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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48299

Chapter 48299 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bonnard, J.; Guihard, R.; Guihard, D.; Leroux, M.J., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Meningeal Torulosis, Terminal Phase of Hodgkin's Disease

Arne, L.; Vital, C.; Katz, 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Moschcowitz' Disease

Dalloz, C.; Age, C.; Cahen, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Myxoma of the Right Ventricle Suspected During Right Catheterization

Picard, J.D.; Babinet, J.; Arvay, N., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Neonatal Chylothorax

Castaigne, P.; Sicard, A.; Marsan, C.; Kourie, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Neoplastic Cells Discovered in the Cerebrospinal Fluid

Siguier, F.; Godeau, P.; Gautier, J.C.; Barbizet, J.; Levy, R.; Binet, J.L., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Neuropathy with Cryoglobulinemia

Kaplan, M.; Straus, P.; Hayem, F.; Ducas, P.; Jarlier, H., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Nonparasitic Cyst of the Spleen in a 12-Year-Old Boy

Ayme, Y.; Francois, G.; Malaterre, H., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Obstetrical Fibrinolysis and its Consequences

Brunel, H.; Rivoire, J., 1964 :
Apropos of a Case of Occupational Dermatosis Caused by White Spirit

Dutz, W.; Khochbine, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Olfactory Esthesioneuroblastoma

Vigouroux, R.; Mouren, P.; Baurand, C.; Choux, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Operated Hourglass Neurinoma

De Grailly, R.; Gaussen, A.; Moulinier, J.; Leuret, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Osler-Rendu Disease with Melena

Schindler, O.; Busca, G.P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Otogenic Cerebellar Abcess. Therapeutic Considerations

Bertrand, P.; Fonder, A., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Ovarian Cancer Remaining After Hysterectomy

Dieulangard, P.; Piana, L., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Ovarian Thecoma in a Menopausal Woman

Fries, D.; Traeger, J.; Francois, B.; Pellet, M.; Revillard, A., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Oxalosis

Elbaz, J.S., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Partial Replantation of the Nasal Pyramid

Lange, J.; Etcheverry, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Pedicled Cysts of the Trigone of the Bladder

Pilleron, J.P.; Jammet, H.; Lafuma, J.; Manguene, J.; Gongora, R.; Moyse, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Penetrating Wound by Foreign Bodies Heavily Contaminated by Plutonium-239. Decontaminative Surgery Under Nuclear Detector Control

Eymery, J.; Allignol, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Perforated Jejunitis

Nardi, C.; Lacombe, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Perforation of the Thoracic Esophagus Occurring During Dilatation Treatment of a Mega-Esophagus

Kissel, P.; Schmitt, J.; Dureux, J.B.; Vaillant, G., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Phenobarbital-Strychnine Combined Poisoning

Laselve, A.; Bon, M.; Royet, P.; Dessertine, G., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Pheochromocytoma Diagnosed in the Postpartum Period

Loizeau, E., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Pheochromocytoma with Arterial Hypotension

Nardini, L.; Modena, G.; Vincenzi, I., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Photic Epilepsy in a Pituitary -Ovarian Syndrome

Heully, F.; Sadoul, P.; Gaucher, P.; Barrucand, D., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Pickwick Syndrome

Hervieux, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Poisoning with Sodium Selenite

Pene, P.; Bernou, J.C.; Frament, V.; Kiesse, F., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Polyarticular Gout in An African

Estanove, S.; Gounot, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Postoperative Acute Respiratory Insufficiency Treated by Respiratory for 5 Days

Rochet, E.; Gabriel, H.; Vuillard, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Pre-Eclampsia with Placental Detachment Complicated by Cortical Necrosis of the Kidneys

Holtzmann, P.; Singer, S., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Pre-Hepatitic Polyarthritis

Daucourt, J.; Szwarcberg, R., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Premature Expulsion of the Normally Inserted Placenta

Dellestable, P.; Couturier, V., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Primary Face Presentation

Heuse, A.; Cremer, M., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Primary Hyperaldosteronism

Lang, G.; Gangloff, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Primary Non Puerperal Peritonitis Due to Streptococcus Viridans

Kaplan, M.; Nahum, H.; Grumbach, R.; Drapeau, P.; Gorouben, J.C.; Anizan, B., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Progressive Ossifying Myositis

Loyudice, F.; Sivori, E., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Pseudocyst of the Pancreas Treated with Internal Drainage

Luysterborg, E.; Schotte, H., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Psychic Epilepsy. Importance of Tests of Activation of the Electroencephalogram from the Medicolegal and Clinical Point of View

Mitev, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Puerperal Thrombophlebitis of all 4 Limbs

Mansuy, L.; Rougier, J.; Magnard, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Pulsatile Exophthalmos

Richard, J.; Moinet, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Recessive Type Methemoglobinemia: Cyanosis During the 1st Months in a Heterozygote

Correa, P.; Baylet, R.J.; Bourgoin, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Recurrent Fever Due to Borelia Duttoni in a Newborn Where Transplacental Infection Appears Incontestable

Levy, G.; Keller, B.; Weill, J.P.; Renner, L., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Recurrent Jaundice in Pregnancy

Bollack, C.; Kuhlmann, N.; Papaevangelos, I., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Redoubling of the Vagina with Anterior Hematocolpos, Symmetric Pseudodidelphic Uterus and Left Hematosalpinx

Datchary, A.; Auphan, D.; Nosny, P.; Muret, G., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Renal Papillary Necrosis. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Problems. Place of Surgery

Satge, P.; Quenum, C.; Laffont, J.; Laffont, M.; Bourgeade, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Renal Vein Thrombosis in a Newborn Infant

Petit, J.; Hennequin, J.P.; Fachot, O., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Reticulosis X of the Bone. Diagnostic Problem Between Hand-Schueller-Christian Disease and Diffuse Eosinophilic Granuloma

Assouad, I., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Retroperitoneal Hydatid Cyst

Colombetti, G., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Rupture of the Pregnant Uterus at Term Associated with Traumatic Rupture of the Spleen

Debeugny, P.; Saint-Aubert, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Sacrococcygeal Tumor in a Child

Teselman, I.; Aguirre, J.A.; Montecof, J.; Besner, E., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Sarcoidosis

Vokaer, R.; Kridelka, J.C., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Sarcoma of the Round Ligament

Brette, R.; Traeger, J.; Saubier, E.; Blanchard, P.; Barjhoux, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Secreting Carcinoid of the Small Intestine

Monties, J.R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Severe Pulmonary Embolism Treated with Fibrinolytic Enzymes

Hadnagy, C.; Huszar, I., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Sideroachrestic Anemia Controlled with Pyridoxine and Riboflavin

Audier, M.; Serradimigni, A.; Francois, G.; Boutin, C., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Sodium Loss in the Course of Treatment for Cardiac Insufficiency

Dargent, M.; Colon, J.; Dargent, D., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Spinocellular Cancer of the Cecum

Gagnon, R.; Dutron, G., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Staphylococcal Enteritis Occurring in the Postoperative Period

Dorangeon, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Sterility with Luteal Insufficiency Treated by Chorionic Gonadotropin at 10,000 I. U

Cremieux, A.; Boudouresques, J.; Bremond, J.; Striglioni, L., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Stilling's Syndrome

Soichot, R.; Piard, A.; Guerrin; Chazette; Vue; Couche, 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Streptococcus Viridans Septicemia with Hepatic Localization

Coeuilliez, A., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Subastragalar Tuberculous Osteoarthritis

Pages, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Sudden Blindness of Psychic Origin

Hacquard, M.; Hartemann, P.; Chardot, C.; Viry, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Suppurative Gynecomastia Following Prolonged Treatment with Neuroleptics

Gabriel, H.; Vuillard, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Symphysiotomy

Rescigno, B.; Carratu, L.; Sonaglioni, F., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; Recent Views on the Subject

Vignon, G.; Gauthier, J.; Chapuis, P.; Calvel, V., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Tabetic Arthropathy of Pseudo-Pott's Form

Gangloff, J.M.; Fontaine, J.L., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Tetraplegia of Hyperkalemic Origin

Humbert, P.; Assadourian, R., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of the Association of Cystic Dysembryoma of the Mediastinum and of the Lung Destroyed by Bronchiectasis

Levrat, M.; Truchot, R.; Tissot, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of the Marchiafava-Micheli Disease

Grasset, J.; Gauthier, R., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of Thromboembolism Appearing During Treatment with Norethynodrel-Mestranol. Attempted Pathogenic Interpretation

Correa, P.; Bourgoin, P.; Ballon, C.; Kamara, 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Thrombophlebitis in Pregnancy

Razemon, P.; Warembourg, H.; Houcke, E.; Jaillard, J.; Delomez, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Thrombosis of the Splenic Vein, of Primary Appearance

Mandic, D., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Tonsillectomy with Fatal Outcome

Domart, A.; Labram, C.; Berger, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Transitory Insulin-Resistant Diabetes Complicating a Cirrhosis with Secondary Hemochromatosis: the Hyperglycemia of Alcoholic Cirrhosis

Calas, R.; Salvo, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Uretero-Vaginal Fistula. Treatment. Results

Pigeaud, H.; Neumann, E.; Thoulon, J.M., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of Uterine Rupture

Serment, H.; Comiti, J.; Felce, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Vesical Endometriosis

Liaras, H.; Roche, L.; Faidutti, B.; Gayet, C., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Volkmann's Syndrome Occuring During a Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Huriez, C.; Agache, P.; Petit, H.; Fourlinnie, J.C., 1964:
Apropos Of A Case Of Watson's Mixed Porphyria

Mogena, H.G.; Oliva, H.; Valle, A.; Navarro, V., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Whipple's Disease; Relation of Electron Microscopy and Therapeutics

Bollack, C.; Batzenschlager, A.; Tuchmann, L.; Suhler, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome

Midana, A.; Ormea, F., 1965:
Apropos of a Case of "angioendotheliomatosis Proliferans Systematisata" (Tappeiner and Pfleger)

Tipmam, S., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of "melanotic Progonoma"

Lebeurre, R.; Zyleberberg, G.; Lesage, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Case of "parkinsonian Rheumatism"

Brocheriou, C.; Pinaudeau, Y., 1963:
Apropos of a Case of "uterine Ichthyosis": Intraepithelial Propagation of An "invasive" Carcinoma of Cervico-Isthmic Origin

Carrere, J.; Guillin, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Case Report. Reflection on Death and Paranoia

Durban, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Case Treated by Jung's Psychoanalytic Method and of Concepts which May Arise from it

Bani, U.; Altieri, T., 1964:
Apropos of a Case with Cardiac Complications Rising in the Postoperative Period

Patay, R.; Danon, G.; Pilorge, G., 1964:
Apropos of a Chronic Alcholic Intoxication Trial in Laboratory Animals

Lachapelle, J.M., 1965:
Apropos of a Clear-Cell Tumor

Dufour, 1964:
Apropos of a Clinical Case Associating Cholesteatoma, Meningeal Syndrome, Ascariasis

Florent, R.; Maillard, C., 1963:
Apropos of a Colo-Vesical Fistula

Mittmann, O., 1964:
Apropos of a Compensatory Distribution of Malignant Tumors in Large Population Groups

Giroire, H.; Charbonnel, A.; Hervouet, F.; Vercelletto, P.; Feve, J.R., 1964:
Apropos of a Complete Bilateral Ophthalmoplegia with Amaurosis During Polyneuritis with Cellular Infiltrates

Croizat, P.; Revol, L.; Thouverez; Belleville; Brunat, 1964:
Apropos of a Complex Hemorrhagic Syndrome Treated with Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid

Bichel, F.; Hippert, F., 1964:
Apropos of a Congenital Cyanogenic Cardiovascular Malformation

Friedebold, G., 1964:
Apropos of a Criticism of Surgical Osteosynthesis Technics with Reference to Possible Liability Claims

Sibilly, A.; Tikhonoff, W.; Suhler, A.; Fintz, B., 1964:
Apropos of a Curious Case of Impalement by a Wooden Peg

Ledoux, G.; Lehembre, P.; Jacquet, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Deliriant Melancholia During a Sheehan's Syndrome

Von Alberth, 1963:
Apropos of a Depressive Bone Marrow Effect of "hypersplenic" Spleens. I. Experimental Studies with the Cover Glass Culture Method

Hermann, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Drop of Oil in the Anterior Chamber

Monties, J.R.; Jouve, D.; Fani, A.; Wiot, A., 1965:
Apropos of a Dry Jugulo-Carotid Wound Successfully Operated Upon

Mourali, N.; Sioud, H., 1963:
Apropos of a Facial Hemisection

Czyzewska, J.; Belda-Michalak, J.; Rudkowski, Z., 1964:
Apropos of a Familial Syndrome of Antibody Deficiency

Vouters, C.; Clerc, A.; Catteau, V.; Robert, P., 1963:
Apropos of a Few Cases Furunculosis

Plasse, G.; Goirand, R.; Mazet, J.B.; Piana, L., 1963:
Apropos of a Few Cases of Pregnancy Diagnosis by the Wide-Gemzell Immunological Test

Bourliere, F.; Parot, S., 1964:
Apropos of a Few Theories on Cellular Aging

Muller, P.; Dellenbach, P.; Philippe, E., 1964:
Apropos of a Fibro-Thecoma of the Ovary

Borghesi, R.; Medaglini, E., 1965:
Apropos of a Form of Group Psychotherapy in Chronic Alcoholism. Critical Considerations on Alcoholics Anonymous

Prevost, A.G.; Debusschere, F.M.; Perrot, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Further Case of Associated Gastric Cancer and Tuberculosis

Girard, M.; Bertrand, P.; Mollard, J.; Marie, 1964:
Apropos of a Further Case of Crohn's Disease

Neimann, N.; Pierson, M.; Manciaux, M.; Sapelier, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Further Case of Diastrophic Nanism

Watrin, E., 1964:
Apropos of a Further Case of Fran Cois' Syndrome

Grillo, H.A., 1963:
Apropos of a Further Case of Rib Fracture Caused by Coughing

Marquet, J., 1965:
Apropos of a Giant Cyst of the Floor of the Mouth

Henrion, R.; Cornu, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Hemorrhage at Delivery Due to Willebrand Disease

Caroli, J.; Welter, E.; Eteve, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis Syndrome in the Course of a Polycystic Lesion of the Pancreas

Levere, F., 1963:
Apropos of a High Dysphagia

Sarrouy, C.; Sabatini, R.; Berger, C.; Sedallian, A., 1965:
Apropos of a Hospital Epidemic of Salmonella Typhi-Murium

Fontaine, R.; Bollack, C.; Mandard, J.C.; Kuhlmann, N., 1964:
Apropos of a Huge Hypertensive Latero-Aortic Juxta-Adrenal Paraganglioma Corresponding to An Achromaffin Pheochromocytoma of Doubtful Malignancy

Arkhipov, A.S., 1963:
Apropos of a Hygienic Standardization of new Chemical Substances

