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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48431

Chapter 48431 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yi, S.; You, L., 2004:
Calibrating dipolar interaction in an atomic condensate

Wyatt-Johnson, C.; Bennett, C.J., 2004:
Calibrating executive compensation

Markward, N.J.; Fisher, W.P., 2004:
Calibrating the genome

Murray, S.L.; Griffin, D.W.; Rose, P.; Bellavia, G.M., 2003:
Calibrating the sociometer: the relational contingencies of self-esteem

Tetirick, J.E.; Mengoli, L., 1963:
Calibration and use of Square-Wave Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Beck, R.; Morris, J.A.; Assali, N.S., 1965:
Calibration Characteristics of the Pulsed-Field Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Yee, H.Y., 1965:
Calibration for Blood Gas Determination by Gas Chromatography

Schrader, M., 1964:
Calibration in Determination of the Exposure time with a Light Resistor in Microphotography

Jimenezpazos, C.O.; Garciamoreno, E., 1964:
Calibration of a Method for the Determination of the Prothrombin time in Samples of Capillary Blood

Mckenzie, J.M.; Fowler, P.R.; Lyne, P.J., 1963:
Calibration of An Electronic Counter and Pulse Height Analyzer for Plotting Erythrocyte Volume Spectra. Rep 63-8

Allan, A.H., 1963:
Calibration of Audiometers in new Zealand

Van Oudheusden, A.; Van De Heuvel, J.M.; Van Stekelenburg, G.; Siertsema, L.H.; Wadman, S.K., 1964:
Calibration of Hemoglobin Determination on the Basis of Iron

Kennedy, E.D.; Wilson, L.D., 1964:
Calibration of the Alnor Duct Jet (Double Pitot Tube) with Sectioned Extensions for Stack Sampling

Allen, M.J.; Wertheim, G.J., 1964:
Calibration of the Schiotz Tonometer

Bax, M.R.; Khadem, R.; Johnson, J.A.; Wilkinson, E.P.; Shahidi, R., 2004:
Calibration and accuracy testing for image-enhanced endoscopy

Hammersley, A.P.; Brown, K.; Burmeister, W.; Claustre, L.; Gonzalez, A.; McSweeney, S.; Mitchell, E.; Moy, J.P.; Svensson, S.O.; Thompson, A.W., 1997:
Calibration and application of an X-ray image intensifier/ charge-coupled device detector for monochromatic macromolecular crystallography

Autischer, M.; Beck, P.; Kindl, P.; Latocha, M.; Rollet, S., 2007:
Calibration and background measurements with a tissue equivalent proportional counter

Gilardoni, A.; Ghislanzoni, T.; Taccani, A., 1959:
Calibration and control of voltage (kVp) in roentgenotherpy apparatuses by means of filtro-analysis

Daniel, D.M.; Rupert, R.L., 2003 :
Calibration and electrical safety status of therapeutic ultrasound used by chiropractic physicians

Youngman, M.J., 2004:
Calibration and evaluation of a transportable in vivo monitoring system for accident monitoring of internal contamination

Kusnetz, H.L.; Saltzman, B.E.; Lanier, M.E., 1960:
Calibration and evaluation of gas detecting tubes

Gotszalk, T.; Grabiec, P.; Rangelow, I.W., 2003:
Calibration and examination of piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge cantilevers for scanning probe microscopy

Williams, J.Schlabig., 2004:
Calibration and maintenance: centralized system increases regulatory compliance

Vesely, P.; Miks, Aín.; Novák, Jí.; Boyde, A., 2004:
Calibration and quantification of fast intracellular motion (FIM) in living cells using correlation analysis

Cho, E.H.; Lockett, S.J., 2006:
Calibration and standardization of the emission light path of confocal microscopes

Buchillier, T.; Aroua, A.; Bochud, F.; Schuler, C.; Stritt, N.; Valley, J-F.; Wernli, C., 2004:
Calibration and testing of a TLD dosemeter for area monitoring

Sill, A.M.; Kreisel, K.; Deeds, B.Griffin.; Wilson, C.M.; Constantine, N.T.; Peralta, L., 2007:
Calibration and validation of an oral fluid-based sensitive/less-sensitive assay to distinguish recent from established HIV-1 infections

Gupta, I.; Dhage, S.; Jacob, N.; Navada, S.V.; Kumar, R., 2006:
Calibration and validation of far field dilution models for outfall at Worli, Mumbai

Shao, G.; Kautz, R.; Peng, S.; Cui, G.; Giese, R.W., 2006:
Calibration by NMR for quantitative analysis: p-toluenesulfonic acid as a reference substance

Auterhoff, H., 1957:
Calibration curve for anthraquinone determination. IX. Anthraquinone

Hohreiter, V.; Hahn, D.W., 2005:
Calibration effects for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of gaseous sample streams: analyte response of gas-phase species versus solid-phase species

Mantel, K.; Lamprecht, Jürgen.; Lindlein, N.; Schwider, J., 2006:
Calibration for cylindrical specimens in grazing-incidence interferometry via integration of difference measurements

Chen, Y.; Koziel, J.A.; Pawliszyn, J., 2006:
Calibration for on-site analysis of hydrocarbons in aqueous and gaseous samples using solid-phase microextraction

McDonald, J.C., 2004:
Calibration measurements and standards for radiation protection dosimetry

Zeng, A.; Huang, L.; Dong, Z.; Hu, J.; Huang, H.; Wang, X., 2007:
Calibration method for a photoelastic modulator with a peak retardation of less than a half-wavelength

Strunk, C.W.; Sides, P.J., 2004:
Calibration method for measurement of linear nanometric distances by scattered total internal reflection

Pahlow, M.; Kovalev, V.A.; Parlange, M.B., 2004:
Calibration method for multiangle lidar measurements

Watari, M.; Ozaki, Y., 2005:
Calibration models for the vinyl acetate concentration in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers and its on-line monitoring by near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics: use of band shifts associated with variations in the vinyl acetate concentration to improve the models

