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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48614

Chapter 48614 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Danileviciūte, V.; Adomaitiene, V.; Sveikata, A.; Maciulaitis, R.; Kadusevicius, E.; Volbekas, V., 2007:
Compliance in psychiatry: results of a survey of depressed patients using orally disintegrating tablet

Dosumu, E.A., 2003:
Compliance in pulmonary tuberculosis patients using directly observed treatment short course

Rettenbacher, M.A.; Hofer, A.; Eder, U.; Hummer, M.; Kemmler, G.; Weiss, E.M.; Fleischhacker, W.W., 2004:
Compliance in schizophrenia: psychopathology, side effects, and patients' attitudes toward the illness and medication

Levy, G.F., 2003:
Compliance in the medical office. Take the positive approach

Andrade, S., 2006:
Compliance in the real world

Westrich, G.H.; Jhon, P.H.; Sánchez, P.M., 2003:
Compliance in using a pneumatic compression device after total knee arthroplasty

Brow, J.A., 2003:
Compliance is everything, everything is compliance

Kaufman, B.; Novack, G.D., 2006:
Compliance issues in manufacturing of drugs

Kerfoot, K.; Wantz, S.L., 2003 :
Compliance leadership: the 17th century model that doesn't work

Rolland, P.H.; Mekkaoui, C.; Vidal, V.; Berry, J.L.; Moore, J.E.; Moreno, M.; Amabile, P.; Bartoli, J.M., 2004:
Compliance matching stent placement in the carotid artery of the swine promotes optimal blood flow and attenuates restenosis

Gastpas, M.T., 2006:
Compliance must improve

Ettema, H.B.; Hoppener, M.R.; Henny, C.P.; Büller, H.R.; Verheyen, C.C.P.M., 2005:
Compliance of Dutch orthopedic departments with national guidelines on thromboprophylaxis. A survey of Dutch orthopedic thromboprohylaxis

Poon, I.O.; Montgomery, T., 2005:
Compliance of a VA pharmacy with documentation requirements for human research

Hagemeister, J.; Baer, F.M.; Schwinger, R.H.G.; Höpp, H.W., 2005:
Compliance of a cobalt chromium coronary stent alloy--the COVIS trial

Fechio, J.Jellmayer.; Malerbi, F.Eta.Korn., 2005:
Compliance of adults with diabetes to a physical activity program

Street, J.; Lenehan, B.; Higgins, T.; Mulcahy, D.; Mullan, G., 2006:
Compliance of an elderly hip fracture population with secondary preventative measures. Efficacy of a simple clinical practice intervention

Moeller, K.E.; Barnes, B.J.; Stanley, K.M.; Worrall, C.L.; Lunsford, S.L.; Simpson, K.N.; Miller, J.G.; Spencer, A.P., 2006:
Compliance of an institution-specific alcohol withdrawal protocol with evidence-based practice guidelines

Robicsek, F.; Thubrikar, M.J., 2003:
Compliance of aortic root conduit

Luszik-Bhadra, M., 2007:
Compliance of electronic personal neutron dosemeters with the new International Standard IEC 61526

Fan, C.W.; Tan, K.M.; Coakley, D.; Walsh, J.B.; Cunningham, C., 2005:
Compliance of external hip protector use amongst elderly day hospital attenders

Maury, E.; Moussa, N.; Lakermi, C.; Barbut, F.; Offenstadt, G., 2006:
Compliance of health care workers to hand hygiene: awareness of being observed is important

Hara, Y.; Shintani, M., 2004:
Compliance of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women in Japan

Wane, A.M.; Ndiaye, M.R.; Wade, A.; Ndiaye, P.A.; Ba, E.A.; de Medeiros, M.E.; Ndoye, P.A.; Ndiaye, C.S.; Kameni, A., 2003:
Compliance of medical treatment in primitive glaucoma open angle