Milliez, P.; Lagrue, G.; Meyer, P., 1963:
Apropos of a Hypotensive Substance of Renal Origin

Dor, X.; Ranaivo, F.; Diane, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Left Coronary Vessel Originating from the Pulmonary Artery

Mey, R., 1963:
Apropos of a Masculinizing Activity of Allyloestrenol

Crovisier, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Means of Reclassifying Workers by Inter-Plant Industrial Medicine Services

Lemoyne, J.; Fleury, P.; Thibaut, B., 1964:
Apropos of a Metal Foreign Body in the Middle Ear

Richir, C.; Cros, J.; Toury, J.; Quenum, C.; Dupin, H., 1964:
Apropos of a Metastasizing Hepatoma Occurring in a Wistar Rat Subjected to a Diet Containing Aflatoxin

Rabotnikov, V.S.; Ananikian, P.P.; Rushanov, I.I., 1964:
Apropos of a Method for Abdominal Aortography and Femoral Arteriography

Higier, J.; Baranska, W., 1964 :
Apropos of a Method for the Examination of Human Embryonic Tissues

Glavcheva, L., 1964:
Apropos of a Method for the Production of Gastric Fistula in the Dog

Simon, E.; Robert, C.; Roux, C., 1965:
Apropos of a Method of Directed Labor with Narcosis and Total Suppression of Pain

Woringer, F.; Levy, J.F.; Bergoend, H., 1963:
Apropos of a Method of Occlusive Dressing in the Treatment of Psoriasis

Ott, T.; Rosselet, E., 1963:
Apropos of a Mixed Salivary Tumor at the Base of the Skull

Temime, P.; Grether, A., 1963:
Apropos of a Mucoid Cyst of the Lower Lip

Dor, J.; Bardot, A.; Dor, V.; Henry, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Nerve Tumor of the Mediastinum Adhering to the Spine. (Ganglioneuroma; Operation; Paraplegia; Recovery)

Gelman, G.T., 1964:
Apropos of a Neuro-Endocrine Syndrome in Children

Keravec, J., 1964:
Apropos of a new Antitussive Syrup: Bexol

Bollack, C.; Lang, G.; Suhler, A.; Spach, M.O.; Fievez, M., 1964:
Apropos of a new Case of Leiomyoma of the Thoracic Esophagus

Fontan, A.; Battin, J.J.; Bildstein, G.; Guillard, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of a new Epidemic of Pediatric Gastroenteritis. Action of Polymyxin

Minvielle; Souffrin, M., 1963:
Apropos of a new Form of 21-Hydroxypregnanedione Sodium Hemisuccinate: "viadril Glycocoll." its Value in Anesthesiology

Iakubov, I.; Milenkov, K.; Tsvetkov, T., 1964:
Apropos of a new Method of Terminating Pregnancy--Vacuum Excochleation. I

Depaulis, J., 1964:
Apropos of a new Minor Procedure in the Cutaneous Graft Technic

Chaia, J., 1964:
Apropos of a new Oral Antidiabetic, S.H. 717

Russo, P.; Valenzano, M., 1964:
Apropos of a New, Rapid Method for the Immunologic Diagnosis of Pregnancy (Gravindex), Compared with the Biological Test Used on Frogs

Levere, F., 1963:
Apropos of a Painful Ankle

Kuiumdzhiev, I.; Todorov, T.G., 1964:
Apropos of a Pathogen of a Rana Ridibunda Disease in Bulgaria

Coulie, R.; Debacker, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Peculiar Case of Waldenstroem's Macroglobulinemia

Kaisheva, I.V., 1964:
Apropos of a Peculiar Form of Diencephalic Syndrome During the Period of Sexual Maturation

Vittori, J.; Brunel, M.; Rivot, G.; Bocquet, A., 1965:
Apropos of a Perforated Hemorrhagic Ulcer in the Sequelae of a Trauma

Watrin, E.; Saudax, E., 1964:
Apropos of a Perilacrimal Tumor

Fillaudeau, G.; Samzun, B., 1965:
Apropos of a Picture of Osteomyelitis in An Infant

Preodrazhenskaia, M.N.; Skliueva, M.A., 1964:
Apropos of a Planned new Report Form in Therapeutic and Prophylactic Institutions

Ponomareva, E.D., 1965:
Apropos of a Plasmocytic Variant of Acute Leukemia

Rey, M.; Baylet, R.J.; Diopmar, I.; Sow, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Poliomyelitis Epidemic in S'en'egal

Mayer, M.; Henrion, R.; Philippon, J.; Singier, J.R., 1964:
Apropos of a Post-Transfusional Hemolytic accident due to a "Natural" irregular Isoantibody, the Anti-Lewis antibody

Grasset, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Project of Classification of Epilepsy

Belotte, J.; Gary-Bobo, J.; Pourquier, H., 1964:
Apropos of a Prostatic Carcinoma

Lapras, C.; Wertheimer, J.; Duquesnel, J.; Goute, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Pulsatile Exophthalmos Caused by a Carotid-Cavernous Fistula. Radiographic and Therapeutic Problems

Uhlir, J.; Potrusil, B.; Cikl, M., 1964:
Apropos Of A Pulsator. (Preliminary Report)

Chalnot, P.; Grosdidier, J.; Mathieu, P.; Masse, P., 1965:
Apropos of a Rare Complication of Translumbar Aortography: Traumatic Dissection of the Aortic Walls

Martin, J.P.; Buzyn, E., 1964:
Apropos of a Rare Disease: Pseudo-Hemophilic Arthritis Caused by Isolated Proconvertin Deficiency

Scripilliti, S., 1965:
Apropos of a Rare Report on the Subject of Colon Polyposis (Association with Angiomatosis of the Mesosigmoid)

Lapras, C.; Wertheimer, J.; Thierry, A., 1963:
Apropos of a Recent Case of Arachnoid Cyst of the Posterior Cerebral Fossa

Guichard, A.; Tommasi, M.; Rochet, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Recent Case of Pachyesophagus (Diffuse Myomatosis of the Esophagus)

Vachon, A.; Plauchu, M.; Paliard, P.; Sterlin; Revillard, J.P., 1963:
Apropos of a Recent Case of Primary Liver Cancer Grafted on Familial Idiopathic Hemochromatosis

Girard, M.; Plauchu, M.; Bel, A.; Revillard, J.P., 1963:
Apropos of a Recent Case of Secreting Carcinoidosis of Bronchial Origin Presumed to be of Digestive Origin Until Autopsy

Jodin, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Referendum: Something new for our Retiring Days

Barolin, G., 1963:
Apropos of a Relation Between Migraine and Epilepsy

Gastard, J.; Vivien, P., 1964:
Apropos of a Retroperitoneal Tumor Revealed by a Hematoma During Phenylbutazone Treatment

Aleksina, L.I.; Chubarova, A.A., 1964:
Apropos of a Sanitary-Chemical Examination of Epoxide Coatings Used in the Food Industry

Roccamonte, G.; Volpe, D., 1965:
Apropos of a Sarcoma of the Breast Arising on a Fibroadenomatous Nodule

Berge, D.; Galian, A., 1964:
Apropos of a Sarcoma of the Spermatic Cord

Lopatin, P.V.; Lopatin, B.V., 1964:
Apropos of a Search for new Materials for Packaging Drugs. (Absorption of Ultraviolet Rays by new Materials for Packaging Drugs)

Michotey, G.; Brandone, H.; Helaine, R., 1963:
Apropos of a Series of 20 Cases of So-Called Pilonidal Sacrococcygeal Cysts

Regojde, M., 1963:
Apropos of a Series of Sterility and Infertility Patients Treated Gonadal-Stimulating Roentgen Therapy

Volmat, R.; Robert, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Special Technic for the Study of Pictorial Creation Under the Effects of a Drug

Wrba, H.; Rabes, H.; Georgii, A., 1965:
Apropos Of A Specific Effect Of Blood Serum From Subtotally Hepatectomized Rats On Tumors

Houel, J.; Callige, P.; Dor, V.; Chichet, C.; Malmejac, C.; Noirclerc, M.; Paoli, J.M.; Richaud, C., 1964:
Apropos of a Starr Edwards Mitral Prosthesis

Debeugny, P.; Combemale, B.; Benoit, M., 1965:
Apropos of a Strangulated Lymphatic Cyst in the Crural Ring

Svoboda, M., 1964:
Apropos of a Suitable Contrast Medium for Roentgen Examination of the Larynx and Esophagus

Starkova, N.T.; Smirnova, S.A., 1964:
Apropos of a Surgical Technic for the Treatment of the Stein-Leventhal Syndrome

Minguet, R.; Jupka, K.; Cornibert, C., 1965:
Apropos of a Survey on the Incidence of Dental Caries in Primary Schools of Rabat-Sal'e (1962-1963)

Favre, H., 1964:
Apropos of a Symposium on Muscle

Lang, G.; Dechoux, J.; Oppermann, A.; Bollack, C.; Fontaine, R., 1964:
Apropos of a Tracheal Cylindroma

Duhamel, J.; Cherigie, E.; Rosenfeld, C., 1963:
Apropos of a Tracheoesophageal Fistula of Tuberculous Origin. (Presentation of a Radio-Cinematographic Film)

Mouriquand, J.; Mouriquand, C.; Darnault, J.; Grivet, M.N., 1965:
Apropos of a Virus Isolated from a Murine Radioleukosis

Pene, P.; Quenum, C.; Bernou, J.C.; Agboton, Y.; Grellier, J., 1965:
Apropos of a Voluminous Aneurysm of the Brachiocephalic Trunk

Voglimacci, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of a Volvulus of the Gallbladder

Laumonier, P.; Couraud, L., 1964:
Apropos of a Vuluminous Tumor of Intrapleural Development

Cheymol, J., 1964:
Apropos of a Widespread Warning Against the Abuse of Analgesics in Switzerland

Cottin, S.; Bodin, G., 1964:
Apropos Of A Winter Recrudescence Of Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Traissac, R.; Vincent, A.; Vincentbperroy, J., 1964:
Apropos of a "baby Thermometer"

Reggio, O.; Blasi, R., 1964:
Apropos of a "pulmonary Fibrocalcific Sequel" Disappearing After Chemoantibiotic Treatment

Merialdi, A., 1965:
Apropos Of Accidental Reports In The Course Of Inguino-Pelvic Lymphography

Grassin, P., 1964:
Apropos Of Accidents Due To Anticoagulants

Gardashnikov, F.L.; Ermolchik, E.D., 1965:
Apropos of Actinomycosis of the Face and Jaw

Bormuth, D., 1964:
Apropos Of Active Immunization Against Tetanus. Ii. Evaluation Of Different Types Of Vaccines

Bormuth, D., 1964:
Apropos of Active Immunization Against Tetanus. Iv. Earlier Results and Experiences. Proposals for Improving Protection Against Tetanus

Bormuth, D., 1964:
Apropos of Active Immunization Tetanus. I. the Importance of Tetanus and Demonstration of the Immunization Method

Popov, A.K., 1964:
Apropos of Actometric Criteria of Sleep

Gatsinski, P., 1963:
Apropos of Acute Gastric Dilatation

Kourias, B., 1964:
Apropos of Acute Pancreatitis After Operations for Biliary Lithiasis

Budanova, L.F., 1965:
Apropos of Acute Peroral Poisoning with Dichloroethane

Filipova, J.; Vrba, J., 1963:
Apropos of Acute Respiratory Tract Injury Due to Irritating Gases

Grigoreva, K.V., 1964:
Apropos of Air Pollution by Maleic Anhydride

Robel, P., 1965:
Apropos of Aldosterone

Vandzhura, R.P., 1963:
Apropos of Alimentary Anemia in Children

Salfeld, K., 1964:
Apropos of Alkali Neutralization and Alkali Resistance of the Skin of Aged Subjects

Czerniawska, A., 1963:
Apropos of Allergic Otitis Media in Children

Salakhutdinov, K.K.; Kuridi, S.K.; Melkumova, I., 1963:
Apropos of Allergy in Neuropathology

Fries, R., 1965:
Apropos of Alloplastic Bridging of the Defect After Mandible Resections

FUSHCHENKO, A.Ia., 1963:
Apropos of Alloplastic Treatment of Hernias Following Gynecological Operations

Picha, E., 1964:
Apropos of Alteration of Disordered Sex Behavior After Radical Gynecological Surgery

Seidel, G.; Streller, I.; Soehring, K., 1964:
Apropos of Altering the Alcohol Content in the Blood by Chlorpromazine

Oudet, P., 1963:
Apropos of Alveolar Cancer of the Lung

Viankin, K.I., 1963:
Apropos of Aminazin Therapy of Toxemias in the 2d Half of Pregnancy

Blancard, P.; Sorato, M.; Blanck, C.; Iris, L.; Liotet, S., 1964:
Apropos Of An Accidental Macular Photocoagulation By A Laser

Brandone, H.; Jouglard, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of An Acute Volvulus of the Sigmoid

Jouanneau, P.; Laumonier, R.; Laquerriere, R.; Evreux, R.; Chapelle, M., 1963:
Apropos of An Adenoma of the Liver

Frenger, W., 1965:
Apropos of An Alteration of the Isoagglutinin Titer by Oxyphenbutazone

Garde, A.; Tommasi, M.; Salle, B., 1963 :
Apropos of An Anatomo-Clinical Case of Penfield-Ward Type Epileptogenic Calcific Angioma; Multiple Cerebral Telangiectasia

Herbeuval, R.; Huriet, C.; Weber, M., 1964:
Apropos of An Anatomo-Clinical Observation of Sheehan's Syndrome

Pain, F., 1965:
Apropos of An Antitussive and Pectoral Syrup for use in Children (Bexol Enfants Syrup)

Maire; Racle; Thivellier, 1964:
Apropos of An Aortic Wound at the Level of the Diaphragmatic Orifice

Jean, E.; Jouve, A.; Hadida; Aroucaya, L., 1965:
Apropos of An Attempt at Disobstruction of the Superior Mesenteric Artery in the Course of Intestinal Infarction

Giannelli, A.; Vanni, F., 1964:
Apropos of An Atypical Case of Huntington's Chorea

Kissel, P.; Hartemann, P.; Duprez, A., 1964:
Apropos of An Atypical Form of Klinefelter's Syndrome: a Case with Normal Fsh and High Urinary Estrogen Level

Serafino, X.; Diouf, B.; Menye, P.A., 1964:
Apropos of An Enormous Schwannoma of the Stomach. Clinical and Therapeutic Considerations

Chauvin, H.F.; Bricot, R., 1964:
Apropos of An Enormous Undiagnosed Renal Adenocarcinoma. Value of the Transperitoneal Approach

Apostolides, P.; Leveau, J.; Wagner, J.J., 1965:
Apropos of An Epidemic of Poliomyelitis

Lacassagne, A.; Rudali, G.; Fusey, P.; Sales, L., 1964:
Apropos of An Epidemic of the Enterohepatic Syndrome Caused by Aspergillus Flavus, Occurring on a Mink Ranch