Eash, D.; Waggoner, D.; Chung, J.; Stevenson, D.; Martin, C.L., 2005:
Calibration of 6q subtelomere deletions to define genotype/phenotype correlations

Gibson, C.T.; Weeks, B.L.; Abell, C.; Rayment, T.; Myhra, S., 2003:
Calibration of AFM cantilever spring constants

Hama, G.M., 1958:
Calibration of Alnor velometers

Lowe, R.D., 1962:
Calibration of Bailliart's ophthalmodynamometer

Chung, S.W.; Oh, J.K., 2007:
Calibration of CE-QUAL-W2 for a monomictic reservoir in a monsoon climate area

Qi, Z-Yu.; Huang, S-Min.; Deng, X-Wu., 2006:
Calibration of CT values used for radiation treatment planning and its impact factors

Franz, L., 1958:
Calibration of ECG curve voltage

Doorenbosch, C.A.M.; Joosten, A.; Harlaar, J., 2005:
Calibration of EMG to force for knee muscles is applicable with submaximal voluntary contractions

Ivannikov, A.I.; Tikunov, D.D.; Borysheva, N.B.; Trompier, F.; Skvortsov, V.G.; Stepanenko, V.F.; Hoshi, M., 2004:
Calibration of EPR signal dose response of tooth enamel to photons: experiment and Monte Carlo simulation

Huang, Z-hua.; Li, Y.; Wang, J-de.; Chen, Z-ru., 2003:
Calibration of EQUINOX55 remote sensing FTIR emission system

Pibida, L.; Nafee, S.S.; Unterweger, M.; Hammond, M.M.; Karam, L.; Abbas, M.I., 2006:
Calibration of HPGe gamma-ray detectors for measurement of radioactive noble gas sources

Manley, S.E.; Round, R.A.; Smith, J.M., 2006:
Calibration of HbA1c and its measurement in the presence of variant haemoglobins: report on questionnaire to manufacturers

Morrell, R.E.; Rogers, A., 2005:
Calibration of Kodak EDR2 film for patient skin dose assessment in cardiac catheterization procedures

Da Silva, A.A.R.; Yoshimura, E.M., 2003:
Calibration of LR-115 for 222Rn monitoring taking into account the plateout effect

Sterner, N., 1952:
Calibration of Mohr-Westphal's scales

Brown, F.O.; Finnerty, N.J.; Bolger, F.B.; Millar, J.; Lowry, J.P., 2005:
Calibration of NO sensors for in-vivo voltammetry: laboratory synthesis of NO and the use of UV-visible spectroscopy for determining stock concentrations

Hall, K.D.; Reeser, F.H., 1962:
Calibration of Wright spirometer

Minniti, R.; Seltzer, S.M., 2006:
Calibration of a 137Cs gamma-ray beam irradiator using large size chambers

Qiu, S., 2006:
Calibration of a 220Rn flow-through source

Northey, G.W.; Oliver, M.L.; Rittenhouse, D.M., 2005:
Calibration of a Hall effect displacement measurement system for complex motion analysis using a neural network

Chernyshov, A.; Sterr, U.; Riehle, F.; Helmcke, Jürgen.; Pfund, J., 2005:
Calibration of a Shack-Hartmann sensor for absolute measurements of wavefronts

Alvarez Romero, J.T.; Tovar Muñoz, V.M.; de León, B.Salinas.; Oviedo, J.O.Hernández.; Barcenas, L.Santillán.; Milo, C.Molero.; Monterrubio, J.Montoya., 2006:
Calibration of a TLD-100 powder dosimetric system to verify the absorbed dose to water imparted by 137Cs sources in low dose rate brachytherapy at the oncology unit in the Hospital General de Mexico

Asnin, L.; Galinada, W.; Götmar, G.; Guiochon, G., 2005:
Calibration of a detector for nonlinear chromatography

Asnin, L.; Guiochon, G., 2005:
Calibration of a detector for nonlinear responses

Shou, W.; Duan, S.; He, P.; Xia, R.; Qian, D., 2006:
Calibration of a focusing transducer and miniature hydrophone as well as acoustic power measurement based on free-field reciprocity in a spherically focused wave field

Luzzatto, A.; Zambianchi, A., 1957:
Calibration of a method of chromatographic fractionation of urinary neutral 17-ketosteroids on aluminum microcolumn

Cotes, J.E.; Oldham, P.D., 1959:
Calibration of a modified Riley bubble method for estimation of PCO2 and PO2 in whole blood

Doerfel, H.; Heide, B., 2007:
Calibration of a phoswich type partial body counter by Monte Carlo simulation of low-energy photon transport

Hakanen, A.T.; Sipilä, P.M.; Kosunen, A., 2004:
Calibration of a scintillation dosemeter for beta rays using an extrapolation ionization chamber

Klimt, C.R.; Wolff, F.W.; Silverman, C.; Conant, J., 1961:
Calibration of a simplified cortisone glucose tolerance test

Pasquarelli, A.; De Melis, M.; Marzetti, L.; Müller, H-P.; Erné, S.N., 2005:
Calibration of a vector-MEG helmet system

Breustedt, B.; Paetz gen Schieck, H.; Schicha, H.; Eschner, W., 2004:
Calibration of a whole body counter using Monte Carlo methods

Chen, J.; Chuang, C.F.; Morin, O.; Aubin, Mèle.; Pouliot, J., 2006:
Calibration of an amorphous-silicon flat panel portal imager for exit-beam dosimetry

Sloan, A.W.; Greer, J.R., 1955:
Calibration of an electronic phonocardiograph

Sathyabama, N.; Eappen, K.P.; Mayya, Y.S., 2005:
Calibration of an electrostatic chamber for thoron measurements in exhaled breath

Bjorner, J.B.; Kosinski, M.; Ware, J.E., 2003:
Calibration of an item pool for assessing the burden of headaches: an application of item response theory to the headache impact test (HIT)

Olsen, T.; Thorwest, M., 2005:
Calibration of axial length measurements with the Zeiss IOLMaster

Komarkova, A., 1953:
Calibration of bilirubin and substitution of bilirubin standards with stained solutions

