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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48360

Chapter 48360 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Weed, R.O.; Berens, D.E., 2005:
Basics of burn injury: implications for case management and life care planning

Wintersperger, B.J.; Nikolaou, K., 2005:
Basics of cardiac MDCT: techniques and contrast application

Breen, P., 2004:
Basics of coagulation pathways

Pierce, G., 2004:
Basics of computed tomography angiography of the lower extremity vessels

Ullman, D.; Zuller, M.E., 2004:
Basics of elder law and legal liabilities of negligence and malpractice for physicians as they apply to individuals with disabilities

Ramsey, J.J., 2005:
Basics of employment law: understanding and dealing with adverse employment actions and discrimination in the workplace

Gola, R.; Cheynet, F.; Guyot, L.; Richard, O., 2005:
Basics of esthetic and functional cephalometric analysis of the profile

Ruvinsky, A., 2004:
Basics of gametic imprinting

Nakane, M., 2004:
Basics of hemoadsorption

Lee, J.T.; White, R.A., 2004:
Basics of intravascular ultrasound: an essential tool for the endovascular surgeon

Sands, M.J.; Levitin, A., 2004:
Basics of magnetic resonance imaging

Daniel, P.T.; Dörken, B., 2005:
Basics of molecular diagnostics and therapy of malignant tumors

Scheffler, K., 2004:
Basics of non-invasive angiography contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography

Pontieri-Lewis, V., 2006:
Basics of ostomy care

Isenberg, S.F., 2004:
Basics of practice management information technology

Wickett, R.Randall., 2004:
Basics of skin structure

Airaksinen, E.; Airaksinen, M.M., 2003:
Basics of the drug therapy for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders in adolescents

van den Bergh, P.M.; Knorth, E.J.; Tausendfreund, T.; Klomp, M., 2004:
Basics of the psychosocial diagnostic in child- and youth care in the netherlands: developments and tasks

Sierra, S.; Kupfer, B.; Kaiser, R., 2005:
Basics of the virology of HIV-1 and its replication

Hota, B.; Weinstein, R.A., 2005 :
Basics work: preventing infections in intensive care units in developing countries

Wilson, M., 1960:
Basil (Ocymium basilicam)

Hughes, B., 1953:
Basil Hughes

Rook, A.J.; Savill, A., 1964:
Basilar Artery Deficiency

Kuipers, T., 1958:
Basilar Impression

Posner, D.M., 1963:
Basilar Impression - the Value of the Various Radiological Criteria

Perret, L., 1965:
Basilar Infiltration

Toledano, A.; Onrubia, T.; Herráiz, C.; Tarriño, R.; Plaza, G.; Mate, M.A.; Aparicio, J.M.; De los Santos, G., 2003:
Basilar artery aneurysm: report of a case

Stern, W.E., 1954:
Basilar artery aneurysm; report of a case diagnosed roentgenologically

Su, P-Hua.; Chen, J-Yuh.; Chen, S-Jen.; Yang, M-Shiang.; Liu, Y-Ling., 2006:
Basilar artery dolichoectasia in a boy with a combination of partial monosomy 18p and partial trisomy 20q

Calvo-Romero, Jé.María.; Lima-Rodríguez, E.María., 2006:
Basilar artery dolichoectasia with partial thrombosis

Shroff, M.; Blaser, S.; Jay, V.; Chitayat, D.; Armstrong, D., 2003:
Basilar artery duplication associated with pituitary duplication: a new finding

Poser, C.M.; Jordan, R.A., 1959:
Basilar artery insufficiency

Baird, T.A.; Muir, K.W.; Bone, I., 2005:
Basilar artery occlusion

Rosman, N.Paul.; Adhami, S.; Mannheim, G.B.; Katz, N.P.; Klucznik, R.P.; Muriello, M.Anne., 2003:
Basilar artery occlusion in children: misleading presentations, "locked-in" state, and diagnostic importance of accompanying vertebral artery occlusion

Engel, H.P., 1958:
Basilar artery occlusion: report of a case with ten years' survival

Islam, S.; Ribeiro, A.A.C.M.; Loesch, A., 2004:
Basilar artery of the capybara (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris): an ultrastructural study

Silversides, J.L., 1954:
Basilar artery stenosis and thrombosis

Campbell, M.H., 1953:
Basilar artery syndrome

De Decker, K.; Van Havenbergh, T.; D'Archambeau, O.; Jorens, P.G., 2003:
Basilar artery thrombosis in a trauma patient. Case report and review of the literature

Polo, J.M.; Rivas-López, M.T.; Ortín-Castaño, A.; Framiñán de Miguel, A.; López-Alburquerque, J.T.; Arcaya-Navarro, J., 2004:
Basilar artery thrombosis: recanalisation following intravenous administration of heparin demonstrated by magnetic resonance angiography

Davis, S.M.; Donnan, G.A., 2006:
Basilar artery thrombosis: recanalization is the key

Ferguson, J.; Lerman, J.; Adams, R., 1951:
Basilar artery thrombosis: the examination of a patient in coma

Denny-Brown, D., 1953:
Basilar artery-syndromes

Yonekawa, Y.; Khan, N.; Imhof, H.G.; Roth, P., 2005:
Basilar bifurcation aneurysms. Lessons learnt from 40 consecutive cases

Roux, J.L., 1957:
Basilar depression in Paget's osteitis deformans

Crawford, B., 1960:
Basilar embolism

Haetinger, R.G.; Navarro, Jão.A.C.; Liberti, E.A., 2006:
Basilar expansion of the human sphenoidal sinus: an integrated anatomical and computerized tomography study

Ghamra, Z.; Stoller, J.K., 2003:
Basilar hyperlucency in a patient with emphysema due to hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis syndrome

Laitinen, L., 1957:
Basilar impression & allied conditions; a review

Soyka, D., 1963:
Basilar impression (a contribution to the neuroradiological diagnosis and clinical symptomatology)

Poppen, J.L.; Ammerman, H.H.; Helden, G.O., 1953:
Basilar impression (platybasia)

Poppel, M.H.; Jacobson, H.G.; Duff, B.K.; Gottlieb, C., 1953:
Basilar impression and platybasia in Paget's disease

Gvozdanovic, V.; Dogan, S., 1951:
Basilar impression and related cervico-occipital abnormalities

Crosato, F.; Pizzedaz, C., 1959:
Basilar impression as a cause of hemifacial spasm

Teive, Hélio.A.G., 2007:
Basilar impression associated with impacted cisterna magna, spastic paraparesis and distress of balance

Gonçalves da Silva, Jé.Alberto.; de Almeida Holanda, M.Marques.; do Desterro Leiros, M.; Melo, L.Ricardo.Santiago.; de Araújo, Aônio.Fernandes.; de Almeida, E.Bandeira., 2006:
Basilar impression associated with impacted cisterna magna, spastic paraparesis and distress of balance: case report

