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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48279

Chapter 48279 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nandakumar, K.Selva.; Holmdahl, R., 2007:
Antibody-induced arthritis: disease mechanisms and genes involved at the effector phase of arthritis

Dressler, D., 2003:
Antibody-induced failure of botulinum toxin therapy

Lee, S-Keun., 2007:
Antibody-induced failure of botulinum toxin type A therapy in a patient with masseteric hypertrophy

Du, Y.; Honeychurch, J.; Cragg, M.S.; Bayne, M.; Glennie, M.J.; Johnson, P.W.M.; Illidge, T.M., 2003:
Antibody-induced intracellular signaling works in combination with radiation to eradicate lymphoma in radioimmunotherapy

Sachs, U.J.H.; Hattar, K.; Weissmann, N.; Bohle, R.M.; Weiss, T.; Sibelius, U.; Bux, J., 2005:
Antibody-induced neutrophil activation as a trigger for transfusion-related acute lung injury in an ex vivo rat lung model

Peng, K.Jun.; Huang, Y.Shan.; Han, X.Qun.; An, L.Na.; Zhang, J.Ge.; Wang, Q.Lin.; Wang, S.Ren., 2007:
Antibody-induced ozone production and its potential effects on pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

Graca, L.; Le Moine, A.; Cobbold, S.P.; Waldmann, H., 2004:
Antibody-induced transplantation tolerance: the role of dominant regulation

Renton, P.H.; Hancock, J.A., 1957:
Antibody-like effects of colloidal silica

Tozzi, C.; Giraudi, G., 2006:
Antibody-like peptides as a novel purification tool for drugs design

Celada, F.; Ellis, J.; Bodlund, K.; Rotman, B., 1971:
Antibody-mediated activation of a defective beta-D-galactosidase. II. Immunological relationship between the normal and the defective enzyme

Roos, A.; Garred, P.; Wildenberg, M.E.; Lynch, N.J.; Munoz, J.R.; Zuiverloon, T.C.M.; Bouwman, L.H.; Schlagwein, N.; Fallaux van den Houten, F.C.; Faber-Krol, M.C.; Madsen, H.O.; Schwaeble, W.J.; Matsushita, M.; Fujita, T.; Daha, M.R., 2004:
Antibody-mediated activation of the classical pathway of complement may compensate for mannose-binding lectin deficiency

Trachsel, E.; Bootz, F.; Silacci, M.; Kaspar, M.; Kosmehl, H.; Neri, D., 2007:
Antibody-mediated delivery of IL-10 inhibits the progression of established collagen-induced arthritis

Vincent, A., 2005:
Antibody-mediated disorders of neuromuscular transmission

Clark, T.G.; Dickerson, H.W., 2004:
Antibody-mediated effects on parasite behavior: Evidence of a novel mechanism of immunity against a parasitic protist

Rand, J.H.; Wu, X-Xuan., 2004:
Antibody-mediated interference with annexins in the antiphospholipid syndrome

Millen, S.H.; Bernstein, D.I.; Connelly, B.; Ward, J.I.; Chang, S-Ju.; Weiss, A.A., 2003:
Antibody-mediated neutralization of pertussis toxin-induced mitogenicity of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Magliani, W.; Conti, S.; Arseni, S.; Salati, A.; Ravanetti, L.; Maffei, D.L.; Giovati, L.; Polonelli, L., 2006:
Antibody-mediated protective immunity in fungal infections

Jacob, A.; Sandhu, K.; Nicholas, J.; Jones, H.; Odum, J.; Rylance, P.; Carmichael, P.; Jackson, M.; Handa, S.; Macwhannell, A.; Basu, S.; Wahid, F.; Casadevall, N.; Mufti, G.; Macdougall, I., 2006:
Antibody-mediated pure red cell aplasia in a dialysis patient receiving darbepoetin alfa as the sole erythropoietic agent

Racusen, L.C.; Colvin, R.B.; Solez, K.; Mihatsch, M.J.; Halloran, P.F.; Campbell, P.M.; Cecka, M.J.; Cosyns, J-Pierre.; Demetris, A.J.; Fishbein, M.C.; Fogo, A.; Furness, P.; Gibson, I.W.; Glotz, D.; Hayry, P.; Hunsickern, L.; Kashgarian, M.; Kerman, R.; Magil, A.J.; Montgomery, R.; Morozumi, K.; Nickeleit, V.; Randhawa, P.; Regele, H.; Seron, D.; Seshan, S.; Sund, S.; Trpkov, K., 2003:
Antibody-mediated rejection criteria - an addition to the Banff 97 classification of renal allograft rejection