Abbas, M.I.; Nafee, S.; Selim, Y.S., 2006:
Calibration of cylindrical detectors using a simplified theoretical approach

Asnin, L.; Guiochon, G., 2005:
Calibration of detector responses using the shape and size of band profiles. Case of a nonlinear response curve

Montero Cabrera, M.E.; Sujo, L.Colmenero.; Villalba, L.; Peinado, J.Sáenz.; Jiménez, A.Cano.; Miranda, A.López.; Peraza, E.F.Herrera., 2003:
Calibration of diffusion barrier charcoal detectors using a semi-empirical expression

Witzani, J.; Bjerke, H.; Bochud, F.; Csete, I.; Denoziere, M.; de Vries, W.; Ennow, K.; Grindborg, J.E.; Hourdakis, C.; Kosunen, A.; Kramer, H.M.; Pernick, F.; Sander, T., 2004:
Calibration of dosemeters used in mammography with different X ray qualities: EUROMET project no. 526

Reinhard, Börn.M.; Siu, M.; Agarwal, H.; Alivisatos, A.Paul.; Liphardt, J., 2005:
Calibration of dynamic molecular rulers based on plasmon coupling between gold nanoparticles

De Soldati, L.; Mejia, R.; Prestera, O., 1956:
Calibration of electromagnetic ballistocardiography

Olsson-Liljequist, B.; Kõljalg, S.; Karlsson, I.; Kronvall, Göran., 2003:
Calibration of fusidic acid disk diffusion susceptibility testing of Staphylococcus areus

Davies, N.P.; Jezzard, P., 2005:
Calibration of gradient propagation delays for accurate two-dimensional radiofrequency pulses

Larsson, H.; Hertegård, S., 2005:
Calibration of high-speed imaging by laser triangulation

Gabelica, Vérie.; Karas, M.; De Pauw, E., 2004:
Calibration of ion effective temperatures achieved by resonant activation in a quadrupole ion trap

Hjernø, K.; Højrup, P., 2006:
Calibration of matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight peptide mass fingerprinting spectra

Grudziński, E., 2006:
Calibration of measurement devices used in electromagnetic field monitoring in the occupational and municipal environments

DeWerd, L.A.; Micka, J.A.; Holmes, S.M.; Bohm, T.D., 2006:
Calibration of multiple LDR brachytherapy sources

Graffelman, J.; van Eeuwijk, F., 2006:
Calibration of multivariate scatter plots for exploratory analysis of relations within and between sets of variables in genomic research

Zabiegała, B.; Górecki, T.; Namieśnik, J., 2003:
Calibration of permeation passive samplers with silicone membranes based on physicochemical properties of the analytes

Kovtoun, T.A.; Arnold, R.W., 2004:
Calibration of photoscreeners for single-subject, contact-induced hyperopic anisometropia

Krecek, V., 1956:
Calibration of pneumotachograph

Swartz, B.; Akerman, K., 1958:
Calibration of simplified bicycle-ergometer test of physical working capacity

Yoshikawa, M.; Yamaguchi, N.; Aota, T.; Ikeda, K.; Okamoto, Y.; Yatsu, K.; Tamano, T., 2004:
Calibration of space-resolving VUV and soft X-ray spectrographs for plasma diagnostics

Ruffoni, M.P.; Pettifer, R.F., 2006:
Calibration of spectra from dispersive XAS beamlines

Hu, Z.; Tan, Z., 2005:
Calibration of stereo cameras from two perpendicular planes

Mo, L.; Reinhard, M.I.; Davies, J.B.; Alexiev, D.; Baldock, C., 2005:
Calibration of the Capintec CRC-712M dose calibrator for (18)F

Baker, M., 2005:
Calibration of the NPL secondary standard radionuclide calibrator for the new 10R Schott, type 1+ vials

Goode, D.H.; Pointon, R.C., 2005:
Calibration of the Nuclear Associates 07-621 precision photometer

Barr, N.F.; Stark, M.B.; Laughlin, J.S., 1962:
Calibration of the absorbed dose produced in water by betatron electrons with the benzoic-acid dosimeter

Amadesi, P.; Cavallini, A.; Rimondi, O., 1961:
Calibration of the fast neutron film-badge

Gander, R., 1963:
Calibration of the microphoto and microfilm apparatus

Havenith, R.W.A.; Taylor, P.R.; Angeli, C.; Cimiraglia, R.; Ruud, K., 2004:
Calibration of the n-electron valence state perturbation theory approach

Montis; Montis, 1957:
Calibration of the nasal cavity; scientific popularization

Culberson, W.S.; DeWerd, L.A.; Thomadsen, B.R.; Micka, J.A.; Bohm, T.D., 2005:
Calibration of the photon component of 198Au stents

Shaltis, P.; Reisner, A.; Asada, H., 2007:
Calibration of the photoplethysmogram to arterial blood pressure: capabilities and limitations for continuous pressure monitoring

Thoraeus, R.; Wyckoff, H.O., 1956:
Calibration of the portable Swedish free-air chamber equipment at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards

Zuckerwar, A.J.; Herring, G.C.; Elbing, B.R., 2006:
Calibration of the pressure sensitivity of microphones by a free-field method at frequencies up to 80 khz

Hartridge, H., 1922:
Calibration of the reversion spectroscope for the estimation of CO in blood

Jing, G.Y.; Ma, J.; Yu, D.P., 2007:
Calibration of the spring constant of AFM cantilever

Beyer, U.; Fleischer, A.; Kage, A.; Haueter, U.; Ehwald, R., 2003:
Calibration of the viscometric glucose sensor before its use in physiological liquids--compensation for the colloid-osmotic effect

Wang, T.J., 1953:
Calibration of therapeutic x-ray generators

Jackson, C.R., 1955:
Calibration of tonometers

Florisson, C., 1953:
Calibration of ultrasonic generators; absolute radiometer with a totally reflected liquid-gas surface