Gimeno, A.; Gomez Bueno, J.; Lamas, E., 1961:
Basilar impression associated with radicular neurofibroma

Klingler, M.; Walser, A., 1956:
Basilar impression of cranium and pituitary function

Jackson, F.E., 1961:
Basilar impression of the skull: case report

da Silva, Jé.Alberto.Gonçalves.; Holanda, M.Marques.de.Almeida., 2003:
Basilar impression, Chiari malformation and syringomyelia: a retrospective study of 53 surgically treated patients

Metzger, O.; Mengus, M.; Jesel, M., 1960:
Basilar impression: minimal clinical symptomatology

Feng, Y.K., 1950:
Basilar impression: review of literature and report of a case

Nemours-Auguste; Hecaen; Dell, 1950:
Basilar impression; radiological and tomographic study

Garavaglia, C., 1958:
Basilar impression; review of literature and diagnosis in Paget's disease

Goodbody, R.A.; Roberts, L.V., 1950:
Basilar invagination in Paget's disease

Bhagra, A.; Stead, L.G., 2007:
Basilar invagination, a rare condition mimicking posterior circulation stroke

Esteban, M., 1950:
Basilar lordosis of Bartoletti

Xenellis, J.E.; Linthicum, F.H.; Webster, P.; Lopez, R., 2004:
Basilar membrane displacement related to endolymphatic sac volume

Khwaja, O.S.; Robson, C.D.; McManus, M.L.; Urion, D.K., 2005:
Basilar meningitis associated with ethmoid and sphenoid cephaloceles

Piechowski-Józwiak, B.; Bogousslavsky, J., 2004:
Basilar occlusive disease: the descent of the feared foe?

Giroire; Charbonnel; Colas; Vercelletto; Collet, M., 1960:
Basilar ophthalmological syndrome in meningiomas of the convexity. 2 Further cases

Kaufman, J.M.; Caputo, N.T., 1955:
Basilar rales in myocardial infarction

Sister Joan Marie, 1956:
Basilar skull and zygomatic arch projections simplified

Cordray, D.P., 1950:
Basilar skull fractures

Potapov, A.A.; Gavrilov, A.G.; Kravchuk, A.D.; Likhterman, L.B.; Kornienko, V.N.; Arutiunov, N.V.; Gaĭtur, E.I.; Fomichev, D.V., 2004:
Basilar skull fractures: clinical and prognostic aspects

López-Hernández, N.; García-Escrivà, A.; Bustos, S.; Hernández-Lorido, R.; Mañes-Mateo, R.; Carneado-Ruiz, J.; Gracía-Fleta, F., 2004:
Basilar stenosis with repeated transient ischemic attacks: a case that responded well to anticoagulation therapy

Biemond, A., 1951:
Basilar thrombosis

Wenderoth, J.D.; Khangure, M.S.; Phatouros, C.C.; ApSimon, H.Trevor., 2003:
Basilar trunk occlusion during endovascular treatment of giant and fusiform aneurysms of the basilar artery

Csontai, A., 1955:
Basilar tuberculous meningitis and miliary tuberculosis in infant after BCG vaccination

White, R.J.; Donald, D.E., 1962:
Basilar-artery ligation and cerebral ischemia in dogs

Kozubski, W., 2006 :
Basilar-type migraine: pathophysiology, symptoms and signs, and treatment

Schmidt, P.J.; Luyet, B.J., 2006:
Basile J. Luyet and the beginnings of transfusion cryobiology

Davidson, I.J.A.; Cava-Bartsch, C., 2006:
Basilic vein transposition. A case report with contra-lateral removal of a large A-V fistula

Mongelli-Sciannameo, N., 1960:
Basilicata and the distribution of ancylostomiasic infections among agricultural workers

Navarrete, C.; Sancho, Río.; Caballero, F.J.; Pollastro, F.; Fiebich, B.L.; Sterner, O.; Appendino, G.; Muñoz, E., 2006:
Basiliolides, a class of tetracyclic C19 dilactones from Thapsia garganica, release Ca(2+) from the endoplasmic reticulum and regulate the activity of the transcription factors nuclear factor of activated T cells, nuclear factor-kappaB, and activator protein 1 in T lymphocytes

Aw, M.M.; Taylor, R.M.; Verma, A.; Parke, A.; Baker, A.J.; Hadzic, D.; Muiesan, P.; Rela, M.; Heaton, N.D.; Mieli-Vergani, G.; Dhawan, A., 2003:
Basiliximab (Simulect) for the treatment of steroid-resistant rejection in pediatric liver transpland recipients: a preliminary experience

Kovac, D.; Kotnik, V.; Kandus, A., 2006:
Basiliximab and mycophenolate mofetil in combination with low-dose cyclosporine and methylprednisolone effectively prevent acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients

Carrier, M.; Leblanc, M-Hélène.; Perrault, L.P.; White, M.; Doyle, D.; Beaudoin, D.; Guertin, M-Claude., 2007:
Basiliximab and rabbit anti-thymocyte globulin for prophylaxis of acute rejection after heart transplantation: a non-inferiority trial

Leonardi, G.; Messina, M.; Giraudi, R.; Pellu, V.; Fop, F.; Segoloni, G.Paolo., 2004:
Basiliximab in association with tacrolimus and steroids in caucasian cadaveric renal transplanted patients: significant decrease in early acute rejection rate and hospitalization time

Balbontin, F.; Kiberd, B.; Fraser, A.; Kiberd, M.; Lawen, J., 2005:
Basiliximab lowers the cyclosporine therapeutic threshold in the early post-kidney transplant period

Venzke, A.; Ganschow, R.; Grabhorn, E.; Rogiers, X.; Burdelski, M., 2004:
Basiliximab monotherapy following B-cell lymphoma after pediatric liver transplantation and anti-CD20 therapy

Kode, R.; Fa, K.; Chowdhury, S.; Ranganna, K.; Fyfe, B.; Stabler, S.; Damask, A.; Laftavi, M.R.; Kumar, A.Mysore.; Pankewycz, O., 2003:
Basiliximab plus low-dose cyclosporin vs. OKT3 for induction immunosuppression following renal transplantation

Sheashaa, H.A.; Bakr, M.A.; Ismail, A.M.; Sobh, M.A.; Ghoneim, M.A., 2003:
Basiliximab reduces the incidence of acute cellular rejection in live-related-donor kidney transplantation: a three-year prospective randomized trial

Kapic, E.; Becic, F.; Kusturica, J., 2005:
Basiliximab, mechanism of action and pharmacological properties

Mempel, S., 1955:
Basilomatosis of the skin as the consequence of a war-traumatic cancerogenesis based on dysontogenetic deformities

Shrimali, M.Dev.; Prasad, A.; Ramaswamy, R.; Feudel, U., 2005:
Basin bifurcations in quasiperiodically forced coupled systems