Segal, E.; Tamir, A.; Ish-Shalom, S., 2003:
Compliance of osteoporotic patients with different treatment regimens

Dabrowski, Sław.; Brodniak, Włodzimierz.A.; Welbel, S., 2005:
Compliance of patients admitted with consent to psychiatric hospital

Macagno, F., 2006:
Compliance of pediatric centers to Italian Society of Neonatology recommendations on prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection: results of the second season of the Previeni Study

Baddar, S.; Worthing, E.A.; Al-Rawas, O.A.; Osman, Y.; Al-Riyami, B.M., 2006:
Compliance of physicians with documentation of an asthma management protocol

Benting, D.G.; Pesun, I.J.; Hodges, J., 2005 :
Compliance of resilient denture liners immersed in effervescent denture cleansers

Pan, S.; Tao, J.; Zheng, H.; Yi, W., 2006:
Compliance of small diameter polyurethane artificial vascular graft

Charriere, E.A.; Beutler, T.; Caride, M.; Mordasini, P.; Orr, T.E.; Zysset, P.K., 2005:
Compliance of the L5-S1 spinal unit: a comparative study between an unconstrained and a partially constrained system

Safar, P.; Bachman, L., 1956:
Compliance of the lungs and thorax in dogs under the influence of muscle relaxants

Bonkohara, S.; Kajihara, H., 2005:
Compliance of therapeutic exercise falling or fracture in elderly

Heubusch, K., 2006:
Compliance officer brings HIM insights to data standards work

Werlemann, B-Christoph.; Offers, E.; Kolloch, R., 2004:
Compliance problems in therapy resistant hypertension

Guyton, O., 2003:
Compliance programs: beyond billing and coding

Tourette-Turgis, C., 2003:
Compliance stakes for the nurse. Interview by Helene Delmotte

Howell, J.B.; Peckett, B.W., 1956:
Compliance studies in anaesthetized paralysed human subjects

McIntosh, A.M.; Conlon, L.; Lawrie, S.M.; Stanfield, A.C., 2006:
Compliance therapy for schizophrenia

Almas, A.; Hameed, A.; Ahmed, B.; Islam, M., 2006:
Compliance to antihypertensive therapy

Iliyasu, Z.; Kabir, M.; Abubakar, I.S.; Babashani, M.; Zubair, Z.A., 2005:
Compliance to antiretroviral therapy among AIDS patients in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano, Nigeria

Hoarau, C.; Maurage, C.; Labarthe, F.; Faure, N.; Dalloul, C.; Lionet, C.; Guerois, M.; Rolland, J-C., 2004:
Compliance to atopia preventive regimes after discharge from maternity services

Sijmons, E.A.; van Lankveld, M.A.L.; Witteveen, P.O.; Peeters, P.H.M.; Koot, V.C.M.; van Leeuwen, J.Schagen., 2006:
Compliance to clinical guidelines for early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer in relation to patient outcome

Martin, B.; Clapp, L.; Bialkowski, D.; Bridgeford, D.; Amponsah, A.; Lyons, L.; Beresford, T.P., 2003:
Compliance to supervised disulfiram therapy: a comparison of voluntary and court-ordered patients

van Lankveld, M.A.L.; Koot, N.C.M.; Peeters, P.H.M.; van Leeuwen, J.Schagen.; Jürgenliemk-Schulz, I.M.; van Eijkeren, M.A., 2006:
Compliance to surgical and radiation treatment guidelines in relation to patient outcome in early stage endometrial cancer

Guillausseau, P-Jean., 2003:
Compliance to treatment and type 2 diabetes: impact on glycemic balance

Hammon, M., 2005:
Compliance update--valid types of signatures in this modern era

Goss, D.L.; Moore, J.H., 2004:
Compliance wearing a heel lift during 8 weeks of military training in cadets with limb length inequality

Jensen, A.; Mikkelsen, G.J.; Vestergaard, M.; Lynge, E.; Vejborg, I., 2005:
Compliance with European guidelines for diagnostic mammography in a decentralized health-care setting