Radulescu, E.G.; Lewin, P.A.; Wójcik, J.; Nowicki, A., 2003:
Calibration of ultrasonic hydrophone probes up to 100 MHz using time gating frequency analysis and finite amplitude waves

Gorelov, V., 2005:
Calibration of vaporisers

Loglio, G.; Pandolfini, P.; Makievski, A.V.; Miller, R., 2003:
Calibration parameters of the pendant drop tensiometer: assessment of accuracy

Ern, M.; Offermann, D.; Preusse, P.; Grossmann, K-Ulrich.; Oberheide, J., 2003:
Calibration procedures and correction of detector signal relaxations for the CRISTA infrared satellite instrument

Brame, R.S.; Cohen, G'ad.N.; Zaider, M., 2006:
Calibration procedures for seeds preloaded in cartridges

Henderson, R., 2003:
Calibration requirements for confined space gas detectors

Bellmann, B.; Muhle, H.; Creutzenberg, O.; Ernst, H.; Müller, M.; Bernstein, D.M.; Riego Sintes, J.M., 2003:
Calibration study on subchronic inhalation toxicity of man-made vitreous fibers in rats

Tan, C.; Li, M., 2007:
Calibration transfer between two near-infrared spectrometers based on a wavelet packet transform

Pérez Pavón, Jé.Luis.; del Nogal Sánchez, M.; García Pinto, C.; Fernández Laespada, M.Esther.; Moreno Cordero, B., 2003:
Calibration transfer for solving the signal instability in quantitative headspace-mass spectrometry

Zhang, L.; Zhang, L-Ming.; Li, Y.; Hu, L-Ping.; Wang, J-De., 2006 :
Calibration transfer used for the interpretation of RS-FTIR spectrum

Boettern, L., 2004:
Calibration using 'equivalent' gases

Scano, A., 1958:
Calibration values on a group of pilots in regard to the chief respiratory & cardiocirculatory responses to reduced barometric pressure

Castellani, W.J.; Sarewitz, S.J., 2004:
Calibration verification and CAP

Boziari, A.; Hourdakis, C.J., 2006:
Calibration, performance and type testing of personal dosemeters used in ionising-radiation applications in Greece

Gemperline, P.; Puxty, G.; Maeder, M.; Walker, D.; Tarczynski, F.; Bosserman, M., 2004:
Calibration-free estimates of batch process yields and detection of process upsets using in situ spectroscopic measurements and nonisothermal kinetic models: 4-(dimethylamino)pyridine- catalyzed esterification of butanol

Al-Mahrouki, A.A.; Krylov, S.N., 2005:
Calibration-free quantitative analysis of mRNA

Hill, D.W.; Dollery, C.T., 1963:
Calibre Changes in Retinal Arterioles

Millbourn, E., 1960:
Calibre and appearance of the pancreatic ducts and relevant clinical problems. A roentgenographic and anatomical study

Dobree, J.H., 1956:
Calibre changes in retinal vessels occurring in raised ocular tension; circulatory compensation in chronic glaucoma

Moraux, J.; Peguet, M., 1955:
Calibre of hemolysis tubes and the operation of the agitating motion in the in vitro tolerance test

Kocyigit, P.; Kocyigit, D.; Akay, B.N.; Ustuner, E.; Kisnisci, R., 2006:
Calibre persistent labial artery: clinical features and noninvasive radiological diagnosis

Wan Muhaizan, W.M.; Julia, M.J.; Al Amin, D., 2003:
Calibre persistent submucosal artery of the jejunum: a rare cause of massive gastrointestinal bleeding

Pricop, C.; Novac, C.; Negru, I.; Negru, D.; Tomac, I., 2004:
Caliceal stones:What did we learned after 10 years of ESWL (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy)

Guarino, M., 1963:
Caliciform Metaplasia in Ulcerous and Carcinomatous Lesions of the Stomach

Kaufman, S.S.; Chatterjee, N.K.; Fuschino, M.E.; Magid, M.S.; Gordon, R.E.; Morse, D.L.; Herold, B.C.; LeLeiko, N.S.; Tschernia, A.; Florman, S.S.; Gondolesi, G.E.; Fishbein, T.M., 2003:
Calicivirus enteritis in an intestinal transplant recipient

Rodríguez-Guillén, L.; Vizzi, E.; Alcalá, A.C.; Pujol, F.H.; Liprandi, F.; Ludert, J.E., 2005:
Calicivirus infection in human immunodeficiency virus seropositive children and adults

Zapp, E., 1956:
Calicopapillitis as a variant form of urinary tract infection in children

Anonymous, 2003:
Calif. AIDS groups reject ADAP co-pay

Benko, L.B., 2006:
Calif. Blue Cross fined $200K. Insurer allegedly dropped member to avoid payment

Romano, M., 2004:
Calif. docs grab more pie

Benko, L.B., 2006:
Calif. gov signs pricing bill. Law aims to protect patients from aggressive billing

Shinkman, R., 2004:
Calif. hospitals move to comply with nurse ratios despite litigation

Benko, L.B., 2004:
Calif. nurses plan walkout

Benko, L.B., 2005:
Calif. ordered to close 1, open 1

Benko, L.B., 2005:
Calif. ruling limits liens

Seals, B.F.; Burhansstipanov, L.; Satter, D.E.; Chia, Y.Jenny.; Gatchell, M., 2006:
California American Indian and Alaska natives tribal groups' care access and utilization of care: policy implications

Rood, R.S., 1959:
California Assembly bill 437: legal insanity

Schade, F.F., 1959:
California CPX-medical and welfare services

Ravenholt, R.T., 1964:
California Chiropractors. An Epidemiological Study of Causes of Death Among them and other Characteristics

Anonymous, 2006:
California Dental Association. Code of Ethics

Williams, C.H., 1965:
California Dental Service Corporation

Anonymous, 2004:
California ED benchmarks show capacity keeping pace with higher demand

Hansen, K.A., 2004:
California ENA joins coalition and ballot initiative to increase funding for emergency care in California

Myers, R.S., 1964:
California Group Adopts Policy on Surgeon-Hospital Relationship