Gardini, L.; Bischi, G-Italo.; Fournier-Prunaret, D., 2003:
Basin boundaries and focal points in a map coming from Bairstow's method

Drews, G.; Schroeter, H.D., 1961:
Basin for flushing out the ear for use with the Otlaphari apparatus

Verma, A.; Schug, A.; Lee, K.H.; Wenzel, W., 2006:
Basin hopping simulations for all-atom protein folding

Rech, P.Cesar.; Beims, M.Werner.; Gallas, J.A.C., 2005:
Basin size evolution between dissipative and conservative limits

Seoane, Jús.M.; Aguirre, J.; Sanjuán, M.A.F.; Lai, Y-Cheng., 2006:
Basin topology in dissipative chaotic scattering

Sheldon, T.A., 2003:
Basing decisions on better quality routine clinical data

Light, K.M., 2006:
Basing future disaster care on the evidence

Ginsburg, S.; Regehr, G.; Lingard, L., 2004:
Basing the evaluation of professionalism on observable behaviors: a cautionary tale

Privalova, L.I.; Katsnel'son, B.A.; Kuz'min, S.V.; Chiburaev, V.I.; Nikonov, B.I.; Gurvich, V.B.; Voronin, S.A.; Kosheleva, A.A.; Malykh, O.L., 2004:
Basing the problem of contemporary hygienic regulation of ambient air pollution

Mukherjee, J., 2004:
Basing treatment on rights rather than ability to pay: 3 by 5

Bahi, J.M.; Contassot-Vivier, S., 2006:
Basins of attraction in fully asynchronous discrete-time discrete-state dynamic networks

Lai, Y-Cheng.; He, D-Ren.; Jiang, Y-Mei., 2005:
Basins of attraction in piecewise smooth Hamiltonian systems

Bomcke, G., 1951:
Basiotripsy, cephalotripsy and trachelotomy at the Würzburg University gynecological clinic

Vieten, H., 1950:
Basis & possibilities of radiography of transversal layers of long bodies by circular blurring of objects not to be demonstrated

Fernandez, J.M., 1964:
Basis for a Rational Therapy of Leprosy

Bogdanov, F.R.; Farnieva, I.V.; Putilova, A.A.; Babaev, E.A.; Ukrainets, V.S., 1964:
Basis for Construction of Rational Prophylactic Footwear for Young Children

Stern, A.C., 1965:
Basis for Criteria and Standards

Abramson, D.I., 1965:
Basis for Edema in Venous and Lymphatic Disorders and Differential Diagnosis

Jenkin, C.R.; Rowley, D., 1963:
Basis for Immunity to Typhoid in Mice and the Question of "cellular Immunity"

Levine, B.B.; Ojeda, A.; Benacerraf, B., 1963:
Basis for the Antigenicity of Hapten-Poly-L-Lysine Conjugates in Random-Bred Guinea Pigs

Vainer, E.L., 1964:
Basis for the Selection of Material for Plate Components of the Bodies of Electronic Medical Equipment and Apparatuses

Gerlich, N., 1964:
Basis for the Therapeutic use of An Induction Principle

Shinagawa, N., 1964:
Basis for the Treatment of Hemorrhage in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Orbaneja, G., 1963:
Basis for Venereal Disease Control and its Organization

Deocampo, G., 1965:
Basis of Competition in Medical Practice

Ishizuka, N.; Chihara, T.; Iida, M.; Suzuki, M., 1964:
Basis of Placental Perfusion and its Application

Pozzo, A.A., 1963:
Basis of Sanitary Medicine

Tashiro, M.; Sakurada, Y.; Taniuchi, K., 2005:
Basis and application of imaging of cerebral functions

Pascal, J.I., 1950:
Basis and applications of the accommodative unit

Kubo, K., 2005:
Basis and clinical aspects of ALI/ARDS

Schmidt, H., 1952:
Basis and deduction of equations for mixture and mixture rules

Demole, M., 1952:
Basis and efficiency of stomach therapy with antacid drugs

Levin, V.A., 2004:
Basis and importance of Src as a target in cancer

Pullman, J., 1954:
Basis and importance of high mountain climate therapy of bronchial asthma

Heidelmann, G., 1952:
Basis and indication for pharmacological ganglia block in peripheral vascular diseases

Gordon, R.; Hughes, M.; Leathem, B.; Kavanagh, K.L.; Brolo, A.G., 2005:
Basis and lattice polarization mechanisms for light transmission through nanohole arrays in a metal film

Janzen, R.; Fuhrmann, W., 1951:
Basis and limits of the clinical electroencephalography

Brautigam, W., 1954:
Basis and manifestations of torticollis spasticus, pathogenic studies in 25 patients

Berezovskaia, B.M., 1951:
Basis and mechanism of certain symptoms in neuroses

Pfeffer, K.H.; Staudinger, H.; Einleitung, A., 1952:
Basis and methods for chemical determination of adrenal cortical hormones and the so-called urine corticoids

Greving, F.T., 1958:
Basis and plan for more effective use of community resources for mental health

De Assis, A., 1956:
Basis and practice of BCG vaccination in Brazil

Storz, H., 1962:
Basis and practice of individual glycoside therapy

Simpson, R.E., 1951:
Basis and purpose of visual geriatrics

Zirkel, W., 1952:
Basis and reliability of the cytodiagnosis

Trautwein, H., 1951:
Basis and results in the recent therapy of liver diseases

Hansen, T., 1952:
Basis and results of neurosurgical therapy of the congenital megacolon

Bang, S., 1951:
Basis and scope of sanatorium treatment

Pischinger, A., 1955:
Basis and significance of the fresh cell therapy

Ogihara, Y.; Tomiyasu, K.; Horie, T.; Hanaki, A.; Muro, I., 2005:
Basis examination of image contrast in fluid attenuated inversion recovery balanced turbo field echo (FLAIR-B-TFE)

Fulgenzi, H.; Lopez Medrano, C.M.; Gramajo, I.W., 1962:
Basis for a code of ethics for hospitals

Michaux, L., 1956:
Basis for a confinement; concerning a case

Bardach, J.; Kurnatowski, A., 1960:
Basis for a possible total elimination of the fatty tissue from round flaps

Klima, R., 1952:
Basis for a reclassification of the hematology of cellular reactions in the lymphatic system

Reneman, M.F.; Soer, R.; Gerrits, E.H.J., 2005:
Basis for an FCE methodology for patients with work-related upper limb disorders

Caton, J.; Duburcq, A., 2007:
Basis for an evaluation of needs of orthopaedic surgeons in France

Rodriguez-Minon, J.L., 1959:
Basis for an individual and social prevention of diabetes

Gol'denshtein, A.A., 1951:
Basis for campolon therapy in Botkin's disease

Case, T.C., 1956:
Basis for choice of operation for cancer of the breast

Ricketson, G., 1962:
Basis for cosmetic surgery

Graff, T., 1952:
Basis for determination of accommodation

Simonsson, P., 2004:
Basis for development of a reference system for clinical decisions in liver disease

