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Clinical characteristics, diagnosis and surgical management of hydatid cysts

Abu-Eshy, S.A.

West African Journal of Medicine 25(2): 144-152


ISSN/ISBN: 0189-160X
PMID: 16918188
DOI: 10.4314/wajm.v25i2.28266
Accession: 048542194

Echinococcosis was described by Hippocrates more than two thousand years as a "fluid-filled liver", followed by the famous Arabian physician "Al-Rahzes." It is endemic in the Middle East, India, Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and Southern Europe. The disease has got different clinical presentations, depending on the organ(s) involved, and may present a clinical dilemma regarding diagnosis and treatment. Surgery for hydatid cysts has been always considered as the treatment of choice; however, other options like chemotherapy, interventional and minimally invasive procedures or combination of all, are to be put into considerations as well In addition, selection of patients for any of these options is an important part of management. The disease might undertake a "malignant" course in the sense of high rate of recurrence, which further enforces the importance of meticulous evaluation and proper planning of treatment. In this communication, we critically reviewed the literature and present a brief summary of common clinical presentations, current methods of diagnosis, medical and surgical management, and follow-up strategy of Echinococcosis granulosus or Cystic Echinococcosis (CE).

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