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An optimal fuzzy system for color image enhancement

Hanmandlu, M.; Jha, D.

IEEE Transactions on Image Processing a Publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society 15(10): 2956-2966


ISSN/ISBN: 1057-7149
PMID: 17022262
DOI: 10.1109/tip.2006.877499
Accession: 048240671

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A Gaussian membership function is proposed to fuzzify the image information in spatial domain. We introduce a global contrast intensification operator (GINT), which contains three parameters, viz., intensification parameter t, fuzzifier fh, and the crossover point mu(c), for enhancement of color images. We define fuzzy contrast-based quality factor Qf and entropy-based quality factor Qe and the corresponding visual factors for the desired appearance of images. By minimizing the fuzzy entropy of the image information with respect to these quality factors, the parameters t, fh, and mu(c) are calculated globally. By using the proposed technique, a visible improvement in the image quality is observed for under exposed images, as the entropy of the output image is decreased. The terminating criterion is decided by both the visual and quality factors. For over exposed and under plus over exposed images, the proposed fuzzification function needs to be modified by taking maximum intensity as the fourth parameter. The type of the images is indicated by the visual factor which is less than 1 for under exposed images and more than 1 for over exposed images.

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