Kleinsorge; Baumann; Muller-Hegemann, 1954:
Basis for discussion on the Pavlovian sleep therapy

Beske, F., 1954:
Basis for estimating of expenses and income of the district communities for public health administration, as shown in the budget of the City of Kiel for the budgetary year 1951

Warren, R.M.; Warren, R.P., 1958:
Basis for judgments of relative brightness

Warren, R.M.; Poulton, E.C., 1960:
Basis for lightness-judgments of grays

Van Valkenburg, C.T., 1955:
Basis for localization of aphasia

Petit-Dutaillis, D.; Fischgold, H.; Pertuiset, B.; Lairy-Bounes, G.C., 1951:
Basis for non-tumoral epilepsy therapy by cortical excision

Grashchenkov, N.I.; Irger, I.M.; Kassil', G.N.; Vein, A.M.; Kamenetskaia, B.I., 1959:
Basis for pathogenic therapy of cerebrocranial injuries. I. Functional conditions of hematoencephalic barrier in acute closed cerebrocranial injuries

Jimenez-Diaz, C., 1956:
Basis for prophylaxis of heart disease

Zakovsky, J., 1950:
Basis for protection against injury by radioactive isotopes

Hillemand, P.; Bourdon, R.; Cherigie, E.; Proux, C., 1955:
Basis for radiology of the small intestine

Lubiniecki, A., 2006:
Basis for sample size in international conference on harmonization guidances

Skipper, H.E.; Baker, B.R.; Jones, R., 1960:
Basis for seeking new types and structures for chemotherapeutic agents

Egli, H., 1958:
Basis for selection of mobilization technics

Bauer, J., 1950:
Basis for splenectomy in internal diseases

Bory, L., 1958:
Basis for sulfur chemotherapy: thiophene, an isostere of benzene

Schmucker, D.L.; Owen, R.L.; Outenreath, R.; Thoreux, K., 2004:
Basis for the age-related decline in intestinal mucosal immunity

Olbrycht, T., 1950:
Basis for the development of Michurin's zootechnics in Soviet Union

Friedrich, J., 1961:
Basis for the formation of medical care in the People's Republic of Germany until 1980

Rein, F.J., 1961:
Basis for the objective evaluation of endogenous and exogenous actions on living organisms. 1

Bogdarin, I.A.; Bundin, D.V., 2003:
Basis for the use of a new galena-based substance from plants for prevention and treatment of cholelithic disease

Sadykova, M.K., 1963:
Basis for the use of nibufin for the elimination of small ureteral calculi

Gmachl, E., 1959:
Basis for therapy of hypertension in internal practice

Lombard, P., 1950 :
Basis for treatment of congenital talipes equinovarus

Tomassetti, P.; Migliori, M.; Campana, D.; Brocchi, E.; Piscitelli, L.; Salomone, T.; Corinaldesi, R., 2004:
Basis for treatment of functioning neuroendocrine tumours

Brookler, K., 2006:
Basis for understanding otic capsule bony dyscrasias

Damste, P.H., 1959:
Basis for vocal rehabilitation of laryngectomized patients

Beletskii, G.N.; Konstantinov, G.F.; Maiorova, Z.S.; Maevskii, V.I.; Maistrakh, K.V.; Rostotskii, I.B., 1959:
Basis of Societ socialistic public health

Serebrinsky, B., 1954:
Basis of a cultural psychotherapy

Goldberg, I.H.; Rabinowitz, M.; Reich, E., 1962:
Basis of actinomycin action. I. DNA binding and inhibition of RNA-polymerase synthetic reactions by actinomycin

Goldberg, I.H.; Rabinowitz, M.; Reich, E., 1963:
Basis of actinomycin action. II. Effect of actinomycin on the nucleoside triphosphate-inorganic pyrophosphate exchange

Grigoraki, L., 1959:
Basis of agreement between dermatologists & mycologists on a single classification of dermatophytes

Goldsmith, W.N., 1953:
Basis of allergic reactions

Nasio, J., 1960:
Basis of anti-ulcer treatment

Schoog, M., 1957:
Basis of antibacterial therapy in dermatology

Barth, L., 1952:
Basis of control in closed circuit anesthesia

Nielsen, J.M., 1960:
Basis of disability in industrial injuries. Analysis of 337 cases seen in ten years

Shepherd, R.K.; McCreery, D.B., 2006:
Basis of electrical stimulation of the cochlea and the cochlear nucleus

Moschos, C.B.; Oswald, E., 1957:
Basis of electrolyte and fluid therapy

Hamperl, H., 1955:
Basis of geographical pathology of cancer

Garrett, E.R., 1963:
Basis of hydrogen ion binding curves deduced from differences in solution and solvent titrations

Baumgartel, T., 1951:
Basis of icterus therapy

Simonin, C., 1951:
Basis of industrial medicine

Kunkel, H.A.; Schmermund, H.J.; Schubert, G., 1952:
Basis of intrauterine therapy with beta rays with artificial radioactive isotopes

Wurterle, A., 1956:
Basis of male sex hormone therapy of gynecological diseases

Meyer, A.; Monod, O., 1956:
Basis of medical and surgical treatment of secondary cancer of the lung

Delgado, A.F.; Falcão, M.C.; Carrazza, F.R., 2003:
Basis of nutritional support in pediatrics

Berthet, E., 1959:
Basis of organization of the campaign against tuberculosis in countries with large tuberculous endemia

Anonymous, 1950:
Basis of organization of veterinary services in Poland

Moe, G.K.; Mendez, C., 1962:
Basis of pharmacotherapy of cardiac arrhythmias

Homolka, J., 1958:
Basis of polarographic examination of cerebrospinal fluid

Anonymous, 1952:
Basis of press institutional relations

Chalmers, K.A., 2005:
Basis of recency and frequency judgements of novel faces: generalised strength or episode-specific memories?

