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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48406

Chapter 48406 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Amick, L.D., 1964:
Bracing the Hemiplegic: Criteria of Short-Leg Braces

Wright, R.W.; Fetzer, G.B., 2007:
Bracing after ACL reconstruction: a systematic review

Dacso, M.M.; Luczak, A.K.; Haas, A.; Rusk, H.A., 1963:
Bracing and rehabilitation training. Effect on the energy expenditure of the elderly hemiplegic; preliminary report

Arnold, B.L.; Docherty, C.L., 2004:
Bracing and rehabilitation--what's new

Spencer, G.E.; Vignos, P.J., 1962:
Bracing for ambulation in childhood progressive muscular dystrophy

Riordan, D.C.; Miller, M.E., 1954:
Bracing for gluteus maximus and hamstring paralysis

Chartier, K.; Ballesteros, J.; Neumann, M., 2005:
Bracing for impact: the renal community awaits the effects of the latest mergers

Dorando, C.; Newman, M.K., 1957:
Bracing for severe scoliosis of muscular dystrophy patients

Chafetz, R., 2003:
Bracing for success

Zuk, A.; Bernardczyk, K., 1957:
Bracing of paraplegic patients after spinal cord injuries

Binder, R., 1955:
Bracing of teeth left after periodontitis with commercially manufactured acrylic resin crowns

Hoover, R.M., 1962:
Bracing of the quadriplegic

Comeau, M.J., 2005:
Bracing vs tape

Staudt, C.Bettina.; Krejci, I.; Mavropoulos, A., 2006:
Bracket bond strength dependence on light power density

Gearing, R.Edward., 2004:
Bracketing in research: a typology

Maramathas, A.; Maroulis, Z.; Marinos-Kouris, D., 2003:
Brackish karstic springs model: application to Almiros spring in Crete

Sri-aroon, P.; Lohachit, C.; Harada, M., 2006:
Brackish-water mollusks of Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand

Petrignani, R., 1955:
Brad punch for the extraction of Rocher nails

Tello, E.E.; Guillot, P.E., 1958:
Bradex Vioformo, its use in dermatology

Polemann, G., 1953:
Bradex and bradex-vioform in therapy of mycotic and bacterial dermatoses

Behl, P.N.; Kuman, B.D., 1958:
Bradex-vioform in the treatment of fungus and other skin diseases

Viglioglia, P.A.; Linares, R.O., 1956:
Bradex-vioform; combination of a quaternary ammonium, vioform & pyribenza mine; an trial in dermatological practice

Coleman, M.P.; Rachet, B.; Quaresma, M.; Lepage, Côme.; Baum, M.; Sikora, K., 2006:
Bradford NHS trust and Panorama

Patten, B.M., 1958:
Bradley M. Patten

Albert, D.M., 2003:
Bradley R. Straatsma and Donald Minckler

Signore, R.J., 2004:
Bradley method offers option for natural childbirth

Mebane, F., 2003:
Bradley vs. Gore: how media covered proposals for health insurance reform in the context of the 2000 presidential campaign

Augustin, T., 2004:
Bradley-Terry-Luce models to incorporate within-pair order effects: representation and uniqueness theorems

Marchenkov, A.V., 2003:
Bradophilidae fam. n.--a new family of mesoparasitic copepod (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida), collected from the polychaete Brada villosa from the Beloe more

Lodoletti, A., 1953:

Flammang, D.; Loteanu, V.; Hamani, D.; Lambiez, M.; Flammang-Dorie, G., 2005:
Brady-tachy syndrome: rapid atrial pacing efficacy in preventing atrial fibrillation recurrence assessed by reliable electrograms: the prefib pilot study

Dwarka, D.; Schwartz, S.A.; Smyth, S.H.; O'Brien, M.J., 2006:
Bradyarrhythmias during use of the AngioJet system

Adekanye, O.; Srinivas, K.; Collis, R.E., 2007:
Bradyarrhythmias in pregnancy: a case report and review of management

Sauerbrei, H.U.; Unterberg, A., 1953:
Bradycardi in infants and small children

Feddersen, B.; Straube, A.; Mayer, T.E., 2006:
Bradycardia after coiling of giant vertebral aneurysm