Rodriguez, E.R.; Skojec, D.V.; Tan, C.D.; Zachary, A.A.; Kasper, E.K.; Conte, J.V.; Baldwin, W.M., 2005:
Antibody-mediated rejection in human cardiac allografts: evaluation of immunoglobulins and complement activation products C4d and C3d as markers

Melcher, M.L.; Olson, J.L.; Baxter-Lowe, L.A.; Stock, P.G.; Posselt, A.M., 2006:
Antibody-mediated rejection of a pancreas allograft

Ciric, B.; Van Keulen, V.; Paz Soldan, M.; Rodriguez, M.; Pease, L.R., 2003:
Antibody-mediated remyelination operates through mechanism independent of immunomodulation

Mertens, D., 2003:
Antibody-mediated thrombosis and pregnancy loss

Bux, Jürgen., 2006:
Antibody-mediated transfusion-related acute lung injury

Hirano, N.; Taira, H.; Sato, S.; Hashikawa, T.; Tohyama, K., 2006:
Antibody-mediated virus clearance from neurons of rats infected with hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus

Papermaster, B.W.; Bradley, S.G.; Watson, D.W.; Good, R.A., 1962 :
Antibody-producing capacity of adult chicken spleen cells in newly hatched chicks

Hirsch, H., 1956:
Antibody-stimulant therapy of seroresistant latent syphilis

Stebbing, J.; Gazzard, B.; Patterson, S.; Bower, M.; Perumal, D.; Nelson, M.; McMichael, A.; Ogg, G.; Epenetos, A.; Gotch, F.; Savage, P., 2003:
Antibody-targeted MHC complex-directed expansion of HIV-1- and KSHV-specific CD8+ lymphocytes: a new approach to therapeutic vaccination

Boghaert, E.R.; Sridharan, L.; Armellino, D.C.; Khandke, K.M.; DiJoseph, J.F.; Kunz, A.; Dougher, M.M.; Jiang, F.; Kalyandrug, L.B.; Hamann, P.R.; Frost, P.; Damle, N.K., 2004:
Antibody-targeted chemotherapy with the calicheamicin conjugate hu3S193-N-acetyl gamma calicheamicin dimethyl hydrazide targets Lewisy and eliminates Lewisy-positive human carcinoma cells and xenografts

van de Loosdrecht, A.A.; Huijgens, P.C.; Ossenkoppele, G.J., 2004:
Antibody-targeted therapy: a paradigm of innovative treatment strategies in indolent and aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Wasastjerna, G., 1956:
Antibody-transforming activity

Sehon, A.H.; Gordon, J.; Rose, B., 1957:
Antibodylike factor in serums of ragweed-sensitive individuals shown in vitro

Ruyters, L., 1962:
Antibotics in hepatic coma

Stillerman, M.; Bernstein, S.H.; Smith, M.L.; Gittelson, S.B.; Karelitz, S., 1960:
Antibotics in the treatment of betahemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis: factors influencing the results

Nürnberg, J-H.; Abdul-Khaliq, H.; Ewert, P.; Lange, P.E., 2003:
Antibradycardia pacing in patients with congenital heart disease: experience with automatic threshold determination and output regulation (Autocapture)

Raskin, N., 1955:
Antibrain antibodies in multiple sclerosis; study of the antibrain antibodies in the blood of multiple sclerosis patients by complement fixation tests

Harwin, S.M.; Paterson, P.Y., 1962:
Antibrain antibodies of the 19S gamma-globulin type in rats with allergic encephalomyelitis

Dorinson, S.M., 1954:
Antibrool mask for children with cerebral palsy

Sandri, S., 1959:
Antibrucellar antibodies in sparse pleural effusions and in the cerebrospinal fluid in Malta fever

Verdu, R., 1955:
Antibrucellar vaccinotherapy in a painful syndrome of the locomotor apparatus possibly entailing brucellosis

Criscuolo, E.; Pierangeli Vera, N.; Ceballos, A.; Bergagna, H.F.; Vacchiani, H., 1950:
Antibrucellin and its efficacy in the treatment of human brucellosis