Kononova, V.A., 1958:
Basis of sanitary-protective zones between residential sectors and storehouses of combustibles on state farms of the Saratov region

Pena Y De La Pena, E., 1953:
Basis of surgical technic of choice in cases of rectal, anal, and sigmoid cancer

Mahnert, A., 1950:
Basis of the generalization of cancer

Moser, H., 1950:
Basis of the generalization of cancer; clinical symptoms of generalization

Ratzenhofer, M., 1950:
Basis of the generalization of cancer; morphology and significance of functional disorders of the mesenchyma, with observations on modifications of neurovascular tissue in carcinoma

Dalma, J., 1950:
Basis of the medical plan of Tucuman

Barbosa, A.J., 1956:
Basis of the prevention of leprosy

Bourdon, R.; Boiffard, J.A.; Rosier, R., 1962:
Basis of the radiotherapy of palpebral cancers

Nodera, H.; Bostock, H., 2005:
Basis of the threshold tracking

Wegierko, J., 1952:
Basis of treatment in diabetes

Adelardi, V.A., 1958:
Basis of vector electrocardiography

Kienle, F., 1953:
Basis of vectoral interpretations in electrocardiography and vectorcardiography

Blomhert, G., 1954:
Basis of water and electrolyte metabolism

Balters, W., 1953:
Basis problems of articulation

Nikogosian, K.A., 1951:
Basis problems of sanitation service in Moldava SSR (Republican conference in Kishinev 20-23 Apr 1951

Ezes, H., 1952:
Basis results and indications of treatment of certain spermatic insufficiencies by testosterone in situ

Reiher, M.; Liégeois, V.; Ruud, K., 2006:
Basis set and density functional dependence of vibrational Raman optical activity calculations

Torrent-Sucarrat, M.; Solà, M.; Duran, M.; Luis, J.M.; Kirtman, B., 2004:
Basis set and electron correlation effects on initial convergence for vibrational nonlinear optical properties of conjugated organic molecules

Champagne, B.; Botek, E.; Nakano, M.; Nitta, T.; Yamaguchi, K., 2005:
Basis set and electron correlation effects on the polarizability and second hyperpolarizability of model open-shell pi-conjugated systems

Artemyev, A.; Bibikov, A.; Zayets, V.; Bodrenko, I., 2005:
Basis set convergence studies of Hartree-Fock calculations of molecular properties within the resolution of the identity approximation

Wiberg, K.B., 2004:
Basis set effects on calculated geometries: 6-311++G** vs. aug-cc-pVDZ

Matus, M.H.; Garza, J.; Galván, M., 2004:
Basis set effects on frontier molecular orbital energies and energy gaps: a comparative study between plane waves and localized basis functions in molecular systems

Balabanov, N.B.; Peterson, K.A., 2006:
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Basketball not only for the tall

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Basking on the beach, or maybe on the operating table

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Baskir Kuba compound, new specific drug against intestinal and extra-intestinal amebiasis

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Basocellular carcinoma that everyone's talking about

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Bateman--Literary Executor of Willan

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Bath Spa. Bath, England

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Bath aid for the disabled

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Bathing in bodies of water of large cities

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Bathing safety... Safeguarding the resident and your staff!

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Bathing the patient

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Bathing-Trunk Pigmented Nevus

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Baths in Zagreb in Middle Ages

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Bathtub suction-induced purpura

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Batista operation with aortic valve replacement for valvular cardiomyopathy

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Baton Rouge Chapter attends regional advocacy workshop, influences Louisiana Congressional delegation

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Baton Rouge's "virtual clinic". Physicians and dentists have pooled their skills to provide care for the area's working poor

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Batons and the biofuture of vascular surgery

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Bats may be SARS reservoir

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Batteries: from alkaline to zinc-air

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Battery Attachment for Electric Ophthalmoscope

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Battery counter

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Battery of electronic devices widens the margins of surgical safety

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Battery operated centrifuge

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Battery powered BION FES network

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Battery separators

Short, P.Farley.; Graefe, D.R., 2003:
Battery-powered health insurance? Stability in coverage of the uninsured

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Batting of Artificial Fibers as a Dressing Material

Anonymous, 2003:
Batting an eye at HIV

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Batting with occluded vision: an in situ examination of the information pick-up and interceptive skills of high- and low-skilled cricket batsmen

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Battista Grassi and the conquest of malaria in Fiumicino

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Battle for Life. Saving a Patient from Clinical Death

Anonymous, 2004:
Battle against malaria

Senior, K., 2005:
Battle against malaria could involve anti-HIV drugs

Dyer, O., 2005:
Battle against poverty hampered by sex discrimination

Otsubo, H., 2006:
Battle against reviewers, yet know thyself

Fong, T.; Romano, M.; Taylor, M., 2005:
Battle escalates. MedPAC, AMA at opposite ends of debate on physician-owned facilities

Van Meurs, A.J., 1957:
Battle fatigue

Stein, G.C., 2005:
Battle for funding of pharmacy residency programs

Nguyen, L.; Pieters, J., 2007:
Battle for survival: interplay between pathogenic mycobacteria and the host immune system

Fradd, L., 2006:
Battle for the boardroom. Interview by Nick Lipley

Markl, H.S., 2005:
Battle for the brains?

Shinkman, R., 2003:
Battle for the bulge: bariatric surgery a steadily increasing revenue stream

Romano, M., 2005:
Battle in Alabama. Agency, system fight for control of Cullman hospital

Newland, J., 2005:
Battle influenza by being prepared

Heightman, A.J., 2003:
Battle innovations

Parish, C., 2006:
Battle lines drawn as unions reject Brown's squeeze on pay

Harrison, S., 2006:
Battle lines drawn on employment rights as privatisation beckons

Keynes, M., 1954:
Battle of eponymy

Agnese, D.M., 2005:
Battle of the BRCA1/BRCA2 (offspring) sex ratios: truth or consequences

Seltzer, A.P., 1962:
Battle of the noses

Davenport, R.John., 2005:
Battle of the sexes

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Battle of the sexes with clonal reproduction by males and queens in an ant species

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Battle of the sexes: new insights into genetic pathways of gonadal development

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Battle of the statins, or how the news media can change patient care

Jaklevic, M.Chris., 2003:
Battle on the bayou. La. among states battling over doc-owned facilities

Fleming, G.; Taylor, B.J., 2007:
Battle on the home care front: perceptions of home care workers of factors influencing staff retention in Northern Ireland

Tieman, J., 2003:
Battle over Medicare. Providers ready to defend their pet provisions

Dean, M., 2003:
Battle over foundation hospitals continues. Downing Street sells one model to managers, another to Labour members of parliament

Anonymous, 2005:
Battle over unlicensed medication administration continues

Brown, V.J., 2004:
Battle scars: global conflicts and environmental health

Romano, M., 2004:
Battle strategy. AMA may side against AHA on specialty hospitals

Colcock, B.P., 1951:
Battle wounds of the colon and rectum

Dean, S., 2006:
Battlefield Charlotte revisited

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Battlefield Medical Information System-Tactical (BMIST): the application of mobile computing technologies to support health surveillance in the Department of Defense

Anonymous, 2004:
Battlefield advanced training life support. Chapter 14. Analgesia

Anonymous, 2007:
Battlefield advanced trauma life support: 1

Lindblad, C.; Sjöström, Börn., 2005:
Battlefield emergency care: a study of nurses' perspectives

Beale, P.J.; Kerwin-Nye, A., 2004:
Battlefield first aid

Buckenmaier, C., 2006:
Battlefield trauma and pain

Vastag, B., 2003:
Battlefield uranium doubts linger for troops

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Battlefield urogenital injuries: changing patterns during the past century

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Battlements and bridges in the East. A liaison with Soviet psychiatry

Masserman, J.H., 1960:
Battlements and bridges in the East. A liaison with Soviet psychiatry. II