Angelos, P., 2005:
Compliance with HIPAA regulations: ethics and excesses

Davis, D.; Having, K., 2006:
Compliance with HIPAA security standards in U.S. Hospitals

Alsina-Manrique, L.; Iriondo, Mí.; Muñoz-Almagro, C.; Borrás, M.; Pou, J.; Juncosa, T.; Jiménez, R., 2006:
Compliance with a culture-based strategy to prevent perinatal Group B streptococcal infection in a third-level hospital

Sundh, M.; Hagquist, C., 2006:
Compliance with a minimum-age law of 18 for the purchase of tobacco--the case of Sweden

Norman, M.; Parker, M.J., 2006:
Compliance with a pharmacological secondary fracture prevention policy

Sanders, T.R.; Roberts, C.L.; Gilbert, G.L., 2003:
Compliance with a protocol for intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis against neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis in women with clinical risk factors

Dupont, C.; Touzet, S.; Cao, D.; Prunaret-Julien, V.; Audra, P.; Putet, G.; Dupuis, O.; Rudigoz, R-C., 2005:
Compliance with a protocol of prevention of neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis in the Aurore perinatal network

McIlwaine, K.; Kneebone, K.; Barkehall-Thomas, A.; Wallace, E.M., 2006:
Compliance with a risk factor-based intrapartum prophylaxis program for neonatal group B streptococcal disease

Szekendi, M.K., 2003:
Compliance with acute MI guidelines lowers inpatient mortality

Dediu, M.; Alexandru, A.; Median, D.; Anghel, R.; Tarlea, A.; Iorga, P.; Movanu, M., 2007:
Compliance with adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer. The experience of a single institution evaluating a cohort of 356 patients

Stuhec, V.; Gisel, E.G., 2003:
Compliance with administration procedures of tests for children with pervasive developmental disorders: does it exist?

Sprivulis, P.; Carey, M.; Rouse, I., 2004:
Compliance with advice and appropriateness of emergency presentation following contact with the HealthDirect telephone triage service

Meuric, S.; Leroy, M.; Raffestin, B.; Bidat, E., 2005:
Compliance with and acceptability of a new electronic peak flow meter, the PiKo-1

Toller, C.A.Stark.; Budge, M.M., 2006:
Compliance with and understanding of advance directives among trainee doctors in the United Kingdom

O'Donoghue, M.Nelson., 2004:
Compliance with antibiotics

Reddy, B.K.; Kennedy, D.J.; Colyer, W.R.; Burket, M.W.; Thomas, W.J.; Khuder, S.A.; Shapiro, J.I.; Topp, R.V.; Cooper, C.J., 2003:
Compliance with antihypertensive therapy after renal artery stenting

Navarro, G.; Bernaus, M.; Segura, F.; Fernández, L., 2003:
Compliance with antiretroviral treatment. Prevalence study in a general hospital

Caprini, J.A.; Hyers, T.M., 2006 :
Compliance with antithrombotic guidelines

Carlsson, A.; Karlsson, E.Dejin.; Håkansson, A.; Udén, G., 2006:
Compliance with child accident precautions by child health nurses

Goodman, K.J.; Wu, J.S.; Frerichs, R.R., 2005:
Compliance with childhood immunizations in Kern County, California

Kurita, G.Paula.; Pimenta, C.Andrucioli.de.Mattos., 2003:
Compliance with chronic pain treatment: study of demographic, therapeutic and psychosocial variables

Bishop, P.B.; Wing, P.C., 2003:
Compliance with clinical practice guidelines in family physicians managing worker's compensation board patients with acute lower back pain

de Oliveira Filho, Gúlio.Rodrigues.; Sturm, E.Jorge.Hansen.; Sartorato, Aé.Eduardo., 2004:
Compliance with common program requirements in Brazil: its effects on resident's perceptions about quality of life and the educational environment