Antibrucellin in the treatment of febrile brucellosis

Criscuolo, E.; Pierangeli Vera, N.; Ceballos Uriarte, A.M.; Vacchiani, H., 1950:
Antibrucellin in the treatment of human brucellosis

Criscuolo, E.; Ceballos Uriarte, A.M.; Pierangeli Vera, N.; Vacchiani, H., 1951:
Antibrucellina in the treatment of human brucellosis

Criscuolo, E.; Vera, N.P.; Ceballos, A.; Bergagna, H.F.; Vacchiani, H., 1951:
Antibrucelline and its efficacy in the therapy of human brucellosis

Antibrucelline in the treatment of febrile brucellosis. I

Kasymova, K.A.; Beklemishev, N.D.; Uzbekova, B.R., 1960:
Antibrucellosis vaccination of subjects with positive immunological reactions

Beenakker, C.W.J.; Schomerus, H., 2004:
Antibunched photons emitted by a quantum point contact out of equilibrium

Suire, A., 1960:
Antiburucella vaccinations by the B.112 living strain. Study and comparison of different methods on mice

Schiff, T.; Saletta, L.; Baker, R.A.; He, T.; Winston, J.Leslie., 2006:
Anticalculus efficacy and safety of a stabilized stannous fluoride/sodium hexametaphosphate dentifrice

Porciani, P.Francesco.; Grandini, S.; Sapio, S., 2003:
Anticalculus efficacy of a chewing gum with polyphosphates in a twelve-week single-blind trial

Schlehuber, S.; Skerra, A., 2005:
Anticalins as an alternative to antibody technology

Schlehuber, S.; Skerra, A., 2005:
Anticalins in drug development

Hussey, L.M., 1963:
Anticancer Agents

Maisin, H., 1963:
Anticancer Chemotherapy and Radiosensitization

Rice, M.C.; Bockman, J., 2005:
Anticancer Drug Discovery and Development - SRI's Seventh Annual Summit

Hirsch, P., 1964:
Anticancer League of Israel. Smoking and Air Pollution as Causes of Bronchogenic Carcinoma

Cruickshank, A., 1964:
Anticancer League of Israel. the Cancer Control System in the United Kingdom

Sun, C.; Liu, X.; Chen, Y.; Liu, F., 2007:
Anticancer activities of trichostatin A on maligant lymphoid cells

Wu, S.; Guo, W.; Teraishi, F.; Pang, J.; Kaluarachchi, K.; Zhang, L.; Davis, J.; Dong, F.; Yan, B.; Fang, B., 2006:
Anticancer activity of 5-benzylidene-2-phenylimino-1, 3-thiazolidin-4-one (BPT) analogs

Prévost, Gégoire.P.; Lonchampt, M.O.; Holbeck, S.; Attoub, S.; Zaharevitz, D.; Alley, M.; Wright, J.; Brezak, M.C.; Coulomb, Hélène.; Savola, A.; Huchet, M.; Chaumeron, S.; Nguyen, Q-Dé.; Forgez, P.; Bruyneel, E.; Bracke, M.; Ferrandis, E.; Roubert, P.; Demarquay, Dèle.; Gespach, C.; Kasprzyk, P.G., 2006:
Anticancer activity of BIM-46174, a new inhibitor of the heterotrimeric Galpha/Gbetagamma protein complex

Zhang, Q.; Xiang, G-ya.; Long, N.; Lin, J-liang.; Zeng, F-bo., 2006:
Anticancer activity of N-(phenylacetyl) doxorubicin combined with folate-targeted PGA

Solyanik, G.I.; Fedorchuk, A.G.; Pyaskovskaya, O.N.; Dasyukevitch, O.I.; Khranovskaya, N.N.; Aksenov, G.N.; Sobetsky, V.V., 2005:
Anticancer activity of aconitine-containing herbal extract BC1

Dabrowska, K.; Opolski, A.; Wietrzyk, J.; Switala-Jelen, K.; Godlewska, J.; Boratynski, J.; Syper, D.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Gorski, A., 2005:
Anticancer activity of bacteriophage T4 and its mutant HAP1 in mouse experimental tumour models