Clark, A., 2005:
Battles over compounding from bulk drugs move forward

Rice, M., 2007:
Battles still over framework 7

Cetron, M.; Simone, P., 2005:
Battling 21st-century scourges with a 14th-century toolbox

Anonymous, 2007:
Battling Alzheimer's disease, step by small step. Transforming growth factor (tgf-beta) and low brain oxygen levels provide more clues to AD

Fenton, M., 2005:
Battling America's epidemic of physical inactivity: building more walkable, livable communities

Nathan, P., 1964:
Battling Cystic Fibrosis, Deadly Childhood Diseases

Kalb, C.; Murr, A., 2006:
Battling a black epidemic

Boddiger, D., 2004:
Battling addiction

Naditz, A., 2005:
Battling bad PR by preparing for negative news

Nelson, B.A.; Levitt, J., 2006:
Battling bad debt

Featherly, K., 2004:
Battling bioterror

Voorhees, J.R.; Cohen-Gadol, A.A.; Laws, E.R.; Spencer, D.D.; Cushing, H.Williams.; Halsted, W.; Bovie, W.T., 2005:
Battling blood loss in neurosurgery: Harvey Cushing's embrace of electrosurgery

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Battling excess postpartum weight retention

Kwon, D.; Bouffard, J.Antonio.; van Holsbeeck, M.; Sargsyan, A.E.; Hamilton, D.R.; Melton, S.L.; Dulchavsky, S.A., 2007:
Battling fire and ice: remote guidance ultrasound to diagnose injury on the International Space Station and the ice rink

Yusufzai, A., 2006:
Battling for respect in Pakistan

Longerich, B., 2005:
Battling for the long course

Anonymous, 2004:
Battling frivolous patient lawsuits

Meadows, M., 2005:
Battling lupus

Pitts, N., 1956:
Battling polio with vaccine

Chew, M., 2004:
Battling red tape

DoBias, M., 2006:
Battling the 'superbugs'. CDC guidelines conflict with existing standards

Katz, A., 2003:
Battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Drab, K.J., 2004:
Battling the addiction dragon

Ortolon, K., 2005:
Battling the backlog

Anonymous, 2004:
Battling the barriers to prevention in less-integrated organizations

Meyer, C.R., 2006 :
Battling the bulge

Tyre, P., 2004:
Battling the effects of war

Talley, A.; Chang, S., 2005:
Battling the enemy on many fronts: inside the science of HIV vaccine development

Davis, K., 2005:
Battling the system. Commonwealth Fund chief fights for quality, transparency. Interview by Michael Romano

Harrison, S., 2004:
Battling to beat the bugs

Vollmer, J., 2003:
Battling whack-o-nomics. Fighting for the money you've earned

Georgopoulos, N.A.; Vagenakis, G.A.; Pierris, A.L., 2006:
Baubo: a case of ambiguous genitalia in the Eleusinian mysteries

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Bauchholz' and Lesse's extradural spinal anesthesia in urological interventions and its comparison with peridural anesthesia

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Baudelaire and his friends

Vallery-Radot, P., 1956:
Baudelaire: medicine and physicians

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Baudouin on Jung

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Bauer's reaction on some wear and tear pigments in man

Glimm, G., 1954:
Bauer's simplified tenoplasty in radial paralysis

Van Duijn, C., 1955:
Bauer-Schiff and periodic acid-Schiff polysaccharose reactions in some normal and malignant cell types

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Bauhin's ileocecal valve syndrome-a rare cause for small-bowel obstruction: report of a case

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Bauhin's os praecuneiforme in the human tarsus

Oviedo Bustos, J.M., 1954:
Bauhinian antrum and its pylorus; its physiopathology

Anonymous, 2006:
Baum v. Burrington

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Baumgarten's disease as a sequel of virus hepatitis

Pulito, A.R., 2004:
Baumol's disease

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Bauplan of urmetazoa: basis for genetic complexity of metazoa

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Bavarian Regional Institute for Industrial Hygiene

Raab, U.; Schwegler, U.; Preiss, U.; Albrecht, M.; Fromme, H., 2007:
Bavarian breast milk survey--pilot study and future developments

Schmidt, K., 2005:
Bavarian colleagues prevail. General practitioner contract forced by DMP strike

Schmidt, K., 2004:
Bavarian family physician brakes institution of new EMB

Reiter, R., 1951:
Bavarian industrial accident statistics and their relation to disturbances in infra-long waves

Schmidt, K., 2005:
Bavarian insurance group wants to sharpen quality control: sonography in many general practice facing obsolescence

Willgeroth, F.; Baumann, M.; Blaser, D.; Crispin, A.; Froschauer, S.; de Waal, J.; Heywang-Köbrunner, S.; Hölzel, D.; Kääb, V.; Rothe, R.; Stich, V.; Thomaschewski, S.; Walter, D., 2005:
Bavarian mammography screening program

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Baverstock and Ball article

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Bax activators potentiate coated-platelet formation

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Bax and Bcl-XL apoptosis protein mRNA in rat brain stem and cortex during ontogeny

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Bax and bcl-2 imbalance and HPB infection in penile tumors and adjacent tissues

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Bax is required for resection-induced changes in apoptosis, proliferation, and members of the extrinsic cell death pathways

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Bax, Bcl-2, fas and Fas-L antigen expression in human seminoma: correlation with the apoptotic index

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Bax, bcl-2 and c-kit expression in non-small-cell lung cancer and their effects on prognosis

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Bax, reactive oxygen, and cytochrome c release in neuronal apoptosis

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Bax/Bak-dependent release of DDP/TIMM8a promotes Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission and mitoptosis during programmed cell death

Kelly, T.D., 2004:
Baxter Aurora dialysis system

Anonymous, 2006:
Baxter Healthcare infusion pump recall

Stires, D., 2004:
Baxter's healthy return. Morgan Stanley's Glenn Reicin says the medical products company's prognosis is finally positive

Worrell, B., 2003:
Bay Area Medical Center wins back community's trust, business

King, A., 1952:
Bay area syndromes

Loudet, O..; Chaillou, S..; Camilleri, C..; Bouchez, D..; Daniel-Vedele, F.., 2003:
Bay-0 x Shahdara recombinant inbred line population: a powerful tool for the genetic dissection of complex traits in Arabidopsis

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Baycillin (Propicillin), the progress in the field of synthetic penicillins

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Baycillin in the Practice of the Country Physician

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Bayer ADL

Van Pinxterenj, 1963:
Bayer Centennial

Schutze, E., 1958:
Bayer E 39 & metabolism in cancer patients

Schwarz, E., 1958:
Bayer E 39 or A 139 in two cases of xeroderma pigmentosum

Dacero, J.P., 2004:
Bayer confirms its decision to develop in health care

Marwick, C., 2003:
Bayer is forced to release documents over withdrawal of cerivastatin

Riegel, R.; Kruckemeyer, K., 1957:
Bayer sanamycin in therapy of giant follicular lymphoblastoma (Brill-Symmers' disease)

Anonymous, 2004:
Bayer to settle lawsuits over Baycol

Hofer, G.; Kroath, F., 1951:
Bayer's TB I/698 in the treatment of laryngeal tuberculosis

Piorkowski, J.D., 2004:
Bayer's response to "potential for conflict of interest in the evaluation of suspected adverse drug reactions: use of cerivastatin and risk of rhabdomyolysis"

Anonymous, 1952:
Bayer. Ges. Chir., report

Anonymous, 2005:

Schmidt, K., 2004:
Bayern-kV is pleased with the new fee contract. But on line physicians get less money

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Bayes Solutions of Sequential Decision Problems

Gregory, R.L., 2006:
Bayes Window (3): where do prior probabilities come from?