Anonymous, 2003:
California IPA coasting on these rates, but still tweaking model

Anonymous, 2006:
California IPA outruns the market as capitation rebounds

Anonymous, 2006:
California IPA reaps profits in rebounding market

Anonymous, 2005:
California IPA reports dazzling performance under capitation

Anonymous, 2004:
California IPA rings in raises even in declining market

Enger, S.M.; Van den Eeden, S.K.; Sternfeld, B.; Loo, R.K.; Quesenberry, C.P.; Rowell, S.; Sadler, M.C.; Schaffer, D.M.; Habel, L.A.; Caan, B.J., 2006:
California Men's Health Study (CMHS): a multiethnic cohort in a managed care setting

Deschambeau, G.L., 1965:
California Methods Program Devises Patient Care Technic

Gertig, H., 1964:
California Poppy (Eschscholtzia Californica Cham. Alkaloid). Ii. Isolation And Thin-Layer Chromatography Of Alkaloid Fractions Appearing Above Ground

Fine, A., 2005:
California Public Employees' Retirement System (Calpers) recently approved a plan to drop 38 hospitals from a medical network used by more than a third of its 1.2 million beneficiaries

Panetta, J.; Wetherell, J.; Mehok, M., 2006:
California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act: what to expect from stem cell research?

Ghivari, S.Basavraj.; Bhattacharya, H.; Bhat, K.G.; Pujar, M.A., 2017:
Antimicrobial activity of root canal irrigants against biofilm forming pathogens- An in vitro study

Constantine, N.A.; Moskowitz, J.M., 2005:
California adolescent's use of family planning services

Babey, S.H.; Diamant, A.L.; Brown, E.Richard.; Hastert, T., 2005:
California adolescents increasingly inactive

Anonymous, 2004:
California alert follows scope lapses

Anonymous, 2005:
California approves HIV/AIDS law to address race disparity

Anonymous, 2006:
California assembly supports measure for anonymous testing

Reilly, P., 2003:
California bonanza? Providers and insurers cheer mandatory health insurance law, but business interests look at legal challenge to newly signed bill

Crall, J.J., 2003:
California children and oral health: trends and challenges

Waldman, H.Barry.; Perlman, S.P., 2006:
California community residential facilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Anonymous, 2003:
California counties collaborate on evaluation of prospective vendors

Idelson, C., 2003:
California covers 1 million uninsured

Anonymous, 2004:
California data sharing project shows promise, report finds

Anonymous, 2005:
California doctor indicted for 'sub-dosing' AIDS patients

Carroll, J., 2005:
California doctors fear that NCQA would be too lenient with plans

Nolen, R.Scott., 2004:
California dog owner awarded 39,000 dollars in veterinary malpractice suit

Byrne, F.; Schauffler, R.; Lightman, L.; Finigan, M.; Carey, S., 2004:
California drug courts: a methodology for determining costs and avoided costs

Anonymous, 2005:
California employers view health care cost-sharing as double-edged sword

Washam, C., 2006:
California enacts Safe Cosmetics Act

Reeves, W.C.; Hammon, W.M., 1952:
California encephalitis virus, a newly described agent. III. Mosquito infection and transmission

Keating, S.B.; Rutledge, D.N.; Sargent, A.; Walker, P., 2003:
California examines definitions of competency

Schmidt, P., 2004:
California governor signs bills promoting stem-cell research

Benko, L.B., 2004:
California healing. State survey shows waning patient satisfaction

Anonymous, 2005:
California hospital drops surgical infection rate to zero

Baker, P.J., 1957:
California hospital survey

Anonymous, 2003:
California hospitals face more disclosure legislation

Anonymous, 2005:
California law eases threat to pain medication prescribers

Pelley, J., 2007:
California law sends signal to coal power

Chu, J., 2005:
California leads, but a pack follows

Gerber, E.; Schalman-Bergen, S., 2007:
California limits egg donor compensation in privately-funded research

Christen, K., 2005:
California looks at tackling indoor air quality

Willard, L.A., 2006:
California makes unprecedented commitment to fund stem cell research

Cary, G.H., 1960:
California malpractice

Anonymous, 2005:
California may switch to names-based reporting

Klotter, A.S., 1957:
California mental hospitals; an historical sketch

Garza, M., 2003:
California organizes readiness for terrorism/MCI responses

Anonymous, 2004:
California patient care labor costs rise under staffing requirements

Anonymous, 2004:
California practices outshine other groups in care management

Bloom, A., 2007:
California prohibits balance billing against HMO members

Williams, N., 2005:
California ramps up stem cell plans

Lin, V.W.H.; Lee, A.; Juraschek, S.; Jones, D., 2007:
California regonal regstered nurse workforce report card

Blackman, A.C.; James, H.R., 1958:
California resolves jurisdictional problems in occupational health

Benko, L.B., 2006:
California runs for coverage. Even though Schwarzenegger is likely to veto single-payer bill, other states could start clamoring for similar access plans

Brown, K.McCormack.; Akintobi, T.Henry.; Pitt, S.; Berends, V.; McDermott, R.; Agron, P.; Purcell, A., 2004:
California school board members' perceptions of factors influencing school nutrition policy

Del Toro, L.; Heckel, G.; Camacho-Ibar, Víctor.F.; Schramm, Y., 2005:
California sea lions (Zalophus californianus californianus) have lower chlorinated hydrocarbon contents in northern Baja California, México, than in California, USA

Anonymous, 2003:
California sets standard on identity theft safeguards

Anonymous, 2004:
California sex offender has $70 AIDS fine stricken

Cassel, R.N.; Stancik, E.J., 1961:
California test of mental maturity b weights for predicting a composite score on the Iowa tests of educational development

Renner, R., 2003:
California to develop selenium standard for wildlife

Benko, L.B., 2006:
California trendsetters? Lawsuits allege unjust denials; filings may continue

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California upgrades the care of its mentally ill

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California verbal learning test indicators of Malingered Neurocognitive Dysfunction: sensitivity and specificity in traumatic brain injury

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California will be only state to meet government target on smoking

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California's AB 394: the two sides of mandated staffing ratios

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California's Compassionate Use Act and the federal government's medical marijuana policy: can California physicians recommend marijuana to their patients without subjecting themselves to sanctions?