Sebti, S.M.; Hamilton, A.D., 2005:
Anticancer activity of farnesyltransferase and geranylgeranyltransferase I inhibitors: prospects for drug development

Burlage, H.M.; Mckenna, G.F.; Taylor, A., 1956:
Anticancer activity of plant extracts

Swiatek, P.; Malinka, Wław., 2005:
Anticancer activity of some isothiazolo[5,4-b]pyridine derivatives

Olsen, L.Stengelshøj.; Hjarnaa, P-Julia.Vig.; Latini, S.; Holm, P.Kaae.; Larsson, R.; Bramm, E.; Binderup, L.; Madsen, M.Winkel., 2004:
Anticancer agent CHS 828 suppresses nuclear factor-kappa B activity in cancer cells through downregulation of IKK activity

Ng, R.; Better, N.; Green, M.D., 2006:
Anticancer agents and cardiotoxicity

Mirandola, P.; Sponzilli, I.; Gobbi, G.; Marmiroli, S.; Rinaldi, L.; Binazzi, R.; Piccari, G.Giuliani.; Ramazzotti, G.; Gaboardi, G.Carlo.; Cocco, L.; Vitale, M., 2005:
Anticancer agents sensitize osteosarcoma cells to TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand downmodulating IAP family proteins

Dennison, S.R.; Whittaker, M.; Harris, F.; Phoenix, D.A., 2006:
Anticancer alpha-helical peptides and structure/function relationships underpinning their interactions with tumour cell membranes

Meena, P.Dutt.; Kaushik, P.; Shukla, S.; Soni, A.Kumar.; Kumar, M.; Kumar, A., 2007:
Anticancer and antimutagenic properties of Acacia nilotica (Linn.) on 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-induced skin papillomagenesis in Swiss albino mice

Villedieu, M.; Briand, M.; Duval, M.; Héron, J.F.; Gauduchon, P.; Poulain, L., 2007:
Anticancer and chemosensitizing effects of 2,3-DCPE in ovarian carcinoma cell lines: link with ERK activation and modulation of p21WAF1/CIP1, Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL expression

Kumar, A.; Samarth, R.M.; Yasmeen, S.; Sharma, A.; Sugahara, T.; Terado, T.; Kimura, H., 2005:
Anticancer and radioprotective potentials of Mentha piperita

Ross, J.S.; Gray, K.; Gray, G.S.; Worland, P.J.; Rolfe, M., 2003:
Anticancer antibodies

Abbatucci, J.S., 1963:
Anticancer chemotherapy with thio-tepa. Results obtained in 40 cases

Würdinger, T., 2007:
Anticancer coronaviruses

Li, C.Ka-Lei.; Sun, R.Wai-Yin.; Kui, S.Chi-Fai.; Zhu, N.; Che, C-Ming., 2006:
Anticancer cyclometalated [Au(III)m(C(wedge)N(wedge)C)mL]n+ compounds: Synthesis and cytotoxic properties

Gemma, A.; Li, C.; Sugiyama, Y.; Matsuda, K.; Seike, Y.; Kosaihira, S.; Minegishi, Y.; Noro, R.; Nara, M.; Seike, M.; Yoshimura, A.; Shionoya, A.; Kawakami, A.; Ogawa, N.; Uesaka, H.; Kudoh, S., 2006:
Anticancer drug clustering in lung cancer based on gene expression profiles and sensitivity database

Conti, M.; Tazzari, V.; Baccini, C.; Pertici, G.; Serino, L.Pio.; De Giorgi, U., 2007:
Anticancer drug delivery with nanoparticles

Gardner, C.R., 2004:
Anticancer drug development based on modulation of the Bcl-2 family core apoptosis mechanism

Braña, M.F.; Sánchez-Migallón, A., 2006:
Anticancer drug discovery and pharmaceutical chemistry: a history

Foubister, V., 2003:
Anticancer drug shows promise against lupus

Isnard-Bagnis, C.; Moulin, B.; Launay-Vacher, V.; Izzedine, H.; Tostivint, I.; Deray, G., 2006:
Anticancer drug-induced nephrotoxicity

Oka, M.; Fukuda, M.; Soda, H., 2005:
Anticancer drugs and ABC transporters

Andrews, J.R.; Shafer, I.E., 1953:
Anticancer drugs and hormones as adjuvants to the radiation therapy of cancer

Debrix, I.; André, T.; Becker, A.; Lotz, J-Pierre.; Gligorov, J.; Boukari, Y.; Milleron, B.; Pene, Fçoise.; Flahault, A., 2004:
Anticancer drugs off label used of: what do the experts think about?