Saint-Aubert, P.; Debeugny, P.; Dupuis, C., 1964:
Apropos of An Epithelial Cyst of the Spleen

Mollaret, H.H.; Sizaret, P.; Vallee, A., 1963:
Apropos of An Epizootic Due to the Malassez-Vignal Bacillus (Pasteurella Pseudotuberculosis) in Monkeys

Mickiewicz, L., 1964:
Apropos of An External Dacryorhinostomy Technic

Legrand, J.; Hervouet, F.; Chevannes, H.; Boisde; Ginguene, A., 1964:
Apropos of An Interesting Case of Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann Disease

Justin Besancon, L.; Barreau, G.; Delavierre, P.; Even, P.; Pequignot, H.; Schoux, J., 1963:
Apropos of An Intracranial Hemispheric Calcification

Binazzi, M., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation of Brocq's Pseudopelade in a Father and Daughter

Williot, J.; Delporte, F.; Depre, C., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation of Cystic Thymoma

Lagache, G.; Belbenoit, C.; May, J.P.; Ramez, J.; Combemale, B., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation of Hematic Pseudocyst of the Spleen

Poirier, J.P.; Berthon, M., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation of Hypertrophic Tuberculosis of the Sigmoid

Perron; Achard; Manipoud, 1965 :
Apropos of An Observation of Mercurial Stomatitis

Delecour, M.; Benoit, M.; Samaille, R., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation of Ovarian Pregnancy

Scarbonchi; Lagrave; Duche; Bonparis, 1965:
Apropos of An Observation of Sacrocoxalgia Treated by Resection-Arthrodesis

Sulis, E.; Sirigu, F.; Medda, A., 1964:
Apropos of An Observation Regarding a Patient Affected by Cooley's Syndrome, who Died During a Second Pregnancy

Bismuth, V.; Bernard, J.; Bourdon, R.; Bard, M.; Choquet, C., 1964:
Apropos of An Osteocondensing Form of Mastocytosis

Javalet, A.; Sztabert, C., 1964:
Apropos of An Sl Sciatica

Rey, M.; Barme, M.; Mattern, P.; Seck, I., 1964:
Apropos Of An Unexpected Paralytic Accident In The Course Of A Rabies Vaccination

Gilgenkrantz, J.M.; Cherrier, F.; Tenette, C.; Royer, R.; Rebeix, G., 1964:
Apropos of An Unpublished Clinical Association: Mitral Stenosis, Breast Cancer and Panhypopituitarism

Da Rocha, C., 1964:
Apropos of An Unusual Case of Atresia of the Esophagus or Esophago-Tracheal Malformation

Portigliattibarbos, M.; Gamna, G., 1963:
Apropos of An Unusual Case of Lupine Poisoning

Declerck, 1964:
Apropos of An Unusual Case of "dementia Paralytica Juvenilis"

Sala, G., 1964:
Apropos of An Unusual Localization of Endometriosis in the Inguinal Region

Leviguelloux, J.; Causse, G.; Carrie, J., 1963:
Apropos of An Urban Epidemic of Smallpox in Africa

Chutko, M.B., 1965:
Apropos of Analysis of the Complications and Outcome in Ophthalmosurgical Practice

Matzander, U., 1964:
Apropos of Anastomosis Obstruction After Surgical Portacaval Shunt. An Experimental Contribution

Coste, F.; Laurent, F.; Illouz, G.; Mazabraud, A.; Lebeux, Y., 1963:
Apropos of Anatomical Lesions of the Vertebrae in Ankylosing Spondylarthritis

Enikeeva, R.I.; Popova, T.L., 1965:
Apropos of Anemias with Rickets in Premature Infants

Rakay, A., 1963:
Apropos of Anesthesia for Guinea Pigs

Zapolla, R.; Tognetti, A., 1963:
Apropos of Anesthesia in Emergency Obstetrical Surgery

Doutriaux, J., 1964:
Apropos of Anesthesia in the Stomatologist's Consulting Room

Kortas, J.; Uherek-Straszko, H., 1964:
Apropos of Anesthesia in Thyroid Surgery

Golbert, Z.V., 1964:
Apropos of Aneurysmal Bone Cysts

Laffargue, P.; Toga, M.; Berard, M.; Dubois, D., 1964:
Apropos of Angioreticulomas of the Nervous System

Apropos of Angiorrhaphy

Atanasova, L., 1963:
Apropos of Ankylostomiasis with Anemia

Toshkov, A.; Velianov, D.; Kostov, V., 1964:
Apropos of Antibacterial Properties of Intravascular and in Vitro Blood

Nazarov, V.V., 1965:
Apropos of Antibacterial Treatment of Tuberculous Diseases of the Eye

Petrov, D.G.; Savkiv, B.T., 1964:
Apropos of Anticoagulant Effect Following Infusions of the Protein Blood Substitute Bk-8

Jankowicz, E.; Bogdanowicz, I., 1963:
Apropos of Aphasia in the Left-Handed

Abely, P.; Rondepierre, M.; Gellman, C., 1963:
Apropos of Appetite Disorders. Pathological Hyperorexia in Females and their Frequent Development into Toxicomania. their Counterpart and Points Common with Anorexia. their Therapy

Parfenov, I.S., 1964:
Apropos of Applanation Tonography

Leu, H.J., 1965 :
Apropos of Arterial Involvement in Venous Diseases. (Experimental Studies with the Method of Photoplethysmography)

Andrukovich, A.I., 1964:
Apropos of Arterial Pressure Standards

Martini, M.; Essafi, Z.; Henneieng, L.; Ennabli, E., 1963:
Apropos of Articular Fractures of the Upper End of the Tibia

Menner, K.; Rautenburg, H.W., 1965:
Apropos of Asynchronous Ventricular Contraction in Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

Szajbel, W.; Jankowski, K., 1964:
Apropos of Ateroid Therapy

Rafalowicz, A.; Zielinski, J., 1963:
Apropos of Atypical Forms of the W.P.W. Syndrome

Abrahamovic, M., 1964:
Apropos of Auditory Adaptation and Fatigue in Different Forms of Conduction Deafness

Staeps, R., 1964:
Apropos of Auto-Antibody Formation in Lupus Erythematosus

Witmer, R., 1964:
Apropos of Autoimmune Disease of the Eye: Phaco-Antigen Uveitis

Veksler, M.A.; Biriukov, V.V., 1965:
Apropos of Automation in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry

Shtiben, N.V., 1964:
Apropos of Bacteremia in Surgical Diseases

Patrini, G., 1963:
Apropos of Bacteremic Shock in Obstetrics

Suponitskaia, V.M., 1964:
Apropos of Bactericidal Factors in the Blood Serum. I. Bactericidal Factors in the Serum of Normal Animals and Healthy Human Subjects

Gudzheva, V., 1963:
Apropos of Balneotherapy of Neurasthenic Neuroses

Diankov, L., 1964:
Apropos of Barosinusopathies

Razumikhina, N.P.; Shastina, E.A., 1964:
Apropos of Behcet's Disease

Topalov, I.; Stoichev, A., 1963:
Apropos of Bernardi's Operation in Idiopathic Varicocele

Prostakova, I.G.; Egorov, M.S., 1964:
Apropos of Beta Irradiation in Conditions of Work at the 1st Atomic Power Plant

Angozova, D.; Diankov, L., 1964:
Apropos of Biliary Dyskinesia in Childhood. (Preliminary Communication)

Ingelrans, P., 1964:
Apropos of Biliary Lithiasis in Children

Desimone, G., 1963:
Apropos of Biographies of Chronic Schizophrenics

Popov, M., 1963:
Apropos of Bites by Poisonous Snakes in Bulgaria

Kafka, V.; Paces, V., 1963:
Apropos of Bladder Exstrophy

Rath, R.; Petrasek, R., 1964:
Apropos of Body Weight Standards. Ratio of Body Fat and its Relation to Body Height in Women with Normal Weight. I

Lehmann, R., 1963:
Apropos of Bone Changes in Boeck's Disease

Kuentscher, G., 1963:
Apropos of Bone-Marrow Nailing

Vorobev, V.A., 1965:
Apropos of Breast Feeding in Acute Suppurative Mastitis

Dozorets, I.L., 1964:
Apropos of Bronchial Asthma

Kern, E., 1965:
Apropos of Calcaneal Fractures

Smaikina, M.G., 1965:
Apropos of Calcified Foci of the Brain in Chronic Acquired Toxoplasmosis

Rohner, A.; Dubois, C.; Megevand, R., 1963:
Apropos of Cancer of the Esophagus and its Treatment

Popov, I.S.; Mishchenko, L.I.; Bondar, Z.S.; Tsisina, G.V.; Nosatenko, V.E., 1964:
Apropos of Candidiasis Consecutive to the use of Antibiotics

Dereux, J.F., 1965:
Apropos of Carbamyldibenzazepine

Girardet, P., 1964:
Apropos of Carbohydrate Malabsorption Syndromes. the Absorption-Digestion of Lactose

Kern, E.; Gehring-Sieberg, A., 1965:
Apropos of Carcinoma of the Bile Ducts and Gallbladder

Bellomo, V.J., 1964:
Apropos of Carcinoma of the Thyroid. Diagnostic Criteria and Therapy

Siddons, H., 1965:
Apropos of Cardiac Pacing. Comparative Results of Three Different Methods

Abramowicz, A.; Panasiewicz, M., 1963:
Apropos of Cardiac Rupture in Recent Infarction

Korhon, M.; Krc, C., 1964:
Apropos of Cardial Insufficiency After Stomach Resection

Recordier, A.M.; Legre, M.; Vignoli, R.; Gaujoux, J., 1963:
Apropos of Case of Duodenal Leiomyosarcoma

Gebert, P.; Hinkel, G.K., 1964:
Apropos of Castration in Masculine Pseudohermaphroditism

Tolstiakov, E.N., 1964:
Apropos of Catalepsy in Falling Asleep and Awakening

Silanteva, G.E., 1964:
Apropos of Causes of Asphyxia Neonatorum

Davydov, B.I., 1964 :
Apropos of Causes of Chronic Pneumonia in Children

Pecherstorfer, M.; Figdor, P.P., 1963:
Apropos of Cavern Drainage in Tuberculous Kidneys

Lejsek, K., 1963:
Apropos of Cell Transport from the Nucleolus to the Cytoplasm

Haschke, W., 1963:
Apropos of Centrifugal Nerve Fibers to the Retina

Bourgoin, P., 1964:
Apropos of Certain Aspects of Endometritis

Kuess, R.; Camey, M.; Dimopoulos, C., 1965:
Apropos of Certain Cases of Peri-Ureteritis of Neoplastic Origin

Horovitz, G., 1964:
Apropos of Certain Disorders of Binocular Vision

Lazarini, H.J.; L Epee, P.; Ortscheid, G.; De Larrard, J., 1964:
Apropos of Certain Medicamentous Poisonings

Dry, J., 1964:
Apropos of Cervical Arthrosis

Waegele, R., 1964:
Apropos of Cesarean Section Followed by Temporary Exteriorization of the Uterus and Secondary Reintegration. Portes' Operation

Troitskii, V.B.; Gorbunova, N.A., 1964:
Apropos of Changes in Intercellular Water Metabolism in Dogs After Fatal Thermal Burn

Gromov, V.A.; Zhulanova, Z.I.; Romantsev, E.F.; Smolin, D.D.; Sokolova, G.N., 1964:
Apropos of Changes in the Content of Liver Lipid Fractions in Animals Exposed to Radiations

Markin, M.A., 1963:
Apropos of Changes in the Sequence of Medical Examinations for Workers in the Mining Industry

Paltsev, E.I., 1964:
Apropos of Changes in the Spectral Composition of Tremors and their Relation to the Nature of Motor Tasks

Erkocak, A.; Reale, E.; Gautier, A.; Bucher, O., 1963:
Apropos of Changes in the Ultrastructure of the Proximal Tubules of the Kidney in Alloxan Diabetes

Morczek, A.; Schmidt, W., 1964:
Apropos of Changes in the Urinary Tract After Irradiation of the Abdominal Area

Dotsenko, A.A., 1964:
Apropos of Changes in the Water Factor and Sanitary-Epidemiological Conditions in the Lower Don Region After the Construction of the Tsimlian Reservoir

Bokova, L.B., 1963:
Apropos of Characteristics of the Blood Coagulation System During Labor

Ivanova, L.V., 1964:
Apropos of Chemoreception in Insects. (Review of the Literature)

Jelinek, R., 1964:
Apropos of Choledochus Substitution

Pereira, A.T., 1963:
Apropos of Cholera in Macao in 1962

Adburakhmanov, F.A., 1964:
Apropos of Cholesterol Metabolism in Patients with Atherosclerosis

Khamitov, F.S., 1965:
Apropos of Cholinergic Changes in Periodontosis

Faerman, I.S.; Bongard, E.M.; Lashchenko, N.S., 1964:
Apropos of Chronic Chlorophos Intoxication

Blanquet, P.; Croizet, M.; Croizet, J.; Vrignaud, C.; Brandrick, A.; Meyniel, G.; Ferretbouin, P., 1964:
Apropos of Circulating Organic Iodine: Further Experiments

Stefanko, S.; Iwanowski, L.; Rafalowska, J.; Sobkowicz, H., 1965:
Apropos of Circulatory Disorders in the Area of So-Called "last-Frontier" of the Thalamus

Lachapelle, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of Clear Cell Tumors of the Skin

Apropos of Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects of Myocardial Infarction in Diabetic Patients

Alkhutova, G.I., 1964:
Apropos of Clinical Aspects and Diagnosis of Reticulosarcomatosis and Lympho-Sarcomatosis

Luzhnikov, E.A.; Dagaev, V.N., 1964:
Apropos of Clinical Aspects and Emergency Therapy of Poisoning with Organic Phosphate Insecticides

Voronova, G.V.; Chakhutinskaia, M.G., 1965:
Apropos of Clinico-Microbiological Characteristics of Patients Infected with Salmonella and Treated with Monomycin

Zakrzewski, A., 1964:
Apropos of Closing Large Postoperative Retrocochlear Fistulae Using Reversed Musculo-Periosteal Flaps

Kuehboeck, J.; Rothenbuchner, G., 1965:
Apropos of Cold Agglutinin Disease

Monod, O.; Kateb, E.; Almosni, M., 1965:
Apropos of Cold Tuberculous Abscesses of the Chest Wall

Umanskii, G.I., 1964:
Apropos of Collagenoses in Dermatology

Dargent, M.; Faidutti, B., 1964:
Apropos of Colonic Lipomas

Ramon, G., 1963:
Apropos of combined vaccinations in general and combined vaccinations "Antidiphtheria-Antitetanus-Antityphoparatyphoid-Antipoliomyelitis (Dt-Tab-Polio)" in particular

Podoba, E.G., 1964:
Apropos of Compensation of Underdevelopment and Overgrowth in Young Animals

Forschner, L., 1964:
Apropos of Competence in the Treatment of Otogenic Cerebral Complications

