacillus Subtilis

Raynaud, M.; Bizzini, B.; Relyveld, E.H., 1965:
Amino Acid Composition of Purified Diphtheria Toxin

Bizzini, B.; Turpin, A.; Raynaud, M., 1964:
Amino Acid Composition of Tetanal Toxin

Cooney, W.J.; Bradley, S.G., 1965:
Amino Acid Composition Of The Cell-Proteins From Streptomycetes And Myxobacters

Christophe, J.; Wodon, C., 1963:
Amino Acid Composition Of The Epididymal Adipose Tissue Of The Normal Rat

Pringle, R.B., 1971:
Amino Acid Composition of the Host-specific Toxin of Helminthosporium carbonum

Furuya, H.; Maehara, D., 1964:
Amino Acid Concentration in Maternal and Fetal Serum

Kruze, D.; Iwanska, J.; Bober, S., 1964:
Amino Acid Content of Gastric Content in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Gastric Disease

Singh, S.I.; Malhotra, C.L., 1964:
Amino Acid Content of Monkey Brain. 3. Effects of Reserpine on some Amino Acids of Certain Regions of Monkey Brain

Fateeva, E.M.; Troitskaia, N.A., 1963:
Amino Acid Content of the Blood Serum and Urine in Hypotrophy

Zavialova, V.A., 1963:
Amino Acid Content of the Blood Serum in Rickets (Experimental and Clinical Data)

Tomoda, T.; Tanaka, T., 1964:
Amino Acid Decarboxylase of Proteus Vulgaris and Streptococcus Faecalis

Halaev, I.V., 1963:
Amino Acid Decarboxylases in Bacteria

Bezdek, M., 1964:
Amino Acid Dependent Regulation of Rna Synthesis. Effect of Starvation and of Ionizing Radiation Injury on Rna Synthesis in Rat Liver Cells

Novikova, M.A., 1964:
Amino Acid Derivatives of Di-(2-Chloroethyl)-Amine: their Effect on Incorporation of Heterologous Amino Acids in Tumor and Organ Proteins

Braun, G.A.; Marsh, J.B.; Drabkin, D.L., 1963:
Amino Acid Incorporation Into Protein By Liver Mitochondria From Nephrotic And Partially Hepatectomized Rats

Lacroix, A.C.; Monier, J.C., 1963:
Amino Acid Loading Tests in Moslems Presenting the Myoedema Phenomenon, Manifestations of a State of Malnutrition

Sakami, W.; Harrington, H., 1963:
Amino Acid Metabolism

Jones, M.E., 1965:
Amino Acid Metabolism

Cremer, J.E., 1964:
Amino Acid Metabolism in Rat Brain Studied with 14c-Labelled Glucose

Tsukada, Y., 1964:
Amino Acid Metabolism in the Brain and Behavioral Changes

Fisher, M.M.; Kerly, M., 1964:
Amino Acid Metabolism in the Perfused Rat Liver

Rhodes, D.; Hogan, A.L.; Deal, L.; Jamieson, G.C.; Haworth, P., 1987:
Amino Acid Metabolism of Lemna minor L. : II. Responses to Chlorsulfuron

Yoshimura, H., 1963:
Amino Acid Nutrition and Adrenocortical Function

Chatterjee, S.K.; Banerjee, R., 1964:
Amino Acid Pattern and Amino Acid Nitrogen of Cerebrospinal Fluid

El-Badry, A.; El-Ayadi, A.; El-Kammah, B., 1964:
Amino Acid Patterns in Chronic Renal Failure

Goldsmith, G.A., 1965:
Amino Acid Requirement of Salmon

Tankersley, R.W., 1964:
Amino Acid Requirements of Herpes Simplex Virus in Human Cells

Snyderman, S.E.; Holt, L.E., 1965:
Amino Acid Requirements of Infants

Bigwood, E.J., 1964:
Amino Acid Requirements of the Milk Cow During Lactation

Champagne, M.; Mazen, A.; Pouyet, J., 1964:
Amino Acid Residues in Deoxyribonucleic Acids

Gado, I.; Horvath, I., 1965:
Amino Acid Sensitivity Of Strains Derived From Escherichia Coli K 12

Bridgen, J.; Harris, J.I.; McDonald, P.W.; Amelunxen, R.E.; Kimmel, J.R., 1972 :
Amino Acid Sequence Around the Catalytic Site in Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase from Bacillus stearothermophilus

Caballero, J.; Fernández, L.; Abreu, Jé.Ignacio.; Fernández, M., 2006:
Amino Acid Sequence Autocorrelation vectors and ensembles of Bayesian-Regularized Genetic Neural Networks for prediction of conformational stability of human lysozyme mutants

Perham, R.N.; Harris, J.I., 1963:
Amino Acid Sequences Around the Reactive Cysteine Residues in Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenases

Titani, K.; Narita, K., 1964:
Amino Acid Sequences of Eighteen Peptides Isolated from the Tryptic Hydrolysate of Baker's Yeast Cytochrome C

Becker, H.M., 1965:
Amino Acid Solutions in Surgery

Zusman, I.N., 1965:
Amino Acid Structure of the Protein Membrane of the Egg of the Turtle Testudo Graeca