Stemp, L.I., 2005:
Bradycardia and asystole during neuraxial anesthesia

Rodríguez, J.; Cortiñas, J.; Bárcena, M.; Ginesta, V.; Alvarez, J., 1995:
Bradycardia and asystole following atropine-neostigmine administration after caesarean section in a parturient receiving methyldopa for pregnancy-induced hypertension

Petersen, I.; Sellden, U.; Steinwall, O.; Soderholm, B., 1960:
Bradycardia and asystole on administration of Megimide (beta, beta,-methyl-ethyl glutarimide) for electroencephal-graphic activation

Iihoshi, M.; Kato, M.; Higa, K.; Ikeda, M., 2006:
Bradycardia and cardiac asystole immediately after abdominal incision for removal of a huge pyometra

Horng, H-Chi.; Chen, F-Chang.; Ho, C-Chih.; Kuo, C-Po.; Wu, C-Tang.; Wong, C-Shung., 2006:
Bradycardia and hypotension refractory to ephedrine and atropine treatment: severe autonomic dysfunction with abnormal heart rate variability

Palatnik, A.; Kates, R., 2003:
Bradycardia and medications: identify the dangerous pace

Sinha, P.Kumar.; Neema, P.Kumar.; Manikandan, S.; Unnikrishnan, K.P.; Rathod, R.Chandra., 2004:
Bradycardia and sinus arrest following saline irrigation of the brain during epilepsy surgery

Paull, A.M.; Pecora, D.V.; Cooper, P.; Lawson, H.A., 1953:
Bradycardia and syncope as early manifestations of bronchogenic carcinoma

Calvo-Romero, J.M.; Lima-Rodriguez, E.M., 2003:
Bradycardia associated with ophthalmic beta-blockers

Kováts, Tímea.; Wettstein, Aás.; Nagy, Eébet.; Tomcsányi, János., 2007:
Bradycardia can induce increased serum natriuretic peptide-level

Garcin, R.; Godlewski, S.; Gibelin, M., 1958:
Bradycardia caused by auriculo-ventricular dissociation with Stokes-Adams syndrome appearing during dermatomyositis

Beyan, E.; Urün, Yüksel.; Uzuner, A., 2006:
Bradycardia due to Methylprednisolone Therapy

Spodick, D.H., 2006:
Bradycardia due to blocked atrial bigeminy

Prabhakar, H.; Bithal, P.K.; Pandia, M.P.; Gupta, M.M.; Rath, G.P., 2007:
Bradycardia due to hydrogen peroxide irrigation during craniotomy for craniopharyngioma

Sundell, J.; Vierre, S.; Koistinen, J., 2005:
Bradycardia due to hyperkalemia

Wheeler, A.D.; Tobias, J.D., 2006:
Bradycardia during methadone therapy in an infant

Fahdi, I.Elias.; Gaddam, V.; Saucedo, J.F.; Kishan, C.V.; Vyas, K.; Deneke, M.G.; Razek, H.; Thorn, B.; Bissett, J.K.; Anaissie, E.J.; Anaisse, E.; Barlogie, B.; Mehta, J.L., 2004:
Bradycardia during therapy for multiple myeloma with thalidomide

Prabhakar, H.; Rath, G.P.; Dash, H.H., 2006:
Bradycardia following hydrogen peroxide irrigation during posterior fossa surgery

LEIGH, M.D.; McCOY, D.D.; BELTON, M.K.; LEWIS, G.B., 1957:
Bradycardia following intravenous administration of succinylcholine chloride to infants and children

Thomas, I.; Dixon, J., 2004:
Bradycardia in acute haemorrhage

Trombert, V.; Graf, C., 2006:
Bradycardia in an elderly woman caused by amiodarone assessed by ECG

Shah, P.; Likeman, M.; Munro-Davies, L., 2007:
Bradycardia in minor trauma: don't be slow on the uptake!