Lesbre, F.X.; Perrot, H., 1965:
Apropos of Complications of Renal Lithiasis During Therapy at Ch Atel-Guyon

Garnier, H.; Reynier, J.; Dimopoulos, F., 1964:
Apropos of Complications of Sternal Puncture

Desjacques, P.; Michel, J., 1964:
Apropos of Complications of Vagotomy. a Case of Duodenal Distention with Peritoneal Effusion Treated by Duodeno-Jejunostomy Followed by a Blind Loop Syndrome

Stefanova, Z.; Georgieva, T., 1964:
Apropos of Complications Related to Artificial Interruption of Pregnancy from Data of the 1st Maternity Home "tina Kirkova"

Dontsova, Z.S., 1963:
Apropos of Conditions for the Development of Stationary Excitation in Nerve Centers

Lapras, A., 1964:
Apropos of Congenital Atresia of the Colon

Stalport, J.; Horeczky, G.; Halleux, A., 1965:
Apropos of Congenital Cysts of the Common Bile Duct

Thilo, G.; Cardis, R., 1964:
Apropos of Congenital Malformations Discovered at the Maternit'e De Saint-Loup: An Operated Case of Diaphragmatic Hernia in a Newborn Infant

Neveu, J., 1963:
Apropos of Congenital Megaureters. a Technic of Ureterovesical Anastomosis

Koshev, L.; Petrinska, S., 1964:
Apropos of Congenital Polycystic Kidney Disease in Children

Bercu, G., 1965:
Apropos of Congenital Right Retro-Costo-Xyphoid Hernia of the Hepatic Angle of the Colon, Situated in the Diaphragmatic Region

Tsybulskaia, G.V., 1965:
Apropos of Congenital Tuberculosis

Boiko, I.D., 1964 :
Apropos of Continuous Cultivation of Microorganisms Producing Antibiotics

Popov, A.K., 1964:
Apropos of Contracture of Muscles Controlling Facial Expression

Wejsflog, G., 1964:
Apropos of Control of Contractures

Wagenknecht, C.; Rapoport, S., 1964:
Apropos of Cooperation of Intracellular Nadh Oxidation Systems

Shibkova, S.A.; Koroleva, L.V., 1964:
Apropos of Cortical Fibers in the Retina of the Monkey

Paraf, A., 1964:
Apropos of Corticoid Therapy in Icterogenic Hepatitis

Luquet, P., 1963:
Apropos of Counter-Transference in the Secondary Integration of Auto-Analysis and Floating Attention

Lob, A., 1965:
Apropos of Covering for the Skull Exposed in Osteomyelitis by Skin Transplantation

Rainaut, J.J.; Cedard, C., 1964:
Apropos Of Coxa Vara In Adolescents

Ebel, K.D., 1964:
Apropos of Craniostenosis

Bojanovsky, J.; Sahanek, O.; Chloupkova, K., 1963:
Apropos of Cyclic Psychoses

Ponsan, X., 1963:
Apropos of Cysto-Epithelioma of the Ovary

Bratanov, B.; Skachokova, K.; Savov, Z.; Markova, R., 1964:
Apropos of Cytogenetics of Langdon Down's Disease and Report of a Case

De Crousaz, G.; Dufresne, J.J., 1965:
Apropos of Cytology of the Cerebrospinal Fluid

De Oliveira, J.E., 1963:
Apropos of Deafness Caused by Acoustic Trauma

Lorenz, E.; Rossipal, E., 1965:
Apropos of Decreased Resistance in Measles

Petrova, N.I.; Pokrovenko, Z..I., 1965:
Apropos of Decreasing Air Pollution Caused by Emissions from the Nikitovka Mercury Factory

Apropos of Decreasing Basic Differences in the Statistical Treatment of Data from Sanitary Toxicological Experiments

Kukla, D., 1964:
Apropos of Decreasing the Size of the Hand

Fiala, J.; Majsky, A., 1964:
Apropos of Defibrinized Blood. Iii. Titer of Agglutinins in Defibrinized Blood

Schubert, E.; Jagielski, J., 1964:
Apropos of Demonstration of Phase-Shifting Influences of Body Tissues on the Extremity Leads of the Electrocardiogram.(Studies with the Axon Cardiograph)

Labouche, F.; Duluc, J.; Barreau, J., 1963:
Apropos of Dermatological Dressings Under Plastic "wrapping"

Apropos of Dermatomyositis

Moszynski, B., 1965:
Apropos of Dermatoplasty in Middle Ear Operations

Ianov, N.M., 1964:
Apropos of Determination of Drug Requirements

Sokolovskii, I.P., 1965:
Apropos of Determination of the Safety of Electronic Medical Equipment

Pivkin, V.M., 1964:
Apropos of Determination of the Sanitary-Hygienic Criteria for some Urban Construction Standards

Bartova, A.; Hocman, G., 1965:
Apropos Of Determining Corticosterone In The Plasma And Adrenal Gland Homogenates Of Rats

Baikova, V.S.; Lapchenkov, I.V., 1964:
Apropos of Determining the Dose of Ionizing Radiations in the Kidney During I-131 Therapy

Futornyi, N.S., 1964:
Apropos of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Errors of Intestinal Invagination in Children

Kruglova, L.I., 1964:
Apropos of Diagnostic Procedures for Dispensary Psychiatrists in Differentiating Epilepsy from Brain Tumors with the Epileptiform Picture

Ferreira, J.A., 1964:
Apropos of Diaphragmatic Hernia and Myocardial Infarct

Gizov, G.; Ninova, P.; Ganova-Mollova, N., 1963:
Apropos of Diets in Acute Nephritis and the Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Shpigel, A.N., 1964:
Apropos of Differential Diagnosis of Chronic Pyelonephritis and Glomerulonephritis

Nemiro, E.A., 1963:
Apropos of Differential Diagnosis of some Coin Lesions of the Lung

Hansen, H.G., 1965:
Apropos of Differentiation of Different Reticulogranulomatoses in Childhood

Prevot, J.; Manciaux, M.; Rebeix, M.T., 1963:
Apropos of Digestive Side-Effects of Corticoid Therapy in Children. Report of a Cured Case of Multiple Ileal Perforations

Antolova, T.; Hanzel, J.; Novak, A.; Sonak, R., 1964:
Apropos of Diphtheria Bacteria Carrier States

Struchkov, M.I., 1964:
Apropos of Direct and Reverse Conditioned Connections

L Epee, L.; Lazarini, H.J.; Bentejac, J.Y.; Fialon, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of Disability and Incapacitation Old Age Insurance Under Social Security

Tarakanova, K.N.; Koniuchenko, T.I., 1963:
Apropos of Disability in Tuberculosis in Leningrad

Bosman, C., 1964:
Apropos of Disease Caused by Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria

Novak, A.; Benko, J.; Mayerova, A.; Vaskebova, M., 1964:
Apropos of Diseases Simulating Infectious Infantile Paralysis

Khalina, F.A.; Kantorovich, V.N., 1963:
Apropos of Disorders of the Optic Pathways in Diffuse Gliomas of the Brain

Mazurik, V.K., 1965:
Apropos Of Disorders Of Thymidine And Desoxyuridine Metabolism In Irradiated Rats

Altshuler, N.S.; Varsava, B.A.; Liubavina, B.T., 1964:
Apropos of Dispensary Methods of Antitubercular Work in a Village

Rassvetaev, V.N., 1963:
Apropos of Dispensary Services for the Population

Neimann, N.; Prevot, J., 1963:
Apropos of Diverticula of the Scrotal Urethra

Ferrand, J.; Pheline, Y.; Chitour, S., 1964:
Apropos of Diverticuli of the Ampulla of Vater

Guskova, A.K.; Drutman, R.D.; Malysheva, M.S.; Soldatova, V.A., 1964:
Apropos of Dose Determination and the Possibility of Clinical Diagnosis of Disease Caused by Exposure to Po210

Henry, E.; Courbier, R.; Monties, J.R.; Baille, Y., 1964:
Apropos of Drainage After Median Sternotomy

Roy, B., 1964:
Apropos of Drainage of Acute Appendicitis

Uber, A.; Esslen, E.; Kloeti, R.; Martenet, A.C., 1964:
Apropos of Duane's Syndrome

Danilov, V.I.; Didenko, S.I.; Protsenko, G.A.; Kainarskii, I.S.; Degtiareva, E.V., 1964:
Apropos of Dust Control During the use of Dinas Brick and Mortar

Bekhtereva, N.P.; Stepanova, T., 1964:
Apropos of Dynamics of a Focus of Pathological Activity in Brain Tumors Following Elimination of External Stimuli and During Sleep

Martyniuk, N.I., 1964:
Apropos Of Dynamics Of Mucopolysaccharides In Human Ribs

Deshevoi, B.E., 1964:
Apropos of Dynamics of the Prothrombin Activity of the Blood in Atherosclerotic and Hypertensive Patients

Molkhou, J., 1964:
Apropos of Dystonic Hypotension

Shlaen, S.P., 1965:
Apropos of Early and Late Metastases of Lymphoepithelial Tumors

Mosinger, M.; De Bisschop, G.; Dumoulin, J., 1964:
Apropos of Early Electrodiagnosis. (Experimental Study)

Grimoud, M.; Lapeyrere, J.; Malecaze, A., 1964:
Apropos of Early Giving way of the Anastomosis After Left Hemicolectomy

De Paillerets, F., 1964:
Apropos of Early Myopathies

Germain, A.; Courtois-Suffit, M.; Dupuis, P., 1963:
Apropos of Early Post- Operative Acute Pancreatitis After Biliary Operations for Lithiasis

Nordmann, J., 1965:
Apropos of Early Post-Natal Cataracts

Thomerat, G.; Debesse, B., 1964:
Apropos of Early Reoperation in Abdominal Surgery

Bolgert, M., 1965:
Apropos of Eczema Due to Streptomycin. Role of Psychological Factors

Novachev, D., 1964:
Apropos of Edema of the Brain and Meninges in Newborn Infants

Welti, H.; Chevalley, J., 1965:
Apropos of Edematous or Cystic Thyroid Cancer

Magre, J.; Toscer, L.; Lebeaupin, R., 1965:
Apropos of Efficiency of Hypertonic Sorbitol in Reestablishment of Postoperative Intestinal Transport (2 Comparative Series of 120 Cases)

Ivanova, M.P.; Talyshev, F.M., 1964:
Apropos of Electrographic Manifestations of Voluntary Movements

Samokhvalova, M.A.; Balakhovskaia, M.I.; Dubovtseva, I.I.; Popova, G.G.; Zavialova, A.I., 1965:
Apropos of Endemic Goiter in the Krasnoiarsk Region

Boiron, H.; Basset, A.; Faye, I.; Mallet, M., 1964:
Apropos of Endemic Syphilis. Research on Origin of the Contamination

Iordanov, E., 1964:
Apropos of Endobronchial Intubation with the Carlens Tube in Pulmonary Surgery

Remacle, P., 1964:
Apropos of Endocrine Modifications in the Association: Hypetrophic Pulmonar Osteomarthropathies, Gynecomastia, Pulmonary Cancer

Bontoux, D., 1964:
Apropos of Endocrine Treatment of Metastases from Breast Cancer

Mincheva, M., 1964:
Apropos of Endotracheal General Anesthesia in Cesarean Section

Gitelzon, I.I.; Chumakova, R.I.; Fish, A.M., 1965:
Apropos Of Energy Correlations Between Bio-Luminescence And Respiration In Luminescent Bacteria

Kisteneva, G.S., 1964:
Apropos of Energy Expenditure by Children During Various Periods of Botkin's Disease

Raikhshtat, G.N.; Shapiro, A.A.; Riumina, M.G.; Leikina, R.F.; Berlovich, E.A.; Karaseva, M.F., 1963:
Apropos Of Enlarging The Age Group Of Children Subject To Whooping Cough Vaccination

Krylov, A.A.; Polozhentsev, S.D., 1965:
Apropos of Eosinophilic Leukemia

Toga, M.; Berard Badier, M.; Lieutaud, R., 1963:
Apropos of Epidermoid and Dermoid Cysts of the Nervous System

Spitalier, J.M.; Colonnadistria, J.; Colonnadistria, P.P., 1964 :
Apropos of Epidermoid Carcinomas of the Mobile Tongue in Women

Burczynski, E.; Korycki, Z.; Potyrala, B., 1963:
Apropos of Epistaxis in Children During the Influenza Epidemic in 1958-1962

Hillemand, P.; Cherigie, E., 1964:
Apropos of Epitheliomas of the Small Intestine

Montandon, A., 1964:
Apropos of Esophageal Tuberculosis. Lymphatico-Broncho-Esophageal Fistula

Camelin, A.; Beck, C.; Bocquet, A., 1964:
Apropos of Esophageal Ulcer

Cottin, S.; Cozan, R.; Veran, P., 1964:
Apropos of Ethionamide Jaundice

Olearczyk, J.; Ziemniak, J., 1963:
Apropos of Exchange Transfusion in Newborn Infants with Abo Incompatibility. I. Preparation of a Suspension of Washed Red Cells from the O Group in the Plasma Compatible in the Abo System with Infant's Blood

Leger, L.; Aubertin, E., 1964:
Apropos of Exclusion or Resection of the Colon in Portacaval Encephalopathy

Galassi, A.; Milana, V., 1964:
Apropos of Experimental Electrocardiographic Changes in Anemic Anoxia with Reference to Histotoxic and Anoxic Anoxia

De Pontville, M.; Camuset, P.; Horiot, J.C., 1965:
Apropos of Exploration of the Sigmoid: the Incidence of Triple Obliquity

Ennuyer, A.; Batauini, P., 1965:
Apropos of Extensive Cutaneous and Cutaneo-Mucous Epitheliomas Treated by a Beam of Electrons from the Betatron

Guyard, M.; Perdriel, G., 1964:
Apropos of Eye Watering with Permeability of the Lacrimal Ducts

Goldstein, I.; Ioanid, P.C., 1963:
Apropos of False Images of Cystic Dilation of the Lower Extremity of the Ureter

Shcherba, M.L.; Luzhis, A.R.; Kleimenov, I.P.; Soviak, D.S., 1964:
Apropos of Familial Rheumatism

Kouba, K.; Arendova, H.; Viklicky, J.; Daneckova, J., 1964:
Apropos of Fatal Complications in Infectious Mononucleosis

Rozanov, B.S.; Zakaraia, K.A., 1964:
Apropos of Fatty Diets in the Treatment of Pancreatic Fistulae and Acute Pancreatitis

Probatova, N.A., 1965:
Apropos of Fatty Dystrophy of the Myocardium

Missenard, A.R.; Gelly, R.; Damey, E.; Hadni, J.C., 1964:
Apropos of Fear of Flight: Considerations on Motivation for Flying and its Repercussions on the Relationship Between Physician and Aviation Personnel

Theillou, H., 1964:
Apropos of Fees in Rural Hospitals

Raichev, R.; Vulkov, G.; Velizarova, K., 1964:
Apropos of Female Genital Changes in Leukemia