Hébert-Croteau, N.; Brisson, J.; Latreille, J.; Rivard, Mèle.; Abdelaziz, N.; Martin, G., 2004:
Compliance with consensus recommendations for systemic therapy is associated with improved survival of women with node-negative breast cancer

Kasten, P.; Geiger, F.; Zeifang, F.; Weiss, S.; Thomsen, M., 2007:
Compliance with continuous passive movement is low after surgical treatment of idiopathic club foot in infants: a prospective, double-blinded clinical study

Cataldo, P.J., 2004:
Compliance with contraceptive insurance mandates: licit or illicit cooperation in evil?

Navarro, R.; Rivera, J.; Rosado, Aíbal.; Ruiz, H.; Iriarte, R.Iván., 2005:
Compliance with current therapy guidelines in hypertensive patients at an emergency service

Zuber, R.Friedman., 2004:
Compliance with discharge assessment and OASIS requirements

Weycker, D.; Macarios, D.; Edelsberg, J.; Oster, G., 2006:
Compliance with drug therapy for postmenopausal osteoporosis

Storm, S.; Beaver, S.K.; Giardino, N.; Kliot, M.; Franklin, G.M.; Jarvik, J.G.; Chan, L., 2005:
Compliance with electrodiagnostic guidelines for patients undergoing carpal tunnel release

Jentzsch, N.Souto.; Camargos, P.Augusto.Moreira.; de Melo, E.Machado., 2007:
Compliance with environmental control measures in the homes of children and adolescents with asthma

Forsén, L.; Sandvig, S.; Schuller, A.; Søgaard, A.J., 2004:
Compliance with external hip protectors in nursing homes in Norway

Grzenda-Adamek, Z.; Piatkowska, E.; Strzepek, J.; Przybyszewska, K.; Kruszewska, Młgorzata., 2004:
Compliance with gluten free diet, physical development and bone mineral status in patients with celiac disease

Irshaid, Y.M.; Al Homrany, M.; Hamdi, A.A.; Adjepon-Yamoah, K.K.; Mahfouz, A.A., 2006:
Compliance with good practice in prescription writing at outpatient clinics in Saudi Arabia

Jodorkovsky, R., 2005:
Compliance with guidelines for the medical care of first urinary tract infections in infants

Tangpricha, V.; Hariram, S.D.; Chipkin, S.R., 2004:
Compliance with guidelines for thyroid nodule evaluation

Barletta, J.F.; Thomas, W.L.; Slot, M.G.; Mingori, T.R.; Morris-McCoy, L.; McAllen, K., 2007:
Compliance with guidelines for treating sepsis

Eckmanns, T., 2003:
Compliance with hand disinfection: evaluating intensive care units

Harbarth, S.; Pittet, D.; Grady, L.; Goldmann, D.A., 2003:
Compliance with hand hygiene practice in pediatric intensive care

Furtado, G.H.C.; Santana, S.L.; Coutinho, A.Paula.; Perdiz, L.B.; Wey, Sérgio.B.; Medeiros, E.A.S., 2006:
Compliance with handwashing at two intensive care units in São Paulo

Paotong, D.; Trakarnchansiri, J.; Phongsanon, K.; Churncharoen, P.; Sitaphong, S.; Poldee, T.; Torhiran, U.; Sukeewatana, W.; Jamulitrat, S., 2003:
Compliance with handwashing in a university hospital in Thailand

Chittaro, M.; Coiz, F.; Faruzzo, A.; Fiappo, E.; Palese, A.; Viale, P.; Brusaferro, S., 2006:
Compliance with handwashing in health care settings

Wattanakumtornkul, S.; Chichareon, S.; Geater, A.; Suwan, K., 2003:
Compliance with hormone replacement therapy at Songklanagarind Hospital

Serfaty, D.; de Reilhac, P.; Eschwege, E.; Ringa, V.; Blin, P.; Nandeuil, A.; Tavera, C.; Mathieu, M., 2003:
Compliance with hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women: results of a two-year prospective French study comparing transdermal treatment with fixed oral combination therapy

Corrado, F.; D'Anna, R.; Caputo, F.; Cannata, M.L.; Zoccali, M.G.; Cancellieri, F., 2005:
Compliance with hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal Sicilian women

Pines, A., 2005:
Compliance with hormone therapy after Women's Health Initiative: who is to blame?