Fiese, M.J., 1949:
Bradycardia in thyrotoxic heart disease with congestive failure; report of a case

Vuckovic, K.; Richlin, D., 2004:
Bradycardia induced by hyperkalemia

Navarro-Gutiérrez, S.; González-Martínez, Félix.; Fernández-Pérez, M.Teresa.; García-Moreno, M.Teresa.; Ballester-Vidal, M.Rosa.; Pulido-Morillo, F.J., 2003:
Bradycardia related to hypoglycaemia

Courbin, J.; Chabe, A.; Blanchot, P.; Pene, P., 1951:
Bradycardia with auriculo-ventricular dissociation; posterior myocardial infarction

Taylor, M.H.G.; Wilton, N.C.T., 2006:
Bradycardia with sevoflurane in siblings with Branchio-oto-renal syndrome

Roodman, S.; Bothwell, M.; Tobias, J.D., 2003:
Bradycardia with sevoflurane induction in patients with trisomy 21

Ashworth, S.W.; Levsky, M.E.; Marley, C.T.; Kang, C.S., 2005:
Bradycardia-associated torsade de pointes and the long-QT syndromes: a case report and review of the literature

Ortega-Carnicer, Ján.; Benezet-Peñaranda, J., 2006:
Bradycardia-dependent block in the accessory pathway in a patient with alternans Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Gross, G.J., 2006:
Bradycardia-mediated ventricular electrical remodeling

Arxer, A.; Novoa, L.; Vieito Amor, M.; Hernández Iniesta, J.; Villalonga, A., 2003:
Bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome during spinal anesthesia

Yotsumoto, M.; Kitano, K.; Saito, H., 2005:
Bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome induced by lopinavir-ritonavir in a patient with AIDS

Routier, G., 1961:
Bradycardia: clinical aspects and treatment

Hayes, D.D., 2004:
Bradycardia: slow heart rate? Think fast!

Osorio, J.A.; Kraemer, A., 1957:
Bradycardiac & vasodilator action of acetylcboline in normal dogs & in dogs with rhothane-induced (DDD) adrenal atrophy

Albano, T.; Motta, R., 1958:
Bradycardic action of reserpine

Spes, C.; Mudra, H., 2003:
Bradycardic arrhythmias. When do they become life threatening?

Ufberg, J.W.; Clark, J.S., 2005:
Bradydysrhythmias and atrioventricular conduction blocks

Tumurova, A.P., 1959:
Bradykinesia of gaze

Baruk, H.; Leroy, B.; Mosser, A.; Vallancien, B., 1953:
Bradykinesias of the newborn

Kawada, N.; Miyazaki, M.; Matsuyama, M.; Murai, K.; Nakatani, K., 2004:
Bradykinetic utterances and monopitch speech in patients with Parkinson's disease

Zakopoulos, K.S., 1963:
Bradykinetin rather than bradykinin

Beraldo, W.T., 1953:

Peres Gomes, F., 1957 :
Bradykinin & slow contraction-inducing substance in normal human urine

Cirstea, M.; Suhaciu, G.; Butculescu, I., 1965:
Bradykinin And Anaphylactic Shock In Dogs

Shastin, R.N.; Korobnikov, K.A., 1965:
Bradykinin and its Pathogenic Significance

Ludany, G.; Vajda, G.; Bertha, I., 1964:
Bradykinin And Leukocytic Phagocytosis. (Preliminary Report)

Heitsch, H., 2003:
Bradykinin B2 receptor as a potential therapeutic target

Doggrell, S.A., 2006:
Bradykinin B2 receptors as a target in diabetic nephropathy

Doggrell, S.A., 2005:
Bradykinin B2 receptors--a target in diabetic nephropathy

Ballet, S.; De Wachter, R.; Van Rompaey, K.; Tömböly, C.; Feytens, D.; Töth, G.; Quartara, L.; Cucchi, P.; Meini, S.; Tourwé, D., 2007:
Bradykinin analogs containing the 4-amino-2-benzazepin-3-one scaffold at the C-terminus

Holtz, P.; Heicke, B.; Barck, S., 1962:
Bradykinin and Kallidin

Lecomte, J., 1960:
Bradykinin and anaphylactic reactions in the rabbit

Lecomte, J., 1959:
Bradykinin and anaphylactic shock in rabbits

Rocha, E.; Silva, M., 1955:
Bradykinin and histamine

Neuhof, C.; Walter, O.; Dapper, F.; Bauer, Jürgen.; Zickmann, B.; Fink, E.; Tillmanns, H.; Neuhof, H., 2003:
Bradykinin and histamine generation with generalized enhancement of microvascular permeability in neonates, infants, and children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

Collier, H.O., 1961:
Bradykinin and its antagonists

Bascands, J-Loup.; Schanstra, J.P., 2004:
Bradykinin and renal fibrosis: have we ACE'd it?