Anonymous, 2003:
Anticancer drugs. Delayed toxicity

Anonymous, 2003:
Anticancer drugs. Early toxicity

Michenot, F.; Debats, P.; Audeval, C., 2003:
Anticancer drugs. Immediate toxicity

Kawamata, J.; Fujita, H.; Ikegami, R., 1960:
Anticancer effect of actinomycinic acid

Chung, P-Sang.; Kim, H-Gyun.; Rhee, C-Ku.; Saxton, R.E. , 2003:
Anticancer effect of combined intratumor cisplatin injection and interstitial KTP laser therapy on xenografted squamous cell carcinoma

Sun, C.; Liu, X.; Chen, Y.; Liu, F., 2005:
Anticancer effect of curcumin on human B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Wang, J.; Li, Q.; Ivanochko, G.; Huang, Y., 2006:
Anticancer effect of extracts from a North American medicinal plant--wild sarsaparilla

Yuan, S-Lan.; Wang, X-Jie.; Wei, Y-Quan., 2003:
Anticancer effect of tanshinone and its mechanisms

Bouabdallah, I.; M'Barek, L.Ait.; Zyad, A.; Ramdani, A.; Zidane, I.; Melhaoui, A., 2006:
Anticancer effect of three pyrazole derivatives

Reddy, C.Damodar.; Patti, R.; Guttapalli, A.; Maris, J.M.; Yanamandra, N.; Rachamallu, A.; Sutton, L.N.; Phillips, P.C.; Posner, G.H., 2005:
Anticancer effects of the novel 1alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 hybrid analog QW1624F2-2 in human neuroblastoma

Yu, Z-lan.; Liu, X-rong.; McCulloch, M.; Gao, J., 2005:
Anticancer effects of various fractions extracted from Dioscorea bulbifera on mice bearing HepA

Gao, X-lin.; Li, Q-li.; Peng, Z-lan.; Wang, H., 2005:
Anticancer efficacy of combining cytosine deaminase/5-fluorocytosine gene therapy and radiotherapy on cervical carcinoma

Hamuro, J., 2005:
Anticancer immunotherapy with perorally effective lentinan

Naito, T.; Yokogawa, T.; Kim, H-Sook.; Futagami, M.; Wataya, Y.; Matsuda, A.; Fukushima, M.; Kitade, Y.; Sasaki, T., 2003:
Anticancer mechanisms of 1-(3-C-ethynyl-beta-D-ribo-pentofuranosyl) cytosine (ECyd, TAS-106)

Dauchy, F., 1961:
Anticancer medications

Wataya, Y.; Futagami, M.; Naito, T.; Uchikubo, Y.; Yokogawa, T.; Takenaka, K.; Kim, H.S.; Matsuda, A.; Fukushima, M.; Kitade, Y., 2003:
Anticancer molecular mechanism of 3'-ethynylcytidine (ECyd)

Boumendjel, Aène.; Baubichon-Cortay, Hélène.; Trompier, D.; Perrotton, T.; Di Pietro, A., 2005:
Anticancer multidrug resistance mediated by MRP1: recent advances in the discovery of reversal agents

Rico-Avello, C., 1955:
Anticancer organization in France, Switzerland and Belgium

Agarwal, R.; Agarwal, C.; Ichikawa, H.; Singh, R.P.; Aggarwal, B.B., 2007:
Anticancer potential of silymarin: from bench to bed side

Sahasrabudhe, M.B.; Narurkar, M.V.; Kotnis, L.B.; Tilak, B.D.; Shah, L.C.; Gogte Ven, 1961:
Anticancer properties of thiodiglycollic acid

Huang, C-xin.; Yu, H.; Yang, G-gen.; Wang, Q-qing.; Li, D.; Ma, W-xue.; Shen, F-ping., 2006:
Anticancer therapeutic effect of SEA-linked and membrane-bound HSP70-expressed intestine-carcinoma vaccine

Ravindranath, M.H.; Muthugounder, S.; Presser, N.; Viswanathan, S., 2004:
Anticancer therapeutic potential of soy isoflavone, genistein