Wendt, C., 2004:
Compliance with infection control guidelines

Al-Omari, M.Ahmad.; Al-Dwairi, Z.Nawaf., 2005:
Compliance with infection control programs in private dental clinics in Jordan

Jiménez-García, R.; Ariñez-Fernandez, M.C.; Hernández-Barrera, Vín.; Garcia-Carballo, M.M.; de Miguel, A.Gil.; Carrasco-Garrido, P., 2006:
Compliance with influenza and pneumococcal vaccination among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease consulting their medical practitioners in Catalonia, Spain

Kaufman, Z.; Green, M.S., 2003:
Compliance with influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations in Israel, 1999-2002

Cramer, J.A.; Okikawa, J.; Bellaire, S.; Clauson, P., 2005:
Compliance with inhaled insulin treatment using the AERx iDMS Insulin Diabetes Management System

Labarère, Jé.; Bos, Cécile.; Bedouch, P.; Fourny, M.; Pavese, P.; Allenet, B.; François, P., 2003:
Compliance with instructions for writing structured care management tools

Patterson, E.S.; Rogers, M.L.; Chapman, R.J.; Render, M.L., 2006:
Compliance with intended use of Bar Code Medication Administration in acute and long-term care: an observational study

Chatkin, Jé.Miguel.; Cavalet-Blanco, D.; Scaglia, Nóris.Coimbra.; Tonietto, R.Guidotti.; Wagner, Mário.B.; Fritscher, C.Cezar., 2007:
Compliance with maintenance treatment of asthma (ADERE study)

Vienot, B.; Manderachia, C., 2004:
Compliance with mammography screening. Identifying common barriers

Fernández de Preliasco, M.V.; Viera, M.J.; Sebelli, P.; Rodríguez Rilo, L.; Sánchez, G.A., 2004:
Compliance with medical and dental treatments in children and adolescents renal transplant patients

Chappuy, H.; Tréluyer, J-M.; Gary, A.; Pons, G.; Chéron, G., 2005:
Compliance with medication in children

Shaya, F.T., 2005:
Compliance with medicine

Mojtabai, R., 2005:
Compliance with mental health and other specialty care referrals among Medicare/Medicaid dual enrollees

Collard, P.; Pieters, T.; Aubert, G.; Delguste, P.; Rodenstein, D.O., 2004:
Compliance with nasal CPAP in obstructive sleep apnea patients

Shmuely, Y.; Berlin, J.A.; Knauss, J.; Lydick, E., 2003:
Compliance with oral HRT in postmenopausal women in clinical trials--meta analysis

Weycker, D.; Macarios, D.; Edelsberg, J.; Oster, G., 2006:
Compliance with osteoporosis drug therapy and risk of fracture

Compston, J.E.; Seeman, E., 2006:
Compliance with osteoporosis therapy is the weakest link

Hosay, C.K., 2003:
Compliance with patients' end-of-life wishes by nursing homes in New York City with conscience policies

Hujoel, P.; Selipsky, H.; Cunha-Cruz, J., 2006:
Compliance with periodontal maintenance may be associated with increased tooth loss

Yood, R.A.; Emani, S.; Reed, J.I.; Lewis, B.Edelman.; Charpentier, M.; Lydick, E., 2003:
Compliance with pharmacologic therapy for osteoporosis

Mycyk, M.B.; DesLauriers, C.; Metz, J.; Wills, B.; Mazor, S.S., 2006:
Compliance with poison center fomepizole recommendations is suboptimal in cases of toxic alcohol poisoning