Wei, M.; Wang, X.; Kuukasjärvi, P.; Laurikka, J.; Rinne, T.; Honkonen, E-Liisa.; Tarkka, M., 2004:
Bradykinin preconditioning in coronary artery bypass grafting

Feng, J.; Bianchi, C.; Li, J.; Sellke, F.W., 2005:
Bradykinin preconditioning preserves coronary microvascular reactivity during cardioplegia-reperfusion

Liuba, P.; Batra, S.; Pesonen, E.; Werner, O., 2005:
Bradykinin preconditions postischemic arterial endothelial function in humans

Park, S-Sik.; Zhao, H.; Mueller, R.A.; Xu, Z., 2006:
Bradykinin prevents reperfusion injury by targeting mitochondrial permeability transition pore through glycogen synthase kinase 3beta

Zausinger, S., 2003:
Bradykinin receptor antagonists in cerebral ischemia and trauma

Sharma, J.N.; Al-Dhalmawi, G.S., 2003:
Bradykinin receptor antagonists: therapeutic implications

Howl, J.; Payne, S.J., 2003:
Bradykinin receptors as a therapeutic target

Bromée, T.; Conlon, J.Michael.; Larhammar, D., 2005:
Bradykinin receptors in the zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Brunius, G.; Domeij, H.; Gustavsson, A.; Yucel-Lindberg, Tülay., 2005:
Bradykinin upregulates IL-8 production in human gingival fibroblasts stimulated by interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha

Bradykinin, assay of purification

Werle, E.; Kehl, R.; Koebke, K., 1950:
Bradykinin, kallidin and hypertension

Javett, S.L.; Coffman, J.D., 1962:
Bradykinin--a potent muscle vasodialator

Mizumura, K., 2005:
Bradykinin--with special reference to its action on nociceptors

Gibas, M.; Torlińska, T.; Madry, E.; Maćkowlak, Pł., 2004:
Bradykinin-induced alterations of insulin-receptor interaction in rat adipose tissue under normo- and hypothermic conditions

Konzett, H.; Sturmer, E.; Cerletti, A., 1961:
Bradykinin. Structure--synthesis--physio-pharmacological basis

Mouktar, M.; Leger, L., 1964:
Bradykinin: its Responsibility in the Symptomatology of Acute Pancreatitis

Montague, D.; Rosas, R.; Bohr, D.F., 1963:
Bradykinin: Vascular Relaxant, Cardiac Stimulant

Nahum, L.H., 1962:
Bradykinin: a vasodepressor polypeptide

Rocha, M.; Silva, 1951:
Bradykinin; mechanism of its release by trypsin and kallikrein

Pereira, J.R., 1953:
Bradykinine and other slow-acting substances

Periti, P.; Gasparri, F.; Massi, G.; Santini, D., 1963:
Bradykininogen and Free Kinins in the Human Amniotic Fluid in Pregnancy at Term

Gasparri, F.; Battaglia, G.B.; Periti, P., 1964:
Bradykininogen and Plasmakinin in the Blood After Gynecological Surgical Operations

Martinez, A.R., 1964:
Bradykininogen in Human Blood Plasma in Labor, the Puerperium and Umbilical Cord Vessels

Gasparri, F.; Periti, P.; Leocani, B.; Fancuillacci, M., 1962:
Bradykininogen and bradykininase activity of the maternal and fetal blood pregnancy at term

Gasparri, F.; Periti, P.; Sicuteri, F.; Battaglia, G.B., 1963:
Bradykininogen and gynecological surgical operations

Periti, P.; Comparini, A.; Sicuteri, F., 1963:
Bradykininogen in the course of acute infectious diseases

Cannizzaro, M.S.; Cohen, H.; Rappard, F.; Snyder, P.J., 2005:
Bradyphrenia and bradykinesia both contribute to altered speech in schizophrenia: a quantitative acoustic study