Broxterman, H.J.; Georgopapadakou, N.H., 2005:
Anticancer therapeutics: "Addictive" targets, multi-targeted drugs, new drug combinations

Hu, W.; Kavanagh, J.J., 2003 :
Anticancer therapy targeting the apoptotic pathway

Tomao, F.; Miele, E.; Spinelli, G.P.; Tomao, S., 2007:
Anticancer treatment and fertility effects. Literature review

Nencioni, A.; Grüenbach, F.; Patrone, F.; Brossart, P., 2004:
Anticancer vaccination strategies

Schwartz, H.; Delgado, J.N., 1960:
Anticancer, antispasmodic, anticholinergic drugs named

Zuckermann, C., 1956:
Anticancerous chemotherapy

Pauli, A., 2005:
Anticandidal low molecular compounds from higher plants with special reference to compounds from essential oils

Levy, J.P., 1961:
Anticaner agents

Bespalov, V.G.; Aleksandrov, V.A.; Petrov, A.S., 2007:
Anticarcinogenic action of dietary supplement pheocarpin and its active component

Bigot, P., 1961:
Anticarcinogenic antibiotics

Li, X.; Guan, Y-song.; Zhou, X-ping.; Sun, L.; Liu, Y.; He, Q.; Fu, L.; Mao, Y-qiu., 2005:
Anticarcinogenic effect of 20(R)-ginsenoside Rg3 on induced hepatocellular carcinoma in rats

Banerjee, S.; Das, S., 2005:
Anticarcinogenic effects of an aqueous infusion of cloves on skin carcinogenesis

Zeb, A., 2006:
Anticarcinogenic potential of lipids from Hippophae--evidence from the recent literature

Atchaneeyasakul, L-Ongsri.; Trinavarat, A.; Bumrungsuk, P.; Wongsawad, W., 2005:
Anticardiolipin IgG antibody and homocysteine as possible risk factors for retinal vascular occlusive disease in thai patients

Tarkun, I.; Hacihanefioğlu, A.; Tarkun, P.; Cetinarslan, B.; Cantürk, Z., 2005:
Anticardiolipin and anti-beta2 glycoprotein I antibody concentrations in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ranua, J.; Luoma, K.; Peltola, J.; Haapala, A.M.; Raitanen, J.; Auvinen, A.; Isojärvi, J., 2004:
Anticardiolipin and antinuclear antibodies in epilepsy--a population-based cross-sectional study

Lima Cabrita, F.Vieira.; Foster, C.Stephen., 2005:
Anticardiolipin antibodies and ocular disease

Lee, C-H.; Wang, I-K.; Chen, T-C.; Chang, H-W.; Yang, C-C.; Chien, Y-S.; Wu, C-S.; Chiou, T.T-Y.; Wu, M-S.; Wang, P-H.; Chuang, F-R., 2006:
Anticardiolipin antibodies and vascular access thrombosis in Taiwanese haemodialysis patients with chronic hepatitis C: a retrospective study

Kahwa, E.K.; Sargeant, L.A.; McCaw-Binns, A.; McFarlane-Anderson, N.; Smikle, M.; Forrester, T.; Wilks, R., 2006:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in Jamaican primiparae

Elefsiniotis, I.S.; Diamantis, I.D.; Dourakis, S.P.; Kafiri, G.; Pantazis, K.; Mavrogiannis, C., 2003:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis D infection, and hepatitis B-related hepatocellular carcinoma. Relationship with portal vein thrombosis

Yuste, Jé.R.; Prieto, Jús., 2003:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in chronic viral hepatitis. Do they have clinical consequences?

Calvo Romero, J.M., 2006:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in elderly patients with venous thromboembolic diseases in an area of the south of Extremadura (Spain)

Enzenauer, R.J.; Collier, D.H.; Lopez, L.R., 2006:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in scleroderma

Daboubi, M.K., 2003:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in women with recurrent abortion

Daif, A.K.; Jabbar, M.A.; Ogunniyi, A., 2007:
Anticardiolipin antibodies in young Saudis with ischemic stroke

Tănăsescu, R.; Ticmeanu, M.; Nicolau, A.; Uscătescu, V.; Cojocaru, M.; Grecu, V.; Serbănescu, A., 2006:
Anticardiolipin antibodies, recurrent stroke and vascular events: a prospective study on 210 patients