Watts, M.; Fountain, J.S.; Reith, D.; Schep, L., 2004:
Compliance with poisons center referral advice and implications for toxicovigilance

Alam, N.; Shepherd, F.A.; Winton, T.; Graham, B.; Johnson, D.; Livingston, R.; Rigas, J.; Whitehead, M.; Ding, K.; Seymour, L., 2005:
Compliance with post-operative adjuvant chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer. An analysis of National Cancer Institute of Canada and intergroup trial JBR.10 and a review of the literature

Funai, E.F.; White, J.; Lee, M.J.; Allen, M.; Kuczynski, E., 2004:
Compliance with prenatal care visits in substance abusers

Koren, G.; Pairaideau, N., 2007:
Compliance with prenatal vitamins. Patients with morning sickness sometimes find it difficult

Sullivan, G., 2005:
Compliance with professional standards to enhance patient safety

Eikenboom, J.C.J.; van Wordragen, R.; Brand, A., 2005:
Compliance with prophylactic platelet transfusion trigger in haematological patients

Gilbert, G.L.; Hewitt, M.C.; Turner, C.M.; Leeder, S.R., 2003:
Compliance with protocols for prevention of neonatal group B streptococcal sepsis: practicalities and limitations

Armagan, E.; Gultekin Al, M.; Engindeniz, Z.; Tokyay, R., 2004:
Compliance with protocols in transferring emergency patients to a tertiary care centre

Anonymous, 2004:
Compliance with protocols may improve outcomes

Anonymous, 2004:
Compliance with protocols may improve outcomes. First large-scale safety study of CABG procedures

Putzer, G.; Roetzheim, R.; Ramirez, A.M.; Sneed, K.; Brownlee, H.J.; Campbell, R.J., 2004:
Compliance with recommendations for lipid management among patients with type 2 diabetes in an academic family practice

Heininger, U.; Loos, K.; Lorenz, I.; Rascher, W., 2006:
Compliance with recommended immunizations in adolescents

Kakkar, A.K.; Davidson, B.L.; Haas, S.K., 2004:
Compliance with recommended prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism: improving the use and rate of uptake of clinical practice guidelines

Wessberg, G., 2005:
Compliance with regulations

Forster, J.L.; Lazovich, D.; Hickle, A.; Sorensen, G.; Demierre, M-France., 2006:
Compliance with restrictions on sale of indoor tanning sessions to youth in Minnesota and Massachusetts

MacKenzie, I.Z.; Findlay, J.; Thompson, K.; Roseman, F., 2006:
Compliance with routine antenatal rhesus D prophylaxis and the impact on sensitisations: observations over 14 years

Pollitt, R.J., 2004:
Compliance with science: consent or coercion in newborn screening

Kertesz, L., 2005:
Compliance with security standards: an ongoing process

Donovan, J.C.H.; Shaw, J.C., 2006:
Compliance with sun protection following organ transplantation

Poole, N.A.; Al Atar, A.; Kuhanendran, D.; Bidlake, L.; Fiennes, A.; McCluskey, S.; Nussey, S.; Bano, G.; Morgan, J.F., 2005:
Compliance with surgical after-care following bariatric surgery for morbid obesity: a retrospective study

Bull, A.L.; Russo, P.L.; Friedman, N.D.; Bennett, N.J.; Boardman, C.J.; Richards, M.J., 2006:
Compliance with surgical antibiotic prophylaxis--reporting from a statewide surveillance programme in Victoria, Australia

Eduardo, M.Bernadete.de.Paula.; Novaes, H.Maria.Dutilh., 2004:
Compliance with technical standards for radiological protection at radiation therapy services in São Paulo State, Brazil

Fontseré, N.; Bonal, J.; Torres, F.; de las Cuevas, X.; Fort, J., 2007:
Compliance with the 2002 consensus document of the Spanish Society of Nephrology for the control of diabetic nephropathy in Catalonia (ECCODIAB)