Vinuesa, P.; León-Barrios, M.; Silva, C.; Willems, A.; Jarabo-Lorenzo, A.; Pérez-Galdona, R.; Werner, D.; Martínez-Romero, E., 2005:
Bradyrhizobium canariense sp. nov., an acid-tolerant endosymbiont that nodulates endemic genistoid legumes (Papilionoideae: Genisteae) from the Canary Islands, along with Bradyrhizobium japonicum bv. genistearum, Bradyrhizobium genospecies alpha and Bradyrhizobium genospecies beta

George, T.; Bohlool, B.B.; Singleton, P.W., 1987:
Bradyrhizobium japonicum-Environment Interactions: Nodulation and Interstrain Competition in Soils along an Elevational Transect

Zingirian, M.; Rivara, A., 1963:
Bradytrophic syndrome: keratopathy and curving nail disease

Clegg, R., 2004:
Bragdon v. Abbott, asymptomatic genetic conditions, and antidiscrimination law: a conservative perspective

Liu, E., 2004:
Bragdon v. Abbott: extending the Americans with Disability Act to asymptomatic individuals

Cho, K.; Okumoto, K.; Nikolaev, N.I.; Ivanov, A.L., 2005:
Bragg diffraction of microcavity polaritons by a surface acoustic wave

Hadley, G.Ronald.; Fleming, J.G.; Lin, S-Yu., 2004:
Bragg fiber design for linear polarization

Todd, M.D.; Nichols, J.M.; Trickey, S.T.; Seaver, M.; Nichols, C.J.; Virgin, L.N., 2007:
Bragg grating-based fibre optic sensors in structural health monitoring

Groothoff, N.; Canning, I.; Buckley, E.; Lyttikainen, K.; Zagari, J., 2003:
Bragg gratings in air-silica structured fibers

Pal, S.; Sun, T.; Grattan, K.T.V.; Wade, S.A.; Collins, S.F.; Baxter, G.W.; Dussardier, B.; Monnom, Gérard., 2004:
Bragg gratings written in Sn-Er-Ge-codoped silica fiber: investigation of photosensitivity, thermal stability, and sensing potential

Ferriere, R.; Benkelfat, B-Eddine.; Dudley, J.M.; Ghoumid, K., 2006:
Bragg mirror inscription on LiNbO3 waveguides by index microstructuration

Eggert, H.A.; Kalkum, F.; Buse, K.; Sturman, B., 2006:
Bragg selectivity of space-charge gratings in multidomain lithium niobate crystals

Steinhauer, J.; Katz, N.; Ozeri, R.; Davidson, N.; Tozzo, C.; Dalfovo, F., 2003:
Bragg spectroscopy of the multibranch Bogoliubov spectrum of elongated Bose-Einstein condensates

Serebryannikov, A.E.; Magath, T.; Schuenemann, K., 2007:
Bragg transmittance of s-polarized waves through finite-thickness photonic crystals with a periodically corrugated interface

Shu, X.; Sugden, K.; Byron, K., 2003:
Bragg-grating-based all-fiber distributed Gires-Tournois etalons

Foster, D.H.; Nöckel, J.U., 2004:
Bragg-induced orbital angular-momentum mixing in paraxial high-finesse cavities

Rosenthal, A.; Horowitz, M., 2007:
Bragg-soliton formation and pulse compression in a one-dimensional periodic structure

Ishiguro, M.; Sato, D.; Shishido, A.; Ikeda, T., 2006:
Bragg-type polarization gratings formed in thick polymer films containing azobenzene and tolane moieties

Yanaka, K.; Nose, T., 2005:
Braid dressing for hair-bearing scalp wound

Sato, M.; Kohmoto, M.; Wu, Y-Shi., 2006:
Braid group, gauge invariance, and topological order

Bonesteel, N.E.; Hormozi, L.; Zikos, G.; Simon, S.H., 2005:
Braid topologies for quantum computation

Uemura, R.; Mizuno, K., 2004:
Braid-like coronary appearance by coronary angiography in systemic lupus erythematosis

Usher, F.C., 1961:
Braided Marlex suture. A new general purpose suture

Keyes, T.F., 1954:
Braided tantalum as a bronchial suture material: experimental and clinical observations