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California's HMO enrollees: diversity in language and education poses challenges for health plans

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California's Healthy Start: A solid platform for promoting youth development

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California's Proposition 69: a dangerous precedent for criminal DNA databases

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California's Proposition 71

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California's alcoholic rehabilitation program; a preliminary report

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California's controversial "play or pay" law: short-lived experiment or overdue solution?

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California's dental schools have changed

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California's dental service corporation: its development and potential

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California's expanded protection

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California's experience implementing a pilot newborn supplemental screening program using tandem mass spectrometry

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California's experience in training public health physicians

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California's hospital regional planning law

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California's microfilm program for vital statistics records

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California's minimum nurse-to-patient ratios: the first few months

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California's minority majority and the White face of nursing

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California's new Assembly and Senate districts: geographic disparities in health insurance coverage

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California's new law allowing surrogate consent for clinical research involving subjects with impaired decision-making capacity

Freedman, D.K., 1957:
California's new program of aid for totally and permanently disabled persons

Upton, J.R., 1950:
California's non-profit community blood bank system

Bloom, J.M., 2005:
California's prison health system

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California's program for the mentally retarded. I. Introduction

Tudyman, A., 1951:
California's program for the mentally retarded. II. The financial aspects of teaching the mentally retarded in California

Bode, F.R.; Taylor, E.A., 1951:
California's program for the mentally retarded. III. Inadequate school housing and understanding on the part of school administrators, parents and communities

Willenberg, E., 1951:
California's program for the mentally retarded. IV. Transportation of mentally retarded minors for attendance in special training classes and screening, qualifying, and placing special training class children

Shackett, S.C., 1951:
California's program for the mentally retarded. V. Teacher understanding of the needs of retarded children and coordination of agencies concerned with retarded children

Haig, R.; Mackenzie, C.; Laughlin, M.E., 1954:
California's program, 1936-52; recipients of stipends for training in public health nursing

Meng, Y-Ying.; Babey, S.H.; Hastert, T.A.; Brown, E.Richard., 2007:
California's racial and ethnic minorities more adversely affected by asthma

Renner, R., 2006:
California's shifting sands

Anonymous, 2007:
California, Maine laws out of sync with CDC over routine HIV testing

Anonymous, 2003:
California, U.S. show no improvement on report card

Service, R.F., 2004:
California. Budget deepens cuts to UC system

Holden, C., 2004:
California. Stem cell research could be ballot issue

Stokstad, E., 2003:
California. Universities hit by new round of cuts; more bad news ahead

Franklin, T., 2006:
California: Insurers cannot deny transplants based on HIV status

Franklin, T., 2006:
California: Senate fails to pass bill to allow condom distribution in state prisons

Haugh, R., 2005:
California: can this sinking ship be saved?

Anonymous, 2003:
California: emphasis on delivering PET services to customers

Burton, A., 2007:
Californian transplant conundrum

Luze, W., 1951:
Calipers for stellate ganglion infiltration

CHATTI, C.; Walid, I.Caliph., 1954:
Caliph Walid and the spread of Arabic medicine

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Calisthenics as a preventive measure against the decrease in maximum expiratory flow in asthmatic patients before and after a soccer game

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Calixarene-based multivalent ligands

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Calixarene-coated water-soluble CdSe-ZnS semiconductor quantum dots that are highly fluorescent and stable in aqueous solution

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Calixarene-encapsulated nanoparticles: self-assembly into functional nanomaterials

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Calixcyclitols: a new class of polar hybrid hosts obtained by oxygenation of calixarene phenol rings

Saks, S.J., 2005:
Call 911: psychiatry and the new Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) regulations

Molinaro, M., 1964:
Call For More Health Education. New Central Board Proposed

Hoffmann, M., 2003:
Call TIAs "TIBs"

Miller, J.; Elmore, S., 2005:
Call a stroke code!

Baker, S.R., 2004:
Call back or else

Jossi, F., 2004:
Call center triage. Advanced software plus capable nurses offer late-night answers and comfort

Sprigg, C.A.; Jackson, P.R., 2006:
Call centers as lean service environments: job-related strain and the mediating role of work design

Brown, P., 1992:
Call for 'treaty' on human gene patents

Leucht, S.; Stiegler, M.; Rummel, C.; Wahlbeck, K.; Kissling, W., 2006:
Call for a European guidelines institute

Beller, G.A., 2004:
Call for a mandatory national clinical trials registry

Tai, M.Cheng-tek.; Chang, W-cheng.; Chuang, M., 2004:
Call for a righteous justice: a Christian bioethics for the poor

Thomas, I., 2004:
Call for aged-care funding review welcomed

Karp, P.D., 2004:
Call for an enzyme genomics initiative

Kondro, W., 2007:
Call for arm's-length national research integrity agency

Deng, S-lin.; Cao, L-ping., 2003:
Call for attention on the study of the application of anti-inflammatory immune nutrients on critical patients

Shen, J-zhen.; Chen, Z-zhe., 2004:
Call for attention to hemophagocytic syndrome

Paradise, J., 2005:
Call for biohistory guidelines

Anonymous, 2006:
Call for immediate test of avian flu contingency plans

Lorinc, P.; Boris, A., 1956:
Call for modern routine intravenous cholecystography

Qiu, C-Xuan.; Shi, L-Yuan., 2006:
Call for more extensive research on epidemiology of dementia in China

Anonymous, 2006:
Call for more spending on immunisation

Anonymous, 2004:
Call for more veterinary training in organic systems

Wang, H-Yan., 2005:
Call for multi-discipline research into atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis

Garmaise, D., 2006:
Call for new hepatitis C strategy

Takada, H., 2006:
Call for pellets! International Pellet Watch global monitoring of POPs using beached plastic resin pellets