Guillemeteau, R., 1963:
Apropos of Female Urethro-Cystalgias

Speranskaia, V.N., 1965:
Apropos of Field Disinsection of Ceratophyllus Fasciatus and Xenopsylla Cheopis

Salager, J., 1965:
Apropos of Filled Cavities, An Atypical Evolutive Form: Spontaneous and Late Regression

Timofeev, V.V.; Konev, F.A., 1964:
Apropos of Filtration of Liquids in the Preparation of Ampules

Borsuk, J.; Stein, W.; Miksza, J., 1964:
Apropos of Fissured Tongue

Kaufmann, L., 1964:
Apropos of Follow-Ups After Psychotherapy

Descilleuls, J., 1965:
Apropos of Food Reserves and Food Conservation in the Armies of the Monarchy (17th and 18th Centuries)

Khaburzaniia, K.I.; Fomichev, E.P., 1964:
Apropos of Foreign Bodies in the Lung and Diaphragm

Saliichuk, L.I., 1964:
Apropos of Formation of Epiphysial "sand" at Different Age Periods of Human Development

Belenger; Vander Elst, 1963:
Apropos of Fractures of the Calcaneus with Astragalo-Calcaneal Separation

Decoulx, P., 1964:
Apropos of Fractures of the Clavicle

Creyssel, J.; Schnepp, J., 1963 :
Apropos of Fractures of the Odontoid Process. Value of Pure Orthopedic Treatment

Toussaint, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of Fractures of the Upper Extremity of the Humerus and Fractures of the Scapula

Evrard, H., 1964:
Apropos of Fractures of the Vertebral Body. Stability and Early Mobilization

Robillard, J., 1964:
Apropos of Fronto-Oblique Tomography. Technical Variants, Indications and Results in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Broncho-Pulmonary Cancers

Zverev, V.V., 1965:
Apropos of Function Methods in the Diagnosis and Means for Lowering of Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Processes, Cancer and Emphysema of the Lungs

Kukleta, M., 1965:
Apropos of Functional Asymmetry of the Rat Cerebrum

Kluyskens, J.; Titeca, J.; Popowycz, W., 1963:
Apropos of Functional Changes in the Visual Field in 208 Cases of Delayed Post-Concussional Syndrome

Khamidova, M.K., 1963:
Apropos of Functional Liver Changes in Chronic Angiocholecystitis

Iakubov, I., 1963:
Apropos of Functional Uterine Hemorrhage

Drozdov, D.D., 1964:
Apropos of Gas Metabolism Under the Influence of Acth, Cortisone and Prednisone

Ananina, A.P., 1964:
Apropos of Gasoline Pneumonia. (Based on 12-Year Material in Western Siberia)

Gertsfeld, E.B., 1963:
Apropos of Gastrectomy in Cancer of the Stomach

Kossiura, M.B., 1964:
Apropos of Gastric Diseases in Children

Grosso, F., 1965:
Apropos of Gastric Freezing in the Treatment of Duodenal Ulcer

Kuehlmayer, R., 1964:
Apropos of Gastric Stump Carcinoma

Vasilev, I., 1964:
Apropos of Gastro-Jejuno-Colic Fistulae

Atay, K.; Erpek, N., 1964:
Apropos of Gastroscopic Biopsy

Kalaikov, I., 1963:
Apropos of General and Specific Aspects in the Work of Cybernetic Machines and of the Nervous System

Arzamastsev, A.P., 1963:
Apropos Of General Methods Of Analysis In The State Pharmacopoeia Of The Ussr, 9th Edition

Reimann-Hunziker, R.; Reimann-Hunziker, R., 1965:
Apropos of Gerontological Dosage on the Basis of a Chemotherapeutic Agent

Schachter, M., 1964:
Apropos of Gestative Embryopathies Caused by Asymptomatic Infections

Goltsman, L.L., 1963:
Apropos of Giant-Cells in Tumors

Finkelson, E.I.; Fridman, E.E., 1964:
Apropos of Gierke's Disease

Wahl, P., 1963:
Apropos of Gigantic Hydatidiform Moles

Sedan, J., 1965:
Apropos of Glaucoma in Aviators

Reubi, F., 1963:
Apropos of Glomerulonephritis. Clinical Demonstrations

Benatta, N.F.; Batouche, D.D.; Djazouli, M.A., 2018:
Anticoagulation's problematic during pregnancy in carriers of mechanical heart prosthesis

Gagnon, R.; Henckes, R.; Plante, R.; Beique, L., 1964:
Apropos of Graded Right Hepatectomy Following Thoraco-Abdominal Trauma

Leder, S., 1963:
Apropos of Group Psychotherapy

Hager-Malecka, B., 1963:
Apropos of Guides for the Preventive Therapy of Newborn Infants Infected with Tuberculosis

Pruszewicz, A., 1965:
Apropos of Gustatory and Olfactory Tests

Akhunbaev, I.K., 1964:
Apropos of Hashimoto'sgoiter

Correiafda, S., 1963:
Apropos Of Health Education

Jetel, M., 1964:
Apropos of Heller's Infantile Dementia

Debella, E., 1964:
Apropos of Heller's Intervention in Recurring Cardiospasm

Maillet, P., 1963:
Apropos of Heller's Operation in the Treatment of Megaesophagus

Torgushina, N.S.; Editkin, R.O., 1964:
Apropos of Hemangioendotheliomas of the Stomach

Lisovskaia, R.A., 1964:
Apropos of Hemangioma of the Skull

Liaudon, J.; Perot, G.; Radiguetdelabastaie, P., 1965:
Apropos of Hemophilia B in Surgery

Burzashki, N., 1964:
Apropos of Hemorrhages in the Placental and Early Postpartum Period

Sores, T., 1963:
Apropos of Hemorrhagic Diathesis Caused by a Deficit of Factor Vii

Hrubiskova, K.; Ulrichova, G.; Hrubisko, M., 1964:
Apropos of Hemotherapy of Hypoproconvertinemia

Monties, J.R.; Bellais, M., 1963:
Apropos of Heparin Neutralization After Extracorporeal Circulation. the "in Vivo" Protamine Test. Preliminary Note

Tosatti, E., 1965:
Apropos of Hepatectomy

Ponomareva, P.I., 1964:
Apropos of Heterologous Mesodermal Tumors of the Uterus

Maksudov, M.M., 1965:
Apropos of Homotransplantation of Dental Rudiments

Markwalder, H., 1963:
Apropos of Hormonal Substitution of Operated Chromophobe Adenomas

ISMAILOVA, M.Kh., 1965:
Apropos of Hormone Therapy of Botkin's Disease in Children

Koisman, A.A.; Varshavskii, S.T.; Zmoiro, I.D., 1965:
Apropos of Hospitalism in Clinical Urology

Arkadevskii, A.A., 1964:
Apropos of Hygenic Standardization of Continuous Noise in Industry

Demidenko, N.M., 1963:
Apropos of Hygienic Working Conditions During Defoliation of Cotton with Calcium Chloride Chlorate

Kliachina, K.N.; Okonishnikova, I.; Stolbun, B.M.; Trofimova, L.V.; Sharonova, E.M., 1964:
Apropos of Hygienic Working Conditions in Operating Industrial Roentogeno Installations

Frezza, M., 1963:
Apropos of Hyperplastic-Dysplastic Pictures and of the Zero Stage of the Mucosa of the Uterine Portio

Voitenko, G.M.; Mikhailiuk, I., 1965 :
Apropos of Hypertension of the Temporal Artery

Pliaskova, L.M., 1965:
Apropos of Hypervitaminosis D in Infants

Labarre, J.; Cloetens, W.; Gillo, L., 1963:
Apropos of Hypocoagulant Effects of a new Dimethylaminoethanol Derivative of Coumarin

Geiro, S.B.; Kaluzhenko, R.K., 1963:
Apropos of Hypoproconvertinemia

Nedostup, A.V., 1963:
Apropos of Hypothiazide Therapy of Atrioventricular Block Complicated by Adams-Stokes Syndrome

Nentwig, G.; Dressler, E.; Correns, H.J., 1964:
Apropos Of Image Accuracy In Scintigraphy

Palisa, V., 1964:
Apropos of Immunity After Epidemic Hepatitis

Burshtein, C.I., 1964:
Apropos of Immunization Using Homologous Tissues

Vaitilavicius, A., 1963:
Apropos Of Improving Antidysentery Vaccines

Meyer, P., 1965:
Apropos of in Situ Immunotherapy of a Rhabdomyosarcoma

Demikhovskii, E.I.; Davydov, E.A., 1963:
Apropos of Increased Staphylococcal Resistance to Antibiotics

Cerny, J., 1964:
Apropos of Indication for Hospitalization in a Pediatric Psychiatric Department

Zalud, P.; Brozek, M., 1964:
Apropos of Indication for Preoperative Transfusion and Measurement of the Blood Volume (Review)

Shkrov, O.S.; Akzhigitov, G.N., 1963:
Apropos of Indications and Contraindications for the Surgical Treatment of Primary Lung Cancer

Viliavin, G.D.; Berdov, B.A., 1964:
Apropos of Indications and Methods of Choice for Gastroplasty in Gastrectomy and Partial Gastric Resection

Schurkalev, I.; Iarukov, L.; Belopitov, B., 1964:
Apropos of Indications for Cesarean Section and their Evolution

Khodorovskaia, I.K., 1963:
Apropos Of Indications For Mitral Commissurotomy In Childhood And Adolescence

Barres, P., 1964:
Apropos of Indications for Psychoanalysis and Analytic Psychotherapy

Soibelman, L.M., 1964:
Apropos of Indications for the Interruption of Pregnancy in Osteoarticular Tuberculosis

BOLOTINA, A.Iu., 1965:
Apropos of Indications for the Preventive Bicillin Therapy in Recurrent Rheumatism

Palacios, O.; Pette, E., 1964:
Apropos of Induction of "allergic Polyneuritis" in Rabbits with Schwann Cell Tissue Culture Antigen

Benevolenskaia, N.P., 1964:
Apropos of Industrial Medicine in Electrical Mine Transport

Manak, V., 1964:
Apropos of Inequality of Brightness in the Visual Field of Workers

Kelshtein, L.V., 1965:
Apropos of Inherited Hand and Foot Abnormalities

Golubev, V.V., 1964:
Apropos of Injuries Related to the Mechanization of Agriculture

Kuechle, H.J., 1964:
Apropos of Injurious Side-Effects of Idu (5-Iodo-2-Desoxyuridine) on the Cornea

Maurer, H.J.; Vahlensieck, W., 1964:
Apropos of Injury Caused by Roentgen Contast Medium in Renal Angiography

Sales, P., 1964:
Apropos of Insufficient Penicillin Treatment of 3 Cases of Recent Syphilis

Kniazev, I.A., 1964:
Apropos of Insulin Resistance. (Review)

Apropos of Internal Complications in Patients with Fractures of Lung and Pelvic Bones

Friederich, H.C.; Friderich, H., 1964:
Apropos of Internal Therapy of Alopecia

Ghetti, P.L., 1965:
Apropos of Interpretation of Radiographic Findings in Anterior Iliac Spine Fractures

Toldyova, V., 1964:
Apropos of Interstitial Pneumocystic Pneumonia in Pediatric Institutions

Galey, J.J.; Binet, J.P.; Duboys, Y.; Mathey, J., 1964:
Apropos of Interventricular Communications with Marked Pulmonary Hypertension

Popov, G., 1964:
Apropos of Intestinal Interposition or "stomach Substitution" Following Total Gastrectomy

Tarasova, A.P., 1963:
Apropos of Intestinal Lesions in Children Produced by Pathogenic Strains of E. Coli

Amsler, E., 1964:
Apropos of Intestinoplasty

Kiselev, V.V., 1963:
Apropos of Intra-Abdominal Ruptures of the Bladder and their Diagnosis

Ermolaev, V.R., 1964:
Apropos of Intralobar Sequestration

Martin, J.F.; Tommasi, M.; Vauzelle, J.L.; Bryon, P.A., 1965:
Apropos of Intramural "myoid Tumors" of the Stomach. (Outline of 3 new Cases)

Thivellier, G.; Briottet, J.; Calloch, F.; Calloch, A., 1964:
Apropos of Intraosseous Foreign Body Tolerance in Children

Briquet, J., 1964:
Apropos of Intrapelvic Impacted Fractures of the Cotyloid Region

Briquet, J., 1964:
Apropos of Intrapelvic Protrusions of the Cotyloid Region

Lacombe, M.; Gentilini, M., 1963:
Apropos of Intrascrotal Localizations of the Guinea Worm (Filaria Medinensis)

Bikfalvi, A., 1964:
Apropos of Intrathoracic Lateral Meningocele

Lukianchenko, B.I., 1964:
Apropos of Intravital Lymphangiography in man

Serre, H.; Simon, L.; Claustre, J., 1963:
Apropos of Involvement of the Hips in the Course of Gout

Boikova, N.V., 1963:
Apropos of Isolated Lymphogranulomatosis

Kazantseva, M.N.; Voshchanova, N.P., 1964:
Apropos of Isolated Myocarditis in Children

Veskelis, V., 1964:
Apropos of Isolated Rectal Injuries

Drees, O., 1965:
Apropos of Isolation of Pure Enterovirus Preparations by Isopyknic Gradient Centrifugation in Cesium Chloride

Sherba, M.M., 1964:
Apropos of Iu. K. Plotnikov's Article on Iron Metabolism in Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia

Von Dittrich; Wetzels, E., 1964:
Apropos of Kidney Clearance Studies in Practice

Vinogradova, O.M., 1965:
Apropos of Kidney Disorders in Periodic Disease

Polonovski, C., 1964:
Apropos of Lactose Intolerance

Krajci Lazaryova, M.; Bruchacova, V.; Novak, A., 1964:
Apropos of Lambliasis in Childhood

Loewit, K., 1963:
Apropos of Laryngeal Carcinoma and Sex Hormones

Favorina, V.N., 1965:
Apropos of Late Remissions in Schizophrenia. 5

Chlumsky, J., 1964:
Apropos of Latent Hepatopathy--The Initial Stage of Chronic Liver Disease

D Andrea, F.; Constans, J.P.; Dedivitiis, E., 1965:
Apropos of Leptomeningeal Carcinosis

Solun, N.S.; Fefer, M.I., 1963:
Apropos of Leukopenia in Polyclinical Patients

Guseva, E.G., 1964:
Apropos of Limits of Differential Inhibition

Niedieck, B., 1964:
Apropos of Lipid Haptens in the Nervous System

Mezes, M.; Krajciova, V.; Zachar, F., 1965:
Apropos of Lipoprotein Metabolism by the Brain

Novachev, D., 1964:
Apropos of Listeriosis with a Report of a Single Case

Guillemin, G.; Cornet, J.; Lansard, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of Lithiasis of the Pancreas. Pathogenesis of the Disease. its Subsequent Logical Therapy: Duodeno-Cephalopancreatectomy

Pichlmayr, I.; Pichlmayr, R., 1964:
Apropos of Liver Damage by Halothane. Survey of the Literature and Personal Investigations