Kamada, H.; Suzuki, K., 2005:
Anticardiolipin antibody (aCL)

Chuang, F-R.; Chang, H-W.; Lin, C-L.; Wang, I-K.; Chang, H-Y.; Wang, P-H.; Yang, C-C.; Chen, T-C.; Wu, C-S.; Lee, C-H., 2005:
Anticardiolipin antibody and Taiwanese chronic haemodialysis patients with recurrent vascular access thrombosis

Vikoren, T.H.; Fenwick, J.A.; Cross, B.J.; Ragni, M.V.; Gruen, G.S., 2003:
Anticardiolipin antibody associated arterial thrombosis following fibula fracture

Kelishadi, R.; Sabet, B.; Khosravi, A., 2003:
Anticardiolipin antibody of adolescents and age of myocardial infarction in parents

Harris, E.Nigel.; Khamashta, M., 2004 :
Anticardiolipin test and the antiphospholipid (Hughes) syndrome: 20 years and counting!

Schreiber, H., 1953:
Anticaries effect of vitamin K

Fisher, S.W.; Tavss, E.A.; Gambogi, R.J.; Joziak, M., 2003:
Anticaries efficacy of a new dentifrice for hypersensitivity

Pfarrer, A.M.; McQueen, C.M.; Lawless, M.A.; Rapozo-Hilo, M.; Featherstone, J.D.B., 2006:
Anticaries potential of a stabilized stannous fluoride/sodium hexametaphosphate dentifrice

Turian, G.; Schopfer, J.F., 1960:
Anticarotenogenic action of diphenylamine in the alga Chlorella rubescens

Anonymous, 1959:
Anticatabolic & anticalcinotic effects of 17-ethyl-19-nortestosterone

Burlina, A., 1958:
Anticatabolic activity of 4-chlorotestosterone acetate

Baticci, F.; Bozzetti, F., 1990:
Anticatabolic properties of branched chain amino-acids in post-operative patients. A prospective study

Klaus, D., 1953:
Anticatalase effect of the blood plasma

Galenko-Yaroshevskii, P.A.; Gurskaya, E.V.; Chikobava, E.A.; Sukoyan, G.V., 2004:
Anticataleptic effect of energostim during single treatment with trifluoperazine

Kleven, M.S.; Assié, M-Bernadette.; Cosi, C.; Barret-Grévoz, C.; Newman-Tancredi, A., 2004:
Anticataleptic properties of alpha2 adrenergic antagonists in the crossed leg position and bar tests: differential mediation by 5-HT1A receptor activation

Gero, E., 1952:
Anticatalyzers of the oxidation of L-ascorbic acid: a new copper complex of thiamine

Gero, E., 1954:
Anticatalyzers of the oxidation of L-ascorbic acid: inhibiting action of folic acid

Siddiqui, T.A.; Shadab, Z.; Nishat, I.; Ayasha, N.; Zehra, Z.; Alavi, S.H., 2003:
Anticataract activity of Kohl-Chikni Dawa--a compound ophthalmic formulation of Unani medicine in alloxan-diabetic rats

Cajano, A.; Maurea, C., 1950:
Anticell and antiorgan sera; experimental research. II

Cajano, A.; Maurea, C., 1950:
Anticell and antiorgan sera; experimental research. III

Consoli, G.; Ricciardi, S.; Talarico, L.; Altucci, P., 1957:
Anticellular activity of alkyl sulfonates. III. Carcinostatic effect of 2-fluoroethyl methanesulfonate on Walker carcinoma, benzopyrene sarcoma, sarcoma 180 & myeloma of rat

Ricciardi, S.; Talarico, L.; Altucci, P.; Riccardi, C.; Consoli, G., 1958:
Anticellular activity of alkylsulfonates. IV. Effects on blood cells

Ricciardi, S.; Talarico, L.; Altucci, P.; Riccardi, C.; Consoli, G., 1958:
Anticellular activity of alkylsulfonates. V. Morphological and functional study of the bone marrow

Cajano, A.; Maurea, C.; Guarino, A., 1953:
Anticellular and antiorganic sera; experimental studies. VIII. Antihepatic serum; antihepatic heteroimmunization in guinea pig

Bergel, M., 1957:
Anticeroid activity of antimycobacterial agents

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