Halpern, S.H.; Darani, R.; Douglas, M.J.; Wight, W.; Yee, J., 2004:
Compliance with the CONSORT checklist in obstetric anaesthesia randomised controlled trials

Kane, B.G.; Degutis, L.C.; Sayward, H.K.; D'Onofrio, G., 2004:
Compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Zuber, R., 2005:
Compliance with the Medicare conditions of participation: keeping OASIS data private

Zuber, R.Friedman., 2005:
Compliance with the Medicare conditions of participation: patient rights

van den Hurk, C.J.G.; van de Poll-Franse, L.V.; Nolthenius-Puylaert, M.C.B.J.E.Tutein.; Roukema, J.A.; van der Sangen, M.J.C.; Nieuwenhuijzen, G.A.P.; van den Eijnden-van Raaij, A.J.M.; Coebergh, J.W.W., 2007:
Compliance with the breast cancer guidelines in the region of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre South, 20031/'04

Anonymous, 2005:
Compliance with the code: an ethical obligation

Takagi, Y.; Gomi, K., 2003:
Compliance with the core curriculum of laboratory medicine (private school)

Juergensen, P.H.; Gorban-Brennan, N.; Finkelstein, F.O., 2004:
Compliance with the dialysis regimen in chronic peritoneal dialysis patients: utility of the pro card and impact of patient education

Leemrijse, C.J.; Plas, G.M.; Hofhuis, H.; van den Ende, C.H.M., 2006:
Compliance with the guidelines for acute ankle sprain for physiotherapists is moderate in the Netherlands: an observational study

Trinkaus, J., 2003:
Compliance with the item limit of the food supermarket express checkout lane: another look

Díaz Grávalos, G.J.; Palmeiro Fernández, G.; Casado Górriz, I.; Arandia García, M.; Portuburu Izaguirre, M.Maite.; Vázquez Fernández, L.A., 2006:
Compliance with the metabolic goals in diabetes mellitus treatment in the rural area of Ourense, Spain

Kurita, G.Paula.; Pimenta, C.Andrucioli.de.Mattos., 2004:
Compliance with the treatment of chronic pain and health control locus

Wulff, R.; Abrahamsen, B.; Ejersted, C.Albjerg.; Christensen, P.Mark.; Brixen, K.T., 2004:
Compliance with the treatment of osteoporosis with diphosphonates. A questionnaire among postmenopausal women

Gaudelus, J.; Ovetchkine, P.; Cheymol, J.; De Courson, F.; Allaert, F-A., 2003:
Compliance with the vaccination recommendations for 0- to 24-month-old infants in general or paediatric practice

Elger, B.S.; Harding, T.W., 2004:
Compliance with the wishes of competent patients among future physicians and lawyers: is paternalism a predictable individual or group-specific trait?

Borghi, C., 2006:
Compliance with therapy in hypertensive patients

Lindvall, K.; Colstrup, L.; Wollter, I-M.; Klemenz, G.; Loogna, K.; Grönhaug, S.; Thykjaer, H., 2006:
Compliance with treatment and understanding of own disease in patients with severe and moderate haemophilia

Cooper, A., 2006:
Compliance with treatment for osteoporosis

Sambrook, P., 2006:
Compliance with treatment in osteoporosis patients--an ongoing problem

Asawavichienjinda, T.; Sitthi-Amorn, C.; Tanyanont, W., 2003:
Compliance with treatment of adult epileptics in a rural district of Thailand

Currie, L.M.; Bakken, S.; Bufe, G.; Mellino, L.V., 2007 :
Compliance with use of automated fall-injury risk assessment in three clinical information systems

Raja, K., 2006:
Compliance with walking aid use in children with cerebral palsy in India

Hester, E.J.; Heilig, L.F.; D'Ambrosia, R.; Drake, A.L.; Schilling, L.M.; Dellavalle, R.P., 2005:
Compliance with youth access regulations for indoor UV tanning

Costantini, L., 2007:
Compliance, adherence, and self-management: is a paradigm shift possible for chronic kidney disease clients?