Schedifka, R., 1964:
Apropos of Liver Damage Due to Prolonged Barbiturate and Hydantoin Therapy

Ivanov, N., 1964:
Apropos of Liver Diseases in Rheumatoid Polyarthritis

Fauvert, R., 1964:
Apropos of Liver Functional Exploration

Beurey, J.; Jeandidier, P.; Bermont, A., 1965:
Apropos of Local Complications of Insulin Therapy: Skin Sensitivity to Insulin

Apropos of Local Giant Hypertrophy of Fold of the Gastric Mucosa

Hauser, W., 1965:
Apropos of Localization of Herpes Zoster

Audier, M.; Serradimigni, A.; Francois, G.; Poggi, L.; Calmels, M., 1964:
Apropos of Long Survival After Myocardial Infarct

Meniskis, J., 1964:
Apropos of Lowering the Number of Abortions Performed Outside of Hospitals

Sirotka, A., 1964:
Apropos of Lowering the Radiation Exposure of the Patient

Krasovskii, I.I., 1964:
Apropos of Lung Changes in Acute Leukemias

Michel-Bechet, R.; Bec, H., 1963:
Apropos of Lymphography for Stage I Epithelioma of the Cervix Uteri

Huguier, J.; Cerbonnet, G.; Soali, P., 1965:
Apropos of M. Redon's Report on the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Nikogosova, S.O., 1965:
Apropos of Malignant Adamantinoma of the Jaw

Georgiev, K.; Ikonopisov, R., 1964:
Apropos of Malignant Melanomas of External Female Genitalia

Tsanev, K.; Lazarov-Ikonopisov, R., 1963:
Apropos of Malignant Melanomas of the Rectum

Saikovska, I.R., 1964:
Apropos of Manufacturing and Procurement in Pharmacies

Noetzel, H.; Ohlmeier, R., 1963:
Apropos of Marginal Siderosis of the Central Nervous System. Animal Experimental Studies

Sauvage, R.; Merlier, M., 1964:
Apropos of Massive Pulmonary Emboli

Descoville, A., 1964:
Apropos of Maxillo-Facial Tumors in the Black Race

Caiazzo, V., 1963:
Apropos of Means of Investigating Exocrine Pancreatic Function

Koettgen, U.; Korting, G.W., 1964:
Apropos of Measles Pemphigoid

Eymery, J., 1963:
Apropos of Meckel's Diverticulum

Klebanov, R.B., 1964:
Apropos of Medical Expertise of Working Capacity and Placement of Patients with Cerebral Atherosclerosis

Jung, H., 1965:
Apropos of Medical Relaxation of the Uterus

Bertrand-Fontaine, T.; Hillemand, P.; Patel, J.; Goutner, V., 1964:
Apropos of Megacolon Occurring in a Patient with Polyneuritis and Korsakoff's Syndrome

Mirzoeva, M.G., 1964:
Apropos of Melanodermic Porphyria

Apropos of Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome

Bonnet; Istre, 1964:
Apropos of Meningoencephalitis with Ocular Port of Entry

Gudis, S.E., 1964 :
Apropos of Mental Disorders in Cerebral Cysticercosis

Koroeva, Z.F., 1963:
Apropos of Mental Disorders in Chorea in Children

Khadzhieva, I.I., 1964:
Apropos of Mental Disorders in Toxoplasmosis

Taillefer, O.; Dedieu, E., 1964:
Apropos of Mental Retardation in Children with Cleft Palate

Mitrofanov, V.M., 1964:
Apropos of Metastasizing Adenomatosis of the Lungs in Sheep

Sula, L., 1964:
Apropos of Methodology in the Eradication of Tuberculosis

Oslet, J., 1964:
Apropos of Methods for Measuring Intrinsic Factor Activity

Grodzovskaia, Z.I., 1964:
Apropos Of Methods For The Detection Of Tuberculosis In Children And Adolescents

Gernez, R.Eux, C.; Gervois, M., 1964:
Apropos Of Methods Of Bcg Vaccination By Cutaneous Scarification And By Intradermal Injection

Karpova, V.L., 1964:
Apropos of Mineral Metabolism in Patients with Disorders of Blood Circulation

Vesely, L., 1964:
Apropos of Minimum Standards of Vision for Motor Car Driving

Liaudon, J.; Radiguetdelabastaie, P.; Moine, M., 1964:
Apropos of Minor Chronic Fibrinolysis

Nowak, J.; Niezabitowski, A.; Mierzwa, K., 1964:
Apropos of Mixed Embryonic Tumors of the Liver in Children

Kozmin, V.D., 1964:
Apropos of Mixing Solid Preparation During the Process of Drug Compounding in Pharmacies

Creyssel, J.; Ricard, R., 1963:
Apropos of Mobilizing Operations on the Elbow

Mitev, L., 1964:
Apropos of Modern Therapy of Acute Pulmonary Edema in Obstetric and Gynecological Practice

Bazhenova, G.I., 1963:
Apropos Of Morbidity Of Children Between 7 And 14 Years Of Age In Kiev

Kolev, T.; Neshev, I., 1963:
Apropos of Morbidity with Temporary Loss of Work Capacity Among Higher Medical Institute Workers

Nikolov, S.; Iordanov, I., 1963:
Apropos of Morphological and Clinical Manifestations of Odontogenous Infection Disseminated Through the Mandibular Canal to the Infratemporal and Temporal Fossae

Press, B.O., 1963:
Apropos Of Morphological Changes In Human Cancerous Tumors During Thio-Tepa Therapy. I

Streda, M.; Volek, V., 1964:
Apropos of Morphological Changes in the Liver in Diabetes Mellitus

Spiochowa, M.; Smigla, K., 1964:
Apropos of Morphological Changes of Skeletal Muscles in Dermatomyositis

Otchenashek, M.; Dvorzhak, I., 1965:
Apropos of Morphology, Parasitic Activity and Ecology of Trichophyton Terrestre Durie Et Freu, 1957

Gornik, V.M., 1964:
Apropos of Musicogenic Epilepsy

Makuch, W., 1965:
Apropos of Myelomalacia (Clinical and Anatomopathological Studies)

Golubev, A.M., 1965:
Apropos of Myocardial Changes in Stillborn Infants and Infants who Died After Birth

Michailov, V., 1963:
Apropos of Myocardial Damage in Radiotherapy in the Area of the Chest

Puchkov, I.G., 1964:
Apropos of Myxoid Liposarcoma of the Soft Tissue

Faivre, G.; Cherrier, F., 1963:
Apropos of Myxoma of the Left Auricle

Legac, P.; Arquie, E., 1963:
Apropos of Negative Microagglutination Reactions Against Rickettsia and Neorickettsia in Multiple Sclerosis

Oslet, J., 1963:
Apropos of Neomycin Ointments

Marc Aurele, J., 1964:
Apropos of Nephrology

Frykloef, E., 1965:
Apropos of new Aspects of Complete Prosthetic Designs

Jegou, Y., 1965:
Apropos of new Dry Antibiotic Dressing

Isambert, 1964:
Apropos of new Methods of Campimetry and Perimetry

Pichinoty, F., 1964:
Apropos of Nitrate Reductases of a Denitrifying Bacterium

Hendrichova, E., 1964:
Apropos of Noise in the Petroleum Industry

Fontaine, R.; Jung, A.; Philippe, E.; Juraschek, F., 1963:
Apropos of Non-Meckelian Diverticula of the Small Intestine

Turchini, J.; Catayee, G., 1964:
Apropos of Non-Specific Acid Phosphomonoesterase Activity During Mesonephros Formation in the Chick Embryo Incubated for a Few Hours

Davydovskii, I.V.; Iudina, V.S., 1964:
Apropos of Normal Appendices in Surgical Practice

Radina, F.L., 1964:
Apropos of Nucleoproteins in Laryngeal Papillomas

Buteiko, K.P.; Buryi, N.G.; Vaskova, N.V., 1964:
Apropos of Objective Diagnosis of Heart Diseases

Xuev, L.A., 1964 :
Apropos of Occupational Allergic Rhinitis in Perfume Industry

Mittelmeier, H., 1964:
Apropos of Occupational Disease Caused by Office Machine Work

Apropos of Oculographic and Electromyographic Study of Changes in Muscular Tone in Vestibular Disorders

Ponomarova, O.M.; Riaposova, O.I., 1964:
Apropos of Ointment Rheology

Grof, S., 1964:
Apropos of Optic Disorders in Autoexperiments with Hallucinogens

Lampert, F.F., 1964:
Apropos of Optimum Orientation for Dwellings in the South

Kozlov, K.A., 1964:
Apropos of Organization as An Attribute of Matter

Bobrov, M.I., 1964:
Apropos of Organization of Registration of Oncological Patients in Conditions of a Large Industrial City (Reply to the Article by V. V. Dvoirin)

Borobev, V.A., 1964:
Apropos of Organization of Specialized Service for the Rural Population

Houel, J.; Gauthier, H.; Callige, P.; Dor, V.; Malmejac, C., 1964:
Apropos of Orificial Stenosis of the Left Ventricle (Subvalvular Diaphragm Resected Under Extracorporeal Circulation)

Beermann, U., 1963:
Apropos of Orthoptics for Subjects with Severe Visual Defects

Polacek, E., 1964:
Apropos Of Osmotic Alteration Of Stomach Motility In Rats

Bontoux, D.; Massias, P.; Sultan, Y.; Coste, F., 1964:
Apropos of Osteolytic Metastases from Prostatic Cancer

Jesserer, H., 1965:
Apropos of Osteoporosis

Leitz, G., 1965:
Apropos of Osteosynthesis

Arievich, A.M.; Stepanishcheva, Z.G., 1964:
Apropos of Otomycoses

Zhurba, M.V., 1964:
Apropos of Ozokerite Therapy of Sterility Combined with other Methods of Conservative Therapy in Ambulatory Conditions

Welti, H.; Welti, J.J.; Rettori, R.; Fontaine, G., 1964:
Apropos of Pacemaker Implantation: Surgical Problems

Dobrev, I.; Solov, K.; Khubenov, K., 1964:
Apropos of Pancreatic Insuloma with Report of An Operated Case

Dimitrov, S.; Tenev, S.; Khadzhiev, I., 1963:
Apropos of Pancreato-Duodenal Resection in Cancer of the Pancreas and Duodenal Papilla

Cieslak, E.; Dorozynski, J.; Sliwinska, H., 1964:
Apropos of Paper Chromatography of Free Amino Acids in the Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood in Tuberculous Cerebrospinal Meningitis in Children

Radonov, D., 1964:
Apropos of Paracyclic Ovulation

Von Keyserlingk, 1964:
Apropos of Paranoia

Klitskaia, N.A., 1963:
Apropos of Parovarian Cyst

Masson, R., 1964:
Apropos of Partial Gigantism: Isolated Craniofacial Hemihypertrophy

Dinard, C., 1963:
Apropos of Paternity Difficulties

Sotnikova, K.A., 1965:
Apropos of Pathogenic and Clinical Aspects of Pneumonias in Newborn Infants

Podivinsky, F., 1964:
Apropos of Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Tremor

Artishevskii, A.A., 1964:
Apropos of Pathways of Migration of Sympathetic Elements and their Conversion into Chromaffin Cells of Adrenal Gland Medullary Substance

Snobl, O., 1964:
Apropos of Pediatric Collective Establishments

Babini, G., 1964:
Apropos of Penicillin and Streptomycin Resistance of Gonococci

Mueller, M.E., 1964:
Apropos of Per Primam Fracture Healing

Lapinskas, V., 1963:
Apropos of Perforating Gastric Cancer

Tarasova, L.G.; Toltsman, T.I., 1964:
Apropos of Performing Field Work in the Organization of Pharmaceutical Work

De Mourgues, G.; Schnepp, J., 1963:
Apropos of Perilunar Dislocations Associated with other Radio-Carpal Lesions

Hartemann, J.; Ribon, M.; Dellestable, P.; Brunel, G., 1964:
Apropos of Perinatal Mortality at the Maternity Hospital at Nancy (1962 and 1963)

Geller, S., 1964:
Apropos of Periodic Female Infertility

Hoyt, W.F.; Nachtigaeller, H., 1965:
Apropos of Peripheral Anomalous Contact of the Oculomotor Nerves with the Lateral Rectus Muscle in Duane's Syndrome

Galy, P., 1964:
Apropos of Peripheral Pulmonary "cicatricial Cancers"

Dzhakhangirov, M.K., 1963:
Apropos of Peritonitis in Typhoid Fever

Patoir, G.; Spy, E., 1963:
Apropos of Periureteritis

Wojewski, A.; Krason, S., 1964:
Apropos of Perivesical Ureteral Stenosis in Prostatic Adenoma Patients

Bosch, G., 1964 :
Apropos of Personality Disorders

Sosiukalo, O.D., 1963:
Apropos Of Pfrop-Schizophrenia. (According To Data Of A Pediatric Clinic)

Shenderova, V.L., 1965:
Apropos of Pfropfschizophrenia. Ii

Volkhina, T.P.; Kleiner, A.M., 1964:
Apropos Of Physical Work Standards For Adolescents

Tochilov, K.S.; Morozova, M.M.; Osipova, O.V.; Pavlova, L.P.; Utkina, N.S.; Khavkina, N.N., 1963:
Apropos of Physiologic Premises of Work

Dvali, L.G., 1963:
Apropos of Plastic Surgery of Diaphragmatic Relaxation

Ranev, D., 1964:
Apropos of Plastic Surgery of the Muscles of the Pelvic Floor (M. Sphincter Ani and M. Levator Ani)

Mackowski, A., 1963:
Apropos of Plastic Surgery of Vater's Ampulla

Kazanskii, D.A., 1965:
Apropos of Plastic Surgery on Common Carotic Arteries in Otorhinolaryngological Cancer Patients

Stoltser, E.E., 1964:
Apropos of Pleural Drainage Following Partial Pneumonectomy in Children

Popov, I.A., 1965:
Apropos of Pneumomediastinum

Tenev, S.; Stoianov, D.; Gatsinski, P., 1964:
Apropos of Pneumoperitoneum as a Diagnostic Measure--Technic, Indications and Complications

Kratochwil, Z., 1963:
Apropos of Polish Medical Terminology. (Plastic or Constructive Surgery?)