Howkins, J.; Hans, S.F., 1952:
Braided tantalum wire

Berens, C.; Breakey, A.S.; Carter, G.Z., 1956:
Braided white nylon sutures for muscle operations, scleral resections, eviscreation, and plastic surgery

Anonymous, 2007:
Brailer to HIM: continue 'larger, louder, and faster'

Barr, P., 2005:
Brailer's HFMA advice. Attendees told to plan IT strategy

Conn, J., 2005:
Brailer's IT plans draw fire. Privacy, RHIO concerns surface as contracts awarded

Brailer, D., 2006:
Brailer's farewell. Interview by Charlene Marietti

Anonymous, 2005:
Brailer: "We're here to be catalysts"

Maeda, K.; Yasuda, H.; Haneda, M.; Kashiwagi, A., 2003:
Braille alexia during visual hallucination in a blind man with selective calcarine atrophy

Massey, J., 1960:
Braille graph paper in charting of strength/duration curves

Basu, B.K.; Sarkar, S.P., 1962:
Brailsford-Morquio disease. Occurrence in two brothers

Francon, F.; Durand; Fridherbe, P.; Guillon, 1954:
Brailsford-Morquio syndrome: spondyloepiphysial chondrodystrophy

Bangash, M.H.; Clarke, D.B.; Holness, R.O., 2006:
Brain & chiasmal herniations into sella after medical treatment of prolactinoma

Frauchiger, E., 1958:
Brain & nature formations as seen from the viewpoint of phenomenology

Carstensen, G.; Gerlach, J.; Jensen, H.P.; Spuler, H., 1958:
Brain & renal function

Mucke, H., 2005:
Brain '99/BrainPET '99 Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism symposium & quantification of brain function with PET conference. 13-17 June 1999, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gordon, C.; Rempher, K.J., 2003:
Brain (B-type) natriuretic peptide: implications for heart failure management

Vielhaber, S.; Jakubiczka, S.; Gaul, C.; Schoenfeld, M.Ariel.; Debska-Vielhaber, G.; Zierz, S.; Heinze, H-Jochen.; Niessen, H.G.; Kaufmann, Jörn., 2006:
Brain 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopic differences in myotonic dystrophy type 2 and type 1

Mito, Y.; Yoshida, K.; Yabe, I.; Makino, K.; Hirotani, M.; Tashiro, K.; Kikuchi, S.; Sasaki, H., 2005:
Brain 3D-SSP SPECT analysis in dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson's disease with and without dementia, and Alzheimer's disease

Cleare, A.J.; Messa, C.; Rabiner, E.A.; Grasby, P.M., 2005:
Brain 5-HT1A receptor binding in chronic fatigue syndrome measured using positron emission tomography and [11C]WAY-100635

Skillen, R.G.; Thienes, C.H.; Strain, L., 1961:
Brain 5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-hydroxytryptophan decarboxylase, and monoamine oxidase of normal, thyroid-fed, and propylthiouracil-fed male and female rats

Courson, B.; Bert, J.; Rey, M.; Giordano, C., 1965:
Brain Abcess. Silent Development

Hermann, B., 2004:
Brain Abnormalities in Relatives of Patients with MCD

Debain, J.J., 1964:
Brain Abscess (Current Diagnosis and Treatment)

Ballivet, J.; Putelat, R.; Bouhey, J.; Lallemant, C., 1964:
Brain Abscess and Congenital Cardiopathies

Roland, V.A., 1963:
Brain Abscess and Meningeal Syndrome

Ercegovac, N.; Ledic, S.; Gorecan, J., 1964:
Brain Abscess as a Sequel of Paronychia

Shimazono, Y.; Isaki, K.; Torii, H.; Otsuka, R., 1963:
Brain Abscess Due to Hormodendrum Dermatitidis (Kano) Conant, 1953. Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Clarke, P.R.; Warnock, G.B.; Blowers, R.; Wilkinson, M., 1964:
Brain Abscess Due to Streptomyces Griseus

RESHKO, E.Ia., 1965:
Brain Abscess Following Birth Injury

Linder, L.M.; Madiarov, S.D., 1963:
Brain Abscess in a Child with Congenital Cyanotic Heart Disease