Malina, D., 2005:
Compliance, caricature, and culturally aware care

McConnel, F., 2005:
Compliance, culture, and the health of Indigenous people

Huffman, M.H., 2005:
Compliance, health outcomes, and partnering in PPS: acknowledging the patient's agenda

Op de Coul, B.M.R.; Ackerstaff, A.H.; van As-Brooks, C.J.; van den Hoogen, F.J.A.; Meeuwis, C.A.; Manni, J.J.; Hilgers, F.J.M., 2005:
Compliance, quality of life and quantitative voice quality aspects of hands-free speech

Lamouroux, A.; Magnan, A.; Vervloet, D., 2005:
Compliance, therapeutic observance and therapeutic adherence: what do we speak about?

Freeman, P.B., 2003:
Compliance, thy name is HIPAA

Elliott, W.J., 2003:
Compliance--and improving it--in hypertension

Blesius, A.; Chabaud, S.; Cucherat, M.; Mismetti, P.; Boissel, J-Pierre.; Nony, P., 2006:
Compliance-guided therapy : a new insight into the potential role of clinical pharmacologists

Greene, J., 2003:
Compliance. HIPAA hangover

Weinstock, M., 2007:
Compliance. Tracking dollars

Showalter, J.Stuart., 2003:
Compliance. What's around the corner?

Chapman, J.R., 2004:
Compliance: the patient, the doctor, and the medication?

Okuno, R.; Yoshida, M.; Akazawa, K., 2005:
Compliant grasp in a myoelectric hand prosthesis. Controlling flexion angle and compliance with electromyogram signals

Tarasuk, J.; Ogunnaike-Cooke, S.; Archibald, C.; Poitras, M.; Hennink, M.; Lloyd, K.; Faye, R.; Abbas, Z.; Bourassa, C.; Masching, R.; Bennett, R.; MacLean, R.; Malloch, L.; Kim, J., 2014:
A pilot behavioural and biological surveillance survey for HIV and other bloodborne infections among Aboriginal people in Regina, Saskatchewan

Scholes, S.C.; Burgess, I.C.; Marsden, H.R.; Unsworth, A.; Jones, E.; Smith, N., 2006:
Compliant layer acetabular cups: friction testing of a range of materials and designs for a new generation of prosthesis that mimics the natural joint

Robinson, P.D.; Lord, D.J.E.; Dalla Pozza, L.; Harvey, J.G.; Van Asperen, P.P., 2006:
Complicated 'pneumonia'

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Complication of Replacement Grafts of the Abdominal Aorta. Fistula Between the Aorta, a Prosthesis and the 3d Segment of the Duodenal

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Complication of Retrograde Femoral Artery Catheterization. Dissecting Aneurysm of the Femoral Artery

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Complication of Self-Treatment with Ring Pessary

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Complication with Undisplaced Colles' Fracture

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Complication caused by tin

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Complication during reserpine therapy

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Complication in the digestive system during antirheumatic therapy

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Complication in tonsillitis

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Complication of Benis Brown plastic operation of the penis

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Complication of a bilateral double kidney and a bilateral double ureter with unilateral ureterovaginal fistula

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Complication of an endoscopic tattoo

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Complication of anesthesia due to tracheal compression

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Complication of annual reports of the department of industrial hygiene of KHES for the year 1956

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Complication of annual reports of the department of occupational diseases of KUNZ for the year 1956

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Complication of aortography

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Complication of arthroscopy of the knee

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Complication of biliary peritonitis by diagnostic liver puncture; contra-indications for diagnostic liver puncture

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Complication of bleeding gastric ulcer by a perforation

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Complication of blood transfusion due to Rh factor

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