Speranzini, M.B., 1964:
Apropos of Portohepatic Radiography with Iodized Oils

Bernhard, K.; Wagner, H., 1963:
Apropos of Possible Alteration of the Nutritional Physiological Properties of Peanut Oil by Prolonged Heating

Shakhmatov, N.F., 1964:
Apropos of Possible Methods in the Application of Cybernetic Principles in Psychiatry

Hartemann, J.; Ribon, M.; Dellestable, P.; David, R., 1963:
Apropos of Post-Partum Mammary Infections

Mounier-Kuhn, P.; Rebattu, J.P.; Nivelon, G.; Lesne, G.; Cotton, J.B., 1964:
Apropos of Post-Tracheotomy Tracheal Stenosis

Stoianova-Antova, Z.; Tsonchev, I.; Ruseva, N., 1965:
Apropos of Posthepatitic Pathologic Conditions--Incidence and Clinical Forms During a 2-6 year Follow-Up

Didina, N.M., 1965:
Apropos of Postpartum Diseases in Women with Heart Defects

Apropos of Potentiated Local Anesthesia in Thyrotoxic Goiter Surgery

Atanasova, D.; Mitev, P., 1964:
Apropos of Pregnancy and Labor in Acute Leukemia

Tsereennadmid, C., 1964:
Apropos of Pregnancy Anemias

Pigeaud, H., 1964:
Apropos of Pregnancy Complications. Value of Electrophoretic Study of the Urinary Proteins

Domanig, E., 1965:
Apropos Of Preoperative Irradiation In Breast Neoplasms

Brocard, H.; Akoun, G., 1964:
Apropos of Prevention and Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disturbances from Tuberculostatics. Study of a Preparation with a Base of Pectin, Sorbitol and Silico-Aluminum and Silico-Magnesium Gels

Titova, A.I., 1963:
Apropos of Prevention and Treatment of Pneumonia in Young Children

Slutskii, L.I., 1965:
Apropos of Prevention of Errors in Clinical Biochemistry. (Review of the Literature)

Vulkov, T.; Piperkov, T., 1964:
Apropos of Preventive Examination with Special Reference to Oncological Diseases. Result of Preventive Examinations

Laval, P.; Feliciano, J.M.; Arnould, M.; Meyer, G., 1963:
Apropos of Primary Diffuse Pulmonary Fibrosis with Progressive Extensive Course

Akzhigitov, G.N., 1964:
Apropos of Primary Multiple Cancer of the Stomach

Maretskaia, M.F., 1964:
Apropos of Primary Myocarditis in Children

Barras, G.; Ribordy, J., 1964:
Apropos Of Primary Tuberculous Infection In Adults And Adolescents

Henry, E.; Comiti, J.; Sarles, J.C., 1963:
Apropos of Procedures of Assembling the Jejunal Loop in Pancreatic Derivations

Plattard; Rabault, 1965:
Apropos of Procedures on Divorce Actions Against Hospitalized Mental Patients. (Discussion of 2 Cases)

Boikova, N.V., 1963:
Apropos of Productive Capillaro-Arteriolitis of the Lung

Guyomar, J., 1963:
Apropos of Prolonged Pregnancies

Bret, J.; Bardiaux, M., 1964:
Apropos of Promontofixation (Ameline-Hugier Operation)

Brisset, J.M., 1963:
Apropos of Prostatic Indurations

Vitale, W., 1965:
Apropos of Prostheses in Reinterventions of Stapedectomy and Stapedoplasty

Moiseitsev, P.I., 1963:
Apropos of Protecting Workers Employed in Industrial Roentgenography and Roentgenoscopy

Guillet, R., 1963:
Apropos of Pseudoneoplastic Lesions of the Cecum

Ortenzi, E.; Tomasini, C., 1964:
Apropos of Psoriasic Osteoarthropathy. Presentation of a Case with Sacro-Spondyloileitis of the Ankylosing Type

Schneider, P.B.; Schwed, S., 1964:
Apropos of Psychiatric Investigation in the General Hospital

Barres, P., 1964:
Apropos of Psychodrama and its Applications

Michaux, L.; Chailley Bert, P.; Plas, F.; Duche, D.J.; Masson, S., 1964:
Apropos of Psychomotor Rehabilitation

Michaux, L.; Chailley Bert, P.; Plas, F.; Duche, D.J.; Masson, S., 1964:
Apropos of Psychomotor Rehabilitation. Ii

Parshina, V.P., 1964:
Apropos of Psychoses Caused by Bronchial Asthma

Malov, N.I., 1965:
Apropos of Public Health Economics

Godeau, P.; Ouahnich, M.; Dorra, M.; Siguier, F., 1965:
Apropos of Pulmonary Agenesis: Report of a Case in a 62 Year-Old Woman

Delbono, M.; Vasaturo, G., 1965:
Apropos of Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

Rivier, J.L.; Desbaillets, P.; Reymond, C., 1963:
Apropos of Pulmonary Circulation in Left Cardiopathy

Tarakanova, K.N., 1963:
Apropos of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Middle-Aged Subjects

Lacroix, A., 1964:
Apropos of Pyelic Lacunar Images

Stapor, K.; Gorzynski, C., 1964:
Apropos of Pyelo-Renal Reflux

Rutishauser, G., 1963:
Apropos of Pyelo-Ureteral Peristaltic Activity Under the Influence of Drugs

Mialaret, J., 1964:
Apropos of Pyloroplasty Associated with Vagotomy

Mukhopad, V.A., 1964:
Apropos of Q Fever at some Industrial Plants of the Ukrainian Ssr

Kariev, M.K., 1963:
Apropos of Radiation Sensitivity of the Ependyma and Ependymoblastoma of the 4th Ventricle

Barliaeva, Z.P.; Velichko, A.A.; Prokofeva, N.G., 1963:
Apropos of Radioactivity of some Building Materials

Dobrova, S.M.; Berezhnov, I.P., 1964:
Apropos of Radioisotope Diagnosis of Eye Tumors

Blanquet, P., 1964:
Apropos of Radioisotopes and their Medical Applications

Smolek, A., 1964:
Apropos of Rationalization of Administrative Control and Management in Different Sections of the Health Service

Verger, P.; Marc, Y.; Guillard, J.M., 1964:
Apropos of Recent Cases of Adenovirus Infection

Imbert, R.; Bureau, H., 1965:
Apropos of Recent Closed Fractures of the Inferior Intra-Articular Surface of the Tibia in the Adult

Bourguignon, A., 1964:
Apropos of Recent Publications on the Study of Neuromuscular Excitability in Psychiatry

Kulieva, K.D., 1964:
Apropos of Reconstructive Surgery on the Extrahepatic Bile Ducts in their Obstruction

Portmann, M., 1964:
Apropos of Recruitment, its Measurement, its Origin, its Value

Parturier-Albot, M.; Miansarow, H.; Brouant, J.F., 1964:
Apropos of Rectal Lymphomas and Rectal Localization of Brill-Symmers Disease

Rudzitis, M.F., 1964:
Apropos of Recurrent Agranulocytosis

Ermulovich, I.V.; Strizhevskii, A.N., 1964:
Apropos of Recurrent Goiter

Bressou, C., 1965:
Apropos of Reforms in Agricultural Teaching: the Transfer of the Ecole D'alfort

Kupriianov, V.V., 1964:
Apropos of Regressive Development in Biology

Nagibina, T.E., 1964:
Apropos of Regulating Sanitary Flushing of Water in Conditions of a Cascade Water Resevoir

Aleksandriuk, S.P., 1964:
Apropos of Regulation of the Tone of Plerocercoids in the Tapeworm Ligula Intestinalis

Kunert, W., 1964:
Apropos of Regulators with Circulatory Action in the Vertebral Arteries

Dufourmentel, C.; Lotte, J.; Elbaz, J.S., 1964:
Apropos of Reimplantation of Totally Detached Digital Extremities

Nadvornik, P.; Nemecek, S., 1965:
Apropos of Relative Systems in Spinal Cord Stereotaxy

Dinershtein, L.V.; Sokolova, A.P.; Shirman, A.M., 1964:
Apropos of Remote Sequelae of Cerebrocranial Injuries in Early Childhood

Ducassou, J.; Ponthieu, A., 1965:
Apropos of Renal Lithiasis of Parathyroid Origin

Cagianut, B., 1964:
Apropos of Representation of the Eye in Ancient and Modern Painting

Chattas, E., 1964:
Apropos of Residual Cystic Stumps

Lopatnikova, I.V., 1963:
Apropos of Residual Thin-Walled Cavities

Anonymous, 1964:
Apropos Of Residual Urine After Gynecological Operations

Weigand, K.H.; Jacob, R., 1965:
Apropos of Residual Volume Determination in the Left Ventricle in the Natural Circulation

Ilich, O.B., 1964:
Apropos of Respiratory Arrhythmia in Thyrotoxicosis Patients

Godonneche, J., 1963:
Apropos of Respiratory Diseases and Asthma at La Bourboule)(Fr

NEMTSEVA, N.Ia., 1964:
Apropos of Respiratory Disorders in Schizophrenic Patients

Galy, P.; Brune, J.; Lheureux, P.; Brune, A., 1964:
Apropos of Respiratory Disorders in the Obese

Cachera, J.P.; Chevrel, J.P.; Dubost, C., 1965:
Apropos of Retrograde Embolectomy by Balloon Catheter

Chosson, J.; Ayme, Y., 1963:
Apropos of Rh Isoimmunization. Results Obtained in the Clinique Obst'etricale Et Gyn'ecologique De Marseille

Doskov, I., 1963:
Apropos of Rheumatic Heart Defects

Hartemann, P.; Vert, P.; Renaud, J., 1964:
Apropos of Rheumatoid Polyarthritis of the Aged. (2 Observations)

Berthoud, E.; Ott, H.; Doret, J.P., 1964:
Apropos of Rhizomelic Pseudo-Arthritis

Havlik, J.; Chalupa, J., 1964:
Apropos of Rickets

Hottinger, A.; Vest, M.; Wyler, F., 1963:
Apropos of Rickets in Premature Infants and of its Preventive Treatment with Vitamin D, with and Without Calcium Phosphate Overload

Stolze, T., 1963:
Apropos of Right Anomalous Pulmonary Vein Orifice Combined with Partial Pulmonary Hypoplasia or Pulmonary Agenesis

Vlakhov, K.; Marovski, T., 1964:
Apropos of Roentgenological Diagnosis of Ulcer of the Pyloric Canal

Vincent, G., 1964:
Apropos of Rupture of the Cuff of the Shoulder Rotators

Merlier, M.; Leroy, A.; Lebrigand, H.; Bar, D., 1964:
Apropos of Rupture of the Right Hemidiaphragm

Magendie, J.; Brun, G.; Perissat, J.; Mounicot, 1963:
Apropos of Ruptured Aneurysm of the Abdominal Aorta

Prevot, J.; Beau, A., 1964:
Apropos of Sacro-Coccygeal Tumors of Exclusively Pelvic Development

Kravets, I.M.; Riabinin, A.A., 1964:
Apropos of Safety Against Electrical Hazards in Radio Transmitting Stations

Bogoliubova, A.V., 1964:
Apropos of Sanitary Evaluation of Milk Mixtures for Children

Liegeois, A.; Betz, E.H., 1964:
Apropos of Sarcoma of the Breast

Buffat, J.D., 1965:
Apropos of Sarcoma of the Stomach

Graf, B.; Lafuma, J., 1965:
Apropos Of Sarcomas Induced By Yttrium At The Site Of Injection In Rats

Varelachilese, R., 1964:
Apropos of Sarcomas of the Soft Parts

Vilain, R., 1964:
Apropos of Scalding

Filomafitskii, S.G., 1964:
Apropos of Schizophrenia Originating Late in Life

Marchand, L., 1964:
Apropos of Schizophrenia. Retrospective Observations

Proskuriakova, E.N., 1965:
Apropos of School Work Load in a Sanatorium for Rheumatic Children

Piguet, B.; Ramadier, J.O.; Mazabraud, A.; Coste, F., 1964:
Apropos Of Sciatica Caused By Epidural Venous Abnormalities (Postmyelographic Paralytic Sciatica And Cauda Equina Syndrome With Menstrual Recrudescence With Epidural Angiomatosis)

Brock, N.; Schneider, B., 1964:
Apropos of Screening and Pharmacological Characterization of Cancerotoxic Substances

Bogdanovich, N.K., 1964:
Apropos of Secretion of the Hypothalamic Nucleus

Sulestrowska, H., 1963:
Apropos of Self-Provoked Seizures in Epileptic Children

Binet, L., 1964:
Apropos Of Senescence

Vignon, G.; Durant, J.; Pansu, D.; Vauzelle, J.L., 1964:
Apropos of Senile Kyphosis. Study of 150 Cases

Worms, R., 1963:
Apropos of Septicemic Complications of Prolonged Intravenous Catheterization

Welti, J.J., 1963:
Apropos of Serum Creatine Phosphokinase

Krivitskii, A.L.; Shimkevich, R.L., 1963:
Apropos of Services for Patients at Home Therapeutic Area at Home)

D Huart, F., 1964:
Apropos of Several Anomalies of the Branches of the Abdominal Aorta and their Surgical Importance

Recordier, A.M.; Serratrice, G.; Meissonnier, J.; Thouveny, F., 1964:
Apropos of Several Cases of Algias of the Lower Extremities with Fibrillary Contractions

Sacrez, R.; Willard, D.; Gruner, J.; Mandry, J.; Klein, F.; Korn, R.; Stoebner, M., 1964:
Apropos of Several Cases of Arterial Obliterations in Infants

Bruck, P., 1963:
Apropos of Several Cases of Botulism After Ingestion of Ham

Temime, P.; Stahl, A.; Privat, Y., 1963:
Apropos of Several Cases of Cutaneous Gangrene in Superficial Plaques of the Lower Extremities

De Lavergne, E.; Gilgenkrantz, S.; Streiff, F.; Lorrain, J.; Lemoyne, M.T., 1963:
Apropos of Several Cases of Lymphocytic Meningitis Caused by Coxsackie B-5 Virus Appearing in a Community

Lazorthes, G.; Espagno, J.; Zadeh, O.; Vanhong, N., 1964:
Apropos of Several Cases of Operated Intracranial Carotid Aneurysms

Grunwald, E.; Dejarnac, A., 1964:
Apropos of Several Cases on One-Evolutive Silicosis

Thivolet, J.; Bethenod, M.; Larbre, F.; Sepetdjian, M., 1964:
Apropos of Several Recent Cases of Early Congenital Syphilis Observed in the Lyons Area

Giubilei, D., 1963:
Apropos of Severe Closed Injuries of the Thorax

Gorin, R.; Cruveiller, J.; Salama, C.; Godard, C., 1963:
Apropos Of Severe Forms Of Heatstroke In Infants

Kolarova, O.; Uzel, R., 1964:
Apropos of Sexual Life After Artificial Abortions

Etala, 1964:
Apropos of Short Esophagus and its Sequelae

Senkevich, N.A.; Kaliteevskaia, T.N.; Sosnina, G.K., 1963:
Apropos of Silico-Tuberculosis Therapy

Fass, H.; Schellenberger, N., 1965:
Apropos of Simulated Inoperability in Meigs' Syndrome

Kuznetsov, V.G., 1964:
Apropos of Simultaneous Infestation with Hymenolepis Nana, Ascaris and Diphyllobothrium Latum

Hegyi, E.; Kemka, R., 1964:
Apropos of Skin Damage Caused by Chromium Compounds in Work with Cement

Vignon, G.; Colomb, D., 1964:
Apropos of Skin Diseases Observed in Aged Persons in a Geriatric Service

Bojanovska, A., 1965:
Apropos of Skin Reticuloses

Gorovaia, R.A.; Bogoslovskikh, A.F.; Sluchevskii, F.I., 1964:
Apropos of Slow Course of Schizophrenia