Allmark, P., 2005:
Bayes and health care research

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Bayes pulmonary embolism assisted diagnosis: a new expert system for clinical use

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Bayes theorem and likelihood ratios

Gregory, R.L., 2006:
Bayes window (1)

Gregory, R.L., 2006:
Bayes window (4): table of illusions

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Bayes without priors

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Bayes' theorem, and its role in the law

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Bayes-Turchin approach to XAS analysis

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BayesFold: rational 2 degrees folds that combine thermodynamic, covariation, and chemical data for aligned RNA sequences

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BayesMendel: an R environment for Mendelian risk prediction

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Bayesian Decision Theory, Game Theory and Group Problem Solving. Esd-Tdr-64-603

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Bayesian Gaussian process classification with the EM-EP algorithm

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Bayesian Method for Continuous Cursor Control in EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface

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Bayesian Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis of human health risks from animal antimicrobial use in a dynamic model of emerging resistance

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Bayesian algorithms for simultaneous structure from motion estimation of multiple independently moving objects

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Bayesian analysis and risk assessment in genetic counseling and testing

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Bayesian analysis for medical device trials

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Bayesian analysis for the meiosis I non-disjunction fraction in numerical chromosomal anomalies

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Bayesian analysis of a multivariate null intercept errors-in-variables regression model

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Bayesian analysis of a time series of counts with covariates: an application to the control of an infectious disease

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Bayesian analysis of binary prediction tree models for retrospectively sampled outcomes

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Bayesian analysis of case control polygenic etiology studies with missing data

Lesimple, M.; De Nardo, L.; Grosswendt, B., 2003:
Bayesian analysis of data: reconstruction of track structure at 100% detection efficiency for a track-nanodosimetric counter

Streftaris, G.; Gibson, G.J., 2004:
Bayesian analysis of experimental epidemics of foot-and-mouth disease

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J.; Fierrez-Aguilar, J.; Ramos-Castro, D.; Ortega-Garcia, J., 2005:
Bayesian analysis of fingerprint, face and signature evidences with automatic biometric systems

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Bayesian analysis of hierarchical pattern-mixture models for clinical trials data with attrition and comparisons to commonly used ad-hoc and model-based approaches

de Pasquale, F.; Testa, C.; Soldaini, R.; Casieri, C.; Podo, F.; De Luca, F., 2005:
Bayesian analysis of in vivo dynamic 13C-edited 1H images

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Bayesian analysis of interleaved learning and response bias in behavioral experiments

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Bayesian analysis of latent variable models with non-ignorable missing outcomes from exponential family

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Bayesian analysis of misclassified binary data from a matched case-control study with a validation sub-study

Gould, A.Lawrence., 2005:
Bayesian analysis of multicentre trial outcomes

Sung, M.; Soyer, R.; Nhan, N., 2006:
Bayesian analysis of non-homogeneous Markov chains: application to mental health data

Lee, J.; Kim, J.; Jung, S-Ho., 2006:
Bayesian analysis of paired survival data using a bivariate exponential distribution

Davy, M.; Godsill, S.; Idier, Jérôme., 2006:
Bayesian analysis of polyphonic western tonal music

Stephens, D.A.; Crowder, M.J., 2006:
Bayesian analysis of quasi-life tables

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Bayesian analysis of structural equation models with mixed exponential family and ordered categorical data

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Bayesian analysis of two-level nonlinear structural equation models with continuous and polytomous data

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Bayesian analysis using continuous likelihood ratios for identifying pleural exudates

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Bayesian analysis, pattern analysis, and data mining in health care

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Bayesian analysis: a new statistical paradigm for new technology

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Bayesian and information theory analysis of MAS sideband patterns in spin 1/2 systems

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Bayesian applications of belief networks and multilayer perceptrons for ovarian tumor classification with rejection

Li, J.; Zhu, W.; Wang, X.; Desanti, S.; De Leon, M., 2007:
Bayesian applications to longitudinal analysis on medical data with discrete outcomes

Reginatto, M., 2006:
Bayesian approach for quantifying the uncertainty of neutron doses derived from spectrometric measurements

Ghosh, P.; Khattree, R., 2003:
Bayesian approach to average bioequivalence using Bayes' factor

Pezeshk, H.; Gittins, J., 2007:
Bayesian approach to determine the number of subsequent users of a new treatment

Gold, C.; Holub, A.; Sollich, P., 2005:
Bayesian approach to feature selection and parameter tuning for support vector machine classifiers

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Bayesian approach to non-Gaussian field statistics for diffusive broadband terahertz pulses

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Bayesian approach to study the temporal trend and the geographical variation in the risk of type 1 diabetes. The Sardinian Conscript Type 1 Diabetes Registry

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Bayesian associative learning

Roth, V.; Lange, T., 2004:
Bayesian class discovery in microarray datasets

Ono, Y.; Ishiyama, A.; Kasai, N.; Yamada, S.; On, K.; Watanabe, S.; Yamaguchi, I.; Miyashita, T.; Tsukada, K., 2005:
Bayesian classification of myocardial excitation abnormality using magnetocardiogram maps for mass screening

Adams, W.J.; Mamassian, P., 2004:
Bayesian combination of ambiguous shape cues

Rao, R.P.N., 2004:
Bayesian computation in recurrent neural circuits

Brooks, S.P., 2003:
Bayesian computation: a statistical revolution

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Bayesian contour detection in a time series of ultrasound images through dynamic deformable template models

Negrín, M.A.; Vázquez-Polo, F.J., 2005:
Bayesian cost-effectiveness analysis with two measures of effectiveness: the cost-effectiveness acceptability plane

Joshi, R.R.; Samant, V.V., 2006:
Bayesian data mining of protein domains gives an efficient predictive algorithm and new insight

Zhou, Y.; Whitehead, J.; Bonvini, E.; Stevens, J.W., 2006:
Bayesian decision procedures for binary and continuous bivariate dose-escalation studies

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Bayesian decision theory in sensorimotor control

Weise, K.; Hübel, K.; Rose, E.; Schläger, M.; Schrammel, D.; Täschner, M.; Michel, R., 2006:
Bayesian decision threshold, detection limit and confidence limits in ionising-radiation measurement