Gambaro, G.; Lupo, A., 2005:
Call for prospective studies of cystatin C

Candito, M.; Boisson, C.; Gaucherand, P.; Luton, D.; Oury, J.F.; Burc, L.; Journel, H.; Rudigoz, R.C.; Van Obberghen, E., 2003:
Call for researchers associated with a biological study of neural tube defects: prospective study of the role of homocysteine in neural tube defects in France

Lewis, L.S., 2006:
Call for shake up in NHS funding: Nye Bevan's view on national and private insurance

Jaśkiewicz, M.; Neubauer, D.; Kazor, K.; Bartoszewska, S.; Kamysz, W., 2018:
Antimicrobial Activity of Selected Antimicrobial Peptides Against Planktonic Culture and Biofilm of Acinetobacter baumannii

Wrede, C.David.H., 2006:
Call for shake up in NHS funding: clarifications from Doctors for Reform

Ma, R., 2006:
Call for shake up in NHS funding: few GPs among the 900 Doctors for Reform

Tang, P-zhang., 2006:
Call for the guideline of the diagnosis and treatment for thyroid tumors

Anonymous, 2005:
Call for tighter vaccine funding restrictions

Muckle, A.P., 2004:
Call for veterinary historians

Anonymous, 2004:
Call for volunteers for AIDS vaccine trials

Rushton, P., 2005:
Call for wartime nurses' stories

Ludwig, G., 2007:
Call in the SWOT team

Fischetti, M., 2006:
Call it beetle guard. Bug-based coating could neutralize toxins

Elliott, D., 2007:
Call light use

Weitz, D., 2004:
Call me antipsychiatry activist--not "consumer"

Ludwig, 1953:
Call on all doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other co-workers in the service of national health

Svennevig, J.L.; Geiran, O., 2005:
Call police?

Jacobs, E.A., 1954:
Call system conserves nurses' time

Anonymous, 2003:
Call to action - chronic disease prevention and management

Anonymous, 2006:
Call to action on indigenous health

Feightner, J., 2003:
Call to action. Enhancing dementia care in family medicine

Hopkins, R., 2006:
Call to action: Adult immunization

Hodgson, K., 2003:
Call to arms?

Anonymous, 2004:
Call to clinical action

Hyde, H.V., 1961:
Call to international action

Quirk, M., 2004:
Call to rescind price boosting of ritonavir

Davies, E., 2006:
Call to review dual registration

Albee, G.W., 2005:
Call to revolution in the prevention of emotional disorders

Zarocostas, J., 2006:
Call to scrap import tariffs on pharmaceuticals in global WTO talks

Schliess, F.; Häussinger, D., 2003:
Call volume and insulin signaling

Kelly, A-Maree.; Kerr, D.; Patrick, I.; Walker, T., 2003:
Call-to-needle times for thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction in Victoria

Pignotti, M., 2004:
Callahan fails to meet the burden of proof for Thought Field Therapy claims

Weiman, Z.; Jasienski, S., 1964:
Callander's Supracondylar Thigh Amputation in Peripheral Gangrene of the Lower Extremity Caused by Arteriosclerosis and Endarteritis Obliterans

Piquinela, J.A., 1951:
Callander's method of amputation of the lower extremity for senile arteritis

Hall, F.M.; Casola, G.; Sirlin, C.B.; Furtado, C.D.; Aguirre, D.A.; Brown, M.A., 2006:
Callback and follow-up guidelines for whole-body CT screening

Hector, W., 1965:
Called on to Plan?

Lacey, L.M., 2003 :
Called into question: what nurses want

Schoonover-Shoffner, K., 2006:
Called to excellence

Giganti, E., 2004:
Called to lead at Ascension Health

Evans, M., 2004:
Called to lead. Trinity Health, Bon Secours name new chief execs

Prater, L.; McEwen, M., 2006:
Called to nursing: perceptions of student nurses

Hollinger, M., 2004:
Called to task for using the term, "fifth vital sign"

Jamison, S., 2006:
Called to teach. Hats off to educators!

Vockley, M., 2006:
Called to testify? It's 90 percent preparation, 10 percent deposition

Aronson, C.; Mattocks, E.Brewer., 2003:
Called up

Mirowski, G.W., 2005:
Callen JP. The spectrum of Reiter's disease. J Am Acad Dermatol 1979;1:75-7

Quallich, S.A., 2003:
Caller ID: the art of telephone triage

Bradford, B.J., 2003:
Caller satisfaction

Leclerc, B-Simon.; Dunnigan, L.; Côté, H.; Zunzunegui, M-Victoria.; Hagan, L.; Morin, D., 2003:
Callers' ability to understand advice received from a telephone health-line service: comparison of self-reported and registered data

Oliveras Devesa, M., 1958:
Calligraphic rehabilitation in loss of right hand

Unnerus, C.E., 1960:
Calligraphy, a new method for roentgenological pelvic measurement (Scientific exhibition)

Anonymous, 1959:
Calling Attention

Guthorn, P.J.; Hubbard, J., 1964:
Calling Dr. Hubbard

Glaser, R.J.; Root, W.Webster., 2003:
Calling Dr. Root

Hogue, W.L., 1961:
Calling Dr. X. - To help reduce swellin in the costs of health insurance

Cavenaugh, R.L., 1964:
Calling for Clinical Communications

Wood, W.B., 1963:
Calling Mephistopheles

Greenhouse, P.K.; Kuzminsky, B.; Martin, S.C.; Merryman, T., 2006:
Calling a condition H(elp)

Ustün, B.T.; Jakob, R., 2005 :
Calling a spade a spade: meaningful definitions of health conditions

Phillips, T.Grant.; Hickner, J., 2005:
Calling acute bronchitis a chest cold may improve patient satisfaction with appropriate antibiotic use

Golaszewski, T., 2005:
Calling all academics to advocacy

Sister Charlotte; Sister Jonathan, 1957:
Calling all alumnae

Thorpe, D., 1962:
Calling all doctors

Melnyk, B.Mazurek., 2006:
Calling all educators to teach and model evidence-based practice in academic settings

Anonymous, 2004:
Calling all experts

Faris, S., 2006:
Calling all healers

Bardy, S., 2006:
Calling all hospice nurses

Jeans, M.Ellen., 2005:
Calling all leaders

Rossignol, M.E., 2006:
Calling all osteopathic physicians in New England!