Lyttle, J.D.; Goettsch, E.; Greeley, D.M.; Grim, W.M.; Dunbar, P., 1943:
Amino Acid Studies. Ii. Plasma Amino Acid Retention, As Evidence Of Impaired Liver Function. Investigations In Children With Nephrosis And Liver Disease

Carlson, C.W., 1965:
Amino Acid Supplemented 20 Versus 28 Per Cent Protein Turkey Starter Diets

BEREZOV, T.T.; KOGAN, A.Kh., 1964:
Amino Acid Synthesis in Cancerated Connective Tissues Induced by the Effect of Plastic Implants

Kato, H.; Saito, A.; Meguro, K., 1964:
Amino Acid Toxicity and Congenital Amino Acid Metabolic Disorders

Henderson, C.B.; Webber, W.A., 1964:
Amino Acid Transport Across Rat Bladder

Christensen, H.N., 1963:
Amino Acid Transport and Nutrition

Schneegurt, M.A.; McDaniel, C.N., 1986:
Amino Acid Transport in Suspension-Cultured Plant Cells : VI. Influence of pH Buffers, Calcium, and Preincubation Media on l-Leucine Uptake

Ganapathy, M.E.; Ganapathy, V., 2005:
Amino Acid Transporter ATB0,+ as a delivery system for drugs and prodrugs

Ahmad, S.; Rahman, A.; Fatima, K.; Bader, Y., 1994:
Amino Acid analysis of intellan, a herbal product used in enhancing brain function

Bright, J.J.; Fletcher, M., 1983:
Amino Acid assimilation and electron transport system activity in attached and free-living marine bacteria

Roy, S.; Das, D.; Dasgupta, A.; Mitra, R.Narayan.; Das, P.Kumar., 2005:
Amino Acid based cationic surfactants in aqueous solution: physicochemical study and application of supramolecular chirality in ketone reduction

Elmore, C.D.; King, E.E., 1978:
Amino Acid composition of germinating cotton seeds

Bauer, A.; Urquhart, A.A.; Joy, K.W., 1977:
Amino Acid metabolism of pea leaves: diurnal changes and amino Acid synthesis from N-nitrate

Davies, D.D.; Humphrey, T.J., 1978:
Amino Acid recycling in relation to protein turnover

Bush, D.R.; Langston-Unkefer, P.J., 1988:
Amino Acid transport into membrane vesicles isolated from zucchini : evidence of a proton-amino Acid symport in the plasmalemma

Roberts, L.E.; Bensch, K.; Carter, C.E., 1964:
Amino Acid-Activated Adenosine Triphosphate-Pyrophosphate Exchange By Modified Escherichia Coli Cells

Beljanski, M., 1963:
Amino Acid-Ribonucleic Acid, An Intermediate in the Formation of Peptide Bonds

Hierowski, M.; Westfal, I., 1963:
Amino Acids Activation in Tuberculosis Bacilli of Various Antibacillar Drugs Sensivity

Giordano, C.; Esposito, R.; Depascale, C.; Desanto, N.G.; Starce, G., 1964:
Amino Acids and Proteins in Dietetic Treatment and in the Metabolism of Chronic Uremia

Guthrie, N.; Runyan, J.W.; Clark, G.; Marvin, O., 1964:
Amino Acids and Serotonin

Madruga, M.I., 1963:
Amino Acids from Cashew Nuts (Anacardium Occidentale L)

Olenick, J.G.; Hahn, F.E., 1964:
Amino Acids In Hydrolysates Of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Of Escherichia Coli

Proulx, P., 1965:
Amino Acids in Lipids of Rat Brain

Blanc, B., 1965:
Amino Acids in Parenteral Alimentation

Podilchak, M.; Kuzmenko, L.; Makar, D.; Iurmin, E.; Chepovskii, V.; Pobegailo, V., 1964:
Amino Acids in the Blood in Acute Radiation Injury

Patrunova, V.P., 1963:
Amino Acids in the Blood in Hepatolenticular Degeneration

Yamamoto, Y.; Iwado, T.; Kitamura, M.; Uno, K.; Sugiu, R., 1963:
Amino Acids in the Brain--Analysis of Amino Acids in Various Areas of the Cerebral Cortex

Kruze, D.; Szukalski, B., 1963:
Amino Acids in the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Hori, M.; Aoki, I.; Kuwada, S., 1964:
Amino Acids in the Mycelium of Eremothecium Ashbyii. (Application of Chromatography. Xlvii.)

Work, E., 1964:
Amino Acids of Walls of Micrococcus Radiodurans

Jasper, H.H.; Khan, R.T.; Elliott, K.A., 1965:
Amino Acids Released from the Cerebral Cortex in Relation to its State of Activation

Hanson, A.D.; Tully, R.E., 1979:
Amino Acids Translocated from Turgid and Water-stressed Barley Leaves : II. Studies with N and C

Tully, R.E.; Hanson, A.D., 1979:
Amino Acids Translocated from Turgid and Water-stressed Barley Leaves: I. Phloem Exudation Studies

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Amino Acids: Incorporation into Alpha- and Beta-Chains of Hemoglobin by Normal and Thalassemic Reticulocytes

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