Grote, W.; Duex, I., 1964:
Brain Abscess in Childhood

Bowie, W.S.; Gage, E.L.; Gage, E.L.; Lucas, R.V., 1964:
Brain Abscess in Cyanotic Heart Disease

Kawabuchi, J., 1963:
Brain Abscess in Infants and Children

Tournoux, P.; Bouchard, C.; Thurel, C., 1965:
Brain Abscess Must Still be Considered

Durand, C.H.; Guillemet, B.; Beust, M., 1964:
Brain Abscess with Secondary Septic Meningitis of Fatal Course Due to Streptococcal Mitis

Murairagonzalez, J., 1964:
Brain Abscess: Review of 44 Cases from the Neurology and Neurosurgery Unit of the Hospital General

Couloigner, V.; Sterkers, O.; Redondo, A.; Rey, A., 2006:
Brain Abscesses of Ear, Nose, and Throat Origin: Comparison between Otogenic and Sinogenic Etiologies

Gotten, N.; Howser, J., 1965:
Brain Abscesses. a Study of Ninety-Four Cases

Seiden, L.S.; Carlsson, A., 1964:
Brain and Heart Catecholamine Levels After L-Dopa Administration in Reserpine Treated Mice: Correlations with a Conditioned Avoidance Response

Toennis, W.; Frowein, R.A.; Euler, K.H.; Krenkel, W.; Gruen, M., 1963:
Brain And Nerve Injuries In Children And Adolescents

Sturm, A., 1964:
Brain and Thyroid Gland--An Iodine Analysis Study

Suvorov, V.V., 1964:
Brain Blood Supply in Conditions of Craniocerebral Hypothermia

Dickey, C.A.; Patterson, C.; Dickson, D.; Petrucelli, L., 2006:
Brain CHIP: removing the culprits in neurodegenerative disease

Wasay, M.; Kheleani, B.A.; Moolani, M.K.; Zaheer, J.; Pui, M.; Hasan, S.; Muzaffar, S.; Bakshi, R.; Sarawari, A.R., 2003:
Brain CT and MRI findings in 100 consecutive patients with intracranial tuberculoma

Grishaeva, O.M., 2003:
Brain CT diagnosis in infants of the first year of life who have congenital heart diseases

Pfeifer, K., 1964:
Brain Changes in Porphyria

Kabara, J.J., 1964:
Brain Cholesterol Vii. the Effect of Hereditary Dystrophia Muscularis on (2-14c)mevalonic and (2-3h)acetate Incorporation

Kabara, J.J., 1965:
Brain Cholesterol. 8. Effect of Methylphenidate (Ritalin) on the Incorporation of Specifically Labeled Acetate

Kabara, J.J., 1964:
Brain Cholesterol. Vi. the Effect of Hereditary Dystrophia Muscularis on (C14)leucine and (2-3h)acetate Incorporation

Kabara, J.J., 1964:
Brain Cholesterol: V. Effect of Hereditary Dystrophia Muscularis on Acetate Incorporation

Maggiolo, C.; Haley, T.J., 1964:
Brain Concentration of Reserpine-H3 and its Metabolites in the Mouse

Sokolovskii, V.D., 1964:
Brain Concussion and Hypoglycemic Coma in a Diabetic Patient

Krug, H., 1965:
Brain Consistency and Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Krug, H.; Sandig, K.R., 1965:
Brain Consistency in Diabetes Mellitus and Uremia

Struck, G., 1965:
Brain Contusion and Changes in the Wall of Brain Vessels

Takakura, K., 1963:
Brain Damage and Enzymatic Activities in Body Fluid

Geisler, E., 1964:
Brain Damage and Toxoplasmosis in Children

Patterson, C.H., 1965:
Brain Damage and Vocational Rehabilitation

Yacorzynski, G.K., 1963:
Brain Dynamism as Reflected in Illusions

Broman, T., 1964:
Brain Edema

Reed, D.J.; Woodbury, D.M.; Holtzer, R.I., 1964:
Brain Edema, Electrolytes, and Extracellular Space. Effect of Triethyl Tin or Brain and Skeletal Muscle

Lux, H.D.; Schmidt, G., 1964:
Brain Electrical Studies on the Effects of Cocaine and Pseudococaine

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