Fulton, J.S., 2005:
Calling blended role programs to account

Rosamond, W.D.; Evenson, K.R.; Schroeder, E.B.; Morris, D.L.; Johnson, A-Marie.; Brice, J.H., 2005:
Calling emergency medical services for acute stroke: a study of 9-1-1 tapes

Berer, M., 2005:
Calling for a rethink on the terminology used to describe the two main categories of induced abortion procedures (medical and surgical): a response to Weitz et al. (2004)

de Aguiar, F.C.; Solarte, A.Lucía.; Tarradas, C.; Luque, I.; Maldonado, A.; Galán-Relaño, Ángela.; Huerta, Bén., 2018:
Antimicrobial activity of selected essential oils against Streptococcus suis isolated from pigs

Bruns, J., 2003:
Calling for automation. Pediatric call center at a Missouri children's hospital sees lower call times and higher productivity from a fully automated system

Stocker, S.J., 2005:
Calling for end to unsafe patient care

Anderson, G.; Metcalfe, A., 2006:
Calling for international collaborative research in nursing, genetics and genomics: a discussion paper

Baylis, M., 2004:
Calling for respect and recognition

Prodan-Bhalla, N., 2005:
Calling future nurse practitioners!

Anonymous, 2007:
Calling in sick

Schwanen, H., 1950:
Calling in the midwife or doctor in case of miscarriage

Lamacki, W.F., 2004:
Calling it what you want won't change what it is

Sturnieks, D., 2006:
Calling on exercise scientists to participate in broader efforts to prevent falls in older adults

de Muinck, E.D.; Simons, M., 2005:
Calling on reserves: granulocyte colony stimulating growth factor in cardiac repair

Gordon, B., 2005:
Calling on scientists to fight budget cuts

Samarasinghe, D., 2006:
Calling the 'stages of change' bluff

Meyer, C.R., 2006:
Calling the plays

Gilmore, I.T., 2004:
Calling time for implementation of the English alcohol harm reduction strategy

Anonymous, 2005:
Calling your poison center--a single nationwide toll-free number

Anonymous, 2003:
Calling--and coding--the shots

Marsan, C.A.; Morillo, A., 1963:
Callosal and Specific Response in the Visual Cortex of Cat

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Callosal Shapes at the Midsagittal Plane: MRI Differences of Normal Males, Normal Females, and GID

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Callosal disconnection syndrome due to acute disseminated enchephalomyelitis

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Callosal involvement in a lateralized stroop task in alcoholic and healthy subjects

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Callosal lesions and behavior: history and modern concepts

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Callosal neglect and cognitive impersistence

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Callosal neglect in hydrocephalus

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Callose (beta-1,3 glucan) is essential for Arabidopsis pollen wall patterning, but not tube growth

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Callose Deposition and Photoassimilate Export in Phaseolus vulgaris Exposed to Excess Cobalt, Nickel, and Zinc

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Callosities ? yaws

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Callosities with horny plugs

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Callosity Phlegmon of the Head in Infancy and Early Childhood

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Callotasis for segmental bone defects in the femur

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Callous chronic suppurative processes following gunshot fractures of the bone

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Callous fibrolymphoangioma of the lung; anatomico-clinical contribution

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Callous heart of early infancy; unusual association of important myocardial fibrosis with liver cirrhosis in an infant 11 months old

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Callous ulcer and diverticulum of the pylorus coexisting with multiple interstitial prepyloric schwannomas

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Callous ulcer of the esophagus

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Callous-unemotional traits and conduct problems in the prediction of conduct problem severity, aggression, and self-report of delinquency

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Callous-unemotional traits and delinquent peer affiliation

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Callous-unemotional traits and developmental pathways to severe conduct problems

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Callous-unemotional traits are associated with clinical severity in referred boys with conduct problems

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Callous-unemotional traits in a community sample of adolescents

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Callous-unemotional traits in predicting the severity and stability of conduct problems and delinquency

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Callous/unemotional traits moderate the relation between ineffective parenting and child externalizing problems: a partial replication and extension

Waheed, A.; Khan, A.Moiz., 2006:
Callousness and apathy towards research--time to change

Barnhart, R., 1951:
Calls Ble Cross major bulwark against socialized medicine

Stamm, H., 1955:
Calls after hours

McMillan, F.D., 2006:
Calls attention to difference between quality of life and health status

Parker, J.S., 2006:
Calls attention to the distinction between animal welfare and animal rights

Prier, J.E., 2006:
Calls for a reduction in emphasis on specialization

Jesani, A., 2005:
Calls for advertising and market reforms in health care

Lipman, A.G., 2003:
Calls for improved cancer symptom control... and some responses

Kaldyand, J.; Pettey, S., 2003:
Calls for unity in revamping the survey and enforcement system

Norsworthy, G.D., 2004:
Calls for vaccine challenge studies

Najer, S.Wüthrich., 2004:
Calls in long term care. Greater autonomy and time savings

Shaw, R.; Kitzinger, C., 2005:
Calls to a home birth helpline: empowerment in childbirth

Fong, T., 2004:
Calls to reform the reform. Democrats set out on difficult task: amending law

Ahmad, K., 2003:
Calls to tackle south Asia's AIDS epidemic

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Callus Formation in Anticoagulant Therapy

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Callus Formation in Severe Brain Injuries

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Callus and its quantitative formation

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Callus and shoot formation from tomato roots in vitro

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Callus and suspension culture induction, maintenance, and characterization

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Callus area and glycosaminoglycans content of the traumatized tibia in rats

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Callus as a focus of neoplasms in plants

Esteve, P.; Cazala, J.F., 1959:
Callus disease

Kuntscher, G., 1957:
Callus formation

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Cambodia protects 75% of children against parasites

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Camp medicine

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Camp nurses connect online

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