Lewis, R.J.; Lipsky, A.M.; Berry, D.A., 2007:
Bayesian decision-theoretic group sequential clinical trial design based on a quadratic loss function: a frequentist evaluation

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Bayesian decomposition analysis of bacterial phylogenomic profiles

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Bayesian decomposition: analyzing microarray data within a biological context

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Bayesian designs with frequentist and Bayesian error rate considerations

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Bayesian detection of abnormal values in longitudinal biomarkers with an application to T/E ratio

Brown, P.J.; Kenward, M.G.; Bassett, E.E., 2003:
Bayesian discrimination with longitudinal data

Dunson, D.B., 2006:
Bayesian dynamic modeling of latent trait distributions

Kim, S.; Chen, M-Hui.; Dey, D.K.; Gamerman, D., 2006:
Bayesian dynamic models for survival data with a cure fraction

Klugkist, I.; Laudy, O.; Hoijtink, H., 2006:
Bayesian eggs and Bayesian omelettes: reply to Stern (2005)

Frederiksen, Søren.L.; Jacobsen, K.W.; Brown, K.S.; Sethna, J.P., 2004:
Bayesian ensemble approach to error estimation of interatomic potentials

Mortensen, J.J.; Kaasbjerg, K.; Frederiksen, S.L.; Nørskov, J.K.; Sethna, J.P.; Jacobsen, K.W., 2005:
Bayesian error estimation in density-functional theory

van der Merwe, A.Johannes.; Pretorius, A.Lodewikus., 2003:
Bayesian estimation in animal breeding using the Dirichlet process prior for correlated random effects

Habeck, M.; Rieping, W.; Nilges, M., 2005:
Bayesian estimation of Karplus parameters and torsion angles from three-bond scalar couplings constants

Heitjan, D.F.; Li, H., 2004:
Bayesian estimation of cost-effectiveness: an importance-sampling approach

Martinez, E.Zangiacomi.; Achcar, J.Alberto.; Louzada-Neto, F., 2005:
Bayesian estimation of diagnostic tests accuracy for semi-latent data with covariates

Groer, P.G.; Carnes, B.A.; Carnes, B.A., 2003:
Bayesian estimation of dose thresholds

Stamey, J.D.; Seaman, J.W.; Young, D.M., 2007:
Bayesian estimation of intervention effect with pre- and post-misclassified binomial data

Lehky, S.R., 2004:
Bayesian estimation of stimulus responses in Poisson spike trains

Chen, Z.; Dunson, D.B., 2004:
Bayesian estimation of survival functions under stochastic precedence

Chu, H.; Halloran, M.Elizabeth., 2005:
Bayesian estimation of vaccine efficacy

Emerson, S.S.; Kittelson, J.M.; Gillen, D.L., 2006:
Bayesian evaluation of group sequential clinical trial designs

Demiris, N.; Sharples, L.D., 2005:
Bayesian evidence synthesis to extrapolate survival estimates in cost-effectiveness studies

Constantinopoulos, C.; Titsias, M.K.; Likas, A., 2006:
Bayesian feature and model selection for Gaussian mixture models

Lerner, B., 2004:
Bayesian fluorescence in situ hybridisation signal classification

Causin, V.; Schiavone, S.; Marigo, A.; Carresi, P., 2004:
Bayesian framework for the evaluation of fiber evidence in a double murder--a case report

Arvestad, L.; Berglund, A-Charlotte.; Lagergren, J.; Sennblad, B., 2003:
Bayesian gene/species tree reconciliation and orthology analysis using MCMC

Wong, W.C.K.; Chung, A.C.S., 2005:
Bayesian image segmentation using local iso-intensity structural orientation

Habeck, M.; Nilges, M.; Rieping, W., 2005:
Bayesian inference applied to macromolecular structure determination

Stamey, J.D.; Seaman, J.W.; Young, D.M., 2006:
Bayesian inference for a correlated 2 x 2 table with a structural zero

Hanson, T.E.; Johnson, W.O.; Gastwirth, J.L., 2005:
Bayesian inference for prevalence and diagnostic test accuracy based on dual-pooled screening

Kuss, M.; Jäkel, F.; Wichmann, F.A., 2005:
Bayesian inference for psychometric functions

Manda, S.O.M.; Meyer, R., 2004:
Bayesian inference for recurrent events data using time-dependent frailty

Mamassian, P., 2006:
Bayesian inference of form and shape

Forrester, M.L.; Pettitt, A.N.; Gibson, G.J., 2006:
Bayesian inference of hospital-acquired infectious diseases and control measures given imperfect surveillance data

Cardoso, F.F.; Tempelman, R.J., 2003:
Bayesian inference on genetic merit under uncertain paternity

Dunson, D.B.; Herring, A.H., 2004:
Bayesian inferences in the Cox model for order-restricted hypotheses

Battaglia, P.W.; Jacobs, R.A.; Aslin, R.N., 2003:
Bayesian integration of visual and auditory signals for spatial localization

Vogt, M.; Godden, J.W.; Bajorath, Jürgen., 2007:
Bayesian interpretation of a distance function for navigating high-dimensional descriptor spaces

Sinharay, S., 2006:
Bayesian item fit analysis for unidimensional item response theory models

Makita, Y.; De Hoon, M.J.L.; Ogasawara, N.; Miyano, S.; Nakai, K., 2005:
Bayesian joint prediction of associated transcription factors in Bacillus subtilis

Dunson, D.B.; Herring, A.H., 2004 :
Bayesian latent variable models for mixed discrete outcomes

Chan, Z.S.H.; Collins, L.; Kasabov, N., 2007:
Bayesian learning of sparse gene regulatory networks

Sebastiani, P.; Yu, Y-H.; Ramoni, M.F., 2004:
Bayesian machine learning and its potential applications to the genomic study of oral oncology

Bergamaschi, R.; Montomoli, C.; Candeloro, E.; Monti, M.C.; Cioccale, R.; Bernardinelli, L.; Fratino, P.; Cosi, V., 2006:
Bayesian mapping of multiple sclerosis prevalence in the province of Pavia, northern Italy

Johnson, T., 2006:
Bayesian method for gene detection and mapping, using a case and control design and DNA pooling

Washington, S.; Oh, J., 2005:
Bayesian methodology incorporating expert judgment for ranking countermeasure effectiveness under uncertainty: example applied to at grade railroad crossings in Korea

Vírseda Chamorro, M.; Salinas Casado, Jús.; Hernández Lao, A., 2003:
Bayesian methodology: an alternative to regular medical practice

Brame, R.S.; Groer, P.G., 2003:
Bayesian methods for chromosome dosimetry following a criticality accident

Ades, A.E.; Sculpher, M.; Sutton, A.; Abrams, K.; Cooper, N.; Welton, N.; Lu, G., 2006:
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