Paschold, K.; Vick, J.; Gutsmuths, F.J., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Benign Giant Cell Tumors

Vertkin, I.I., 1963:
Apropos of So-Called Byssinosis and "factory Fever" in Workers Dealing with Low Grade Cotton

Fiks, A.F., 1965:
Apropos of So-Called Carcinoma Phyllodes of the Breast. (Clinico-Patho-Anatomical Analysis of 76 Cases)

Funk, F., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Deficiency States

Yvergneaux, E.; Vandevyver, W.; Yvergneaux, J.P., 1964 :
Apropos of So-Called Diastatic Perforations of the Colon

Herrmann, H., 1965:
Apropos of So-Called Double Great Saphenous Vein and its Surgical Removal with the use of a Locator

Voekel, H., 1963:
Apropos of So-Called Eidetic False Perceptions

Kolmykova, V.N.; Eroshkina, A.M., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Homologous Properties of Human Normal and Tumor Cells

Kryshova, N.A.; Zhilinskaia, M.A.; Pervov, L.G.; Shteingart, K.M., 1963:
Apropos of So-Called Human Motor Neuroses

Klajman, S.; Przymanowski, Z., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Laryngeal Tonsil

Dimitrov, S., 1963:
Apropos of So-Called Mixed Forms of Hemorrhagic Diathesis

Gritsman, N.N.; Guseva, N.G., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Pancarditis in Systemic Scleroderma

Vinogradova, O.M.; Lure, Z.L.; Chukhrova, V.A., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called Period Abdominal Pain and Abdominal Epilepsy

Budroni, G.; Marogna, L.; Tamborini, G.; Tonini, G., 1964:
Apropos of So-Called "hibernating Kidney". Histologic and Histochemical Picture of the Blocked Organ

Duprez, A.; Simons, M., 1963:
Apropos of some Abdominal Crises During Cortisone Treatment

Jacquemet, P., 1964:
Apropos of some Abnormal Gastro-Duodenal Images of Vesicular Origin

Kirov, I.; Khaitov, A., 1964:
Apropos of some Aspects of Modern Therapy of Virus Hepatitis--Botkin's Disease

Franzini, C.; Turri, C., 1963:
Apropos Of Some Aspects Of The Blood Protein And Lipid Patterns In Subjects Over 70 Years Of Age With Arteriosclerotic Vascular Diseases

Beaucournu, J.C., 1964:
Apropos of some Captures of Fleas of the Rare or Little-Known Species, Ctenophthalmus Kolenati. Presence in France of C. Solutus Solutus Jordan and Rothschild (1920) An of C. Bisoctodentatus Heselhausi Oudemans (1914)

Baudet, A.; Couzinet, G., 1965:
Apropos of some Cases of Gallbladder Cancer

Boutillier, H.; Corsetti, R.; Ducamin, J.P.; Rayboud, M., 1963:
Apropos of some Cases of Personality and Behavior Disorders in Children Treated by Dimethylaminoethanol

Neporent, M.I.; Leizerovskaia, E.G., 1964:
Apropos of some Characteristics of the Clinico-Roentgenologic Picture of Suppurative Processes in the Bronchi of Patients Treated with Antibiotics

Veyrat, A., 1964:
Apropos of some Clinical Trials with Propyromazine (Drops) in Pediatrics (And in Enuresis in Particular)

Levin, A.L., 1964:
Apropos of some Diagnostic Signs of Vasomotor Rhinitis

Molas, G., 1963:
Apropos of some Difficulties of Interpretation in the Diagnosis of Malignant Hepatic Tumors on Punctur Biopsy

Curelaru, I., 1965:
Apropos of some Factors which Condition the Appearance of Postanesthetic Shivering in Cardiac Patients Operated on with Extra-Corporeal Circulation

Levillain, R.; Dallacosta, F.; Chelloul, N.; Cluzan, F.; Loubiere, R.; Maeder, M.A.; Prister, A., 1963:
Apropos of some Histological Lesions Found at the Level of Amputation of Limbs for Arteritis

Mounier-Kuhn, P.; Gaillard, J.; Fontvieille, J.; Morgon, A., 1963:
Apropos of some Hospital Statistics on Benign Angiomas of Tumoral Form in Orl

Hamon, Y.; Peron, Y., 1964:
Apropos of some new Types of Thermostable Colicines

Dulac, J.; Fave, A., 1965:
Apropos of some Observations of Caries of the Pastry-Cooks

Januszkiewicz, J.; Pachowska-Onichimowska, D., 1964:
Apropos of some Ocular Manifestations of Botulism

Hanik, L., 1964:
Apropos of some of the Most Frequent Causes of Jaundice

Waitzova, D.; Kyncl, J., 1965:
Apropos of some Pharmacological Properties of Neomycin

Wahl, M., 1964:
Apropos of some Problems of Benign Late Diabetes

Cumps, M., 1964:
Apropos of some Skin Grafts for Leg Ulcers in Aged Subjects

Bandhauer, K.; Marberger, E., 1964:
Apropos of Specific Disease of the Male Adnexa

Ioffe, V.I., 1965:
Apropos of Specific Prevention of Rheumatism with Special Reference to its Etiology and Immunology

Anonymous, 1963:
Apropos Of Specific Therapy Of Respiratory Allergies In Childhood

Lamy, J.; Bricot, R., 1964:
Apropos of Sphacelus of the Cecum

Wandschneider, H., 1964:
Apropos of Spinal Growth After Surgical Fusion

Horyd, W., 1963:
Apropos of Spinal Manifestations in Vertebral Angiomas and their Early Recognition

Olmer, J.; Mongin, M.; Mariani, R., 1964:
Apropos of Splenic Calcifications

Sarachev, T.M., 1964:
Apropos of Spondylosis Deformans

Poenaru, S., 1965:
Apropos Of Spontaneous Hypoglycemia In Children And Adolescents

Tiurin, N.A.; Kulinich, I., 1963:
Apropos of Spontaneous Pneumothorax During An Attack of Bronchial Asthma in Children

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Apropos of Spontaneous Visibility of the Biliary Tract

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Apropos of Sporadic Salmonelloses

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Apropos of Spreading of Metastases in Tumors of the Lymphatic System

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Apropos of Stages of Development of Higher Nervous Activity in Early Postnatal Development in Rabbits and Dogs

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Apropos of Stapedectomy with the use of a Teflon Prosthesis

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Apropos of States of Mental Lapses Following Shock Therapy

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Apropos of Statistics on 43 Cases of Duhring-Brocq Disease. Clinical and Histological Study; Progressive Forms; Therapeutic Results

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Apropos of Status Epilepticus with Psychomotor Attacks. a Contribution to Temporal Status Epilepticus and on Atypical Twilight States and Depressions

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Apropos of Stenosing Periureteritis

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Apropos of Stereotaxic Lesions of the Anterior Hypothalamus and their Effects on Thyroid Metabolism

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Apropos of Steroid Therapy in Acute Epidemic Hepatitis

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Apropos of Streptomycin Cochleo-Vestibular Intoxication

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Apropos of Subsepsis Allergica of Wissler-Fanconi

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Apropos of Successful Surgical Therapy of a Tumor of the Carotid Body (Chemodectoma)

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Apropos of Sudden Unilateral Deafness and Hearing Disorder

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Apropos of Sulzberger-Gabre Disease, Exudative Discoid and Lichenoid Chronic Dermatosis

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Apropos of Surgery of the Adrenal Gland

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Apropos of Surgery of the Pyelo-Ureteral Junction: a Simple Procedure of Modeling the Anastomosis and of Pyelic Drainage

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Apropos of Surgical Intervention on the Fenestra Ovalis and Stapes

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Apropos of Surgical Technics in Osteoblastoclastoma

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Apropos of Surgical Technics in the Treatment of Giant Cell Tumors

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Apropos of Surgical Therapy of Chronic Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction

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Apropos of Surgical Therapy of Rheumatoid Foot Deformities

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Apropos of Surgical Therapy of Uterine Fibromyoma During Pregnancy

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Apropos of Surgical Treatment of Congenital Hip Dislocation and Arthrosis of the Hip

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Apropos of Surgical Treatment of Congenital Megacolon by the Duhamel Operation (2 Cases)

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Apropos of Surgical Treatment of Primary Duodenal Ulcer

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Apropos of Suture Separations After Gastric Refrigeration

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Apropos of Synthetic Closure of Diaphragm Openings in Organisms During the Growth Period. Clinical and Experimental Study

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Apropos of Syphilis Serology and a Capricious Nelson's Test

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Apropos of Tannin Toxicity

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Apropos of Teaching in a Hospital Therapeutic Clinic

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Apropos of Teaching Social Sciences and Public Health at Medical Faculties

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Apropos of Technic and Surgical Indications in Choanal Atresia

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Apropos of Teratogenic Tests. Spontaneous Malformations in Rabbits

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Apropos of Terminal States in Schizophrenia. 3. on a Variant of a Terminal State in Catatonic Disorders

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Apropos of Tests for the Detection of Diabetes Mellitus

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Apropos of Tetanus Morbidity

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Apropos of Tetracyne-Oleandomycin in Orl

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Apropos of the Absorption, Distribution and Excretion of Nobobiocin

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Apropos of the Abusive use of Ataraxics and So-Called Tranquilizing Agents in Extrapsychiatric Therapeutics

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Apropos Of The Accidents Of Deglutition

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Apropos Of The Acoustic Accident

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Apropos of the Action Mechanism and Prospects in the use of Low Molecular Polyvinylpyrrolidone in Burn Sickness

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Apropos of the Action of Griseofulvin in Painful Syndromes of Neuritic Origin

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Apropos of the Adaptation of Mechanoreceptors of the Urinary Bladder

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Apropos of the Addition of Antibiotics to Blood and Erythrocyte Sediments

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Apropos of the Advanced Training of Stomatologists

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Apropos of the Age Factor in the Rotatory Threshold

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Apropos of the Allergic Manifestations of Diphyllobothriasis

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Apropos of the Ambivalent Action of Kt.5, at one and the Same time a Corrector of Parkinsonian and Orthothymic Syndromes

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Apropos of the Ambulatory Treatment of Amblyopia with Central Fixation

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Apropos of the Anatomical Nomenclature in Otorhinolaryngology

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Apropos of the Anatomo-Clinical Observation of a Hemochromatosis with Cardiac Insufficiency

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Apropos of the Anti-Inflammatory Action of Ganglionic-Blocking Agents

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Apropos of the Anti-Ulcerous Effects and of the Gastric and Cutaneous Cicatrizing Action of a Deproteinized Blood Extract

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Apropos of the Anticoagulant Therapy of Patients in the Acute Phase of Cerebral Infarction

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Apropos of the Antigenic Variability of Dysenterial Bacteria Under the Influence of Antibiotics

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Apropos of the Antiuterotrophic Effect of some Corticosteroids. Modifications of Uterine Concentrations of Rna and Dna

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Apropos of the Appearance of Pathological Liver Changes in Experimental Cholecystitis

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Apropos of the Architecture of the Human Thyroid Gland Based on Corrosion Preparations of Newborn Infants and Mature Fetuses

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Apropos of the Article by Architect I. I. Tiushin "schools with 2-Sided Lighting of Classrooms"

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Apropos of the Article by Assistant Professor N. N. Zemskov, "some Problems in the Revascularization of the Myocardium"

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Apropos of the Article by G. N. Krasovskii and L. Ia. Guseva "statistical Methods of Evaluating Results of Sanitary and Hygiene Research"

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Apropos of the Article by Prof. A. T. Petriaeva "on some Controversial Questions in Modern Pediatrics"

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Apropos of the Article by V. M. Meshchenko "on the Role of some Sanitary Factors in the Etiology of Endemic Goiter"

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Apropos of the Article on Osteolytic Metastases from Prostatic Cancer by Massias, Borderon, Bontoux and Coste

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Apropos of the Article "determination of the Heart Volume and other Indices of Central Cardiac Hemodynamics by Means of Radioactive Krypton Kr85" by F.F. Kaperko

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Apropos of the Article "on Hygienic Evaluation of the Reactions of the Organism to External Influences", B.M. Shtabski I

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Apropos of the Article, "comparative Evaluation of Methods for the Elimination of Urine from Patients with Spinal Cord Injury" by E. I. Babichenko

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Apropos of the Article, "means for Improving the Antiepidemic Work in Pediatric Polyclinics" by M. A. Shishliannikova

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Apropos of the Article, "organizational Problems of Gastroscopy", by V.V. Cherny I

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Apropos of the Article, "partial Protection of the Patient and Physician from Radiation in Roentgenologic Examinations", by V. A. Guliaev

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Apropos of the Article, "postural Defects and Scoliosis" by Professor L. I. Shulutko

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Apropos of the Article, "schools with Double Exposure of Class Rooms" by the Architect Iu. I. Tiushin

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Apropos of the Article, "some Problems of General Hygiene" by Professor V. A. Riazanov

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Apropos of the Article, "Some suggestions concerning the organization of preventive vaccination of Children" by D.D. Lebedev)

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Apropos of the Article, "statistical Characteristics of Mortality from Cardiovascular Diseases in Iaroslavl' " by V. D. Brezgin

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Apropos of the Assimilation of C-14 Labelled Vitamin B-6 in Experimental Leukemia Under Tryptophan Loading

Piatov, M.D., 1964:
Apropos of the Association of Schizophrenia with Hypertension

Kozlov, L.A., 1963:
Apropos of the Assymetrical Loss of Hearing Under the Influence of Noise

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Apropos of the Asymmetry of Visual Fields of the Left and Right Eye in Healthy Subjects

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Apropos of the Auditory Localization in Elderly Persons Studied in a Free Auditory Field

Meyer-Rohn, J.; Meinhof, W., 1965:
Apropos of the Bacterial Pathogenesis of Erythrasma

Aripdzhanov, T.M., 1965:
Apropos of the Bacterial Pollution of Sewage Water from Silkcoiling Plants Un Uzbekistan

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Apropos of the Bacteriological Diagnosis of Diphtheria

Arnot, G., 1965:
Apropos of the Bad Faith of the Ethylic

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Apropos of the Barium Enema Technic

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Apropos of the Behavior of Trivalent Antimony in Human Blood

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Apropos of the Bilaterality of Fuchs' Syndrome

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Apropos of the Biological and Toxic Effects of Surface Active Agents

Eshniiazov, N., 1964 :
Apropos Of The Blood Picture In Patients With Malignant Neoplasms With Different Localizations

Merkle, U., 1964:
Apropos of the Blood Supply of the Femur Head Through the Arteries of the Femoral Head Ligament (Rr. Acetabulares) in Adults

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Apropos of the Bronchial Circulation in Unilateral Chronic Lesions of the Lung

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Apropos of the Carcinogenicity of Benzidin

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Apropos of the Carcinoid Syndrome

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Apropos of the Cause of Thermal Death of Skeletal Muscles of Cold-Blooded Animals

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Apropos of the Causes of Automatic Excitation of the Respiratory Center in Frogs